Traditional Korean Street Food Tour at Gwangjang Market in Seoul!

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Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea
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4-Iyl, 2018

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Best Ever Food Review Show
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Fungsukon Nanakorn
Fungsukon Nanakorn 18 kun oldin
Best Ever Food Review Show และ
Millz Millz
Millz Millz 3 oy oldin
No offense taken when it come to the blood sausage in Guyana we call in black pudding.. Its rice, blood and intestine from cow
Millz Millz
Millz Millz 3 oy oldin
Sonny you have really great music.
Lester Esteban
Lester Esteban 4 oy oldin
What's the name of the song & who's the singer ?
romeo mamaril
romeo mamaril 4 oy oldin
Can I ask wht is the title of the song you put in your vlog in that episode
Marys TaTa
Marys TaTa 18 soat oldin
arikijikichi 22 soat oldin
Holysony you can speak korean..woow
suga fan
suga fan 23 soat oldin
I'll surely visit Korea just for eating
Bmf_ Weapons
Bmf_ Weapons Kun oldin
they love their bean over there around asia lol
Genesis Casanova
Genesis Casanova 2 kun oldin
We have sundae in pr but we fried them and typically it is spicy.
01 01
01 01 2 kun oldin
Luv the Korean coverage! Going to have to try these on my next trip
Streetchew 스트릿츄
gosh i like your video haha more korean than korean
Mitsurey Aquino
Mitsurey Aquino 3 kun oldin
When he says yummy it sounds so funny😂yum-ayy 😂
Camaro the Great
Camaro the Great 4 kun oldin
1:28 The drug gimbap has a funny Chinese translation.....中毒紫菜卷饭...which means, poisoned seaweed rolled rice....damn, I am gonna be poisoned! Well, it basically means something narcotic, so the Japanese 麻薬 is a good translation, so the correct Chinese translation should probably be: 麻药紫菜卷饭 or 麻醉紫菜卷饭, definitely not "Poisoned Seaweed Rolled Rice" lol
Brenno Suñe.
Brenno Suñe. 4 kun oldin
7:10 "youtube" star. hum....
닷삼풀나 4 kun oldin
That pig face was a turnoff and offensive, after how they are the 4th most intelligent animal and how sentient they are. I don't know but sorry, that's cruel.
NOJAMZ 5 kun oldin
That korean tho
ken tran
ken tran 6 kun oldin
whats that song in the end
Antoinette Hernandez
I love Korean food! It's delicious!
Nally Christianson
Nally Christianson 6 kun oldin
Sonny said "mouth hole" so cute
Life is cool
Life is cool 7 kun oldin
Thank u for introduce my country food. ♥
IceWolf11 10 kun oldin
In Spain we have that "blood sausage" but we fry it, is called Morcilla de Burgos
Kirk Obejero
Kirk Obejero 10 kun oldin
Love it 😊
Vy Nguyễn
Vy Nguyễn 12 kun oldin
Trời ơi ổng nói tiếng Hàn dễ thương vãi
지은 12 kun oldin
우와 한국이당ㅋㅋ
Steven Cn
Steven Cn 13 kun oldin
Come to Perú, There is a lot for you here.
sof q
sof q 15 kun oldin
this makes me so happy, i'm adopted from korea and i will probably never have the money to visit korea so it's really cool for me to kinda discover korean cuisine through you in a way. it makes me really excited and encourages me to try and make some korean food!
jimin chimchim
jimin chimchim 18 kun oldin
Oh south korean my favorit cuntry~♥~
Memo Naif
Memo Naif 18 kun oldin
Chiken feet noway
Angel Kim
Angel Kim 18 kun oldin
Title of the songs pleaseeeeeee
Taehyung's tongue Jimin's hair
Is the food cheap? And do they understand a tiny bit of English? Planning my trip in a few months...
Joshua Min
Joshua Min 20 kun oldin
Korean on point man :)
10,000 subscribers with no videos
All these foods look so good especially that donut 💕🤩
hidden leaf
hidden leaf 20 kun oldin
Super yummy i love korean food
Rosa Gorskikh
Rosa Gorskikh 21 kun oldin
The random guy with the peace sign tho!
Tough Shit
Tough Shit 21 kun oldin
Why do I torture myself watching all these food vidz after midnite.....😒
Kwang Jung Kim
Kwang Jung Kim 21 kun oldin
I've tried most of that
It's Momo
It's Momo 22 kun oldin
It hurts so good cx
Madison Curie
Madison Curie 22 kun oldin
Just made me want all the food
ElephantsLover 22 kun oldin
Oh my gud I love dumplings!
Vy Nguyễn #Shawols
do you know....I have seen you broadcast on TV In Viet Nam....I was very surprised to see this clip and you as a youtuber >
I wanna try Korean poontang
Leila 23 kun oldin
One shot?? ONE SHAAAA!!
Eden Phin
Eden Phin 24 kun oldin
president kim junmyeon
12:56 look at that dots and song joong ki poster at the back
ElizabethPyle 27 kun oldin
I like plain food so idk if I would eat any of this unless it doesn't have much flavour
matthew carpenter
matthew carpenter 28 kun oldin
All I would of ate was the noodles look like lo mein
matthew carpenter
matthew carpenter 28 kun oldin
Your fuking crazy
matthew carpenter
matthew carpenter 28 kun oldin
Blood sausage
matthew carpenter
matthew carpenter 28 kun oldin
matthew carpenter
matthew carpenter 28 kun oldin
matthew carpenter
matthew carpenter 28 kun oldin
Not eating none of that shit
YK JR 28 kun oldin
The pig head wasn't cook well😕
Aisha jungkookie
Aisha jungkookie 28 kun oldin
😭😭 I want to eat those dumplings 😥😋😋
Nallma Nallma
Nallma Nallma 29 kun oldin
Hell no ... 👉 to the emergency... really unhealthy..
Nallma Nallma
Nallma Nallma 29 kun oldin
Worth foods I ever saw ..
JellyPig 29 kun oldin
Wait I'm so blown that you actually use chopsticks in the RIGHT way!!! I'm really concerned with our generation not knowing how to use chopsticks in the correct way. I have NONE Korean mukbang UZvidrs who know how to use it correctly.. all the celebs I see on TV don't know... It's honestly shocking and scary. By the next generation, no one's gonna know how to use it right... Some say as long as you know how to pick up food with it, you are good. But I think there's an artistry and elegance in the correct usage of chopsticks.. It's really the only way to effortlessly use it.. anyhow, I'll quit my rants here. You are so awesome!!
sad asian
sad asian 29 kun oldin
His stomach isnt like any other. It's like an endless void.
J Nguyen
J Nguyen Oy oldin
Woah his Korean is so good !! I’m so impressed !!!
Dillon Wayne
Dillon Wayne Oy oldin
9:55 one the those crabs just moved lmao
Abdulla Rifai
Abdulla Rifai Oy oldin
Dude if I have the money I would travel all over Asia. Screw European trips .
Striyd Oy oldin
i watched 5 videos in a row, now im full. how? i dont know.
Abid Chowdhury
Your videos are really good..worth subscribing ❤😃
Mariem Bejaoui
Chicken feet
heytonyuwantsomemyork ?
I'm hungry
LoliOnii-chan Senpai
1:45 *Drug* Gimbap (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I will have 20 please
Crysta Coss
Crysta Coss Oy oldin
Sasireka Arunagiri
❤❤also make some tour on vegetarian foods available in Korea..😍
CHOI TV Oy oldin
Kyla Ramos
Kyla Ramos Oy oldin
Ow! I'm surprised that you know how to speak in Korean. Amazing😊
Mary Shbing
Mary Shbing Oy oldin
Song 1.07 what I see by ray ft phawn
nuam Oy oldin
oh my gosh thank you so much!! i've been looking for it for sooo long ! <3 :D
HUH Oy oldin
It has been about 8 years since I moved out from Korea. I never been to 광장시장 before.
Jose Emmanuel San Felipe
With that pig face part, now I know why we get our "sisig" ingredients from a Korean grocer in Shinjuku. Made a Filipino food, with stuff from a Korean grocer, in a Japanese city...
Isaiah P.
Isaiah P. Oy oldin
I feel a warm presence from you.
Kiri Sounds
Kiri Sounds Oy oldin
I would love to visit korea....and try all this food
Aaron Bizahaloni
LMAO at the dude at 13:14 made my day😂
Jenni Yang
Jenni Yang Oy oldin
i am salivating T_T I want to go to Korea
Trefe Khudai
Trefe Khudai Oy oldin
I love your show...n honestly I have watch every food reviews of yours.Bon Appeti!
Colorado Dadalanche
The word meat and the word gelatinous used to describe a food means I ain't trying it.
uruglytoo Oy oldin
yuck, kimchi!
Aiik Moe
Aiik Moe Oy oldin
/accidently slapping to the octopus aquarium/ "oh sorry... 😫 "
Alejandro Blanco
omg.. when i was little on sat and sun my ahnma would go there and eat so much.
Trinity DiCamillo
Pig’s blood and nose? No thanks
Hyun Soo Kim
Hyun Soo Kim Oy oldin
Eating soondae "You gotta be drunk to eat that... no offense no offense.." None taken, haha its an acquired taste similar to blood sausages with a bit of a must cause of the pig intestines. It is better with alcohol, like many finer things in life but surprisingly found in a small ass stall in Korea xD
Paulin Scott
Paulin Scott Oy oldin
They are friendly bec you are male and white. Usually when Korean sees asian like thai or Chinese they won’t even bet an eyes.
gold lee
gold lee Oy oldin
Paulin Scott : Because of Korean feel Chinese are their natural bloody enemies for tens of centuries. They hate them!
Erick Gad
Erick Gad Oy oldin
I really like your video. Very detailed. Subscribed.
aashiqui2 tum hi ho
Korea....remembering to me WINTER SONATA series drama....
kil koh
kil koh Oy oldin
That pig face chopped up looks pretty damn good...lol. I love soondae.... that blood flavor is great... I noticed I also love british blood sausage and the korean blood hangover soup...all delicious...
Ariel Catli
Ariel Catli Oy oldin
Does anyone know the title of the music at the end of the video?
Crazy Horsea
Crazy Horsea Oy oldin
Thanks pig head is a little scary.
Jasmine Oy oldin
i wanna try teokbokki
Pranjali Domino
I want to make trip to Korea just to eat their food 😍
pawddle Oy oldin
can you believe it that fried doughnut called "Hoddeok"호떡 was $0.50cent when I was in elementary school.. I miss that price lol it's almost 16years ago...
Kidz gαмιиg
Whose seer?
Atlas J
Atlas J Oy oldin
Love these videos! Keep it up. What’s the song at 12:40?
Nor Allya Jasmin
I never thought that soondae included that damn blood.
kil koh
kil koh Oy oldin
LOL, Blood is good...lol...
Devi Oktaviani
You look like messi, hello from indonesia
nuam Oy oldin
this made me so hungry. help Sonny is always making me hungry 😭😂 also, anyone know the name of the songs at 1:07 and 3:26 ? :D
King_ Namjoon
King_ Namjoon Oy oldin
Looks good but... I don't really eat egg or pork or beef I just don't like that and I also don't like sea food....
Alex Martins
Alex Martins Oy oldin
koreaboos goes crazy for that land
Mali Mafia
Mali Mafia Oy oldin
We love a good open crotch moment😍
Destiny Boo
Destiny Boo Oy oldin
Did nobody realize the cute old man at 13:15? 😂😂 He’s so adorable and kind💜
Nikolaos Charatsidis
1:33 lady: spicy.. fish cake. Sonny: ok.. its spicy... something. My Korean is a little rusty. ⚆ _ ⚆
unknown_ YouTuber
You say WTF on the pigface