Top 10 Copy Cat Characters

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23-Mar, 2015



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Fernando Coelho
Fernando Coelho 16 kun oldin
I flat out don't like Marvel! They almost even ran out of business at some time in history, nearly bankrupt. I find Marvel heroes extremely overrated, the ones I dislike the most being wolverine and captain america! The only good things Marvel ever did in my opinion are Hulk, Spiderman, Ironman and Conan in that order, and they are not copy cats, just real effort, that's it!
Brian Mather
Brian Mather 17 kun oldin
Difficult to pick one... But I've got a list.. Blue Marvel = A.M.Z.O., Ego= Starro, the Beyonder = Sagiterrun, Apache Chief = Ultimo, and the one whom has the same name in both universes *Anansi*
Venus rain
Venus rain 23 kun oldin
I love marvel always have always will, but I'm a DC fan I think they just bounced characters off each other love both
Dennis Heaton
Dennis Heaton 26 kun oldin
You forgot Plastic Man was also created years before Elongated Man or Reed Richards. The original Human Torch of the 40s was also an android. There are lots of copies of every character out there!
Thabo Moncho
Thabo Moncho 26 kun oldin
Marvel took everything that was cool about DC and made the complete opposite. DC superheroes are real heroes who save the planet for the people and only the people and in return what do they want nothing and they true identities are a secret cause that is what true heroes do. Marvel on the other hand took DC's number one playboy billionaire and turned him into a rich bastard who has shown us that he just doing it for fame. Fuck you marvel,just fuck you.
Melody Mermaid
Melody Mermaid 29 kun oldin
Telling people that most of marvels characters are ripoffs of dc characters so dc will get more fans so evil
Melody Mermaid
Melody Mermaid 29 kun oldin
Why are people saying that marvel sucks because they copy dc dc has copied marvel too
Biswajeet Sahu
MARVEL got a lot of live action movies but < dark knight trilogy and DC is better
BigE Smalls
BigE Smalls Oy oldin
But it all comes down to who is more popular
Mango Turtle
Mango Turtle Oy oldin
You know this video is very one sided...I guess we can see his favorite.
maureencora1 Oy oldin
Namor King of Atlantic Ocean and Aqauman King of Pacfic Ocean.
Josiah Purtee
Josiah Purtee Oy oldin
I like both Marvel and DC.
Ebitari James
Ebitari James Oy oldin
who Care's dey couldn't use their initiative more credits to marvel I love marvel
Tiff's Right Ear
#1 Marvel Comics copy cat of DC Comics.
Jay Curtis
Jay Curtis Oy oldin
I almost forgot Marvel ripped off Green Lanterns villain Dr. Polaris to create Magneto.
Jay Curtis
Jay Curtis Oy oldin
Catwoman married Batman on the original Earth 2
Christian Morrow
You forgot Marvel's Iron Man vs. DC's Steel, and also DC's Doctor Fate vs. Marvel's Doctor Strange.
desiree love
desiree love Oy oldin
is it bad i'm still a marvel fan
DangerMan the Urban Superhero
Adam Mostafa
Adam Mostafa Oy oldin
hate the accent
Alexmarr7224 2 oy oldin
It's one million exploding suns
Zubin HV
Zubin HV 2 oy oldin
really thought Thanos and Darkseid would be here. or no?
Nora Villanueva
Nora Villanueva 2 oy oldin
DC makes characters Marvels make better plagiarized version of those characters. In terms of comic books, DC is better than Marvels, they just have mediocre movie adaptation. Whereas Marvels redefined its brand through great movie adaptation, thus resulting in its current success.
Jimmy Welch
Jimmy Welch 2 oy oldin
You still have a small dick. Your mom told me.
fay187proof wilson
Maevel and DC need to do a movie together
Eric Siggins
Eric Siggins 2 oy oldin
Namor and aquaman are brothers
fortuneOVERfame 2 oy oldin
Marvel took their characters and made them better LONG LIVE MARVEL
Marquitta Bryant
Marquitta Bryant 2 oy oldin
Wow. I was never a comic reader & have always loved ALL things superhero film. But I had no idea Marvel was such thief. Sheesh I feel really guilty loving their movies more, tho, I fully enjoy DC's movies as well. #conflicted
Adrian Rocha
Adrian Rocha 2 oy oldin
You know the people saying that marvel always copies is stupid for some they admit they took inspiration from but others are some they thought and even when they do marvel tries to make them different when dc copies they make them very similar to the marvel character and dc isn’t original a lot of their characters they got in the 50s they took from other comic book companies so saying dc is original is bullshit and only stupid ass dc fanboys try find a way to bash marvel but marvel has always been better than dc
Steve O'Brien
Steve O'Brien 2 oy oldin
23:55 ....."and the power to wear a cape"
J. F. D. Smit
J. F. D. Smit 2 oy oldin
So many copies, yet none equals the original Superman. Marvel Comics, Marvel Copies
Allahmein Crews
Allahmein Crews 2 oy oldin
Marvel straight jacked D.C Comics!
Lumi Kare
Lumi Kare 2 oy oldin
My conclusion. Marvel thought DC idea was good but could be way better.
Hudson Emmett
Hudson Emmett 2 oy oldin
Some of these are copy cats but the X-men and Vision were not. The release dates were a few months apart, I'm not an expert but I would think that writing a story, doing all the artwork, and printing all the copies for release would take a little more than 3 months.
Francine Mo
Francine Mo 2 oy oldin
This why I love DC...not to speak ill of the dead But stan-lee is a rip off.
Francine Mo
Francine Mo 29 kun oldin
+Melody Mermaid he was a real human being😉. Like I said no ill will towards the dead.
Melody Mermaid
Melody Mermaid 29 kun oldin
How dare you talk trash about Stan lee he is a real human being
manwe sulimo
manwe sulimo 2 oy oldin
"Imperius Rex!" is still something i want to hear in a movie theater
Zurround100 2 oy oldin
How the fuck did Daffy Duck become a green lantern?
Zurround100 2 oy oldin
KingRanger 2 oy oldin
Actually Vision came before Red Tornado...learn your facts right...
Dave Shinoda
Dave Shinoda 2 oy oldin
Who care who copy who? MCU MAKE MORE MONEY!!!
Victor Taylor
Victor Taylor 2 oy oldin
Hawkman/ Angel Zatanna/ Scarlet Witch
Ric Nyc
Ric Nyc 2 oy oldin
So to make it simple: Marvel steals ideas from DC.
superque4 2 oy oldin
Wow! You missed the elephant in the room: Superman-Capt. Marvel
Roslynn Sibert
Roslynn Sibert 2 oy oldin
You didn’t mention Icon
Kenneth Bryant
Kenneth Bryant 2 oy oldin
All I can say is that marvel is better in every way
KG 2 oy oldin
Wow, Marvel really neutered the Nova Core in the movies....and copied more than their fair share.
KG 2 oy oldin
+Mø Nälayé in the movie the Nova Core was just a bunch of fighter pilots in space.
Mø Nälayé
Mø Nälayé 2 oy oldin
James McCready
James McCready 2 oy oldin
Re: X-Men and Doom Patrol. Red Tornado and Vision--Comic book releases are months behind development. Chances are high that these were independently developed. Otherwise, I think you're dead on.
RainyDayLady 2 oy oldin
The power to wear a stylish cape! Up, up and away! I don't know of a copy cat of Wonder Woman. Does anyone?
Sujan Xhhetri
Sujan Xhhetri 2 oy oldin
Marvel Vs D.C.
KrazyVideoChick 2 oy oldin
Damn Marvel.. not a good look. It's no wonder they are owned by Disney... they steal shit all the time too. Disney even tried to take credit for The Lion King as their "first original story"... Then it turns out they STOLE the story and almost scene by scene from a movie made in Japan. And they still deny it.. LOL. Match made in heaven.
Macdonald Odogwu
Macdonald Odogwu 2 oy oldin
True and true it is not who copied who?but who nailed their characters first,for example Nemor came first but Aquaman just nailed it,I love the movie,that is how it should be.
Macdonald Odogwu
Macdonald Odogwu 2 oy oldin
It so happened that you are DC fan boy,if you wanted to be fair in your judgement you would have given each copied characters 5 from each Comic company, you just deliberately picked much characters from DC and claimed that marvel copied them and get people battling over nonsense. Some of your copy info are incorrect. Next time do your home work well,you only did this video to created problem between DC and Marvel fanboys whom I see as unreasonable, if they where all good comic readers,they would have love reading each character origin story and give kudos to their creator,people get inspired by other people's storylines to write their own,the world is filled of this,Marvel/DC have done this many times it is not something to fight over.then my Question is who is more popular as an editor/publisher in the comic world,Stan Lee of cause,but is he the best?.I love comic and love reading them,name them.it is unlimited.
Dante Franklin
Dante Franklin 2 oy oldin
All of these heros come from our real melanated gods
Altin Campbell
Altin Campbell 2 oy oldin
1. Spider-Man and black spider? 2. Man thing and swamp thing 3. Can’t say Hulk and doomsday aren’t pretty similar 4. The wasp and bumble bee 5.electro - black lightening 6. Captain America and the guardian
luke brown
luke brown 2 oy oldin
Dude you only told characters that Marvel stole from DC, not saying one is better than the other but they BOTH stole from eachother, do your own research guys
John Ta
John Ta 2 oy oldin
Isn't Superman a copy of Shazam?
IllmaticD2theJ94 2 oy oldin
jimvideotv 2 oy oldin
.......and the power to wear a cape!
Slarti Bartfast
Slarti Bartfast 2 oy oldin
I am agreeing to disagree with myself and everyone else
charles gebhart
charles gebhart 2 oy oldin
Namor can live on shore/surface without needing to go back to the ocean for a very long time. Aqua man cannot. And let's face it about the VISION; He and Wanda aka SCARLET WITCH'S relationship has gotten more exposure than DC's boy. And Sub mariner wishes to preserve the ocean life , while AQUA MAN brings scores of it to out of luck fishermen. BTW, Namor does have animal telepathy too.
Swyzzlestyx the Green Warlock
You're mistaken about Namor's abilities. He can speak with aquatic animals, like Aquaman, but he doesn't do it as often.
The Official Shazam
DC And Aquaman might be a copycat but hes way better than sub marnier
martin saathoff
martin saathoff 2 oy oldin
so it’s clear marvel has been ripping of dc
harry brerwster
harry brerwster 2 oy oldin
Submariner is way cooler than aquaman!
Jay Chap
Jay Chap 2 oy oldin
Taskmaster came before Deadpool and death stroke
Sam Yim
Sam Yim 2 oy oldin
Marvel may copy characters but marvel tells a better story
Expressions Literary Arts
I thought Gladiator was an analog ,of Mon-El, since the Shi'ar Imperial Guard was Marvels version of the Legion of Super Heroes.
JDM Engineuity
JDM Engineuity 2 oy oldin
Hmmm so Cinematic Aquaman looks more like Namor.... lol
Loncey Bailey Green
Blackcat could use Janet Jackson's Blackcat song, in a movie series:)
akram khezreji
akram khezreji 2 oy oldin
Marvel as all has very childish characters super heroes, but they know how to produce it in wide screen very good, most marvel characters are silly, but they do have few independent heroes like spider man, iron man, hulk and the x-men, all other characters are shitty sadly.
knight knives
knight knives 2 oy oldin
dang marvel is a copycat
RIFICA777 2 oy oldin
Superman is the greatest though
RIFICA777 2 oy oldin
Supreme was originally a Black Super Hero. I remember buying this comic back in 92 or 93.
RIFICA777 2 oy oldin
They create competitor characters to keep their readers attention.
RIFICA777 2 oy oldin
How was Aquaman and Submariner both in the same comic?
RIFICA777 2 oy oldin
DC came before Marvel correct?
RIFICA777 2 oy oldin
Im a DC fan primarily but I was fond of the X Men growing up as well.
RIFICA777 2 oy oldin
Whats the difference between a Carbon Copy and a Copy Cat?
Leif Culver
Leif Culver 2 oy oldin
Isn't there two version of spiderman and I don't mean other marvel universe's
misterPheng 2 oy oldin
wow. Marvel has no original ideas? really surprising.
BunzeeBear 2 oy oldin
I don't think 2 or 3 months is a direct copy cat. They don't have time to "flesh out the concept". So coincidence? Or there is a Mole...who knew like a year in advance. You missed Hulk vs Bulk. Dr Strange vs Dr Marvello Twinkies vs DingDongs
Paulafan5 2 oy oldin
Isn't Green Arrow just Batman with a Robin Hood motif? And isn't Batman basically Zorro in the 1930s? Rich man who dons a black cape and mask (or cowl) and brings justice to the people. And isn't Thor just a copy of Thor from Norse mythology? LOL. There's a difference between inspired and ripped off. Also, there are only so many "motifs" to go around so there are bound to be similar characters that actually were created independently from each other.
Michael Neely
Michael Neely 2 oy oldin
The vision was the android body of the original human torch. What about when Jack Kirby went to work for Harvey comics and came up with Fighting American . That was a short lived comic book character. And the Blue Beetle by Steve Ditko is a copy of Spiderman when he worked for Marvel. Nighthawk is a copy of Batman. When professor Phineas Horton created the original Human Torch to protect his daughter from German spies the comic character did not last long. Then years later he transformed him into the Vision. And the Vision subroutine caused him to have a fear of fire. The submariner was created in the 30s. In Whiz comics #2 along with Shazam.
Kegan Martin
Kegan Martin 2 oy oldin
Soooo, we all agree that Batman could whoop anyone’s ass. Let’s agrue😏
cameron zwicke
cameron zwicke 2 oy oldin
The sentry's origin is so stupid and unoriginal. A serum gave him the power of a thousand exploding sun's?!? Huh how does a serum do this? Just bad writing and a copycat at that. Wow there can be only one superman, these companies horrible writing proves it should have stayed that way. Gladiator is the only one on that list that is actually original and interesting. His powers are based on his mental state/ confidence.
#DC #Marvel
#DC #Marvel 2 oy oldin
5:20 Try not to look at her super boobs *You lose* 🤘🤘
#DC #Marvel
#DC #Marvel 2 oy oldin
*If you search in google you will get that Thor was made by DC even before marvel 🙄🙄*
Danial Lake
Danial Lake 2 oy oldin
Nothing but a DC fanboy.
Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle 2 oy oldin
Superman is a copycat of Doc Savage. Clark Savage - Clark Kent. Man of Bronze - Man of Steel. Fortress of Solitude - Fortress of Solitude. Etc, et al.
serenityq26 2 oy oldin
no apollo from wildstorm? sigh.
serenityq26 2 oy oldin
wow, didnt expect a cutie when i clicked on this
Mario Castillo
Mario Castillo 2 oy oldin
Marvel is backed by the ever powerful DISNEY and DC has well WB... enough said...
Mario Castillo
Mario Castillo 2 oy oldin
Deadpool is a tool... and so are his fans...
Tai Lopez is 6 God
Deathstroke is 6 God
Thepistol offense
DC has great characters but their movies SUCK
Benjamin Burch
Benjamin Burch 2 oy oldin
Can we all agree that all comic books allows young readers a chance to dream, escape the psychotic madness of the real world and enjoy the fantasy of super heroes doing good for us all!
Dillon James Locke
I am generally a bigger fan of Marvel, but I saw Aquaman yesterday and that was the best superhero movie I have ever seen!
sai76 2 oy oldin
What about Dr Strange and Dr Fate?
Calisthenics Unity Nz
Marvel is like a "Made in China" version lol
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