Top 5 Most Emotional Fresh Prince of Bel Air Scenes

Rusty Shackleford
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Proof that not only can Will Smith act, but so can Alfonso Ribeiro, James Avery, and pretty much every other actor that was on Fresh Prince.
R.I.P. James Avery




13-Dek, 2013




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escarsegat 6 soat oldin
him carrying a gun made me cry when i saw it when i was 5
Real American
Real American 19 soat oldin
all the aborted babies if they could talk , would ask , why didn't you want me? what did i do?
Real American
Real American 19 soat oldin
i was gonna eat that , man
Cictor cu
Cictor cu Kun oldin
That last one is the saddest
Courtney Wilson
Courtney Wilson Kun oldin
Every low life man who walks away from his family should see the last clip
Diamond Warren
Diamond Warren Kun oldin
😂😂😂😂This shit is funny
Icarus V.
Icarus V. Kun oldin
You can't actually drive 2 mph on a probably 60 mph road. You will get stopped for that. (But yeah I know the point of the first scene)
Lil Peep
Lil Peep Kun oldin
For some reason carlton rlly seems like a jackass.
Classical Liberal
Nah on #3. Carlton is completely justified in carrying. Should of kept it
Devyn Evans
Devyn Evans Kun oldin
Still gets me to this day. Damn!
JasonC Kun oldin
Manly tears where shed, and are being shed right now...
Kymora Trent
Kymora Trent Kun oldin
The first one wasn’t that emotional
Selome Banini
Selome Banini Kun oldin
lol this show really portrayed will as street smart and Carleton as book smart
Cameron Orellana
so as i’ve lived ny 18yrs i’ve always saw that this show was on but never watched it and now that i’ve seen the snippets i’ll be watching this show and i’ll come back and say how i feel about it
Cameron Orellana
Jordeanie 08
Jordeanie 08 2 kun oldin
Is anybody else crying
the true gamer
the true gamer 2 kun oldin
IMO: I think there would be less suicides if shows like these were still on.
Julian Rivera
Julian Rivera 2 kun oldin
Why does he make it seem like it's bad to carry a gun lmao
Suh Dude
Suh Dude 2 kun oldin
" I WANT THE GUN " and " AINt a damn thing he can teach me " bruh. Forall the mates who understand
johanna dam
johanna dam 2 kun oldin
you can get pulled over for going too slow
Ethan Langsford
Ethan Langsford 2 kun oldin
This is not acting. this, well this is something
Swaggy Pop
Swaggy Pop 3 kun oldin
1stand2nd is sad
Weekly Sports Highlights
The one with the pills and the one with his father really got me😢😭😭
nea 3 kun oldin
The last sence makes me tear up to this day and to find out that was real raw emotion and none of that was in the script it's crazy. Miss shows like this
Jaden Washington
Jaden Washington 3 kun oldin
10:05 is me
Cameron Malkoske
Cameron Malkoske 4 kun oldin
The last scene is the one that always. When I first watched the scene, it hit me hard, but when he said “how come he don’t want me man?”, and then they hug it out, that made me cry so hard and made me feel appreciative that Uncle Phil was there to raise him to be proper. Best sitcom ever
Roland Torres
Roland Torres 4 kun oldin
One of the best shows ever watched as a child I love reminiscing and watching this I remember the one about the gun as if it were the other day and I just saw it now I'm thirty-six & 20 later still remember💯
Eu Sou Wallison
Eu Sou Wallison 4 kun oldin
I'Am Brazilian
Merlin Diaz
Merlin Diaz 4 kun oldin
I don’t know my birth father and I learned at an early age to never wonder why he don’t want me instead I learned to say poor him he doesn’t know what he’s missing cause I’m awesome.
Eneizer Merced
Eneizer Merced 4 kun oldin
Yo who else cried man
Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson 4 kun oldin
I hated the scene about the gun. Typical Hollywood using television to brainwash people into thinking guns are bad.
FrostyChickenz 5 kun oldin
Hannie storygirl's
Hannie storygirl's 5 kun oldin
I didn't really get how the first one was emotional
EJCTV 5 kun oldin
The ending always gets me
Takyah Love
Takyah Love 5 kun oldin
This was just beautiful... ugh I love Will Smith! I must do a movie with him one day! Lol
mg19cal 5 kun oldin
Sadly this was the role Ben Vereen will be most remembered for
THE RSCBLAZIN2 6 kun oldin
10:10 this scene made me drown in tears
loloya23 6 kun oldin
I had 14 great birthdays and he never sent me a card.... TO HELL WITH HIM!!! THAT WERE IT STARTS. R.I.P UNCLE PHIL
nintendomario007 6 kun oldin
The slowness limit actually exists in some places. Usually high/free ways.
Shantel Flowers
Shantel Flowers 6 kun oldin
" U Too Lue" "How Come He Don't Want Me Man ?! 😭😭 This Scene Was Soo Sad It Was Really Relatable
Dr. Pumpernickel Numbnuts
Daddy issues
Tomorrow is NOT just another day
DAMMIT! I always cry when I watch that scene of Wills stupid father leaving him. I think it's because I'm a single mother and it's been that way since my son was 2 1/2 months old. I had NO choice, but to leave his father. My ex is abusive, mental, and on the run from cops. Before I got pregnant (this is going to sound stupid) but I didn't realize all the abuse and his mental state. To me I thought that was the norm because of how my own childhood was. Anyways, everyday I pray that my son doesn't ever experience this type of hurt from my ex when he gets older. I'm really praying he continues to thrive and just move on and grow into a wonderful man. I'm trying my hardest especially because my son is special needs. He's 7 years old and will be 8 this year, but I know we will make it!
stevey626 7 kun oldin
Uncle Phil, Al Bundy, and Tim Allen were the best tv had to offer. It is hard these days to wonder if you gotta walk home from work but get pulled over by a white cop!
*Carlton,was so whitewashed.*
Tay Sings And Games
Bruh number 7 should've been number 1 that one was the saddest one😭😭
William Handy
William Handy 7 kun oldin
That father episode hit a lot of young men in the soul.
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas 7 kun oldin
Not gonna lie, I feel like #2 gives me mixed feelings. I feel for will because he was tired and dealing with a lot, and wanted to keep up so he wouldn't let anyone down, so thinking the pills were some kind of upper, he took them for understandable reasons, but uncle Phil exposing him like that to the whole family made me both upset and happy. He was ashamed and humiliated to admit they were from his locker, but he was able to get the pain about almost killing Carlton off his chest. I hated how Uncle Phil got all mad at him and said "my son could have died because of you", almost as if he wasn't family too, then proceeded to hug him and tell him it was okay.
Rick Stone
Rick Stone 7 kun oldin
People forget that this is Will Smith's first acting job.Damn,he's talented
ImAlex 8 kun oldin
That last one got I started to fucken cry
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 8 kun oldin
Will just want his daddy
Betty Crocker92
Betty Crocker92 8 kun oldin
I noticed that when will and Carlton were fighting about how Carlton needs to go the hospital they were both playing the pass the guilt game
Very Honest
Very Honest 8 kun oldin
Rip Uncle Phil ❤️💞
NijThaGod 8 kun oldin
That last scene hit me just like how Will felt...it hit me hard when I graduated High School
CJH200iiWii 8 kun oldin
It sucks that Netflix removed this, I use to enjoy this show every night
𝔓𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔬𝔯𝔞’𝔰 𝔅𝔬𝔵
"How come you don’t want me man?" Damn that just completely hit the spot. I could relate to that and I miss this show.
Faze Kid
Faze Kid 8 kun oldin
Will Smith is the best actor of all time
Sleep Cube
Sleep Cube 8 kun oldin
Yuri Bezmenov warned us about this indoctrination. I will say the last scene though is actually truth. How'd they manage to sneak this past the executives I'll never know.
Archangel Micheal
Archangel Micheal 8 kun oldin
Will smith early days. Now hes blue?
Spaghetti 7
Spaghetti 7 8 kun oldin
Jennifer Freeman
Jennifer Freeman 8 kun oldin
Still a bunch of Cartons💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽
Thomas Garcia
Thomas Garcia 9 kun oldin
Damn, Will Smith used to be an incredible actor. Also, R.I.P. James Avery, one of the most underrated and underappreciated.
Fresh Princess of Bel-Air
The last one hit me so hard. Seeing a man cry would kill me inside, it's terribly emotional.😢💔
Zio Studios
Zio Studios 9 kun oldin
Second got me
Cheap Kiwis
Cheap Kiwis 9 kun oldin
you too, lou
The Gold Standard
The Gold Standard 9 kun oldin
Spiderman 10 kun oldin
Man uncle Phil was a GREAT dad. Holy shit.
Spiderman 10 kun oldin
Thank God for GPS?????
richter 83880
richter 83880 10 kun oldin
Last one gets me.....I could never abandon my son......NEVER!!!!!!......you gotta be one heartless mother f*****
Bray/jayy Jayme
Bray/jayy Jayme 10 kun oldin
4:49 I was gon eat that
Decsy 11 kun oldin
Jonah 11 kun oldin
Since when was will smith black wtf
WPGG SAuCE 11 kun oldin
If you were driving 2 miles an hour I'm pretty sure a cop would just tell you to go the speed limit
Sif Greyfang
Sif Greyfang 9 kun oldin
Thats why I always just go a little under the speed limit.
Joe w
Joe w 11 kun oldin
OMG I started crying on the 4th one😭😭😭😢
Cassie Sheppard
Cassie Sheppard 12 kun oldin
1 That’s me n my EX-dad I DONT LIKE THIS WHY DID HE HAVE TO BE MY DAD!!!!!!! I HATE YOU DAD n-no I HATE YOU TOMMY!!!!!!!!!
Cassie Sheppard
Cassie Sheppard 12 kun oldin
You don’t know how lucky you are Man U get to see ur father That’s what I say
Cassie Sheppard
Cassie Sheppard 12 kun oldin
The dad seen made me cry cuz I understand it I sent it to my EX-dad
Kristian Gjerstad
Kristian Gjerstad 12 kun oldin
Amazing show.
Aisling Walsh
Aisling Walsh 12 kun oldin
These things seriously get me man
ESPY PLAYS 12 kun oldin
The last one is the only one that ever gets me
_King_John_97_ 12 kun oldin
Will Smith has been dropping words of wisdom on us since day fucking 1 he is an amazing person and an equally amazing actor!
Lennon Walker
Lennon Walker 12 kun oldin
Last one was so much more that acting
It’s yo girl Elizabeth
The last part was so sad 😭
Lebogang M
Lebogang M 13 kun oldin
I will close my eyes
Lucy Lou
Lucy Lou 14 kun oldin
The last one always get me like if u agree 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Seabass 14 kun oldin
I like how this show balances the tone in all of these scenes, where it’ll either be Carlton or Will saying something funny once or twice and then it would serious. I gotta start watching this show
rochstan123 14 kun oldin
You definitely need a box of tissues watching this...great acting.
Khaki_ 323
Khaki_ 323 14 kun oldin
To be fair, there is a slowness law lmao
Marcus Bryan
Marcus Bryan 14 kun oldin
Living in that culture and have left (projects) let me just say this *your parents chose it* *you rebel won't make a difference to do STUPID shit. Just what Will said have more kids and be a better father*
savine cogar
savine cogar 15 kun oldin
What happened to James?
Afnan Raabi
Afnan Raabi 15 kun oldin
Who's only here for "how come he don't want me man"😭😭😭
Toxic Play
Toxic Play 15 kun oldin
Dam back in the days when shows had meaning and values to learn
James Coombes
James Coombes 15 kun oldin
The last one gets me every time
The NoMaD
The NoMaD 15 kun oldin
Make me feel why my dad left me...
Ronaldo Thakur
Ronaldo Thakur 16 kun oldin
Will smith is honestly the best dramatic actor 🐐
Pandapants124 16 kun oldin
What makes the last one even more emotional will wasn't really acting at that part he was remembering how his real dad walked out and that's why the emotion seems so raw it is a touching moment of real love between two amazing actors
Emily's got talent
Emily's got talent 16 kun oldin
Number 3 was really heart breaking
Michael Perez
Michael Perez 16 kun oldin
1. What. An. Actor. 👏🏼👏🏼 2. If I was a cop someone driving 2mph I would stop him, but why arrest/detain them tho?
Corey Burklow
Corey Burklow 17 kun oldin
The gift he got for him makes me die inside
AyawninHippo 17 kun oldin
1908 anybody?
futuremovieactor 17 kun oldin
Okay as much as I enjoyed GotG Vol. 2, I’m really tired of people going to that line with the ending of Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse.
futuremovieactor 17 kun oldin
10:06: Yeah, I don’t need to see this next one. I know what it is.
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