Top 10 Underrated Science Fiction Movies

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For this list, we'll be looking at films that deserve a higher rating or that should've had a larger audience.
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13-Yan, 2016

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bledfrogs 10 soat oldin
Dark city and frequency, two brilliant films not sure if they are under rated though
Γιωργος Ξανθοπουλος
Primer is a masterpiece ,check vanishing wave .
Marc Weavers
Marc Weavers 20 soat oldin
Moon, also Sam Rockwell, underrated Actor :)
Sam M
Sam M Kun oldin
"Sunshine" - It's a movie that I loved for the first two acts, then it just went to hell. "Heavy Metal" - If you haven't seen it you can't be my friend. "2010" - One of the best science fiction movies ever made, period. "Europa Report" - The fact that this movie was not on this list is a crime against humanity.
Wilfrid Lamoureux
Wilfrid Lamoureux 2 kun oldin
Moon was the best really
Matthew McKirgan
Matthew McKirgan 2 kun oldin
chanel henderson
chanel henderson 2 kun oldin
Equilibrium is AMAZING totally underrated
aaron whitty
aaron whitty 2 kun oldin
Sunshine best film here
Q Q 3 kun oldin
Enemy Mine is by far the most underrated Sci-Fi movie ever.
Happy Bear
Happy Bear 3 kun oldin
The Penitant Man, an amazing film.
Paul Wagner
Paul Wagner 4 kun oldin
did fairly bad at the box office but Prometheus is Ridley Scotts Masterpiece!
Jeanne Scherff
Jeanne Scherff 6 kun oldin
If you have half a brain, EQUILIBRIUM is so totally flawed, concept-wise, since curbing emotions is the last thing being done by everyone. Also Christian Bale was completely wrong in the lead role and his acting, or lack of it, was sub par. IMDb gives it a decent score (7.5), which in my opinion is undeserved. Surprised it made this list. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT TIME TRAVEL is one of my favorites that no one seems to know about.
Bad Factor
Bad Factor 6 kun oldin
mike hundemagen
mike hundemagen 7 kun oldin
Pandorum is a pretty cool movie.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 7 kun oldin
Patlabor 1 + 2
Guido Balbiano
Guido Balbiano 7 kun oldin
The Man From Earth shoul've been on this list; great movie.
Stefan Lechner
Stefan Lechner 8 kun oldin
Snow Piercer Book of Eli 9 Source Code District 9 Casshern
Hippiekinkster 8 kun oldin
My picks: Solaris (Russian; dir. Andrei Tarkovsky) Immortel (ad Vitam)(French) Stargate* The Martian* Mission to Mars* * Perhaps not underrated And that fantastic French flight of fancy featuring Jane Fonda's tits, Barbarella.
giannapple 9 kun oldin
I don’t disagree at all,with this list, but... no Coherence?
Zogg from Betelgeuse
Also, "Cypher" (2002)
ProfessorBeautiful 11 kun oldin
Moon, for sure! Good call.
Nicholas Monks
Nicholas Monks 11 kun oldin
Sunshine is OVERrated. The premise is sketchy at best, and the narrative turn makes no sense. The atmosphere of the film was good, but that was about it. It's overwrought and doesn't know what story it's really trying to tell.
Claudio Rebelo
Claudio Rebelo 11 kun oldin
Dark City (1998)
Moe Badderman
Moe Badderman 13 kun oldin
@3:03 ~ "It may be an animated film..." What do you mean by "may be"? It most-certainly *is* an animated film!
dadcss 13 kun oldin
So many to choose from. Here are a few that come to my mind in no particular order. - iron sky - outland - the American astronaut
TheDude Abides
TheDude Abides 13 kun oldin
Solyaris - the original Russian Version from 1971, not the George Clooney Remake. Brilliant.
Ananthan. s
Ananthan. s 14 kun oldin
Man from earth. The best❤️
GregoryVios 14 kun oldin
heavy metal is not underrated, it just not for everybody
artur wojciechowicz
artur wojciechowicz 14 kun oldin
&masterpiece "Blade Runner".
Anthony King
Anthony King 15 kun oldin
I really like the 2002 remake of The Time Machine. A brilliant sci fi adventure and has a great musical score. Too bad it was a Box office flop.
Connie Carroll
Connie Carroll 15 kun oldin
I've seen about half of these, and yes they are really good movies.Thank you for mentioning the others, but Sphere? I saw in the theaters, felt like asking for my money back. Yes, the special effects were great! The script really needed work.
Raymond Edge
Raymond Edge 16 kun oldin
Babylon 5 and Farscape
Johnny Rasputin
Johnny Rasputin 16 kun oldin
or Dune?
Vo R
Vo R 16 kun oldin
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Johnny Rasputin
Johnny Rasputin 16 kun oldin
Where is Logan's Run?
sneakywinky 17 kun oldin
Six String Samurai
Marc Peterson
Marc Peterson 17 kun oldin
I liked 2010, but the political message seemed trite.
stober51 18 kun oldin
Absolute best of the few I own, Moon, Quite Earth, Primer, and Soylent Green.
70 Series Tires
70 Series Tires 18 kun oldin
Heavy Metal is a cult classic because it;s producer limited it's circulation.
Manu Forster
Manu Forster 18 kun oldin
Andrej Tarkovsky's *Stalker* [11:37] is an amazing masterpiece. A true classic. Another Russian Sci-Fi film that I would add to "Honrable Mentions" is: *Humanoid Woman* or >> *Per Aspera Ad Astra* (Russian: *Через тернии к звёздам*, USA screen name - *Through the Thorns to the Stars* [...] Humanoid Woman) is a 1981 Soviet science fiction film directed by Richard Viktorov and based on a novel by Kir Bulychov.
Manu Forster
Manu Forster 18 kun oldin
*Morgan* (2016) was also very impressive, but does seem to lack recognition. uzvid.com/video/video-rqmHSR0bFU8.html
Manu Forster
Manu Forster 18 kun oldin
*Impostor* (2001) with Gary Sinise - uzvid.com/video/video-Vh6xFG7l8ss.html Also a seriously underrated Sci-Fi flic ... inspired by the work of *Philip K. Dick*
Larry Eisenberg
Larry Eisenberg 19 kun oldin
"Ink" ... semi low budget, but you wouldn't know it....seek it out....you won't be disappointed!
James Neave
James Neave 19 kun oldin
My problem with primer is I have to watch it with subtitles on. Somebody needs to start giving diction listings. They're getting awfully *mumblemumblemumble*
dollabill39 20 kun oldin
Total list of fraudulence. Not one fuckin Phildickian flick? Lame
Johannes Busch
Johannes Busch 20 kun oldin
2001 = masterpiece of a genius 2010 = hmmm
Buya 21 kun oldin
Without doubt, "Knowing," a movie that critics impaled merely because it starred Nicholas Cage
Dwayne White
Dwayne White 21 kun oldin
I really have to agree with the top 5 on this. Sunshine was far better than I was expecting it to be, and Moon was a slow build, but had amazing payoffs. However, my personal favorite underrated sci-fi movie is Event Horizon. I was in the theater opening weekend and was only one of three people in auditorium. That was just tragic how poorly that movie did. I also enjoyed Pandorum.
Jack Wareham
Jack Wareham 21 kun oldin
There was an amazing 70's sci-fi movie about a man and his wife who are research scientists living alone in space with a giant robot (borrowed from Forbidden Planet) who get a routine inspection from a man from Earth where society is now obsessed with performance enhancing drugs. The clash of cultures and the inspector's lust for the scientist's wife cause for a very tense film.
Jack Wareham
Jack Wareham 8 kun oldin
+Jon Herrera You're right. It's name is Hector. He is terrifying. I was quite young.
Jon Herrera
Jon Herrera 8 kun oldin
Sounds like Saturn 3, though I don't remember Robbie being in it.
ponocni kauboy
ponocni kauboy 22 kun oldin
strange days, great movieeeeeeeeeeeeee, i love Emma Busset 1996?
vince33x 22 kun oldin
j cloud
j cloud 23 kun oldin
"Valerian" is a newer under-rated movie in my opinion.
Nicholas Monks
Nicholas Monks 11 kun oldin
Hmmm...it's very pretty, but rather empty. Decent candy.
Alysia Mer David-Wasser
@ 7:10 "The stylized fight scenes..create TRULY impressive action sequences." i thought this looked like a REHEARSAL of "fight scenes", immediately Following *"styilzed fight scenes"* , (@ 7:20). @ 7:28: "There's also an adorable puppy." Wut? Never HEARD of this one, & in my* humble *opinion* , i was SHOCKED. This looks Really GOOD! Haven't seen it, so maybe the fight scenes are like RDJ's "Sherlock"??? ✌💗💞
Andrew Mah
Andrew Mah 23 kun oldin
Moon is in my top 5 movies ever
the_punnisher 23 kun oldin
I have several of the movies on your list. The Chronicles Of Riddick is far better that Pitch Black. I know, I have all three of his full length movies. The feral world of his third movie get down to the animal eats animal phase of Earths evolution and even how a wolf creature became the familiar dog. The MRE finally gets it's comedown in this movie. Heavy Metal stayed many years as a bootleg because greedy companies bitched about royalties from the songs used in it. HBO played it ONCE and I got my first bootleg from them. Hey, what about the writers from the namesake adult magazine where the stories came from? Anyway, everybody got their pound of flesh and everyone played nice and that concept was never tried again. How quickly the Age of Love turned into the Age of Money. One of the movies title song was sung by Joan Baez. the 3 robots names Huey, Dewey and Louie were originally the bodies of Heathkit's entry into the robotics age, HERO. I recognize the components. Bruce Dern figures out how to save the forest with the help of his robot friends and when he gets back in radio range, he uses the dome,s nuke charge on himself, probably to the delight of all the militant vegans out there. Two movies you missed: Dark Star and Spaced Invaders. Both were comedies, yet have some fundamental issues underlying them. Making " smart bombs " too smart. Let there be light was what this bombs conclusion to it's purpose in life was. The idea in Spaced invaders is also happening in real life, with city slickers buying up the tax liens on farmland and kicking off the last generation of farmers in the Midwest. In this parody, the aliens have to lighten the load and do the obvious thing for their ship, which solve this farmer's .problem. We have just turned some of the basic ideas in the Matrix Trilogy into possibilities. No proof but what is proof?
Tim Coleman
Tim Coleman 23 kun oldin
You forgot The man who fell to Earth, great Nick Roeg movie in which David Bowie manages to act. Not bad considering it was his first.
Joel Daniel
Joel Daniel 24 kun oldin
Dark City
Nemanja Ignjatović
Nemanja Ignjatović 24 kun oldin
Most of the time those "top 10's" are crap - but this one is actually good. I've watched few of this movies earlier, and I've always wandered why those movies didn't get more credit.
Waz 24 kun oldin
2010 was dreadful.
Fred Loeper
Fred Loeper 25 kun oldin
The Andromeda Strain (1971)
steve s
steve s 26 kun oldin
Heavy Metal! Yes!
Thomas Remme
Thomas Remme 26 kun oldin
I agree that Moon is an amazing movie. Highly Recommended. Another favorite of mine is "The Man from Earth". Lo-Fi Sci-Fi.
Rajan L
Rajan L 26 kun oldin
predestination should be there
Klaas in Session
Klaas in Session 26 kun oldin
Deepwater Horizon, deserves a mention!
Blastarr1 27 kun oldin
I am a Science Fiction fan big time. I watch all kinds of Sci-Fi movies and love many but sometimes the Underrated ones are the best but I have not seen them all. I have seen 2010 and loved it more than 2001 I have not seen Primer and I hear a lot but time travel is not always my thing. Heavy Metal perhaps one of the greatest animated movies ever with a kicking soundtrack I have not seen Mr. Nobody because the subject is not what I like per say. Silent Running is a fantastic 1970's film, I saw it when I was young and it still resonates with me A movie I need to see and own is Equilibrium the gun fu is awesome. Strange Days is just strange but a great concept. eXistenZ is full of body horror and out there. If you are a gamer you will enjoy this. Sunshine like 2001 had a great 1st and 2nd act but lost me in the 3rd act they got too meta. Honorable Mentions: Sphere is a fantastic movie with a great plot and makes you think. Titan A.E. is another fantastic animated movie with the idea that Humans can not always defeat aliens and if they do come to Earth they will destroy us. Enemy Mine tells the story of warriors on opposing sides that realize they are not so different. Pitch Black great movie that spawned a great action hero. Have not seen Stalker (1979) mostly because it is in Russan and I have a hard time reading so subtitles make it difficult. Same problem I have with Anime too. Moon seems to me to be another Silent Running and boring but I hear it is a great movie.
Eric Hunsaker
Eric Hunsaker 27 kun oldin
I loved Equilibrium and it seriously deserved more recognition!
Jim Kerr
Jim Kerr 27 kun oldin
A list of cool sci fi movies compiled from a Facebook post: Waking Life, A scanner darkly, the fountain, meeting with remarkable men, Reality, Mr. Nobody, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Donnie darko, fight club, inception, memento, children of men, equilibrium, interstellar, girl interrupted, pans labyrinth, the beach, shutter island, the girl with the dragon tattoo, Ex machina, Ghost in the shell, Vanilla sky, Abre los Ojos, true detective season 1, Cloud atlas, Pi, Dante 01, Silent running, Matrix, Cloud Atlas, Lucy, Doctor Strange, Interstellar, Ready player one, Valerian, Arrival, Limitless, District 9, Contact, Lucy, battle beyond the stars 1980, annihilation, A Wrinkle in Time, Samsara, John dies at the end, Altered carbon, transcendance, Surrogates, Trolls, Powder, Enter the void, Sense 8, Elysium, Donnie Darko, The Tree of Life, The Cell, Kin-dza-dza, Fantastic planet, Dune, Dark City Gattaca, Existenz, the thirteen floor, equilibrium, What dreams may come, They live, It's Such A Beautiful Day, and, World of Tomorrow, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me, Fahrenheit 451 (60's version), 1984, Point break 2015, Coherence, Fifth Element, Stargate, Dr. Strange, Across The Universe, Prometheus, Tommorrowland, The Truman Show, Zardoz, The Holy Mountain by Jodorowsky, Le planete sauvage, rick and Morty, The wolf house, Brazil, Mrs doubtfire, Sicario, Memento, Inception, Pandora, Flatland, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs,Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, Eraserhead, Black mirror, Gravity, Docotor Strange, Altered States, Alternate state, Naked Lunch, Baron Munchhousen, Atlas lost, Stelaris, Stalker, This Island Earth, Alien Covenant, Blade runner 2049, Heavy Metal, Dark Star, Solaris, Other earth, moon 2009, The signal, The Thirteenth Floor, Stalker (1979), Twelve Monkeys, Beyond The Black Rainbow
Samantha Hope
Samantha Hope 27 kun oldin
Primer was such a good movie, I clicked that on Netflix having never heard anything about it. I loved it, I ended up recommending it to so many friends. The only downside was when I found out how many of my friends couldn't understand what they were watching. I just wanted to pat them on the head and say it's okay. :(
Barát Gábor
Barát Gábor 27 kun oldin
THX 1138 from Lucas. It's THE single most underrated good sci-fi, in fact so underrated that it couldn't even get into a video about underrated sci-fi movies :P
JeffMangumMagnum 27 kun oldin
HoldenNY22 28 kun oldin
I haven't seen "Silent Running" in probably over 30 years, but I remember I like it a lot. I'll have to watch it again.
Duncan Brown
Duncan Brown 28 kun oldin
I hate your feed, but Moon and Stalker in the same breath?! I'll go with that.
Richard Kev
Richard Kev 28 kun oldin
Of course, the fact they are underrated creates another problem: They’re hard to find without buying them. I can only afford two streaming services. Of the ten movies in your list, I wrote down six that I hadn’t seen, but sounded interesting. I could only find one of the six without purchasing. But I don’t want to purchase unless I know I like them...
Povl Kvols
Povl Kvols 28 kun oldin
I would agree, except for Sunshine. Moon was surprisingly good!
David Dangen
David Dangen 29 kun oldin
Willie Watra
Willie Watra 29 kun oldin
gun kata!
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar Oy oldin
Edge of Tomorrow deserves to be on this list.
Robert Urban
Robert Urban Oy oldin
This list was prob made by the producers to try and make money from their flops. 2010 was ca-ca. PRIMER - never heard of it. HEAVY METAL - stupid and a Darth Vader voice ripoff and lousy heavy metal. MR. NOBODY - no. SILENT RUNNING - worst soundtrack ever! and whiny lead actor. Bruce Dern is not lead material. EQUALIBRIUM - if trumptrash ruled. STRANGE DAYS - dumb. EXISTENZ - more caca. SUNSHINE - total caca, another slasher flick disguised as sci-fi. MOON - oh puhleez.
Drum Chord
Drum Chord Oy oldin
I must say that in my opinion, 'Coherence' (2013) is one of the most underrated science fiction films. It should be on this list.
raszelast Oy oldin
A Scanner Darkly
SirWrecksy Oy oldin
Seen every movie on this list ..would say Equilibrium is easily the best
Somtaw Oy oldin
I'd also recommend Robot & Frank. It's an amazingly funny and shockingly touching film.
kamran102 Oy oldin
Dark City. Forbidden Planet.
Jarod Smith
Jarod Smith Oy oldin
"Life", released 2017. Mind-blowingly awesome film.
Jarod Smith
Jarod Smith Oy oldin
Equilibrium was an awesome movie.
GetRealz Oy oldin
What about "Dark City"?
Sterling Crockett
I'm sorry but 2010 does NOT belong on this list. In my opinion, it was a very average science fiction movie that hasn't really gotten better with age. Arthur C. Clarke's book was far more entertaining. It's almost criminal that this movie made the list but Pitch Black only made an honorable mention. Heck, I'd rather watch The Black Hole or Circuitry Man again (both of which I own, lol) than 2010. At least I'd get the novelty of seeing a robot voiced by Slim Pickins! Hell, tonight's movie is The Wraith, which I'd also rather watch!
Ristube Oy oldin
Strange days is one of my favorites. Awesome premise to actually experience being someone else exactly, living in their body for whatever they recorded at the time. It’s a DVR for memories, but it’s your emotions recorded too.
TheChop Oy oldin
if you only watch one of these WATCH SUNSHINE IT IS AMAZING!!!!!
Mat Murk
Mat Murk Oy oldin
Everyone mentioning Dark City and Gattaca need to realize that those films are not underrated, and that's why they are not on this list. I am surprised Thirteenth Floor was not at least an honorable mention though
Mat Murk
Mat Murk 11 kun oldin
+Nicholas Monks the majority of people I know have seen it and I'm not talking about movie buffs. Roger Ebert in particular went on and on about it and when the Matrix came out this was the movie that most critics referenced as the the better and deeper movie. Also, before it was even in the theaters it had an insane amount of promotion, I remember seeing it on nearly every commercial break, I'm sure others can vouch for this. Is it Star Wars? No. But it is for sure not on the same level of obscurity as the films mentioned in this video.
Nicholas Monks
Nicholas Monks 11 kun oldin
+Mat Murk I have a pretty varied list of friends, almost none of whom have ever even heard of Dark City. It gets a Metacritic score of 66 (which though not dreadful, isn't good.) I follow several Sci-Fi forums and publications and don't recall anyone raving about it this past year...despite it being the films 20th anniversary. The world is wide and it's quite possible that we're just getting our info from different directions, but at least in my circles, it is too seldom seen, never mind discussed.
Mat Murk
Mat Murk 11 kun oldin
+Nicholas Monks it was on a bunch of critics best movies of the year lists and is raved about all the time. It did well in the box office and most people have seen it and like it.
Nicholas Monks
Nicholas Monks 11 kun oldin
How is Dark City not underrated?
James McKane
James McKane Oy oldin
Equilibrium is the greatest movie no one has ever heard of ☺☺☺☺
blurelic4 Oy oldin
I’m going to echo some other comments on here...GATTACA should be on here. And DARK CITY should be here although I kinda see it in the horror/sci-fi genre
Peggy Franzen
Peggy Franzen Oy oldin
' Thirteenth Floor'
What about Event Horizon and Dark City? Should have been on the list.
bbjd9328 Oy oldin
2010 was OK but the book has the Chinese landing on Europa--a much better story line......Roy Schieder was miscast as Floyd. Primer was very good. Silent Running was unique--still like it.
Glenn Bateman
Glenn Bateman Oy oldin
supercommie Oy oldin
Strange Days and Sphere are really really good.
Leslie harriman
“Moon” was a prodigiously bad movie but a wondrous cure for insomnia.
Dhirendra Nath Biswas
What about Minority Report?