Top 10 Best Looks at the 2019 Golden Globes

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Top 10 Best Looks at the 2019 Golden Globes
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The 2019 Golden Globe Awards had some incredible fashion! For this list, we’re taking a look at celebrities who owned the red carpet with their bold fashion choices at the 76th Golden Globe Awards. Our list includes celebrities like Sandra Oh, Lady Gaga, Regina King, Alison Brie, Emily Blunt, and more. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Best Looks at the 2019 Golden Globes.

List Rank and Entries:
10. Emily Blunt & John Krasinski
9. Emmy Rossum
8. Gemma Chan
7. Alison Brie
6. Sandra Oh
5. Penélope Cruz
4. Jameela Jamil
3, 2, 1: ???
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7-Yan, 2019

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Theresa 5 soat oldin
Gaga was almost the only one from the list who had a beautiful dress. Except for a few others these outfits were really horrible
Angel Shinta
Angel Shinta 7 soat oldin
what's with JAMIE LEE CURTIS?? she looked amazing and not boring af like every other person...(besides gaga)
James John Legaspi
James John Legaspi 22 soat oldin
Taylor Swift's the best dresser that night. Haha.
Anna Kiro
Anna Kiro Kun oldin
Very sadly, there is no beautiful faces, no beautiful dresses! Everything is the same! Everybody are old and tired!
Alina Kun oldin
Taylor swift 's dress was beautiful as hell. U could at least put her in the honourable mentions. 😭😡💔
erika xcx
erika xcx Kun oldin
cody fern, anybody?
Mariah Serna
Mariah Serna Kun oldin
Kpop messed ma life up
Jemeela did her own make up, whatta queen😍
Neyasha Rai
Neyasha Rai 3 kun oldin
Fiona 😍😍😍😍
lm15 ___
lm15 ___ 3 kun oldin
Joann Jaramillo
Joann Jaramillo 4 kun oldin
He is a fear monger. His"facts" are incorrect.
Ligor Thomaj
Ligor Thomaj 4 kun oldin
*the winner is...TAYLOR SWIFT*
Sanjog Kale
Sanjog Kale 4 kun oldin
Lady gaga rocks
diego zaval
diego zaval 4 kun oldin
Sandra Oh 😲♡
Daniela Viteri
Daniela Viteri 4 kun oldin
Carmela Beitler
Carmela Beitler 4 kun oldin
LILI REINHART got NUMBER 2 but danai gurira and lupita nyong’o didn’t even get an honorable mention?? this is racism
Summer Rain
Summer Rain 5 kun oldin
Oh please 8 wins all this other shit dresses !
Micaela G
Micaela G 5 kun oldin
u clicked because i saw Lili Reinhart lol
sydneys.books 5 kun oldin
No Taylor Swift?! Sister killed the look even if she didn’t walk the carpet
irsan utomo
irsan utomo 5 kun oldin
gaga look ridiculous....👎👎👎
Tonz Lang
Tonz Lang 5 kun oldin
whats w/ the big ribbonsss lol
Julia Curtis
Julia Curtis 6 kun oldin
Lady Gaga looked spectacular
Angelina Squeo
Angelina Squeo 6 kun oldin
Yesss Lili❤❤❤
Appus Lal
Appus Lal 6 kun oldin
DUKE Hiroto
DUKE Hiroto 6 kun oldin
Whoever did this has a very very odd taste ... sorry
Kelly Wijaya
Kelly Wijaya 6 kun oldin
I do not like Jamil’s dress but I admire her since she did not have a stylist and she bought her own dress. Also lili’s dress was not that wow. The honorable mentions were way better than hers.
skinny legend icon
skinny legend icon 6 kun oldin
Taylor's dress deserves an honorable mention it was absolutely 🎵gorgeous🎵 she looks 🔥
little monster
little monster 6 kun oldin
Lady Gaga queen 😍
Happy CatLady
Happy CatLady 6 kun oldin
Jemma Chan's outfit is definitely my favourite!
Isa Don
Isa Don 6 kun oldin
I really wanted Jameela to be in this video💗
Corine Redding
Corine Redding 6 kun oldin
Uh Cody Fern?
You tube
You tube 6 kun oldin
Hair was bad for GAGA
You tube
You tube 6 kun oldin
Julia looks BAD
KamiTee116 6 kun oldin
Best dresses to grace any red carpet.
You tube
You tube 6 kun oldin
Sandra is aging badly
You tube
You tube 6 kun oldin
Chan looked bad
Edwin Rivera
Edwin Rivera 6 kun oldin
I feel like all the honorable mentions dresses looked alot better than Lili Reinhart's dress. The decolletage to me was pretty, but a bit loose fitting for her form. The red was stunning on her however, and the detail on the back was beautiful.
Amarilis Martini
Amarilis Martini 7 kun oldin
Lady Gaga ❤️
MsKsmith1234 7 kun oldin
You can tell the voice over lady was dying to use her French😅
Daniel Ahmedov
Daniel Ahmedov 7 kun oldin
i love lady gaga and she looked beautiful but reminded me of the fairy godmother from shrek 2
Ju Eunl
Ju Eunl 7 kun oldin
hi....I'm here because of lili 😍
Selim Reza
Selim Reza 7 kun oldin
Taylor swift? You ve lost it
Reya Mathur
Reya Mathur 7 kun oldin
This list is so fake if Taylor ain't in it
Anna Mann
Anna Mann 7 kun oldin
Taylor Swift ??😞
Hannah’s Chan-Chan
Jovana 7 kun oldin
Sandra Oh is THE QUEEN. We love you ❤️
Лена Кужлева
Чё за стреманные рукова у Гаги? В этом "топе" норм наряды в конце, дерьмотенюшка в начале🙈🙈🙈
Vandana Parapen
Vandana Parapen 7 kun oldin
Lady gaga is making me gaga
Elisha Singh
Elisha Singh 7 kun oldin
Totally disagree with #1
nat jo
nat jo 7 kun oldin
I thought Penelope Cruz looked the best. Her dress was sparkling like the sky.
Monster Hanna
Monster Hanna 7 kun oldin
I don't need to watch the video to know that Gaga's #1. 💜
Mihaela sp
Mihaela sp 6 kun oldin
Monster Hanna So true! Nobody does fashion like her!
la_duende 7 kun oldin
Taylor. No me gusta el estilo princesa , ni mucho menos los faralaos y vestidos con cola o recargados, como si fueran vestidos de novia...demasiado tul para mi gusto.
Dixie Ebright
Dixie Ebright 7 kun oldin
Lady Gaga copying Judy Garland. Is anyone original anymore?
Mihaela sp
Mihaela sp 6 kun oldin
Dixie Ebright it was a beautiful tribute💕
Boss Hoggg
Boss Hoggg 7 kun oldin
Gaga ugly
Levy Mendonça
Levy Mendonça 7 kun oldin
Kira Vega
Kira Vega 7 kun oldin
But Lady Gaga looked like the Fairy Godmother from Shrek.
Ana Alonso
Ana Alonso 7 kun oldin
Beautiful in her Periwinkle dress... Hate the hair color too much Periwinkle color.
Dd brown
Dd brown 7 kun oldin
Omg Lili Reinhart....yass queen
Alex andra
Alex andra 7 kun oldin
Gaga slays everything!! ❤❤❤😍
Allie Adams
Allie Adams 8 kun oldin
U forgot taylor swift
Reputation 2017
Reputation 2017 8 kun oldin
Where is Taylor Swift?
gladys susana romero
Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein. Shame on you she's not on the list
Tsema Awani
Tsema Awani 8 kun oldin
Your top 6 are on point but the rest dont even make the top 20 as far as I'm concerned. Some looks in the honorable mentions ought to have made the top 10.
DIEGO GARCIA 8 kun oldin
DIEGO GARCIA 8 kun oldin
мила доценко
No Irina Sheyk?
SK E 8 kun oldin
They all look great but what about Queen of Red Carpet Halle Berry. She looked amazing as always.
Ronnie Kiarie
Ronnie Kiarie 8 kun oldin
Hi Yes you scrolling down the comments. Have a day as lovely as you😊
Алекс Ал
Алекс Ал 8 kun oldin
леди Гага
Taylor 8 kun oldin
2. is absolutely joke.. it’s most basic red dress..i have no words. only #2 it deserves is the worst dressed
Taylor 8 kun oldin
I already know who is #1 lol
Mauricio Uribe
Mauricio Uribe 8 kun oldin
Congrats MOJO have d best presentation video fashion for smartcells...only chanell that you can see clear closed up of dresses in movement...others dnt have.
TOUCHN MOVE 8 kun oldin
Is « best looks at gg2019 » not « best womans outfits » sorry but cody fern should be in that list cuz his clothes were iconic af
Vicky Liu
Vicky Liu 8 kun oldin
Love Gaga’s dress!! 😍
Happy Rose
Happy Rose 8 kun oldin
Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong'o were royalty looking like "ice and fire"
Abdullah Eisa
Abdullah Eisa 8 kun oldin
Gaga our queen
bridgettedenise 8 kun oldin
Regina king winner
shaheen khan
shaheen khan 8 kun oldin
Emily blunt needed 1st position
Candy Winchester
Candy Winchester 8 kun oldin
Gemma Chan and Julia Roberts 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Zenbitch Edvard
Zenbitch Edvard 8 kun oldin
Gaga needed to spray her tatoos... if she wanted to rock this dress. Her TATOO attempt was NO different from why JUSTIN BIEBER got ink.
Alpha Omega Wolf
Alpha Omega Wolf 8 kun oldin
The honorable mentions were actually the best looks. The gowns featured were mostly costume looking princess ball gowns 😑
Emmanuel Guiwan
Emmanuel Guiwan 8 kun oldin
Yeees! Gaga!
Madeline Rocha
Madeline Rocha 8 kun oldin
I love how sophistication and timeless looks are really making a comeback!❤️
wow wow
wow wow 8 kun oldin
6:08. Yesssssss
hey em
hey em 8 kun oldin
Taylor was best than 1to 10
Gωεη CοΙΙιηs
Man: And the best photobomb award goes to… Oh wow… this goes to a… Wow… goes to *FIJI* girl. Me: 👏 👏 👏
shuchi Sumia
shuchi Sumia 8 kun oldin
For the first time Lady gaga seems normal....
regina rice
regina rice 8 kun oldin
Saoirse ronan!!!
Daisy May
Daisy May 8 kun oldin
Man it is during awards season that I miss Joan Rivers the most. Loved Fashion Police. Thanks.
reny 8 kun oldin
Sarah Kent
Sarah Kent 8 kun oldin
Lady Gaga? Her dress is the ugliest one of them all!
Marisa Aguilera
Marisa Aguilera 8 kun oldin
Really this at the best 🤔
Jerry Lorosae
Jerry Lorosae 8 kun oldin
Is it supposedly the worst dress of the night? The honorable mention candidates are even better than the top10
discobaby795 8 kun oldin
Where’s Charlize Theron? No even a honorable when she should be number one? Really?
Marcello Christo
Marcello Christo 9 kun oldin
I saw Lady Gaga and Lili Reinhart in the thumbnail, I clicked. Also, Taylor Swift should deserved an honourable mention. Her dress is so beautiful tho.
charlie walsh
charlie walsh 9 kun oldin
number 2 i have to laugh
Ava Miller
Ava Miller 9 kun oldin
Those dresses were underwhelming except for Lady Gaga's gown tbh.
José Márquez
José Márquez 9 kun oldin
Solo por ladi gaga 😍😍
Kyla J
Kyla J 9 kun oldin
Darren Criss looked good to ya know
Sher Alltucker
Sher Alltucker 9 kun oldin
I adored Emily Blunt's silver lace dress. Divine and Lady Gaga's periwinkle dress. yummy