Top 10 Worst Cartoon Episodes of 2018

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And with that I may have ruined any potential Netflix sponsorship in the future 🤷
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4-Yan, 2019

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Cosmodore 14 kun oldin
Bunch o' controversial picks on here, please do feel free to voice your opinion in the comments! Let's see what other atrocities I forgot about
Unlimited Everything
I cry every time i see spongebob cause I am not allowed to watch him anymore :(
MrParrotBird 5 kun oldin
That Chris McLean Tho... Perfect.
Cait Cat Skull
Cait Cat Skull 6 kun oldin
Cosmodore love the thumbnail on this video XD
Mekeo Gaming
Mekeo Gaming 6 kun oldin
Cosmodore I haven’t even seen the movie and I know Teen Titans Go has potential, people just throw the negatives in everyone’s faces
Grenks 6 kun oldin
Cosmodore 1:28 how tf
I thought
I thought 10 soat oldin
Tv...... Who tf watches tv lmao 😂
ardishco 19 soat oldin
I think if any of the channels broadcating the cartoon episodes mentioned here they would have a chance of thanking you for pointing out there mistakes
sdfg ho
sdfg ho Kun oldin
Wasn't spungebob canclef
ChaseRulez 343
ChaseRulez 343 Kun oldin
Chris McLean? Is it really you?!
hakaigod ki
hakaigod ki Kun oldin
Sir Valeron
Sir Valeron Kun oldin
2:15 the what now?
That One Pokemon Dork
Mason Harvey
Mason Harvey 2 kun oldin
The understanding made me mad cause the pizza people were in gumball forever but they just ruined them.
RailfanMedia 2 kun oldin
Is Chris McLean the thumbnail of this video?
Quanster !
Quanster ! 2 kun oldin
Ink lemonade
Mail Dude
Mail Dude 2 kun oldin
0:01 #relatable
springtrap529 Productions
That thumbnail is beautiful
RedDragonStudio 2 kun oldin
once i heard the lancer theme i knew i was gonna enjoy this video lol
Jordonimor 3 kun oldin
He never covered that paradise pd episode
Svelja 3 kun oldin
Did someone say boss baby?
Hedgehog 3 kun oldin
Why am I here. I didn't even watch any cartoons last year
Roger Blasko
Roger Blasko 3 kun oldin
Cosmo, like forthnewt, we cannot forget about session too ove bahss baybee bahk en bizzniss (I literally can’t say it)
EspurrMaster 3 kun oldin
I'm gonna need the source of that edit on the thumbnail
L's Successor
L's Successor 3 kun oldin
The modern episodes of Family Guy are painful to watch
Cadpig101 3 kun oldin
I-I kinda liked Doodle Dimension (*´-`*)
Levi Ac
Levi Ac 3 kun oldin
Yes okko is trash
Arlene Orama
Arlene Orama 4 kun oldin
Why does the guy in the thumbnail look like the guy from total drama island
just another random person
*sees thumbnail* -i waNNA BE FAAMMMOOOUUUUUSSS- Ooo a meme
Alexa Neal
Alexa Neal 4 kun oldin
What’s the music called that starts at 0:07 I recognize it but forgot
Sarah M
Sarah M 4 kun oldin
I saw that Hazbin Hotel shout out at the start!
LoLJab 4 kun oldin
Alexander Bello
Alexander Bello 4 kun oldin
You said talking about the powerpuff girls was "beating a dead horse" its actually feeding a fed horse
Lloyd Games
Lloyd Games 4 kun oldin
hey look deltarune music and a character from total drama island in the thumbnail yay
Quiet Corgi750
Quiet Corgi750 4 kun oldin
*Lancer’s them plays* ^Delta-tale fandom barges in.^
wariodedede 5 kun oldin
Patrick Star at 13:10 legit scared the hell outta me.
CCVids 5 kun oldin
0:00 wow
Poorly Made
Poorly Made 5 kun oldin
*Quotable* is a good description of DoodleBob My favorite is jdisbsjsgsnaksvsosjgz
Joe Carr
Joe Carr 5 kun oldin
*that Chris McLean thumbnail tho*
dandoessomethings 5 kun oldin
Okay UZvid, I watched it.
• VineLord04 •
• VineLord04 • 5 kun oldin
“Some animals give me boners!” 🎉 Me: *Cough* Horses *Cough*
Noble Wilkes
Noble Wilkes 5 kun oldin
Wait the pizza couple from gumball had a kid this whole time?
Avery Martin
Avery Martin 5 kun oldin
That's how cartoon mafia works.
Bob The Duck
Bob The Duck 5 kun oldin
what is the the pheonix wright animation from...
Xanadu Area Games
Xanadu Area Games 5 kun oldin
Can I get a clip of you saying poop suitcase For research
Therealturtle0216 5 kun oldin
theres that 1 person that complains. It isnt me... *THE GUMBALL EPISODE WAS GOOD >:((*
Shotgun Nathan
Shotgun Nathan 5 kun oldin
What tthe fuck....... 0:09
Megan Brownhill
Megan Brownhill 5 kun oldin
Oof Chris McLean click bait
suumerr 5 kun oldin
Some animals give me nothing cuz I’m normal
mmich75 5 kun oldin
Wow impressive
Demaunix Animations
Number 6 is pretty relateable
Gogo Boy
Gogo Boy 5 kun oldin
Some Animals Give Me Boners.
Arnold Guy
Arnold Guy 5 kun oldin
SpuzzFipple 5 kun oldin
Wait, the Power Puff Girls reboot is still running? How?!
Chawklet Studios
Chawklet Studios 5 kun oldin
I wish I still had cable tv so I could watch Cartoon Network and adult swim like I used to for years. teen titans go fuck yourself still sucks
tankman 1945
tankman 1945 5 kun oldin
Doodle dimension. If there was no finland or wheres the leak maam. Come on.
Bec Noir
Bec Noir 5 kun oldin
Btw, That Vault Boy Is Chris Maclean! NICE!!!!!
Alleged Combustion
Alleged Combustion 5 kun oldin
Where’s the leak ma’am
-Hopeless situation Warrior-
2:35 thats funny considering 2:14 also wtf you defend the show cos it has flaws? what?
JamJamAnimates & Comics
Excuse me. Wtf.
CrossEyed 5 kun oldin
*some animals give me boners*
Exzenosis Harbingaar
11:28 what the-- Jude? From 6teen? (If I named it properly) what time-line is this for that guy to be recalled, or if it was even a reference to that.
ChaoswarriorX 5 kun oldin
The whole disenchantment show was pretty bad imo
Raszota 5 kun oldin
Lit total drama thumbnail.
Fede Vieira
Fede Vieira 5 kun oldin
U must have lots of free time
Toxicboy2231 5 kun oldin
Ichimatsu Matsuno
Ichimatsu Matsuno 5 kun oldin
Deltarune soundtrack
Apple With eyes
Apple With eyes 5 kun oldin
Is that Chris from total drama on the thumbnail 😂
Apple With eyes
Apple With eyes 4 kun oldin
The Angel of Weirdina Leos He looks so funny
blusterygoos 17
blusterygoos 17 5 kun oldin
I love family guy and even if it is on its last legs at least they own it.
000xyz 5 kun oldin
Soda genie didnt come out yet! Its a 2019 episode!
Creeper_Ninja07 5 kun oldin
is that sans 9:42
Luigi The Plumber
Luigi The Plumber 5 kun oldin
Is that Chris(idk) from total drama island in the thumbnail made from the fallout guy
Cosmodore 5 kun oldin
Deadtie .3
Deadtie .3 5 kun oldin
Why was Chris MacLaine on the thumbnail he is my fave
Calum Stewart
Calum Stewart 5 kun oldin
Thunder Mover
Thunder Mover 5 kun oldin
*You have been voted off the island*
JAX 5 kun oldin
Tdi thumbnail wooo
Kristosaurus Official
Kaazal Yeet Also Kermit the Thanos but 096 is here
10:56 Teen Titans GO is trash in every way
TheArceusftw 5 kun oldin
Soda Genie; Is that better or worse than Let's not be skeletons?
Ava The Pastel Bunny
*Chris McLean*
Boogster M.M.
Boogster M.M. 5 kun oldin
*_This is the reason why I don't get cable._*
I’m still a boy
I’m still a boy 5 kun oldin
Wait, the ppg reboot is still airing!? I never see it advertised or shown on CN at all
Elemental 206411
Elemental 206411 5 kun oldin
Tom x Star and Star x Marco don't exist. If you look at Star's clothes, you'll notice some colors that are associated with something. I'll let you figure it out.
Mark Ledford
Mark Ledford 5 kun oldin
yeet yoit
yeet yoit 5 kun oldin
ok the only good shows right now are hilda, over the garden wall, regular show, and total drama
Black Cat D. Va
Black Cat D. Va 5 kun oldin
Everything. T O T A L D R A M A R A M A I loved island but yeesh...
One Finchy Boi
One Finchy Boi 5 kun oldin
Holy crap he talks fast
You Can't See me
You Can't See me 5 kun oldin
0:9 cartoon please
Tuokia Mapper
Tuokia Mapper 5 kun oldin
Star Versus the Forces of Evil, Power Puff Girls, Amazing World of Gumball, Sponge Bob, OK KO, Teen Titans Go, Adventures of Kid Danger, Boss Baby Back in Business, Loud House. Demographic: Kids 12 and under. Critically Reviewed by: A full grown person. Why: I don't even know. What Point I Am Making: Why are you reviewing kids shows like they're cinema movies?
Tuokia Mapper
Tuokia Mapper 5 kun oldin
+BlueFridge12 Exactly. Its criticizing kids shows for things that don't matter when it comes to kids shows.
BlueFridge12 5 kun oldin
People are allowed to criticize things, even if they are 'for kids'. But I guess it would be different if you were, like, criticizing dora the explorer for its writing
Tuokia Mapper
Tuokia Mapper 5 kun oldin
+BlueFridge12 I know what even kids shows deserve constructive criticism, it just needs to be criticized as it is. A kids show.
BlueFridge12 5 kun oldin
There's nothing wrong with that. Being a kids show does not make you immune to constructive criticism
the noob lives on
the noob lives on 5 kun oldin
Sans undertale
Mark Barlass
Mark Barlass 5 kun oldin
You are a grown man complaining about children's cartoons, this video is just sad
Cosmodore 5 kun oldin
People like you still exist? :o
foxgirl lover for ever
Is it just me or does the guy in the thumbnail look like the host of total drama island? Oh it is him
Hi Friend
Hi Friend 5 kun oldin
Worst cartoons in cartoon network does such a thing exist?
Vancatcutie 1248
Vancatcutie 1248 5 kun oldin
Why is Chris McLean in the thumbnail
Ant Meatball
Ant Meatball 5 kun oldin
Is that chris from total drama on the main pic?
potato man 24
potato man 24 6 kun oldin
Mr, game Plays
Mr, game Plays 6 kun oldin
I hated ok ok I did,t like loud house and the worst knock offs they are so ugly
Justin Orlando
Justin Orlando 6 kun oldin
Why was Chris from TDI in the thumbnail but not on the list?
Stormy Driver
Stormy Driver 6 kun oldin
most cartoons, meh, anime and yt sfm, beautiful
Justin Orlando
Justin Orlando 6 kun oldin
That thumbnail tho.
uinkitty animates
uinkitty animates 6 kun oldin
CJ Hale
CJ Hale 6 kun oldin
Whate y is my life not up there
Xbox Gamer
Xbox Gamer 6 kun oldin
You gained 4000 subs in 8 _9 days