Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories

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Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories
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Top 10 Scary Pixar Theories
At the time of recording this video - a lot of people are getting very excited for Toy Story 4 which is set to come out this Summer - 2019. Toy Story is one of the biggest movies franchises of all time. People older than me grew up with it and there will be little kids who are about to experience Toy Story for the first time this year. Its great. We all love toy story - but how well do you know it? While I was reading about the latest movie I stumbled across some pretty strange theories about Toy Story. The more I looked - the darker they got - I thought Id pick the best 10 out for you today - my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Toy Story Theories.
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10-Yan, 2019



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Brayan Ramiez
Brayan Ramiez Oy oldin
Does anyone realize this channel is about scary stuff
Goku Force
Goku Force Oy oldin
A I want to ask a question this just blew my brains out who is Bonnie's dad.
Jose C
Jose C Oy oldin
i had a theory that Woody is a possesed toy by the spirit of the deceased father
Martha Barrera
Martha Barrera 15 soat oldin
you want something my grandma has a creepy doll
Abby Thorpe
Abby Thorpe Kun oldin
Welp my lil brothers child hood is ruined
XXxslyraiderxXX 2 kun oldin
#10 could mean the win95 machine used for animation
London And Friends
London And Friends 3 kun oldin
Its not going to scar me for toy story..... it's gonna scar me when I pick up any of my Stuffies/toy
Gladysh Cabrera
Gladysh Cabrera 5 kun oldin
I just love these videos
Jorge Romero
Jorge Romero 5 kun oldin
Emily_ TheHuman
Emily_ TheHuman 6 kun oldin
Im currently watching Wall.e
aernosfull 1996
aernosfull 1996 6 kun oldin
You're bringing now Alex Jones into this? Really?
Evil Monkey66666
Evil Monkey66666 6 kun oldin
Woody was original a lot more like lotso back when he was a puppet......
Evil Monkey66666
Evil Monkey66666 6 kun oldin
The toys all see the children as the same....
*0*Kayak Sirens*0* *0*Queen
3:02 well duh they are toys
Jaylene Monje
Jaylene Monje 8 kun oldin
I’m literally watching the second one rn
yashbchirg 2018
yashbchirg 2018 9 kun oldin
I do not regret that I found your channel today
golden star stables
golden star stables 10 kun oldin
Katrina AlaskaGRL
Katrina AlaskaGRL 11 kun oldin
This is the 3rd same video on the same channel!?!?
Matthew Carrera
Matthew Carrera 12 kun oldin
What if zerg programs buzz that's why in toy story 2 zerg tells one of the buzzez that he's his father
Emma Weird
Emma Weird 13 kun oldin
Never playin with toys
kippy 1237
kippy 1237 14 kun oldin
So... If a toy died.. The owner wouldn't know so the toys would have to see the child playing with the dead toy's corpse... 😱
kippy 1237
kippy 1237 14 kun oldin
Oh wait immortality....
VM KP 15 kun oldin
The toys will eventually die. They aren't immortal. They live of the energy, emotions or memories of their owner. So if humans were to die a while later the toys would too. Remember wheezy the penguin from the first movie?? He was sick and woody wanted to help him... He was sick because Andy hadn't played with him in a long time and was slowly forgetting about him…
Spy sozer
Spy sozer 15 kun oldin
Apparently he's a toy. And he can see everything. Apparently.
Péter Andó
Péter Andó 16 kun oldin
So when a toy dies they go into another body like chucky from childs play
Péter Andó
Péter Andó 16 kun oldin
Woody has the spirit of andys father
Jaredplaz J
Jaredplaz J 17 kun oldin
My channel is called jaredplaz
Zoie Simmons
Zoie Simmons 17 kun oldin
Who's hype for Season 8😎
SILVER MASTER 5 kun oldin
What season 8
Sean Nelson
Sean Nelson 19 kun oldin
How much more can my childhood be ruined
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn 20 kun oldin
okay this is creepy
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn 20 kun oldin
it's fake
Nid’s Kids
Nid’s Kids 20 kun oldin
That’s dark
precious clement selwyn s. Fermin
The 8th theory is actually not true becaouse its the child's imagination that made it alive
Doe Boy
Doe Boy 21 kun oldin
Actually Star wars is the biggest movie franchise
spookt bruh
spookt bruh 21 kun oldin
Peach123 21 kun oldin
You guys are the best!!😄😄😄😄😄
SneakyStuntman 22 kun oldin
I’ve seen toy story 😁🤯😱😱😭😭
miamouse 22 kun oldin
I like the idea that Sid turned his life around and helped save toys from the junkyard
spiritofthewolf15x 22 kun oldin
#10 can be explained simply as the humans not being worth investing money into as the story was about the toys.
JaedenGorcheck PlayZ
Sushi Playz
Sushi Playz 22 kun oldin
I was always scared of toy story. WHO WOULDN'T BE?!?! Now i'm more scared. Also if you never thought it was scary..i will make you scared...ITS WALKING TOYS AND IN THE 1ST MOVIE....THEY CAME AFTER SID!!! I'm horrified.
Netty BeatMaker
Netty BeatMaker 23 kun oldin
Sid the savior?? Can you explain when Sid blown up a toy soldier (Combat Carl) in the first movie?? xD
Haylock 25
Haylock 25 23 kun oldin
I wa born in 1963 an this movie came out in 1995 and i never saw it ... should i see it
Charity Baker
Charity Baker 23 kun oldin
The children jad the same faces at the time cus animation still wasnt that great. You can see it in the toys as well.
Reis Misini
Reis Misini 24 kun oldin
I am twelve and i have wathed all the movies🙆🙆
cheesypasta 33
cheesypasta 33 25 kun oldin
First two theories, one of the reasons is that making character models were too expensive so they just changed Andy's model a bit and didn't have a dad as it didn't add anything to the plot
Wynn Wikstrom
Wynn Wikstrom 25 kun oldin
is it just my computer or did he accidentally say "and finally number one" twice? or should i burn my computer?
Science Rules
Science Rules 27 kun oldin
Jasmir Sambuto
Jasmir Sambuto 28 kun oldin
Gaming_Omega 29 kun oldin
Why do you only talk about creepypayillstas
Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes 29 kun oldin
What if Bonnie's mom was Sid's Sister?
vijay games
vijay games Oy oldin
I'm exited for toys story 4
What if the toys have souls
Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki Oy oldin
Lotso had a kid too ya know
Elizabeth Ingenito
Sid the science kid (Edited)that’s from a show my little brother watches
Roberto Gomez
Roberto Gomez Oy oldin
That is normal a lot of movies do that to save money
Tanner Hoff
Tanner Hoff Oy oldin
This is not scary and just stupid
Bob Bobbington
To put things into perspective. In the 90s, I could buy a gross of bottle rockets (144) for $1... without a parent. I bought M80s... without a parent. We then proceeded to have bottle rocket and roman candle wars.
Ai A
Ai A Oy oldin
The corpse theory gave me goose bumps
gemma arlan
gemma arlan Oy oldin
Maybe if buzz lightyear thinks he's a space ranger I think all toys (even they don't believe there are a toy)are programmed to freeze.
Mad Rabbit
Mad Rabbit Oy oldin
The theory about the humans with similar faces. They probably got lazy and just copy paste then edited the human models.
Ashad Butler
Ashad Butler Oy oldin
missy Oy oldin
I feel like the people’s faces are the same cause they are not that important soooo they didn’t spend that much time on them
missy Oy oldin
Tbh should’ve stopped at 3 toy stories
Dahzy Oy oldin
Wannabe TSM logo
No one Cares
No one Cares Oy oldin
The 6th one I.....I can’t deal w it
The Gucci Gang gamer
Maybe h9s mom is just a whore
Anarchy X
Anarchy X Oy oldin
This kinda destroyed my favorite childhood movie thanks!
9:20 wtf
gumm cottente
gumm cottente Oy oldin
Reklawst Oy oldin
#1. It’s almost like it was the first computer animated movie !
Cameron Alligood
the pizza planet truck also appears in cars
Cameron Alligood
there is a theory that carol from the movie UP is Andy's dad
Patrick Van Dalen
This movie is made with peoples se doe a filter over the movie
Callum vlogs
Callum vlogs Oy oldin
Guys guys guys what if andy just did not have father a tall
vincentdaredevil gatos
"Im NoT WoOdY"
The Skopiontamer
I like the Toy Story/Walking Dead comparison...Woody is Rick and Lotso is/was Neegan
PomLover123 Oy oldin
The only scary story I knew about toy story was the holocaust connection before I clicked the video,It is dark,It is cool,and you are going to believe it when you read it.
Jpgitters Official
*Andy's FATHER is out using TOYS on other women*
Nin Tendo
Nin Tendo Oy oldin
Karen went sicko mode
brandon williams
Top 10 scaryyyy
Martin Hogan
Martin Hogan Oy oldin
Has anybody ever taken the idea of Woody and Lotso and compared it to Rick and Negan from the walking dead ??? Stay with me here.... you have woody, a sheriff and a natural born leader, brave, courageous, not afraid to take charge just like rick, then you have lotso and negan, both psychotic, both control their followers with fear and threats of torture and or death...... think about it..... and tell me what you think
Shimmering Star
I Minecraft XXV
The created of toy story said to one of his mates that Andys dad died of post polio syndrome btw woody was going to be evil
moldy burrito
moldy burrito Oy oldin
Pre internet you can order things by mail or phone. Remember the yellow pages. And catalogs. It hasn't been that long.
Meg Alcantara
Meg Alcantara Oy oldin
for the first one it was just technical. did you really think that animators with their limitations at the time would take the time to, or even have the ability to make each human have different faces?
Siiri Cressey
Siiri Cressey Oy oldin
I like the idea that Sid turned into a toy repairer. It is sweet + a bit romantic.
Xxx productions
You’ve ruined my childhood T~T Oh wait I’m still a child (12)
BOMB BOY Oy oldin
9:18 ??????????
michael mcveigh
danny burk is the only one most amazing top ten i can watch!!!! the other guy is weird and the girl is loud!!!!!!
Shaggy killed Andy's dad
Alex Phillips
Alex Phillips Oy oldin
Toys decompose
martin arredondo
Why the kids look the same? = aliens
Whirrlybird 01
#10= inbreeding
Angelo Famorca
all disney producers are illuminati
Angelo Famorca
the disney had many creepy things like you reverse the song of let it go and the disney land has many creepy places found and abandoned places out there this is no joke
Well mr.potataoe head is supposed to be takin about
Oh Vincent
Oh Vincent Oy oldin
So I just thought of it what if Andy opened Buzz's helmet in the first movie what would have happened?
Funinightmare Oy oldin
Well then I guess I must be an idiot for thinking that Toy Story is just a great comedy film series
Jack Marston
Jack Marston Oy oldin
I have a theory that woody is Andy's father because since maybe his father died that the soul of Andy's father possessed woody si that's why woody wants to be Andy's favorite toy so he can see him and that's why he didnt want buzz to be Andy's favorite because he thought Andy would forget him and never see Andy again
Potato _lover
Potato _lover Oy oldin
I used to have a woody doll
Daniel Domen
Daniel Domen Oy oldin
Pixar Theory: Toys and the Cars are animated by human emotion as evidenced in Monsters Inc. Humans die, the toys and eventually the Cars, die.
Rumbi Ncube
Rumbi Ncube Oy oldin
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