Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica

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Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica
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Welcome back everyone. We Have done videos from every single corner of the planet. We covered every country in Europe and most of States and North America. I think we're slowly getting there. One place we haven't touched is Antarctica, why is that? Is it because it's too cold. Well, not anymore, we're going to change that. My name is Danny Burke and this is Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica.
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10-Fev, 2019



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Top 10 People Who Were Frozen In Time uzvid.com/video/video-cOij4aUwnBE.html
Milan Urbanc
Milan Urbanc 3 kun oldin
Milan Urbanc
Milan Urbanc 3 kun oldin
Stormray Purple rose
This question might be wrong but would that ship be covered in ice and snow
Itz_ Luna Playz
Maybe You Can Do One About Bangladesh Urban Legends! If there are 😐
SoRo_Jake Playz
SoRo_Jake Playz 46 daqiqa oldin
Did you know there’s palm tree fossils in Antarctica
David Edwards
David Edwards 17 soat oldin
Wonder why they named it the pyramid
David Edwards
David Edwards 17 soat oldin
There were humans 8 million years ago?
DJ JUKE BOX C. Kun oldin
The thing
Avery Ellsworth
Avery Ellsworth Kun oldin
My ancestors found a part in Antarctica?
sonofozz F K
sonofozz F K 2 kun oldin
Umer G
Umer G 2 kun oldin
0:38 thats normal its water with a lot of iron that’s why it looks like that
Gary Mcatear
Gary Mcatear 2 kun oldin
I'm sorry but i did not find a single thing on this list scary in the slightest, either i have been desensitized to scary stuff or the uploader is a total woos who is scared of his own shadow.
League Collins
League Collins 3 kun oldin
do new zealand
BMT115 4 kun oldin
At the mountains of madness...
Prized Potato YT
Prized Potato YT 4 kun oldin
XD 1.25x speed.
Elliott Funk
Elliott Funk 4 kun oldin
The pyramid belongs to the preditor
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 4 kun oldin
You haven’t done the Netherlands yet my country
Oliver 60x
Oliver 60x 4 kun oldin
the fist one is scp 354
Angel Jaquez
Angel Jaquez 4 kun oldin
Pls don't use Jason.
D Gamerz
D Gamerz 5 kun oldin
Where's rebecca?
Rutgers got a shout out! That’s my school!
Mat Broomfield
Mat Broomfield 6 kun oldin
Wha do I think about the pyramid? I think if the planet's geology experts tell me pyramids are common in nature, I'm going to believe them.
Danny :v
Danny :v 7 kun oldin
The first one is like mars
Anders see de hui
Anders see de hui 8 kun oldin
Death note's Yagami: i can kill u just write your name. 6:44: *good luck*
FinalSpoonGaming 9 kun oldin
there is no such thing as millions of years ago.
Outlaw Pug
Outlaw Pug 9 kun oldin
can you talk about scary things found in norway norway?
angelo fabregas
angelo fabregas 11 kun oldin
Im still your video even though you use fake thumbnails.
Cherrie Forrest
Cherrie Forrest 11 kun oldin
Can you do Australia! Please :D
Kayla Shaw
Kayla Shaw 12 kun oldin
Try New Zealand
Rylan Curtis
Rylan Curtis 12 kun oldin
Scariest Theory About Sweden. Pewdiepie Was From There... o-o'
Abbie Thomas
Abbie Thomas 13 kun oldin
go to kings lynn
no U!
no U! 14 kun oldin
8mil years my ars
adam Ontario
adam Ontario 14 kun oldin
How about the most haunted places in Canada preferably the Niagara region
Liam Harris
Liam Harris 14 kun oldin
Deep sea discoveries
Bubble Gum Gamer
Bubble Gum Gamer 15 kun oldin
Pyramid In snow In sand In Antarctica In Desert
Dime Disasterpiece
Dime Disasterpiece 18 kun oldin
Rusty Iron, Fossilised Lizzard, A plane, hut, ship, lake, a meteor, a blank spot on Google earth, bacteria and no Jason Voorhees Scary stuff
Zalos krathon
Zalos krathon 19 kun oldin
0:23 is red because it contains lots of iron like a lot so that’s why it’s red I think.... I LEARNED THAT FROM OCTONAUTS IM SMART
Robby Covello
Robby Covello 19 kun oldin
Do scary things in the Amazon
charlie barber
charlie barber 20 kun oldin
the first one is actually pretty cool
Spider Rocket
Spider Rocket 21 kun oldin
I find it interesting that most of the things start with "The" The Lake, The Dinosaur, The Pyramid, The Eerie music in the background.
Jeramiyah Arthaud-Baza
kick bate i dint get to see the picture of the thingy human girl or guy it had a hokey mask ):< you DINT SHOW ME I:
Zm Mz
Zm Mz 21 kun oldin
Pyramid is illuminati
Sunshine Dawn
Sunshine Dawn 22 kun oldin
Where is Jason that l saw in the cover
Sarada Page
Sarada Page 23 kun oldin
Danny you've never done a Rhode Island video!
MilesG .Monster
MilesG .Monster 24 kun oldin
I love the Friday the 13 series
Machine Gunner
Machine Gunner 24 kun oldin
The pyramid place was the set of Alien vs Predator
Marius Rademan
Marius Rademan 25 kun oldin
South Africa
kevin theunicorn
kevin theunicorn 25 kun oldin
Is there life on maaaaaaarrrrrrsssss ....if you know that song you get a imaginary cookie
П П 26 kun oldin
0:03 *Prove that Earth is a Cube*
Jason Kuenz
Jason Kuenz 26 kun oldin
The lake contains the meg.
Steampunk Sam Perez
Steampunk Sam Perez 26 kun oldin
Pyramids, alien possibility, the peaks line up with the belt of Orion, sorry I watch a lot of conspiracy show on tv.
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 26 kun oldin
This is Tom and every like = 1 year older 👇 c'mon! Start liking!
Golden Cyborg
Golden Cyborg 26 kun oldin
Who else just clicked the vid because you wanted to see if tuey actaully found a frozen jason like if you did
Ari the Snowman
Ari the Snowman 26 kun oldin
1:56 ouija board
Harini Bieber
Harini Bieber 27 kun oldin
MarsMetalMinistry 28 kun oldin
Secular garbage.
The Kneecapper
The Kneecapper 28 kun oldin
Love that spooky piano music in the background.
Florio2010 29 kun oldin
So if they are going to try to find shalkaltons ship does that mean we will get more shakalton whiskey???
cardboard BOX
cardboard BOX 29 kun oldin
Antarctica needs a tampon Bro :p
In A Wolven Tongue
In A Wolven Tongue 29 kun oldin
As long as nobody found a frozen city in the antarctica we should be fine.
Pr0 raisin
Pr0 raisin Oy oldin
Bro dont use Jason it's stupid
Juciy Juice
Juciy Juice Oy oldin
Geez dat was *cold*
DalleLibron Bilbao48
Maybe a kind of microorganism
Vtecz - Fortnite and more!
0:43 or was it the Nile River Illuminati confirmed
Matthew Almanzar
I have now been clickbaited by the same channel 10 different times... 👌 you looked...
Jesse Jacobo
Jesse Jacobo Oy oldin
Where jason hockey 🏒 mask ?
Lil Pump
Lil Pump Oy oldin
Do new Zealand
Jamie Fleming
Jamie Fleming Oy oldin
Jason jason Jason!
Lilith {SCP-5002}
“The Pyramid” that is a pretty lazy name
Kim Holiday
Kim Holiday Oy oldin
I came here for Jason....
HYP3 101
HYP3 101 Oy oldin
3:55 what about pangea. It was a thing. Antartica was probably a Tropical land millions of years ago, it could be possible that some sort of intelligent life was there if this is an actual Man-made pyramid.
Jfr Hshr
Jfr Hshr Oy oldin
How do you know if the blood wasen't becuase of jason😐
Gabriel Masella
uzvid.com/video/video-qPGehGWQZrE.html - real video with the underwater Jason
hope seeber
hope seeber Oy oldin
What about Arkansas?
Jihya D.
Jihya D. Oy oldin
Why Antarctica being ICY Did Old point of antarctica is in australia continent?remember australia had nice season but why antarctica i had a theory is there big earthquake behind the story?which antartica broke into australia continent and why australia is whole broke?
Luis Vasconez
Luis Vasconez Oy oldin
The lost one totally not Jason
Meeks 4 Weeks
Meeks 4 Weeks Oy oldin
Smirnoff is good for yur helth
Graysage Oy oldin
Tyiuanna Dixon
So watch you saying is.... U lied about Jason
Matthew Ochoa
Matthew Ochoa Oy oldin
Cover your but when it’s October and it’s Friday the 13th
Siggi Egilsson
Brayden Powney
Leave a like if this was not scary
I'm here for that King Krule "The Ooz" hoodie
YeetMaster25 39
(\_/) (• - •) / > 🏔️
Munk Skating
Munk Skating Oy oldin
See you are wrong I don't know where you got your information but Antarctica froze over on my a few thousand years as go not millions
Crazy Cousins
Crazy Cousins Oy oldin
Jason is at 10:08
Joyce Oliver
Joyce Oliver Oy oldin
Mars has lots of water on it,wake up bro
zdub the killer man
yes you are the best
FinalFlash 1206
This video made my sister die of omega ligma
TrεκγTroo Oy oldin
Right, if Antarctica used to be a normal continent and temperature rarely went below 0°C then it's evidence that global warming is natural. And the ice caps are melting rising sea levels was obviously gonna happen some point. Explain Zealandia continent and how 94% of it sunk if you think otherwise.
Dennis Julius
Dennis Julius Oy oldin
Zachary Maslow
Well..... It's good that global warming isn't a real thing.
CelticShadow Oy oldin
Scary, no. Interesting but clickbaity, very much so.
Mizzou Rah
Mizzou Rah Oy oldin
First of all, NOTHING scary about this. Not even creepy. At 6:58, your "patchy mass" says "matchy mass". Well done.
Kyle Knight
Kyle Knight Oy oldin
Do England
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Oy oldin
Ch ch ch...Hah hah hah...
Slappy Oy oldin
*Slapped Ham*
Alexander Goines
13 billion, not 17 million years ago.
I clicked for Jason & before watching, read the comments to find that there is no Jason. Thanks guys.
Grimaria Oy oldin
3:09 He said "amination" instead of "animation." ^^;
Jacob Slade
Jacob Slade Oy oldin
it said matchy not patchy?????
Ben Keogh Doyle
Maybe the pyramid was made by aliens 👽
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