TRADITIONAL Korean Market FOOD TOUR: “Five Day Market” in South Korea

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My last full day in Jeju and I'm going to end it with the traditional Five Day Market. Here you can find all kinds of food, ranging from doughnuts to seafood, and all are super fresh!

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21-Okt, 2018

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Maka Xarxeli
Maka Xarxeli 18 soat oldin
Rinielle 아리엘 Choi
Such a Daddy Material ❤
Ren Dagger
Ren Dagger 11 kun oldin
Your almost the Gorden Ramsey of Asian food Mike
Heather Whitehead
Heather Whitehead 15 kun oldin
You kinda look like Jackie Chan.
mma savage
mma savage 16 kun oldin
What is that white sauce they put on top of the cabbage roll
Sher C
Sher C 17 kun oldin
Awesome shirt.
Wan Feng Lau
Wan Feng Lau 22 kun oldin
Just had the fried rice with black pork at 08:05, it was truly nice especially the pork. Thanks for the video !
milkymyeon 24 kun oldin
Who is his cameraman? I thought he was always traveling solo
79JenMo Oy oldin
Is there anything you really hate to eat? I think I keep watching to see if you will say, "This is gross, don't ever get this"
Juliet Lu
Juliet Lu Oy oldin
Everything looks yummy 😋. 15:36 😄 hello!
Yoon Jeong Kim
Abalone, black pork, knife fish, and oranges are the most famous foods of Jeju-do. You won’t regret trying these!
Susana Marquez
You are the reason why I want to travel, Mikey!
Thahmingi Hauhnar
I don't why but i always click the like button even before watching the video 😅😅💜💜
Haru JP
Haru JP Oy oldin
i want your shirt!!!! lol
Sol De La Riva
I Want All Of That Food..
sexy korean girl
where are the hot korean hunnies
papi aydan
papi aydan Oy oldin
Find them at the plastic surgery clinic
Julie Waninger
Julie Waninger 2 oy oldin
I want his shirt.
I don’t know Animations
I wounded how awkward he felt when people was staring at him lol
Mysterious Msp Girl
i never had rice cake. :C
Jerwin Betaizar
Jerwin Betaizar 2 oy oldin
i love food
Ariana Chan
Ariana Chan 2 oy oldin
Go try Te.Ate Bene in Gwanghwamun. They have the best spaghetti ever. Try the one that’s in the bread bowl. ^^
Michael Andersson
Great again👍
laura flores
laura flores 2 oy oldin
Frances Brooks
Frances Brooks 2 oy oldin
you can do it
Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor 2 oy oldin
Who else "likes" before even watching the video? You just know it'll be great!
BunnyLove 101
BunnyLove 101 2 oy oldin
I saw one video of you and fell in love with your videos
Jantina Haspels
Jantina Haspels 2 oy oldin
You know he's an adventurous eater when he says he's wanting more innard flavour in a dish. Thanks for the vid, kid.
杨亦舒 2 oy oldin
The Great Eldian Empire
Smart viewers : eat something before watching mikey's video =D
Mianha Hayes
Mianha Hayes 2 oy oldin
Who’s holding the camera
Yenny Maria
Yenny Maria 2 oy oldin
I want that rings on the top of water melon
yuminemmy 2 oy oldin
Those donuts are must eat whenever you go to Korean markets.
hanny kristiana
hanny kristiana 2 oy oldin
맛있어보여요 ㅠㅠ 먹고싶다 ㅎㅎㅎ
rachel tarmey
rachel tarmey 2 oy oldin
mug wart very harry potter lol. xxx
Tavshinny 2 oy oldin
Imagine the shits this guy takes
ALL IS WELL 2 oy oldin
World is crazy for food but not me 😅✌
XL XL 2 oy oldin
Wait who records you when you eat both hands what I’m confused
Dallas Nateweyes
Dallas Nateweyes 2 oy oldin
Nice food
mary poppins
mary poppins 2 oy oldin
Mugwort is an herb used to smoke causes visions
estela sodoso
estela sodoso 2 oy oldin
I love your videos👍❤
sipulen 2 oy oldin
I love your t-shirt man 😂
KurtUltraVids 2 oy oldin
one must wonder how can he have the confidence to do foodgasms in public places lmaoo
I'm a girl and I stan girl groups and KARD
I wanna be able to fly to S.Korea and eat all this!
Mohamad Rusyaidi Azri
EXERCISE?? I THOUGHT YOU SAID EXTRA RICE..haha nice word on that t shirt
A Pained Mystery
A Pained Mystery 2 oy oldin
How can this guy eat that much.
Imperativierend 2 oy oldin
The watermelon juice looks amazing!
Kring Bambi
Kring Bambi 2 oy oldin
I want to see the price of the foods so i could plan my budget when i go there 😂😂
That corndog would rule county fairs here in the south
Stephanie dont you wish you knew
Have to say...he's sexy AF
Stanley Chan
Stanley Chan 2 oy oldin
Great job man. Keep it up!!
Umi Ci_Won
Umi Ci_Won 2 oy oldin
Coming in indonesia
Umi Ci_Won
Umi Ci_Won 2 oy oldin
Subtitle indonesia please
Zachary Hellman
Zachary Hellman 2 oy oldin
If I could trade my cake addiction for your love of Ramen..
ModestasMockus 2 oy oldin
OMG 7:17 “much sweeter than the penis with it’s clothes on”😂😂😂😂
donjz777 2 oy oldin
Rice, carrot dog, yumm..
donjz777 2 oy oldin
U look 0.8 Korean?
LaylaTB88 2 oy oldin
Love your tshirt! "Excercise?? I thought you said extra rice! " 😂🤣
Phạm Thủy
Phạm Thủy 2 oy oldin
I love your T-shirt
何欣霖 2 oy oldin
Can I ask one adjective which I heard like “eromatic “ at 5:22 ? Thxs a lot
Vanessa jane Vasquez
Exercice i thought you said extra rice 😂😂😂😂
omni mystiic
omni mystiic 2 oy oldin
Have you ever ate an rat before Mike ?
Crispy Fries
Crispy Fries 2 oy oldin
I watch your videos during dinner because my hunger is pushed up 20 times and I'm gobbling like a maniac!
Potato Kitty
Potato Kitty 2 oy oldin
“The syrup’s another type and the ice cream is the third type!”
akemi chan
akemi chan 2 oy oldin
Looks delicious, i want to visit korea
Heidi_KarenXXX 2 oy oldin
so awesome to see jackie chan doing something like this ! big fan 👍👏👏
Daffa Arvie
Daffa Arvie 2 oy oldin
You look like jakie chan... I WUV U
dodge rockets
dodge rockets 2 oy oldin
Damn Jackie chan you can eat!
Soju Sushi Chu
Soju Sushi Chu 2 oy oldin
Around 4:54 ..did he say Hogwart instead of Mugwort?.🤣
Samuel Roy
Samuel Roy 2 oy oldin
I love your videos. Just a technical suggestion - sometimes your voice volume is lower than your music volume and so I have to keep changing the volume. I watch it on my TV.
Carmen Burton
Carmen Burton 2 oy oldin
I'm so envious....💖 your vids.. wish I could be you..
Mark Aguda
Mark Aguda 2 oy oldin
The foods is so good. I can eat many of all.
Pierre Cortez
Pierre Cortez 2 oy oldin
10:22 we are on camera
Eduardo Quintana
Eduardo Quintana 2 oy oldin
Here in my country(Ecuador) people sell 50 tangerine/$1 fresh fruit everywhere Btw all the food looks so tasty, sea food team 👌🏻
Y&S FOOD! 2 oy oldin
Awesome online video! Here at Y&S FOOD! we love to run across such type of content. We create Travel & Food films as well, across the globe, and so we are frequently aiming for inspirations as well as creative concepts. Thank You.
aletha girl
aletha girl 2 oy oldin
Food heaven 😍😍😍😍
Jeff D
Jeff D 2 oy oldin
Korean food is wannabe Japanese and Chinese knock off.
zadoww 2 oy oldin
Never understood why you would want Red bean paste in something sweet..
Aaryan Khanna
Aaryan Khanna 2 oy oldin
That carrot dog is a monstrosity! >.>
Kiera Florence
Kiera Florence 2 oy oldin
I thought Timothy de la ghetto started food videos lol! New sub anyway
JDL 2 oy oldin
your guide through the market was so fun! it was like i was there with you. thanks for sharing!
Sebastián Flores
Hey Mike, you need to work in subtitles for your videos. I want to show your channel to my mother but she doesn't speak English 😂😂😂
Pierre Rogers
Pierre Rogers 2 oy oldin
been watching this channel for a while, and still can't understand how mike puts away so much food
kimchicracka 2 oy oldin
That watermelon drink is hilarious 😆
Bored Abroad
Bored Abroad 2 oy oldin
Ugh. I should have moved somewhere with good food like korea....
Ana Francisco
Ana Francisco 2 oy oldin
Mikeeeee JAPAN OR KOREA??? for honeymoon ahahahhaha help lol
Boom Boom Pow
Boom Boom Pow 2 oy oldin
He's pretty cute! New subscriber here! I'm now binge watching and am now hungry! Lol lol
Asian Facility
Asian Facility 2 oy oldin
What is a best and number 1 korean kind of sweets and cakes
Jemuell Gaudia
Jemuell Gaudia 2 oy oldin
Btw is mike chen a chinese or?
paperszz 2 oy oldin
you always make me hungry 😱
Krystal Harvey
Krystal Harvey 2 oy oldin
Showing love from Arizona 💯
Brandon Cramer r.h sins
why the death stare at 5:33 ?💀👻
Classic cooking
Classic cooking 2 oy oldin
Amazing video
erke zhang
erke zhang 2 oy oldin
actually Korea does not have good food... only one flavour that is spricy
Daisy Dee
Daisy Dee 2 oy oldin
Yuummm 😋
Justin Eats
Justin Eats 2 oy oldin
I'm such a huge tourist for all Korean travel videos! I love it!
Ian Prananda
Ian Prananda 2 oy oldin
All of your video always make me starving!! ahh I wanna eat it
Larry Henery
Larry Henery 2 oy oldin
The vid is 9.99 but no music it would be 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Buddy Jackson
Buddy Jackson 2 oy oldin
What is that orange ice cream you ate?
Lionel Pang
Lionel Pang 2 oy oldin
Those bystanders were kinda distracting
Max Piterbarg
Max Piterbarg 2 oy oldin
Mike: *see's vegetables* *pulls out glock*