Trump clashes with Pelosi, Schumer in Oval Office

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President Donald Trump met with Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) in the Oval Office where Trump vowed to shutdown the government if no agreement could be reached on border security, including funding a wall along the the US-Mexico border.
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11-Dek, 2018

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Rob Lamb
Rob Lamb Kun oldin
The super bloated self serving members of the government need to be shut down for good. Business has downsized for decades. It's time to downsize the government.
ButterBean Kun oldin
“Linda, lisken.. lisken lisken lisken Linda”
αѕнlєу l
αѕнlєу l Kun oldin
Why did she say she didn't want to have a public conversation about statistics 😒😔😟😠
αѕнlєу l
αѕнlєу l Kun oldin
I love him so much I love him with all my heart and I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life.
Ryan Ferry
Ryan Ferry Kun oldin
LmfAo 8:05
OxiClean Kun oldin
msdeshabangbang Kun oldin
(pence) "im not saying crap to mess up being president when this dummy gets impeached"
Felipe Montoya
Felipe Montoya Kun oldin
Well done Mr Trump... Destroy those bastards
LiLi Kun oldin
Easy for him to say he will he dont give a crap about americans NOT GETTING PAID!!! too much! Americans are being KICKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! their homes for lack off payment! dear God hes rich he dont give a sh#$%^&&
Charlie Zaremba
Charlie Zaremba 2 kun oldin
You look like a bitch, Chuck.
MAGA MAN 2 kun oldin
Brandon A
Brandon A 2 kun oldin
MAGA! Trump 2020!!!!!
kitol33 2 kun oldin
ART POP 2 kun oldin
Niko Karac
Niko Karac 2 kun oldin
She’s for illegals
Niko Karac
Niko Karac 2 kun oldin
Wouldn’t building a wall create more jobs in a time in need wow she really isn’t for the people
Michael Horner
Michael Horner 2 kun oldin
Pelosi and Shoebag a staple of the Democratic party and it's ticking time bomb on the American middle class. Trump 2020 again please!
Poophead 2 kun oldin
Build the wall!
Helmut Ivnik
Helmut Ivnik 3 kun oldin
Never seen a such a poor speach. How often does he repeat the word wall? 200 time?
Yung Blue Vandross Fan Page
I’m ready to rob and steal and kill if that’s what it takes to feed my family. Or we can get together and go against the goverment or the military or Trump. If that’s what it take for us to die in honor standing not in our knees then let’s get to get her and stand up because what’s going to happend is going to be real and bad for YOUR children’s and families. Let’s do it for them. #FuckBabylon #USNAZION
Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith 3 kun oldin
Schumer's face!
LR W 3 kun oldin
First president to speak democratically and from heart to the public. I wonder if even our greatest presidents...Lincoln were as democratic. My experience has been American president carefully parse their words behind teams of people who tell them what to say.
M Abd
M Abd 4 kun oldin
Welcome to America!..
Adrian Robbins
Adrian Robbins 4 kun oldin
trump looks like a rotten tomato
Adrian Robbins
Adrian Robbins 4 kun oldin
this kids nigged, on god
Elijah Wright
Elijah Wright 4 kun oldin
Why would you say that :(
A. M
A. M 4 kun oldin
Why do these people care so much if trumps gonna build a wall or not??? Its for security??? Why do they not want that? These guys work for some evil force or something? They have some monsters or beasts they have created with some ancient magic ? And they have some monsters that is gonna kill the whole world that is soon to come, but trump is gonna build a wall for that cause he knows it.. but he dont tell you that, he tell you it is for bad things that happening on the borderline and imigrants ect.. but its not really for that ;). If he build the wall it will maybe ruin their plans.. i guess these guys gonna hire some hitmans to kill trump i guess..
Blu 5 kun oldin
the new Disney animatronic of pence looks amazing
skyrim sweetroll
skyrim sweetroll 5 kun oldin
Pence looks like an oil painting great posture
opticalriot 5 kun oldin
they should all be kicked out of office... they are dicks
James Keogh
James Keogh 6 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-AZtCfBR8ZZQ.html This is the video of the December 9 meeting between the president, Senator Schumer, Speaker Pelosi and some other guy who later armed himself with Senator Thune, Congressmen Scalise and McCarthy to face the public after the last staged White House meeting when the president either was breaking stuff inside or too afraid to meet the press afterward. Anyway, from 15:00 of this video on, ,you'll see the president "take the mantle for this shutdown," which either means he is saying he's responsible or articulating it in such a way he could weasel out of admitting he is responsible. To those who know anything about cons and liars, this is an often used technique to later say one never said or agreed to whatever was established in a conversation. But I think he says he's proud of whatever it is he said or didn't say. I wonder if his interpreter from Helsinki's meeting with Putin could make heads or tails of this. Also, if the president claims as he currently is that he has hidden nothing from others in the administration about the June meeting with Putin, but has collected the interpreter's notes and ordered the interpreter to say nothing about the meeting to anyone, he could settle that issue by allowing the interpreter to brief the administration on what was said behind closed doors there. For those of you who trust the president, please explain how this behavior conveys trustworthiness. Thank you.
samson5791 6 kun oldin
So the liberals say walls don’t work! The new talking point. Really? Then why do many politicians and celebrities live in gated communities and homes surrounded by walls? Why not tear them down then if they’re useless? Why do many homeowners put fences or gates up around their property if they are useless? This is just common sense.
Grandma Love
Grandma Love 6 kun oldin
I am a Democrat. We have supported a succure border for decades. These Congressmen are hypocrites. They are putting their hatred above the safety of the people. CNN only give bs views, do some dam research. 300 crimes against Texas citizens last year alone by illegals. 2 border contol officers just killed. Women and children being stolen and sold across border as sex slaves. I live here in S. Cal. We need protection. The wall will a long way toward that.
MrPolit3 6 kun oldin
Chuck shut it down.
jdewitt77 6 kun oldin
I like that Trump stands by his principles. Schumer and Pelosi will not approve a wall under any circumstances because Trump favors it. In the past Schumer, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Obama all favored a wall. All 4 of them are hypocrites.
The connaiseur
The connaiseur 6 kun oldin
Can the world just end ???? Seriously
Daniel Pombo
Daniel Pombo 7 kun oldin
Democrats do not care about your safety. They want a culture of victims. They want to make you a defenseless victim.
Gregory Strasser
Gregory Strasser 7 kun oldin
wow, I thought Nancy demonstrated herself so well in this. She was really articulate and extremely passionate.
Milko Way
Milko Way 7 kun oldin
The malignant farcical phenomenon of Trump is not a circus and fun anymore, it is a damn serious provocative challenge to the US moral values, beliefs, norms, democracy, justice and constitution. Time for jokes and fun is up, time to get to the streets and excise the tumor is NOW!
Htee Wah
Htee Wah 7 kun oldin
A big thank you to president Trump. After watching you, I still believe the earth is still flat. Putin was right all along about this theory :)
Poop Arse
Poop Arse 8 kun oldin
Thats one big liar leadership. Good luck with the wall Americans.
marie Finley
marie Finley 8 kun oldin
TRUMP is a great president. He is no nonsense,intelligent, business man. He is not a wimpy man.He has guts and backbone, He will not take crap from anyone be it man or woman.He is tnt.you don't want to be his enemy. TRUMP 2020.🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽
Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly 8 kun oldin
(((Chuck Schumer)))
Erick Gutierrez
Erick Gutierrez 8 kun oldin
Mike Pence keeping his mouth shut because he knows Trump is arguing a dumbass point 😂
ricsenTV 8 kun oldin
Roughly 80% of all voters say U.S. needs secure borders, including 68% of Democrats: Harvard poll
Adam Kocur
Adam Kocur 8 kun oldin
Take a shot everytime "border security” is said
medievalmusiclover 8 kun oldin
Politic and religion the cancer of the folk.
Ezel Grier
Ezel Grier 8 kun oldin
Go look at what trump said about wall..No it's the Democratic party fault it's not done.. TRUMP IS A LIAR don't trust this idiot...
David Locke
David Locke 8 kun oldin
Mike Pence likes like a Meerkat trying not to fall asleep. ha ha ha. uzvid.com/video/video-PWf5lpd_fSQ.html
David Locke
David Locke 8 kun oldin
Looks like a Meerkat.
Muzingaye Nkala
Muzingaye Nkala 8 kun oldin
fuck chuck schumer..
Jeanna C
Jeanna C 8 kun oldin
Nancy is just evil. chuck is too, but she is just so evil. Trump made them look smaller than they are. I didn't think it was possible..
swthero 9 kun oldin
Mike pence is that homie that will NEVER have your back.
papayspeanut 9 kun oldin
What a freaking moron omg this was hard to watch, it’s like talking to a child!
Typhlosion Master
Typhlosion Master 9 kun oldin
Not a Trump fan but I’m not sure why Chuck and Nancy are so concerned about the public seeing this.
Typhlosion Master
Typhlosion Master 9 kun oldin
Just let them hash it out in the ring lol.
JASON COLLINS 9 kun oldin
MAGA!!!! President Trump is awesome!!!
copper cool
copper cool 9 kun oldin
Trump is ugly and he has an ugly heart to mankind too. He looks like a demon
Michel Appolo
Michel Appolo 9 kun oldin
FAKE CNN defends Pelosi mummy of course !!? ! CNN indiscriminately defends and give platform to Bitches, pedophiles, Hookers, creepy, corrupted officials, traitors and even a serial killer at least its against Pr. Trump?
Michel Appolo
Michel Appolo 9 kun oldin
Pelosi's makeup assistant had a HUGE work rebuild completely her face like an destroyed old middle age castle. She took away at least 65 years of her crapped face?. Pelosi's formal 2016 statement : "DONALD TRUMP WILL NEVER BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE US" !! That's ALL ABOUT THAT !! She got WRONG and still didn't swallowed the 2016 Elections surprising results !! I wonder Why those two "Rotten dead Mummies" Schumer & Pelosi are always stacked together ?? Maybe to assist each other in case they may loose some teeth or a boon or the solid Pelosi's paint Makeup? Actually, They Don't care at all about official's paycheck. those two socialist are using this as a last topics. The problem is NOT the paycheck. The problem is those two crying rotten mummy? FUCK. HE IS DIVERTING THE WALL ISSUES TO THE PAYCHECK (HOSTAGES) PROBLEM. Such a Hypocrisy a hypocrite and false statement.
Sovoya Jackson
Sovoya Jackson 17 soat oldin
Michel Appolo All this negativity and put downs. Life is too short.
Michel Appolo
Michel Appolo 17 soat oldin
+Sovoya Jackson Come on. Do you really want a Pelosi 90 yo Senile for President? A Bernie? A creepy pervert like BIDEN? My goodness. Do DMS HAVE really NOBODY else to propose? A young clean energetic fighter?
Sovoya Jackson
Sovoya Jackson 18 soat oldin
Michel Appolo Calm the F down. You are a bit melodramatic here. Ok she said he wldnt become prez. Heck even he was surprised too. Ok many of us didn't think he would. At this point, your harping on ppls appearance is pointless and plays no role in making decisions for this country.
Straight Outta Markarth
LOL FIGHT FIGHT! somebody hit somebody!
Jeff Horne
Jeff Horne 9 kun oldin
Well it is pretty sad when Democrats can not understand the amount of money per year is going up on paying for persons who are illegal, and the fence will bring that cost down. Not to mention the country's safety. Well I guess none of that matters to them as long as the Democrats can get votes out of them. And on the other matter of finance. Ok listen closely Democrats. .. The trade deal with Mexico. .. that money we make will go to the wall. I know it is really hard to understand. ...but you will be ok. We first will have to put the money up front but we will make it back with the trade deal. Trust the President he knows deals.
Rasteen Jackson
Rasteen Jackson 9 kun oldin
Democrats put well being of illegals over Federal workers, citizens, veterans, every and anybody who lives under legal boundaries in the US!!!
geolenn 94
geolenn 94 9 kun oldin
Trump is the Man !! Best thing ever that happened to the US in my liftime.. God bless you Mr. PRESIDENT
Jay Yang
Jay Yang 9 kun oldin
Build a wall so that Pence doesn’t get high on a important days like this
raataggi96 theplayerXD
death to liberals and democrats!!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!! LONG LIVE TRUMP!! 2020! MAGA!!!!!
Huyen Nguyen Khai
Huyen Nguyen Khai 9 kun oldin
Mike Pence: he is dumb but he is my boss. What should I do?.....be gentle and quiet
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 9 kun oldin
Heart attack before impeachment, does vegas have any odds on that?
gone fishin
gone fishin 9 kun oldin
I agree we need better security on the border. The Dems continue to be the party of no!
Amrep dude499
Amrep dude499 9 kun oldin
Pence sure doesn’t shut up does he?
Hancockst1 10 kun oldin
What! is the fucking wall built or what? This guy is completely retarded . Every white man in America should hang their heads in shame. Voting this dumb fuck in was a pretty desperate act.
Roach DawgLoko
Roach DawgLoko 10 kun oldin
Trump and his camp kidnaps boarder kids and sends them to bologna factory for human consumption they are in the human trafficking and human transportation business they also allow legalized enslavement of other people their sick people stay away from everyone.....
Greencloud8 10 kun oldin
I watched the whole video uncensored.. It was like this Nancy asked about the wall, Trump answered her with a period.. Nancy asked the same question, trumpe answered with a period. Nancy asked again, Trump answered with exclamation mark! Nancy asked again, trump this time repeated the same shit and WROTE a new Chapter name.
u mudder pucker
u mudder pucker 10 kun oldin
the only adult is mr pence. What a shame bunch of children fighting
alsatian73 10 kun oldin
Schumer is a rat nosed lying lib who has walls and security on his properties. Pelousy too.
D. Kirkwo
D. Kirkwo 10 kun oldin
Trump and his pet dog beside him. here is speech he should have given last night and the world would have been behind him instead if the disdain the whole world saw and felt. www.msn.com/en-ca/news/newspolitics/the-next-speech-trump-needs-to-give/ar-BBRZpSR?ocid=spartandhp
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator 10 kun oldin
1 800 DHS 4 ICE Report all immigration violations.
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator 10 kun oldin
"Transparent" Nancy wanting the cameras off! Can't make this shit up!!!
oneraceonedestiny 10 kun oldin
Trump made to look a fool in this exchange. As for Pence, just bizarre.
mm California
mm California 10 kun oldin
I'm so glad Nancy and Chuck are the leaders of the Democrat party. It gives me hope the party will retire soon. I hope they find a nice retirement home for them far far away.
Zombie Returns
Zombie Returns 10 kun oldin
Two idiots lost to one genius. Losers just like cnn
Mark Kuo
Mark Kuo 10 kun oldin
To Mr. Trump, Chinese history will tell u that the biggest wall couldn't stop barbarian destroy Ming dynasty. But the good thing is that it will make lots of tourist money for the future generations. 😀🌏 But I think u should use the 4 billion dollars your dad and grandpa gave u to build the wall, not from the hard-earned US tax payer money 💰 . U are a very spoiled big baby 👶
wolfatnight 10 kun oldin
Hilarious how frightened Pelosi is to have the discussion on camera. I think this is great. Discussions between the two parties SHOULD be on camera. Let the American people see for themselves...… That would be true transparency. Mr. Schumer has certainly changed his tune. In 2009, he sounded a lot like President Trump does today.
meow meow
meow meow 10 kun oldin
Trump clash with Dems only in CNN
richard thayer
richard thayer 11 kun oldin
Dedrick White
Dedrick White 11 kun oldin
Pence made the best points
Elias Thomas
Elias Thomas 11 kun oldin
Mike Pence smoked something...
Teddy Sanders
Teddy Sanders 11 kun oldin
540 billionaires in the US alone....5 billion dollars Divided by 540 is 9,256,256.26....so a little under $10 million for the wall and no one willing to give 10 million...and they sit on their ass all day getting bailouts and tax exemptions and credits while we the ones making them rich, but we get raped in taxes misrepresented and we raised how much crowd funding?...but people about to be evicted , foreclosed on, go hungry , and lack of security....people are stupid bottom line keep falling for the bullshit if u want to.
godfathaofyo 11 kun oldin
Fuck You Chuck Schumer, you think being a Senator from NY makes you better than a Senator from North Dakota and South Dakota, your arrogant elitism is showing. Schumer you are 1 Senator of 100, all equal to each other. Piece of arrogant shit.
Ezel Grier
Ezel Grier 11 kun oldin
It's not all Mexico that are criminals.. Your wrong you idiot. We have drugs criminals everywhere..
tonyajw85 11 kun oldin
Nice to see Pelosi and Shumer exposed for what they are
Ezel Grier
Ezel Grier 11 kun oldin
Look at that little kid that did not have a life.. Now you want your wall...... Well build it with your money you said you were going to get Mexico to pay for it.. Now you put us in more debt... Your the WORSE person ever and will never be my PRESIDENT... My PRESIDENT is Bernie Sanders LMBO...
TheLenderer 11 kun oldin
Sorry globalist You Are Losing Badly... . . .God in Trump We Stand...!!!
Ray C. Swornaugh 18
Ray C. Swornaugh 18 11 kun oldin
Just listen to these Yids kvetching...oy gevalt
Libtardz Suk
Libtardz Suk 12 kun oldin
I wonder if any of the liberals remember when Hillary, Chuck and Obama all said we need stronger border security, illegal immigrants hurt our GDP and that all illegals should have to learn English and go through a series of background checks to become citizens.
adam malcom
adam malcom 12 kun oldin
I fucking love trump
macetanner 12 kun oldin
So Trump was in the Nights Watch?
Michael Vettas
Michael Vettas 12 kun oldin
I am not an American citizen, but is the wall the most important thing the American people need spending money on at the moment? if there hasn't been a wall up until now what has changed? other than Trump coming in, is he benefiting financially from the wall himself? i mean from the outside it just looks like a child who doesn't get his own way and does what he wants, I just think there would have to be more important things to spend 5 Billion dollars on, just like the Australian Govt spending 130m dollars on a public vote for gay marriage all because the PM at the time didn't want to make a decision and have it on his head. I love the body language in this video though, Pence almost looks embarrassed to be on Trumps team
Angel Messtanoffski
Angel Messtanoffski 12 kun oldin
Mike Pence is a lover and not a fighter!
marksusername 12 kun oldin
I love how in the beginning Pelosi was like "Lets not debate in front of the press" then at 11:20 continues to lock eye contact with the press for inspiration to keep going.
Tony Santillanes
Tony Santillanes 12 kun oldin
Anybody who still supports this clown needs to have their head examined
Arm yourselves
Arm yourselves 12 kun oldin
Which clown? Oh, You must be talking about Chuck schumer and Nancy Pelosi! Both of whom not only wanted a Border fence and wall in 2009 under Barack Obama, 78% of the Democrat party including Barack Obama wanted strict border security and illegal aliens deported!! Lmfaoo. Do you know what that means? Democrat leadership don't have any real beliefs. They only agree with what keeps them in power!! Bahahaha. Fast forward 10years and the Democrat leadership is now against border security and pro illegal aliens!! What a fucking joke! Your a joke, your ideology is a joke, and everything you believe in is a joke!!
Long-Yi 12 kun oldin
I feel that some of the democratic politicians are looking scary, there might be evil behind their eyes. Are there anyone else feels the same?