Top 5 Most Emotional Fresh Prince of Bel Air Scenes

Rusty Shackleford
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Proof that not only can Will Smith act, but so can Alfonso Ribeiro, James Avery, and pretty much every other actor that was on Fresh Prince.
R.I.P. James Avery




13-Dek, 2013




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vegan penguin
vegan penguin 10 soat oldin
Whos cutting onions?
David McAninch
David McAninch 11 soat oldin
After I watched the scene with Will’s father, I went to my dads room, I hugged him, and I thanked him for always being there for me.
Gymnastic jemima
Gymnastic jemima 13 soat oldin
Who here thinks uncle Phil inspired dr Phil .
Clash Kun oldin
"EVERYBODY'S FATHER(!!!)... Except mine, because I don't know where the hell he is!" I love how well this show put emphasis on the fact that there was a black man without a father in it. It was a call to action regarding this epidemic and systemic problem in the African American community. The stigma attached to black fathers needed to be addressed and this show did it well. Not all the time. But, enough to make it apparent.
Yanky Kun oldin
This was such a good show. So well written.
That_1_cat !
That_1_cat ! Kun oldin
1 hit me hard
Emil Cooper
Emil Cooper Kun oldin
Number 4 gets me every time.
MrTedlezzz Kun oldin
"How come you dont want me man"
Nalani Teemer
Nalani Teemer Kun oldin
when will said “i aint five years old anymore sitting up in my room asking my mom ‘whens daddy coming home?’” i felt that.
Conner Simpson
Conner Simpson 2 kun oldin
Why am I crying in the club right now.
Conner Simpson
Conner Simpson 2 kun oldin
Was about to cry during the drug scene.
Stop Genduh
Stop Genduh 2 kun oldin
The slowness limit is kinda real it’s just not really official but if you drive 2 mph you can suck my dick also it’s probably not unreasonable to assume that person is drunk
Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper 3 kun oldin
"I would stop him" god. The weight behind that. The realization that Will was right. The realization that racism is very much a real thing. Carlton is such a good natured person at heart, that it was inconceivable to him that someone could judge someone else for their skin color. Christ that kills me.
Brandon Yamamoto
Brandon Yamamoto 3 kun oldin
I love #7
sanford 200
sanford 200 3 kun oldin
I low key was crying
Leinani Ching
Leinani Ching 3 kun oldin
12:38 “how come he don’t want me man?” Damn, my heart hearts
Lauralye Helton
Lauralye Helton 4 kun oldin
The last scene always gets me
*verne* Nicole*
*verne* Nicole* 4 kun oldin
the drug episode every freaking time I get teary eyed ugh the best show in life
misi timoteo
misi timoteo 4 kun oldin
"How come he don't want me" that's something a child shouldn't ever say
eli beli
eli beli 4 kun oldin
The wokeness of this show is lit
Aqua Lee
Aqua Lee 5 kun oldin
Ok...the first one was a bit iffy cuz I’m a person who sees that cops stop people cuz they’re probably endangering their fellow drivers, and not because of your race. But the rest are very emotional
Chris Barnes Barnes
You didn't see the episode. The reason they were stopped was clearly because their race didn't match the car they were driving. And I also don't believe you are endangering anybody driving to slow.
theWOLFman8502 5 kun oldin
That last scene gets me hard, I'm lucky enough to have a father around, but I never felt like I've had a dad to bind with, just never felt heard even when I shouted....
Matt Simpson
Matt Simpson 5 kun oldin
You literally do get pulled over for driving too slow bc that’s just as likely to cause an accident as going fast.. the system isn’t racist.. ppl who hate the system for punishing criminals are
Danielle Williams
Danielle Williams 5 kun oldin
well, here comes the tears smh EVERY TIME! i break when will says "why don't he want me man"
My DaycareLife
My DaycareLife 5 kun oldin
This and a different world was always on point with the realness
Jay Luv
Jay Luv 5 kun oldin
😂🤣 it's not funny, but when he said I was going eat that, I lost it...couldn't help but laugh..
mvp20014u 5 kun oldin
I can relate to the 2nd one my father was the same left after I was born n my mom had to raise me n my older brother n younger 1/2 sister by herself. My sister dad was there for her n all but really idk how it feels to have parents my mother died when I was 13 I'm now 36 in a few months from now I will be at the age she was when she died. Sucks growing up w out ur parents n my memory or my mom is fading slowly. Been on my since I was 19 worked since I was 15 never had many friends growing up bc I had to take care of my sick mom n ynger sister. So I can relate to this to the T pretty much . I know that pain . I know I'll be a better father if and when I have kids n I will put that on my mom's grave. Idk if that was just acting or if that actually true but I still cry when I c that n I'm a grown ass man but that's a touchy subject in someone's life bc it brings bk memorys n u can relate
FBI d 7 kun oldin
You shouldn’t be proud to be a good father... that’s your fucking job you should be proud if your kid grows up good
Alexsander mendez
Alexsander mendez 7 kun oldin
What makes will great is that he puts himself in the characters shoes and acts like it actually happened
JoelBrown 43
JoelBrown 43 6 kun oldin
Alexsander mendez callee actor
Sunshine Phan
Sunshine Phan 7 kun oldin
"TO HELL WITH HIM" I swear I feel him..
CADENSA WOOT 7 kun oldin
Buy your weapon to use on Lou 🔫🔪🗡️⛏️💣 (°✓-°)✓ 1 like = 1 weapon
Yuen Lost
Yuen Lost 7 kun oldin
I'm not trying to disregard real situations regarding unlawful stops because of a persons skin color but just to clarify. That slow limit he was talking about is real, for example city of miami speed limit 40-45mph anything above is jeopardizing the safety of others and can be fined, you can also be fined for going too slow 15-20mph. Every state has this law there is a speed limit and a speed minimum, these are to protect drivers, a slow driver can slow traffic cause incidents and restrict lane flow.
JoelBrown 43
JoelBrown 43 6 kun oldin
Yuen Lost Boii shut your ass up
Yuen Lost
Yuen Lost 7 kun oldin
That last scene still kills me inside.
Lee Tee
Lee Tee 7 kun oldin
Even though I wasn’t alive when this show(along with other great shows) were airing, I still grew up on them and they still hold a special spot in my heart ❤️
Lt Tom
Lt Tom 7 kun oldin
The first clip, their not 100% wrong. But you can get pulled over for driving too slow
Loudpac 34
Loudpac 34 7 kun oldin
Shows like this are gone, now we only got reality shows, that only show partying and fighting
Faults 8 kun oldin
I can never handle watching the last scene, without crying.
Tsm_ Poggers
Tsm_ Poggers 8 kun oldin
12:49 u can hear someone in the background crying
No Account
No Account 8 kun oldin
Will smith is one hell of an actor😍😭
I love how they try to demonise gun ownership in the gun episode the world is an evil place deal with it foh with that ignorant ideology wow
Chris Barnes Barnes
No they were trying to demonise gun ownership from being in the wrong hands. Not everybody is meant to own a gun Carlton was one of those people.
Dank Scrote
Dank Scrote 8 kun oldin
3:57 after that hug Will is just lookin for something
Frank White
Frank White 8 kun oldin
Deerbelle _
Deerbelle _ 9 kun oldin
The #3 made me break down
marcos c
marcos c 9 kun oldin
Damnnn that's listen hit home. Who else can relate??
Katrion Spencers
Katrion Spencers 9 kun oldin
"It's not you man it's them"
Vincent Fanders
Vincent Fanders 10 kun oldin
I’m not crying your crying
World Of Flips
World Of Flips 10 kun oldin
Damn bro #1 hits so hard and I really can’t believe people have to actually go through that this video got me in my deep deep feels
Paballo Molata
Paballo Molata 10 kun oldin
Last scene gets me
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown 10 kun oldin
The first one gets me all the time
Salvatore Cusumano
Salvatore Cusumano 11 kun oldin
James Avery is one of my all time favorites.
madeincanada29 11 kun oldin
The "too slow limit law". Lol. Actually Will there is such a thing. It's called "dangerous driving" and it usually falls under state/provincial law. You CAN cause an accident by going too slow and it is in fact a reason to be pulled over. If shows like this want to educate racial profiling then at least have writers that know what the hell they're talking about and give me a real and educated example.
Anneka Petersen
Anneka Petersen 11 kun oldin
when Will's Dad left him and Will was emotional I was drowning in my tears
Anneka Petersen
Anneka Petersen 5 kun oldin
not exactly
JoelBrown 43
JoelBrown 43 6 kun oldin
Anneka Petersen cos your dad left u ?
Ali M
Ali M 12 kun oldin
Uncle Phil would’ve been turning 73 today. Rip
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly 12 kun oldin
the scene when will is let down by his father again just rips my heart apart
Eva Marie
Eva Marie 12 kun oldin
last one always gets me 😭
Kalib_Odiv 13 kun oldin
The thing that annoys me is that even though these scenes are supposed to hit hard, just because some kids might watch they are like oh we better put some laughter into some of these scene to make them seem more light heart. Hell no, they need to be able to be seen as they are meant to be seen, they are some real life issues and hard hitting scenes, not everything in life funny.
Cat Ashlynn
Cat Ashlynn 13 kun oldin
"Know where my father is?" 'No.' "Neither do I."
Kennedy Olowinski
Kennedy Olowinski 13 kun oldin
Will's acting is way more than acting in every scene he has ever been in💔its amazing this dude needs to be praised like no one ever has before💔❤️
Ari Brown
Ari Brown 13 kun oldin
Started crying and #3 and then I couldn't stop
Symone Scott
Symone Scott 14 kun oldin
Love uncle Phil wish I had a father that great!
Jamie Southeard
Jamie Southeard 15 kun oldin
When he hit him with the you to... Lou I was like dayum
Sticky Tones
Sticky Tones 15 kun oldin
R.I.P uncle Phil
Noah Knows Basketball
The 2nd one to me hurts more than the 1st one
n3r0wolfe 15 kun oldin
any cop would pull you over going 2mph... its what happens after that matters
Shane Simon
Shane Simon 15 kun oldin
3 was a powerful scene.
The Man
The Man 15 kun oldin
Alfonso is one of the most underrated actors that has not gotten to shine like he should have. Dude should’ve been an A lister long time ago.
Dalton Tannery
Dalton Tannery 16 kun oldin
Number 1 will always make me cry cause i know exactly how it feels to go through that
missouri_Kansas boy
missouri_Kansas boy 16 kun oldin
The #5 driving to slow is actually against the law.
leila Viane
leila Viane 16 kun oldin
Omlll i cryed on the 4rth and 5th
leila Viane
leila Viane 16 kun oldin
I hate it when anger turns to tears
joey frias
joey frias 17 kun oldin
young will smith look so much like willow
J Fresh
J Fresh 17 kun oldin
Carlton was dead ass serious about bringing a Map 😂😂😂😂😂😂
sad umbrella
sad umbrella 18 kun oldin
this show was the most funniest yet depressing at the same time
Nubiababexx xx
Nubiababexx xx 18 kun oldin
I had to see my mum with tubes up her nose and it killed me but then she sided and I feel like I’m dead instide
Marc Field
Marc Field 18 kun oldin
#1 breaks me every time. Damn.
Phillip Newby
Phillip Newby 19 kun oldin
12:46, listen closely, that sound of a woman crying in the background is the girl playing Karen parsons, the woman who played hillary, Will's performance was so powerful, emotion and real, that she actually couldn't hold back the tears. Nor could any of us. And the reason it's so real is because while they were rehearsing James Avery the actor who played uncle phill told will after rehearsing a few "it's just not good enough, you need to do a better job, act with me, don't act around anything else, focus on me, you know the lines, you just need to feel the lines. Will saw James Avery as a real profession actor who he admired. Meaning he used Avery's criticism on his acting while rehearsing that scene as his source of emotion. So While they were recording Will adlibs the line at the end "why don't he want me man" and starts crying, Avery pulls him in close and whispers "now that's fu**ing acting right there." truly one of the best scenes in fresh prince and one of the most interesting behind the scenes moments in the show. Rip uncle phil
Courtney Jefferson
Courtney Jefferson 20 kun oldin
I tried,I tried to hold it in but the very last video broke me 😭
Candyman 20 kun oldin
I remember the show in 6:00. It made me realize the extent that our news and entertainment was controlled. This scene was clearly gun control propaganda that was embedded into a sitcom, and was deeply concerning to anybody with half a brain.
X_.IW._CS_.X 21 kun oldin
“Not if I bring a map” 💀😂
The Daddyland
The Daddyland 21 kun oldin
God why did they have laugh tracks
Vienna Pratt
Vienna Pratt 22 kun oldin
Will Smith know he can act boy 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Diabolical Esper
Diabolical Esper 22 kun oldin
That last one was an actual breakdown. Will went off script and cried real tears. Thats what makes it even worse
Chrysta Bradshaw
Chrysta Bradshaw 22 kun oldin
The episode where Carlton overdoses makes me sob. Every. Time.
anthony gonzalez
anthony gonzalez 23 kun oldin
12:38 I can relate
InkSoakedStars 24 kun oldin
From “DADDY-OH! What’s up?” To “why don’t he want me man?...” I tried not to get so ready eyes but I just couldn’t do it
InkSoakedStars 24 kun oldin
From “DADDY-OH! What’s up?” To “why don’t he want me man?...” I tried not to get so ready eyes but I just couldn’t do it
Blackwolverine 31
Blackwolverine 31 24 kun oldin
Yea it’s not wise to yell give me the gun in a hospital.
A113 Sk
A113 Sk 24 kun oldin
The last scene... I cried
A113 Sk
A113 Sk 24 kun oldin
Ooo I lieeeeeed
Arron Lipscomb
Arron Lipscomb 24 kun oldin
Father scene always gets me yo
A.dinero Nation
A.dinero Nation 24 kun oldin
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rozi2089 25 kun oldin
That last one tho! 🙁😢😭
john paul
john paul 25 kun oldin
Will Smith's career: Fresh prince > everything else
Cody Young
Cody Young 25 kun oldin
maybe just me, but I would have left things just between Phil and will about the drugs bc will trusted Phil and Phil should have appreciated the respect, trust and honosty
Kevin Frazier
Kevin Frazier 25 kun oldin
Had it playing while driving.....had to pull over
This show show taught real lessons
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 25 kun oldin
Man so many teenagers could learn from this show. It really was growndbreaking
jorge gonzalez
jorge gonzalez 25 kun oldin
That last part is so deep
DeDollazz Period
DeDollazz Period 25 kun oldin
I ain’t gone lie... I’m over here wiping tears like hell bruh.
Nangamso Koko
Nangamso Koko 26 kun oldin
Oh wow goosebumps everywhere 😢😢😢
Yoshi Da geek o3o
Yoshi Da geek o3o 26 kun oldin
I feel like a lot of people can relate to these scenes
The real mbb fan_ Brown
The 2 last ones had me I cried