Top 10 Underrated Science Fiction Movies

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These aren't the droids you're looking for; in fact, you might have completely missed these robots, spaceships and dystopias, but you should definitely give them a chance. Join www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Science Fiction Movies. Subscribe►►uzvid.com/u-watchmojo Facebook►►www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo. Twitter►►www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo Instagram►►instagram.com/watchmojo Suggestion Tool►►www.WatchMojo.com/suggest Channel Page►►www.youtube.com/watchmojo
For this list, we'll be looking at films that deserve a higher rating or that should've had a larger audience.
Special thanks to our user Norris Vaughn and jkellis for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at www.WatchMojo.com/suggest!
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13-Yan, 2016



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Zared Sabretooth
Zared Sabretooth 4 soat oldin
uuuuhhhh.....2010 is like one of the most well known sci-fi movies ever. more proof watchmojo needs to start doing more research. it seems they just put a bunch of things together on a list.
FartyFiddler 3 soat oldin
It says underrated not how well known it is.
Arthur Curry
Arthur Curry 10 soat oldin
Where’s Dark City?
Davide Nuzzo
Davide Nuzzo 13 soat oldin
Very interesting. Thank you for uploading this :)
Blue Roots Denver TV
Blue Roots Denver TV 21 soat oldin
It is a bit incorrect to say "based on Arthur Clarke's writings." Actually Kubrik had Clarke write the story to make the film from...that is a little bit different.
oceantracks Kun oldin
some really bad movies here lol
God or Bust
God or Bust Kun oldin
Skinny Papi
Skinny Papi Kun oldin
Equilibrium, seriously??
KrutoiPersonazh Kun oldin
There is no science fiction about bright communistic future. Because it is not fiction, but the only way to survive ;)
Mammoth Supremacy 55
#1. should be TITAN MUTHA FUCKIN A.E.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mb61j2 Kun oldin
They forgot Supernova and Event Horizon
Zennofobic Kun oldin
Edge of Tomorrow
Zennofobic Kun oldin
sammy hagar heavy metal ahahahahahhaahaaa
Jebus Slaves
Jebus Slaves Kun oldin
SOLARIS 1972 CUBE 1997 .........
Gavin Coon
Gavin Coon 2 kun oldin
Source Code, that one's a hidden gem.
TheMajR Payne
TheMajR Payne 2 kun oldin
2010 was only underrated by stupid people with no clue as to what good sci-fi, or movies in general, are.
Jason Coomer
Jason Coomer 2 kun oldin
The scariest things to kids about the movie "Moon" is that if you listen closely you will realize the voice of the A.I. he is talking to is.....Kevin Spacey
junior mint
junior mint 2 kun oldin
Moon isn't underrated. It has 90 percent from rotten tomatoes and an 89 percent audience rating.
S.U.P.P Awesomeness
Im_So_Zoned 3 kun oldin
I actually just mentioned Moon in the comments of a "hidden gems of netflix" video a few days ago. The number of sci-fi fans that have not seen or even heard of that movie is unbelievable. It is one of my favorite movies in the genre.
Snayl 4 kun oldin
Dark City should definitely be on the list
Phantasmal Gaming
Phantasmal Gaming 5 kun oldin
how about "Slaughter House 5"
Džeko 11
Džeko 11 5 kun oldin
Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ is definitely underrated sci fi.
Hawaiiguy Kailua
Hawaiiguy Kailua 5 kun oldin
Thanks for the refresher, I loved Primer but forgot all about that instant classic. Heavy Metal was the last movie I watched while shrooming:)
Randy Acuna
Randy Acuna 6 kun oldin
The 1950s was the golden age of science fiction. Many underrated films . Polls like this seem to ignore black and white movies.
Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken 6 kun oldin
An astronaut talking to a computer isnt my idea of sci fi , its boring as hell i saw it .Rockwell is a good actor though..
Tommy Vines
Tommy Vines 6 kun oldin
Dark city ,and Event Horizon. Turns out the Matrix is just a combination of several movies.
trekerdvd88 7 kun oldin
What about The Abyss???
Carmen M. Miller
Carmen M. Miller 8 kun oldin
Have to add Predestination to the list...
ProtocolZero 8 kun oldin
The movie "Heavy Metal" was unavailable for years after its release due to licensing issues (even tho' the soundtrack was available almost from the beginning) and built up a huge mystique. It's completely non-PC, totally over-the-top, and features voice-acting by John Candy throughout. Definitely recommended.
blindwillie99 9 kun oldin
good list .. are you sure this is WM?
Fareen  Mohamed
Fareen Mohamed 10 kun oldin
Sphere was amazing,
Mark Murex
Mark Murex 12 kun oldin
Moon sucked.
Nick Gottuso
Nick Gottuso 13 kun oldin
Moon, well done
TheLegendaryDoc 14 kun oldin
Gattaca, Dark City and Event Horizon are missing.
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson 14 kun oldin
Event Horizon mos def
Eric D. Kirk
Eric D. Kirk 14 kun oldin
Funny how the majority of comments are about films not on this list. That could go on for eons but I think the point of this is movies a lot of folks never heard of. Moon is a fantastic movie! Can't say enough about that.
Andrew Chiu-kit Tsang
janis317 14 kun oldin
Equillibrium=Fareignheight 451 + The matrix.
Kamil Wolski
Kamil Wolski 13 kun oldin
you probably don't even know what you are talking about. Unless you put them together because of him.... smh
Elena La Loca
Elena La Loca 16 kun oldin
one word ... Videodrome
Boyan Zhelyazkov
Boyan Zhelyazkov 16 kun oldin
Primer should be labeled as the best low budget movie of all time. More honorable mentions: Gattaca, Solaris, The Abyss, Dark City, Snowpiercer, PI, Forbidden Planet and Repo Man.
Skyblade22 17 kun oldin
Sunshine wasn't underrated, it was just bad. Terrible science, pseudo-mystical nonsense, completely contrived situations, plot and forced drama. Did not enjoy.
Eduardo Medina
Eduardo Medina 17 kun oldin
Cloud Atlas is so underrated its not even on the commet section. Really great story (kinda blows your mind how different events centuries apart cna be connected). Highly recommend it!
Todd Rainer
Todd Rainer 17 kun oldin
I have never been able to get through 2001, so 2010 never interested me.
Deathrape2001 18 kun oldin
List the 10 movies in the description, you pathetic spam-tard.
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 19 kun oldin
watched silent running yesterday, awesome movie.
Mister Shuva
Mister Shuva 19 kun oldin
Ben Magnez
Ben Magnez 19 kun oldin
One word, SERENITY It was the most perfect way to close the curtain and define the greatness of firefly after it was cancelled
lmn222002 20 kun oldin
Equilibrium is my Fahrenheit 51...same premise just better action
mememuhsheen 20 kun oldin
You should have mentioned "Gattaca."
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 21 kun oldin
Feel like A Scanner Darkly should be here
Guru Seva Khalsa
Guru Seva Khalsa 22 kun oldin
Stalker by Tarkovsky is not an underrated film... it is one of the greatest films of all times! It has no comparison with the rest...
Crestview Strengthworks
400 Days
La Lady
La Lady 25 kun oldin
Are Primer and Mr Nobody worth watching?
NastyKhan 25 kun oldin
I don't care about rating. I rate myself.
Myra Bae
Myra Bae 25 kun oldin
Event horizon?
joseph langan
joseph langan 26 kun oldin
Can't really argue with moon getting the top spot
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 26 kun oldin
"The Hidden" is so underrated that it didn't even make the underrated list. A magnificent movie though, with one of the best movie alien villains of all time.
Anthony Kago
Anthony Kago 27 kun oldin
The Black Hole (1979)
Quad Squad FPV
Quad Squad FPV 27 kun oldin
Just so you know, the first song you played in the Heavy metal portion was not Black Sabbath.
Eric Holstein
Eric Holstein 28 kun oldin
Glad you mentioned Strange Days which also features a serious OST with a cover of Doors's Strange Days by Ray Manzarek and Prong which is worth an hearing
justgivemethetruth 28 kun oldin
"The Man From Earth" simple, to the point, very clever, very good.
justgivemethetruth 28 kun oldin
I liked "Enemy Mine" and "Equilibrium" enough to recommend them. The other ones mentioned were not bad they were just to me not really great.
gigiwhoot 29 kun oldin
enemy mine is a great movie, one of my favorite Sci-fi's
John Laythe
John Laythe Oy oldin
The Thirteenth Floor - 1999
Richard Rahl
Richard Rahl Oy oldin
since they also talk about animated..why not captain harlock
Max Quinney
Max Quinney Oy oldin
Special (2006) is an interesting one
Drew Wilkerson
Guyus Seralius
Some of my favorite under rated sci-fi movies are Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Logan's Run, the 1960's version of The Time Machine, and George Pal's When Worlds Collide. There are of course many others.
steve justice
steve justice Oy oldin
Andrew Deen
Andrew Deen Oy oldin
2010 is really a great movie, glad it made the list.
felix gabaldon
wow..i just saw Equilibrium last night :)
Jonathan Fletcher
Aw, come on, is no-one going to mention Buccaroo Banzai? ::-)
Jeffro Kraus
Jeffro Kraus Oy oldin
great list!
Savvy Williams Music
Brazil a scanner darkly Donnie darko eraser head?? Almost ever one of these movies are forgotten about for a reason they are BORING AS FUCK!!!!!
Jay Chapman
Jay Chapman Oy oldin
Moon? As Number 10? Really??? No thanks. 13 wasted minutes.
Gerald W. Wright
2010 also has a nice little touch many people aren't aware of: the Leonov is the direct inspiration for the Omega-class destroyers from Babylon 5. I went to the theater back in 1984 to see this film, so the very first time I saw an Omega, I had a huge smile on my face.
Dylan Carter
Dylan Carter Oy oldin
2010 is awesome and Sphere was surprisingly not that bad.
86random Oy oldin
any one seen parallels and is dying for the sequel
Louvettes Meute V
"Moon" is the best in this list.
IAM GORT Oy oldin
David Bowie's son directed a masterpiece....MOON.
Dr. James Olack
S H O O T I E Oy oldin
Beyond the black rainbow?
carravagio99 Oy oldin
its like being christian and discovering the bible years after .....
carravagio99 Oy oldin
WTF planet are you on???? How old are you??? jesus....
mauro esteban rodriguez zubieta
the voice of moon .... its kaiser soze !!!
HintOfLogic Oy oldin
"Strange Days", not just underrated sci-fi, but underrated among all movies.
neil u
neil u Oy oldin
Primer is amazing! #1
Willemo Talmaro
''Screamers'' from 1995. Really like that movie. :3
Drone Video Denver
Strange Days was WAY ahead of its time, it would be a mega-hit today. Vincent D'onofrio, Juliette Lewis, one of the Fiennes brothers.. it's also very sexual and very disturbing. It has one of the most messed up rape scenes I've ever seen. And MOON is really a metaphorical film about all of our lives, it's super deep and extremely well acted by Sam Rockwell. Two of my favorite movies.
Noble Horse1884
What about "Starchaser, Legend of Orin" ?? I saw it with 3-D glasses in the theater and loved the hell out of it. I was like a pre-teen. It's animated and quite edgy.
anthony sizemore
most of these were fairly well received and financially successful
goodaudiowave Oy oldin
Mr Nobody rocks this list!
4 YOU Oy oldin
AIR 2015 should be on your list....Two people in charge as a maintenance team to watch over hundreds of Hibernating people below a devastated earth . Waking up for only two hours every 6 months...aging only two hours at a time...The person at the end of the movie appears to be almost mad...insane....due to this regiment ....At the beginning it seems he was in his 30's..at the end in his 50's...2 hours at a time every 6 month...calculate that over 20 suspended years...soooo...did he live for hundreds or thousands...you do the math.
notgrillo collector/ gamer
Pathfinder a 1988 ultra low budget foreign film about time travellers from the 17th century to 1980s
notgrillo collector/ gamer
My brother and I both loved silent running they showed it on Saturday afternoon TV a lot and when we got a betamax 1981, we rented it a couple of times
Private Private
How the fuck did you fucking phonies mistake Dio for Black Sabbath
Carl Pettit
Carl Pettit Oy oldin
How about the forbin project
Noddiga norpan
Caught the attention of adolf Hitler to directors shock? Are you aware of how incredibly goddamn stupid that phrase is?
TheAxel65 Oy oldin
What about _Dark Star_ by John Carpenter? Not sure if this low budget production is still underrated, but it definetely was, when it premiered in 1974.
Bevis Butthead
Dark City should be on the list.
George Dodge
George Dodge Oy oldin
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