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Tori Kelly - Psalm 42 (Live)

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Listen to “Psalm 42” from Tori Kelly's ‘Hiding Place’: torikelly.lnk.to/HidingPlaceYD
Executive Producer: Scooter Braun
Director: Nic Stanich
Producers: Libby de Leon, Robert Beadle
Director of Photography: Carlos Medina
Steadicam Operator: Alvin Octoman
Band Production Manager: Loren Barton
A Silent Content Production
Make up: Sarah Uslan
Hair: Florido Basallo
Styling: Siena Montesano
Kirk Franklin: Keys
Contractor: Anthony Evans for Sherman James Productions
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7-Sen, 2018

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Bwalya Musonda
Bwalya Musonda 7 soat oldin
This song touches my soul love love it
Joemarc Parayaoan
Joemarc Parayaoan 8 soat oldin
I love this song, more songs like this please. 🙏😊
Alexsair Farias
Alexsair Farias 18 soat oldin
Paula Jung
Paula Jung 21 soat oldin
Jenny IsReal
Jenny IsReal Kun oldin
I love it. Just thought it was gonna be like Shane and Shane psalm 42 lol
Angelica Cartagena
How could anyone dislike such a beautiful voice and worship to our Lord and Savior?
Mike Griffin
Mike Griffin 2 kun oldin
A pure heavenly sound anointed by God. Bless you as you carry the Gospel of God to the airwaves!!
Dewi KURNIAWATI 2 kun oldin
Your song "Don't you worry bout a thing" has been such a blessing. I rejoiced even more after I found out you are a Christian. Blessings
Juliana  Hoka Akatsa
I need you Looooooooooord!! :-)
Talita Tainá
Talita Tainá 3 kun oldin
Deus abençoe! ❤😭
Roda MINTFOREVER 3 kun oldin
I am sooooooo happy for her that she won two grammys.
Shahjei Leinak
Shahjei Leinak 4 kun oldin
Thanks you for your inspirational song for my Lord Jesus
Josiane Santos
Josiane Santos 4 kun oldin
Amo ouvi-la cantar ❤
Laura Colón
Laura Colón 4 kun oldin
Hice un cover en español de esta hermosa canción, puedes revisarlo en mi canal. Dios te bendiga.
Live 4 kun oldin
this is so good omg
Carletta Goodrich Mann
This scripture is my sisters favorite. TORI you are Iconic . I love talking with you through music.
Waya Lyric
Waya Lyric 7 kun oldin
I'm in love
Alba Silva
Alba Silva 7 kun oldin
Kirk Franklin 😱😱😱😱😱😱Love, Love, Love, Loveeeeeeeeeee
MusicofLola 7 kun oldin
This is beyond incredible. What a perfect team. YES. AMEN.
cbo t
cbo t 7 kun oldin
Tori that is absolutely beautiful, please don't ever deny the Lord Jesus in or on any sitcom that you are on. I know that you know what the Bible reads, please never water down the truth, if ever ask certain questions. I think you know what I am saying
cbo t
cbo t 7 kun oldin
Please don't sellout like so many have, please don't lose your soul for fame
J -
J - 8 kun oldin
Beyond beautiful I’m so grateful I found her music & Gods timing... is perfect. I needed this song.
Brittani DeTiege
Brittani DeTiege 8 kun oldin
jamespauline6pj 8 kun oldin
She has a beautiful voice love your music thank you the words you sing I feel it in my heart keep up the great work your AMAZING
Jean Lucas Miusic
Jean Lucas Miusic 8 kun oldin
Thank you Lord for everything
wow kpop
wow kpop 8 kun oldin
Tori your live sounds a clean mp3 audio!!! I really love this!
wow kpop
wow kpop 8 kun oldin
I hope you could make more kind of music like this! I love you! You are really one of God's intruments to lead us back to Him. Forever support to youuu!
wow kpop
wow kpop 8 kun oldin
This is my kind of artist. Praising our Almighty God!
Lovetta Davis
Lovetta Davis 8 kun oldin
The Grammy's brought me here. This is beautiful! I see you, Mr. Kirk Franklin. I have been following you for years. Love this!
Justine Dutro
Justine Dutro 8 kun oldin
I am absolutely in love with this song. Pure talent and love! Amazing!
dry298 8 kun oldin
the sound recording quality is poor, is it not already possible to record and master the high-quality mastering ???
Stefiz kool
Stefiz kool Kun oldin
This was live.
Rosenta Girsang
Rosenta Girsang 9 kun oldin
So blessed with you both ❤️
Johnwayne Wireman
Johnwayne Wireman 9 kun oldin
Tori is wife goals
Alex Medina
Alex Medina 9 kun oldin
Get it sister Tori. ❤🔥🔥🔥 #PraiseHim 👑🙌..
Eric Brown
Eric Brown 10 kun oldin
I so love this song. Her voice is so pure and this just sends a wave of peace in the room. Thank You Jesus because we need you everyday
Esther Kodongan
Esther Kodongan 10 kun oldin
why can't download this vdeo?:'(
Kenechi Nkwo
Kenechi Nkwo 11 kun oldin
So beautiful Mrs. Kelly! Keep on singing for Him!!
risana sembiring
risana sembiring 11 kun oldin
candice meyers
candice meyers 11 kun oldin
I can’t believe that Kirk said nothing! 😂🤣
Artandmusic 11 kun oldin
Kirk can really play, and it's so refreshing not to have him interjecting. So beautiful and understated!
MsBeth818 11 kun oldin
Heard this for the first time a couple days ago driving home from work. Cried all the way. Love it❤️
Pa Di
Pa Di 12 kun oldin
This is just Awesome! ❤🔥
Andrea Watson
Andrea Watson 12 kun oldin
I love you Tori❣️🙏❣️
M&M 12 kun oldin
Are you coming to Australia anytime soon?
Talia Seays
Talia Seays 13 kun oldin
My. Lil. Sister. Have. Listen. To. This. 🎵. And. Now. 👀💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝this. 🎵. Thank. To. My. Lil. Sister. Sing. This. 🎵. And. She. Also. Have. A. Nice. Voice.
Amanda Madrigal
Amanda Madrigal 14 kun oldin
I needed some Psalm 42 tonight. I need God so bad tonight. I'm tired of being on this earth especially tonight. I'm also tired of being tired and wanting to give up. I want to make it. I'm going to give it to Him.
Amanda Madrigal
Amanda Madrigal 11 kun oldin
+MultiWorshiper thank you very much for that
MultiWorshiper 13 kun oldin
Amanda Madrigal hold on!! All you can do is trust the Lord to see you through what your up against.. You are to precious to Him to give up....
Zefanya Marsha
Zefanya Marsha 14 kun oldin
I love you so much Tori.. God bless you always :)))
La'Jon Wilson
La'Jon Wilson 14 kun oldin
Love Tori! According to these two scriptures this is what you need to even get into Heaven. Take the opportunity to learn how to get into the Kingdom. Step away from the religious TRADITIONS. I can help you get saved the Bible way. Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. John 3:5 KJV Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38 KJV
gaipou panmy
gaipou panmy 15 kun oldin
I came to know you from Mateus Asato, a guitar hero
Robson Fonseca
Robson Fonseca 15 kun oldin
Monique B
Monique B 16 kun oldin
This is so beautiful Tori Kelly! 🙏🏼❤️✨
Melany Buitrago
Melany Buitrago 16 kun oldin
Que cancion tan fea
Dariana DeLaRosa
Dariana DeLaRosa 16 kun oldin
🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 her voice is everything ❤️❤️❤️
Melissa Brooke
Melissa Brooke 17 kun oldin
Look only to our lord and savior Yahushua Hamashiach/Jesus Christ. He is alive and getting us anyday now💓 Dont wake up when the horrors are here. Wake up now! Seek it! Why have they been messing with our skies? Why is everything a lie? The suffering is daily. If we truly seek him with our full heart he will show and help us see the truth! We have to get our hearts right with him to hear his voice! He will heal us! We just have to want it and seek it daily. Our hearts have been hardened and under attack by manipulation and deception of this anti-christ system we living in now which keep us from seeing. Wake up sweet souls, it's all coming to an end🙏 We are spiritual beings sleeping and oppressed. Please look outside the box and the distractions and look to the lord. Look outside the mainstream which is ALL a lie. The fear is in us from them manipulating us by what we watch which tarnishes our hearts. We have all the information now to seek the real truth, like it says in the bible. Ask Jesus to guide our hearts to the truth, because only he can and will💓🙏💓 We are in the pre-tribulation now. I pray any eyes or ears willing to hear, see, or research this be guided to the truth🙏 I pray we endure no more pain and make it home safe to our lord and savoir Yahushua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ 💓🙏💓
Beliver in Jesus
Beliver in Jesus 17 kun oldin
That was so beautiful
Eden Rosales
Eden Rosales 18 kun oldin
Such a blessing to God be all the glory🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️☝️
NaTosha H.
NaTosha H. 18 kun oldin
My God!!!!! Beautifully done. I felt as if I was holding my breath until the end. Captured my heart. 🙏🙌🔥
Rachel HB
Rachel HB 18 kun oldin
God bless you, Tori! I love that song ❤
Tanisha Hood
Tanisha Hood 18 kun oldin
This song truly captivates where I am right now. From the depths of what I've been searching for. Bless you for being a vessel reaching us all for HIS Glory...You're helping me get back to me...Who GOD created❤
Reny Reinoso
Reny Reinoso 18 kun oldin
Deebeauty 19 kun oldin
Her melody is absolutely beautiful
Cilloux972 19 kun oldin
Love this song so much. I need you Lord !
MissDAdolph 19 kun oldin
Beaaautiful! I felt that. I wish we could get a collaboration with Tori, JoJo Lev, and Brandy asap! I could so cry. Anyone?
Arie Psalm
Arie Psalm 19 kun oldin
This is absolutely my favorite worship song! The anointing on this woman gives me fire in my bones!!! Like Elijah!! Hallelujah, please keep worshipping our Lord and savior Jesus Christ because you are truly blessing many with that instrument he has giving you!!
Carine S. Patricio
Carine S. Patricio 19 kun oldin
Awww so beautiful ❤
Tiffini Hall
Tiffini Hall 20 kun oldin
❤❤❤❤❤ Beautiful
Freda mcqueen
Freda mcqueen 20 kun oldin
Yes ma'am! That is what it is about not forgetting who blessed you with your gifts. Thank you Jesus!
Mobistrip 20 kun oldin
As a struggling Christian who constantly battles with my sins..I Thank you god for everything. God bless all who listen to this wonderful message. And thank you Ms. Kelly for making this beautiful song.
T J 20 kun oldin
Love love Tori Kelly!!!!! Such a sweet beautiful soft voice 💖
Katlyn Dobransky
Katlyn Dobransky 21 kun oldin
This song gives me Steven Universe vibes! Beautiful music that takes me to another place
Julya Alves
Julya Alves 21 kun oldin
Algum brasileiro aqui
Eric 21 kun oldin
Jonathan Modoh
Jonathan Modoh 21 kun oldin
I love how Tori hasn't forgotten God in her life despite how big she's gotten, she aint no sell out, God bless your soul Tori ❤
Onyeka Abajingin
Onyeka Abajingin 21 kun oldin
Woah, your voice is beautiful! I love this. Excellent work
wallace brown
wallace brown 22 kun oldin
Candace Butler
Candace Butler 22 kun oldin
So beautiful 🙏🏿😭❤️🙌🏽
Core Crafts and Prints
First time hearing you and this song. I played it at a trying time in my marriage and family. Yes I need You Lord! God bless you Tori.
Patricia Phillips
Patricia Phillips 22 kun oldin
jesse smith
jesse smith 22 kun oldin
My youngest son falls asleep to this and it is well. Every time. So peaceful. So beautiful. I love seeing and hearing the passion they both have for God! It’s so refreshing!
Tonasha J
Tonasha J 23 kun oldin
dastorm19 23 kun oldin
Literally blown away!
Tim Salness
Tim Salness 23 kun oldin
Not trying to be a villain in the the room but I just want to pass my opinion. Tory, you are talented. You are however, hiding your full voice potential to be heard using what I call the "breathy" singing style of the "contemporary Christian" genre, I believe this was started by Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. Other artists, feeling compelled to imitate the successful, copy them. In addition, I feel some artists less talented try to get away with hiding their singing deficiencies by using the breathy undertone singing style. The true singers are denying their listeners the wonderful full voice by whispering down or using the breathy method of singing. To be a standout in a sea of mediocrity and sameness by everyone else in this genre, please stretch yourself vocally and sing out in a full voice as much as you can. I don't mean over sing or yell out. Look at Kelly Clarkson as a good example. She shows loud and full, then gets quiet but still has the ability to convey her song in a full sound. I hope this is not taken the wrong way. I just want you to stretch yourself and separate you from all the others who do the same.
Annie C.
Annie C. 23 kun oldin
Listening to this while doing my schoolwork, but I had to pause and leave a comment. God bless this lovely lady and her beautiful way of sharing her faith with the world and thus bringing it to others. It's such a joy and inspiration. Music is amazing.. Whether we sing Tori Kelly's Psalm 42 or Palestrina's Sicut Cervus (a rendition of this same psalm by another brilliant musician), let us all be just as open in singing praise to God in the highest, with whom we are never truly alone! Bless~
All about Music
All about Music 23 kun oldin
Is she a Christian?
Danielle Markham
Danielle Markham 2 kun oldin
Sharesa Edwards
Sharesa Edwards 23 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Bobbie Strouss
Bobbie Strouss 24 kun oldin
Amazing!! Soo powerful!!❤❤
Michelle Paguio
Michelle Paguio 24 kun oldin
woke up, opened my yt account and randomly saw this on my feed. yes Lord, good morning to you too! 😊❤🙏
Arie Psalm
Arie Psalm 24 kun oldin
Yeeeesssss Tori!!!!! That’s what I’m talking about! 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭
Edilson Covers
Edilson Covers 24 kun oldin
Brasil? Cadê você,❤
Edilson Covers
Edilson Covers 24 kun oldin
Parece era 1 vez !!
coocoojj 24 kun oldin
It's cute how the audio heard her counting at the start
New Watchmen Ministry
Hey sister Tori this is Missionary Reyes, sorry I've 🐝 busy, do you think I can have free WiFi, it's been hard times, I haven't opened my CAFE, FROM WORSHIP IN TRUTH. SAN BERNARDINO CALIFORNIA
Helen Jackson
Helen Jackson 25 kun oldin
I Need You Lord.
Lanedra Pannell
Lanedra Pannell 25 kun oldin
Beautiful song
honwill louis
honwill louis 25 kun oldin
Johnathan Costa
Johnathan Costa 26 kun oldin
Ah, Jesus que lindo o que o Senhor faz na vida das pessoas ❤️
Skylit Skye
Skylit Skye 26 kun oldin
This song gives me hope.
IsabellaLiangLiuh Pamei
Random Acts
Random Acts 27 kun oldin
thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabriella Folman
Gabriella Folman 27 kun oldin
I love this song!!!! Tori kelly your voice is amazing!!!! 💕💕🙌🙌
Dion Richardson
Dion Richardson 27 kun oldin
Awaiting for her Grammy wins! Love this album so much!
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