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These food hacks are so genius. Would you try them?
Blossom brings you Fun craft and DIY projects to complete with your little one. Enjoy our collection of fun and easy DIY tutorials! Our easy-to-follow, wonderfully edited videos show you make these easy DIY's and hacks with ease. Thanks for watching, and subscribe today!
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23-Okt, 2018

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Blossom 2 oy oldin
Katie Spuhler
Katie Spuhler 2 kun oldin
Blossom hi
sex srx funny video
sex srx funny video 12 kun oldin
+Hormetim Sonmez v
Kanisha Dixon
Kanisha Dixon 13 kun oldin
make me some and delivert me
fortnite gamer kenzie
fortnite gamer kenzie
Gusyawan Channel
Gusyawan Channel Soat oldin
Gusyawan Channel
Gusyawan Channel Soat oldin
I like 01.43
Darcelle Fandohan
Darcelle Fandohan 11 soat oldin
I cant belive they wasted a good plate, just to make a fake hack for this video!😣😝😡
Sebastian Riimaa
Sebastian Riimaa 12 soat oldin
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez Kun oldin
Red necks are awesome..
Scarlet xinh
Scarlet xinh Kun oldin
3:11 I don't think so, they buy a new plate same the plate broken, i guest. Who try at hom????
Ricky BOI
Ricky BOI Kun oldin
So you’re telling me that’s coal is a food read the title
Sol Michelle
Sol Michelle Kun oldin
06:27 por lo que vinieron
Ivonne Lerma
Ivonne Lerma Kun oldin
Oh dear god
Andrue Roberts
Andrue Roberts Kun oldin
the first one is fake. I watched the real video with the cool and it's not real
ThIs iS DeAd ChaNneL
dena Emad
dena Emad Kun oldin
Faith Pon
Faith Pon 2 kun oldin
I am calling bullshit
Miguel Otero
Miguel Otero 2 kun oldin
Moon Mood
Moon Mood 2 kun oldin
씨즐채널에서 1:30 보러오신분..?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
snowphie05 GACHA PLAYER
I'm not trying to be rude but th coal into crystal dosent work even my science teacher tried it but it didn't work
Mango Minister
Mango Minister 2 kun oldin
The crystal thing doesn't work
Art Interest
Art Interest 2 kun oldin
Lol when your watching a video at 4 percent battery I'm liking my own comment lol
Tish Smiddy
Tish Smiddy 2 kun oldin
No way !!! Lol You should be called out for lies !!! Milk fixes a broken porcelain plate!!! No
JOJO HUANG 2 kun oldin
How do they do everything with such perfection? 😱😍
Dolly Daydream
Dolly Daydream 2 kun oldin
1:27- is there such thing as *fake* honey?? Lol
Gen Genifer
Gen Genifer 2 kun oldin
2:54 *There is no geni so don't bother rubbing it* 😂 7:41 I wish that was my hair 💇
Einhorn liebe
Einhorn liebe 2 kun oldin
3:04 I can see the faces of you two
Mirsie Xhemajlaj
Mirsie Xhemajlaj 2 kun oldin
like like
Kalash Gurung
Kalash Gurung 2 kun oldin
Aaaaa so dilesious
Skye Webber
Skye Webber 3 kun oldin
It says leave in ice for 24 hours but ice melts
Kawaii Nguyen
Kawaii Nguyen 3 kun oldin
this is H A L F F A K E my dreams crushed
Kitten Cat
Kitten Cat 3 kun oldin
7:54 Yummy!!!!
Angela Villalobos
Angela Villalobos 3 kun oldin
Yeh the peanut butter one is a lie. I got a diamond and I had to throw the dam thing away.
Vika zdraste
Vika zdraste 3 kun oldin
Первое что за камень был?
Diamond guy
Diamond guy 4 kun oldin
It's a hoax
Diamond guy
Diamond guy 4 kun oldin
I did all of them the same way this showed me and its fake
Beast _ boi
Beast _ boi 4 kun oldin
They are faking watch 8:58 and 9:01
ItZ Emily! The dog lover
I fell asleep half way through this
Official:Ghastik 4 kun oldin
1:00 - can it be a Sprite Cranberry?
ItZ Emily! The dog lover
Oh no. it's one of these ridiculously fake channels
Elma Rodriguez
Elma Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Uh you can't make cyristl out of a cal
Michael Ramprashad
Michael Ramprashad 4 kun oldin
The first one is a lie
Thảo Nguyễn
Thảo Nguyễn 5 kun oldin
Rất hay
Galaxy plays ;-;
Galaxy plays ;-; 5 kun oldin
The rock candy spegetti hack was great but like it takes along time soo why not cotton candy??
Digmer 5 kun oldin
Dude even the shape of the coal and the crystal is different. You just ruined some good pb.
김미역 gimmiyeog
Higer PH
Higer PH 5 kun oldin
사람 5 kun oldin
씨즐보고온사람 || \/ 역시
Evelyn paye
Evelyn paye 5 kun oldin
Why u always lying : /
BTS Is lifeu!
BTS Is lifeu! 5 kun oldin
When it said mochi batter I instantly thought of BTS Jimin!!!! Where my Armys at???
Darth Minty
Darth Minty 5 kun oldin
@6:27 Repost
Aisha Mohamed
Aisha Mohamed 5 kun oldin
It's face
bhardwaj technical
bhardwaj technical 5 kun oldin
you fakuchand
กนกอร ทองเพ็ง
Baby Har
Baby Har 6 kun oldin
If i don't have peanut butter than i should i use
EggLord667 6 kun oldin
The coal and peanut bitter thing is a shame, don't try it
34fun_gamer hi
34fun_gamer hi 6 kun oldin
I did the peanut butter with a hot coal it did not work at all it was still a coal.
ALIF ABDULLAH 6 kun oldin
Lila Mila
Lila Mila 6 kun oldin
The first one is a fake. The King of random tried it several ways and it didnt worked out
kaka akak
kaka akak 6 kun oldin
1.42 wiht 2 eggs ei no english
Nor Halillah
Nor Halillah 6 kun oldin
raminya pang vidionya.muantap banar
Little Kay
Little Kay 7 kun oldin
3:13 is so fake After 2 days milk would be curtled and not milky...
Ashley Boyd
Ashley Boyd 7 kun oldin
From 0:00 to 0:35 is a lie
Echo Z
Echo Z 7 kun oldin
More than half of these are fake
Amy C.
Amy C. 7 kun oldin
Lizette Barcelo
Lizette Barcelo 7 kun oldin
Like si hablan español y no entidnden a los demas jaja
Perla Gonzales
Perla Gonzales 7 kun oldin
Cool 😎
ADELAIDE 7 kun oldin
Кто заметил девушку в отражении? 3:03
Alyssa Moraes Conceição
Oh my God
melissa ng
melissa ng 7 kun oldin
no.... Crystal isn't being made like this
Kuro- naki
Kuro- naki 8 kun oldin
I’m sorry to say but all of it’s fake my dad is a scientist and peanut butter doesn’t conta8n this substances
Salma Khalif
Salma Khalif 8 kun oldin
The bit when the person dropped the plate it was just cringe
Salma Khalif
Salma Khalif 8 kun oldin
unknown buddy
unknown buddy 8 kun oldin
BLACK GIRL 8 kun oldin
Yummy 😋😍🍭🍬🍫🍿
سارة كيلاني
Cellin Candy2008
Cellin Candy2008 8 kun oldin
I'm from Indonesia...
Raechel Gross
Raechel Gross 8 kun oldin
I love cooking even though I’m seven it is my favorite thing to do 😍😃🧁 🎂🍰
PreVieSpy 8 kun oldin
More food videos to watch here
Nora Simmer
Nora Simmer 9 kun oldin
The warm water on the apple to get off the wax is actually real
8:12 lmao I’m pretty sure that no kid would go “Oh, can I eat that?” After they saw the strands of the dragons beard cotton candy, they would think it’s hair lol
Kayleigh Marte
Kayleigh Marte 9 kun oldin
The first one is so so so so fake
Kayleigh Marte
Kayleigh Marte 9 kun oldin
XxangelxX 9 kun oldin
Face reveal 3:03
The Evil Jellyfish
The Evil Jellyfish 9 kun oldin
Looking for Diabetes? Skip to 8:10
Nlujanlainez Lujan
Nlujanlainez Lujan 9 kun oldin
Otto 9 kun oldin
After 2 days the milk starts to smell
the panda_Queen UwU
First one is F A K E .
edelyn dizon
edelyn dizon 9 kun oldin
Wows food
Nhàn Phi
Nhàn Phi 9 kun oldin
Cái này
jonathan delos santos
Sweety Nongbet
Sweety Nongbet 9 kun oldin
Stop fooling people we don't get any crystal from coal
Michelle Samuel
Michelle Samuel 10 kun oldin
do a live not with other videos with your hands and face we need proof pls
A Table
A Table 10 kun oldin
I misread food as blood in the video title
Tran Huong
Tran Huong 10 kun oldin
Very Good
rae rae
rae rae 10 kun oldin
The peanut butter and coal don't turn into a crystal
Joanne Kim
Joanne Kim 10 kun oldin
7:32 hehe 2048
Mohit Mane
Mohit Mane 10 kun oldin
the peanut butter coal is fake
Neele Baumann
Neele Baumann 10 kun oldin
Geile Sau
AmberLina (grasshoppermama)
Coal wont turn into crystal using PB and ice! Wthell.
Saira's DIY
Saira's DIY 10 kun oldin
The first one DOESN'T WORK!!!
Alexnite Dark
Alexnite Dark 10 kun oldin
Tosia Puchalska
Tosia Puchalska 11 kun oldin
2:51 // Ami the only one who smelt the ketchup from here
Endangered YT
Endangered YT 11 kun oldin
9:01 why is the rock candy higher then the liquid clearer shows that you just stuck a rock candy in there