Top 10 Predictions For Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

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SCB MEET UP! Come See Fantastic Beasts with us in Orlando on Dec. 1, 2018!!
Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to give our final predictions for every easter egg, plot twist and surprise character we think might show up Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald.
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6-Noy, 2018

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What is your favorite Fantastic Beast??
I'm Fluo
I'm Fluo 6 soat oldin
Shelby Ceratt
Shelby Ceratt 3 kun oldin
Julie Lu Court
Julie Lu Court 5 kun oldin
Dumbledore !
Chloe Russell
Chloe Russell 6 kun oldin
Pous3r Playz
Pous3r Playz 14 kun oldin
I'm Fluo
I'm Fluo 6 soat oldin
I went to see it just the day before my birthday.... I was traumetized for like a week, like aaarrrrrrgggggggggg
Wesley Foreman
Wesley Foreman Kun oldin
Hey, Super Carlin Brothers. I just saw the new "Fantastic Beasts" movie, and I just wanted your opinion about whether Queenie will rejoin the good side?
Cara 2
Cara 2 Kun oldin
Grindelwald was expelled from durmstrang. His wand was probably snapped
Ananya Devgan
Ananya Devgan 5 kun oldin
You guys are on point
Julie Lu Court
Julie Lu Court 5 kun oldin
Queenie touched the panels to know where Grindelwald was to rally and a white raven appeared under her touch ; can mean 2 things ! First , it means she cleansed her spirit after Grindelwald tried to manipulate her... second it’s a prediction, she is a legimens: the prediction that the lion would come to save the world... we know both Dumbledore and Harry are connected to Godric Gryffindor... well, just a thought... what do you think ?
Random Stuff24
Random Stuff24 6 kun oldin
SPOILER: salamanders
#Gryffindor Gacha Life
The prediction on the thumbnail actually turned out true!
Lauren Koster
Lauren Koster 7 kun oldin
"Grindelwald probably didn't dance like this"
ReanTheBean 7 kun oldin
The Thumbnail Happened!!!......oops sorry spoilers
Stacey Knoell
Stacey Knoell 8 kun oldin
Theseus Scamander is all also facing the "evil" way in the promo posters. (So is Leta LeStrange, but I kind of see why.) Any thoughts about Thesus?
Evelyn Anderson
Evelyn Anderson 8 kun oldin
Hello Read more
Izzy H
Izzy H 8 kun oldin
*Grindelwald probably didn't dance like this :) :) :)
Maria Kooviste
Maria Kooviste 9 kun oldin
Wait at 10.56 Credence is facing the other way like he's a good guy
Christina M
Christina M 10 kun oldin
Wow I don’t want to spoil but this was so accurate
Suha Khan
Suha Khan 13 kun oldin
2 out of 10
Pous3r Playz
Pous3r Playz 14 kun oldin
13:14 this movie right here🤣
Ties Doze
Ties Doze 14 kun oldin
Jakob is the best character in the fb series FIGHT ME
Joanna Tiller
Joanna Tiller 15 kun oldin
Dory, Who Dis?
Dory, Who Dis? 15 kun oldin
Watching this after COG: Newt's patronus is most definitely a salamander ♥️ #wefinisheachotherssalamanders
Aaron Connolly
Aaron Connolly 16 kun oldin
About the dragon bit; Newt’s name in French isn’t Newt, it’s “Norbert Dragonneau,” Norbert, of course, being Hagrid’s dragon, and Dragonneau literally having dragon in the name.
Dr. Drake
Dr. Drake 16 kun oldin
Guess what? Queenie joins the Dark Side! with Credence
Mia Jay
Mia Jay 17 kun oldin
Me when I first saw cursed child: Keep the secrets... NnnnnnnnnOPE!!!!
Rachel Bleich
Rachel Bleich 18 kun oldin
I watched the movie 🎥 Queany goes bad
Rachel Bleich
Rachel Bleich 18 kun oldin
I already watched it
Jude Forrest
Jude Forrest 19 kun oldin
Rest in peace queenie
Zach Angermeyer
Zach Angermeyer 19 kun oldin
you totally predicted that about queenie
Tobias Mortensen
Tobias Mortensen 20 kun oldin
Nailed the snake part, the poenix part, the jacob part, the queenie part, Well Done :D
Sahaar Tukhi
Sahaar Tukhi 23 kun oldin
How are so many of these right you are so smart
studddue cow
studddue cow 23 kun oldin
Oof, the Stone doesn’t age down just continue aging
Jack Buchanan
Jack Buchanan 23 kun oldin
Newt's patronus is obviously a salamander.
LoganThompson511 Personality
Omg,you got Quennie going bad😲😲😲😲😲💭🤯
Just an Marshmallow
Just an Marshmallow 25 kun oldin
Alli B
Alli B 26 kun oldin
Wait, their ship name is Tewt?
The talking encyclopedia
A few of these predictions are true
miguel saavedra
you can also see a hidebehide
Elena Byrne Garcia
I literally fell off my seat in the cinema when they revealed that Credence was a Dumbledore
Backwards Oy oldin
Heh bet he didn’t see the twist with the credences true family, don’t think anyone expected that
Suha Khan
Suha Khan Oy oldin
2 out of 10
Shelby Melby
Shelby Melby Oy oldin
She joined the dark side
Darth Hamilton
@SuperCarlinBrothers QOTD: My favourite creature has to be a Niffler based solely on the bank scene from the movie.
Gemma Palmer
Gemma Palmer Oy oldin
I am positive Grindelwald DID dance like that 11:45
little_ amy draw
Idk if i want him to have a salamander for a patronus :/, its just ive heard him want mostly the dragons, and the cover of the book for the crimes of grindelwAld, the "art" or mybe simbols, if you blured it a little bit it resembel a...DRAGON, now i know there is a dragon scene in crimes of grindelwald, but im now thinking that newt's patronus is a frikin dragon :/ idk for some reason thats wat my guts told me.....maybe im wrong meh well se later....i hope...also fb 3 will be coming at 2020 nov and the set will be on rio de jenero (or brazil) so yeah...........
Melissa Courchesne
I don't think that Credence is a parseltongue because Nagini in 1927 is yet a human being. When she totally become a snake she can't be able to speak to humans...
His videos are spoilers...his guesses are spot on
Hm Oy oldin
Matthew Salem
Matthew Salem Oy oldin
why are the professors at hogwarts not wearing robes?
Katherine S
Katherine S Oy oldin
This is almost even MORE enjoyable watching after seeing the film than before. Like the nod to the dragon on the cover of the screenplay and we now know precisely where that dragon comes into play - even in the same blue hue!
Mark Cahill
Mark Cahill Oy oldin
great prediction about Queenie
lolachant __
lolachant __ Oy oldin
It was actually Jacobs second line😂
Faby Cortes
Faby Cortes Oy oldin
I just finished reading the screenplay for Crimes of Grinderwald and I can kind of tell you if these are true or not...........
Sam Ewald
Sam Ewald Oy oldin
Your predictions are on point a lot of the time!
Aralc 50
Aralc 50 Oy oldin
Omg you got this so right
Kevin McNamara
I think Credence is Henry "Harry" Potter's Son
Zena Cheong
Zena Cheong Oy oldin
DID ANYONE NOTICE WHEN LITA DIED AND SAID “I LOVE YOU” SHE WAS STARING AT NEWT!!!!!!!!!! The camera zoomed into him and not the brother omg
River ruins
River ruins 18 kun oldin
Uhhhh no. The shot was with the two of them. It wasn't zoomed into Newt nor Theseus.
Zena Cheong
Zena Cheong Oy oldin
Scamander Salamander
Meica Oy oldin
Nahh still salamander 4 the win
Andrew Kilpatrick
Thumbnail called it
Franklin Santiago
Spoilers: Instead of Crendence being a “Dumbledore” It would’ve been better tbh if he was Grindelwalds son or if he as a Gaunt. It messes less with the Harry Potter already set universe
Manuel Montiel
Not with that face
Laura GameZ
Laura GameZ Oy oldin
I watched the movie and if you dont want any spoilers dont continue reading.... If you were focusing you could hear that grindenwald told credence that a pheonix will arrive at his side when ever he was in danger as he was part of this family.Credence Dumbuldore
7gamex Oy oldin
With all the things that are not adding up from the movie...imagine if Rowling decided out of no where that this movie is actually a "different timeline"...
7gamex Oy oldin
"The language is incredibly rare, as Harry is told countless times. The only place it isn’t rare is within the bloodline of Salazar Slytherin himself - and as such, is usually hereditary." Usually hereditary, but doesn't have to be. So, Credence knowing the language doesn't mean he HAS to be related...
Max Nielsen
Max Nielsen Oy oldin
You are the best at predicting things!
Audrey Ortman
Audrey Ortman Oy oldin
Grindelwald went to durmstrang? Can someone please explain this to me. I thought he and dumbledore met at hogwarts but that doesn’t sound right now that I say it out loud
CactiSenpai :
CactiSenpai : Oy oldin
Hey how the fuuuuuuuuuu... did you guess queenie going dark!
jinxes 101
jinxes 101 Oy oldin
You are saying Grindelwald, but, Gellert is German so his last name is pronounced Grindel-vald!😤😤😤
Gabriela Blum
Gabriela Blum Oy oldin
She has the eyes of a salamander
Varun Shinde
Varun Shinde Oy oldin
I’m a Harry Potter and it’s magical worlds fan. I saw the movie last night. I’m so disappointed.
Cindy Espíndola
I love seeing this after seeing the movie, awesome how many things you got right and wrong (and some that may appear or may not in the future movies)
Ville Oy oldin
Was the phoneix at the end fawkes?
Guns n Wheels
Guns n Wheels Oy oldin
Excellent guess, Queenie will either die trying to go back to the group or actually make it back for sure. Leading towards the former.
Pastelie Oy oldin
Diva Sobti
Diva Sobti Oy oldin
Hannah Whitby
Hannah Whitby Oy oldin
Not the Phoenix aahhhhhhhhhhh I'm having an issue with dealing this and qquuueeeenniiieeeeeee nnooooooooooooooo 😖😖😖😖😖😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tap Vlogs
Tap Vlogs Oy oldin
I love his shirt. I have the same one
Earle Oy oldin
hah there’s only gonna be 5 movies for fantastic beast. when they are all out imma watch fantastic beast AND THEN harry potter
rodger tough
rodger tough Oy oldin
Thunder berd
Jatcat Oy oldin
His patronus is a salamander... "we finish each other's salamanders!"
fluffysaik Oy oldin
4:17 every theorist, ever
DeepBlue Oy oldin
Spot on Queenie-prediction!
Barbra Bear
Barbra Bear Oy oldin
I am sad because Queenie and Jacob don't get married in fantastic beasts 2. My friends and I are giving them a wedding with our barbie dolls after Christmas
EMI TIME 123 Oy oldin
They decided to change the wand because it looked to much like the elder wand
This isn't My real name
Ella Moolman
Ella Moolman Oy oldin
Noooooooooooooooooo not Queenie why
Emma Dendler
Emma Dendler Oy oldin
I am obviously watching this after I saw the movie but this gives me chills with all the things you got correct!
Brett Owens
Brett Owens Oy oldin
Did anyone realise that on the back of the first copy of hpatps dumbledore has a book with the Star of David on it😱🤔
paris snow
paris snow Oy oldin
how the *h e c c*
Nahid Iseyas
Nahid Iseyas Oy oldin
Man Professor Trelawney better watch out!
Short Shots
Short Shots Oy oldin
Newt's patronous is a newt...
fantastic prediction for fantastic beasts :3
The Lively Skeleton Vocaloid Channel
I was hoping your theory about Queenie was wrong 😭😭😭😭
Trey Morrison
Trey Morrison Oy oldin
So 3 out of 10.
My god how
Anna O Flynn
Anna O Flynn Oy oldin
Read 'If you squint it kinda looks like a dragon' in Ron Weaslys voice. Come on let's be honest he would totally say that.😂
Homeless Moose
They were correct on the bad Queenie part.
飛騨zip Oy oldin
Thank god I didn't watch this before the movie.
marie oceane fardet
*Spoiler* Queenie did join the dark side
Marga Silva
Marga Silva Oy oldin
LOL at the theories especially the ones you got right! Also, I beg to differ, it's #Newtina not #Tewt :((