traveling to Europe for the first time ever (Italy)

Ellie Thumann
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ahhh about time I finally upload this video!! I flew to Europe for my first time ever after you guys chose it!! haha whattttt!! I was able to go to the beautiful country of Italy with my sister and mom!! We were blessed to be able to visit Rome, Florence, and Venice on our week adventure in Italy! I miss it so much already I need to go back!!!
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Thank you so much for watching and I really hope to see you around in my next video!!





8-Yan, 2019



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mia Soat oldin
next time you should SO go to turin and sicily
Brownie Books
Brownie Books Kun oldin
This is literally the cutest thing
Emily Ishchenko
Emily Ishchenko Kun oldin
Where did you stay ?
John G
John G Kun oldin
Great content, just subbed.
Peter Liang
Peter Liang 2 kun oldin
You're so beautiful love you from Cambodia xD
Cheyenne Obrien
Cheyenne Obrien 3 kun oldin
my dad is australian and my mum is german so i have travelled alot in my time . and i have been to italy 3x in the past yr and i fucking love it. i have been living in europe ( Austria ) for the past yr and its so amazing. i am going home in a few months and im sad but also exited
charlotte driscoll
charlotte driscoll 7 kun oldin
ok so can u pls make linking all our outfits in every vid a thing
Maia B
Maia B 7 kun oldin
wow such a lavish lifestyle
my name isnt honey
my name isnt honey 7 kun oldin
What kind of camera do you use? / does anybody know?
hannah black
hannah black 7 kun oldin
i live in switzerland (just above italy) and i love italy so much!!! i’ve been to rome twice, florence once, and venice twice!!! ilysm
Cara Isabella
Cara Isabella 7 kun oldin
so weird to think that I've been to some of the same places that you've been!!
bashaer 012
bashaer 012 7 kun oldin
ur sister is so pretty
TheTravelCrush 9 kun oldin
Best video everrrr!! I loved my trip to Italy and ate every kind of pizza and pasta when I was here! No wonder you had heartburn girrrrl
Prince T
Prince T 10 kun oldin
My sister went there for a school trip now we are mixed race my dad is black and his mom was Indian Irish Syrian black mix and his dad full black my mom is Eastern European so my sister was walking with her friends with people though she was from they because she straightens her hair and has a little darker skin tone than Italians. Yeah one of my friends friends who was white and really really stupid thought I was asian I don’t look asian at all than my friend said if I never told him I was mixed he would think I was full black I’m light skinned wis green eyes and dark brown hair.
htownshawn 10 kun oldin
Started an Ellie marathon binge-watch.. 9 down, 158 to go! ♥ ♥
Maylani Avanna
Maylani Avanna 11 kun oldin
I’m going to Italy this summer to see family ♥️
nali09 12 kun oldin
All of this looks like the pics from Olivia the pig...
Gio’s World
Gio’s World 12 kun oldin
I can’t believe I’m going to Italy I’m so happy
LifeofSarah 12 kun oldin
Hey everyone, I make grunge/college lookbook plz check it out.
Amira Alizo
Amira Alizo 12 kun oldin
i live in italy lol, it’s a great place to visit but not to live in lol
luvliee101 12 kun oldin
google arts & culture is a great app, i'm glad you teamed up with them.
_AaAaA_ 13 kun oldin
Love from italy❤️❤️🇮🇹
Autumn Hope
Autumn Hope 15 kun oldin
5:52 i didnt know there was glass
Jani jebo
Jani jebo 16 kun oldin
Why not germany🙁
Jani jebo
Jani jebo 16 kun oldin
You have to go to Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, FRANKFURT AND MOOORE
Rock Sena
Rock Sena 17 kun oldin
U r my crush
Ethel Visser
Ethel Visser 19 kun oldin
I am European, I am Italian actually 🇮🇹
jess nichole
jess nichole 21 kun oldin
i love how she put a french song in the background of an italian video 😂 love you ellie! ❤️
Filippo Rossini
Filippo Rossini 23 kun oldin
Ma dovevate venire a Rimini!
Idk what to name this Lol
I’m going to Italy this year and to London for my third time but it’s for a family funeral... :( then to pairs and back to Australia;-;
Idk what to name this Lol
Weird flex but ok ;)
patata patataki
patata patataki 24 kun oldin
*imagine being this beautiful* can’t relate
Mary Brown
Mary Brown 24 kun oldin
Love how Erin wore what Ellie wore a few days later
Lizzie Locke
Lizzie Locke 24 kun oldin
Does any know the song at 6:27? Ellie use the best songs for the video omg
sara pathan
sara pathan 25 kun oldin
I went to Rome and Florence in August (2018) ugh the feeeelsss 🥰🥰
I like France better hahaha 😂😂
Zaynab Ahmed
Zaynab Ahmed 26 kun oldin
This video was so amazing! It truly inspires me to work hard for something so amazing
Elena Efthymiou
Elena Efthymiou 26 kun oldin
Anyone know what camera she uses??
destini divito
destini divito 27 kun oldin
anyone know the song @ 4:59 / 8:04 ?
Sophia Iskowich
Sophia Iskowich 27 kun oldin
I went to all these places last summer and it’s so cool being able to recognize where you are!
Emma Mcdougall
Emma Mcdougall 27 kun oldin
I love your filming and editing style!! This video could not have been done better
alice t
alice t 28 kun oldin
lol why do all americans say they r going to ‘europe’ when they are going to literally one place in europe not even visiting all of europe?! edit// no hate btw love ellie smmm💞💞
Lucilla Guerrini
wow, such a beautiful vlog!! I think Italy is very gorgeous to visit. I can say that 'cause I live in Italy, near to Bologna. I can also say that live here it isn't as beautiful as you think. but I'm really happy that my country is loved by so many people!
Aral Ozsalan
Aral Ozsalan Oy oldin
Check out this channel for warm and funny vlogs uzvid.com/show-UCcXkmYGEVZcZ2yLlW7uEojA
Nour 75
Nour 75 Oy oldin
You are the only youtuber that I don’t skip parts of her videos, like i never get bored watching your videos ! You make every second interesting and cute !!! I love you so much and I hope you had fun😘😘 Oh and I advise you to visit Lebanon 🇱🇧 it is a very beautiful country 😊
Maddie Zadie
Maddie Zadie Oy oldin
U were in Heathrow and now I feel I hav a connection finally as I hav never been to the places u go in America and I go to Heathrow so often 😂❤️
Amina Marat
Amina Marat Oy oldin
you are so beautiful and the video is so cooool how y'all find those cute melodies 4 the background
yeva demirjian
What kind of camera does she use?
skyekimi Oy oldin
I'm gonna be thriving this hard soon
lampa dedromia
my Italian ass is saying hi 👋
Islei Francisco
Hello ellie
Sonia Furlong
Sonia Furlong Oy oldin
how do you do your hair like that??
it's khansa zahra
What starbucks flavor shes drinking in the intro?
Maeve Guchárd
I’m going to Italy this summer!
Sara Akdad
Sara Akdad Oy oldin
they fucking had to explain what the colosseum was crying in european school system
Lavender LaLoba
omg why are you so pretty you got so lucky ugh!!!! Love ya girl you look amazing in every picture its crazy and your smile blinds me (: wish i was you right about now lol
Crazy Unicorn
Crazy Unicorn Oy oldin
iS tHiS a LoBsTeR oR a ShRiMp? haha sorry
Crazy Unicorn
Crazy Unicorn Oy oldin
omg its crazy. I drive like 3 to 4 hours to italy, haha but I can understand americans!
Giulia Di Iorio
I’m Italian and I wanted to see you sooo bad but I could not get to Venice in time,love u ❤️❤️❤️
Yeet Skeet
Yeet Skeet Oy oldin
I ate where u ate oML I’ve been everywhere u have in this vlog for ice cream their and wow shook
Sofie P
Sofie P Oy oldin
For me it’s so weird that going to Europe is so special to you (because I am from Europe) For us it’s so normal to go to places like; Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona But I’m so happy that you’re so excited❤️ because of the fact that it’s not special for us, you make me look at these cities differently. Prouder xx
Alex Torsow
Alex Torsow Oy oldin
“Is this is a lobster or a shrimp”...lol Ellie
Geoff McLay
Geoff McLay Oy oldin
You should’ve gone to Tuscany and puglia
It’s the LaBrants
Omg Ellie and her sissy are actual goals!!!!!!! I’m sorry I forget her sisters name.
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh 25 kun oldin
Leroy’s Fan her names Erin!
Lila Benti
Lila Benti Oy oldin
Viva l’Italiaaa
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Oy oldin
I'm from France and your video make me sooo nostalgic about my trip in italy this summer, Venice is magical, I wish I will come back with my boyfriend a day
sweetest one
sweetest one Oy oldin
10.12 minute is not enough!!! i need more
Simona Beltowski
Stunning 😍😍
Brishti Saha
Brishti Saha Oy oldin
Was it cold during this time?
Maia B
Maia B Oy oldin
4:57 is that two toilets?
Martina Cola
Martina Cola Oy oldin
Maia B One is a bidet! It’s a small sink you sit onto to wash your business after number twos (or before sex... or when you have menstruations and want refreshment) it’s totally common in Italy :)
una persona
una persona Oy oldin
Teej Jay
Teej Jay Oy oldin
She seriously looks like she could be a Victoria’s Secret model
Stella Born
Stella Born Oy oldin
come to europe again an visit Germany (Munich)
hannah wilson
hannah wilson Oy oldin
E . K
E . K Oy oldin
U can so far with ur youtube channel proud of u😘
Willow Clay
Willow Clay Oy oldin
Americans should try and learn more languages. Try and step out of your English comfort zone.
Willow Clay
Willow Clay Oy oldin
Try and learn Italian!
non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere
i'm from italyy 4:12 yeah can relate lol
Chiara Edits
Chiara Edits Oy oldin
i was literally visiting my family in rome at the same time and just realised
Gem Oy oldin
Please does anyone know the song at 8:50 ?
Emily Stevens
Emily Stevens Oy oldin
italy is my favourite country, i visit my dads hometown there every year, so so beautiful x
Maria Nimry
Maria Nimry Oy oldin
I littrly went everywhere u went to like everywhere u went I was there
madi smn
madi smn Oy oldin
Im from munich/germany and it’s so weird to see Americans getting so excited abt going to Europe HAHAHAHA
Bella Bousum
Bella Bousum Oy oldin
i did the same trip over thanksgiving break ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhg❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nandita Sarkar
you have literally stood in the exact same spots i have stood in when i went to italy
alexis lee
alexis lee Oy oldin
i went to all the places u went to! 😄
maddy schiliro
whats the opening song
pasta al suga
pasta al suga Oy oldin
im happy you liked venice:)) love from italy
liam Oy oldin
alice guccione.
I live in Italy! Mamma mia
Reese Ponichtera
I’ve been everywhere u have lol
hagerini Discover Italy
Enjoy your time in Italy! :)
clara lomi
clara lomi Oy oldin
I am italian
amelia Oy oldin
Such beautiful sisters
Emma Smith
Emma Smith Oy oldin
I think it's so weird the way Americans talk about Europe as if it's one place . THERE ARE SO MANY COUNTRIES HERE .
Lejla Latific
Lejla Latific Oy oldin
What camera do you use?
지영 Oy oldin
How tall r u ?
Evelyn Barnes
Evelyn Barnes Oy oldin
i love parks and wreak
S A R A H Oy oldin
Cutee ♥️
Jess Calderon
Jess Calderon Oy oldin
I can’t help but think about the Lizzie McGuire movie while watching this
Wilma Stribo Björnberg
u should come 2 sweden!!
Rebecca Moore
Rebecca Moore Oy oldin
would i die for ellie? yes.
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