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17-Mar, 2018



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Zephyr's Tune
Zephyr's Tune 6 oy oldin
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Akash Chopra
Akash Chopra Oy oldin
Advertisment ^
Akash Chopra
Akash Chopra Oy oldin
This is an advertisement for 30daysinger.com Well that was disappointing..
Sheila xx
Sheila xx 5 oy oldin
Zephyr's Tune I love this video ♥️
Grayson Smith
Grayson Smith 4 kun oldin
While it wasn't in this list, Can't Help Falling In Love will always be the song that gets me...sometimes even makes me tear up...
Chris Gorham
Chris Gorham 6 kun oldin
Annie Pearl
Annie Pearl 6 kun oldin
My heart feel so blue💔
Sophe Chares
Sophe Chares 7 kun oldin
The song supermake flower make me cry bc I remember my father, he die a month ago love u dad😦😭😭wish u were here😢
Axelle Wolf
Axelle Wolf 7 kun oldin
it's all so sad I love all the clovers
Ireland Finch
Ireland Finch 10 kun oldin
Better man cover broke my heart
sgim43 11 kun oldin
could have sworn that first song was going to be "somewhere over the rainbow" lol
its yea boi sonnyd
its yea boi sonnyd 11 kun oldin
I lost the best girl in my life she was my angle everything for me but I was dumb and now I have no one to love. When I think about her I cry cause I miss her. 9:13 she will get talented if she was on stage
Edgar Machado
Edgar Machado 12 kun oldin
foi mal mais nao batem a lana del rey.
Jastine Gem Tato
Jastine Gem Tato 12 kun oldin
Supermarket Flowers got me. It reminded of people who are not with me now
Läuft Bei Dir
Läuft Bei Dir 13 kun oldin
The fourth one probably gets all the girls with this. 😂
SolderFlows 13 kun oldin
I loved the Netflix advert when "the most emotional" came in.
Punkt DE
Punkt DE 13 kun oldin
Alec Chambers?
Leia1864 15 kun oldin
Chinenye Onwuzuruoha
Sam Tsui's Christina Grimmie's tribute still got me teary eyed in 2019
Typical Minority
Typical Minority 20 kun oldin
where the g note at?
Lily K
Lily K 21 kun oldin
As a massive Ed Sheeran Fan I must say there's only one cover of supermarket flowers that gets me every time: Biancas Cover. Don't like Samanthas covers coz it's just too much autotune🤷🏻‍♀️ (check other videos and you'll see what I'm talking about)
Yogie Arienatha
Yogie Arienatha 21 kun oldin
Keep clam
Julie Kindermans
Julie Kindermans 21 kun oldin
Well, my life sucks and nobody kwows...
Za ko
Za ko 22 kun oldin
Time to say good bye my beloved, Keep the good Memories, and let the bad one go. I will always remember you - _Hentaihaven_ 2018 🙏
When she started sobbing at the end of "I'm Not The Only One" my heart broke.
Sara Bravo
Sara Bravo 23 kun oldin
The scientist me hizo llorar, me flipa, yo cuando la canto me emociono bastante😍❤
Fleur Groothuesheidkamp
how can people not like this? I love it!
x_dxlantwins_x 26 kun oldin
Somebody else by ebony day should be here
Chelsea AC
Chelsea AC 26 kun oldin
I didn’t start sobbing until the second song. It must have took so much strength for Sam Tsui to sing that song. He originally had made it a duet with Christina. Christina, you are so missed...😭
Ashley Mkwanazi
Ashley Mkwanazi 28 kun oldin
Samantha Harvey is so beautiful. Her voice is angelic.
Fajar alfharidji
4.04 the cover just a dream like Shawn mendes
wafushel Oy oldin
the firsy girl to sing was so good
The first one really hit home..... my mum went into hospital a little while back and I sang to her every day, until she woke up and the last song I sang to her was Supermarket Flowers and then she work up the next morning and told me she could hear everything......
Jettes World
Jettes World Oy oldin
I just closed my eyes and enjoyed
Soph Dog
Soph Dog Oy oldin
omg the 2 was so powerful
bookertag Oy oldin
Lucia Mendoza
Lucia Mendoza Oy oldin
Wow the second one was strong.
Jim Oy oldin
pria Oy oldin
check out my cover of when the party's over :) uzvid.com/video/video-ur2Y7vIfC0M.html
JAY AJ Oy oldin
just a dream was the best!!!! very emotional..!
sjjsjsjs shhsjz
One month ago I lost my grandma, we were really close so Supermarket flowers made me cry, I miss her so much
Arian Long
Arian Long Oy oldin
The videos that read THE MOST are usually the opposite lmao. Go listen to I fall apart by post Malone. The only one I liked was just a dream the first one sucked
Stuart Stevenson
Arian Long > sound
Mcdonald Playzz
If This Comment Gets 10k Likes I will Do a Cover To The Song Imagine By ariana grande 🥰🥰🥰🥰.
itsurguy1 Oy oldin
Yeah sad songs for Caucasians. They’re Caucasian
Jess Ginsburg
Jess Ginsburg Oy oldin
Sam’s part gave me complete goosebumps. So emotional❤️
When an ad comes in the middle of the song 😠😠
Lynsay Ryan
Lynsay Ryan Oy oldin
My cover uzvid.com/video/video-AR9v0HfyUtY.html of 'No Matter What' Calum Scott. I sing it to my kids and totally break down in the song.
Abbie Mays
Abbie Mays Oy oldin
These are all beautiful covers !! Your incredible 😭😍😭😍
the Sam Tsui one got me. literally, this song not only did they make "Just a Dream" so much more emotional and powerful, but the lyrics really do symbolise Christina death. Literally, I was crying, I literally was here for some music to a really heartbreaking chapter in a book, but my ears never had been blessed to such a point.
Soso Lawson
Soso Lawson Oy oldin
I cried through out the first song
Sergio León
Sergio León Oy oldin
love these covers! i sub back everyone ❤️
Cloudie Skyz
Cloudie Skyz Oy oldin
Tbh supermarket flowers made me cry because it reminds me so much of my sister because she died in a school shooting when I was in grade 4
Samantha Ritchi
Please check out my new cover of "Without me" from Halsey! uzvid.com/video/video-9ETv4nuk05Y.html
Joanamarie RK
Joanamarie RK Oy oldin
i miss christina grimmie 😭😭 but supermarket flower makes me teary too.. every single time
Kaybee Mabusela
Second one😪
Lea English
Lea English Oy oldin
genavieve got me though her voice is beautiful!
bia p
bia p Oy oldin
Second and last one fucking hit me :(
leeevel onnee
leeevel onnee Oy oldin
Samantha auto tune
Nightingale99 Oy oldin
Adriana Sansonne
Adriana Sansonne 2 oy oldin
10:10 the best.❤
Maya SM
Maya SM 2 oy oldin
Supermarket flowers made me cry
Jakerjkl 2 oy oldin
WHEELS DON'T STOP ME Blue margolin
Dang all these songs are getting to me
WHEELS DON'T STOP ME Blue margolin
Sam has the voice of an angel brings tears to my eyes every time I hear her voice
SolemnReaper 2 oy oldin
This honestly made me cry, these artists have absolutely exquisite voices and these songs already made me a bit sad/nostalgic, but with the two combined... it's truly amazing.
Rebecca J Murray
Rebecca J Murray 2 oy oldin
Everyone check out my channel x
Aleyna Crimson
Aleyna Crimson 2 oy oldin
robert brazil
robert brazil 2 oy oldin
This is brilliant because my sister is gone to 5 days I miss her 😭
False Name
False Name 2 oy oldin
So many people covered songs in Christina's honor and I didn't even think that any of them would be in this video....what's wrong with my brain? Lol...but yeah...Just a dream got me crying...Christina was my hero, role model and singing inspiration. I am over crying my eyes whenever I hear her voice. But I found her through this song, so hearing it without her breaks my heart and whatever emotional healing I went through after her death is thrown out of window.
Alayna Barrientes
yoo im 1:34 into the video and i cant make it ,im gonna start crying and im in my living room and shit bruh i..... cant let these people see me bawlin' like this 😢😭 edit: number 1 was the only sad one .
Jordan A
Jordan A 2 oy oldin
The scientist song is just great 👍
outcasted children
~cry~ ~cry~
Lasse hjernøe
Lasse hjernøe 2 oy oldin
the 1st one Sounds like autoturned
Lasse hjernøe
Lasse hjernøe 2 oy oldin
and 2 and 3
Tanisaris Martin
Tanisaris Martin 2 oy oldin
We all know when Sam was singing Christina sang along with him in paradise. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ RIP Christina Grimmie
Chessy 2 oy oldin
10:10 😭😭😭😭😭
Mayra 2 oy oldin
Does anyone mind hearing my song ?
Lynn Lane
Lynn Lane 2 oy oldin
I love just listening to powerful emotional songs on the radio
katie hyland
katie hyland 2 oy oldin
samantha harvey is sooooooooooooooooo good x
Trip Fifteen on Twitch
The first one is so sad bc my mom is so amazing...but only when she don’t over take her pills and only when she has the right pills :/ I think my mom is beginning to have a bad pull problem and I’m so sad bc I love her to fucking death and I want my mom to be normal again:( I can see her be in such a bad mood all day and every day and she is so mean but then nice 😕I love you mom come back to your old self I miss when you where always happy and nice to me😩
RED MOBILE uk 2 oy oldin
music is so fucking wimpy these days. ..where's the soul gone ...this shit is suicide material
Newtmas_ _Fan
Newtmas_ _Fan 2 oy oldin
Anyone know what kind of mic the 1st girl is using??
3ullHrns 2 oy oldin
Who’s watching this in 2019?🤗
Jenna Stevenson
Jenna Stevenson 2 oy oldin
Genavieve Linkowski (6:58) is my bff's cousin :) go check out her channel here: uzvid.com/show-UCsdQKDpPVbXDQ8xfLnH6YIg
Skyla 2 oy oldin
Check out my video guys!
Its R.L
Its R.L 2 oy oldin
that first one made me cry
t r a s h y s o c k
G o d it’s 2 am and I’m NOT O K
Jade 2 oy oldin
Poor angel R.I.P. Christina
Kaitlyn Hayes
Kaitlyn Hayes 2 oy oldin
You need to have happier remake
Tabitha Martin
Tabitha Martin 2 oy oldin
I know I'm not the only one😦😧😥😩
r o s e
r o s e 2 oy oldin
the scientis *ugh, so good
Officially Haevin
Roses are Red Violets are Blue Am I crying? Well so are you
Hadley Helms
Hadley Helms 2 oy oldin
Just a dream got me because that sing will never be the same, and so will titanium. I can't listen to I bet you don't curse God without cryjngbwhenbshe talks about a daughter not picking up the phone at two am on a Saturday night. She made me line music and I will never get to say thank you.
Winnie Colemire
Winnie Colemire 2 oy oldin
Better man really got to me oml...
Yaraseth Hubbard
Yaraseth Hubbard 2 oy oldin
Samantha harvey!!
zully cortez
zully cortez 2 oy oldin
This comes to prove that we should love each other even tho something people prove we shouldn’t still do you don’t know what someone is going thorough !💕
Alys Lewis xoxo
Alys Lewis xoxo 2 oy oldin
i miss you gabriella💔
Althea Ano
Althea Ano 2 oy oldin
Who else thought that the person singing im not the only one was holding the guitar at the wrong side without realizing that it the video was not mirrored... I'm dumb lol
Umer Farooq Khan
Umer Farooq Khan 2 oy oldin
Genavieve's voice is quite strong
Ruby Robinson
Ruby Robinson 2 oy oldin
supermarket flowers made me cry, i used to sing but only my mum knew i could sing. i only sang to her. she died 6 months ago and i sang at her funeral i knew she was proud in heaven
Sophe Chares
Sophe Chares 7 kun oldin
Sorry for your lost😭😢
your day dreamer
your day dreamer 8 kun oldin
This made me cry but she is very happy💓
its yea boi sonnyd
its yea boi sonnyd 11 kun oldin
Sorry for your lost <:-(
Haley Sullivan
Haley Sullivan 14 kun oldin
Elise Clee idk what u mean
Elise Clee
Elise Clee 14 kun oldin
I'm so sorry for your loss I don't know you but stay strong also you made me cry a little 💙😔
JustLikeCaitlyn 2 oy oldin
My uncle passed away on Christmas Day... the 1st one got me.
cesarazo 2 oy oldin
Yuan Dorothy
Yuan Dorothy 2 oy oldin
The scientist was the best for me i love coldplay so much
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