Top 10 Most HILARIOUS Stephen Colbert Moments

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Between his time on The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and all of his other appearances, Stephen Colbert has had some hilarious moments. We'll be looking at some of the most memorable, including when he presented at the Emmys, his Tuck Buckford character, his election coverage, and when he burned Bush at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 Stephen Colbert moments.
00:43 #10. Getting Daft Punk’d
01:29 #9. Only in Monroe
02:25 #8. Crude Political Drawings
03:12 #7. Tuck Buckford
04:11 #6. Colbert Election Coverage
05:21 #5. Colbert vs. O’Reilly
06:11 #4. Presenting at the Emmys
07:06 #3, #2 & #1: ????
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6-Sen, 2017



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Revan Targaryen
Revan Targaryen 2 soat oldin
#1: When Jon Stewart takes over for him and he fucks off the air. Can't stand the cocksucker!
Danielle Langlois
Danielle Langlois 6 kun oldin
South Carolina native? He was born in D.C.
Uaine Diabhal
Uaine Diabhal 8 kun oldin
We love you Stephen
Chinita PR
Chinita PR 11 kun oldin
No "caravan dance"? That's my new #1.
Nate Emond
Nate Emond 13 kun oldin
SUQ MADIQ Scrolling across the bottom live awesome
Daisy Jane
Daisy Jane 17 kun oldin
I've loved Stephen for decades.. have no regrets! He never disappoints!!
J da high roller
J da high roller 17 kun oldin
I almost died back in the day when he brung out Ham Rove
jay bomb
jay bomb 18 kun oldin
I like the c*^#k holster joke. HOW TRUE THOUGH
Sheri French
Sheri French 19 kun oldin
Steve Colbert ROCKS!!
Infamous Chief
Infamous Chief 20 kun oldin
7:38 Only people who liked trump said it was homophobic, just to try to get colbert fired cause he slandered their delicate and precious trump.
Jeff Nurenberg
Jeff Nurenberg 21 kun oldin
Colbert is a legend and this list has decent picks, but the majority of the clips shown either cut out right before a punchline or show a punchline without proper setup, something the narrator could've done (but didn't)
Shi Yuan Jiang
Shi Yuan Jiang 21 kun oldin
way too heavily tilted to the late show. He had some true gems from the Daily show and colbert report that are way funnier.
Tomas Joya
Tomas Joya 24 kun oldin
FOXBOSTONBORJAS 857346471🏐🏀💻🖥️💲💸💰🔒🔑🛡️🛡️🛡️🌍🌎🌏🏛️🗽
Yoliisabella Rosser
Yoliisabella Rosser 26 kun oldin
I love this great man!
Susan Ratz
Susan Ratz Oy oldin
Brian Cranston's appearance in roller-skates refers back to an episode of Malcolm In The Middle in which Hal takes a spin as a "roller disco king". That role is my favorite of all Cranston's creations.
nahn111 Oy oldin
"Hilarious"? I actually searched for "best of Colbert" videos to give this guy a chance. Still can't find him funny at all. Other than Trump-bashing, he's got nothing going for him.
Grace Liu
Grace Liu 17 kun oldin
nahn111 Don’t worry, humor and funny is subjective. And no one should fault you forgetting Big furry hat, meanwhile or confessions
Chipmunk Tubetop
Chipmunk Tubetop
I do love a good cockholster.
Amir Hagit Einav
Every one is the most hillarious
Pup Eberts
Pup Eberts Oy oldin
What's with the milktoast commentator? Are you afraid of offending someone? Are you not a fan?
yoppindia 2 oy oldin
Not the best selection
Lexie Mae
Lexie Mae 2 oy oldin
Shut up mojo, just show the clips
Something Beyond Words
Well, he has had a lot more material since Jan. 21st 2017
OKC Ray 3 oy oldin
Suq Madiq, Liqa Madiq and Munchma Quchi
No Suq Madiq? Pffft.
QuantumBraced 3 oy oldin
He stole the microwave from the break room of O'Reilly's show? Hahahahahahahah I died.
ComaDave 3 oy oldin
His roast of Dubya was The Greatest Thing in the History of This or Any Other Universe.
The Midnight Wolf
Excuse me the Smaug interview should be here!
Doctrine Ridge
Doctrine Ridge 3 oy oldin
it goes: Colbert Fallon Corden Meyers Meher Sam Bee Others.
Something Beyond Words
What about Kimmel?
manu M
manu M 3 oy oldin
I never watch the CCentral shows but one night I saw a CC show with this guy and he had me rolling laughing but that night he show me how funny he could be but I did not watch any more when he got that late show I remember him and said yeah this is the funny guy from CC.
A Rdz
A Rdz 3 oy oldin
Butterball Turkey Hotline answered as an air traffic controller at Chicago O'hare Tower is peak brilliance and hilarity!
EDPOOLL: VR 3 oy oldin
fuck he should run for president
Voicecolors 4 oy oldin
What? No SukMadiq? It´s the best moment on television
R.N V.H 4 oy oldin
I was hoping number 10 would be one of the best cause I watched it twice and laughed till I cried!! Iconic!
Josh Devdoss
Josh Devdoss 4 oy oldin
I'm surprised they didn't put in Colbert's response to trump going after him on Twitter. That was hilarious.
Mike W
Mike W 4 oy oldin
SuperPac may justify #1...though I think Smaug's CGI interview (Cumberbatch voice) should be near the top.
JeepDan777 4 oy oldin
Colbert is too much of a try hard
Theodora M
Theodora M 4 oy oldin
I think Mr. Stephen is one of the funniest men on the planet :)
angeleyes green
angeleyes green 4 oy oldin
Am I the only one that noticed the narrator kept saying Colbert repore, not report?
rippycakes 4 oy oldin
I can’t believe you missed out Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Nobody else seems to remember too.
cropathfinder 4 oy oldin
Well to be fair on election night you just needed to listen to the drunken peasants podcast(back when they were still a good podcast) for the results hours in advance since they predicted the outcome way before all the major news outlets
R Blythe
R Blythe 4 oy oldin
Why did you not mention he got the Peabody Award for the Superpac episodes? That’s a big deal for anyone, especially a comedian.
Don Capers
Don Capers 5 oy oldin
Top 10 Late Show with Colbert moment 2 specifically?
Top ten "Top Ten" lists...
Joyce Knight
Joyce Knight 5 oy oldin
foulpotato 5 oy oldin
funniest was election night 2016.
Angela Gant
Angela Gant 5 oy oldin
My fav one off was when he was had the GOP in “TEAM Rape” One Sheriff was running, and had said...”some women they rape so easy” Colbert, “Some careers they end so quickly” or something very close to that. There were 5 GOP guys saying very stupid things at that time. One guy said a woman’s body had a way of “shutting the whole thing down” if she got raped...hence she couldn’t get pregnant. This was all part of Team Rape...I mean these Republicans were incredibly stupid. They included Senator and House of Reps, but it was a brilliant bit. I remember one of two of them were doctors as well making them even more ridiculous. Colbert was brilliant.
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch 5 oy oldin
Cornholebert double down on your estrogen regiment Caitlyn is waiting for you in the third bathroom.
Andrea Bowens
Andrea Bowens 5 oy oldin
Steve Colbert for President! Well at least for truthfulness
Jamie Lancaster
Jamie Lancaster 5 oy oldin
Tuck Buckford should be number 1
william mclaughlin
Allyson Wonderland ASMR
Trump: says something Stephen: repeats it Trump dingleberries: oMgZ hOw DaRe YoU!
Allyson Wonderland ASMR
Debt, taxes, and Hillary
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 5 oy oldin
His redskins charity parody, “Ching Chong ding dong charity for the promotion of Asians Americans or whatever” was hysterical. Especially given how upset and serious some people took it. His Cancel Colbert response was even better. The recent double negative conjunction video was really funny too.
Isaam Thalhath
Isaam Thalhath 5 oy oldin
*Suq Madiq*
cdw442 5 oy oldin
How could Colbert going before congress to speak about migrant farm work based on his expertise from one day of working the fields not be on here? That was his finest, most funny moment
Lindsay R
Lindsay R 5 oy oldin
I absolutely love Stephen. He's my biggest celebrity crush!
István Sipos
István Sipos 5 oy oldin
no1 extremely mega giga top Colbert moment would be: Colbert 2020
Something Beyond Words
Yeah, like a celebritiy's ever going to become president...oh....
S Wang
S Wang 5 oy oldin
I can still remember how he burned Trump during the whole Obama’s college graduation certificate drama.
nameless0711 5 oy oldin
Death of Comedian Colbert = 2014... Birth of Sell Out Shill Stephen = 2015
superpal43 5 oy oldin
Entertainers this funny need annual updates to their lists!!!
NMD 5 oy oldin
Yo I know this video might be a little old right now but you guys made a *HUGE* mistake not having Colbert reading his mother's eulogy on are on the list should have just been an honorable mention
Sheron Franklyn
Sheron Franklyn 5 oy oldin
Too funny love it
K.A.R.M. Productions
His interview with Dan Savage. It's the one time he basically broke character, and it was glorious.
CJCryer Buzz
CJCryer Buzz 5 oy oldin
I absolutely love this guy. Tuck Buckford.......... omg.
Christopher Muniz
Buck FuckTurd
Fernando Sor
Fernando Sor 5 oy oldin
Less narration, more stephan.
euphoriapotion 5 oy oldin
I can't believe you didn't include his Lord of the Rings obsession, that's classic
JM Garcia
JM Garcia 5 oy oldin
The White House correspondence was the best. I was laughing and cringing at the same time.
Slav Kovalsky
Slav Kovalsky 5 oy oldin
A good list. At least two more that were laugh out loud funny:: 1. Covetton House 2. Even Stephen from the Daily Show (with Steve Carell) 3.
TheFrezident 5 oy oldin
top ten most HILLARIOUS Stephen Colbert moments.... and you bring up the on-air eulogy he gave his mother? At least change the title y'all... cuz as Beautiful as that moment was, it is nowhere NEAR Hillarious
lj033 5 oy oldin
Oh I miss Tuck Buckford and the global elitist gay frogs he warns us of 😂
Thomas Slone
Thomas Slone 6 oy oldin
shut the fuck up and play some clips you youtube whores
somebuddyX 6 oy oldin
Suq Madiq? Filliam H Muffman?
Janet A
Janet A 6 oy oldin
Exact. BLOTUS not Potus.
superpal43 6 oy oldin
This needs to be regularly updated!
Alex Brown
Alex Brown 6 oy oldin
Beating the Daily Show's streak at the Emmys should have been on this list
Marisa Tauriello
Marisa Tauriello 6 oy oldin
If I could marry this man, I would. He is the funniest man on the planet....even a little funnier than my fiance...who cracks me up every day. But sorry Eric, Stephen gets the medal..
Carola Udaeta
Carola Udaeta 6 oy oldin
Love Colbert
Jim Fath
Jim Fath 7 oy oldin
munchma quchi
Alan G
Alan G 7 oy oldin
Number 1 was an honourable mention at best. It deserved to be so much more, and was so much more, and did so much more good, but it wasn't as funny as the rest of the list. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert put the funny in politics. You forgot the testimony before senate about migrant farm workers.
Let me count the times I laughed. Oh wait I didn’t
Terri Kukla
Terri Kukla 2 oy oldin
Dont watch.
old pump
old pump 7 oy oldin
Atticus's Finch
Atticus's Finch 7 oy oldin
What a terrible montage... how to ruin humor! Idiots...
jlcerecedo 7 oy oldin
This list is missing his Atomic Bomb Explosion impression
刘宇龙 7 oy oldin
众善童皆记旧长者众皃雕像仰,伝,,,。 但,,,東方株众大人唯记咩相,,,?。 何须再迫成擦鞋童样,,,?。 大乱了後,須眼光而知旧伝之众一切旧礼楽册矢而述记下史和接旧史,,,通心,通眼,旧大三元都顕示出,,,?。 到底発生什麽事了,火凤火鸟鸟彖髮尖,桃子脸,,,?。
Rollin Kocher
Rollin Kocher 7 oy oldin
where is Colbert vs Conan vs Stewart? I can't be the only one to remember?
Xero the Fallen
Xero the Fallen 8 oy oldin
No suq madiq?
Justin Castillo
Justin Castillo 8 oy oldin
Thank you for talking over what I wanted to see! Awesome! :D
Samsonian 8 oy oldin
Yes...well I guess Congress got the idea for the legislation passed this week (July 16-20, aka the week of the ‘Cock Holster Summit’) from the ‘Colbert SuperPAC’. Who would have thought Stephen would herald the coming age for truly legal anonymous campaign donations for non-profits like the hallowed and Democracy-dedicated halls of the NRA?
Super BernieCat
Super BernieCat 8 oy oldin
In the running for most hilarious Colbert moments.... him talking about the death of his Mum??? Who the fuck finds that hilarious?
JewUnit6 8 oy oldin
this video is terrible, i want to watch the funniest moments not have you explain them to me
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr 8 oy oldin
Do a a follow up!
Leafsdude 8 oy oldin
Where's Munchma Quchi?
Kevin Minney
Kevin Minney 9 oy oldin
I'm from Monroe! That was a huge deal when Colbert was on with Eminem
Jonathan Wulf
Jonathan Wulf 9 oy oldin
I thought his epic congressional testimony would be #1. It wasn't even mentioned in this list...
Brandon Garner
Brandon Garner 10 oy oldin
99% of his funniest stuff was on the Colbert Report.
Chris Pitts
Chris Pitts 10 oy oldin
What about the Big Gay Storm bit?
DonQui 10 oy oldin
Fuck, cock holster is a compliment for Trump. I'd say Trump's mouth is more like Putin's shit repository!
AliaD85 10 oy oldin
They didn't add the Covetton House segments! For Shame!
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