Top 10 Predictions For Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

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SCB MEET UP! Come See Fantastic Beasts with us in Orlando on Dec. 1, 2018!!
Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to give our final predictions for every easter egg, plot twist and surprise character we think might show up Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald.
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6-Noy, 2018

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What is your favorite Fantastic Beast??
DJ C.Nash
DJ C.Nash 24 daqiqa oldin
Rose 09
Rose 09 46 daqiqa oldin
Definitely a niffler, I bought a niffler Christmas ornament.
salfaridz 8 soat oldin
Phoenix or Bowtruckles. love!
Anora 16 soat oldin
Ain’t a question... Pickett ❤️❤️❤️❤️
your mom
your mom 17 soat oldin
+John Paul Jansen cmon im not a beast
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader 22 daqiqa oldin
I pretty sure that the Auror named Chang is the brother to Nagini will try to save his sister and Cho married a muggle born to avoid the Maledictus curse from passing to her child if she married someone of wizarding blood
Nerdy Psycho
Nerdy Psycho 34 daqiqa oldin
Horned Serpent
Shawn Fort
Shawn Fort Soat oldin
Oh my gosh!!!! Woke up to my new favorite coffe from the Carlin bros in my mailbox!!😍 The bag looks amazing the coffee smells wonderful i cant wait to actually brew my first cup!!!!
Luna Lovegood 25
Luna Lovegood 25 Soat oldin
#3 HARY POTTER Me: whaaaat Well Henry Harry Potter Me:oof (I know Harry Potter can’t be in this movie this comment is ment to be a joke)
GamingWithJay 2 soat oldin
I wish I could go...
Amazing Michael-Man
Amazing Michael-Man 3 soat oldin
Toy story 4 trailer just came out!
Guffa95 3 soat oldin
10:32 And subjugate the No-Majs under wizard rule, let’s not forget that part :P
Guffa95 3 soat oldin
I’m pretty sure Corvus Lestrange has been cast, so it’s safe to say that he and Grindelwald are different people
Beemer 4 soat oldin
Hold on, I knew Harry Potter's wand was made from a pheonix feather, but I actually never made the connection to the pheonix we see in the movie when he is talking to Dumbledore. Is that the same pheonix? Is there only one? Also, I find it really interesting that Henry would give his cloak to Skamander--the war hero--because a deathly hallow seems like something you really shouldn't just be handing out. That would mean they had to be _really_ good friends, in my opinion, or that the war meant a lot to Henry and Skamander, possibly because they lost something similar, and in that connection Henry would give Skamander the cloak in order to do what they both believe is right? Is there any information about their parents, possibly dying as a result of the war? I know it's minor, but it could be a big reason as to why they prevent wizards from being in the war, aside from, you know, the fact that magic is a bit overpowered against people who can't use it. Man, you guys have made me so interested in Harry Potter over the last few years. I am not a reader, and most likely will never invest my time into the books, but the movies have always been a personal favorite of mine ever since the first Harry Potter, and you guys have just maintained that interest beyond the Harry Potter movies. I know so much more about the universe because of you guys. I really want to see the movie, but unfortunately I cannot afford it, so I'll just simply have to wait until it comes out on digital release somewhere. :(
Hans Jakob Appel
Hans Jakob Appel 5 soat oldin
Luxa Llamacorn
Luxa Llamacorn 6 soat oldin
Voldemort and harry are blood related because the resurrection stone is a “family heirloom “ and harry has the invisibility cloak is from Harry’s family.
JackInThePack 8 soat oldin
Is this movie before the 1st realeast
Allen McNair
Allen McNair 9 soat oldin
Just watched an advanced showing... they are surprisingly accurate with some things...
Blank Space
Blank Space 12 soat oldin
Murtamp 14 soat oldin
What media would you absorb befor going to see?
Christina Staniak
Christina Staniak 15 soat oldin
Ryan Tibbs
Ryan Tibbs 15 soat oldin
I believe the stone on the cover of the screenplay is the jewel from a horned serpent that gives people invisibility and flight, and the cats are wampus cats which both are ilvermorny houses.
Tristin Motter
Tristin Motter 15 soat oldin
So I was watching Harry Potter and in chamber of secrets and something came up. You guys had the theory that Hagrid and Newt will met and help Dumbledore with Grindelwald. Something that could prove that was something Aragog said to Harry. She said that she came to Hagrid to him in a travelers pocket. Newt being the traveler and someone that would carry a spider in his pocket. Just thought it might help. :) love your theories please keep it up! You guys are awesome!
Liliana Molina
Liliana Molina 15 soat oldin
You mentioned that Queenie is joining Gellert because she is looking at the same direction that Leta, Thesseus and Grindelwald, but under that logic Creedence poster is in the same direction than Newt, Dumbledore, Tina and Jacob, so? Is Creedence finally accepting Newt help? or what?
Anora 16 soat oldin
I so wish that I could go to the meet in greet in Orlando, but it is far and expensive for my family. Maybe could you guys do different things like this again, but at different cities in the USA, like Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, etc, if it works for you guys!
Stacey Bonilla
Stacey Bonilla 16 soat oldin
I just watched fantastic beasts and where to find them today and I loved it and sooo excited for the new movie!!!!!!!
Reid Duffy
Reid Duffy 16 soat oldin
I think the only other person that would be better to play young Dumbledor is James Mcavoy Jude Law is my second choice
Reid Duffy
Reid Duffy 16 soat oldin
December 1st? Doesn’t it come out November 16th or is that a Canadian thing
lilyandpaigeplays 17 soat oldin
I watched you guys in latest fantastic geeks and where to find them and I found this cool trailer that shows Grindelwald vs Queenie I just wanted you guys to see it at 0:17 you will find it here’s the link uzvid.com/video/video-BE3SM_g0MgU.html
Gabrielle Warburton
Gabrielle Warburton 18 soat oldin
All the deathly Hallows mentioning is explained in the original books. We know that albus and grindwald created "For the greater good" and they was obsessed with the deathly Hallows and wanted to find them.
A-money Zombie
A-money Zombie 20 soat oldin
if nigini is a woman with a blood curse and is voldomorts horrercrux than did voldomort have a blood curse
stewieismyhomeboy 20 soat oldin
I feel like Queenie may not completely join the Dark Side, but she may be tempted by Grindelwald's speeches calling for the eradication of the Statute of Secrecy, because it would allow her to be with Jacob (I call them Kowalstein), and possibly argue with her sister over it.
Adam Turnbull
Adam Turnbull 20 soat oldin
I think grindelwald will try to sacrifice creedance at the lerstranges vault like Abram .Also to raise some sort of beast that's why newt's brother is called Thesuis.
Madison Stites
Madison Stites 21 soat oldin
(No spoilers at all promise!) I just watched an early screening and it did not disappoint!! You are going to absolutely love it! (So much lore added it’s unbelievable!)
Louis-Victor Lacombe
Louis-Victor Lacombe 21 soat oldin
Maybe the veil work in a similar way of the death lake in fantastic beast and where to find them and that the ministry of magic use it in similar purpose of the one of the macusa and that they put the mistery department arround it to hide it ? what do you think about this theory ?
Hazelnut64 22 soat oldin
are you saying Grindelwald skipped the Durmstrang Dance classes?
Swagilishous102 22 soat oldin
Ok first of all if you want to know if newt and Tina end up together read the fantastic beast text book it says that newt now resides in so and so with his wife porpentina which is tina's real name
Kylie MacKay
Kylie MacKay 23 soat oldin
Definitely some great food for thought in there! Also, one point: how could Grindelwald trick Queenie with nothing but charisma when she's the most skilled Legillimens that the canon has ever seen? I mean, yes; maybe occlumency, but still, Queenie is Queenie!
Commonsquidtail Kun oldin
queenie will turn evil because this is the second person to say that and the ideas are completely different
Brandon Yamamoto
Quinee is so freakin beautiful she shouldn’t go to dark side plus she’s so nice She’s like the nicest person ever
Nalani Shimlis
Nalani Shimlis Kun oldin
I honestly think that we should’ve known about tewt because if you look at the fbawtft intro page it says that newt live with his wife, PORPENTINA
Julischka Kun oldin
Man, I wish I was living in the US! I would love to watch the movie with you and meet you guys. :D
I live super close to Orlando but I don't think I can go.
Nathaniel Graves
My favourite Fantastic Beast is the Phoenix/Fawkes. I wonder if the phoenix is also Dumbledore's Patronus. Also, what year was the famous duel in. I expect it would be in the last Fantastic Beast movie as a finale.
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith Kun oldin
MEOW MEOW Kun oldin
And more fire to the qunnie thing in the picture of all the cast that first came out she was right next to Grindevald and I trying not to see any of these but I love your channel and I’m seeing it on the day it comes out 😊😊😊😊
Maximus Papaioannides
BinaryKode Games
I actually wonder if the Fantastic Beasts saga will chart rise and fall of Grindelwald in 3 movies and the final 2 focusing on Albus Dumbledore and Tom Riddle or at least end with Dumbledore entering WOOLS Orphanage ready to take Tom Riddle to Hogwarts or even better yet end with a young Horace Slughorn creating the love potion to Voldemort’s mother (who is possibly introduced in a previous movie) and we hear the name of the baby birthed is Tom
Chris Mason
Chris Mason Kun oldin
Okay, going back through the movies for this one, one question, (which maybe I missed an explanation for) is when Harry first sees the thestrals in Order of the Phoenix, Luna tells Harry they can only be seen by people who have seen death. For Luna, its her mom, and of course with Harry, it’s Cedric. But didn’t Harry first see death with his parents, when Voldemort killed them. Just curious, if anyone could explain
Aaahh! I am seeing it on the release date with my sister and her friend! So excited!😭❤
Demi-god, Jedi, Witch, Guns and Ships on Repeat
I have a theory that Jacob remembers everything BUT Grindewald, wince that was an extreme and pretty BAD memory... so he remembers everything, but THE MAIN CONFLICT, which would make more sense than just saying that Grindewald almost killing tons of people was a “good memory” I’m not super sure on EVERYTHING, but it comes out in SIX DAYS so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! (Ahh... the suspense is kilLING me!!)
Gacha Bri
Gacha Bri Kun oldin
Stephanie Sanchez
Hey who is Sullivan’s mom 🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🧐🧐
EM11212 Kun oldin
It would be amazing if they could get Daniel Radcliffe into one of these to play his own ancestor. They're far enough from the original time that his appearance wouldn't be very specifically known.
Fantastic Beasts Fan
J: #Tewt Me: IT'S #NEWTINA
Sheridan Durochia
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Do you think percival graves has anything to do with Albus middle name?
Beckett Bateman
Beckett Bateman Kun oldin
Hey guys u should make a vid about the Harry Potter rpg game
Ron M
Ron M Kun oldin
Grindelwald defo use to dance like that
McKaylee Pugmire
Context, that's not deathly hallows imagery anymore, it's Grindelwald imagery. We who weren't alive for world war 2 get the chance to watch the swastica change meanings.
Lemon Sneezers
Lemon Sneezers Kun oldin
What About Ilvermorny????????????????????????????????
Mister Justice
Mister Justice Kun oldin
I haven’t seen any of the Fantastic Beasts movies. Are they as good as Harry Potter?
Mary Katrina
Mary Katrina Kun oldin
That's. Not. How. You. Pronounce. Marvolo!
Makayla Haverluk
Brizzy just posted a video where she saw the philosopher's stone on the set of Crimes of Grindelwald so its definitely going to be in the movie! Hopefully we see it in action!
Darth Saturnyne
Darth Saturnyne Kun oldin
*Did Anyone else notice the Actual Griffin Door and that the Circus Might be all squibs!*
Sable Tyrrell
Sable Tyrrell Kun oldin
when I imagined quinne to the dark side I eminently thought of darth vader imperial march
Ava Larei
Ava Larei Kun oldin
Has any received any coffee orders yet? Or is it still in the pre-order phase?
Hey it’s Alex
Hey it’s Alex Kun oldin
1. Sub 2. Like 3.Comment done 4. I’ll do the same!😁
sage gameing
sage gameing 2 kun oldin
Jemma The Ultimate Despair
#TeamLEWTsucks #TeamTEWTftw
Jemma The Ultimate Despair
Reason to come here: thumbnail
Abigail Guessis
Abigail Guessis 2 kun oldin
Now we can get the kids to school tomorrow morning and then we will have a drink 🥃 is the night for you
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 2 kun oldin
If i didn't live in California, I would go to Orlando
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 2 kun oldin
For the moive, and for villian con.
Vanessa Marschner
Vanessa Marschner 2 kun oldin
But the stone has to exist for over 500 years at this point.
Delta Alpha
Delta Alpha 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who says “hey brother” with him at the beginning?
Trisha Reddy
Trisha Reddy 2 kun oldin
I think Jacob is going to die, or at least come close to death, which will bring Queenie to the right side.
Marissa Cahill
Marissa Cahill 2 kun oldin
🛑 *"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes 0f GrindeIwaId"* fiIm avaiIabIe: t.co/fG2zTXE7tw Whát a trüly Ínspíring fílm. Go see it! Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!
We do know that Tina and Newt end up together, because in the biographical information in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book, it says that Newt lives with his wife Porpentina, and their children
r_and_om_me 2 kun oldin
What happens if Nagini means something like I love you in parseltongue
Abby Craig
Abby Craig 2 kun oldin
being a parseltongue doesn't necessarily mean being descended from Slytherin. he just happened to be known to do it and that it was hereditary. it's just a rare gift.
Mischief Managed
Mischief Managed 2 kun oldin
I love these theories. Very interested to see whether your take on Theseus and the war is correct and, of course, the fate of Queenie. Wish I could be with you in Florida but, sadly I’m way over on the other side of the Atlantic.
Guilherme Freitas
Guilherme Freitas 2 kun oldin
you think too much, just stop btw dumbledore only has one wand, jk rowling said they reshot the scenes where he used them because the first wand looked like the elders wand so she decided to change it
Elena Repina
Elena Repina 2 kun oldin
Taylor Burns
Taylor Burns 2 kun oldin
Taylor Burns
Taylor Burns 2 kun oldin
Ben Tarr
Ben Tarr 2 kun oldin
Snape's Patronus was always a doe. It is how he was so close to being right for Lily, but just not.
Heidi 2 kun oldin
Please please no spoilers. I'm from Denmark and here it doesn't play in theaters before the 22nd of November, so please wait with the spoilers 😬
Jairus Kersey
Jairus Kersey 2 kun oldin
I live in US. Unlike you, I actually want spoilers and have been actively searching the internet for the twist ending , but I found nothing.................. Turns out the fans who got the early screening did indeed keep their unbroken vows to #protect the secret.
beast gamer
beast gamer 2 kun oldin
His real wand was snapped when he was expeled
SophizzleDalizzle 2 kun oldin
I absolutely look forward to these darn Harry Potter/fantastic beasts theories of yours. I'm just like YESSSS
SophizzleDalizzle 2 kun oldin
Oh my gosh that so cool that you rented the theater out
dan b
dan b 2 kun oldin
george Lopez
george Lopez 2 kun oldin
What a bunch of nerds. This is why I want to back hand a millennial in the mouth.
M Gengras
M Gengras 2 kun oldin
I just spent the last several hours making a giant family tree of how all Harry Potter characters are related and I would love to see you do one !
Vajk 2 kun oldin
I like the idea that the stone actually uses unicorn blood as well to make it. Heard this theory from Harry Potter folklore
CristalPaws 2 kun oldin
Congrats on trending!
coralbubble 2 kun oldin
Everyone reading this right now go get your copy of the fantastic beasts and where to find them(the one written by newt) and go to the author section. The last sentence it says he is married to Porpentina!!
Clueless G
Clueless G 2 kun oldin
search up Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry on ratemyprofessors.com, some of the ratings are just so good XD
Jemima C
Jemima C 2 kun oldin
I swear these guys are geniuses
Mhew Wariya
Mhew Wariya 2 kun oldin
*Grindelwald probably didn't dance like this 😂😂😂
John Copperfield
John Copperfield 2 kun oldin
Can’t anyone do anything in a scripted human made figurative story?
chandler bowlsby
chandler bowlsby 2 kun oldin
I love your videos but i need clarification on the time line 1926: FBWTFT/ vlodemort is born 1927: COG 1937?: dumbledore meets tom riddle at the orphanage 1944: possibly voldemorts last year at hogwarts 1945: Voldemorts last possible year at hogwarts/ dumbledore defeats grindlewald 1981: lilly and james potter die So for 36 years voldemort is free and learning about all manner of dark magic but isnt ruling the world? In the 3 years between GOF and DH he manages to basically conquer the english wizarding community your telling me that in 36 he couldn't? Additionaly if grindlewald wasnt defeated until 45 why dont we hear about more interaction with him or more of voldemorts feelings about him?..... Just curious i guess
Felicia Fabricius
Felicia Fabricius 2 kun oldin
Lois Eunice Yamuta
Lois Eunice Yamuta 2 kun oldin
Im watching the movie this Friday!! But I have been waiting for the Queenie prediction for so long! Haha
Golden Feathers
Golden Feathers 2 kun oldin
JK Rowling didn't think that the original dumbledore wand was suitable because it liked too much like the elder wand so they changed it
Silent Drifterz
Silent Drifterz 2 kun oldin
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