Train Ride Of Shame (Babysitter 8 Ft. SomethingElseYT)

It's Alex Clark
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Getting stranded in a strange city with your hot babysitter will def get your heart pumping....Visit vrv.co/alex for a 30 day free trial of their premium service.
A story time about when we were stranded
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10-Okt, 2018

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CelestePlayz Oy oldin
wow #8 on trending, CONGRATS!!!
Jack Andon
Jack Andon Kun oldin
Wiggle Toons
Wiggle Toons 8 kun oldin
And this is part 8 XD
Taichi Kamiya
Taichi Kamiya 12 kun oldin
20,000 Subscribers, But no videos
CelestePlayz this series is so cliche, it almost sounds super fake
Wisdom Seth Laud
Wisdom Seth Laud 13 soat oldin
Omg I got caught
Chaos The Filtered Water
balloon urgh.
Rowan Dowler
Rowan Dowler Kun oldin
I bet his uncle is the guy who comes in
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto Kun oldin
woahw w near end?!?!?!?!!???!???!??!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!!?!????!?!?!?!?!
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto Kun oldin
Bikins with p0ckets is a good idea
MattMattPlayz! Kun oldin
Blayke Hindman
Blayke Hindman Kun oldin
When he said he had to go onto the train I immediately thought about how the dauntless would have to jump onto a moving train from Divergent 😂 I don’t know why though.
Xero 1
Xero 1 Kun oldin
It’s fake
Lord Lawdy
Lord Lawdy Kun oldin
Gtfo of my recommendations
Shavar Windross
Shavar Windross Kun oldin
Watch the cartoon one punch man
Nirav Modhvadiya
i heard If u say a youtubers name 5 times they pin it! It's Alex Clark It's Alex Clark It's Alex Clark It's Alex Clark It's Alex Clark ( 1 more for luck) It's Alex Clark
Eliu Reyes
Eliu Reyes 2 kun oldin
Iike lt
Josh Xeno
Josh Xeno 2 kun oldin
The sister sounds like starscream
Olivier Souvenance
Olivier Souvenance 2 kun oldin
Thus is starting to get fake
It's Alex Clark
It's Alex Clark 2 kun oldin
aphmau amino 05
aphmau amino 05 2 kun oldin
What about eastern shore stander time
Kitkat Food
Kitkat Food 2 kun oldin
I I l I lo I lov I love Sike!!!
Raquel Coronel
Raquel Coronel 2 kun oldin
Part 9?
Lil Nass
Lil Nass 2 kun oldin
Hit or miss i guess they never muss huh
William Caroddo
William Caroddo 2 kun oldin
This is fake lmao
RapidFlow Gaming
RapidFlow Gaming 2 kun oldin
Seriously your still milking this???
Nathan Mtz
Nathan Mtz 2 kun oldin
Zorgo diffuse 2:30
ThatNoNameGamer 2 kun oldin
Did you live in Rhode Island
GamerBoi778 !
GamerBoi778 ! 2 kun oldin
2:21 I thought my phone froze
DD _ Koenemanse
DD _ Koenemanse 3 kun oldin
I’m wondering how i couldn’t have your back? I’m one of first subs, and the fan army will have your back
Mari TheSuperMars
Mari TheSuperMars 3 kun oldin
Filiberto Vlogs
Filiberto Vlogs 3 kun oldin
"He also told me to tell you, that hes one fine piece of a-" KID FRIENDLY!
Henry Williams
Henry Williams 3 kun oldin
2019 tour ya
Sameer Rai
Sameer Rai 3 kun oldin
October 13 my Nepali birthday
Mustafa Sulman
Mustafa Sulman 3 kun oldin
This story sounds fake AF.
Andrea May Elefante
Hey somethingelseyt, I didn't know u could drive! JK
Tiny T
Tiny T 3 kun oldin
When you already know that the video is fake
Boob Ross
Boob Ross 3 kun oldin
She has a ticket to ride
Hans Beltran
Hans Beltran 4 kun oldin
Was I just not listening but why does Alex's suit look dirty?
Jordan Littles
Jordan Littles 4 kun oldin
Damn alex
Will Mundy
Will Mundy 4 kun oldin
You sound like krillin from DBZA
Mario & Thomas
Mario & Thomas 4 kun oldin
1:57 *Roasted*
The real Conman15
The real Conman15 5 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure this is fake, like after part two you started making this stuff up
The Damn Train
The Damn Train 5 kun oldin
All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!
The Guy Who Comments
That subtle subscribe message tho
arianna amaral
arianna amaral 5 kun oldin
if this is real...damn lol
StormDino 5 kun oldin
1:52 Alex: Why did you say it so creepy did u kill grandma Sister: no shes taking a nap I think she's dreaming of horror movies
KevKev Junior
KevKev Junior 5 kun oldin
1:30 got me 😂
NoName908 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or has Alexx become too family friendly? And i get why you should be family friendly with these kind of vods but this is channel now is just made for 7 year olds.
Deborah Winfield
Deborah Winfield 6 kun oldin
DruPlayz 6 kun oldin
Neal Morse
Neal Morse 6 kun oldin
Is this real
Mochimatcha🌙 6 kun oldin
This sounds fake…
Sam Dahl
Sam Dahl 6 kun oldin
I thought this channel was called theoddonesout
its mikee
its mikee 6 kun oldin
I like the baby sitter's eyes It's not like other girls eyes (some girl eyes look like closed)
Metal knight1220
Metal knight1220 6 kun oldin
Have takahata101 in one of your videos (listen to him singing Frank Sinatra’s my way, its great).
potato salad
potato salad 6 kun oldin
good job with the train knowing that the green line does connect at government center
Ultra necrozma Martinez
I'ma Alex and this issssssssss..... Babysitter?😐😗😕
Sunshine Blue
Sunshine Blue 6 kun oldin
You better get the ep out on Oct 13 clark!
Alison Thompson
Alison Thompson 6 kun oldin
It's november .-.
NathanGamer 6 kun oldin
sunglasses face B)
that mustard spasm
that mustard spasm 7 kun oldin
Диана Вайнесс
А я с русского перевода 🔥и да англичани ( не знаю как пишется) не понимаю что я пишу аэмхпэпзсхпх
Super Sprinkles
Super Sprinkles 7 kun oldin
Can someone comment the link to the next episode of babysitter I am getting lost in the depths of UZvid trying to find it. Thank you and great videos!!!
Skytaliq 4 kun oldin
Super Sprinkles there is a babysitter playlist you can look at.
Bimala Guragai
Bimala Guragai 7 kun oldin
your channel got hacked by project zorgo
Shwako 7 kun oldin
"Now hurry up brother I’m making a shrink ray…" "Why?" "Because I’m going to make your head a normal size"
Tania Muñoz
Tania Muñoz 7 kun oldin
Zorgo defussed(2: 27)
Axecraft88 Houpt
Axecraft88 Houpt 7 kun oldin
Oct 13th was my bday
bladex264 7 kun oldin
His sister thoo
Aender Cardiel
Aender Cardiel 7 kun oldin
Zorgo Defuse
Savage_Boi_T 8 kun oldin
2019 tour??? *NANI*
Alejandrina Medina
Alejandrina Medina 8 kun oldin
Logan Paul sucks
Gucci jam I’m gucci
Zorgo diffuse 11:32
Photography 101
Photography 101 8 kun oldin
I can’t tell if these are fake or not lol
Crazy Reinder bes crazy at Fund
clickbait date
clickbait date 8 kun oldin
At this point your just milking it
Jett Ho
Jett Ho 8 kun oldin
Sonny Perez
Sonny Perez 8 kun oldin
I wonder if the babysitter actually watched one of these (doubt it)
Ev dogΩΩ
Ev dogΩΩ 8 kun oldin
You make your sister sound like shes a living nuke
Soobin Han
Soobin Han 8 kun oldin
Zorgo diffuse 5:54 zorgo diffuse 5:54 Zorgo diffuse 5:55
//Chloe Qween
//Chloe Qween 9 kun oldin
H He Hel Hell Helllo Hell Hel He H
Jacob theawesone Moore
Just walk
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga 9 kun oldin
Leslie Solis
Leslie Solis 9 kun oldin
YT is one fine piece of ass
hacker tacker Cruz
hacker tacker Cruz 9 kun oldin
wow you must suck
Catherine Saahene
Catherine Saahene 9 kun oldin
October 13th is my birthday
Monkey D. zoro
Monkey D. zoro 9 kun oldin
hey if your so close to vrv can you get them to look at getting it over here in england becuase its not out here
matthew lampert
matthew lampert 10 kun oldin
Federal reserve in boston
garbage Day
garbage Day 11 kun oldin
SHOOT it’s my sister somethingelseyt “ITS HIS SISTER NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”
Songsak Chandrasakha
*Wait a cop with a subscribe button?!* AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Brian Flores
Brian Flores 11 kun oldin
I love dbz kai
MG Sucks
MG Sucks 11 kun oldin
I don’t even care if this story is true or not anymore, it’s still entertaining lol
DrStrangeMcDuck 11 kun oldin
4:00 hoots to VRV for sponsoring this video : )
MrZlimeKing XD
MrZlimeKing XD 13 kun oldin
i would click the like if u didnt say "click the like button" every 5 minutes!!!
PinkDiamondArt 13 kun oldin
I just found out you watch GradeAUnderA
THe sTriKe
THe sTriKe 14 kun oldin
Hhfkf joh u go in fgvi hi oh hi in joh to in hi in hi in hi if do it do
Fizz Wizards
Fizz Wizards 14 kun oldin
When is part 9 coming
Kemp Cass '
Kemp Cass ' 14 kun oldin
Wow this dress has pockets! Everyone’s dream
Boled girl😁
Boled girl😁 14 kun oldin
Alex is a very funny youtuber😂👍
catsarecool1177 -plays roblox
This is cool!
The Utoober
The Utoober 14 kun oldin
OverClaw 15 kun oldin
Your sister, is she related to... Stewie?
spoop bare
spoop bare 15 kun oldin
This is getting old
DONALD TRUMP WALL 15 kun oldin
0:29 a smear frame on adam's face Edit=1:30 another smear frame on adam's face
Presto_ player
Presto_ player 15 kun oldin
awwwwwwwhhhhhhhh soooooommmmeeee!
Dough D-D-Dear
4 yil oldin
3 yil oldin
My Teachers
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