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Featuring Philip Bailey, James Blake, Kid Cudi and Stevie Wonder on harmonica
Directed by Dave Meyers
ASTROWORLD OUT NOW travisscott.com
Travis Scott online:
Epic / Cactus Jack
(c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.




7-Avg, 2018

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The Astro King
The Astro King 3 soat oldin
*Who loves Travis Scott?*
Felipe Gomez
Felipe Gomez 3 soat oldin
Without kid cudi this song would be incomplete...
XXXGlobglogabgalab \
So is Travis the Anti Christ?
Non Chalant Beat
Non Chalant Beat 4 soat oldin
Hatice Ataç
Hatice Ataç 4 soat oldin
The sheep should want money
Sitting Sideways
Sitting Sideways 4 soat oldin
Travis the baptist, please baptize me, I got a lotta sinnin to get to.
Isaac Almanza
Isaac Almanza 4 soat oldin
FutureDreamz 4 soat oldin
this is bad.
XXXDerp 4 soat oldin
3:12 when you are about to win your first game of fortnite but your pump just did 8 damage
druguser 4 soat oldin
RapGod J
RapGod J 4 soat oldin
But hes trying to be God in this video while singing stop tryna be God. Seem hypocritical
Johnny Vega Music
Johnny Vega Music 4 soat oldin
Endri Krasniqi
Endri Krasniqi 4 soat oldin
I need Jesus to understand this video
Smuuvex 4 soat oldin
I find this songs so LIT I like this smooth rap‘s 🐧
Rickyy 4 soat oldin
“OMG is that a chicken?”
A N D Y 4 soat oldin
beautiful .. , i like that part in flames w kylie .. so deep
Final Hour HD
Final Hour HD 4 soat oldin
One sub = xxxtentaction comes back
the flash
the flash 4 soat oldin
this is total disrespect to the Lord... that’s some blasphemy
2Crs_tphxr 4 soat oldin
Durasci LoveJamaica
Durasci LoveJamaica 4 soat oldin
Travis Scott becoming like Kanye West getting worst every album and weirdo
Jay 4 soat oldin
Emran Ahmed
Emran Ahmed 5 soat oldin
This god be lookin black and chinese.
Calvin C
Calvin C 5 soat oldin
I personally feel like John legend would have been perfect on the outro singing part
Hunt3rs 5 soat oldin
I LOVE ITT!!!!!!
Ricardo Cadet
Ricardo Cadet 5 soat oldin
White people (specially the Elitist) SEP TRYING TO BE GOD! he's not made in your image as this video showcased and stop being hateful and hatefilled towards melanated people... Choose your judgement in a unjust world! Learn to love ...something y'all have no concept of (besides the love of your stolen riches and love of your "privileged" )
Jack Olson
Jack Olson 5 soat oldin
Bunch of sheeps and a goat
Takunda Maunganidze
Takunda Maunganidze 5 soat oldin
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gameexpert2011 5 soat oldin
“I am god” - KSI
Kevin martinez
Kevin martinez 5 soat oldin
Ima say it that fucking sheep looks creepy as fuck.
Scripts 5 soat oldin
Kendrick Lamar would have killed this beat.
Bound Music
Bound Music 5 soat oldin
The start of this video always makes me want to scroll up
P O R T O 5 soat oldin
Oh wow
Ranya Ranya
Ranya Ranya 5 soat oldin
Ricardo Cadet
Ricardo Cadet 5 soat oldin
He's really an important figure in this music shit...he gets my respect for being a super dope artist and producer
Jessica Love
Jessica Love 5 soat oldin
Had to see the comments lol. What is this ish Trav... Love u tho
Roudi 5 soat oldin
Pesado de mais ✊💪
A_BruhMan 5 soat oldin
This shit sooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!! 😎😎
MLC 5 soat oldin
I love the Monty Python GOD reference !!!
Mmoso Bolofo
Mmoso Bolofo 5 soat oldin
This is some illuminati shit!
Maurice Austin Jr
Maurice Austin Jr 6 soat oldin
Yoooo this vid trippy asf yoo
Emanuel Burcus
Emanuel Burcus 6 soat oldin
This is music not Labotalk
Austin McGowan
Austin McGowan 6 soat oldin
devin will
devin will 6 soat oldin
*_well then_* This was certainly a visual experience
Deku 6 soat oldin
So I have had the astroworld album on reply for the last week but to be specific this song shit is amazing.
Cantana Band
Cantana Band 6 soat oldin
I have a new respect for Travis Scott.
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz 7 soat oldin
That harmonica from Stevie Wonder though..
Cisario 7 soat oldin
on my channel second part of stargazin,check it if u like that song ;)
Wise One
Wise One 7 soat oldin
Gamma Rays...
Lorena Sierpin
Lorena Sierpin 7 soat oldin
ViBRANT SAUCE 7 soat oldin
The way i see it is niggas get caught slippin and survive something like a shooting or somthing and now think they're god now or invincible until god says so .. which is him burning and now all people can do is show up at your gravesite
201747 Views 7 soat oldin
James Blake is on this
Thobile Dubazane
Thobile Dubazane 7 soat oldin
Oh look 01:29 Kylie makes the appearance she's always wanted...
Tullo 667
Tullo 667 7 soat oldin
shit song
Katakuri 7 soat oldin
Michael C
Michael C 7 soat oldin
Fukk the money never leave your people behind 🔥
Ben D
Ben D 7 soat oldin
Kendrick would’ve been a perfect feature on this track
Professor karl der Große
God is whore.
eben leben
eben leben 8 soat oldin
So He says He is God?
Jay Paul Mojica
Jay Paul Mojica 8 soat oldin
devilz rejectz 3 ampichino the jacka go harder than this !
Funkytown7777777 8 soat oldin
iamjust carol
iamjust carol 8 soat oldin
Ariana Grande:God is a woman Travis Scott:Stop Tryna be God 😂😂😂😂😂
rolling stone
rolling stone 8 soat oldin
first I saw Cudi was on this and I was not surprised considering how impressive the humming is bjt man he got STEVIE WONDER ON HARMONICA??!?
Kaporal Livia
Kaporal Livia 8 soat oldin
Satanic video damn broo
NatedunKING 23
NatedunKING 23 8 soat oldin
Kendrick :God is a gangsta Travis: you right
The Notorious
The Notorious 8 soat oldin
Paris Drive “Slide”🔥🔥 uzvid.com/video/video-QJnm35uIvdc.html
Kate berry
Kate berry 9 soat oldin
the sheep represent the people who listen to Travis. all dammed souls going to hell.
Da Killah
Da Killah 9 soat oldin
nigga is riding a dragon in the ski wearing nikes nicca am done
xXRoyal KnightXx
xXRoyal KnightXx 9 soat oldin
All Yall Dumb & Blind AF
Red Stallion
Red Stallion 9 soat oldin
that sheep should have dreads tho
FD smile
FD smile 9 soat oldin
ariana grande you should listen.
Hayuddin Chattun
Hayuddin Chattun 9 soat oldin
This is the rewatch, the hot pockets, the fritters, the missiles, the humans All gathered in secrecy And flying high as a kite Hmm-hmm Just know what this about Hmm-hmm-hmm Hmm-hmm Palm trees, oceans, fresh air that can break your heart Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm, hmm-hm Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's not who you are Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's just not your job Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God, God Ride for it every night Visions and these angles tight Truth be told I never try Diamonds are the wife of life All three Rollies look alike After two you get a hook-up price Stripper never worked a nine to five Delta and I ship it overnight Stop tryna be God almighty Fuck the money, never leave your people behind It's never love, no matter what you try Still can see it comin' down your eyes 'Cause they did not create commandments (ooh, ooh) When you hustle, always make it fancy (ooh, ooh) The signal's far from what you can be (ooh, ooh) 'Cause air traffic controls the landing Yeah, yeah yeah yeah Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm, hmm-hm Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's not who you are Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's just not your job Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God, God Stop tryna play God almighty Always keep your circle tight I been wantin' shit my whole life I wanted you bad, not tryna play God tonight If I love her I'ma pass her one First rule of war, you find an act of one You can't win a trophy or a plaque off her But never turn your back on her 'Cause they did not create commandments When you hustle, always make it fancy The signal's far from what you can be 'Cause air traffic controls the landing Yeah, yeah yeah yeah You won't succeed tryna learn me Stick to the roads in my journey Stay out of court when you got the attorney She say she love 'em, want to really burn me Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm, hmm-hm Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's not who you are Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God Hmm-hmm That's just not your job Hmm-hmm Stop tryna be God, God Is it the complex of the saint that's keepin' you so, so still? Is it a coat of old paint that's peelin' every day against our will? Is it too long since the last open conversation you had? Oh no And did you see the void in the past? And can you ever see it comin' back? Well can you always be a step ahead of it for me? Well can you always be a step ahead of it for me? Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh That it?
Boneless 9 soat oldin
kpop retards need to listen to this. stop trying to make random ass korean boys to be your gods
Paperellaspastica 9 soat oldin
fai schifo
Michael Cuellar
Michael Cuellar 9 soat oldin
0.12 if your a christan, my brother my sister in christ. Please believe have Faith in God/Jesus. YOU. :) This black sheep is us in the world but not of the world, Seperated, but red eyes just as Jesus in the book of Revelation--------Amen
Ysabel Ramirez
Ysabel Ramirez 9 soat oldin
0:52 Is that Ariana Grande??
Tiránido SHOW
Tiránido SHOW 10 soat oldin
Mis putos dieces
emmanYT 10 soat oldin
“Ariana grande has left the chat”
Andrew 10 soat oldin
atleast he wants the best qualoty in his music videos
Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh 10 soat oldin
This video is so fucking insane and original, Dave Meyers did a crazy job man
Wardex 10 soat oldin
1:47 Am i the only one who noticed the fucked up fingers lol
Thore Meyer
Thore Meyer 10 soat oldin
The one thing i want to hear when I die is Kid Cudis humms 😍
_ lordmanoosh
_ lordmanoosh 10 soat oldin
Dear J Cole?
Mar Lpz
Mar Lpz 10 soat oldin
dope video, lol Kylie at the end choking the baby lamb, like " is that a chicken "
1 1
1 1 10 soat oldin
isolatable w
isolatable w 10 soat oldin
First time i heard this song i was like ehh Second time i was like ight Therd time STOP TRYING TO BE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ultra Instinct Goku
Ultra Instinct Goku 10 soat oldin
This song has been stuck in my head for the past week.
wahiti channel
wahiti channel 11 soat oldin
taking sheep
Shane 11 soat oldin
Dude .. Travis Scott is straight boooooooty. This shit sucks, just like MOST of his music.
Me xx
Me xx 11 soat oldin
I invite you to instagram blondie_story_me follow it!
BLACK GODLIFE 11 soat oldin
Who’s the girl?
Tanzania song
Tanzania song 11 soat oldin
Guys god is both genders but he mously a woman because he made us
Tyreese James
Tyreese James 11 soat oldin
Only nigga that sounds good with autotune🔥🔥
Mehdi Elachouri
Mehdi Elachouri 11 soat oldin
Altair Ibn La-Ahad
Altair Ibn La-Ahad 11 soat oldin
Loving the album but still disappointed Thugga and 3k aint one it ;(
Francesco Totti
Francesco Totti 11 soat oldin
0:49 Is she Ariana Grande ? Reply
Devo Delgado
Devo Delgado 11 soat oldin
I watch this every morning before work motivation
Gökçen Çelik
Gökçen Çelik 11 soat oldin
Kylie jenner effects
One Top Tv
One Top Tv 12 soat oldin
quero ver quem vai superar esse mano
8 kun oldin
23 kun oldin
Drake - Nonstop
13 kun oldin
To Our Daughter
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