Top 5 Reasons You Must Watch YOU on Netflix

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Top 5 Reasons to Watch YOU on Netflix // Subscribe: uzvid.com/u-MsMojo
Everyone’s talking about this new psychological thriller. For this list, we’re looking at all the reasons why you should binge Netflix’s new series YOU starring Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell immediately. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 5 Reasons You Must Watch YOU on Netflix.
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8-Yan, 2019

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Larna Merry
Larna Merry 10 soat oldin
I started to watch just because Shay Mitchell is in it. I got really into it but around episode 6 I stop watching cause of what happened and then when I found out what happened in the last episode I just lost it.
Mauricio Garcia
Mauricio Garcia 10 soat oldin
So i must watch myself on netflix?
samira baniasadi
samira baniasadi 14 soat oldin
His voice...😍
Augustine Nsang
Augustine Nsang 14 soat oldin
Interesting choice for #1 but my favorite TV Nice Guy will always be Love's Gus Cruikshank because while he is an honest take on the Nice Guy trope (minus the stalking), he's a relatable character who's shown to be genuine caring towards to his love interest despite his flaws.
donovan holden
donovan holden 16 soat oldin
Is it bad that I am starting to think similar to him
Alyssa Brown
Alyssa Brown 20 soat oldin
You came around when I needed a show that was slightly sexy but a little bit wrong with lots of pretty people to look at 😂
Elijah Samoy
Elijah Samoy 23 soat oldin
Thats you should neber cheat folks..
Merdeth Rosales
Merdeth Rosales Kun oldin
Peach is my only reason..
Beatriz Cardoso
Beatriz Cardoso Kun oldin
Really good show. Recommend. I binge watched it for one whole day 😂
ming dang
ming dang Kun oldin
Great fucking show, I love it
Princess Lunar
Princess Lunar Kun oldin
Dan you’re better of with Serena!!!
Prxnzxssxn Qxxxn
Penn is THE actor for any role connected to books and writing
Archisman Bhattacharya
I loved this show
David Lucaa
David Lucaa Kun oldin
I found myself cheering for Joe, although he's a stalker and weird.
noah stump
noah stump Kun oldin
I need me a friend as loyal as Paco
Lisha Grace
Lisha Grace Kun oldin
I saw this show in 1 night , i'm waiting for season 2
Tassie Tran
Tassie Tran Kun oldin
I only watched for Shay Mitchell
Neha Tandon
Neha Tandon 2 kun oldin
Watched and loved months ago!!!
Jacob Trinler
Jacob Trinler 2 kun oldin
I can’t wait till season 2
Raiyan Walker
Raiyan Walker 2 kun oldin
Becks a thot
Realist 2 kun oldin
Hated the ending, but also love the reappearance of a certain someone.
Marcel Rodriguez
Marcel Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
All i gotta say is im team joe
Hala Fahad
Hala Fahad 2 kun oldin
This show made a place in my LOVED SHOWS OF THE YEAR just after the first episode 😎😎.
Poopsie 2 kun oldin
These five reasons aren't that good for me to be watching myself...
Poopsie 15 soat oldin
+Lily Ham I've seen it before, thanks... 😒
Lily Ham
Lily Ham 15 soat oldin
Poopsie it’s not scary don’t worry
archna mehta
archna mehta 2 kun oldin
it's fucking amazing
Holly S
Holly S 2 kun oldin
Wasn’t impresssed with the book or show 🤷🏼‍♀️
Lily Ham
Lily Ham 15 soat oldin
Holly S then why u here🤷‍♀️
Last Son
Last Son 2 kun oldin
This is just Dexter but with romance!
Segev Malachi
Segev Malachi 2 kun oldin
the ending is so bad :(
Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin 2 kun oldin
I loved the series but The ending like the very end ending threw me off a little bit and not in a good way It felt like a forced ending but that’s my opinion I really enjoyed the show and I suggest all to watch it to form your own opinion
Miriam Livian
Miriam Livian 2 kun oldin
I think I’m the only person who didn’t like this show 🤷🏻‍♀️
Martina Senja
Martina Senja 2 kun oldin
Abort Comment Sections. It’s full of spoilers!!
M 2 kun oldin
So this is now you’re discovering this show?! Lol, running on empty much?
Akshita Singh
Akshita Singh 2 kun oldin
Penn Badgley was brilliant in this role. Brilliant.
HARRY singh
HARRY singh 3 kun oldin
I have seen it.. Really liked who else???
Ali Russelfray
Ali Russelfray 3 kun oldin
watch Me on Netflix?
Jeffrey Glover
Jeffrey Glover 3 kun oldin
Not one of your reasons was valid enough for me to want to watch this show. That’s the best you can do ?
D 3 kun oldin
Wack, ending was trash too
Massiel Acosta Marchena
Joe is like Dan with a Knife...
ogie38 3 kun oldin
Wow. Didnt think this show would be talked about. I watched it when it was released.
Fairly Literary
Fairly Literary 3 kun oldin
I've had this book for years and I guess now's a great time to dust it off.
lapis lazuli
lapis lazuli 3 kun oldin
This show gave me anxiety and depression because it was so good with the plot and i both hated and loved joe 😂😂
Alexandra mercure
Alexandra mercure 3 kun oldin
It was a good show but I still don’t know what the fuck I watched. It was good but it was creeepy as efffff!
Enid Rhee-Grimes
Enid Rhee-Grimes 3 kun oldin
Sweet Jesus the things I'd let Penn Badgley do to me
Conservative Atheist
Just another Netflix vehicle for divisive SJW propaganda. "White male privilege", "Brown people", diversity quotas, patriarchy. It's just The Social Network meets Dexter but filled with identity politics and shallow far left narratives.
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson 3 kun oldin
There is a cute young female cashier who almost always rings me up at Whole foods. We always talk about Netflix when I go there. She says "Hey!" and then asks "what have you been watching?" I very enthusiastically say "I have been watching You." I was kicked out and banned from my local Whole Foods.
Eileen Smith
Eileen Smith 2 kun oldin
Well thats hilarious
Nur Nyry
Nur Nyry 3 kun oldin
I cried for Karen.
Sabriyah Abdullah
Sabriyah Abdullah 3 kun oldin
I’m tired of people saying “Joe fell for Beck.” He didn’t fall for her, he became obsessed with her. Huge difference
Sabriyah Abdullah
Sabriyah Abdullah 3 kun oldin
I had mixed feelings for Peach. I hated her for the obvious reasons of her being crazy and obsessed with Beck like Joe was but at the same time she was so clever and was like the only one to see Joe for who he really is. So she was one of those characters that you kinda hated/ liked
TributesAndUnique 2 kun oldin
I hated her, but I found everyone there unlikable tbh.
Sabriyah Abdullah
Sabriyah Abdullah 3 kun oldin
This show was actually really good!
Cromwell the Conqueror
Dexter will always be the best sociopath on television
leah williams
leah williams 3 kun oldin
definitely my favorite show. the way everything plays out is amazing and unlike anything i’ve ever seen before, i binged it in one day and have already rewatched 3 times. 100% recommend.
Ximena Sierra
Ximena Sierra 3 kun oldin
I loved it but why did she have to die.
Ximena Sierra
Ximena Sierra 3 kun oldin
I watched it the minute it came out on Netflix.
Jennifer Robbins
Jennifer Robbins 3 kun oldin
Penn Badgley will always be the Other Tucker to me!
sarah pk
sarah pk 3 kun oldin
i saw this and i loved this show ! 🤩👌
Yaren Cevher
Yaren Cevher 3 kun oldin
Caro Buijsrogge
Caro Buijsrogge 3 kun oldin
I started to watch this show beause off Penn and Shay but this show freaked me out😅😅
Ashikin MdFuzi
Ashikin MdFuzi 3 kun oldin
Where can i watch YOU besides on netflix?
Kashleigh B
Kashleigh B 3 kun oldin
Watched it, it was decent. Not incredible though.
Sempu 3 kun oldin
Just finished the show and lol I love Joes character how he literally gets away with Everything for one girl who he ,,, in the end SPOILER ALERT !!!! BELOW !!!! kills her ...
Prashanth Ram
Prashanth Ram 3 kun oldin
hey guys just now binge watched you ...i was very thrilled until the very last episode . can you guys suggest me another tv series the same way like murder and then cover up and then hiding evidence.? i really love these kinda stuffs
eman ali
eman ali 3 kun oldin
Very creepy but also amazing 👌🏻
ryuuk 88
ryuuk 88 3 kun oldin
and girls always thought "nice guys in movies/TV are uninteresting, bland and boring" clever twist on the trope
Chidz Hustle
Chidz Hustle 3 kun oldin
Whilst the show thrilled me, I did not quite like it. NONE of the characters are likeable. Beck is a basic white girl who cheats. Joe is not just a stalker but annoying. Peach is bitchy but somewhat admirable. And the ending had me rooting for a character I didn’t even like, just to get justice
AustinWorldStar 3 kun oldin
Honestly Peach and Beck were my favorites. I didn't like joe AT ALL because, he's sick, crazy, and so ironic. The reasons why he's ironic is because he talks about other people being a stalker and that he doesn't do anything bad.. WHAT!?😂😂You stalk and kill people wtf lol. Also (Spoilers) vvv Paco is the other reason why beck died because, he wouldn't let her out the damn door !
AustinWorldStar Kun oldin
+Jeron White sorry but I don't believe that is why he didn't open the door. I think its because joe is his friend and he probably thinks shes crazy and not joe or he just doesn't want to deal with the problem smh
Jeron White
Jeron White Kun oldin
Paco didn’t have the key
AustinWorldStar Kun oldin
+Asia P the show was good but I didnt enjoy the ending at all because beck died. I was hoping that she would escape and he would go to jail and she would live on being an author. It's technically Joe and Paco's fault beck died because paco would not open the door for her :(
Asia P
Asia P Kun oldin
+AustinWorldStar I disagree but I guess that's what is so great about the show, All the different perspectives that can come out of it.
AustinWorldStar Kun oldin
+Asia P She was not trying to hold her career back, she was just being honest about how things work in business. I think she truly loved Beck more then joe. Joe is a stalker, a killer, and very ironic! I don't think he truly loves her at all, he just wants another girl to replace Candace. He seemed like he was basically trying to take advantage of beck
AustinWorldStar 3 kun oldin
Good Show but BAD ENDING
KK 4 kun oldin
These reasons watch the show are stupid.
Hannah Gutierrez
Hannah Gutierrez 4 kun oldin
Does anybody else think the title is a little confusing.
Entertainment 4 kun oldin
The main character is weird cause you can tell somethings off about him from the beginning but he was so damn convincing and nice. It’s so hard to hate him. When he goes psycho mode though even when he’s in that mode he’s still human when he hit her with the rock he was scared as hell something in his childhood fucked him up. Obviously he means well and loves Kate but still....
Dee Dow
Dee Dow 4 kun oldin
Lmao people are just now finding out about this. I read the book last year and I recommend for the people who like the show to read it.
Sam Head
Sam Head 4 kun oldin
Is it me or does the guy look like a slimmer version the dude from 50 shades?
Angela Asare
Angela Asare 4 kun oldin
But i watched it on lifetime
César Abraham Castañeda Valencia
I hate Dan Humphries, enough reason to never watch it.
It's Zhariyah
It's Zhariyah 4 kun oldin
I think beck faked her death joe said he would never kill someone he love
Cobbsta 4 kun oldin
Poor gals Dexter
Dr Sceptic
Dr Sceptic 4 kun oldin
It's a how to guide for would be stalkers.
Abhishrk Pillau
Abhishrk Pillau 4 kun oldin
Is that dennis
CCarolinee 5 kun oldin
Can sm plz react to this show?:)
Gervais Mandji
Gervais Mandji 5 kun oldin
When Dan Humpfrey saw Serena at the station:" Waw!! Hello There , who are you? You keep head down , You do not meet anyone's gaze, you don't like to be stare but the clothes you wear are in the latest fashion, you like a little attention ok i bite...
Jenny G
Jenny G 5 kun oldin
Like how Netflix claims its a Netflix "original" show.
jamiereed254 5 kun oldin
He talks in his mind way to much its annoying as hell
leyonce war
leyonce war 5 kun oldin
I love this show cant wait for season 2
Mr96706bangah 5 kun oldin
I just finished binge watching this show 2 days ago. It’s amazing but at the same time it’s fucked up because you’re on Joe’s side the whole time. This show is up there with Riverdale
ryuuk 88
ryuuk 88 3 kun oldin
Riverdale is a pure trash but this show is a masterpiece.. so it is disrespect to compare these two
Filipe Goncalves
Filipe Goncalves 5 kun oldin
can I kill joe?
Schrödinger's Pie
Schrödinger's Pie 5 kun oldin
One thing I liked about this show: dead millennials. I mean who hasn't want to kill a millennial every now and then?
Arty Bookworm
Arty Bookworm 4 kun oldin
Please, don't hurt us.
TheRoxas17 5 kun oldin
i watch the first season and was amazing nice job :)
Secret Piggy
Secret Piggy 5 kun oldin
Why can't people say "and Elizabeth Lail, known for her role as Anna in Once Upon A Time" - everyone I know knows her from that
Raluca Maria Muresan
WhitDog WhatsUp
WhitDog WhatsUp 5 kun oldin
*You shoulda said spoilers cause I feel even reason #1 gave some stuff away.* I'm pretty bummed but stopped you vid to go watch. Poor choice to show certain things in a vid like this, just sayin. Much Love😁💚
Mist Haven
Mist Haven 5 kun oldin
Okay. I'm so tired of people talking about how becks stupid ass is still alive so here I go: 1. Joe is not delusional. Yes, there WERE flashbacks of his ex candace but he's very aware of where he is and what he's doing. This isn't the story of hallucinations. It's the story of a psycho with an obsession. In the book, she dies. So in the show, she dies. Her death is final. 2. That was NOT Ron's body they found. As far as everyone else is concerned he disappeared and nobody is looking for him. Even whatshername (his neighbor who dated Ron) talked about how he disappeared so casually so she obviously doesn't know what happened to him. 3. They HAVE to look in the body bag. They're not just gonna say someone's dead without identifying the body first. This theory was so unbelievably stupid. 😭 4. Maybe Joe DID love beck but he loved himself even more. He's not gonna go to prison just cuz of some ass. Plus she said she didn't love him and as she said "without trust. There is NOTHING." He sure as hell didn't trust her anymore so there was no reason to keep her around any longer.
FunAvecOD 5 kun oldin
I don't know if I'm the only one feeling that way but I actually liked Beck better than Joe
Lilly Penner
Lilly Penner 5 kun oldin
The side of Dan Humphrey u never knew u needed!!
Megan Chan
Megan Chan 5 kun oldin
i love it
Jonae Mayo
Jonae Mayo 6 kun oldin
I love the show!!! I love how it keeps me guessing and surprised all the time 😍😍😍😍
Jake Given
Jake Given 6 kun oldin
No wonder he’s a sociopath/psychopath... he looks like Dennis Reynolds
Connie Howard
Connie Howard 6 kun oldin
I like how she wrote that because she felt like she needed a guy to save her it actually backfired and that's how she ended up kidnapped
Connie Howard
Connie Howard 6 kun oldin
I call him the nutty professor lol loved it
Krissnov 6 kun oldin
Beck was annoying af.
peggy is rad
peggy is rad 6 kun oldin
I watched the full show in one day. I stayed up till 5 am.
LenaTruongMusic /
LenaTruongMusic / 6 kun oldin
Omg this show is so amazing sksksk
xLonelyDreamerx 6 kun oldin
You should definitely read the book as well! I read it before the show and i definitely prefer it! The show wasn't bad, of course but it's definitely worth reading ;)