Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica

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Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica
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Welcome back everyone. We Have done videos from every single corner of the planet. We covered every country in Europe and most of States and North America. I think we're slowly getting there. One place we haven't touched is Antarctica, why is that? Is it because it's too cold. Well, not anymore, we're going to change that. My name is Danny Burke and this is Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica.
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10-Fev, 2019

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Edwin Villalobos
Edwin Villalobos 6 soat oldin
Xxsniper xX
Xxsniper xX Kun oldin
Do Virginia next plz
seshthecat 3 kun oldin
Still waiting for a video about New Zealand. You have covered Australia 3 times and now Antarctica but still no New Zealand.
Redscorpion2467 vlogs
Wooooooow your telling me that Jason was in Antarctica *sarcasm*
Rhome Pollock
Rhome Pollock Soat oldin
Do new zealand plz
Littlefoxtailz 078
Not scary sorry
Mathilde Bach Andersen 09B Englystskolen
Pls make a video about Denmark !!
Beth Bergstrom
Beth Bergstrom Soat oldin
Please do scary things found is the Atlantic Ocean 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Trent Leverenz
Trent Leverenz Soat oldin
Dude none of these are scary
Mireille Trad
Mireille Trad 2 soat oldin
wht about lebanon????
Tristan N
Tristan N 2 soat oldin
All of the same background always
Redundancy 2 soat oldin
Bacteria is so scary
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Golden Butterfly
Golden Butterfly 3 soat oldin
You haven't made a top 10 video on Utah
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Scotland scotland Scotland scotland scotland
Dead Man walks
Dead Man walks 5 soat oldin
You haven’t done Minnesota
R Gonzalez
R Gonzalez 5 soat oldin
I think the pyramid is proof the illuminati existed.
chad wild clay bro
chad wild clay bro 5 soat oldin
7 is one I have a theory for another type of us created
Athena 5 soat oldin
" it's too cold? Well not anymore because" because global warming thats its not to cold
lokispcrker 6 soat oldin
3:05 Steve could never
Oobie G
Oobie G 6 soat oldin
I love you guys videos especially your American urban legends videos, but I haven’t seen anything about North Dakota and I would love to see you guys make a video about my home state.
Dj Sicktv785
Dj Sicktv785 6 soat oldin
you guy s should do one on Topeka,Ks
Obleness Alyssa
Obleness Alyssa 7 soat oldin
smokey marshmallows
smokey marshmallows 7 soat oldin
When you were on #10 I thought it could've been a dinosaur that was melting and decomposing and the blood had started melting and leaking in to the river
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PastelPrism 77 7 soat oldin
Im just got click baited by a 21 year old
Jam 2006
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Do Glasgow
sushi fwend
sushi fwend 7 soat oldin
The first one's very creepy.
Ethan Saavedra
Ethan Saavedra 8 soat oldin
What about top ten creepy peru urban legands?
Linus Amundsen
Linus Amundsen 8 soat oldin
I think that the Amundsen guy was a part of my family tree since my family is Norwegian and I think my dad has been talking about it
LukeAnd BunnyGaming
LukeAnd BunnyGaming 8 soat oldin
What if you poor a bunch of gasoline on Antarctica and lit it on fire, what would happen?
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Grady Porter 8 soat oldin
They have not done the conspiracy theory’s for Oregon,USA
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Sub to pewdipie
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Why doesn't he make a video about Romania , i asked many times before with no response
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Lol cickbait
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YOU didin’t do the Balkan countries
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Sioned Evans 10 soat oldin
whats the music at the end
trouble makers
trouble makers 10 soat oldin
ha ha we won you lose we won you lose haha i am from norway i can write æ å lol 1:33
Joe Fairclough
Joe Fairclough 11 soat oldin
Wouldn't call these discoveries scary
bIG eGG 11 soat oldin
The jason voorhees statue is in a lake used for diving training
Jacob Scrivner
Jacob Scrivner 12 soat oldin
Thar was no Jason
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Roses are red, violets are blue, I got clickbaited, and so did you. Roses are red ,violets are blue, you won't like this comment, so I will do.
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\(°-°\) Umm... anime?
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TGA GAMING 13 soat oldin
\(°-°\) I gave u the D
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No Admiral Byrd ?
Aaron Heath
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Everytime I burp, it causes a blizzard in antartica
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Fan Man24 20 soat oldin
“Patchy” or “Matchy”??? 6:56
Deanna Fasbender
Deanna Fasbender 20 soat oldin
DO MICHIGAN please please please
Thomas Mauricio
Thomas Mauricio 20 soat oldin
He said 1911 two times in a row # 1 and # 2
Split Lick
Split Lick 20 soat oldin
Where the hell is Jason??!
Kael Yamin
Kael Yamin 21 soat oldin
GeniusKid27 21 soat oldin
Rosalind Matteson
Rosalind Matteson 22 soat oldin
You have NOT done an Urban Legends for MISSISSIPPI! Don't say you have done all the states when you haven't!
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cody caldwell 22 soat oldin
How about you do video on Wyoming urban legends.
Sprennard87 circus baby
I'm gonna go there and cut Jason free and take him home
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Dale Rowan 23 soat oldin
Son Kakarot
Son Kakarot 23 soat oldin
OH NO JASON VOORHEES IS REAL Jk i can kill that jason
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Lilyan Kline 23 soat oldin
Creepy greek mythologys
Nadine Aiberti
Nadine Aiberti Kun oldin
Do one on the min min lights third so scary
Gamer Bonnie511
Gamer Bonnie511 Kun oldin
My guess is mars is gonna be our new planet when the sun gets bigger and eats earth because mars is almost alike like earth the days the year and more
Chloe Jolly
Chloe Jolly Kun oldin
I learned the reason why blood falls is red is because a type of bacteria! I might have to speak to my teacher now lol
TheKoopcakeOnYT Warrior
We have found human skulls in Antarctica. But they have elongated backsides.. Like Egyptians 🇪🇬 and Central Americans from the time.. Both made pyramids, so it is very possible that people made pyramids in Antarctica 🇦🇶
Karim Viveros
Karim Viveros Kun oldin
Nani Handayani
Nani Handayani Kun oldin
Wait isn't iron metal? Iron is an ore and iron is another world for silver but but how iron get there XD
Slender Spy2
Slender Spy2 Kun oldin
.thats jason..
Kirstanne Mac Gregor
Could you do a video on orkney
E aquatics
E aquatics Kun oldin
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sub to pewdiepie
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Well they won’t fine me their, I am in a private yacht 30 miles off Hawaii
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"A state of amination" lol
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Do A Top 10 Scary Things That Prove Five Night's At Freddy's Is Real Video!
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Can you make a Greek urban legends video
Reese Fuller
Reese Fuller Kun oldin
I’m pretty sure these things are better classified as creepy, rather than ‘’scary’’
Chapman Guy
Chapman Guy Kun oldin
How was it 8million years old when its only the year 2019
Martin Fremstad
Martin Fremstad Kun oldin
But Norway still GOT There
Scrap Baby
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Pennilaine Ong
Pennilaine Ong Kun oldin
Your channel is the most amazing
Dylan Janssen
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ain't it fun when you don't use miles but you use kilometers and you don't know how long or how big something is?
Animal Lover123
Animal Lover123 Kun oldin
Why does the horror film 'The Thing' come into my mind when the 2nd thing came
AZanyFriend09 Psychopath
Ha, you said ice-alated! At around 5:00
KiwiNinja Gaming
do New Zealand!
MsBellatrixa Kun oldin
I think you need a new member to the team and I think someone from Australia should do it and I would be happy to volunteer
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hardkid deizmay Kun oldin
The music makes it 80 % more scary
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When are you doing urban legends on Wisconsin?
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Gary Gagnon
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Iron from ore
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Is located in robbinsdale
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You still haven't done to New Jersey ☹️
Wilfredito Moran
2:52 replace this with yo and bacteria with mama
Zac Wallin
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Where are the Nazis? There scary.
Kayla heisser
Kayla heisser 2 kun oldin
Happy Valentine’s Day!!! *Oh wait I have no valentine like if u don’t either*
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n/a n/a 2 kun oldin
Yeah sure..i see pyramids all the time.. Smh
Jeff Lawhorn
Jeff Lawhorn 2 kun oldin
The lost one looks a lot like Jason voohees
F.B.I. 2
F.B.I. 2 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know about camp freedom?
nehashni pillay
nehashni pillay 2 kun oldin
How about top 10 video in Fiji.... There is a lot to uncover in this paradise island.... Ancient myths or some stories believed to be true.... Myths and stories that are both scary and maybe true....
Pink or white Pearl
Earth is weird
hazelsbagels 2 kun oldin
antartica really does give you the CHILLS
roan sarphatie
roan sarphatie 2 kun oldin
I want to know something over my country plz do holland/netherland next time
Juan Reynoso
Juan Reynoso 2 kun oldin
the pyrimad probably belongs to the predator if you've seen AVP
Nathan landry
Nathan landry 2 kun oldin
0:10 he said "Antarctica is to cold no not today were gonna change that" *he is responsible for global warming!*
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