Top 10 Worst Cartoon Episodes of 2018

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And with that I may have ruined any potential Netflix sponsorship in the future 🤷
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Cosmodore 2 oy oldin
Bunch o' controversial picks on here, please do feel free to voice your opinion in the comments! Let's see what other atrocities I forgot about
D-Hi bbz
D-Hi bbz 25 kun oldin
Voicing my opinion? Pfff,UZvid doesn't allow that
Frolix Oy oldin
Unlimited Everything
I cry every time i see spongebob cause I am not allowed to watch him anymore :(
MrParrotBird 2 oy oldin
That Chris McLean Tho... Perfect.
Cait Cat Skull
Cait Cat Skull 2 oy oldin
Cosmodore love the thumbnail on this video XD
the 2nd coming of doodle Bob made me so pissed off I stop watching it because doodle Bob was my favorite character and I dont want my childhood to be completely destroyed my favorite episode is rock bottom and I swear if they tried it again and did something like that hillbilly fish one, i would die
Stephen Robinson
good to know i wasnt the only one completely dissappointed by the doodle bob episode
fatramenhair 21309
fatramenhair 21309 2 kun oldin
i didnt like the understanding. even my mom because she asked what i was watching when they robbed a bank
Daniel Carlsen
Daniel Carlsen 4 kun oldin
Gummball x fast five
Jon Arbuckle
Jon Arbuckle 6 kun oldin
4:53 Jesse McCree monkey, Jesse McCree monkey
the 8-bit sentry
the 8-bit sentry 9 kun oldin
0:00 it do be like that-
The Phantom of the Paradise
Did Fox forget that Krusty never wears makeup?
Negative Positive
Negative Positive 11 kun oldin
* insert michael scott screaming meme *
Vinicius RDLP
Vinicius RDLP 13 kun oldin
I'll never get used to the zoophilia in Family Guy.
ALYSON MATSON 14 kun oldin
That thumbprint though
Krimson Klaww
Krimson Klaww 15 kun oldin
Teen titans go might technically be ok at best, but I hate what it represents with cartoons nowadays. The idea that what would be great for kids AND parents 10-20 years ago can just be changed to be a simple mess of random=funny and kids eats it up is insulting to me and I wish that it weren't true. In fact it was true all along, but at least it was used a lot less back in the span of 2000-2010 and now it's the most popular thing to do makes it obvious that the retarded minority is becoming the majority.
Krimson Klaww
Krimson Klaww 15 kun oldin
When I heard about the maniac with diapers on their head I instinctly thought about the moment from the office when they just pick up their TV and throw it in the trash
Young Media
Young Media 16 kun oldin
spongebob and gumball will always be good you entitled 90s kid
Saul Statman
Saul Statman 19 kun oldin
EnderWin 23 kun oldin
Antinator Games
Antinator Games 23 kun oldin
My stepmom was 6 months pregnant and i didnt know
Collin samson's Filming potato
Me: looks at thumbnail. Also me: excuse me what the fuck?
Thomas Young
Thomas Young 23 kun oldin
Are you a furry??? (I'm basing this off of your picture)
Cosmodore 23 kun oldin
haha nope
C is for communism F is for facism
what the fuck is that thumbnail
The Yangem
The Yangem 24 kun oldin
0:19 looks like a cartoonish zerotwo.
Distracted Fruit 256
Fuck you, all of Gumball is gold
Barnacle Scum
Barnacle Scum 26 kun oldin
All of total dramarama. Enough said.
Skipper Marno
Skipper Marno 26 kun oldin
That was quicc
Un-uh, peeling
Un-uh, peeling 26 kun oldin
2:02 why does it look like they are driving backwards?
Kaptain Kevvy
Kaptain Kevvy 26 kun oldin
Did you draw the thumbnail with Microsoft paint? Lol
super sonic k
super sonic k 27 kun oldin
Me to
Kristian Vidal
Kristian Vidal 27 kun oldin
I am only 3 seconds in and left the video
Liam N
Liam N 27 kun oldin
That intro showed so many shows I recognize
Samantha villafranca
Oh ok
Jax Smith
Jax Smith 27 kun oldin
Dontdoitpweez 27 kun oldin
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Damian Quinn
Damian Quinn 28 kun oldin
Damian Quinn
Damian Quinn 28 kun oldin
Of course you are
Salad Snek
Salad Snek 28 kun oldin
Lele Pons is Latina Vin Diesel is doing a live *There are 2 seasons of Boss Baby: Back In Business*
Connor Scanlan
Connor Scanlan 28 kun oldin
What was the opening music?
Bepis 28 kun oldin
What a good thumbnail :)
I will harvest organs from youth of south dakota
Where can I watch Hazbin Hotel lol?
It hasn't come out yet...
ØnyxLoaf ._
ØnyxLoaf ._ 29 kun oldin
Catisy Ellen
Catisy Ellen 29 kun oldin
Wost Simpsons episode EVER: Hawhaw Land. Keep that sh*t away from me! Never have I ever witnessed Nelson's character get so torn apart that it made me want to throw my laptop out my bedroom window and SCREAM.
defune Oy oldin
*puts chris in the thumbnail* *no dramarama in the episode*
Omega Oy oldin
I loved ray man
Me too. I miss his popularity.
Tiyxi iO
Tiyxi iO Oy oldin
Fungus among us
TheInkNinja Oy oldin
Loud house should go commit yeetus yeetus self deletus
Citex 85
Citex 85 Oy oldin
Is that Chris McLean on the thumbnail
Cats Have Wings
In my opinion, that one episode of family guy where stewie goes to the therapist was way worse than the one you put on the list.
the world's most awesome variety channel
When you realize nicktendo totally stole this video
WhatFearFears Oy oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue I clicked for the thumbnail And so did you
Jesus Martinez
The Flying Spaghetti Monster should finally do the right thing and banish "Ruthless People" into the void to be forgotten forever along with "Heavy Meddle," "A Brawl in the Family," and of course, "No Such Luck" because these Loud House episodes are so abysmal and infuriating that it's best that they should never exist.
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Oy oldin
Hello German rebeltaxi
Purple Glitter aj
*Sees spongebob* Me: Give Ink Lemonade the hate it deserves! Video: Doodle Dimension. Me: I N K L E M O N A D E -
Yokai_98 Oy oldin
Dude, I no joke thought you had 2 million subscribers until the outro. You’re videos and commentary are very high quality. Definitely a lot better than most other UZvid channels with 2 million subs. If you keep this video quality up you’ll be there in no time!
Cosmodore Oy oldin
That's very nice of you to say, thx mate
Isaac Michel
Isaac Michel Oy oldin
oof you did dick figures like that … I mean looking back it hasn't aged super well but come on lol
Forth Oy oldin
Lancer is *c a n c e r*
xStriker Oy oldin
I didnt expected gumball to Have a bad episode...
Video Gamer
Video Gamer Oy oldin
*There’s two seasons of Boss Baby: Back in Business.*
Al _ Dusty
Al _ Dusty Oy oldin
Ok, most people hate teen titans go because it is a disgrace to the ORIGINAL teen titans and it makes total fools of the original characters. Also it got the original one cancelled, wich i am still very mad about.
interesting jay
that dick figures reference makes me happy
Video Gamer
Video Gamer Oy oldin
interesting jay I love it.
interesting jay
Video Gamer 7:41
Video Gamer
Video Gamer Oy oldin
interesting jay What time is it at?
K. Charrette
K. Charrette Oy oldin
I'm also gonna say Doodle Dimension was fine, especially because Ink Lemonade happened
K. Charrette
K. Charrette Oy oldin
[Stops chugging vanilla coke for a second] Wait the PPG reboot still exists?
Brandon Roberts
the family guy name gag was painful.
I don't like ttg mainly because they try to pander to their demographic way too much in about 70-80%of their episodes and because the show takes up half of cartoon networks daily show schedule for most weeks. On a side note, does ttg even have an overarching story? Because most of the episodes just seem like filler to me.
Deb the frog
Deb the frog Oy oldin
Chris McLean
Chris McLean Oy oldin
Nice thumbnail.
POCAHONTA13 Oy oldin
Wait did he say sponge bob Shanghai
Nathan Williamson
Seeing Patrick's innards in that one moment horrified me. Man, what are they doing to my (and many others) childhood cartoon?
TicoTaco Oy oldin
That thumbnail is hilarious
Daniel Son
Daniel Son Oy oldin
OK UZvid DAMN!!!!! This video would not get off my recommendation lol
rinq1 Oy oldin
Doodle bob represents Waluigi
sahara thompson
Lol did you make the thumbnail in paint😂
I’m a nobody
I miss the good old cartoons like generator rex
Shaun Hart
Shaun Hart Oy oldin
Remainder "Come along with me" R.I.P Adventure time
Freaking Deltarune music in the background
Bryce193 Melton
I disagree about Star vs. It has no bad episodes thus far
That thumbnail though.
Invader Dragons& Squids reborn
Most of these cartoons are trash
Trashcan Legend
Love Awesome Heart
So you're telling me that teen titans go is good now?
Skull Face
Skull Face Oy oldin
I started animating, can I ask how to improve?
Consensus G
Consensus G Oy oldin
Can someone tell me what is the cartoon at 0:18 - 0:19. Thank you.
LeoDahSlayer Oy oldin
A few of those episodes are actually good...
JoshPVG | Video Games and Anime Reviews
Top 10 worst cartoon episodes of 2018 Number 1: almost every single episode of the reboot Ben 10
Jenna Popik
Jenna Popik Oy oldin
I watched a SpongeBob episode called Krusty Cleaners and it was so bad omg. It actually disgusted meee. I love the old SpongeBob but the 2018 episodes are mostly all awful. SpongeBob just got more annoying and bratty and it made me want to turn off my tv
A Dandy Gnar, In Space
Opinions are just that, Opinions, but it still worries me that anyone would consider TTG good... let alone that movie.
Coops, The Husky.
The thumbnail made me cry lmao
fllower knight
Every show in 2018 and 19 just look like SU ..but I get that animation style is appealing to most of the gen. just not me ig lol..
Jtube 2003
Jtube 2003 Oy oldin
What was the animation at 7:41
Mike Speed
Mike Speed Oy oldin
Worst teen titans go episode: pretty much every fucking episode
Buster Blader the Paladin of Destruction
You have started a war by saying Teen Titans Go isn't terrible
Puffin Productions
Saw hazbin hotel 💜
OmgNoBadges Oy oldin
Every teen titans go episode
Justin Richard EX
I rather go to Hulu instead.
Justin Richard EX
Vecret .M
Vecret .M Oy oldin
Ads are pretty gay
Jåstad Christer
Cartoon at 0:19
Hoshimi / Ace
Hoshimi / Ace Oy oldin
KariPBM Oy oldin
I would rather watch Total Dramarama rather then TTG! . . . Willingly.
Johnny Fald
Johnny Fald Oy oldin
Oh sorry, you ment all of teen titans?
Katie Whittier
What is up with people hating on ppgz
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