Trevor Noah Was Low Key In 'Black Panther'

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'The Daily Show' host Trevor Noah made a low-key (not Loki) appearance in a recent Marvel movie. Did you catch it?
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21-Iyn, 2018

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theChartist 13 soat oldin
People there are far more than two parties enough of you just have to vote for one to get them to the primaries
Persiansweetcat1 21 soat oldin
I love the way Trevor talks... sooo fast
sarvadnya mistry
sarvadnya mistry 23 soat oldin
*Trevor says "there should be more than two political parties in USA. Trust me, it doesn't do any good. I am from INDIA. We have around 50 political parties. More parties= More chaos and Corruption.*
Maggie Dawkins
Maggie Dawkins 2 kun oldin
Humour is the best coping mechanism ever
My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message
lol you aren't "technically mixed" you are the literal definition of mixed.
My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message
Trevor Noah 100% comes off as NOT FOR America. I think he will only last as long as Trump stays in office
Baguette 5 kun oldin
9:41 that's how mafia works
BCL Du beesmoer
BCL Du beesmoer 5 kun oldin
apartheid ended in 1992 you nut it’s of the 19 th century not the 20th
Joey Cole
Joey Cole 5 kun oldin
I love Trevo's explanation of SA government 's sick reason to take a mixed kid from his Black/white parents. Trevor is such an intelligent guy!
Sam Ojeda
Sam Ojeda 7 kun oldin
I actually went back and played Black Panther to listen to his voice... How the hell did I miss this?
Tyler Newman
Tyler Newman 7 kun oldin
"I really think you made [the Daily Show] your own." That is probably the best take away from Noah's takeover and I would guess is exactly what Trevor Noah wanted to hear -- and it was said sincerely by one of the most respectable names in the industry. Good interview, gentlemen. I look forward to watching both of your already distinguished careers.
Dean Muvhunzi
Dean Muvhunzi 7 kun oldin
dude. im a fan, i love the daily show, im happy you escaped the tragedy of africa. i enjoy your true jokes . and please, iof you see those spooky black SUVs run call 911 call the seals tell them to bring everything. I say this Becouse if i were trump i'd kill you
Research0digo 7 kun oldin
@6:26 - Michael Moore said the same thing. So many citizens, but only 2 parties.
Walter Montiel
Walter Montiel 8 kun oldin
Can we talk about Stephen pointing out Trevor's tie and saying, "That's where the resin is."
Ana Luísa Campos
Ana Luísa Campos 9 kun oldin
jesus the things trevor said about how trump was elected apply perfectly to brazil right now
TheCoreOfFire 11 kun oldin
A daily show host interviewing a daily show host?!
Kenn Clarete
Kenn Clarete 13 kun oldin
"When you come from a developing nation, leaders like trump are familiar" Yeah! Philippines represent. 🤣😅😢😭
Sendi Karovic
Sendi Karovic 14 kun oldin
With Travor its always about race...
Margarita M.
Margarita M. 14 kun oldin
Sendi Karovic Truth hurts.
natwat123 14 kun oldin
I am worried when people understand what is currently going on with the USA because none of what is happening makes sense.
Nathan Severson
Nathan Severson 18 kun oldin
Trevor is such a babe!
Justin Y's Brother
Justin Y's Brother 18 kun oldin
UZvid Rewind 2018.
Native Son Ascending
@ 7:38 someone please tell me what kind of shoe Trevor is wearing??
Christina Atwell
Christina Atwell 24 kun oldin
5:47 so did George Washington! He told people NOT to make political parties, he said it would just make people rivals and be destructive... but we didn’t listen. I’m a non-partisan, I don’twant to belong to a political party. I research each and all candidates and vote for who I believe to be the best, doesn’t matter what their party is. I don’t look at their party. Doesn’t always work, because politicians are kinda nuts and can’t always be believed.
J. Montrice
J. Montrice 26 kun oldin
Trevor is so Loveable.
Margin Trenó
Margin Trenó 29 kun oldin
Live Untied
Live Untied 29 kun oldin
The man is brilliant let's face it. I was taken aback when he told his mother"I said thank you for raising me". I haven't read the book but that was a contradiction and I really really like him so much.
Omizzy Lizardi
Omizzy Lizardi 29 kun oldin
2:17 I wonder what that was code for
Taber McFarlin
"16 cereals but two political parties" That's pretty good lol
Nathan Gehrke
Nathan Gehrke Oy oldin
Jesus these guys have no grasp of how America works
Bradley Kandhai
I didn't know that 😲
Gloria Kirabo
Gloria Kirabo Oy oldin
Trevor is super intelligent!you all should watch the daily show and between the scenes!
Kwame Zane
Kwame Zane Oy oldin
The most idiotic movie ever! People who invented poo stained leather thongs presented as a super race with high technology AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
The Roach
The Roach Oy oldin
Are you talking about Black Panther because ik ur not.
The Roach
The Roach Oy oldin
Sis what?
I found his drug joke in the very beginning funny. But like ppl and the host are like... maybe not an american joke hahaha
rawnak Oy oldin
I hate Trevor so much
Kait Bebelheimer
Trevor Noah ran for president I would vote.
Taylor Cipher
Taylor Cipher Oy oldin
“What do you think of our two party system?” It’s a two party system!
Darrick Smith
Darrick Smith Oy oldin
Y’all see those red bottoms Trevor has on?
shazzie isaacs
Can't get my eyes off that tie
Elle Linton
Elle Linton Oy oldin
"why you want free things on free things" BEST. LINE. EVER.
Silvia Quiroz
Silvia Quiroz Oy oldin
I heard Liza Ko- and got excited
Shrewd African
I didn't know Trevor was in Black Panther! Good boy
Tessa WB
Tessa WB Oy oldin
Trevor for president. If we can have a foreign First Lady then why not a president
Alvin Ishuga
Alvin Ishuga Oy oldin
You did have a foreign President Obama was a Kenyan
Katie Lopez
Katie Lopez Oy oldin
6:38 when they start talking about black panther
whodat Oy oldin
The eloquence of it all- Abundance and overflowing.
Charles  Ibe
Charles Ibe Oy oldin
Now I have to go watch Black Panther again
turea dumonceau
I love that tie, Trevor! Love your show, too, and love Stephen Colbert too! It's a love fest!!😍😍
Ahmed Altaher
Ahmed Altaher Oy oldin
Nixon Chan
Nixon Chan Oy oldin
Trevor, Stephen are favorite presenters.
Troy Wag
Troy Wag Oy oldin
Free BillCosby
Serena Sanchez
Dynamic duo 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏿
joshua foster
joshua foster Oy oldin
Loved it Trevor. Thank you so much for sharing.
Claribel Ngundu
Trevor Noah I will love to be the mother of ur kids. They will be so beautiful and awful smart
Cliff Works
Cliff Works Oy oldin
Colbert couldn't make me laugh if he was the last comedian on earth the guy ain't funny.
teddy boii
teddy boii Oy oldin
These guys are frauds truth is they like trump personally but dont say it because the audience is gay
Chris Pacman
Chris Pacman Oy oldin
I need that book, it would make a great drinking game.
kozmic zian
kozmic zian Oy oldin
STEPHEN & TREVOR - GREAT SHOW . . . as usual!
helena sousa
helena sousa Oy oldin
' What you do to keep your soul from getting a thick callous on it ??? ' Poignant question and straight to the point . How do you to keep being a human ? Being sane ? Laughing 😭😭😭 Crying 🤣🤣🤣 Shouting 😒😒😒 Talking 😮😮😮
Theodore Eckhart
Couldn't go through an interview without hate Trump.
mkburnett62 Oy oldin
I am so surprised da orange don didn’t ask for his cut of the profits from the book.
Amazing Supergirl
Love Trevor. Probably the most intelligent people on tv, fantastic book about his life, and super hot. 🥰
Amazing Supergirl
*person. He’s one person
Omneya Ibrahim
I am from Cairo Egypt, my son introduced this show to me3 times every day, so we watch you in the morning, and still it is an amazing show!! cos all your questions we cant find answer to it here either
lydia. B
lydia. B Oy oldin
Bruh think about it if Trevor had different hair he'd be so hot
Amaury Lannes
Amaury Lannes Oy oldin
That last part perfectly describes capitalism lol
That OneGuy
That OneGuy Oy oldin
There’s a book that compiled all of trump’s tweets and converts it into a poem
Julie Russell
Julie Russell Oy oldin
The two party system must die! 👍
Beverly Johnson
I love his personality and voice.
ramayaruk Oy oldin
i just dont find trevor funny. maybe not just my cup of tea but i feel like he tries too hard and still doesnt make me laugh. stephen is hilarious and makes it seem effortless
A C Oy oldin
Trevor doesnt speak of his own government, but mocks another! Yet people cant see he is paid and told what to say. Trevor never wrote that book, he is only a face. Truth
Dee Dubya
Dee Dubya Oy oldin
Trev;s tie game is Legit. He toured Australia alot and he's just sick
Dee Dubya
Dee Dubya Oy oldin
I know I'm just replying to myself buit we got Jim Jeffries. Trevor Noah and now Hasan Minaj is breakin out. Three woke foreigners who get it.
Dee Dubya
Dee Dubya Oy oldin
It's like Aus, NZ and South Africa just GET IT. Cricketing nations have a natural brotherhood/relationship. I love it
lowcsta Oy oldin
Blood diamond was the best thing that ever happened to Trevor Noah
Mohamed Albaiti
I’m watching this from my iPhone X and at the minute 9:00 when Trevor says “series of tweets” Siri is activating 😯😯
Aurora 131313
Aurora 131313 Oy oldin
Keep up our vol 1,2,3 of my Prez Djt tweet 📖 Trevor...
junethemaster Oy oldin
5:13 these is bloody shoes...
Kevin Cruz
Kevin Cruz Oy oldin
I wanted them to make out.
anna mendez
anna mendez 2 oy oldin
alexandra 2 oy oldin
Trevor is just perfect 😍🤗
kenarblt 2 oy oldin
He was Only involved in that movie,,, South African politics is different, I know Trevor can do something about our perception, outside the continent he's that talented!!! Hope he does good for Africans
Elsborn 2 oy oldin
Trevor is good, but the movie...is really...just like all the other hollywood big shit production movies... i just cant appreciate it...
tinder cold
tinder cold 2 oy oldin
I need to know where Trevor Noah got his tie!!!
Missy Gee
Missy Gee 2 oy oldin
Hahahhahah!! The drinking game....
Se Bastian
Se Bastian 2 oy oldin
Trevor.....marry me! ;-)))
Summer Bright bright
Trevor you are the Pride of Africa
Chad Pedigo
Chad Pedigo 2 oy oldin
Typical liberal, yelling and crying not getting their way
T's Channel
T's Channel 2 oy oldin
I am crushing on trevor a bit too much. Oh man a bit too much that I am visiting south Africa 😂
Crazy4hire 2 oy oldin
Honestly, out of all that amazing exchange of opinions, you guys decided to name the video after him appearing in Black Panther. Ok then.
Séverin Official
what a great guy!
amsterdamsel 2 oy oldin
True dat.
LOLA G. 2 oy oldin
lee Roberts
lee Roberts 2 oy oldin
Trevor Noah really rides the devlopeing nation thing but South Africa is the most developed Nation in Africa and it's more developed then Russia and most of Easter Europe and all of South America except Argentina circa Hugo chavez erra now it's more developed than Argentina
olivia wonderful
olivia wonderful 2 oy oldin
Well now that I know Trevor was behind the computer voice this will only give me an excuse to watch the Black Panther movie all over again and again and again.
Steph Ss
Steph Ss 2 oy oldin
Alcoholism may be the reason why you have the politics you have. Sober people make better decisions.
A Thug By Choice
A Thug By Choice 2 oy oldin
Click the time to watch Colbert’s soul fie a little 3:47
floww bucket
floww bucket 2 oy oldin
This interview tells me how crazy life can get and he's speaking as a modern person
Gg Ponte
Gg Ponte 2 oy oldin
Trevor Noah ❤️😍
El Hayah
El Hayah 2 oy oldin
3:56 "What do you do to keep your soul from getting a thick callus on it?" GREAT Question
Lu Guy
Lu Guy 2 oy oldin
Love, love, love Trevor Noah. Noah wrote “ Born A Crime”. One of the best autobiography books ever and the audiobook he narrated it and is hilariously fantastic. Still topping the charts. He’s so clever and insightful. And, super funny, laughter out loud rolling on the floor staying with you for days afterwards. Numbing the pain through comedy. Man, he is so talented. Daily Show great success.
策刘 2 oy oldin
I am going back to watch Black Panther.
T Dawg
T Dawg 2 oy oldin
Trevor Noah is a joke thief and a garbage comedian.
SSB Gogeta
SSB Gogeta 2 oy oldin
Trevor Noah is the best thing ever to the daily show!