Top 10 XXXTentacion Songs

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Top 10 XXXTentacion Songs
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Say what you will about XXXTentacion, but his music touched millions of people. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the Top 10 XXXTentacion Songs. With only a handful of releases to his name, the Florida rapper possessed a diverse range of talents, pulling off furious and aggressive rap while also showing his taste for lyricism and softer and more melodic styles. With tracks like “Look at Me!”, “changes”, “Moonlight” and “Fuck Love”, “Sad!” and “Jocelyn Flores”, XXXTentacion was truly a one of a kind artist. Did your favorite XXXTentacion Song make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Find out more about the controversy surrounding X’s life and past here - uzvid.com/video/video-OJwNVhFxRfM.html&has_verified=1

#10: “I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore”
#9: “NUMB”
#8: “the remedy for a broken heart (why I am so in love)”
#7: “Moonlight”
#6: “changes”
#5: “Fuck Love”
#4: “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares”
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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7-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 19 573
B-ball Legend
B-ball Legend 11 soat oldin
Numb is my fav
Aaron Jay
Aaron Jay 11 soat oldin
not in any specific order 10. yung brats 9. look at me 8. hope 7. what in xxxtarnation 6. sippinteainyohood 5. vice city 4. fuck love 3. i don’t want to do this anymore 2. riot 1. uh oh thots this is just my opinion but yeah as u can see i fuck with his old shit
HotCake _
HotCake _ 14 soat oldin
1:14 X's what?
edward grey
edward grey 15 soat oldin
My top 3 1. Sad 2.Jocelyn Florece 3.look at me
Clorox Blеach
Clorox Blеach 17 soat oldin
Top 3 (imo) 1. Jocelyn Flores 2. Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares 3. I Spoke To The Devil In Miami, And He Said Everything Would Be Fine
AlexanderOwn RPG2
AlexanderOwn RPG2 19 soat oldin
Logan Morgan
Logan Morgan Kun oldin
Hes garbage
TURTLE-C4 Kun oldin
She pronounced "Jocelyn Flores" wrong.
blue X
blue X Kun oldin
Prince G will hold up his legacy 🖤🖤
Endless Gamer
Endless Gamer Kun oldin
U talk to much 😂🤣
Se7en6ix Kun oldin
some people say his least popular songs are their favorites just to be cool
Squibb Z
Squibb Z Kun oldin
He was only in a coma he’s still alive
Dark Mage
Dark Mage Kun oldin
Revange is better!
XL gamer 47
XL gamer 47 Kun oldin
1.i dont want to do this anymore 2.bad 3.moonlight 4.fuck love 5.numb 6. Everyone dies in their nightmare 7.changes 8.hope 9.sad 10.look at me 11. Jocelyn Flores 12. Smash 13. King of the dead 14. Going down
Jacorey Wilson
Jacorey Wilson Kun oldin
What about skins
Haritha Dean
Haritha Dean Kun oldin
Haritha Dean
Haritha Dean Kun oldin
He is not a mumble rapper he is a God
4:22 that’s Changes not Sad
Aura 296
Aura 296 2 kun oldin
I hate fake x fans who only knew him after he died, like if you loved him before his deal
Ian Onrust
Ian Onrust 2 kun oldin
Terrible music... terrible person... Are people hearing the same thing I’m hearing?
Distant ™ ツ神死
They put sad as changes
Galdino Mendoza sanchez
Rip xxxtentacion
Tyree Griffin
Tyree Griffin 2 kun oldin
It's hard to let you go
King Davis24
King Davis24 2 kun oldin
I love x but Jocelyn flores is not his best song
King Davis24
King Davis24 2 kun oldin
And we’re is hope
Yvan Sasha Vlogs G
Yvan Sasha Vlogs G 2 kun oldin
rip x im sad ive been watching a bunch of x songs today
Justin PlayzPUBG
Justin PlayzPUBG 2 kun oldin
8:47 Lol Jocelyn is my cousin name
Justin PlayzPUBG
Justin PlayzPUBG 2 kun oldin
They made this video because of his death
Gremostela _
Gremostela _ 2 kun oldin
Rip roach should be a honorable mention
AnthonyPlayz 2 kun oldin
Finally, a rapper that can sing!
Unusual Gamer
Unusual Gamer 2 kun oldin
i thought moonlight should be on here
longlivejahseh rip x
I dont think thats x in the sad one
Beksimi r
Beksimi r 2 kun oldin
riot is from 2015
abdalla salama
abdalla salama 3 kun oldin
Revenge is da best. A remedy for a broken heart is da most better song 4 x
Josh Darcy
Josh Darcy 3 kun oldin
Not even in the first 20 seconds they say his death and controversy is was caused his career to blow. That is bullshit it because of his music and being one of the most positive people in the game
MixedPlayz 3 kun oldin
I liek lucid dremas :(
Young Fortunate
Young Fortunate 3 kun oldin
R.I.P a Legend.
shadow riderx
shadow riderx 3 kun oldin
Scorpionplayz _
Scorpionplayz _ 3 kun oldin
Ghetto Christmas carol
Scorpionplayz _
Scorpionplayz _ 3 kun oldin
Came to see if it was monitized
king Moloto
king Moloto 3 kun oldin
XXX Tentaction's songs made me happy on sad days and I I didn't know he was dead until 14 August 2018 rest in peace.
Austin Knight
Austin Knight 3 kun oldin
Boost! Is a good song by x
Tekka 69
Tekka 69 3 kun oldin
5)everybody dies in their nightmares 4)moonlight 3)joyslen flores 2)sad 1)Hope
Cameron Andrew
Cameron Andrew 3 kun oldin
1. King of the Dead 2. I spoke to the devil in Miami 3. I luv my clique like Kanye West 4. Gnarly Bastard 5. Gxd Damn 6. Fuxk 7. Freddy vs Jason 8. Riot 9. Restinpussy 10. Never
Maria Cazares
Maria Cazares 3 kun oldin
Love you xxxtentacion 😞😟😢😩😭
Josh Darcy
Josh Darcy 3 kun oldin
1 riot 2 look at me 3 Freddy vs Jason The rest are equally amazing
Raffi Dedeyan
Raffi Dedeyan 3 kun oldin
Where is infinity (888)???
ChinoNazi 3 kun oldin
Hey amigos, aqui Wathmojo en un nuevo gameplay de Fortnite
jlm330 3 kun oldin
Why does it feel so dead here
suck my dick
suck my dick 3 kun oldin
1save me 2infinity 3jocelyn Flores 4everyone dies in their... 5hope 6remedy fr broken heart 7i spoke to devil in miami 8riot 9vice city 10carry on Honorable mentions Sad changes look at me moonlight arms around you bad a ghetto Christmas carol hate will never win angel and curse there all good except I don’t even speak Spanish lol haha
suck my dick
suck my dick 3 kun oldin
‘Mumble rapper ‘ u clearly don’t know x Scums using his death for clout and u repeatly mentioned his allegations which had nothing to do with His top 10 songs like tf?
Ryan Norton
Ryan Norton 3 kun oldin
Gotta be the shitest list ever where is #proudcatowner, low-key tho you lot clearly haven’t looked into his music you just know the songs that are his ‘biggest’
killme 13
killme 13 4 kun oldin
Look At Me! The Best So Stfu
killme 13
killme 13 4 kun oldin
Wish Everyone Loved Me Like They Lved X💔
shivam ovhal
shivam ovhal 4 kun oldin
Rip xxx😭🖤
Carl H
Carl H 4 kun oldin
I can’t rank them but my favs are: Look at me Take a step back Yung bratz Moonlight #sippinteainyohood Hope
Nightmare To Dawn
Nightmare To Dawn 4 kun oldin
What was the music in the background the first 30 seconds of the video?
That's So Ryan
That's So Ryan 4 kun oldin
going down!
Jahseh Onfroy
Jahseh Onfroy 4 kun oldin
They say kings never die they just grow wings and hey fly...LLJ🕊🕊
Mari Windley
Mari Windley 4 kun oldin
3.moonlight 2.look at me I.sad
Jayden Myers Collins Myers
Long live x
Devin Conner
Devin Conner 5 kun oldin
L3G3ND 5 kun oldin
Where is Bad? Wtf
camilla Odom
camilla Odom 5 kun oldin
A bullet can't kill a legend
σσf ᴍʜʜᴍ
σσf ᴍʜʜᴍ 5 kun oldin
Rip X
Ethan Rendall
Ethan Rendall 5 kun oldin
Ethan Rendall
Ethan Rendall 5 kun oldin
SuperSAND 2
SuperSAND 2 5 kun oldin
I have not watched full video yet but i think it will be sad
SuperSAND 2
SuperSAND 2 5 kun oldin
Of cours im qrong
SuperSAND 2
SuperSAND 2 5 kun oldin
N1 is going to be take a step back
SuperSAND 2
SuperSAND 2 5 kun oldin
Suprisingly not 1 idk then
SuperSAND 2
SuperSAND 2 5 kun oldin
Suprisingly not 1 then 1 will be look at me
CtGuy 5 kun oldin
xxx tentacion
xxx tentacion 6 kun oldin
SAD! is him fighting him old self saying that he is a better man NOW!!
xxx tentacion
xxx tentacion 6 kun oldin
They should do another one when skins comes out like if u agree
guy guy
guy guy 6 kun oldin
love u forever xxxtentacion
guy guy
guy guy 6 kun oldin
why do u speak during the music parts.Can't u just shut up and let the music play.i will never watch top songs released by your channel.Shut up
Gaming with Ryzie
Gaming with Ryzie 6 kun oldin
Mia Quattrocelli
Mia Quattrocelli 6 kun oldin
1. I don't wanna do this anymore 2. I spoke to the devil in Miami 3. Vice city 4. Sad 5. Fuck love 6. Everybody dies in their nightmares 7. Riot 8. Alone pt3 9. Infinity 888 10.look at me
Shockinghalo 5
Shockinghalo 5 6 kun oldin
# rip
Messiah Wilson
Messiah Wilson 6 kun oldin
RIP xxx
Tywan3146 6 kun oldin
Search gamelan wheel in yt search for the beat to moonlight llj
Juniho Liking
Juniho Liking 6 kun oldin
name 10 song if your really a x fan
BoSoxBen 6 kun oldin
What about “Hope”
Zane Edwards
Zane Edwards 6 kun oldin
The only mumble rapper I respect cause of his pastnnndndn
unknown player5678
unknown player5678 6 kun oldin
I met x 4 months before his death I was on holiday and I just saw a black dodge pull up and a man with pig tails and I just went holy fuck is that x so I went up to him and he was so nice he was the nicest person I've ever met it was the best day of my life and when I heard he passed I fucking broke down I miss him to this day. Rest well 😭💔 jah~
sultan hai
sultan hai 6 kun oldin
In honorable mentions there should be hope
Arnodah Mibei
Arnodah Mibei 7 kun oldin
I don't speak Spanish lol missing
Mohamed Haikal
Mohamed Haikal 7 kun oldin
All his song is no 1 never going down
manacee mboma
manacee mboma 7 kun oldin
moonlight 2 and look at me 1
Sir Liam Bernard
Sir Liam Bernard 7 kun oldin
as a huge fan as x his is hella cringe. you can tell they don’t really like x at all if they don’t put one fucking soundcloud song (aka some of his best songs). they should’ve realized how controversial this would have been and is
EJ505 7 kun oldin
he will be missed by many😭including me
TURTLE BRO VLOGS 7 kun oldin
Rip x
josh ford
josh ford 7 kun oldin
this man was going to do great things, well greater things. he was just at his beginning , nowhere near his peak. such a shame man. the good always die young it's really true. R.I.P x
Mister_otter 7 kun oldin
Changes Look at me Going down Remedy for a broken heat Sad Hope Moonlight Infinity 888 Jocelyn Flores Everybody dies in their nightmares I know many will not agree with this but it’s my opinion
ghosti seth
ghosti seth 7 kun oldin
Waths the name of the clips where hes raping in
MAKE OUT HILL. 7 kun oldin
8:45 you pronounced that extremely wrong dude wooooow
Chloe Simone TV
Chloe Simone TV 7 kun oldin
lsaiah Springer
lsaiah Springer 7 kun oldin
Moonlight is the best
X-Faktor 7 kun oldin
Why did u say it like that "After he was killed😠😈"
Louis Choi
Louis Choi 7 kun oldin
Carry on is underrated
Charlie Hardy
Charlie Hardy 7 kun oldin
Riot has always been my favorite song
Herbert Brimage
Herbert Brimage 7 kun oldin
That was the fack x
Herbert Brimage
Herbert Brimage 7 kun oldin
Haha yeah just got back
Yousef I
Yousef I 8 kun oldin
Pure talent
Jesse Fabela
Jesse Fabela 8 kun oldin
You can't make a list because every single song is amazing
Kodey Wolf Collar
Kodey Wolf Collar 8 kun oldin
my top 10 fav 10.freddy vs jason 9.FUXK 8.FUCKABITCHFACE 7.RUNUPONME 6.vice city 5.revenge 4.look at me 3.voss 2.pistol 1.carry on
8 oy oldin