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17-Mar, 2018

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Zephyr's Tune
Zephyr's Tune 4 oy oldin
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Sheila xx
Sheila xx 3 oy oldin
Zephyr's Tune I love this video ♥️
JAM Kun oldin
wheels don't stop me Margolin
Dang all these songs are getting to me
wheels don't stop me Margolin
Sam has the voice of an angel brings tears to my eyes every time I hear her voice
SolemnReaper 2 kun oldin
This honestly made me cry, these artists have absolutely exquisite voices and these songs already made me a bit sad/nostalgic, but with the two combined... it's truly amazing.
Aleyna Crimson
Aleyna Crimson 2 kun oldin
robert brazil
robert brazil 3 kun oldin
This is brilliant because my sister is gone to 5 days I miss her 😭
False Name
False Name 3 kun oldin
So many people covered songs in Christina's honor and I didn't even think that any of them would be in this video....what's wrong with my brain? Lol...but yeah...Just a dream got me crying...Christina was my hero, role model and singing inspiration. I am over crying my eyes whenever I hear her voice. But I found her through this song, so hearing it without her breaks my heart and whatever emotional healing I went through after her death is thrown out of window.
Alayna Barrientes
Alayna Barrientes 4 kun oldin
yoo im 1:34 into the video and i cant make it ,im gonna start crying and im in my living room and shit bruh i..... cant let these people see me bawlin' like this 😢😭 edit: number 1 was the only sad one .
Jordan A
Jordan A 4 kun oldin
The scientist song is just great 👍
Layla Parker
Layla Parker 5 kun oldin
~cry~ ~cry~
Lasse hjernøe
Lasse hjernøe 5 kun oldin
the 1st one Sounds like autoturned
Lasse hjernøe
Lasse hjernøe 5 kun oldin
and 2 and 3
Tanisaris Martin
Tanisaris Martin 5 kun oldin
We all know when Sam was singing Christina sang along with him in paradise. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ RIP Christina Grimmie
Chessy 6 kun oldin
10:10 😭😭😭😭😭
Mayra H
Mayra H 6 kun oldin
Does anyone mind hearing my song ?
Lynn Lane
Lynn Lane 7 kun oldin
I love just listening to powerful emotional songs on the radio
katie hyland
katie hyland 7 kun oldin
samantha harvey is sooooooooooooooooo good x
Trip Fifteen
Trip Fifteen 7 kun oldin
The first one is so sad bc my mom is so amazing...but only when she don’t over take her pills and only when she has the right pills :/ I think my mom is beginning to have a bad pull problem and I’m so sad bc I love her to fucking death and I want my mom to be normal again:( I can see her be in such a bad mood all day and every day and she is so mean but then nice 😕I love you mom come back to your old self I miss when you where always happy and nice to me😩
RED MOBILE uk 8 kun oldin
music is so fucking wimpy these days. ..where's the soul gone ...this shit is suicide material
Newtmas_ _Fan
Newtmas_ _Fan 9 kun oldin
Anyone know what kind of mic the 1st girl is using??
3ullHrns 10 kun oldin
Who’s watching this in 2019?🤗
Jenna Stevenson
Jenna Stevenson 10 kun oldin
Genavieve Linkowski (6:58) is my bff's cousin :) go check out her channel here: uzvid.com/show-UCsdQKDpPVbXDQ8xfLnH6YIg
Skyla 10 kun oldin
Check out my video guys!
Pandaz Speedbuildz
Pandaz Speedbuildz 11 kun oldin
that first one made me cry
t r a s h y s o c k
t r a s h y s o c k 11 kun oldin
G o d it’s 2 am and I’m NOT O K
Jadexeclipse 11 kun oldin
Poor angel R.I.P. Christina
Kaitlyn Hayes
Kaitlyn Hayes 12 kun oldin
You need to have happier remake
Tabitha Martin
Tabitha Martin 12 kun oldin
I know I'm not the only one😦😧😥😩
rose 12 kun oldin
the scientis *ugh, so good
Okayy Hae
Okayy Hae 12 kun oldin
Roses are Red Violets are Blue Am I crying? Well so are you
Miss Marilyn Monroe
Miss Marilyn Monroe 13 kun oldin
Just a dream got me because that sing will never be the same, and so will titanium. I can't listen to I bet you don't curse God without cryjngbwhenbshe talks about a daughter not picking up the phone at two am on a Saturday night. She made me line music and I will never get to say thank you.
Winnie Colemire
Winnie Colemire 14 kun oldin
Better man really got to me oml...
Yaraseth Hubbard
Yaraseth Hubbard 14 kun oldin
Samantha harvey!!
zully cortez
zully cortez 21 kun oldin
This comes to prove that we should love each other even tho something people prove we shouldn’t still do you don’t know what someone is going thorough !💕
Alys Lewis xoxo
Alys Lewis xoxo 22 kun oldin
i miss you gabriella💔
Althea Ano
Althea Ano 22 kun oldin
Who else thought that the person singing im not the only one was holding the guitar at the wrong side without realizing that it the video was not mirrored... I'm dumb lol
Umer Farooq Khan
Umer Farooq Khan 22 kun oldin
Genavieve's voice is quite strong
Ruby Robinson
Ruby Robinson 22 kun oldin
supermarket flowers made me cry, i used to sing but only my mum knew i could sing. i only sang to her. she died 6 months ago and i sang at her funeral i knew she was proud in heaven
JustLikeCaitlyn 22 kun oldin
My uncle passed away on Christmas Day... the 1st one got me.
cesarazo 23 kun oldin
Yuan Dorothy
Yuan Dorothy 23 kun oldin
The scientist was the best for me i love coldplay so much
BroMike 27 kun oldin
The "Better Man" one was such a The Voice material.
TheThinking AnimalCrew!
*puts hands up*
sophie bridge
sophie bridge 28 kun oldin
Supermarket flowers was my nans funeral song she passed away due to sepsis 🙏
JustMe MSP
JustMe MSP Oy oldin
💔My parents are going through i break up💔 and music really puts me in my feelings they have beatiful voices btw
JustMe MSP
JustMe MSP 13 kun oldin
+Zephyr's Tune OMG U NOTICED ME!!
Zephyr's Tune
Zephyr's Tune Oy oldin
I'm glad that this music can provide you some comfort :)
Ribena Sabryna
Better Man (Little Big Town) hit me hard
Megan Markin
Megan Markin Oy oldin
Liza Walker
Liza Walker Oy oldin
Supermarket flowers used to be my favorite song. Then unexpectedly, my great aunt which I was close to, died. Cancer had spread through her body in a matter of 2 weeks. This song was played at her funeral. Now I cry every time.
Twenty One Panics
fun fact: Sam Tsui did this song with Christina Grimmie (link uzvid.com/video/video-a2RA0vsZXf8.html)
supermarket flowers always gets to me...
helen. gaming
helen. gaming Oy oldin
GOD i loved the scientist
Maddie P
Maddie P Oy oldin
Samantha always does amazing ❤️ It’s just sad to see her like that 😢 but, it’s still beautiful!
rplgroup.com Oy oldin
Amazing voice ! Amazing decoration !! Amazing emotion !!!
Sarai Ramirez
Sarai Ramirez Oy oldin
wow wow wow
1do2likeU Oy oldin
Maddie Janes cover of "Breakeven" should be in here!
Rocket League Noob
Sam Tsui is awesome thats why i subbed thank him for that
Seth Elkins
Seth Elkins Oy oldin
check out my channel
Jana v. Berlo
Jana v. Berlo Oy oldin
What’s the name of the song by 10:15?
Grae Barr
Grae Barr Oy oldin
Why would an advert come right in the middle of a song. This is why no one watches stupid ads
Winnie Oy oldin
Sam's one is heartbreaking
Lea Elui
Lea Elui Oy oldin
Someone still watching this cause I love it sm❤️
Linda Oy oldin
Samantha i love you
cameron coughlin
The fist on 😭😭😭😭
ezabella allison
sam tsui @ 4:04 is actually a tribute to christina grimmie.. 💗
Aydin Hendrickson
I started ugly crying because of the first one. I grew up calling my Grammy “mom”. She raised me and I love her so much. She’s religious and I’m not but I still like to sing her gospel songs ‘cause it makes her happy. She’ll be gone in the next couple years and I’m not ready for her to go. I’m gonna learn this song to sing to her❤️
Esplosivo Rosa
🤠I like your channel! Pls check out my new video. Classics cover of Don McLean’s “Vincent” uzvid.com/video/video-8HQ_Nrv1HOg.html Thank you ✌️
AnaNeville Oy oldin
Can people please check out my new singing video it would mean a lot to me
Olivia Your mom
Sam made me cry. Again. Every goddamn time 😭
Master G
Master G Oy oldin
Amilah Azmi
Amilah Azmi Oy oldin
yeahh tears on cheek😪
chayse hanlin
chayse hanlin Oy oldin
Im not crying, you're crying!😭
nat Oy oldin
coming up on three years w/o christina...rip love💙💙💙
Waaauw Cool! Check this Video >> uzvid.com/video/video-psNPaQScyZ0.html
Christopher Forrest
Sam Tsui only sung his part which made it stood out 💔😭 all made me cry 😭😭
HR K86
HR K86 Oy oldin
Best ...
Peyton Prince
Peyton Prince Oy oldin
How have I never heard Sam’s tribute to Christina? Damn.
Memeachu 2 oy oldin
I miss Christina Grimmie😭😭 i saw that cover and almost cried
Really Lily
Really Lily 2 oy oldin
omg😭☹️can’t lie that first one really made me cry hard 💔😭
PJ Vocals
PJ Vocals 2 oy oldin
Hey I don’t know if anyone will read this but I just made a youtube I post on Instagram .. I ain’t a great singer but I have heart I am trying to get heard so if you dropped a like it would mean the world !
Nakita Harris
Nakita Harris 2 oy oldin
Omg love them all but holy moly ANNA !! Subscribing to her now.. its just her whole vibe that's soooo connecting
Ley 4
Ley 4 2 oy oldin
crying squad :)
Alice Middleton
Alice Middleton 2 oy oldin
13:07 has me sobbing
Metal Lover
Metal Lover 2 oy oldin
The third one omggg
Ava Keil
Ava Keil 2 oy oldin
In your next one please put time to say goodbye in by Hope x
Stephanie Harrigle
These covers are awesome my dad is in the hospital so when I listen to these covers it makes me postivite and not alone because other people are going through something we all are
Joseph Marino
Joseph Marino 2 oy oldin
And I'm not talking to you all these people out there on UZvid that are being disrespectful so be careful with the people out there if you know what I mean I am Italian I don't like disrespect I don't like that s*** try to be nice to everybody.😉😉
Joseph Marino
Joseph Marino 2 oy oldin
I hope you know I'm Italian and the people that are out there on UZvid that a talk and I hope they know I'm Italian and what they saying is very bad I hope they realize that I really don't God bless them believe me😉😉
Genny Who
Genny Who 2 oy oldin
“Genavieve”.....bitch what kinda spelling 😦
Azfa Rasyad
Azfa Rasyad 2 oy oldin
Laura Rehder
Laura Rehder 2 oy oldin
Heeey, could you listen to my cover?? uzvid.com/video/video-Ig-uOpqM1VY.html thank you very much!!
Khloe Harrison
Khloe Harrison 2 oy oldin
i saw samatha harvey and clicked
Sky Plays
Sky Plays 2 oy oldin
Who hurt that boy😭
Cherry Dan Covers
I also do song covers too! Check out my channel :)
Yare Yare
Yare Yare 2 oy oldin
I have a big exam for tomorrow and hear I am crying like a little girl because of Sam’s 😭💕
ProfessorCrank 2 oy oldin
Omg Sam.... so nice
Ivy B.
Ivy B. 2 oy oldin
I reccomend Chase Eagleston to everyone btw!
Malikai The Hokage
Update-Caleb Hyles My Immortal-Toys R Us Tribute!😭😭😭
Mayara Duarte
Mayara Duarte 2 oy oldin
Sunflower hit me up.because my dad died when I was 2 and I never met him cuz I was born in a different country and my dad was in a different country (he lived with his mom)(my Nan) the only on that saw him was my older sister (we have different moms)
Jenny's Lifestyle
I can't explain it. The songs were like an arrow in my heart😢. Mostly the firt one😣❤
Ammon Sword
Ammon Sword 2 oy oldin
Last number so beautiful... shedding a tear from the 808.