traveling to Europe for the first time ever (Italy)

Ellie Thumann
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ahhh about time I finally upload this video!! I flew to Europe for my first time ever after you guys chose it!! haha whattttt!! I was able to go to the beautiful country of Italy with my sister and mom!! We were blessed to be able to visit Rome, Florence, and Venice on our week adventure in Italy! I miss it so much already I need to go back!!!
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Thank you so much for watching and I really hope to see you around in my next video!!





8-Yan, 2019

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Alissa Hi
Alissa Hi 7 soat oldin
Ti amo
Citlaly Flores
Citlaly Flores 9 soat oldin
she's just so precious and this video is aesthetic.
Stella Browning
Stella Browning 9 soat oldin
when surfaces came n I highkey did a lil dance
Taeda Baird
Taeda Baird 9 soat oldin
@Ellie Thumann what was the intro music called (the one with the guy singing)
Ava P
Ava P 11 soat oldin
2:48 that joji tho yesssssss
Helena Ortega
Helena Ortega 12 soat oldin
Alguien de españa?
Scarlett Duthie
Scarlett Duthie 13 soat oldin
where was she staying??? the mini palace looked fabulous!!
Daniela Berenice
Daniela Berenice 13 soat oldin
if anyone could name every song she uses in this video THATD BE GREAT
•Hannah Reddy•
•Hannah Reddy• 14 soat oldin
Ellie always has a smile on her face :)
Daisy Barraza
Daisy Barraza 17 soat oldin
Currently watching this on my last day in Rome!!
wiki Kun oldin
welcome to europe. a load of pigeons.
wiki Kun oldin
Ellie with a rose is so aesthetic how
Caton Anderson
Caton Anderson Kun oldin
everything about this video is so beautiful omg
Uma Sood
Uma Sood Kun oldin
what camera do u use
Grace Dupuy
Grace Dupuy Kun oldin
ah this is soooo cute!! I made my first legit travel video and posted yesterday- all over Italy and Europe :) plz plz let me know what you think about it! xoxo
Aurora San
Aurora San Kun oldin
I'm Italian!!!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed our Nation!!!
Erin Parker
Erin Parker Kun oldin
I always love the music you use
Maddy O'Gull
Maddy O'Gull Kun oldin
I’m going to Italy in 2 months and people are trying to tell me it’s gonna be cold. How was the weather when u were there please help
Iris Pozzobon
Iris Pozzobon Kun oldin
weeeell it depends if u are going in the north or in the south :)
Hongseok being dark mode, i stan geometry pentagon
Lol, watching your video got my body confidence from 6.5 to - 0000000.000000000
Gragra Gra
Gragra Gra 2 kun oldin
Do these kind of videos make anybody else incredibly depressed ?
Carson Brechner
Carson Brechner 2 kun oldin
If u bought urself a new car and go to Europe then get a better house you livin in a motha fuckin trap house rn Ellie
Carson Brechner
Carson Brechner 2 kun oldin
Like fr cmon
DEKU- KUN 2 kun oldin
Uyz la natilla 👀
Ashley lynn
Ashley lynn 2 kun oldin
make more online school videos plz!
Emily And Elizabeth
I’m getting Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen vibes 😍😍
Miriam í Grótinum
loved this vlog
Amy 2 kun oldin
YOU’RE STUNNING WTF 😩👌💗💕💖🤠😭💖💘🤠😭💖
PurplePink 2 kun oldin
I went to the exact same places that u went it Italy. I went there in 2018 summer. And I also live like right near London. So sad that I didn't meet u in London
Sara Gorenc
Sara Gorenc 2 kun oldin
you were so close to me i live in slovenia
Grace Sinclair
Grace Sinclair 2 kun oldin
hey y’all i hate self promo but i am trying to start a channel!!! go check it out :) grace sinclair
Jaiden 2 kun oldin
You should make a music playlist video💕 Life if you agree so she can see this!😃
Isabella Mundigler Mundigler
Ellie is so beautyfull ilove her hair
Vishnu vijay
Vishnu vijay 2 kun oldin
Super hi
Dr. 3 kun oldin
5:06 song?
Lilly Vlogs
Lilly Vlogs 3 kun oldin
I wish I had Ellie’s life omg 😍I love traveling
salma sousou
salma sousou 3 kun oldin
oooohh my god you are a small halsey
annabelle 3 kun oldin
am I the only one who thinks ellie looks like behati prinsloo (levine)? Their smiles are both so stunning! ❤
Dalyan Prieto Akmansoy
OMG I always eat at that restaurant at the Heathrow Airport ❤️
Hana Daniels
Hana Daniels 3 kun oldin
I can only DREAM of going to Europe 😍
Jesslyn Wijaya
Jesslyn Wijaya 3 kun oldin
Your eyes are like asian eyes so cuteee😍😍😍
Alberte Vilhelmsen
Alberte Vilhelmsen 3 kun oldin
Come to Denmark plz and then you can visit Copenhagen
jenny mehl
jenny mehl 3 kun oldin
okay not to be dramatic, but she could kill taylor hill's career with the proper training.
Nina Z.
Nina Z. 3 kun oldin
the way you edit your videos is soooo pleasing!!
Sara Guercilena
Sara Guercilena 4 kun oldin
I live in Italy lol
Sahar Habibi
Sahar Habibi 4 kun oldin
where is her beret from?
Jill Costello
Jill Costello 4 kun oldin
How does she do these amazing montages
Asal Baratian
Asal Baratian 4 kun oldin
How can u edit your video?app or something?tell me☺tnx💋
euni corne
euni corne 4 kun oldin
9:31 did Erin wear Ellie's clothes? 😂
De game kelder
De game kelder 4 kun oldin
Why you have a deep man voice?
Yay 3 kun oldin
De game kelder she doesn’t... she sounds like a young woman not a Little girl
조은서 4 kun oldin
What's the title of the song on the intro?
caitlin howarth
caitlin howarth 4 kun oldin
Im so shook i was in in london and italy at the same time as her and in the same places lowkey pretty pissed
maria toyos
maria toyos 4 kun oldin
It's so wired because I just came from Italy two days ago and you have seen the exact same things hahahahahah
Sophie Guy
Sophie Guy 4 kun oldin
ah bless, I always forget that america doesn't really have ancient historical buildings and monuments and stuff
Ava Jo
Ava Jo 4 kun oldin
We love a parks and rec gal👏
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell 4 kun oldin
*living vicariously through this one* ✈️✈️✈️
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell 4 kun oldin
Living that LIFE 🔥
Jordyn Anderson
Jordyn Anderson 4 kun oldin
i’m just so in love with your sister 😩
Weird food combinations
More italy vlogs please 😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is too perfect
Allie Claypoole
Allie Claypoole 4 kun oldin
What camera do you use to vlog??!
chloe palmer
chloe palmer 4 kun oldin
What’s the song at 5:08
Ava Stacy
Ava Stacy 4 kun oldin
I envy her and her sister relationship so much, wish my sister and I had that!
Andrea14 5 kun oldin
I wish I was pretty like Ellie. *sigh*
Andrea14 5 kun oldin
This video is so well done, I love it
Presley The Cool Kid
i’m getting your merch and i’m so excited!!!💚💛❤️🤫
Kaiann Yang
Kaiann Yang 5 kun oldin
2:52 slow dancing in the darkkkk
Alessiaa 5 kun oldin
It’s so crazy to see my city(Florence) on your channel!
kaela marie
kaela marie 5 kun oldin
i love this for you
Angles Roses
Angles Roses 5 kun oldin
I wish I looked like you🥰
Adrie Fernandez
Adrie Fernandez 5 kun oldin
probs gonna get lost in the comments but check out my last vlog! I MET EMMA AND OLIVIA LAST NIGHT IN SF!
tomii eames
tomii eames 5 kun oldin
oh my gosh that's so cool! i'll def check it out! :)
aliyah good
aliyah good 5 kun oldin
Do more videos about online school!!!!!!
Amaya Vega
Amaya Vega 5 kun oldin
Ellieeeeee drop more merch I want a sweatshirt pleaseeeee
harleaismyname 5 kun oldin
Your editing on this was so filppen nice yo!
Hailey Espinosa
Hailey Espinosa 6 kun oldin
Her sister is gorgeous too, she looks like an actress
Leah Serrano
Leah Serrano 6 kun oldin
Your so pretty Your the best!!🙂 Love you😍😊
andrea_longenecker 6 kun oldin
ur adorable omg
Alexia Papageorgiou
wheres that white sweatshirt you re wearing in Vnice from?
abbey berengut
abbey berengut 6 kun oldin
i live in italy, but i'm from LA. pretty sure i was in venice on the same day as her. wish i could've seen her !!
Delaney Dalton
Delaney Dalton 6 kun oldin
i went to italy when i was 8, i don’t have that much memory of it but when i watched this i got instantly refreshed bc ellie and i went to almost all of the same places lol. italy is such an amazing country and i hope one day if you get a chance to go to italy, take it!
Cristiana Gomes
Cristiana Gomes 6 kun oldin
Hi! I'm from Europe more specifically I'm from Portugal, and it's so funny to see American people like you that have a curiosity to know what Europe has to show
Jeunggukie 6 kun oldin
she so rich can't relate
Cindy T
Cindy T 6 kun oldin
i wish companies would send me to foreign countries omg youtubers have a great life
Hayley L
Hayley L 6 kun oldin
what is the song at 7:47!!
Caitlin Pickering
Caitlin Pickering 6 kun oldin
i went to Florence in September😍 it was so beautiful❤ ly ellie♡
Laura Cameron
Laura Cameron 6 kun oldin
U should come to spain
Maggie Turner
Maggie Turner 6 kun oldin
this is by far your best video
Sofia Thomas
Sofia Thomas 6 kun oldin
Chas Hudson has a crush on you and it makes my heart melt
minji cha
minji cha 6 kun oldin
i love your outfit!!!!!where did u get that??
Emma Mitchem
Emma Mitchem 6 kun oldin
omg I love how u used la vie en rose when youre in italy. it works tho
Maissara Malik
Maissara Malik 6 kun oldin
Omg I live in France... you wish I came even tho Italy is very pretty
Beatrice Zanet
Beatrice Zanet 6 kun oldin
U pretty af ma sei una tavola vecchia
Alira Burgin
Alira Burgin 6 kun oldin
This is sooo cute!💛
Tina 6 kun oldin
I live in Venice, Italy ☺️ I’m so glad you liked your trip here
Pibbe _
Pibbe _ 6 kun oldin
This is so much fun to watch when you live in Europa yourself. Its nice to see people enjoying your culture✨
carmen bravo
carmen bravo 6 kun oldin
Hopefully in the near future I can take my momma to beautiful places like that😭😔✊😓
Vanessa Kadel
Vanessa Kadel 6 kun oldin
What cutting system are you using ?
Yana Kiosseva
Yana Kiosseva 6 kun oldin
Laura 6 kun oldin
ellie youre so pretty. its 2019 any small youtubers want to help eachother out?
Sonia Espinoza
Sonia Espinoza 6 kun oldin
Literally which hotel did you stay at bc I’m going this summer for my birthday and I don’t know where to go 😩
etinosa Army
etinosa Army 6 kun oldin
I’m from Italy omg😨😭
Wutisonfire 6 kun oldin