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Top 10 College Prospects In The 2019 NBA Draft (MidSeason)

Johnny Walker LA
Ko‘rishlar soni 371 832
93% 2 826 189
Fikrlar 743
Yann Iverson
Yann Iverson 4 soat oldin
Ja mo
IsaacT 8 soat oldin
Ja Morant is the real MVP
Zack J
Zack J Kun oldin
Ja Morant should be MUCH higher, do an update video, he should go top 3
Brandon Asbury
Brandon Asbury Kun oldin
Dude from Murray state is right behind Zion and Barrett it will be Zion number 1 rj number 2 dude from Murray state at 3 and reddish at 4 .
Suave Guyy
Suave Guyy Kun oldin
Blake Griffin in a Duke uniform
Suave Guyy
Suave Guyy Kun oldin
Rui Hachimura reminds me of Kyle Kuzma
Jayden Hudson
Jayden Hudson Kun oldin
Bro Ja Morant is 3 pick idc what anyone else say🤦🏾‍♂️
Johnny Walker LA
Johnny Walker LA 6 soat oldin
+TripleTHarris he is getting recognized he on the list aint he? y'all mad he not higher when there is clearly better players in college basketball y'all falling into his hype the man has a high usage rate of course he puts up big numbers at a mid major with no other NBA level talent man avg like 5 turnovers a game
TripleTHarris 6 soat oldin
Jayden Hudson Ja gonna get the respect he deserves. Top 3 pick 🚫🧢
TripleTHarris 6 soat oldin
Johnny Walker LA ok so I’m not trying to insult you I’m just saying that Ja is a whole different breed than anything Murray has ever seen before and he deserves the same recognition the other guys get.
Jayden Hudson
Jayden Hudson 7 soat oldin
+TripleTHarris Bro thanks u😭🙏🏾
Johnny Walker LA
Johnny Walker LA 9 soat oldin
TripleTHarris I have watched ja morant plenty don’t insult my intelligence
heartbreak Cid
heartbreak Cid 2 kun oldin
What this tune called *5:51*
Jerry Kwerve
Jerry Kwerve 2 kun oldin
1. Cleveland - Zion Williamson 2. Phoenix - RJ Barrett 3. Chicago - Cam Reddish
Jackson Kirkpatrick
Coby White?
Shin Yokoyama
Shin Yokoyama 3 kun oldin
Every team who passes on Hachimura will be sorry. Everybody who says Hachimura is a bust dont know nothing.This dude can jump off the earth he is strong 6'8" with 7'2" wing span. can handle the ball and move without the ball. And he aint a ball hog.
lil L and tall R
lil L and tall R 3 kun oldin
Sékou doumbouya you forger Sékou
Consuelo Smith
Consuelo Smith 4 kun oldin
Zion Williams is my number 1 pick
deprogrammer 4 kun oldin
I would love to see a top 5 or 10 at each position since there are so many players I'm not fully aware of.
STU-Andres Aleman
STU-Andres Aleman 4 kun oldin
zion, rj barret, cam reddish, ja morant and sandy cohen from gb
Quintavian Shorty
Quintavian Shorty 4 kun oldin
Ja Morant 🌪
Julie Dwyer
Julie Dwyer 5 kun oldin
RJ barrat is going to be the best player in the draft
William Santiago
William Santiago 6 kun oldin
RJ #1
Wakemeup Now
Wakemeup Now 6 kun oldin
Canada Basketball is in good hands!
YeahThatsRight 7 kun oldin
Nassir Little and Romeo Langford should be in the top 10 on potential alone!
Kyrieezy 7 kun oldin
Where's Romeo?? He's shooting 50% and averaging 18 points per
Johnny Walker LA
Johnny Walker LA 7 kun oldin
Kyrieezy my bad just seemed like a lot of people where salty both those guys weren’t on the list read the comments but I have my reasons
Kyrieezy 7 kun oldin
+Johnny Walker LA Lol nobody's salty. I was just wondering why he wasn't on the list. At the end of the day I just like talking basketball.
Johnny Walker LA
Johnny Walker LA 7 kun oldin
Tonight how did Romeo perform against Nebraska 5-14 from the field 0-4 from 3 1ast and they lost he need to do more than score inefficiency to be top 10
Johnny Walker LA
Johnny Walker LA 7 kun oldin
Kyrieezy which is higher than 25 percent right? Uhhh no the players on this list do play d I gave my reason and the list is gonna change by the end of season don’t be so salty
Kyrieezy 7 kun oldin
+Johnny Walker LA I mean RJ Barret is shooting 33% and most top prospects are average on defense anyway.
Tony Vassallo
Tony Vassallo 8 kun oldin
U def have knowledge about the game earning a new sub but one question tho where is Little and Langford?
Johnny Walker LA
Johnny Walker LA 8 kun oldin
Go google little’s stats, research yourself she don’t deserve to be a top 10 And second Langford was on my first list wanted to highlight other players
Bryan Lynch
Bryan Lynch 8 kun oldin
RJ is better than Zion sorry but it’s true
Blake Anderson
Blake Anderson 9 kun oldin
Y’all gonna stop playing my man Romeo
Kathy Schaan
Kathy Schaan 9 kun oldin
Zion is fat
Never Never
Never Never 9 kun oldin
Never Never
Never Never 9 kun oldin
Daxton Hostetler
Daxton Hostetler 9 kun oldin
Nasier little
Daxton Hostetler
Daxton Hostetler 9 kun oldin
Where's Ku's Quinton Grimes???
G G 9 kun oldin
Only 1 center and 1 pg, the rest are wing scorers
TMN Team MuChalie Network
Do you think that DUKE has the Top 3 Picks on their team? uzvid.com/video/video-oq_NGU3v86o.html
26michaeluk 9 kun oldin
RJ Barrett is a beast, but I've never seen a player get away with more blatant traveling violations in my life. In one clip on here he took 3 steps, jump stopped, then took 2 more steps. I know that doesn't matter in the NBA, but it's ridiculous in college to get away with it.
Luke Awesomeness
Luke Awesomeness 9 kun oldin
LUKE MAYE anyone
マカロン大佐 9 kun oldin
Aden Macfarlane
Aden Macfarlane 9 kun oldin
What about Jordan Poole Romeo Langford and Nasir little they are better then half of those guys on the list
Johnny Walker LA
Johnny Walker LA 9 kun oldin
Aden Macfarlane boy wtf u talking about did u even watch North Carolina tonight they got blown out and Nasir little been ass all season how is he better? Jordan Poole not even the best player on his team gtfo and Langford is ok but not better than half these guys u drunk and don’t watch college basketball
Karl Itan Dimaculangan
oki nawa
oki nawa 9 kun oldin
I think Zion seems like humble than RJ.
Jakob Chavez
Jakob Chavez 9 kun oldin
Markus Howard
Lucky Tusini
Lucky Tusini 10 kun oldin
Zion Williamson
MrDunjudge 10 kun oldin
Rj Barrett
Hunter Drinnon
Hunter Drinnon 10 kun oldin
Where is Admiral Schofield?!
IcyFangs 10 kun oldin
Jarret cluver??
bebelinger 10 kun oldin
Jaylen hoard ?
davonte burris
davonte burris 10 kun oldin
carsen edwards
Jackson Austin
Jackson Austin 10 kun oldin
I fell Zion should get 1st prospect because even know he needs to work on his 14% 3pt shooting he’s a big man he’s made to do what he does, yes he can work on his shooting but he can do anything on the court, dunk, drive, pass, he can do anything you need he just needs to get in the gym and practice on his free throws and maybe his 3’s and maybe just one day he will be 1st prospect...
Judgeoverkill 67
Judgeoverkill 67 10 kun oldin
No Daniel Gafford
The Past
The Past 10 kun oldin
They better start making these rims out of vibranium.
Melinda Neiswanger
Melinda Neiswanger 10 kun oldin
Romeo Langford is expected to go top 10 in all the mock drafts lol
Tj Boston
Tj Boston 10 kun oldin
Mock draft kidspaidmoney.com/r/Tboston21
The gaming Cheese
The gaming Cheese 10 kun oldin
Where is Tre Jones
Courtney Sutherlin
Courtney Sutherlin 4 kun oldin
Tre is not a top ten player. 1st round yes not top 10. What does the do that is so impressive. No very fast, not athletic,not very tall, just good ball handler. He will get abused guarding NBA point guards.
The gaming Cheese
The gaming Cheese 6 kun oldin
yeah This list is pretty good but I think Tre Jones should be at least 6th or lower
KingJo 8 kun oldin
The gaming Cheese that’s what I’m saying and plus that coach k favorite player