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TORONTO NBA All Star Game 2016

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Austin Evans
Austin Evans 13 soat oldin
All this bullshit about competitiveness and I'm just sittin here in 2018 sayin "damn kobes fade away, I'm gunna miss that even more now smh"
Mихаил Николаев
Cool game
MDL And Michael Myers
ido berenshtein
ido berenshtein 7 kun oldin
חללל תללת
PointBlack1O'8 7 kun oldin
Aaron Gordon still got robbed..
Goku Kakarrot
Goku Kakarrot 8 kun oldin
Peep the mascot wearing then Drose 3s or 4s👀
MEKHI PLAYS 10 kun oldin
The game melo became trash
BigDaddy9754 11 kun oldin
1:56:57 Nice Shot Wall
Juzelle Jardin
Juzelle Jardin 11 kun oldin
@21:05 Magic had 15 NBA titles with lakers🤣
GilainoNasty 12 kun oldin
6:38 LeBron said Watch Out Steph xD
2485discoduck 12 kun oldin
Emirhan Tekeli
Emirhan Tekeli 13 kun oldin
all star game? its shit game. last all-star game played in 2006.
gguib cghjbv
gguib cghjbv 13 kun oldin
curry dunk? HOHO
whobitmyname 14 kun oldin
If I'm being 100% here... today's All-Star games are fackin doodoo no matter how many dunks and highlights they can stuff in. It's just the generation today... NOBODY is interested in competing. Just wanna laugh n play n look pretty. The ASG is just the most blatant display of it. Used to be winning the game was still important as a matter of competitive pride, there was defense, there were tight scores and OT's. Now there's just a bunch of cats having fun with the ball while everybody on D is also having fun (i.e. not playing any.) Today's NBA is all about least resistance. It's a lot of soft, self-serving, secretly scared basketball. Thanks, LeBron.
Mephiam 2 kun oldin
I agree with everything except the Lebron part. It was heading this way before him. There have been a couple (2003 or 2006 come to mind) that have shown flashes, but I dont remember one since 2010 maybe. The kiddos here keep arguing about how it's just for entertainment and showing off the players skills. I call bullshit for 2 reasons: what's entertaining about a "game" I could see at 1000 parks across the country minus the names ( lob passing, alley ooping for shits & giggles) and what minimal skill would anyone who plays on any level need to get by and dunk on a stuffed toy that doesn't defend or move? You can literally hear the arena crowd getting bored. How much did they pay to attend something I could watch hours of for free on UZvid because folks are always uploading their blacktop games and highlights?
Michael D
Michael D 14 kun oldin
1:12:57 "toilet water"...its called a toilet bowl, thats why shaq said ive never heard that before
Lasha Lewis
Lasha Lewis 15 kun oldin
Anyone in 2019 R.I.P Craig Sager✊✊
Vakyrae xii
Vakyrae xii 15 kun oldin
2:05:10 wtf was tht 😂💀💀💀
Y2kSd4 16 kun oldin
Oscar R. & Bill Russell are talking Why We Standing Nexth to this China Conmit, they used treat Us Second to none Citizen because they accused us of been conmunist, them White'$ Master$ ,🇨🇳🤖🇻🇳 this is Just an'ther Way to show us that they don't like us """nigga.^_^👦🏿👴🏿 dammmn that Raptor clown is like , I want to chew on tha China Panda girl Crouthhh 👹🙉👿🤡
Dthehreates 17 kun oldin
Were kyrie
Aaron Penaflorida
Aaron Penaflorida 17 kun oldin
Where the hell is kyrie irving?
Eckah Baldos
Eckah Baldos 18 kun oldin
Andres 18 kun oldin
42:27 someone should have told drake to sit his bitch ass down
tj hussle
tj hussle 19 kun oldin
5:17 lebron tried to dunk the shot clock 😂🙊
Scoot DaMan
Scoot DaMan 20 kun oldin
I watched the entire video
Cuzaan 21 kun oldin
Lebron gave away the tip off ball ??
Carmelo Thacker
Carmelo Thacker 21 kun oldin
Kobe still got them moves from back in the day
Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson 22 kun oldin
After watching this Carmelo Anthony WTF IM A HUGE FAN BUT WE NEED TOU RUNNING A HUSTLING
The Real King James
The Real King James 23 kun oldin
craig sager @ 20:05
jadslash 24 kun oldin
The bowls?!? What happened?? 😆
Kayne Mordini
Kayne Mordini 25 kun oldin
The first ten seconds I thought I was watching NBA 2K Wtf
Tyler Okonma
Tyler Okonma 26 kun oldin
Eric Li
Eric Li 27 kun oldin
Eric Li
Eric Li 27 kun oldin
chris paul omg too fast
Aiden Williams
Curry is amazing
Alexander Reid
Anytime westbrook gets hot like that its scary for other teams
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Oy oldin
Damn this was 2 years ago. Melo went from a starting all star to not in the league
Daric Xu
Daric Xu Oy oldin
. Last all star for Kobe , who else is here for him?
Monta Duncite
Monta Duncite Oy oldin
I am watching in.... 2018!!!!
Monta Duncite
Monta Duncite Oy oldin
days when #0 and #35 were together
Landon Lick
Landon Lick Oy oldin
The defense was horrible
Deangelo White
::::::,:::::: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm m
Dark Zom
Dark Zom Oy oldin
Who els thought the snake was kd
Broly Oy oldin
Prolly the last time the all Star game was good
Scoobah loyal Guard
Remember when they don’t play actual defense?
dan hughes
dan hughes Oy oldin
yea buddy
Gary McMichael
14:03 - freeze frame. Just the epitome, the single best encapsulation of, the perfect example of....overpaid dumbass. Lebron James.
Tamrance O'Donell
West is the best
trebledc Oy oldin
What a boring game.
Pro Bowl 2016
2 yil oldin