Top 10 Best Netflix Original Movies to Watch Now! 2018

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Netflix has been releasing Original Movies on their service at a rapid pace over the last few years. It’s almost hard to believe that there are now more than 100 original films available on the streaming service. With so many movies to choose from it can be difficult to decide what to watch. So, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 Original Movies you can watch right now on Netflix.
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30-Iyl, 2018



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TechGumbo 7 oy oldin
What is your favorite Netflix Original Movie? Hopefully Netflix goes away from its quantity over quality strategy and begins to release higher quality films on their service... Thanks for watching :)
Eddie GodChild
Eddie GodChild 2 kun oldin
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MagePlayer 911
MagePlayer 911 11 kun oldin
Stranger things is my fav
Jossy Llanes
Jossy Llanes 17 kun oldin
What happened to monday
Billy Smith
Billy Smith 19 kun oldin
justin king
justin king 19 kun oldin
Hold the dark was insane bro. I’m scared of my dogs now😂
TECHNO STARTERS 17 soat oldin
netflix dark vs netflix bright which better?
Night Bot
Night Bot Kun oldin
How about Wanted?
Eddie GodChild
Eddie GodChild 2 kun oldin
@ click the link and checkout NetFlick and Chill
Unlucky Lucy
Unlucky Lucy 3 kun oldin
How you dare to put Bright in the same list of Beasts of no Nation?
rommel punsalan
rommel punsalan 3 kun oldin
Bleach is no. 1 Netflix movie for me :)
Thomas Sandham
Thomas Sandham Kun oldin
rommel punsalan it’s noice
Suha Bari
Suha Bari 5 kun oldin
If you're over 18 watch,13 resons why ⚠⚠⚠⚠don't if under
Kayla hehe
Kayla hehe 7 kun oldin
Stranger things and skylanders academy also bird box and train to Busan
Cream Creamy
Cream Creamy 4 kun oldin
Plus Umbrella Academy
Subhankar Dey
Subhankar Dey 7 kun oldin
watch polar and tripple frontier...mind blowing to watch both ..
Juliano FCP
Juliano FCP 5 kun oldin
You started watching movies yesterday i suppose if those 2 were mindblowing for you
Cosmic Doughnuts
Cosmic Doughnuts 8 kun oldin
1. Beasts of no nation 2. City of god (removed from netflix) 3. Siege of jadotville 4. Free state of jones Honestly the best movies, they aren’t shitty comedies they are actually good.
vixplays 9 kun oldin
My favorite is Sex Education even though it's a series.
Project Video
Project Video 12 kun oldin
who came here after finishing a good movie?
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 12 kun oldin
What good movie did you watch?
david V
david V 13 kun oldin
Yall should watch On my Block
Duncan Lema
Duncan Lema 12 kun oldin
david V isn't it just a love story
MisterLucy_xD 14 kun oldin
Why can't I find fast and furious 8
Malivo Vice
Malivo Vice 14 kun oldin
Pretty accurate
Cora and Madi
Cora and Madi 16 kun oldin
Gerald’s games is really weird don’t reccomend omg I hate it🤧
Gaming Limited
Gaming Limited 16 kun oldin
*Hard to swallow pill:* Fundementals of caring was the shittiest film ever released
Airsoft, Politik & Pädagogik Komtent
Gerald's game is sooo annoying and a really bad film!
h0lsteiN 17 kun oldin
it could be nice with the name of the movie in a corner
Jack Hames
Jack Hames 19 kun oldin
That’s dumb a movie can be enjoyable but not be an actual good movie. The critics’ way of reviewing a movie is that their enjoyment isn’t more important than everything else. With the general audience a lot of em review the movie just based on their enjoyment. I’ve watched plenty of movies when I can say it was a fun watch but then also admit the movie was shit.
Itz Alex
Itz Alex 19 kun oldin
Where is the train to Busan like THAT'S SO FAVORITE MOVIE
Vanguard 8 kun oldin
Not a Netflix original
LosssPlayz Zelaya
LosssPlayz Zelaya 20 kun oldin
These are my favoritos are 1. Cargo 2. Bird box 3. Bright 4. Train to busan
LosssPlayz Zelaya
LosssPlayz Zelaya 20 kun oldin
I saw Cargo with my mom i almost cried at the ending
Rodgers Oduor
Rodgers Oduor 20 kun oldin
*spill Tea*
*spill Tea* 21 kun oldin
Lmao, i never can decide what i want to watch xD
Ashley Cho
Ashley Cho 21 kun oldin
Pandora is the one most heart breaking movie. I cryyyyy a lot.
JBA Mex 21 kun oldin
SUB TO ME!!!!!!!
Gavin Longbottom
Gavin Longbottom 25 kun oldin
Bright was shit
Trust no one
Trust no one 26 kun oldin
Bright,is a good movie. .!
Paranormal Activitist
People who are frustrated with zomato add press like
Davies 27 kun oldin
If you revise this list sometime in the near future, the ballad of buster Scruggs will be a shoe in for first.
Doug Paulson
Doug Paulson 27 kun oldin
the homesman
muthu kumar
muthu kumar 27 kun oldin
memes have short life spams
gerelds game was a stephen king novel, not a netflix made up one
Alex Sabatino
Alex Sabatino 28 kun oldin
After hearing the first 3 I'm wondering how bad and misguided this list can possibly get, but Then The Meyerowitz Stories at 7 is at least actually a good movie, so let's see....
Trace X
Trace X 28 kun oldin
Bird box
Prince Domingo
Prince Domingo 28 kun oldin
#lucifer #riverdale #13reasonwhy ❤️👌🤘
Paris Arkhurst
Paris Arkhurst 29 kun oldin
The fundamentals of caring is SO good
20,000 Subscribers With No Videos?
Who is here looking for movies? Everything else is been watched if you trying to suggest what im thinking, please suggest something particularly more creative thank you. im only here for your suggestion, im not here for your movies that we're thinking.
Nasreddine Touaibia
I can't stand Adam Sandler.
Affluent Imaginings
Affluent Imaginings 24 kun oldin
+Nasreddine Touaibia I never cared much for him either. And though I haven't seen the flick on this list with him in it, I did watch _Reign Over Me_ and it showed me he can play roles that are more serious than his usual. I'd recommend seeing it.
Nasreddine Touaibia
+Arian Martinez I really don't know and I know it's wrong but I can't help it.
Arian Martinez
Nasreddine Touaibia why 😂😂
jace Oy oldin
0:07 what show is this lmao
Nichole Reyna
Nichole Reyna Oy oldin
Its not on netflix anymore but Lifted was on there and it was amazing. Sad they took it off.
bharat godara
bharat godara Oy oldin
Vicky Singh
Vicky Singh Oy oldin
Poler on Netflix best to watch
JohnFMedia Oy oldin
Imagine if City of God was a netflix original...
Bhavika Chhabria
Dwayne Is
Dwayne Is Oy oldin
I thought Bright was great. It's cool to see stuff like that. Makes you go what if???
Ayuyang Sabong
Damián Cáceres
Where the fuck is game over man
Faye Lopez
Faye Lopez Oy oldin
I came to the comment section to look for a really good movie thanks for your comments 😂
underdog1117 Oy oldin
Bright .? That's all I have to say ..
Nelson Brooks
Nelson Brooks Oy oldin
Why did Netflix remove viewer’s comments from their platform?
petra tyson
petra tyson Oy oldin
Love birdbox
Shane McElwain
Bright is my Fav!
Luiza Mendoza
Luiza Mendoza Oy oldin
Bright could've been so much more. Something was missing from it I couldn't put my finger on. It should have been a series instead of a movie.
Brownie lover
Brownie lover Oy oldin
BEAST OF NO NATION! Isn't for the faint of hearts!...I pride on Being a big film buff. So I must watch every GOOD,BAD,AND THE UGLIEST of frames with in what I commit to watching! I ALWAYS seek to watch and finish what I start! However, This film and PAPERBOY are the exceptions! ... But this film is very truth based and epic! The type of film which takes guts to make and a strong stomach to bear, and watch!...I have to admit! I made it into the film about 30 maybe 40 mins in! And became deeply ILL... They loop you into these clever kids who are so sweet and talented; then as the story grows dark, so does the visuals! Truth:What those people live through, within countries like that, are the real stories of what happens to the people in countries that dont have proper support ,as their political officicals keep their PEOPLE down and impoverished! In a nut shell! It will give you nightmares! If you care for others! This is why people have no choice but to flee ,and immigrate to other countries! But The acting is stellar! For all the characters that are portrayed! EDRIS was amazingly too convincing! Shit! It messed with my mind! ...I had to stop watching when they made the kid do such unspeakable acts! Point:Humanity needs to change for the greater good of all! That's what this movies speaks!
Anita Kocab
Anita Kocab Oy oldin
*The Little Prince* is based upon a novel by a *french* writer and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, I think this information is pretty relevant and wasn't mentioned in this video.
Phil Swift
Phil Swift Oy oldin
For some I really liked bright
Mr. McCluckster
lili ks
lili ks Oy oldin
netflix is trash
Lilo Orban
Lilo Orban Oy oldin
i loved okja it was so cute :)
Lisa Schuster
Lisa Schuster Oy oldin
“The Angel” about a double agent in the Middle East.
The Almighty
The Almighty Oy oldin
Josnel Aligaria
Kissing booth..Polar
Hussein Said
Hussein Said Oy oldin
Hi guys check out this channel you maybe interested
Tania Church
Tania Church Oy oldin
Aditya Bakshi
Aditya Bakshi Oy oldin
How did you miss The Balad of Buster Scrubbs?
R1P 2 R1P
R1P 2 R1P Oy oldin
I don’t understand bright it’s really random
bun heng
bun heng Oy oldin
First they kill my father A must watch
Kody Oy oldin
Android user
Android user Oy oldin
i love u bby give me ur number
hush, revenge, 40 meters down, bird box
john hill
john hill Oy oldin
Beast of no nation was garbage!!!
bubu mic
bubu mic Oy oldin
Hahaha not available in your region... There are torrents my friend !
red ball 4 game
I loved cargo
Richie D
Richie D Oy oldin
He’s out there is a good scary movie....has the movie strangers type scary good stuff
Gabriela Orozco
Wheelman was ok
MarshmellowShane :3
My favorite was the kissing booth
karen kennedy
karen kennedy Oy oldin
So glad I saw this. I have watched 3 of these and loved them all
WkdMemes Oy oldin
tbf bright has been the most boring movie i think i’ve ever watched
cedric gombwa
cedric gombwa Oy oldin
proud to be Malawian right now
Mark Allain Francisco
The Invisible Guest should've been included...I think.
13COU Oy oldin
I thought Mudbound was right on the mark and the cast was extremely talented, it's definitely a movie that will be remembered for years...
Horror freak London
Extinction........hows that not on the list........annihilation.........
Lady Rose
Lady Rose Oy oldin
On my block was my favorite.
arrivagabry Oy oldin
if you remove the cartoons, and the foreign langues and the old movies not much left to see, the US has more options, we have half the movies to watch
Akshay Jain
Akshay Jain Oy oldin
Gerald's game is depressing af..
crafterson the man
Bright was a bad movie
Scott West
Scott West Oy oldin
I won't watch Bright. Garbage. So is Will Smith.
Jayden Marvel
Jayden Marvel Oy oldin
3 months after this video was uploaded, I'd now say that Bird Box is the best (I know some might disagree)
grace alex
grace alex Oy oldin
Mr79Shahin Oy oldin
I thought Bright was sick
What's New In
What's New In Oy oldin
Beast of the nation who like also...
Dave Hooker
Dave Hooker Oy oldin
I'm watching Marvel's The Punisher Really good!
TheStonedBud Oy oldin
I’m I the only one here high asf and to lazy to look for a good movie ???
Ali H. Moksin
Ali H. Moksin Oy oldin
Annihilation? War Machine?
bshsebebbw jsnsnsjsjwjw
tau is a very good netflix movie
What's New In
What's New In Oy oldin
🌟🌟🎥TechGumbo is the Man who inspired me and add best video and from this channel i inspired to make my second channel thanks buddy.... ❤️❤️😍😍🎊🎊🎊
Rj Maglantay
Rj Maglantay Oy oldin
Awww the little prince
Robert Foster
Robert Foster Oy oldin
The best show is power peaky blinders
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