Top 5 Most Emotional Fresh Prince of Bel Air Scenes

Rusty Shackleford
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Proof that not only can Will Smith act, but so can Alfonso Ribeiro, James Avery, and pretty much every other actor that was on Fresh Prince.
R.I.P. James Avery




13-Dek, 2013




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Ima Baddie
Ima Baddie 11 soat oldin
2013 the year Uncle Phil died 💔
KillaVenom 12 soat oldin
I remember watching all these episodes #1 is the saddest I've ever seen and still gets me😭
Neon Moon
Neon Moon 19 soat oldin
"How come he don't want me man?......" NOW THIS IS A STORY ALL ABOUT HOW-
L F Kun oldin
"you owe this family an apology" that just gave me PTSD whoo!
Fernando Sauceda
Idk why the when will had the drugs made me cry
Timothy Rinaldi
Timothy Rinaldi Kun oldin
Last part was thuth story about his real father left him as a kid he was crying for real in that scene
damonika09 2 soat oldin
Timothy Rinaldi His father didn’t leave him.
Kasuke Urahara
Kasuke Urahara Kun oldin
That last one makes me tear up like crazy. Damn, it hits home hard.
Ronnie Griffin
Ronnie Griffin 2 kun oldin
Waan waan waan, b*tch I'm a baby lol. Made me cry, especially the last clip. That's how it was for me.
Ryan Hubbard
Ryan Hubbard 2 kun oldin
It’s that bit “how come he don’t want me man”😭
aaron p
aaron p 2 kun oldin
people always say that in the #1 scene the most heartbreaking moment is when he says, "how come he don't want me man?" But for me, personally, the moment that always makes me shed tears is the lead up to and when he says, "To hell with him!" The pure emotion of that minute long sequence, with the climax of that one statement, has always made me shed tears.
Sana The Huh
Sana The Huh 3 kun oldin
"How come he don't want me man..." My heart shattered
highpowergirl 23 fitness
the last one gets me everytime 😩💔
gd shnivic
gd shnivic 3 kun oldin
I am crying
jay thosonmp
jay thosonmp 3 kun oldin
I can get through this....its only the shredder and oscar from shark tale hugging it out......BUT ITS SO SADDD
Ebony Watson
Ebony Watson 4 kun oldin
I can't see nothing for how much I've been crying
Khaleel Hall
Khaleel Hall 4 kun oldin
Me Leafy
Me Leafy 5 kun oldin
Two guys and a girl sounds like a nice porno
Olivia Holguin
Olivia Holguin 5 kun oldin
that last one got me. crying like a baby
Ariana Jarrells
Ariana Jarrells 5 kun oldin
Knowing that the last video was also fueled by Will's personal life makes that scene that much more emotional
Manuel Cantu
Manuel Cantu 5 kun oldin
They don't make shows like this anymore I miss this days
hamburgerdog25 6 kun oldin
You are a fucking liar if you say this shit wasn't emotional as fuck
Michael D
Michael D 6 kun oldin
They just don't make shows like this no more. On point social commentary and teaching values to impressional viewers. This show had it all. So lucky to have had the opportunity to watch it growing up.
supreme king
supreme king 6 kun oldin
I'll close my eyes😂😂😂
Fullmetal Maine
Fullmetal Maine 6 kun oldin
See you later Son You too... Lou... Pretty much one of the biggest insult right there...
Brain Dead
Brain Dead 6 kun oldin
Idk how I got here. Next time I’ll bring a map
Inti Peredo
Inti Peredo 6 kun oldin
carlton maybe smart but he isn't that smart as will is when it comes to streetsmart
Keira Lynn
Keira Lynn 6 kun oldin
Keira Lynn
Keira Lynn 6 kun oldin
The first one is so true.
mxrdergxng 666
mxrdergxng 666 7 kun oldin
"How come he don't want me man" fuck bro
louchu 7 kun oldin
TelosHaibane 7 kun oldin
Not if i bring a map!
J Miles
J Miles 7 kun oldin
One of the best shows ever
Sonic The Irish Neko Demon
focused313 8 kun oldin
A map? Lol.
Nikita Billups
Nikita Billups 8 kun oldin
i can relate to this. who my father is is still a mystery to me.
poet253rd 8 kun oldin
Man, shows in the 90’s always had real life lessons. Nowadays, it’s just political bullshit.
Nas eazye
Nas eazye 9 kun oldin
I'm not American but maybe Carlton should carry a gun.
claire little
claire little 9 kun oldin
"How come he don't want me man" was no scripted, those are real tears and Phil saw that and hugged him. Wills dad in real life, did leave.
Gabe Dela torre
Gabe Dela torre 9 kun oldin
claire little no he didnt lol he had a great relationship with his dad
Dung Nguyen
Dung Nguyen 9 kun oldin
How come he don't want me man? (That should only be said if the guy was gay)
Dung Nguyen
Dung Nguyen 9 kun oldin
If you listen carefully at the end there is a sound of a woman crying. It was said to be Hilary in the back ground (Carlton's sister)
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos 9 kun oldin
Who cutting onions in this bitch huh
Jehu Strachan
Jehu Strachan 9 kun oldin
That hospital scene with will and Carlton over that gun damn
Reezy Crenshaw
Reezy Crenshaw 9 kun oldin
Sypher D.
Sypher D. 10 kun oldin
Will is a effin legend!
Silver Foxx
Silver Foxx 10 kun oldin
Effs me up every time
Keiy MoMo
Keiy MoMo 11 kun oldin
The Last Scene Always Killed Me. My White Dad Ignoring His Half Black Daughter. I Feel That "Why Don't He Want Me?" Lingering Hurt 😞
angel carrillo
angel carrillo 11 kun oldin
Fuck that last one made me cry so damn hard
Veronica Pedro
Veronica Pedro 11 kun oldin
It hurts when you can relate to will with the dad situation
Chad, Don
Chad, Don 11 kun oldin
This show handled emotional issues better than most sitcoms.
Jay Scotty
Jay Scotty 11 kun oldin
There will never be another show like this
Treyvontae Alston
Treyvontae Alston 11 kun oldin
Okay watching this is seriously grieving my heart. This generation has such garbage on television tainting them. Sadly the adults are falling for it too.
Jody McGuiness
Jody McGuiness 12 kun oldin
When Will said "it's good seeing you too Lou" instead of calling him dad or father, will's biological dad knew right then that he fucked up, and that his son will never accept him back into his life. I wouldn't if it was mine. In fact, as sign of saying goodbye to my real father, I have take my stepfather's last name granted if he's a good stepfather or my mothers maiden name. Any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad and being involved with your sons or daughter’s life, even if you have to work all the time.
T. S.
T. S. 12 kun oldin
I love how all the emotional scenes involve the men on the show
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos 12 kun oldin
Will is a product of single mother.. Liberal. Carlton is a product of a man lead family.. Conservative. You make the choice.
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos 12 kun oldin
Carlton was so right. Im a conservative now.
Spring Cruz
Spring Cruz 12 kun oldin
I bet there was not one dry eye in the studio during the last scene.
esco0503 12 kun oldin
I’m not crying....these onions are just a bit strong.....
101mylo 12 kun oldin
One of the most powerful scenes from this show is when will and Carlton jumped off the cliff to avoid an avalanche
Chris Pinna
Chris Pinna 12 kun oldin
im a little confused at the beggining of the show idgaf what color u r if ur driving 2mph ur going to get stopped not saying alot of cops are not rascist but dontshit like this is why black people think they can commit pety crimes and then when they get stopped and ask for id they get belligerent and then want to cry rasiscm when they get there ass beat
mynameisray 12 kun oldin
The first one, yeah, you stop them. Driving that slow on a freeway is called impeding traffic, it is also dangerous and is grounds for police to pull you over and question you. Anyone would be stopped for doing such things, people need to stop making this shit black vs white and blacks have it so much worse off, black people are targets.. All that is horse shit.
Dude 123
Dude 123 12 kun oldin
Fresh-Prince- Blacks George Lopez- Mexicans Full House- Whites Dragon Ball Z- Asians
N / A
N / A 12 kun oldin
It was Will Smith's idea to put emotionl scenes in this sitcom after he got inspired by another sitcom called Rosanne which also had emotional scenes.
StrongestPeon 14 kun oldin
i can't take these scenes seriously thanks to krobo productions...
bronzestar87 15 kun oldin
This show and Family Matters, always kept it 💯
Athika Savanna
Athika Savanna 15 kun oldin
Please don’t show me 1 again I saw it too many times it’s just too sad
Athika Savanna
Athika Savanna 15 kun oldin
This is the greatest show ever
Kofi Asare
Kofi Asare 16 kun oldin
Ikr never knew why Will Smith had hype till i watched it...he is good
Sammy Sam
Sammy Sam 16 kun oldin
The last one gave me goosebumps with tears in my eyes. Will Smith is a great actor.
AXCOZMO AXCOZMO 16 kun oldin
I cried 3 times
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl 16 kun oldin
The only two lines that made me cry were "at least he said goodbye this time" and "why he don't want me,man" my dad never said goodbye...
Me TV 17 kun oldin
4:26 hahahahahaha!
Matt Tulinski
Matt Tulinski 18 kun oldin
Is Will wearing overalls in that first scene of the countdown?
SILENTDEATH0972 18 kun oldin
damellman damellman
damellman damellman 18 kun oldin
I never met or knew my father. So I don't know how to let it hurt me. Thanks , Father for not letting me know who u r.
Darren Printemps
Darren Printemps 20 kun oldin
That second to last scene hit way too close to home. Got me in tears man. You gotta love this show
J.C Davis
J.C Davis 20 kun oldin
I picked the wrong time to watch this. Teary eyed and snotting. 😭
K-Blue 20 kun oldin
"Everybody's father! ...Except mine, cuz I don't know where the hell he is!" Okay, am I the only one that finds that line ironically and darkly hilarious? Like in a dark comedy that could have easily been a joke
Gracie Young
Gracie Young 20 kun oldin
That hit me pretty hard, and I can relate cuzz I don’t have a dad either
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty 6 kun oldin
Gracie Young Thanks! 👊🏾
Gracie Young
Gracie Young 7 kun oldin
Ten Thirty good for you 👊🏽
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty 8 kun oldin
Gracie Young My biological father called me when I was 24. I told him to fuck off!
jjmusiclover3 20 kun oldin
This puts in perspective how deep will and Carlton’s relationship is fr
Grachael Dara
Grachael Dara 21 kun oldin
That last one gets me every time.
Steve Myers
Steve Myers 21 kun oldin
We already know the #1 emotional moment
#1fan 21 kun oldin
I'm not gonna lie this shit made me cry
Buyae sili
Buyae sili 22 kun oldin
Uncle Phil is a representation of what a boyfriend with a girlfriend who has a child should be
Pizone81 22 kun oldin
Ahhh I had none of these pains my father always was a fuckin king always held me down far from perfect as I notice a lot of his flaws as I became a man but overall he was always there never ran out and showed me how to be a man....I’m personally sorry for all the ones out there that didn’t have a father man for real I hope god blessed y’all with a father figure through a uncle brother stepfather neighbor or some positive male role model fathers are the backbone of the male existence hold it down brothers hold it down
Lil Chief Bandz
Lil Chief Bandz 22 kun oldin
3:37 I just git mad Chillz
Daija Porter
Daija Porter 22 kun oldin
Damm dat last one get me every time🤦🏾‍♀️cuz ik will pain so much being dat my fathers wasn’t in my life as well R.I.P Uncle Phil
i PHoeNiK
i PHoeNiK 23 kun oldin
you know this video gets to you when you have to take your glasses off
Toq The Wise
Toq The Wise 23 kun oldin
I don't get it. Why shouldn't he open carry to protect himself?
Nobody 23 kun oldin
Holy onions Batman! Did I just get pepper sprayed?
Třippïe Řëd
Třippïe Řëd 23 kun oldin
The last clip I feel like was spoken into reality
Yuneris Mota
Yuneris Mota 23 kun oldin
people can be so cruel no respect in this world
Robert Han
Robert Han 23 kun oldin
If I was a cop and I see a car driving two miles an hour, I'd think 'maybe they're lost' 'maybe their car is breaking down' 'they're holding up traffic and can cause an accident' so yeah it's very reasonable for a cop to stop you going two miles an hour
MR6S1D9 23 kun oldin
Dammit that last scene fucks me up 😭
Kristina hip
Kristina hip 23 kun oldin
That last part, When his father drops him again, and uncle Phil take Care...... that tuch my heart 😢
Damian Lillard #0 D.A.M.E
Even tho these are serious matters this is still funny as hell
Weirdo Wisdom
Weirdo Wisdom 24 kun oldin
"I had 14 great birthdays without him he never sent me a d card TO H WITH HIM" That is when Will goes from comedian to actor
Christfollower 24 kun oldin
Dang, I got something in both my eyes. #sniff sniff
buckdabull 24 kun oldin
Such a great show.
ll iROC ll
ll iROC ll 24 kun oldin
Always bring a map.
Jy'Ree Music
Jy'Ree Music 24 kun oldin
Best performance ever hands down classic #ripunclephill