Top 10 Best TV Shows to Watch Now!

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These are the best TV shows that you can watch right now. With so many great TV shows on the various networks on cable or satellite and streaming services including Netflix and many others, it can be difficult to find the time to watch them all. So, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 TV Shows that you can watch right now. To qualify. The series must be scripted and be current having broadcast new episodes within the last couple of years. Instead of using the scores from TV critics, I will count these down in order based on which shows we enjoyed the best.
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25-Iyn, 2018



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TechGumbo 9 oy oldin
What current TV show is your favorite? If you're a fan of sci-fi, The Expanse which was cancelled by the Syfy network, has been renewed for a 4th season by Amazon... Thanks for watching :)
N M 15 kun oldin
'The Good Doctor' and 'You' are good
Aditya Agarwal
Aditya Agarwal 25 kun oldin
My favourite TV show is Game Of Thrones best show ever!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aditya Agarwal
Aditya Agarwal 25 kun oldin
+username1nmillion u should see GoT now because season 8 is coming on 14th april and if u watch after the final season(s8) then u won't be able to feel the excitement of s8 getting closer to release now also time is there before s8 starts go and complete it GoT is the best show ever made.
Ajin Illias
Ajin Illias Oy oldin
Where's 'Vikings'????😠😠😠
Vipe Jay
Vipe Jay Oy oldin
COLONY was pretty great but the stupid USA Network cancelled it...there are so many garbage shows out there right now that are still running, while interesting shows like Colony gets cancelled...smh
No One
No One Soat oldin
Only game of thrones can be on no. One
Subhasis rajput
Subhasis rajput 3 soat oldin
No1 strangerthings
RedcarGaming 21 soat oldin
Legion is great and all but i'd rather put daredevil than legion. IMO daredevil is better than legion. But i didn't legion sucks its just that DD is better.
saket kumar
saket kumar 21 soat oldin
I think they haven't watched vikings
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar Kun oldin
How Breaking Bad did not get any mention here?
Sumit Chavan
Sumit Chavan Kun oldin
Dexter....? No in comments also.is it just me who loved this show
Anant Shanker
Anant Shanker 2 kun oldin
1. Stranger Things 2. Game of Thrones 3. Narcos and Peaky Blinders 4. Rick and Morty 5. Walking Dead and Vikings
Novatus G. Ndeng'aso
Westworld confuses me I do not understand at all
Akash Puri
Akash Puri 2 kun oldin
Hey u forgot about the vampire diaries 😒😠😠
Kevin Kuruvilla
Kevin Kuruvilla Kun oldin
Srinivas 2 kun oldin
1)Breaking Bad 2)GOT 3)Peaky blinders 4) Vikings
Avantika Roy
Avantika Roy 2 kun oldin
I haven't watched the video yet but I know for a fact that Gotham ain't gonna be in it. It's such an amazing show but so underrated! !
Yara Cell
Yara Cell 3 kun oldin
Riverdale Sherlock The umbrella academy
sayy what?
sayy what? 2 kun oldin
Riverdale is going to shit day by dau
Parezzy Hall
Parezzy Hall 3 kun oldin
American gods definitely top ten
kenza cyrine ben debba
The walking dead is missing
nicole27 mora
nicole27 mora 3 kun oldin
Mindhunter ✔
Ivanliuks 4 kun oldin
YES Fargo, very underrated
Tumaris Paris
Tumaris Paris 4 kun oldin
where is friends!
Mbulungeni Silimela
i love preacher
RAJENDER Rao 4 kun oldin
My top 3 is Peaky blinders Peaky bilnders Peaky fucking bilnderrrrrrsss
Be 4 kun oldin
American Gods any1?
RoH -An
RoH -An 4 kun oldin
wait what..game of thrones is on no 4??
sharni Crossthwaite
Thanks for the info. West world was a flop for me being a big fan of Walking dead. Salem, Preacher, line but thanks.
David Ollolo
David Ollolo 5 kun oldin
Sponge bob is 1
The PHOENIX 5 kun oldin
Teen wolf??
Pawan Reddy
Pawan Reddy 5 kun oldin
Supernatural??? Anyone???
Be 4 kun oldin
the show should have been ended 3 seasons ago... now it's crap
Ab Dou
Ab Dou 5 kun oldin
Were is THE100 in the top 3
jacob 5 kun oldin
how was suits not listed
Madhuresh Pratap
Madhuresh Pratap 5 kun oldin
Westworld is bad as shit
Paul Pogba The Black Sensation
1. Stranger things 2. Peaky blinders 3. GOT 4. Vikings 5. TWD 5. Breaking Bad (Couldn't pick but probably breaking bad) 6. The Originals
Chaeng Rose
Chaeng Rose 5 kun oldin
My top 10 would be : 1. Game Of Thrones 2. Breaking Bad 3. Peaky Blinders 4. House Of Cards 5. Fargo 6. Narcos 7. Sherlock Holmes 8. Boardwalk Empire 9. Ozark 10. Hanibal
an wes
an wes Kun oldin
Finally someone talking about Hannibal
Mark Suckerberg
Mark Suckerberg 6 kun oldin
1. Prison break 2. Breaking bad 3. Shooter
The Leftovers Criminally underwatched show.
Zed Why
Zed Why 6 kun oldin
- Game of Thrones - Prison Break - The 100 - La Casa de Papel - How to Get Away with Murder - Orphan Black *You need to watch these shows. Really good!*
Reed Zaman
Reed Zaman 7 kun oldin
#1 breaking bad #2 rest
Highlander15 5 kun oldin
If you like breaking bad, the outlaw/thriller type show, I'd recommend checking out Sons of Anarchy.
Vittorio K
Vittorio K 7 kun oldin
Game of thrones Peaky blinders How I met your mother Westworld Dark
Electra R3M!x
Electra R3M!x 7 kun oldin
I love stranger things
esperCELL 7 kun oldin
*to watch Westworld you need to get an IQ and memory test first. If you are not certified retarded then you can fully enjoy the show*
Christopher Königsfeld
I can recommend everyone to watch Lost. In television it's hard to watch, cause once you miss one episode tmsome thibgs can change really fast and that's the reason, why I never had the chance to jump into that series again. But now I watched the series twice and it's just a amazing show. It's very sad, that it never had the recognition it deserves
TAMOUX 8 kun oldin
Christopher Königsfeld Sawyer and Kate made me tear up so bad, I haven’t watched them all and the last time I got LOST watching them was many many years ago, I’ll have to buy the box set sometime soon.
Jaanam Jaiswal
Jaanam Jaiswal 8 kun oldin
Sherlock holmes Sex education Stranger things Deception Vampire diaries Riverdale The originals
Ronald Morris
Ronald Morris 9 kun oldin
Cool channel, I subscribed!
saurabh kambli
saurabh kambli 9 kun oldin
By order of the Peaky fookin Blinders!!!
Achintha Senevirathna
GOT is the best😎😎
Krishnasarath Pendyala
ALI HASSAN 11 kun oldin
Game of Thrones Best series ever
M Dadi Refa Manreza
M Dadi Refa Manreza 11 kun oldin
Game Of Thrones still number 1. Dont forget about Vikings !!!
M Dadi Refa Manreza
+Parker Aeron Lets just enjoy those movie series for now until its final season, shall we
Parker Aeron
Parker Aeron 7 kun oldin
M Dadi Refa Manreza Yes it is.. Any other advice?
Nik Sy
Nik Sy 10 kun oldin
Hania Rajput
Hania Rajput 11 kun oldin
The Walking dead , Game of thrones are best of all!!
Munazza Shahid
Munazza Shahid 10 kun oldin
Yeah maybe. I like series more like got, Vikings
Hania Rajput
Hania Rajput 10 kun oldin
+Munazza Shahid May be Genre is not of your interest !
Munazza Shahid
Munazza Shahid 10 kun oldin
Why I find it boring?
Hania Rajput
Hania Rajput 11 kun oldin
+Flave Bayou not until you are interested enough!
Flave Bayou
Flave Bayou 11 kun oldin
Hania Rajput the walking bed is so scary
eloisa mae
eloisa mae 13 kun oldin
GOT should be nmber 1
Sanjog Nepal
Sanjog Nepal 13 kun oldin
Netflix series The haunting of hill house is a masterpiece as well
Vivek Chaturvedi
Vivek Chaturvedi 10 kun oldin
Taha Tunio
Taha Tunio 11 kun oldin
Too boring....
ManosKoku 13 kun oldin
Lost is one of the greatest TV shows ever made! don't @ me
Ayşe 13 kun oldin
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma 13 kun oldin
Fargo Peaky blinders Westworld
Ali Naveed Shaikh
Ali Naveed Shaikh 13 kun oldin
Nothing's better than True Detective Season 1.
Fu Ggl
Fu Ggl 14 kun oldin
Fargo is crap
N M 15 kun oldin
Love Fargo! Glad it's on the list!
Azmah153 16 kun oldin
I am not sleeping for a week;)
Merdy Badiola
Merdy Badiola 16 kun oldin
The Office is better than all of this you mentioned hahah
Christian Bozwell
Christian Bozwell 16 kun oldin
1. Days of Our Lives 2. As the World turns 3. Gilligans Island 4. CBS News 5. As The World Turns
Paul Wilkerson
Paul Wilkerson 13 kun oldin
Yazeed Albeladi
Yazeed Albeladi 17 kun oldin
Where is Breaking Bad?? And why isn’t GoT on the top of this list!!??
Stefan 17 kun oldin
I just can t take this top seriously while game of thrones (maybe just maybe the most beautiful tv show ever made) on no4 and on top 3 fargo peaky blinders and west world? I mean, fargo is just not worth its place here same as peaky blinders, westworld maybe on 5 and where the f is sons of anarchy for the god damn sake
N Kiran kumar
N Kiran kumar 17 kun oldin
So far, Sherlock is ausome
N Kiran kumar
N Kiran kumar 17 kun oldin
Got is best
pandian smart
pandian smart 17 kun oldin
I watched many series but LOST is my favorite of all time
Dezed 18 kun oldin
Shooter. Trust me it’s and amazing tv show
Tyler 19 kun oldin
Bates Motel was good
Shiny Vegetable
Shiny Vegetable 19 kun oldin
The Flash, Arrow, Legends of tomorrow.. Thank me later ;)
Le Niggerhater arrived
Ewww those are cringy shit
Dih3go News
Dih3go News 19 kun oldin
Breaking Bad 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Peaky Blinders 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Vikings 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Ozark 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
R3ALassassin 78954
R3ALassassin 78954 20 kun oldin
Where is supernatural that show is amazing especially after season 3
Amro Ansari
Amro Ansari 20 kun oldin
Where is the punisher?
Shiny Vegetable
Shiny Vegetable 19 kun oldin
+Amro Ansari My dad has, and I have watched first season of Ironfist and Agent Carter's first episode. I love Marvel movies but I don't like the series..
Amro Ansari
Amro Ansari 19 kun oldin
Shiny Vegetable have you tried it?
Shiny Vegetable
Shiny Vegetable 19 kun oldin
Marvel series aren't so good, but everyone has their own opinions.
Meet the Vloggers
Meet the Vloggers 20 kun oldin
La casa De papel 🤩😎
Christopher Atkinson
rome that is all
JJJS 0801
JJJS 0801 22 kun oldin
Westworld is shit it got buried by its own twists
Dee Scott
Dee Scott 22 kun oldin
Boardwalk empire was awesome
ahmed alazzani
ahmed alazzani 23 kun oldin
1/got(winter is coming) 2/the blacklist (Remond Redington) 3/by order of peaky fookin blinders 4/Vikings 5/Money heist
Pan - Pubg
Pan - Pubg 23 kun oldin
Where is puta?
Nils Lauterfeld
Nils Lauterfeld 23 kun oldin
for the first time a summary of good stuff helped to find "new" and good stuff ... also really sad that you had to say put your phone away at No1
Bishal Behera
Bishal Behera 23 kun oldin
13 reasons why ❤️
Mobeen Hashmi
Mobeen Hashmi 23 kun oldin
Prison break
Anshu Pandey
Anshu Pandey 24 kun oldin
Legion should be on #1
shinoj m.m
shinoj m.m 25 kun oldin
The walking dead
Krishal Thapa
Krishal Thapa 25 kun oldin
Fuck where is breaking bad
Sunny Stephen
Sunny Stephen 25 kun oldin
True detective??
espinosaYT 26 kun oldin
The 100💫
Mr. Mavz
Mr. Mavz 26 kun oldin
Wtf, got must be definitely on no.1
Scream!2378 26 kun oldin
xp3bood 26 kun oldin
Peaky Blinders😍😍😍
Mauricio Fresques
Mauricio Fresques 26 kun oldin
Peaky blinders is the best tv show
Menahil Hassan
Menahil Hassan 27 kun oldin
Nobody fooks with the peaky Blinders ♥
Rée Dà
Rée Dà 27 kun oldin
never start watching series by game of thrones because you won't find anything better
ishan parbhakar
ishan parbhakar 25 kun oldin
+Aditya Agarwal Watch Dark. Not as good as GOT because that is impossible. But it is really good. Yes it is in German but subtitles may help. And just download a pic of family tree of families in it. And i can guarentee you it is worth all the effort. Thank me later
Aditya Agarwal
Aditya Agarwal 25 kun oldin
very true my first series was also GoT and after that i felt no show even came close to GoT except breaking bad!!
Mr. Mavz
Mr. Mavz 26 kun oldin
So true
Oluseun Adeyinka
Oluseun Adeyinka 27 kun oldin
Why is nobody talking about SOA
really? 27 kun oldin
The Beard 13
The Beard 13 28 kun oldin
peaky blinders is the ultimate high school kid tv show lmaao
Shubz Ahmed
Shubz Ahmed 29 kun oldin
Here is the list of the best TV shows on Netflix! (Garunteed Binge watch thank me later) -Breaking Bad 10/10 -Prison Break 10/10 -Stranger things 9/10 -Manhunt Unabomber 9/10 -Mindhunter 9/10 -End of the fucking world 9/10 -Making a Murderer 10/10 -Surviving Escobar Alias JJ 10/10 -Narcos 9/10 -Sons of Anarchy 9/10 -Haunting Hill house 9/10
David cib
David cib 29 kun oldin
GOT my fav
pev1ce peace & love
By far the peaky fookin blinders
Prince Masad
Prince Masad Oy oldin
can someone tell me why the hack isn't teen wolf up there in the list?
Nev Xx
Nev Xx Oy oldin
Peaks blinders Lucifer Teen wolf Supernatural That 70s show Reign Sex education Big mouth Brooklyn nine nine Grace and frankie Friends Gossip girl Sense 8 Suits Shameless Dynasty Prison break Everything sucks The originals The vampire diaries The 100 The good place Elite The end of the fucking world The umbrella academy You’re welcome
Estifanos Wendimu
yooo where black mirror at tho
Martin Baggio
Martin Baggio Oy oldin
Martin Baggio
Martin Baggio Oy oldin
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