Ryan Reynolds
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Liam Brown
Liam Brown 37 daqiqa oldin
I love those two guys. Hillarious ad. Love it. It's time for a Hugh and Ryan movie.
BAOQKD 39 daqiqa oldin
Ryan actually trying to be genuinely nice, while Hugh just shits all over it.
Eyema Duhmass
Eyema Duhmass Soat oldin
Oh you're a real sly one, Reynolds.
gears117 Soat oldin
this fucking gold LMAO
Crisdean Mackinnon
Crisdean Mackinnon 2 soat oldin
This was Hugh Jackman's best performance in a long time
yo masta
yo masta 3 soat oldin
Hugh Jackman doesn't age very well
TheBizarre Mr.
TheBizarre Mr. 3 soat oldin
Pete Jarvis
Pete Jarvis 4 soat oldin
on behalf is Aussies everywhere uh ... um... uh ... I'm torn, to be supportive to my number one actor, comedian and all round cool Canadian, or back Hugh who's... well he's from Aus man... I mean .... uh ... Sorry Ryan, you were solid honourable... gah still so conflicted... Thanks for the laugh though guys :D .... again sorry Ryan...
b9y 4 soat oldin
This just makes me so fucking happy.
Abdullah Malla Othman
0:17 Hugh sounded a bit like Kawii ❤
ulllaaaklara 5 soat oldin
Where's Jake?!
T. Hamilton
T. Hamilton 6 soat oldin
SPOOF? JOKE? SINCERE HATE?? I love Jackman, but, that was not cool what he did!!. . . IF IT WAS REAL?
thx1406 6 soat oldin
They should just get married already
Declan Fletcher
Declan Fletcher 7 soat oldin
hugh does look old
Michael A. Webermann
I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts
Brian Hudgins
Brian Hudgins 9 soat oldin
William Huynh
William Huynh 9 soat oldin
Look at ryan...shit
Summer Englert
Summer Englert 10 soat oldin
Lol. "Ryan Reynolds is a fucking asshole." That is probably the meanest thing Hugh Jackman has ever said. XD
Kevin J Munster
Kevin J Munster 11 soat oldin
Savage bro, so funny, I respect both these actors
rin kazama
rin kazama 11 soat oldin
friends goals
Imran Ali
Imran Ali 11 soat oldin
Hugh guessed it FUCK 🤣
sơn nguyễn hoàng
sơn nguyễn hoàng 13 soat oldin
one million dolars for you are complete asshole what have you done hugh
Sєαи DαGяєαт
Sєαи DαGяєαт 14 soat oldin
Deadpool and Logan talking to each other.... Yeah it will work I guess
Fulvio Leo Cabrera
Fulvio Leo Cabrera 14 soat oldin
Literally on the floor laughing. Lmao
jason ranger
jason ranger 15 soat oldin
omfg roflmfao
Dash Ever
Dash Ever 15 soat oldin
*The new Deadpool and Wolverine movie looks great!*
aneesh raikundalia
aneesh raikundalia 17 soat oldin
I love how the camera shakes for Hugh's Gin advertise...suvh a devious thing to not even care about the production of the advert
Omar Nasrati
Omar Nasrati 18 soat oldin
Unbelievable persons
Gustamachio 18 soat oldin
Sorry, Jackman, but you became irrelevant when you put the claws down. Do you want to matter again? Then pick them back up
D2attemp 18 soat oldin
They were at war?
Agnibha Sen
Agnibha Sen 19 soat oldin
Gonna pretend it's not scripted.
Farhan Udoy
Farhan Udoy 19 soat oldin
subscribe to pewdiepie...for the sake of wold peace go and smash subscribe
pinkphoenix110 21 soat oldin
Should've called it "Laughing Human" or " Laughing Hughman"..
TH0R P00L 21 soat oldin
Wolverine and Deadpool
EarthShake Spear
PhantomLion Kun oldin
So a Canadian and an Australian make commercials for eachother and...
Danni Lee
Danni Lee Kun oldin
Straight to the comments, this was great had to watch 5 times in a row.
Addie Victoria
Addie Victoria Kun oldin
temporaryscars Kun oldin
Top ten anime betrayals of 2019!
jose peralta
jose peralta Kun oldin
Mouth dropped to the floor... That's it
Malik G
Malik G Kun oldin
Ryan Reynolds is the best narrator.
1e Kun oldin
Alaa Sami
Alaa Sami Kun oldin
hope to see you together in xmen movie
MoroccoGamer Kun oldin
he did you dirty haha
Ruby 3.0
Ruby 3.0 Kun oldin
scott logan
scott logan Kun oldin
Hugh better be in DP3 or I'm coming to get Hugh. My name is comprised of two X-Men, so be afraid and do what I tell Hugh.... What a weird spelling, kinda reads Hug with emphasis on the G and H.... Disclaimer:: never actually try to hug a Wolverine...
darrell Prince
darrell Prince Kun oldin
TheDuke013 Kun oldin
Too funny.
Fight Dog Supreme
Poor Ryan, dude looks like somebody shot a puppy that was being hanged.
MamboJambo Kun oldin
Advertisement done right! Will you sell it in Hungary?
1,000 subscribers without video
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown Kun oldin
R u going to be in avengers endgame
Cals Auto Show
Cals Auto Show Kun oldin
ALAPINO Kun oldin
It's 0500hrs... and I'm quite sure I woke my neighbours laughing.
Pheonix The Immortal
Ummmmm okay?
Dr Agon
Dr Agon Kun oldin
Not gonna lie I'd watch Hugh's ad x'D
Nick Thomson
Nick Thomson Kun oldin
Wow. Well done.
CrazyTory 12
CrazyTory 12 Kun oldin
1:48 that face XD
Echo omni
Echo omni Kun oldin
FragPoppa Kun oldin
Garis 137
Garis 137 Kun oldin
Joseph Gaytan
Joseph Gaytan Kun oldin
They should've hosted The Oscars together.
DaddyRider18 Kun oldin
OMG this got me laughing so hard ahahaha
Flop Pig
Flop Pig 2 kun oldin
Anyone watching in 1876
Joanna Aye
Joanna Aye 2 kun oldin
Hugh Jackman has been my crush forever!
TheN00bpower 2 kun oldin
This lil' skit is probably 10x more effective than placing ads before a show on tv
ericblu 2 kun oldin
i absolutely hate that i love this, so many feelings, so many sexy men, p.s. why not coffee gin? call it covfefe?
Paul's Trees of Waltham Abbey
He he heeeeee
Andinga Tacho
Andinga Tacho 2 kun oldin
Does this mean war between Wolverine and Deadpool?
Shorty4454 2 kun oldin
Bloody brilliant! Their friendship is pure comedy.
Datnigga Gonz
Datnigga Gonz 2 kun oldin
BrontoSmilodon1 2 kun oldin
I kept expecting ryan to go for the throat but damn Jackman doesn't have to pop out claws to sow his savagery
Chain Impact
Chain Impact 2 kun oldin
I feel so bad (even if it is fake) that I’ll go buy that gin
Eli Gordon
Eli Gordon 2 kun oldin
Haha I was waiting for it and they delivered. 😂
Kumar Anurag
Kumar Anurag 2 kun oldin
U r best around the world.
Derrick Harris
Derrick Harris 2 kun oldin
Luka Cerar
Luka Cerar 2 kun oldin
This is the best video ever:)
Anthony Jamias
Anthony Jamias 2 kun oldin
Fifth boj
ADOLF FISHLER looking for memes
Wolverine vs Deadpool in real life lol
Naufal Zikry
Naufal Zikry 2 kun oldin
I like how Ryan have different hair style
Derek Ad
Derek Ad 2 kun oldin
hello54541 2 kun oldin
Anyone thought Hugh was kinda thin tho?
Jerry J
Jerry J 2 kun oldin
Freaking hilarious... good job guys....
Griffin Reid
Griffin Reid 2 kun oldin
A swell bit from a couple of my favorite swell fellas. I'll have to try both.
VRMusic 2 kun oldin
Great marketing !
mustafa kaplan
mustafa kaplan 2 kun oldin
I like Hugh’s one more
Ice 77
Ice 77 2 kun oldin
Yeah. Australian is an asshole.
멈무조 2 kun oldin
Ryan did amazing but Hugh...? What was that omg X-D
Parth rajoriya
Parth rajoriya 2 kun oldin
Huge is not huge without his beard
Ignacio Ruiz
Ignacio Ruiz 2 kun oldin
This is just amazing, I will buy the gin when I see it (even though I hate gin).
Drankus 2 kun oldin
It sucks these two won’t actually be in a movie together as Deadpool and Wolverine. They both have like a “frienemy” relationship just like the characters.
aung pyae sone
aung pyae sone 2 kun oldin
Kyle Dearling
Kyle Dearling 2 kun oldin
Lmao how could you do that to a fellow canuck 😜
IIIrandomIII 2 kun oldin
I hate that these products will sell. Damn... power of star marketing.
sa tor
sa tor 2 kun oldin
Zee 2 kun oldin
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 3 kun oldin
Can't believe I didn't think of this when I first saw this but: "Van Hellsing Vs Van Wilder Who won Whose next On" *while slurring indecipherably* "epic wrap battuls of hishtory"
k p
k p 3 kun oldin
let this be a lesson to Canadians
robcastsflare 3 kun oldin
Lol that was hilarious
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron 3 kun oldin
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