Traditional Korean Street Food Tour at Gwangjang Market in Seoul!

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Food Info:
Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea
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I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.



4-Iyl, 2018



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Best Ever Food Review Show
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Johnathon Mcdaniel
Hey just wanting to know hoe i ho about doing this for a living
vinzran 2 oy oldin
Hey,, do you cook too ? Looking forward for the food review with your own dish. 😄
Fungsukon Nanakorn
Best Ever Food Review Show และ
Millz Millz
Millz Millz 5 oy oldin
No offense taken when it come to the blood sausage in Guyana we call in black pudding.. Its rice, blood and intestine from cow
Millz Millz
Millz Millz 5 oy oldin
Sonny you have really great music.
Dino Beganovic
Dino Beganovic 2 soat oldin
Wow man, you make awesome content! Really makes me want to travel. Disabled Adblock just for your channel lol. You deserve it
Morgan Naing
Morgan Naing 17 soat oldin
You reallyy need to go to Myanmar food markets! Love the presentation.
Nicolas Joseph
Nicolas Joseph 23 soat oldin
Lol dinuguan is more tastier you can find it in phillipines
Kyisha Smith
Kyisha Smith Kun oldin
You look very familiar have you ever worked in Saratoga springs I enjoy this video thank you
Aaron Kim
Aaron Kim Kun oldin
Awesome videos Sonny. You are my favorite food reviewer. Keep it up and God bless!
Nikki Gatmaitan
Nikki Gatmaitan 2 kun oldin
Love this guy!!! I love all ur videos!!! Food food nd more food :) :)
Mieks X
Mieks X 3 kun oldin
We know that u don't like the blood rice thing.😂
RealDarkBlade 3 kun oldin
I am gonna be "that" guy now....but I always get flamed when i see people eating ...baby octopus..baby crab...etc.Cause in my head I am like "let the grow and they can feed more people and better". Rant over
Lucas Repoponio
Lucas Repoponio 3 kun oldin
It look so clean there 😯
Amira Hajoui
Amira Hajoui 3 kun oldin
When you really wanna eat Korean food, but then you remember you’re Muslim 😔
amatul shafi
amatul shafi 3 kun oldin
how does he know the language?
Ezel Amante
Ezel Amante 4 kun oldin
2:20am why am I watching these? I'm hungryyyyyy 😐😐😐
Queen A V.I.P _
Queen A V.I.P _ 4 kun oldin
Why do I really want you to make your own tour somewhere?
Queen A V.I.P _
Queen A V.I.P _ 4 kun oldin
What am I doing here?
AsianBoiZ1 4 kun oldin
Bruh!!! Your Korean is amazing 🤣👍
Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews 5 kun oldin
Using all parts is goooood.
Gery Gergely
Gery Gergely 6 kun oldin
This is a fucking greit video man , id like to eat a fresh rats dish like a fucking czech republick frozen pollish bulsit man !
Zina Zimik
Zina Zimik 6 kun oldin
Wow! All the food looks so yummy...
Robby Burnpipe
Robby Burnpipe 6 kun oldin
Those beeping are annoying. Next
ECS XIV 7 kun oldin
Pig face meat is very yummy 😋 its meat is different than how the body meat tastes.
BRabbit716 7 kun oldin
Reminds me of the travel channel
Approvements Gt
Approvements Gt 9 kun oldin
Try Adidas on Philippines basically its a chicken feet that is spicy its mostly a Pulutan food
Blue Tiger
Blue Tiger 9 kun oldin
I m Korean
Joe Northstar
Joe Northstar 9 kun oldin
Now your breathe smells like kimchi.
Jodee Sisk
Jodee Sisk 9 kun oldin
You ate anything on camera you didn't like?? 🤔
Madfunktion 11 kun oldin
Gwangjang , awesome .
lilmistahj 11 kun oldin
This is painful to watch on a empty stomach 😩😭😍😋
z 9z
z 9z 12 kun oldin
So the food is awesome, and the fish is super tasty. But yeah, the fish and water creatures are indeed stressed. They are not stupid. So do have a little respect even if we are at the top of the food chain.
z 9z
z 9z 12 kun oldin
It will burn your mind, and you will become addicted.
z 9z
z 9z 12 kun oldin
It looks SO good.
Aaron Gagnier
Aaron Gagnier 13 kun oldin
Chicken feet lady was piiiiissssssed lmao xD
Roger Waters
Roger Waters 13 kun oldin
Ive been to over 30 countries and Korean street food is hands down the best!!!
Hey_hey_hali ;-;
Hey_hey_hali ;-; 13 kun oldin
Bro it’s like 3 in the morning and my mouth watering like crazy ☠️
Efraim Monsale
Efraim Monsale 13 kun oldin
I was cringing when he was speaking korean.
Mildred Daradal
Mildred Daradal 13 kun oldin
I really love your videos! Ur so entertaining and funny
오마르 14 kun oldin
8:30 that girl in the back is CUTE though 😍😍
Farida D. Romillo - Mateo
Jada R.
Jada R. 14 kun oldin
So very off topic... Anyone know the song at the end of the video?
hail271 12 kun oldin
on the radio - Marc Torch
legal nz
legal nz 14 kun oldin
*WHITE PEOPLE..... in a Korean world doesn't suit ...... Keep Korean people to host such videos and NOT WHITE IDIOTS🤪👊*
Janet Huff
Janet Huff 15 kun oldin
Your korean is so good!
밤추리 15 kun oldin
8:34 :)
Bree Lovexoxo
Bree Lovexoxo 16 kun oldin
Is it yummy 😋
crzy J
crzy J 16 kun oldin
I would like to so Korea some day. I'd eat everything in sight lol
MAE MAE 16 kun oldin
toast crxptic
toast crxptic 16 kun oldin
My stomach say heyyy I'm hungry 안녕하세요
Safoy 1992
Safoy 1992 16 kun oldin
You are the best 😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥✨
carcarmc1234 16 kun oldin
Did anyone else see the crab move at 9:56 ??? 😟
Micho jay Patrocenio
Wow this is the best ever food show I've ever watch.. its wonderful .. im enjoying it. Really fun
bnenomore 17 kun oldin
5:15 Omg, how cute is she?! My mind went straight to those old 50's housewife adverts lol
aha ngui
aha ngui 17 kun oldin
all looked so good. eats them all??? wanna try them all. but i think my stomach don't have enough place 🤣🤣🤣
pandot 17 kun oldin
and here i am eating sad cup noodles
tregaricusable 18 kun oldin
I'll have some sausage and face please.
kara badger_ironsight
i use to live in daejong and seoul, food food food street food street food street food beer and soju.. good times..
Jordaniel Gamier
Jordaniel Gamier 18 kun oldin
Do you pay that food? Or they give it free?
Melanie Cuales34
Melanie Cuales34 18 kun oldin
I really like all your video
Saundra T
Saundra T 18 kun oldin
It hurts so good😂
Flávia Gensem
Flávia Gensem 19 kun oldin
Of course he would love pigs nose and all... He is a pig lover. 😂
Alfred Evaristus
Alfred Evaristus 19 kun oldin
Dont forget to pay after meal bro...😁😁
kerryanne28 19 kun oldin
I wonder how different the taste is from British black pudding and the blood sausage in this video... very curious xxx
Sailaja sadineni
Sailaja sadineni 20 kun oldin
They don't have vegetables or what
a si
a si 21 kun oldin
Riya Mitra
Riya Mitra 21 kun oldin
Any person from Korea can you please tell me what is that white jello thing at 10:53 beside that dunpling?
Ý Hoàng
Ý Hoàng 21 kun oldin
Very good
John Francis Frederick Manlapig
This is one of your best vids!
MaiChi Nguyen
MaiChi Nguyen 21 kun oldin
Is it me or is Sonny really cute when he's super happy while eating?
Johnny 22 kun oldin
gwangjan market is overrated...
S. L.
S. L. 22 kun oldin
looks yummy. in comparison, street food from hong kong is boring.
mr.clearsky hammer
mr.clearsky hammer 22 kun oldin
Food destinations .....korea china japan ^_^and Indonesia too. Love from India 😘
Dayoung Seo
Dayoung Seo 22 kun oldin
8:32 Whoa! I see a white guy.
Jane Kang
Jane Kang 22 kun oldin
...odeng juice.. Lol not broth or soup.. juice.. nice..
1대청자 18 kun oldin
that is soup haha
Vishana Jattan
Vishana Jattan 22 kun oldin
No one has a hair net
- -
- - 22 kun oldin
reminds me of jin's odeng the fish cake skjdskjd
ka koo
ka koo 23 kun oldin
Welcome to Korea everyone I will guide you if u need one~ lol
Huberdina 23 kun oldin
Great report, thanks.
lopez 2099
lopez 2099 23 kun oldin
Big greasy and oily. Words of wisdom
KG L 24 kun oldin
Ewwwwww the "blood" sausage
xlncy 24 kun oldin
So, basically its a deep fried aquarium.
Ramirez Delgado
Ramirez Delgado 24 kun oldin
I like food korean yummy good taste
Abel Kooran varghese
i really enjoy watching your videos.. do u mind mentioning the name of the background songs as well..
ashi star
ashi star 25 kun oldin
Now I'm hungry 🤤🤤🤤
Nero Avilio
Nero Avilio 26 kun oldin
He’s the best food review channel😭😭 So respectful to the culture and always ready to try new things.. I’ve watched so many of his videos but never caught his name
Toast Museum
Toast Museum 22 kun oldin
Nero Avilio his name is sonny
Keita Will debut in the future
I’m drooling
Loriegel Quino
Loriegel Quino 26 kun oldin
Wish to visit someday.. What are the title of the songs used in this video?
Mike Georgius
Mike Georgius 27 kun oldin
3:55 toilet paper???
Soyeon Baek
Soyeon Baek 27 kun oldin
its fun to see my country from your youtube! you dipped mandoo into too much soy sauce !! anyway it is so happy to see you enjoy all those great korean foods. thank you for introducing my country beautifully!
Anne Corey
Anne Corey 27 kun oldin
Very nice place for food and lots of nice stalls very clean friendly place for good food very spices food in. Korean they eat chilies more then the. Malaysian and. India peoples is too hot for me thanks Sunny can eat as good as. Mark Wien,
Minted Lemon
Minted Lemon 27 kun oldin
Ooh yeah u put a lot of effort in learning intro im sure.Daebak!
BTS X TXT 28 kun oldin
I was born in the wrong country 😂
DudeOnVlog Oy oldin
Bro visit nepal too once
Stephanie Mujan
I always wonder, what happens to the food you didnt finish? I dont think the crew can eat that much either. Do you throw them away?
manju331 Oy oldin
I love your videos Sonny. Second time I’m watching this.
Sekka Oy oldin
scott Littlewood
love youre vids
남가네 Oy oldin
9:30 These things are salty, so it is delicious to eat with rice. 10:13 I am Korean too, but I do not like chicken legs very much.
Life is Travel 인생은 여행이다
Love your video! :)
Abhinav Thakur
Next time North korea
Lifestyle By Tida
This is why I always breaks my diet :((
A_silent_Fan h
Damn now I'm hungry and sad that there isn't a korean food market where I live 😭
Bryan T
Bryan T Oy oldin
I tried to find the intro song, but I cant seem to find it
Bryan T
Bryan T 10 kun oldin
atiyar Oy oldin
Ray feat. Phawn - What I See
Will It Hair Gel?
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