Top 5 Fortnite Mysteries THAT MAY NEVER BE SOLVED!

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Top 5 Fortnite Mysteries THAT MAY NEVER BE SOLVED!
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Top5Gaming 4 oy oldin
THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO GOT US TO 1 MILLION! Here's to a million more. Much love, T5G. ❤
Candace Hartzel
Candace Hartzel 15 kun oldin
more vids
Candace Hartzel
Candace Hartzel 15 kun oldin
hey Top5Gaming the rex and trytratops skins in the idam shop are not here because the mider hit the battle iland in the movie and real life dnos died by the mider that means thats why do not have it.
Daxton Sasaki
Daxton Sasaki 29 kun oldin
Top5Gaming p
jesus Juarez
jesus Juarez Oy oldin
stop Liam Matin noob hahahaha
jesus Juarez
jesus Juarez Oy oldin
Ryuga Anderson
Ryuga Anderson 2 kun oldin
Anybody in season7 ?
Ryuga Anderson
Ryuga Anderson 2 kun oldin
Does anybody else know what the hoe. Pickaxes is Its the default pick If you look at it then it says hoe on it
Eddie the boy
Eddie the boy 4 kun oldin
G-reece_ playz minecraft
Omg also tbe skeleton on bottom of floating island in season 6/and that magicly appeared in moisty mire/probably dinasour
Anwar Bibi
Anwar Bibi 7 kun oldin
Djessy Hermsen
Djessy Hermsen 8 kun oldin
Oow i love lost
Craig Marsh
Craig Marsh 9 kun oldin
Sandra Barton
Sandra Barton 10 kun oldin
You are like, one of the best UZvidrs ever!
Griffin Rupright
Griffin Rupright 12 kun oldin
Victor Julio Velandia
Mandy Naples
Mandy Naples 13 kun oldin
How I did it was I was running from the storm and it sead open so I opened it and Sall about 10-20 chests
Mandy Naples
Mandy Naples 13 kun oldin
I've opened the dunker
C Coberley
C Coberley 14 kun oldin
Maybe thanos can break the bunker
Sandra Bookert
Sandra Bookert 15 kun oldin
Lol I play to much
Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert 15 kun oldin
0911 it kilos you
Maro Kulušić
Maro Kulušić 16 kun oldin
Tanos arme have a blue game thet smash the basmet
Kid Vin Ninja
Kid Vin Ninja 17 kun oldin
You da bomb
A Person
A Person 19 kun oldin
no you sit
Freeman Tenney
Freeman Tenney 19 kun oldin
I got in it by the base in wailing
Shaun Potter
Shaun Potter 19 kun oldin
It was the din
Angel Solis
Angel Solis 20 kun oldin
Ethan Hoffman
Ethan Hoffman 20 kun oldin
Omg in da part where a meter hits the trysarotops skin and rex skin both in it and da visitor skin sent da metor!!!
Anxiety Miguel
Anxiety Miguel 20 kun oldin
I promise I will like this comment! Well you promised
Nate Copeland
Nate Copeland 20 kun oldin
lost is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Sands
David Sands 21 kun oldin
Soo this is my theory, since the visitor came and set off the rocket and then the rocket made a crack in the space time continuum that means that there was a whole new different planet or world inside the crack which could be the visitors home. Since there was a crack in the sky and a whole new place up there that also might be where the cube came from. The cube made leaky lake a huge floating island that later exploded. After the island exploded there was a weird universe which then a rift appeared and was a butterfly 🦋 rift. The thing that made lots of people curious is that when this event was happening the whole place was white and had a hole in the middle. This was no ordinary place this was the middle of leaky lake. And then the cube was about to explode the cube dropped a large crystal like thing into the portal under the island. So I think this was al the visitors fault😱
big rig 123
big rig 123 21 kun oldin
Bro globel warming is. Not reel the werold is not as bad eny more bro ok theworeld is not geting hot ok its geting more ok and haw i no be cuse we get more rly witer ok so dont say globel worming its not bad ok
Aiden sm
Aiden sm 22 kun oldin
Elijah Duran
Elijah Duran 23 kun oldin
It was meh
simon talty
simon talty 23 kun oldin
its slurp juice
Ninjas Hyper
Ninjas Hyper 23 kun oldin
Comment what you think is inside the bunker. I think that in season 7 or 8 it will open and inside it will be dinosaurs. Because in Paradise Palms they have dinosaurs and it might have something to do with the bunker or season 7 or 8
Mizoo The Gaming Person
It is a slurp JUICE!
Cypnetic 25 kun oldin
I WONDER.. *what is life.*
Michael Chance
Michael Chance 25 kun oldin
Maryella Kearney
Maryella Kearney 25 kun oldin
I think that in that crate there is a chest
Sharon Bates
Sharon Bates 27 kun oldin
the storm was suppose to be a way to kill players. It was a failed weather control
Julie the wolf
Julie the wolf 29 kun oldin
4:26 do you see the face?
varoulko 21
varoulko 21 29 kun oldin
Venus storm it isn't Erth is Venus
Mikael Coronado
I’m watching in season 6
varoulko 21
varoulko 21 Oy oldin
Best spongbob mlg
Annie Velasquez
Your the best youtubeer ever
Annie Velasquez
Way are you so cool😎
Hi Jaxon
Hi Jaxon Oy oldin
He says he hates clickbait but he does it himself
Isabel Marquez
Durrr Burger
Durrr Burger Oy oldin
Maybe the buncer summoned the infinite gaulet
KHalil Copeland
Mr. Meow 2Cats
Spoiler(Season6) Cube Will Gone Xd.. Im on season 6 now.. *:*
Aidin Gaudet
Aidin Gaudet Oy oldin
Zero nine one one I like bananas and spaghetti
Saimies cat Plays
Do vbucks giveaway
MagmaPlayer ROUSSETT
6:18that would be so cool and awesome!!!!
Nick Trawinski
You know the floating loot lake island and the cube maybe a dinosaur will come out like a bay be T. rex just maybe
Jameson Shafer
# v- bucks giveaway plz
Cosmetic Stealing Mann
We got zombies in battle royale but then dinosaurs Much enemies for us
lets doit
lets doit Oy oldin
Son of jark how did you want the tilted tower destroy
Alden Oy oldin
Lily Torrechilla
Fortnite is at mars
Lily Torrechilla
Actually They told why there is a storm in save the world and it's called acid rain
Hannah & mike
Hannah & mike Oy oldin
wut if thanos is in the bunkr
yo solito
yo solito Oy oldin
I think it was from a Hurrican
bnsf rail fan santa fe
So i called 0911 and the cops answered what do i do
Lilian the elf
It's not on earth it's on veanes
Jaymes Catlett
W boi Sonic
W boi Sonic Oy oldin
Also bunker open in middle of maze
Dominic Pierce
killergrisell abc123
if you really know so much, then where's the jet packs from season 4 I think
Angry Birds Plush Nest 2
Tricraops stole the chug jug
Haresh Anna Ravi Maran
i think the banker is to hide from zombies in seson 6 (not save the world but battle royale) maybe
Haresh Anna Ravi Maran
Itz Dre
Itz Dre Oy oldin
4:26 happy face
Noreen Jean Serrano
ha ha cool
the amazing dude Gonzales
Its the pickaxe the storm will strike The pickaxe that you have
Artjom Artjom
Artjom Artjom Oy oldin
chouye 555
chouye 555 Oy oldin
4 watch gAme theory
The Frag
The Frag Oy oldin
Angela Trincia
I think the cube and the storm are connected
Stacey Gillis
Stacey Gillis Oy oldin
6:38 did not age well we do not have dinosaurs nor impulses in season 6
Emu Gamer
Emu Gamer Oy oldin
what if you get the shadow stone and try to teleport in the bunker and wouldnt it be fun if you could keep the shadown stone in your inventory like if you agree
Sawyer Trueman
0911 bro the Fortnite island is on venas because has acid rain
Lisa Moores
Lisa Moores Oy oldin
Tricera ops stole the chug
Silly Toadpro
Silly Toadpro Oy oldin
Guys guess what Read more
LoganLP Oy oldin
Maybe the island in fornite will destroy tilled towers renaming it broken towers
EG BatCcoom
EG BatCcoom 2 oy oldin
That takes place in Greasy Grove dinosaur foot print near greasy grove
EG BatCcoom
EG BatCcoom 2 oy oldin
The T-rEx loading screen
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 2 oy oldin
The begginging WELL SHOW YOU OLD MAN! -earrape battle-
fire frost
fire frost 2 oy oldin
It's season 6 and it's still not open yet
Magic Baer
Magic Baer 2 oy oldin
You are welcome.
Magic Baer
Magic Baer 2 oy oldin
They DID add something to the bunker. Pretty interesting.
Brianna's World of awesomeness 7
Warning! Dusty debit will be redone! Currently the island is moving the 7 *soon to be* island in dusty debits!
Erick Castrejon
Erick Castrejon 2 oy oldin
the Big footprint could Be Bigfoot
chandlerks2025 2 oy oldin
um T5G thats not a chug jug thats a slurp just saying (p.s i still love your videos)
Aaron Melgar
Aaron Melgar 2 oy oldin
Why he does this voice in these type of vids but in gameing he does different voice
Milda Ramanauskiene
Justin Marco
Justin Marco 2 oy oldin
im from the future the season 6 title is darkness rises
Dat Potato
Dat Potato 2 oy oldin
Imascorro The White Shadow
Omen and omega accidentally created the storm
Titanfail 2 oy oldin
I feel like the footprint was added as a reference to the meteor that made the Dinosaurs go extinct.
Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson 2 oy oldin
here's my theory pause at 2:26 I see a smile maybe this means something evil with a smile is coming like if you agree.
redscooter100 2 oy oldin
Can I have the battle pas