Top 5 GMM Animal Moments (2018)

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We're counting down the top 5 GMM animal moments of 2018, as voted on by YOU! GMM #1452
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26-Dek, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 1 661
RockismyAir 17 soat oldin
Rewatching old ones I didn't see. I love Barbara and Jade. Now I wanna watch every episode of the year. Oh god, that pony loves Link.
goku son
goku son Kun oldin
I hadnt watched gmm in a year. How did things get so intense between rhett and chase lol.
FizzleFazzle 3 kun oldin
wOuld yOu like tO have fun with me? This is richerd. He likes fun
LV RB 3 kun oldin
Seriously, the cockroach cyddling wast in this episode???
Karen 3 kun oldin
What?? LOL
Brogan Rigby
Brogan Rigby 4 kun oldin
5:35 is by far the best one I was dying laughing so hard wheezing lol just the way he breathed in damiels ear
HalieDL13 5 kun oldin
I just want another video of Damnyell and Cotton Candy Randy.
Jerrylynn Combs
Jerrylynn Combs 5 kun oldin
Mica Gladding
Mica Gladding 6 kun oldin
The relationship that the crew members have with Rhett and link is like no other studio I’ve seen. I love it.
marilee vaughan
marilee vaughan 7 kun oldin
lol I got an IBM ad while watching this video creds to you if you know why that's ironic
The Wolf Leader
The Wolf Leader 8 kun oldin
My favorite part was the yoga snakes. I was literally in tears laughing by Link's face shriveling up like that. Reminds me of that toothless meme guy who could put his underlip over his nose without pulling it over the nose with his hands x,D Omg... My belly hurts!!!
Noblesse Oblige
Noblesse Oblige 9 kun oldin
I just need a whole show of Damnyell and Cotton Candy Randy interacting.
Jackson Tallent
Jackson Tallent 9 kun oldin
Link looks like bubbles from trailer park boys at 8:50
Jimin 10 kun oldin
Aw I love chase
D'laynee staples
D'laynee staples 11 kun oldin
is there anything in those cups or is just empty
Frank McNail
Frank McNail 12 kun oldin
Love y’all...thanks for another great year. 😜
Shelly Slavek
Shelly Slavek 12 kun oldin
I NEED a NC State Christmas sweater!!!
Alexis Mussche
Alexis Mussche 12 kun oldin
Links face and whimper has me crying 😂😂 " see through your new eyes"😂
Lilly And friends
Lilly And friends 12 kun oldin
Is chase gay?🏳️‍🌈?🏳️‍🌈?
Isaac _
Isaac _ 12 kun oldin
Can someone tell me what Rhett's sweater's reference is? I thought the NC meant North Carolina but then I noticed the S. This is gonna bug me for a while
Kshitij Parajuli
Kshitij Parajuli 13 kun oldin
Where can I find the NC State ugly sweater? I wanna rep my college next holiday season!
anela reese
anela reese 13 kun oldin
ew my aunt and uncles names are Jennifer and mark.
Kathleen Graves
Kathleen Graves 13 kun oldin
Snakes?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Valerie Goff
Valerie Goff 13 kun oldin
Goo wolfpack!! Love Rhett's sweater lol
Amit Trivedi
Amit Trivedi 13 kun oldin
We need top 50 not top 5
Eden Ruthenberg
Eden Ruthenberg 13 kun oldin
Rhett kiss a frog lol
john laurens
john laurens 14 kun oldin
hhhhi chase
Nathan Lerche
Nathan Lerche 14 kun oldin
#1 should be “you can do it serpent king”
Alfie Ebbrell
Alfie Ebbrell 14 kun oldin
Isn’t it called Boxing Day not the day after Christmas
Afterburn 722
Afterburn 722 14 kun oldin
I can say from personal experience that snakes like the slither over the upper bridge of one's glasses
RubMyNutt 14 kun oldin
disenchanted.forest 14 kun oldin
The rat was so cute 😇
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 14 kun oldin
Welp Rhett’s gay for chase
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 14 kun oldin
I Jujubei
I Jujubei 15 kun oldin
Antikia 15 kun oldin
Link with that snake headband on, I'm dying xD
BootsTheCat 15 kun oldin
You know sometimes I forget that they are the bosses of all of this.
LennonTheAssassin !!!
chett 11:41
Mikey Cholette
Mikey Cholette 15 kun oldin
im GOING TO die for chase oh my GOD
Lord Darkrai
Lord Darkrai 15 kun oldin
😆 it looked like link was gonna pass out with the snake
Mirnum007 16 kun oldin
Why did you leave out the moment the snake was in Link's pants? Though to be fair, the snake poop was pretty good
Breanna Wentz
Breanna Wentz 16 kun oldin
Snake yoga😂😂😂 "say hello to the snakes" "HeLlO"
Breanna Wentz
Breanna Wentz 16 kun oldin
WE NEED MORE DAMNYELL! And Richard of course
δέλτα 16 kun oldin
in my country 25 and 26 december are both christmas
cmoot 16 kun oldin
Who could it be? This animal who I did see Can you help me guess this mystery?
Deadpoolinne 16 kun oldin
I ship it
Skye Neville
Skye Neville 17 kun oldin
My favorite episode of all time is tasting kool-aid pickles with Danmyelle and Richard
jdssurf 17 kun oldin
The Richard danial thing is like watching paint dry, get rid of it. Seriously one of the biggest fails, no offense to Rhet but literally like watching paint dry.
Leah Kelchlin
Leah Kelchlin 17 kun oldin
it is really called a miniture pony
Emma Ingram
Emma Ingram 17 kun oldin
O my gosh chase
Darren Braisdell
Darren Braisdell 17 kun oldin
I genuinely havent laughed this much in a very long time the snake yoga 😂😂😂 thankyou rhett n link for being you.
Marcus Pettersson
Marcus Pettersson 17 kun oldin
Funniest thing today
Nate Blair
Nate Blair 17 kun oldin
Most awkward episode ever! LOL!
Erica Smith
Erica Smith 17 kun oldin
I love chase!!!!
Russell Miller
Russell Miller 17 kun oldin
I remember seeing the pickle episode as very close to one of the first episodes I watched...
Zach Calderon
Zach Calderon 17 kun oldin
“The plot thickens”
MeowgicalCatt 17 kun oldin
I love Chase 🙈🍑
Annie Taylor
Annie Taylor 17 kun oldin
Chase you wanna come over here with that mistletoe?
Meghan McCall
Meghan McCall 17 kun oldin
No cuddle queen Jean with the roaches?????
Indico Lite
Indico Lite 15 kun oldin
That was from a year earlier.
Rinara Collins
Rinara Collins 18 kun oldin
I’m in love with chase 😍 SWOON
Xx Rachel Tate xX
Xx Rachel Tate xX 18 kun oldin
#Chett I ship it
Lee Byrum
Lee Byrum 18 kun oldin
I want Rhett's sweater!
Caroline Kridle
Caroline Kridle 18 kun oldin
dzasdvas basadgas
dzasdvas basadgas 18 kun oldin
I love this damn show and these two guys so much I swear they help me get thru each day so much. You are the funniest dudes on the face of the planet lol just thank you gmm.
Arielle Noyes
Arielle Noyes 18 kun oldin
Number 2 is deff my favorite. Those moments were hilarious!
Ariel McCarthy
Ariel McCarthy 18 kun oldin
More Rhett with frogs being goofy link with horses being silly
Ariel McCarthy
Ariel McCarthy 18 kun oldin
Lol😂 more what do rats like. It was kinda really cute🎀
Mitchell Winter
Mitchell Winter 18 kun oldin
OMG I love Cotton Candy Randy
Sharpedeo's Minecraft
ashaney334 18 kun oldin
Snake Yoga is my #1 moment of the year, makes me cry laughing every time
Amanda wheat
Amanda wheat 18 kun oldin
I’m literally dying laughing!!! “Imagine if This was one of the first one of These videos someone watched” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
heyou1 18 kun oldin
It’s always an extra awesome episode when chase shows up. (:
Landon Sims
Landon Sims 19 kun oldin
I love Cotton Candy Randy 🍬
Anonymous Cookie
Anonymous Cookie 19 kun oldin
Say hello snakes. Rhett in high pitched voice: Hello snakes. Link in baby voice: Hhaaaaahlo.
Variety_Game_Catz 19 kun oldin
Where the heck was the episode of #1 I've watched all the animal related ones, that was awesome!
Jamie Guilmette
Jamie Guilmette 19 kun oldin
The snake yoga literally gave me anxiety lol
Daniel Keith C
Daniel Keith C 19 kun oldin
TheBT 19 kun oldin
That's a pony, not a miniature horse. It's stout and really fluffy. It looks like a Shetland, based on the height and coat (though maybe a little too big, as Rhett is tall) but either way a mini horse has the same proportions and hair texture of a regular size horse.
Preston_ Reese
Preston_ Reese 19 kun oldin
Does Richard have rabies?
Kimberly N'da
Kimberly N'da 19 kun oldin
11:35 I started to squeal
LolPro 19 kun oldin
Who else ships Damiel and Cotton Candy Randy... no... just me... okay ;-;
Alexander C
Alexander C 19 kun oldin
11:01 its slippy!
Alma Golden
Alma Golden 19 kun oldin
chase is so cute in those overalls
The Codex
The Codex 19 kun oldin
8:59 is that Stephen Hawkin?
alittlemoresonic42 19 kun oldin
I don't know why the rat one was in the top 5 at all. But the snake yoga was good. I laugh every time. I would've voted it number 1.
Merel Bos Waaldijk
Merel Bos Waaldijk 19 kun oldin
That is the cutest frog ever (and im talking about the actual frog not the guy)
Wendy Muhr
Wendy Muhr 19 kun oldin
When the snake crapped I absolutely lost it. Funniest thing
Larry Tomlinson
Larry Tomlinson 19 kun oldin
Guys, find yourself a man that looks at you (and kisses you 😏) the way Chase kisses Rhett!
Gui Porto
Gui Porto 19 kun oldin
Chase is Rhett’s Thunder, haha
Precious Elam
Precious Elam 20 kun oldin
Link I have two miniture horses, buddy and dreamer, and I am seriously considering giving you one after watching this episode
Diego Hernández
Diego Hernández 20 kun oldin
Anyone knows what shoes Link is wearing?
Ashley McDaniel
Ashley McDaniel 20 kun oldin
We really need more of the GMM moms! Love them so much!!
BuckBucktheWookie33 20 kun oldin
Link whimpering during snake yoga is pretty much a metaphor for my life.
megamooe1234 20 kun oldin
I was laughing so hard I started to cry
Carly Adams
Carly Adams 20 kun oldin
Do you know whats really weird? My parents names are Jennifer and Mark.
Abigail E
Abigail E 20 kun oldin
I still don’t understand the point of Cotten candy Randy...
The Genji That Always Need Healing
BYGx ProPlay
BYGx ProPlay 20 kun oldin
Chase needs his own show with Rhett
blandles 21 kun oldin
You guys are awesome and I generally enjoy your videos. But quit stressing animals. It’s not funny.
Maddystew101 S
Maddystew101 S 21 kun oldin
Hey Gmm five minutes craft toke your life hacks with peanut butter on dec 23 with 33 hilarious life hacks
Will It Shoe?
3 yil oldin