Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

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In this special Self-Deportation Edition of The Daily Show, Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, talks to his grandmother about Nelson Mandela and apartheid, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home.
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4-Dek, 2018

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Kaci Bell
Kaci Bell 22 daqiqa oldin
I (legit) couldn't have loved this more ty XOXO total Like Comment & Share 😍👍🏆
Spyke Tan
Spyke Tan 28 daqiqa oldin
A grandmother that I would love to have, so contented and humble. I would have hugged her for an hour 😬
Arlene Payne
Arlene Payne 43 daqiqa oldin
Mrs. Coco is a realist😂 Trevor thank you for showing us your grandmas house!
Lisa D
Lisa D 43 daqiqa oldin
Beautiful grandma!!
Loren Holmes
Loren Holmes Soat oldin
shes too beautiful i cant
Loren Holmes
Loren Holmes Soat oldin
and who tf disliked the video? hate seeing the reality of SA? me too bud
Loren Holmes
Loren Holmes Soat oldin
Vincent Cheatham
Vincent Cheatham Soat oldin
He reminds me of a white man
MyDogDidIt NotI
MyDogDidIt NotI Soat oldin
I love your grandma.💜
Mars Hill
Mars Hill Soat oldin
Your grandma is a conservative who fears God; why would she watch a liberal show?
Shirlene Wright
Shirlene Wright 2 soat oldin
This is just so wonderful. Thank You Trevor, Crew .. and especially GoGo!
BNOVA 2 soat oldin
Your Grandma is so Adorable. She reminds me of mine.
ryan dhliwayo
ryan dhliwayo 2 soat oldin
she real funny man. but i thought thats what you spent your money on...taking care of granny loved ones etc. GO TREVOR
Brielliant 1
Brielliant 1 3 soat oldin
Love this vid! Reminds me of my Granny in the Caribbean! ❤💓💖💗💞💜💝❣
Alondra Nevaeh
Alondra Nevaeh 3 soat oldin
Who ever pressed dislike is an asshole
artemis neoy
artemis neoy 4 soat oldin
I love this Trevor
Kukhanya Mbhele
Kukhanya Mbhele 4 soat oldin
This is amazing🔥😢😭
Rose Mbam
Rose Mbam 4 soat oldin
All the critics. Maybe the woman wants a simple life. That's how it is in Africa the old people like things as it is.
Violeta Cervantes
Violeta Cervantes 4 soat oldin
I wish I could give this video more than just a simple “like”. An interview with his mom would be awesome as well!
Judith Brack
Judith Brack 4 soat oldin
I live you Noah, and your Grandma! How sweet to share your family with the world. And to let those who haven't a clue to know a little bit more about South Africa and the history of apartheid. Bless you brother1
Agosi Malatji
Agosi Malatji 4 soat oldin
I love you Trevor... The whole Limpopo loves you...
jackeballs unknown
jackeballs unknown 5 soat oldin
ohh please
Sandisiwe Mema
Sandisiwe Mema 5 soat oldin
this was so beautiful to watch!
hatfieldrick 5 soat oldin
Trevor's grandma is wonderful! They don't get much grander than that, in my opinion. What a beautiful character.
Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson 5 soat oldin
Trevor, it was a joy watching you with your grandmother, she is adorable !
Agnes Phiri
Agnes Phiri 5 soat oldin
sweet gogo indeed. special bond they have ....
Gizachew Endale
Gizachew Endale 6 soat oldin
I love your mom!!!
bookcreator 6 soat oldin
I wish they would translate when they speak in Xhosa
James Omungo
James Omungo 6 soat oldin
I never knew you Trevor is South African. Congrats
Minerva Ruiz-Cordova
Trevis' grandmother is adorable. I love her. She reminds me a lot of my own maternal grandmother. Beautiful ladies.
A Reyes
A Reyes 7 soat oldin
You’re grandma is so cute.
Jessica Spec
Jessica Spec 7 soat oldin
Thank you for sharing Trevor!! :-) What an amazing grandmother you have. Now you got to buy that generator and put it in for her.
Big Daddy Romeo
Big Daddy Romeo 8 soat oldin
Manager of white people LOL
Big Daddy Romeo
Big Daddy Romeo 8 soat oldin
I absolutely enjoy watching this really it was entertaining you have a beautiful grandmother man you can tell that she really has nothing but love in her heart for you
Reginald Rewayi
Reginald Rewayi 8 soat oldin
Yoh Trev, this edition is amazing. i love how ur grandma remembers ur childhood and the events. lolest. amazing. and she even has a humorous side to her, i guess it runs in the family. yu shld have her as ur guest some time.
Chris Meyer
Chris Meyer 8 soat oldin
Trevor what a d@@s you are, joke boyi
Lori Smith
Lori Smith 8 soat oldin
I've watched this interview so many times. His grandmother is our grandmothers too :-) I would love to see the uncut version....LOL
Twysted Syxx
Twysted Syxx 8 soat oldin
This reminds me of my mum's side of the family. All truth and fire. I love it! They will say, when you offer them new things, "why? These things work fine. I don't need new things. But, have you eaten?"No matter how much you can give them.
bachiano 9 soat oldin
What a Beautiful interview 😍
Desi R.
Desi R. 9 soat oldin
Grandma! ❤
foxylee 9 soat oldin
Hot damn, Trevor is attractive! Like the perfect combination of playfulness, intellect and caring. And that smile.
Esther Denenga
Esther Denenga 10 soat oldin
I love his Gogo, she makes me miss mine
Isaac Asher
Isaac Asher 10 soat oldin
You all need to watch Cry Freedom about Stephan Biko to get some understanding of what it was like under Apartheid
anika dev
anika dev 10 soat oldin
I wish my grandmother was alive...
makey ray
makey ray 10 soat oldin
Your mother was tough Trevor 🤣🤣🤣 you are both loved you & your mother
Rose Wint
Rose Wint 10 soat oldin
Makes me miss my grandmother
Frikkie Gariseb
Frikkie Gariseb 10 soat oldin
Wow beautiful granny, may God bless her abundantly
Johanna Asino
Johanna Asino 10 soat oldin
Her English and memory is so good! No matter where gogo lives she won’t leave her place for the rich suburbs because we’re Africans.
Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen 10 soat oldin
How can you not love this man, so humble
Shadik 11 soat oldin
God bless Trevor. This makes me smile while tears run down my face. Beautiful. Grandma is brilliant, bright and amazing.
Anya N
Anya N 11 soat oldin
Trevor always comments he is more white then black. But his features are more black. Just saying😏
martin116d 11 soat oldin
I love your show - but this one is beyond special. Thank you for sharing it!
JahLioness RasTafari
JahLioness RasTafari 12 soat oldin
You guys got me smiling and crying at the same time just can't help it. Take care of this gem of a gran, she is beautiful. ONE LUV BARBADOS.
Ntando Mbali
Ntando Mbali 12 soat oldin
This guy think he's white 🤣🤣🤣 your parents are mix so you not white just a mix masala, nx you boring
Ayoub Merabet
Ayoub Merabet 12 soat oldin
God bless her ❤️ made my day
Nondumiso Nkosi
Nondumiso Nkosi 12 soat oldin
7:40-45 😂
nicole merriweather
nicole merriweather 12 soat oldin
Trevor I love your grandmother she is amazing!
paraprog85 13 soat oldin
Chris Hani road, ne?
The Perez Hilton
The Perez Hilton 13 soat oldin
I'm so thankful I watched this in full!!
King Docans
King Docans 13 soat oldin
May God bless her with more years. She is such a warm soul
Adi Miller
Adi Miller 13 soat oldin
why is trevor keep saying WOW?, he knows all this shit
Theme Griffon
Theme Griffon 13 soat oldin
Milk it bro. Get on the apartheid gravy train
DrMomy 13 soat oldin
This was one of the best videos I’ve seen in years! Your grandma is amazing!
Maya ola
Maya ola 14 soat oldin
Oh my goodness, I can't stop watching this... grandma is so sweet.
Maya ola
Maya ola 14 soat oldin
Those big bumps: they know my slippers 😂😂😂😂 that got me laughing ...we love you grandma
Zip Polla
Zip Polla 14 soat oldin
Trevor you must bring some of your family to the show.
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 14 soat oldin
He grew up in the township yet he doesnt sound like anyone from the township.i think he visited but i guess people eat everything up
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 14 soat oldin
Trevor knows nothing about apartheid.he was too young to remember.
Gottalove Bunny
Gottalove Bunny 6 soat oldin
Ashley Smith that’s what he said
SSJG 14 soat oldin
Trevor Nohan is a mullatoe that is very hateful of his White side and is being used by liberals in the US to push their anti white agenda. Its very disturbing. Im sure Trevor would be enraged if there was a similar report on his White grandmother since he ferociously identifies as Black and hates Whites.
magicsinglez 14 soat oldin
Does this Trevor video Segway into the film idiocracy?
redvette91 14 soat oldin
This guy is a real asshole
Marcquin Pikaan
Marcquin Pikaan 15 soat oldin
LaToyle Tuten
LaToyle Tuten 15 soat oldin
I LOVE your Grandmother. She is AMAZING and hilarious! Nothing like the LOVE of a Grandmother!!!!!
B Mendez
B Mendez 16 soat oldin
Trevor Noah please marry me.
Sally 16 soat oldin
The saddest part is that South Africa is not safer today. It's high in crime, murder and rape. A very violent and corrupt country indeed. If you are going to point out the evils of the past in South Africa, don't neglect to do the same for the current times. It's bad, people!
IAm T-Bang
IAm T-Bang 17 soat oldin
It would’ve been great to have an episode for Pacino as well. That interview at the end of The Daywalker wasn’t enough
Nsindiso Nyoni
Nsindiso Nyoni 17 soat oldin
i like your grandma trevor she reminds me of my grammie...i miss her spanking
Edvin Kingston
Edvin Kingston 18 soat oldin
aplauso Laurindo
aplauso Laurindo 18 soat oldin
I'm jealous of you Trevor. I wished I could have those moments with my Gogo too
thefotopro 7
thefotopro 7 19 soat oldin
thanks for keeping it REAL!!!
beachscene932 19 soat oldin
Everything about this is
tall0362 19 soat oldin
Priceless... Beautiful!!!!
T-Man Music
T-Man Music 19 soat oldin
It is all lies South africa is not like it
Baby Poodles
Baby Poodles 20 soat oldin
Trevor what you talking about, a taxi pointed a gun to my dad!
San Mak
San Mak 15 soat oldin
Baby Poodles , a “taxi man” you mean 🙈. Sorry about about that experience. I just pictured a transformer taxi pointing a gun at your dad. I know. It’s not funny. Sorry
Ms. BOO 20 soat oldin
Truelly amazing
maggie arunga
maggie arunga 20 soat oldin
Those big bums know my slippers lolest.My granny would say the same thing about me. Your granny is so joyful,she reminds me of my late grandma.
Aurelia Elago
Aurelia Elago 21 soat oldin
Ooo☺ your grandma is lovely .
Daniel Park
Daniel Park 21 soat oldin
I'm gonna be so sad when she passes, cause I like her, but more because I know trevor will miss her so much more.
Frederic Karlo
Frederic Karlo 22 soat oldin
Same scum torturing and killing white farmers
Allan Laal
Allan Laal 23 soat oldin
you had actual toilet paper in your childhood??? must.. be.. nice.. :D
San Mak
San Mak 15 soat oldin
Allan Laal. Lol. Not all the time. Read his book “Born a Crime”
Kate Holloman
Kate Holloman 23 soat oldin
That was very sweet!
Cebile Dlodlo
Cebile Dlodlo 23 soat oldin
I looooove your grandmother😍😍😍😍😍
Ebony Moore
Ebony Moore 23 soat oldin
She's AMAZING... 91 years and nine months of wisdom! Such a blessing! ❤
Dione van Rooyen
Dione van Rooyen 23 soat oldin
Lovely granny. So happy she looks and sounds so good at 91. It makes me so sad. The black people feared policeman then; and now nobody fears the police at all. Anarchy.
Sally 16 soat oldin
Now there is just lawlessness and criminals run rampant.
Kefilwe Gabalebatse
Kefilwe Gabalebatse 23 soat oldin
😂😂😂😂😂 load shedding is makin gogo miss The daily show..i could listen to her all day
trisha tate
trisha tate 23 soat oldin
I have only seen bits of your shows, not a fan of your politics. This however I can get behind, and have so much respect for where you have come from and as a person. Thank you and your grandma for such an intimate look into your lives.
Samuel Laka
Samuel Laka 15 soat oldin
Me too. I've been a fan of Trevor since I began to know about him and even more because of the heights he has reached but his political views and obsession with Donald Trump have stopped me from watching his show. But he is still an inspiration because he did what many thought was impossible.
Haji Kadir
Haji Kadir Kun oldin
Am the manager of the white people 😂😂😂😂