Trevor Noah Was Low Key In 'Black Panther'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'The Daily Show' host Trevor Noah made a low-key (not Loki) appearance in a recent Marvel movie. Did you catch it?
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21-Iyn, 2018



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ix lefty xi
ix lefty xi 7 soat oldin
nobody: trevor: aaahhhhhhh
Colezea Gabriel
Colezea Gabriel 10 soat oldin
Always picking on the president ..
Zumba Aketch
Zumba Aketch 2 kun oldin
@ 4.01, Trevor laughs just like an African
CheshireCat Smile
CheshireCat Smile 2 kun oldin
4:39 is a mood
Tiara Roxanne
Tiara Roxanne 9 kun oldin
Two smart guys with kind hearts in a table. What a treat!
mastawayner1 18 kun oldin
Donald Trump: Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Trevor Noah: I’ll make a book about Donald Trump and he’s gonna write it for me Classic😂😂
RodrigoCL 19 kun oldin
Unfortunatly, multiple parties are not the same as multiple choice. You see, people voted for bolsonaro in Brazil saying that there was no other choice while having SEVEN other canditates, each of a different party.
Soraya van der Schyff
Trevor is a gem! Knows how to hold his own anywhere anytime 💕
Norco 7/325
Norco 7/325 23 kun oldin
This crowed is dead..
Kay B83
Kay B83 24 kun oldin
😅 So low key 💚 and that book was John Oliver's idea 🤓
Brandon Dith-Berry
RIP Colbert's liver...
Justin Chea
Justin Chea Oy oldin
I didn’t notice him in the movie...
姜涵之 Oy oldin
Uganda for evea!
Isabelle Zablocki
This guy is smart or what? Amazing!
MacMe.143 Oy oldin
Thank you!! A two party system is beyond polarizing once the population pushes past 4,000.
M G Oy oldin
America has over 100 types of cereal Trevor stop spreading fake news 😹😹😹
mike lowder
mike lowder Oy oldin
Its so awesome that the library of congress has to have a copy of that book in it now!
Marie Vis
Marie Vis Oy oldin
My heart had a mini attack seeing both of these great, funny men together.
Pfhorrest Oy oldin
Wait so South Africa didn't just say "white people may not breed with black people", but "white people CANNOT breed with black people -- don't bother trying, it won't work"?
NoName James
NoName James Oy oldin
Trevor sounds like he wants to end the bipartisan political monopoly. It sounds like a good idea
omi god
omi god Oy oldin
*A multi-party political system is just as liable to produce results that thwart the majority interest as a two-party system. Every multi-party system devolves into coalitions of convenience, since no single party can win a clear majority vote, and always - ALWAYS - eventually devolves into the two camps you began with: conservative and progressive. Two parties is all that are needed, and the Founders who wrote the Constitution had it figured out. We don't need to keep reinventing the wheel.*
Go Revive Yourself
For those of you that dont understand whats going on in America right now.. I understand america just fine. For the past few decades now its been an oligarchy run capitalist country heavily favored for the rich. We have huge gun massacres yearly, more than any other major country. Our major gun manufactorers dont want to lose money with strict gun regulations so nothing gets done. We have a global crisis about global warming, and the republican party denies it because it goes against their lobbyist friends over at oil companies. We dont have healthcare for all cause that means pharmaceutical companies will make less money. America is the most corrupt "democracy", major nation in the world. And to fix it, it starts with getting its citizens educated. Learn to research and second guess your politicians. Have a voice and vote! Football fantasy teams are great an all.. but politics actually affect our lives. Study it! Learn it! Change it! #MakeAmericaSmartAgain
Ondrae Francis
"You didn't write it, he did" check out Trevor's facial expression
Lidia Marginean
Nice shoes Trevor...we can guess the designer....pretty fancy 😉
MYWORD Oy oldin
I’m from that town in Montana (Helena) and that mayor is a really great guy. First time in my life that I can say im proud to be from there, but most people in that town are small clicky dicks.
SHOW MORE Oy oldin
As a nation, we should all do what the audience did at minute 5:00
Deesul Oy oldin
Trevor Noah - the reason i stopped watching the show.
Mr Dee
Mr Dee Oy oldin
I think slavery was a good thing because what is better, America or Africa and without slavery there would be no black people living in America...wait, I mean slavery is bad because now there are too many black people in America.
Claiming Light
Wow. Has it only been three and half years since we lost Jon?
neuregel Oy oldin
Both from the daily show.
North Guy
North Guy Oy oldin
Trevor looks real handsome there, nice suit.
Disruptive Grace
OMG TREVOR & COLBERT simultaneously an ultimate cool Like CONAN & COLBERT A blast, riot, absurd, crazy, NUTS! Hilariously freaking funny scream!!!
rare tube 0330
DarkeCrimson Oy oldin
I can't stop looking at Trevor's tie
ask Yourmom
ask Yourmom Oy oldin
DarkeCrimson its that funny
Naomi Meme
Naomi Meme Oy oldin
Coyote 50
Coyote 50 Oy oldin
Love both these guys!
Paul Sariego
Paul Sariego Oy oldin
I like how trevor doesnt cuss as much as other standup comedians do.ive noticed that many young comedians dont cuss as much as the older ones.
Carl Stockman
Carl Stockman Oy oldin
When Stephen asked him "what do you do to keep your soul from developing a thick callous?" it reminded me of something George Lucas said about how disappointed he is that he's never been able to see Star Wars for the first time. I imagine it must be the same for Stephen.
Florence Ellis
Are we numbing ourselves too much through humor and missing what Trump is really up to? Any other president would be out by now.
Florence Ellis
I respect Trevor's experience, knowledge and humor. He is precious.
Artos Ap Nab
Artos Ap Nab Oy oldin
so beautiful: 2 very brave and smart men doing the same work, cheering each other...
Lynda Turner
Lynda Turner Oy oldin
I agree with the idea that having only 2 political parties is strange... why are your choices so limited? 🇨🇦
Daniel Abondano
Maverick Milestone
Trevor has a punchable face
Joel Andrew
Joel Andrew Oy oldin
I want that the 🤓👔
Five Cents Matter
Children should not be separated from their parents. Done.
Adrienne Fenner
So he's awesome!!! 😎
Abhilash Anandan
Mexico will pay for it. :P
Gloria Theodate
Gloria Theodate 2 oy oldin
Talented n great Trevor!!
mylife mymoney
mylife mymoney 2 oy oldin
good lord! anybody out there that has just realized that Trevor was featured in Black Panther
Remon Chowdhury
Remon Chowdhury 2 oy oldin
Trevor is undoubtedly one of the best comedians of our time. He really does the job of lightening up the mood really well. After a hard day of work you wouldn't want your mood to be ruined by some orange faced guy, that's where The Daily Show comes in handy. Good work Trevor; by this trend, you can outreach Jon Stewart someday.
Mai Msia
Mai Msia 2 oy oldin
Can HE run for President?
Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens Oy oldin
no sorry , I think he can be vice president , um nope , cabinet ; department of interior , or state ! ...
theChartist 2 oy oldin
People there are far more than two parties enough of you just have to vote for one to get them to the primaries
Persiansweetcat1 2 oy oldin
I love the way Trevor talks... sooo fast
sarvadnya mistry
sarvadnya mistry 2 oy oldin
*Trevor says "there should be more than two political parties in USA. Trust me, it doesn't do any good. I am from INDIA. We have around 50 political parties. More parties= More chaos and Corruption.*
Maggie Dawkins
Maggie Dawkins 2 oy oldin
Humour is the best coping mechanism ever
My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message
lol you aren't "technically mixed" you are the literal definition of mixed.
My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message
Trevor Noah 100% comes off as NOT FOR America. I think he will only last as long as Trump stays in office
Baguette 2 oy oldin
9:41 that's how mafia works
ek is ń
ek is ń 2 oy oldin
apartheid ended in 1992 you nut it’s of the 19 th century not the 20th
Joey Cole
Joey Cole 2 oy oldin
I love Trevo's explanation of SA government 's sick reason to take a mixed kid from his Black/white parents. Trevor is such an intelligent guy!
Sam Ojeda
Sam Ojeda 2 oy oldin
I actually went back and played Black Panther to listen to his voice... How the hell did I miss this?
Tyler Newman
Tyler Newman 2 oy oldin
"I really think you made [the Daily Show] your own." That is probably the best take away from Noah's takeover and I would guess is exactly what Trevor Noah wanted to hear -- and it was said sincerely by one of the most respectable names in the industry. Good interview, gentlemen. I look forward to watching both of your already distinguished careers.
Dean Muvhunzi
Dean Muvhunzi 2 oy oldin
dude. im a fan, i love the daily show, im happy you escaped the tragedy of africa. i enjoy your true jokes . and please, iof you see those spooky black SUVs run call 911 call the seals tell them to bring everything. I say this Becouse if i were trump i'd kill you
Research0digo 2 oy oldin
@6:26 - Michael Moore said the same thing. So many citizens, but only 2 parties.
Walter Montiel
Walter Montiel 2 oy oldin
Can we talk about Stephen pointing out Trevor's tie and saying, "That's where the resin is."
Ana Luísa Campos
jesus the things trevor said about how trump was elected apply perfectly to brazil right now
TheCoreOfFire 2 oy oldin
A daily show host interviewing a daily show host?!
Monkgogi Masedi
A daily show host interviewing the daily show host
Kenn Clarete
Kenn Clarete 2 oy oldin
"When you come from a developing nation, leaders like trump are familiar" Yeah! Philippines represent. 🤣😅😢😭
Sendi Karovic
Sendi Karovic 2 oy oldin
With Travor its always about race...
Margarita M.
Margarita M. 2 oy oldin
Sendi Karovic Truth hurts.
natwat123 2 oy oldin
I am worried when people understand what is currently going on with the USA because none of what is happening makes sense.
Nathan Severson
Nathan Severson 2 oy oldin
Trevor is such a babe!
Justin Y's Brother
UZvid Rewind 2018.
Native Son Ascending
@ 7:38 someone please tell me what kind of shoe Trevor is wearing??
Christina Atwell
Christina Atwell 2 oy oldin
5:47 so did George Washington! He told people NOT to make political parties, he said it would just make people rivals and be destructive... but we didn’t listen. I’m a non-partisan, I don’twant to belong to a political party. I research each and all candidates and vote for who I believe to be the best, doesn’t matter what their party is. I don’t look at their party. Doesn’t always work, because politicians are kinda nuts and can’t always be believed.
J. Montrice
J. Montrice 3 oy oldin
Trevor is so Loveable.
Margin Trenó
Margin Trenó 3 oy oldin
Live Untied
Live Untied 3 oy oldin
The man is brilliant let's face it. I was taken aback when he told his mother"I said thank you for raising me". I haven't read the book but that was a contradiction and I really really like him so much.
Omizzy Lizardi
Omizzy Lizardi 3 oy oldin
2:17 I wonder what that was code for
Taber McFarlin
Taber McFarlin 3 oy oldin
"16 cereals but two political parties" That's pretty good lol
Nathan Gehrke
Nathan Gehrke 3 oy oldin
Jesus these guys have no grasp of how America works
Bradley Kandhai
Bradley Kandhai 3 oy oldin
I didn't know that 😲
Gloria Kirabo
Gloria Kirabo 3 oy oldin
Trevor is super intelligent!you all should watch the daily show and between the scenes!
Kwame Zane
Kwame Zane 3 oy oldin
The most idiotic movie ever! People who invented poo stained leather thongs presented as a super race with high technology AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
The Roach
The Roach 3 oy oldin
Are you talking about Black Panther because ik ur not.
The Roach
The Roach 3 oy oldin
Sis what?
Nega Gozarani
Nega Gozarani 3 oy oldin
I found his drug joke in the very beginning funny. But like ppl and the host are like... maybe not an american joke hahaha
rawnak 3 oy oldin
I hate Trevor so much
Kait Bebelheimer
Kait Bebelheimer 3 oy oldin
Trevor Noah ran for president I would vote.
Taylor Cipher
Taylor Cipher 3 oy oldin
“What do you think of our two party system?” It’s a two party system!
Darrick Smith
Darrick Smith 3 oy oldin
Y’all see those red bottoms Trevor has on?
shazzie isaacs
shazzie isaacs 3 oy oldin
Can't get my eyes off that tie
Elle Linton
Elle Linton 3 oy oldin
"why you want free things on free things" BEST. LINE. EVER.
Silvia Quiroz
Silvia Quiroz 3 oy oldin
I heard Liza Ko- and got excited
beautifulcrazy 3 oy oldin
Shrewd African
beautifulcrazy 3 oy oldin
I didn't know Trevor was in Black Panther! Good boy
Tessa WB
Tessa WB 3 oy oldin
Trevor for president. If we can have a foreign First Lady then why not a president
Alvin Ishuga
Alvin Ishuga 3 oy oldin
You did have a foreign President Obama was a Kenyan
Katie Lopez
Katie Lopez 3 oy oldin
6:38 when they start talking about black panther
whodat 3 oy oldin
The eloquence of it all- Abundance and overflowing.
Charles Ibe
Charles Ibe 3 oy oldin
Now I have to go watch Black Panther again
turea dumonceau
turea dumonceau 3 oy oldin
I love that tie, Trevor! Love your show, too, and love Stephen Colbert too! It's a love fest!!😍😍
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