Top 5 Fortnite Mysteries THAT MAY NEVER BE SOLVED!

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Top 5 Fortnite Mysteries THAT MAY NEVER BE SOLVED!
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Top5Gaming 2 oy oldin
THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO GOT US TO 1 MILLION! Here's to a million more. Much love, T5G. ❤
EpicC 111
EpicC 111 23 kun oldin
random gamer
random gamer 29 kun oldin
I think it's funny that he uses the same fornite video in the background
Michael Mcnish
Top5Gamings best vid ever
THE BOMB Oy oldin
Tiltied towers was touched by the Stewarts
Oliver Trajcevski
Top5Gaming .
Abdulkarim Alshaar
Abdulkarim Alshaar 6 soat oldin
Stacey Gillis
Stacey Gillis 13 soat oldin
6:38 did not age well we do not have dinosaurs nor impulses in season 6
HealthPlexFitnessCP 17 soat oldin
Emu Gamer
Emu Gamer 22 soat oldin
what if you get the shadow stone and try to teleport in the bunker and wouldnt it be fun if you could keep the shadown stone in your inventory like if you agree
Sawyer Trueman
Sawyer Trueman Kun oldin
0911 bro the Fortnite island is on venas because has acid rain
Lisa Moores
Lisa Moores Kun oldin
Tricera ops stole the chug
Silly Toadpro
Silly Toadpro 2 kun oldin
Guys guess what Read more
LoganLP 2 kun oldin
Maybe the island in fornite will destroy tilled towers renaming it broken towers
EG BatCcoom
EG BatCcoom 2 kun oldin
That takes place in Greasy Grove dinosaur foot print near greasy grove
EG BatCcoom
EG BatCcoom 2 kun oldin
The T-rEx loading screen
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 3 kun oldin
The begginging WELL SHOW YOU OLD MAN! -earrape battle-
fire frost
fire frost 3 kun oldin
It's season 6 and it's still not open yet
Magic Baer
Magic Baer 3 kun oldin
You are welcome.
Magic Baer
Magic Baer 3 kun oldin
They DID add something to the bunker. Pretty interesting.
Brianna's World of awesomeness 7
Warning! Dusty debit will be redone! Currently the island is moving the 7 *soon to be* island in dusty debits!
Erick Castrejon
Erick Castrejon 4 kun oldin
the Big footprint could Be Bigfoot
chandlerks2025 5 kun oldin
um T5G thats not a chug jug thats a slurp just saying (p.s i still love your videos)
Aaron Melgar
Aaron Melgar 5 kun oldin
Why he does this voice in these type of vids but in gameing he does different voice
Milda Ramanauskiene
Justin Marco
Justin Marco 6 kun oldin
im from the future the season 6 title is darkness rises
Dat Potato
Dat Potato 7 kun oldin
Imascorro The White Shadow
Omen and omega accidentally created the storm
Titanfail 8 kun oldin
I feel like the footprint was added as a reference to the meteor that made the Dinosaurs go extinct.
Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson 9 kun oldin
here's my theory pause at 2:26 I see a smile maybe this means something evil with a smile is coming like if you agree.
redscooter100 9 kun oldin
Can I have the battle pas
Blue Diamond plays
Blue Diamond plays 9 kun oldin
Luckily that’s what we have game theory for
Ellis Brear
Ellis Brear 9 kun oldin
It's not a brachiosaurus it's a diplodocus as a brachiosaurus has a slight crest on it's head
Azane Riley
Azane Riley 10 kun oldin
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 11 kun oldin
welp there goes the soldiers
Error 666
Error 666 12 kun oldin
Error 666
Error 666 12 kun oldin
Well in season 6 the bunker expands to some of the other houses in the woods.
8-bit Gamer
8-bit Gamer 13 kun oldin
That's a slurp juice tho
Creeper King 580
Creeper King 580 13 kun oldin
it on venus!
Eugenija Zembinskiene
Bunker is solved season 6
King Phil
King Phil 14 kun oldin
There is a sign that says today with a line through it and under it it says tomorrow
Timothy Hom
Timothy Hom 15 kun oldin
Brachiosaurus is not one of the biggest dinosaurs
GoldenTNT !
GoldenTNT ! 15 kun oldin
I think the storm made the rifts and cube and helps the husk thing you said in this video
Dawn Holmes
Dawn Holmes 15 kun oldin
Ooo yaaaa
MeMe 15 kun oldin
chug jug? Its actually a slurp juice
matias lopez
matias lopez 17 kun oldin
Who watching in season6
Zombies4 Evadude
Zombies4 Evadude 17 kun oldin
Well now they added an open bunker in wailing
TeMMiE ChAnNeL 18 kun oldin
where's fred
Dominick Alvarez
Dominick Alvarez 18 kun oldin
its season 6 and it turns out that dragons are coming, not dinosaurs
NIKBO55GAMING 18 kun oldin
Meme overload
ferdinand prado
ferdinand prado 19 kun oldin
Its not a Chug gug its a slurp juice
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez 19 kun oldin
0911 is my birthday
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez 19 kun oldin
Auren GamingTV
Auren GamingTV 20 kun oldin
0:17 is the meme
Justin James
Justin James 20 kun oldin
The bunker is a Lost(TVShow) Easter egg
Kia NaNaNa
Kia NaNaNa 21 kun oldin
Meme *Splash* ! 😂
Aiden Knight
Aiden Knight 22 kun oldin
Love the channel
FeelMyNegative2CPS 22 kun oldin
0:44 i dont know what to say just watch it
Enrique Navarro
Enrique Navarro 22 kun oldin
Season 6 coming!!!!!!!!!
mason messer
mason messer 22 kun oldin
i know a develepor at epic when season7 comes out the bunker will open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jr Padron
Jr Padron 23 kun oldin
I know why there's a foot in their Godzilla was hungry and then eat the house
Jr Padron
Jr Padron 23 kun oldin
I know I know who stilled the junk juice John Cena still in it
bad gamer6667
bad gamer6667 23 kun oldin
what chug jug.
John Moreno
John Moreno 23 kun oldin
I watched all of lost and ur right
Rakhu Das
Rakhu Das 24 kun oldin
easter egg = howard the alien = asteroid in' fortnite = CONNECTED
Smasher 24 kun oldin
Waiting 1 season season 6
Tommy Cole
Tommy Cole 24 kun oldin
Map pack has already done a Siri on fortnite and he has concluded that this game takes place on terraformed Venus and the storm is the acid rain
Morris Moore
Morris Moore 24 kun oldin
In fortnight what’s the point of life because what happens to the storm after you win
DiamondDude081 Streams
Break-iosaurus It's Brachiosaurus
maxi m boy
maxi m boy 25 kun oldin
I think the there will be a dinosaur game mode almost like thanos
StaraPicka 25 kun oldin
zombiekilla 25 kun oldin
i think the bunker will be the main screen for season 6. Hiding from the end of the world
Chan Yean Wah
Chan Yean Wah 26 kun oldin
I think the thanos infinity GUANLET can break the bunkwr
Milán Békési
Milán Békési 26 kun oldin
Fortnite is on Venus beacuse in the save the world you can see the planet witch looks like Venus but whit water and the argon and electricity in the air make the purple storm
KeKe The cutie
KeKe The cutie 26 kun oldin
Someone glitched in the bunker and there is nothing undert there. Just dirt and stone.
Benjmin Davis
Benjmin Davis 26 kun oldin
My very first win was in telted towers and the circle ended in it .
Diema Shirko
Diema Shirko 26 kun oldin
I think the bunker is the vault w the guns
Gabe Sanchez
Gabe Sanchez 26 kun oldin
I think that the storm came from aliens such as the man from the rocket. i think those same people planted a flaw in the storm like a device that is making it destroy many others so they can take over the planet.
cool_ yi
cool_ yi 26 kun oldin
theirs 1 movie i know for top 4 GEOSTORM.
Christian Dore
Christian Dore 27 kun oldin
thats a slurp juice
Bailey Phillips
Bailey Phillips 27 kun oldin
For you guys cube...purple...storm...save the world...worlds collide...battle royal and save the world collide
King FJ
King FJ 27 kun oldin
The ragnorock skin represents the END OF THE WORLD and the underground bunker is so people can be safe from the “END OF THE WORLD!” I theorize that there will be a huge explosion at loot lake, maybe by the cube, and the new skins will survive by hiding there! An END OF WORLD preparation!
Richard Salazar
Richard Salazar 27 kun oldin
The Dino Stachus are alive
Brayden Macdonald
Brayden Macdonald 27 kun oldin
DaRk Soldier
DaRk Soldier 27 kun oldin
I just realized the underground Bunker is a underground structure built to protect people from natural or human disasters and as top 5 states that Ragnarok is the god of disaster and in other ways known as the end of times so i think that the underground bunker should be opening because of the end of the map but i think the bunker leads to a new map that Fortnite has been working on since season 3 so once season 6 hits everyone is going to get a trailer of the people of Fortnite going into the bunker either making it possible to go to a new map, and have a chance to stay at the new completely destroyed version of the original map leading to the complete version of the start of season 6.
rednight yt
rednight yt 28 kun oldin
i have a theory i heard ragnarock was the god of lightening. the cube was created by lightening. and ragnarock was gonna destroy the world. witch i think means the cube will turn the storm into the storm we see in save the world
Milty ceral
Milty ceral 28 kun oldin
The answer is simple it's the illuminati
Matthew Faber
Matthew Faber 28 kun oldin
I still think that the storm is a rippoff from the serie the mist
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 28 kun oldin
I honestly like this channel
VGDA Gaming
VGDA Gaming 28 kun oldin
Here’s hints sa__ t__ __r_d. D.4. Purple cube and don’t search up d.4 it’s d.4 and something after that oh and cloaked star. This is for the cube not bunker
Master_Gamer 96
Master_Gamer 96 28 kun oldin
i think that the bunker is the black nights home
Poodsie Bro
Poodsie Bro 28 kun oldin
Theory for bunker is date of thanos event + 70 days (1 season) is opening date
Newton 40
Newton 40 28 kun oldin
Awww fortnite went tell me but my friend told very interesting I already know before release ha ha I get it what I already solved fortunately I won't tell you ha ha
Giovanni Alicea
Giovanni Alicea 5 kun oldin
Wtf did you say? That sentence structure though...
Robert Sands
Robert Sands 28 kun oldin
I think the cube should become a place where you can go to and it should be call cooled down cube
Captainjake 19
Captainjake 19 28 kun oldin
One small meter= 6 damage to tilted
Captainjake 19
Captainjake 19 28 kun oldin
Bro season 6= Ali A life bro his life is depending on this content bro what if he hacked the game spawned the cub epic Dosnt care Bc it’s Ali a and he is using it for content buunt dunt u dunt
Captainjake 19
Captainjake 19 28 kun oldin
Y would they replace it when they r building something new in tiltied
Shay Heffron
Shay Heffron 28 kun oldin
CringyCookie 28 kun oldin
Here is some information about the bunker/dinosaurs/visitor fortnite//:S6dll/storyline(); The Bunker: In the beginning of Season 6 the bunker will get opened by "The Enforcer" The Dinosaurs: The dinosaurs mean nothing! The dinosaurs started with the rex skin but it was just a fun idea for a skin. Then there was the tricera ops and a dinosaur skeleton in "Moisty Mire". The only reason the skeleton was there was because it was fake and it was only for the movie because inside of Moisty Mire you could see cameras all over the place! Then the dinosaurs in the Desert got added but those were for the movie too! The Visitor: The Visitor or "TheTimeTraveler" traveled through time! As you can see it looks very futuristic and that is because it came from the future! It then wanted to go back to time and used Omen's rocket to do that but it created a Rift (Time Portal) and people/places from all different times came into the fortnite world (Vikings, Desert etc.). This was an accident but the Visitor is now out of the game. It will be part of the storyline again in the future
David Carnegie
David Carnegie 29 kun oldin
Tilted Tomatoes
Oh Well,
Oh Well, 29 kun oldin
Game theory the UZvid channel solved some of the fortnite theory s
Rits J
Rits J 29 kun oldin
I think when avengers infinity war2 comes it will open as the thanos mod will come back
beatsboy 21
beatsboy 21 29 kun oldin
What if the bunker is from the show the 100 or maze runner
wwolfy playes
wwolfy playes 29 kun oldin
I just realized that the chug jug is a slurp juice
AdditionalGamer 29 kun oldin
1:12 thats a slurp