Top 10 Best TV Shows to Watch Now! 2018

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These are the best TV shows that you can watch right now. With so many great TV shows on the various networks on cable or satellite and streaming services including Netflix and many others, it can be difficult to find the time to watch them all. So, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 TV Shows that you can watch right now. To qualify. The series must be scripted and be current having broadcast new episodes within the last couple of years. Instead of using the scores from TV critics, I will count these down in order based on which shows we enjoyed the best.
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25-Iyn, 2018

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TechGumbo 6 oy oldin
What current TV show is your favorite? If you're a fan of sci-fi, The Expanse which was cancelled by the Syfy network, has been renewed for a 4th season by Amazon... Thanks for watching :)
Madison Mead
Madison Mead 12 soat oldin
Stranger things!!!!!
Vipe Jay
Vipe Jay Kun oldin
ZULU Z actually Season 1 was pretty basic if you ask me...it was easy to follow, in fact Season 1 could stand alone, that if the producers would decide not to do Season 2, the fans would still be satisfied with it, its because Season 1 was tightly written ...but Season 2 was when the show went downhill imo, Season 2 tried to emulate LOST, by providing the viewers with complex timelines just for the sake of being complex, mysteries and questions that dont even make sense at all, with only fewer answers by the end of the Season...Season 2 is when I stopped caring about this show, in fact Im not even that excited for Season 3
Mahesh Jayaram
Mahesh Jayaram 8 kun oldin
Fauda and Breaking Bad missing from this list... my rankings would Be different..
David Cartagena
David Cartagena 11 kun oldin
Arbab Nadir
Arbab Nadir 28 kun oldin
True Detective & Sherlock
Hisoka 9 soat oldin
ub umer
ub umer 17 soat oldin
really well decided list.
shaibaan waheed
shaibaan waheed 21 soat oldin
black mirror should be number 1
Subhajit Das
Subhajit Das 21 soat oldin
Where's House of cards in the list?
MC ridictulum Records
Faraz Farooqui
Faraz Farooqui Kun oldin
what happened to breaking bad
Paul Anyama
Paul Anyama 2 kun oldin
The Good FIght! The Good FIght! The Good FIght!
AChaf VP
AChaf VP 2 kun oldin
Riverdale 13 reasons why? Stranger Things Sacred Games F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Achraf lag
Achraf lag 2 kun oldin
You forgot about, The last kingdom.
Chrysanthos Chrysanthou
WE Love Mind Hunter Show!
Nectarios Fotopoulos
i like walking dead a lot
Ismail Walizada
Ismail Walizada 2 kun oldin
Best tv show ever! 1- Breaking bad 2- Vikings 3- GOT
Boargnes d
Boargnes d 2 kun oldin
Thank me later my people. 1.Game of thrones 2.Lost 3.Vikings 4.Prison break 5.Spartacus 6.Last resort 7.Narcos 8. Queen of the South 9.American odyssey 10.Last Kingdom You will never regret!
Vivian Frank
Vivian Frank 3 kun oldin
yellowstone one of the best out there
Yacine X
Yacine X 3 kun oldin
Poorvik Gowda
Poorvik Gowda 4 kun oldin
Any Mr.Robot fans???
Jesse Maslany
Jesse Maslany 4 kun oldin
I can’t believe no one has suggested ORPHAN BLACK!
Joker and Harley
Joker and Harley 4 kun oldin
Mind hunter
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 6 kun oldin
My favourites are hannibal and homeland
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 6 kun oldin
Very solid list
Eter Wael
Eter Wael 6 kun oldin
Was Sherlock worth mentioning?
Eter Wael
Eter Wael 6 kun oldin
Peaky blinders and Breaking bad made me feel like shit as a law abiding citizen... Arthur Morgan was my only way to be an outlaw.
TreysCloset 7 kun oldin
The sopranos ??? The wire ????
Waqas Ahmad
Waqas Ahmad 7 kun oldin
Breaking Bad - one show to rule them all.
adon granada
adon granada 8 kun oldin
No Love for Ragnar Lothbrok eh?
Young Scar
Young Scar 8 kun oldin
UNCLE BENJEN 8 kun oldin
Watch breaking bad and then u can die
Cheese Toastie
Cheese Toastie 9 kun oldin
How did westworld come above narcos? No sir, just no.
Teaminchi Kim
Teaminchi Kim 9 kun oldin
~The Gifted~really really good
sergo ramos
sergo ramos 9 kun oldin
Breaking bad Queen of the south Ray donovan Dexter This are the best series ever
Mr Mario
Mr Mario 9 kun oldin
RECOMMENDED from my side : Money heist (la casa de papel) Game of Thrones Peaky blinders True detective (season 1 only) Stranger things Dark Babylon Berlin House of cards Breaking bad Taboo Sherlock Holmes Vikings
Northern knight
Northern knight 9 kun oldin
Good list
Angus33Young 9 kun oldin
Omg, peaky blinders isnt the first 😵
mr.freeze1982 9 kun oldin
Boardwalk empire!!!! Is the greatest of all times.....💣💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Farhat Bamadhaj
Farhat Bamadhaj 10 kun oldin
Lost. Best ever.
Tiago Soares
Tiago Soares 10 kun oldin
No one talks about POWER, so good
Maso Oma
Maso Oma 10 kun oldin
peaky blinders all the way 💞💞
Martine Lavigilante
Martine Lavigilante 11 kun oldin
Power Riverdale Elite Queen of the south. Thanks me later
dts227 11 kun oldin
My list is: 1)GOT 2)Breaking bad 1st season only 3)Blacklist 4)Fringe 5)Dexter (i didn't like the end) 6)Breaking bad 7)Vikings (i don't know if it is worth to see it after the death of RAGNAR!!! but was better some times from GOT) 8)Punisher 9)Daredevil 10)Dr. HOUSE 11)Big Bang Theory (haven't see all the episodes) 12)Dark (first season was good, but i have some doubts about the next ones) 13)Walking dead (has ups and downs) 14)Stranger things (although it is Sci-fi reminds us those years without high technology, cell phones ... ) 15) La casa de papel
dts227 4 kun oldin
+Vlastimil Ledvina sorry about the one spoiler in vikings. Everybody dies eventually. No-one lives forever sorry. I fucking do spoilers.
Vlastimil Ledvina
Vlastimil Ledvina 9 kun oldin
who the fuck includes spoilers in show recommendations list?
Nozge 11 kun oldin
Where the fuck is Travelers in this video?????
amgad osama
amgad osama 12 kun oldin
La casa de papel?
amgad osama
amgad osama 12 kun oldin
If you wanna quit cigarettes DON'T watch Peaky Blinders! .. it's an amazing show tho
Marušaa Kokol
Marušaa Kokol 12 kun oldin
You (2018) thank me later
Trayan T
Trayan T 12 kun oldin
legion trash, the burgers trash!
Tharun Rao
Tharun Rao 12 kun oldin
house of cards
Roch Legaspi
Roch Legaspi 12 kun oldin
12 monkeys should be here!
bart leurink
bart leurink 12 kun oldin
Where is suits or the Blacklist or Rick and morty?
Kostadinos Sideris
Kostadinos Sideris 13 kun oldin
Where is breaking bad lol
Moriab Hdo
Moriab Hdo 13 kun oldin
Westworld 👌
D Loso
D Loso 13 kun oldin
Anyone know of worthy series shows that get you hooked and not to just pass time by out of Boredom! Like please don’t mention mainstream bullshit shows like Gotham Supernatural Vampire diaries The flash Orange is the new black Luke cage etc These are all bullshit mainstream shows that at best you just watch on Tv whilst eating your food or like watch an hour before you got to leave the house! I need to watch real shit and this is what I’ve watched so far so anyone else can get the gist of my type of serious shows. Game of Thrones Sons of Anarchy Suits Billions Scandal How to get away with murder Money heist Snowfall Power The Chi Animal kingdom (If you ain’t watched any of these fucking watch them I’m the straight up PLUG🔌 ... you will thank me later lol ) Shows I tried to watch but failed to grasp my attention and keep me going; Viking’s Peaky blinders Empire Mr robot And the rest I named above my list of shows..... SO PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! Lol
Louie Arliss
Louie Arliss 13 kun oldin
Money heist...
Treaker 881
Treaker 881 13 kun oldin
Shadowhunters thank me later
Marzia Segati
Marzia Segati 13 kun oldin
TIDELANDS is a great netflix original. Watch it, I promise it'll be worth it
Mr.Steal YourGirl
Mr.Steal YourGirl 11 kun oldin
Ok I love you
Shahmeer Malik
Shahmeer Malik 13 kun oldin
1-Breaking bad 2-Games of Thrones 3-Humsafar 4-Daya re dil 5-Pyare Afzal 6-Zindgi Gulzar hai 7-Mere zaat zara benishan
Flantony Raze
Flantony Raze 13 kun oldin
thanks 🙏 we are waiting for more videos
vishnu kainadan
vishnu kainadan 14 kun oldin
Where the fuck is sherlock
WubbaLubbaDubDub 14 kun oldin
Where the fuck is the walking dead?
sara 984
sara 984 14 kun oldin
money heist should be number 1
Youssef The Transformer
dont watch peacky blinders if u want to stop smoking !!!!
dimkail 551
dimkail 551 6 kun oldin
AHAHAHA thats so truee
Elbie Khamis
Elbie Khamis 6 kun oldin
Hammad Hashmi
Hammad Hashmi 13 kun oldin
Hahaha true. after watching peaky blinders i started smoking more cigarettes.
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal 13 kun oldin
B C 15 kun oldin
Peaky Blinders
Kelvin de Guia
Kelvin de Guia 15 kun oldin
What about "You"?
Sumi VR
Sumi VR 15 kun oldin
Supernatural and Lucifer worth watching
Physics in a nutshell
Where is the flash
Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush 15 kun oldin
Death note...... Does that count
Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush 15 kun oldin
Nothing can beat Sherlock
Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush 15 kun oldin
Better than watch mojo ..... I don't know why ppl think watch mojo list to be so Authentic 😏😏
Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar 15 kun oldin
Rick and morty??
little Do
little Do 16 kun oldin
Man ozark is such a underrated show.
hitendrarocks 16 kun oldin
Is there anyone who thinks Westworld is piece of shit💩
NegX 17 kun oldin
Marvel's Daredevil
Roman M
Roman M 17 kun oldin
How I met your mother anyone???
Jim Chris
Jim Chris 17 kun oldin
Westworld? seriously? this is the biggest $$$ series fiasco that a network has invested so much on.. A HUGE let down.. /sigh Other than that series like The man in the high castle ,Atlanta,American Gods, Narcos,Taboo and Ozark deserve definitely way more than an honorable mention
SUNNY SAMANTARA 17 kun oldin
U miss money heist
My Wonderland
My Wonderland 17 kun oldin
Black mirror How to get away with murder Sherlock La casa de Papel Elite
Saad Zubair
Saad Zubair 17 kun oldin
Bro i guess u should watch these seasons first, Prison Break The Punisher The 100 The Haunting of hill house Gotham Breaking Bad Spartacus
Udit Goel
Udit Goel 15 kun oldin
Gotham has turned shit after season 4
Raskoh91 18 kun oldin
Peaky Fooking Blinders
peter zebot
peter zebot 18 kun oldin
Preacher is a solid show however, Stranger Things is shit and contrived by the random way it tries to tell a story. Honestly, it's like watching a writer as he works on a book.
Kis-Hudák Nárcisz
Kis-Hudák Nárcisz 18 kun oldin
Ozark is such a boring crap. I was soo disappointed.
crazy maniac
crazy maniac 18 kun oldin
All are crime drama
Punisher RA
Punisher RA 18 kun oldin
Game of thrones Breaking Bad Narcos Haunting hill house Sacred games The killing Punisher American horror story. My favourite list.
brucex203 18 kun oldin
Im sorry but does Westworld have fucking dragons and peter dinklage,COMEONNNNNN
Nicholas Cave
Nicholas Cave 18 kun oldin
I stopped watchin the video when I saw that Game of Thrones is at number 4. GoT is the best thing ever filmed, full stop!
Zahu George
Zahu George 18 kun oldin
Stranger things is better then GoT (Waiting for hate)
ILYMS 19 kun oldin
watch Glitch its awesome
Rose ann dela Cruz
Rose ann dela Cruz 19 kun oldin
Game of thrones Sense8 !!!! The walking dead How to get away with murder Stranger things The 100 Black Mirror 13 Reasons why The Good doctor
Ethan 4 kun oldin
without The walking dead in your list, i would have fallen in love with you...lmao...XD
Unknown_ Girl
Unknown_ Girl 19 kun oldin
I love SHADOW hunters.
Sanket Pati
Sanket Pati 19 kun oldin
Has no one watched Line Of Duty ? One of the best shows !!!
Kevin CHOU
Kevin CHOU 19 kun oldin
13 reasons why is so bad don't know what the hype Is about
Prerna Gupta
Prerna Gupta 4 kun oldin
Seriously . It is so slow.
Vipe Jay
Vipe Jay 9 kun oldin
Ikr? I dont get the hype...that narcissistic bitch was the most annoying lead character ever lol...I know it sounds bad, but that show made me like "oh thank God she killed herself"...Ive only watched the first 2 episodes then I stopped cuz it was so boring as hell...that Hannah could end up as the Most Annoying TV character ever
D Rose MVP
D Rose MVP 10 kun oldin
13 reasons why is the best!
Kinky Suuu
Kinky Suuu 12 kun oldin
for edgy teens
Luis Giacinti
Luis Giacinti 17 kun oldin
Just watched all of season 1 and I agree.
Mongo Ming
Mongo Ming 20 kun oldin
Who Thinks RiverDale Is The Best?!
Miss Anthropy
Miss Anthropy 20 kun oldin
Game of Thrones, Vikings, Westworld, Altered Carbon, Black Mirror, Ozark, Fargo, Yellowstone, Walking Dead, Handmaids Tale. There's my top ten in no particular order. Also Better Call Saul is good, Maniac and The Terror! PS. Fuck Riverdale and everyone complaining about it not on the list 😆
Anshu Pandey
Anshu Pandey 20 kun oldin
How you could forget Daredevil
Aeron RJ
Aeron RJ 20 kun oldin
game of thrones fan here.. cant wait for season 8..
Ajili Meaj
Ajili Meaj 20 kun oldin
the walking dead ????
Antonio Krznarić
Antonio Krznarić 21 kun oldin
No Dark? No Alterned Carbon? No Terror? No La casa de papel? No into the badlands??? This list is...
srinivasan r
srinivasan r 21 kun oldin
1. Westworld 2. Man in the Iron castle 3. Hannibal 4. Game of thrones 5. Stranger things 6. Norcos 7. Better call saul Then the rest.
Ryze FX
Ryze FX 21 kun oldin
What about Riverdale?!
Arshak Poushai
Arshak Poushai 21 kun oldin
the end of the fucking life '' its cool
kevin hain
kevin hain 22 kun oldin
Lost was very odd as much as id like to appreciate its greatness it left too much unresolved
faisal shahzad
faisal shahzad 22 kun oldin
13 reason why is cancer
Мартин Георгиев
Vikings Game of Thrones The Last Kingdom The 100 The Walking Dead Gotham Undercover Prison Break Teen Wolf Riverdale Breaking Bad Lucifer Frontier I placed them like from favorite to less favorite. I watched all of them and u will not waste your time believe me, it seems i am a fan of vikings fights and armies for the crown but yeah, u will not gonna regret watching these series
Mr.Steal YourGirl
Mr.Steal YourGirl 11 kun oldin
You should watch the fosters