Trae Young Full Play 2018.07.11 Hawks vs Pacers - 23 Pts, 8 Asts, CLUTCH! | FreeDawkins

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Trae Young Full Play 2018.07.11 Hawks vs Pacers - 23 Pts, 8 Asts, CLUTCH! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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12-Iyl, 2018



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Andrija Simonovic
The most selfish player ever
林育禾 8 oy oldin
His shot selections are so bad
Ronnie Turney
Ronnie Turney 8 oy oldin
Why do y'all show when he misses? Its highlights for a reason, stop hating on him, you lose subscribers like that
yo lo
yo lo 8 oy oldin
It’s the fucking summer league you morons
NI5HU A. 9 oy oldin
he was shaky at the start but he took over at the end of the game
Rakisuta01 9 oy oldin
The way he played in the last few minutes is exactly how he should play. He should be a passer, not a shooter. He has terrible shooting selection. He needs to be a pass-first pointguard
devin mckinney
devin mckinney 9 oy oldin
Trae Young turns the ball over too much!!
Gino Khalifa
Gino Khalifa 9 oy oldin
If he doesn’t learn how to drive or consistently set the volume with his shooting they gone eat him alive
Danny Bowens
Danny Bowens 9 oy oldin
Trae Young is 19 years old. How about deciding on how well he can play after reaching the drinking age. What were you doing at nineteen. I am sure he is good being himself
Antbeast23 9 oy oldin
Ya"ll better not be on the bandwagon when he plays well haters.
Ron D
Ron D 9 oy oldin
Jesus Christ is Lord and loves us all so much he died so we may live!
Ron D
Ron D 9 oy oldin
God bless you guys and your families
Derwin Motley
Derwin Motley 9 oy oldin
Mavericks Are DUMB!!
Ruff Ruff Jones
Ruff Ruff Jones 9 oy oldin
Bust of the Century
phivunguyen83 9 oy oldin
by middle season he only avg 8 pts 2 asists in 35 min a game then hes no curry.
J Tate
J Tate 9 oy oldin
Yall some dick riders like yall was dick riding lonzo until yall him saw in the regular season
Mat pn
Mat pn 9 oy oldin
this nigga trae garbage
gbinct 9 oy oldin
I really enjoy watching this thricca
BallinSZN 9 oy oldin
Idk wtf is wrong wit trae, lookin like a complete moron out there
somuch4freedom 9 oy oldin
Trae Young is gonna be good. But i don't see Steph Curry in him, i see Patty Mills
Abdi Ali
Abdi Ali 9 oy oldin
Patty mills can't run point at all.
Abelm Duran
Abelm Duran 9 oy oldin
osyrys 9 oy oldin
He was dropping dimes
Malik Mowatt
Malik Mowatt 9 oy oldin
Y do u have to put full play up for Trae but u don’t do it for the other rookies....u show the bad plays in the videos all players make mistakes y do u have to do it for him only it doesn’t make sense
KhaoticJake YT
KhaoticJake YT 9 oy oldin
Where are the haters at?
philip gautier
philip gautier 9 oy oldin
He is so good when he passe the ball and he don’t make good décision
Joe Seward
Joe Seward 9 oy oldin
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior 9 oy oldin
I'm glad my cavs got collin sexton
Jeremy Estrada
Jeremy Estrada 9 oy oldin
This guy needs to pass waaaaaay more
Mike Larry
Mike Larry 9 oy oldin
his vision is like Zo's but he's a lot better in the half court but ain't nobody fucking with Zo on a fast break period!!!
psychedelic 9 oy oldin
progres 💪🏽 keep it up curry jr. indonesia love you
Jomanro 9 oy oldin
He's got to improve his offense/defense fundamentals or he'll just be Kyle Korver 2.0 with better passing and worse shooting.
Curry Empire
Curry Empire 9 oy oldin
He stepping up
Von S
Von S 9 oy oldin
Who did Kristen Ledlow suck off for the announcer job?
Shoki 9 oy oldin
Keep the same energy
Rob Trujillo
Rob Trujillo 9 oy oldin
Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper 9 oy oldin
once he gets shot selection down it's wraps, he a beast
Retrovirus09 9 oy oldin
I think it’s way too early to predict anything right now since if he scores 2 points the next game, people will be calling him a scrub (again) . Let’s just wait until the regular season
nationofmillions 9 oy oldin
This guy is a talent
Mike Larry
Mike Larry 9 oy oldin
after watching the highlights I understand your comment, don't need many words he's simply a talent (Special at wat he do)..... His vision special and he can shoot but he take too many bad shots, he don't believe in a bad shot....
Dea Ar
Dea Ar 9 oy oldin
Better than lonzo in everything only thing lonzo got over him his defense bcuz of his size
Mike Larry
Mike Larry 9 oy oldin
Zo vision way better, reb way better gets multiple blocks and steals every game but he shot poor, Yng just got better in half court vision but LeBron will run that for us so we good....
Ramsey Soussi
Ramsey Soussi 9 oy oldin
He’s good.
OMGPurified 9 oy oldin
Him and sexton are my favorite rooks
Who You Why You Lying
OKC I wish you the best
504Steppa 9 oy oldin
Collin gonna be sum in the league Aaron is too Trae still kinda skeptical as of rt now he not doing bad tho Wendall Carter Jr gonna be good too along with Luka
Prince MMA
Prince MMA 9 oy oldin
Dawkins, why the fuck are you showing Trae Young’s misses and turnovers but nobody elses? You a bitch for that
AwayV2 9 oy oldin
he ugly
TheNewKG 9 oy oldin
Over rated but I wish him the best
James Frankowsky
James Frankowsky 9 oy oldin
This looks like a walk on pro am game smh
James Frankowsky
James Frankowsky 9 oy oldin
You should show box score in description
It annoys me
It annoys me 9 oy oldin
His passing is the most impressive thing. Hawks haven't had a great passer since Maravich.
Harambe 9 oy oldin
he ass
Troydaddy gaming
Troydaddy gaming 9 oy oldin
michael s
michael s 9 oy oldin
this man is a good passer nice dimes..
Heem '
Heem ' 9 oy oldin
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 9 oy oldin
Little Brow
TheBlerd 9 oy oldin
"ooo ooo oooooo" -steve smith
TheBlerd 9 oy oldin
out there sounding like winnie the pooh
Jesse Oh
Jesse Oh 9 oy oldin
Better passer than lonzo
Devin Zheng
Devin Zheng 9 oy oldin
Trae Young 7-13, 2-7 3pt,7-7ft,=23points total
sc bagani
sc bagani 9 oy oldin
sexton is still better than trae young
Isaiah Reed
Isaiah Reed 9 oy oldin
He Neeeeds to work on making his teammates playing better
T.L. Minyard
T.L. Minyard 9 oy oldin
This kid needs to KEEP PASSING! He could really be the next Nash
HunnidRacks EntertainMent
London ball all over again 👎🏼
Flex Washington
Flex Washington 9 oy oldin
Yeah Trae
Quincy McBride IV
Trae is going to be good. He's OBVIOUSLY has a high overall B-ball IQ and his shot selection will get better but he's GOTTA stop taking those off-balance three-point shots off the pick and taking those horrible isolation 3's. That's simply disgusting basketball and he doesn't have the size like Curry to pull that shit off. Like dude, you're barely above 6 feet with midget arms and small as Aaron Holiday is blocking your shot, STOP IT FAM! That's the type of shit that will get you traded. I remember when White Chocolate first came to the NBA. He reminded me of Trae with his flashy, hot dogs style, he has the sick handles, great court vision, but simply horrible shot selection. The Kings eventually traded him for Mike Bibby and he later went to Miami and won a ring. But many felt he never lived up to his potential because the kid was a wizard with the ball. Trae is already taking shot that would make Steph blush. He needs to keep that shit for warm-ups and streetball. He will NEVER make those kinds of shots. I don't know if I have ever seen a lottery pick as talented as him with a worse shot selection? Some of this shit is CRINGEWORTHY and makes me think he need a stint in the D-League and some of his game let's me think he's going to be a star.
Supaa FreshKidd
Supaa FreshKidd 9 oy oldin
It’s crazy the amount of shit this guy has to put up w.. you can literally call a foul for him every play the way these ppl be hacking him
milanxlewis 9 oy oldin
let'em know young!
Ok 9 oy oldin
It’s summer league I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give af on what he does wrong
Joshua Talley
Joshua Talley 9 oy oldin
I started smiling in the 4th with all those great passes he was making. That's how he should be playing. Take open shots and get it to the open teammate. Incredible passing display.
Off The Glass
Off The Glass 9 oy oldin
I loved watching the 4th quarter trea young much more he has good passing ability he needs to use more
Qing Hi
Qing Hi 9 oy oldin
wonderful game
PsyPhi 9 oy oldin
1 minute into the video and I can't hear the awful commentating any longer.
Playmaker God
Playmaker God 9 oy oldin
Yeah where them haters yet stop sleeping my boy trae young improved his game and he shut down those doubters
OutOfSkool TV
OutOfSkool TV 9 oy oldin
I feel defenders are pressing everytime Trae touches the ball.
DAG 0621
DAG 0621 9 oy oldin
His scoring skill is so basic but he can play pg well when he isnt turning it over.
Jared Cox
Jared Cox 9 oy oldin
Just needed a little time to get comfortable. Now he's dropping 20+ on the nightly.
247 SPORTZ 9 oy oldin
Steph Curry >>>>>>> Steve Nash > Aaron Holiday > Derrick White > Shai Gildeous > Trae Young
SportLovers 9 oy oldin
When you all saw bust I saw potentials, you all too quick to judge those youngsters
Julio Cesar Pineda R.
kelsey Townsend
kelsey Townsend 9 oy oldin
Im a fan of every player in the NBA. I don't get why there has to be so much hate. The same people that call an NBA rookie a bust with little evidence to prove such a thing, are the same people crying about super teams. let me paint this picture for you, if there is more talent in the NBA, then the teams are more balanced. so in conclusion, just give these "people" a chance to develop and just enjoy the game of basketball.
Animus 9 oy oldin
Y’all hating ass and calling him a bust, told y’all he will adjust and bounce back
Sir Isaac Mormont
He’s going to be a solid back up. I just don’t see enough size for the big time.
YaBoyCurtis 1
YaBoyCurtis 1 9 oy oldin
Keep this efficiency up
Chris Bui
Chris Bui 9 oy oldin
He's a lot better when he's passing
Edgee 9977
Edgee 9977 9 oy oldin
That man trae young will shoot you OUT the game, not IN the game, OUT the game
damonmd3 9 oy oldin
Turnover bad shot turnover made 3 assist rinse and repeat . This is against d league talent ave bench players . Foh
Duffys 9 oy oldin
i could take those shots and miss too can i be drafted next year???
Chanae Boice
Chanae Boice 9 oy oldin
I dont think hes ready i feel like he needs more time in the lab.
mrhoopfan 9 oy oldin
Underrated parts of his game imo are his DAWG (mental toughness, confidence) along with his stamina. I see more Kemba Walker than other guard comparison I've read about
XxLil DarrellxX
XxLil DarrellxX 9 oy oldin
Zach Hopkins
Zach Hopkins 9 oy oldin
I feel like his down fall is he is trying to play like Stephan curry the shots he takes are deep and aren’t a problem unless if you’re missing them then it does and trae is missing them I think he should just work on his jumpshots and then that will come naturally
Joseph Noël
Joseph Noël 9 oy oldin
he plays too wild
arcano 9 oy oldin
Trae young sucks
KlayVon Boumjie Boumjie
Funny how you only show Trae’s misses & turnovers and not everyone else smh
Iñaki Diez Gorriz
Grandísimo Trae Young
Yuri Andre
Yuri Andre 9 oy oldin
this kid should drop 40 by game he shoots everything
JFFILMS 9 oy oldin
Trae Young has to be the fastest guard in the draft
Mario Castillo
Mario Castillo 9 oy oldin
I remember how Alonzo Ball was killing it during the summer league last year and then he had to play against real NBA talent come regular season and didn't have the same result...
Edgee 9977
Edgee 9977 9 oy oldin
Lonzo in the summer league wasn't that impressive, nothing Lonzo has done in the NBA has been to impressive yet...and I'm a laker fan
Cooper Lessard
Cooper Lessard 9 oy oldin
Ayyye my hawks did well in this draft
Adrian wojaranoziki
Next Steph curry huh? OK...
Dre Mathis
Dre Mathis 9 oy oldin
His passing ability is clearly stronger than his shot at moment. But if wasn’t for the fact that we all expect him to look for his shot , it would be much harder for his teammates to slip thru the gaps
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