Trump commutes life sentence for Alice Marie Johnson after plea from Kim Kardashian West

CBS News
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President Trump commuted to life sentence of a nonviolent drug convict Wednesday after a plea from Kim Kardashian West. CBS News Washington correspondent Paula Reid joined CBSN to discuss why Alice Johnson received clemency when the president has been in favor for harsh penalties for drug offenders.



7-Iyn, 2018

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chris omar
chris omar 2 oy oldin
!!!😂😂 he said im going to pardon myself😂😂😂
Jay D. Anderson
Jay D. Anderson 2 oy oldin
No one is above the law [except Hillary Clinton].
Yuli cali
Yuli cali 2 oy oldin
Damm if she can do it chapo can proably no because he mexican.
Mirko Hernandez
Mirko Hernandez 4 oy oldin
Leave it to the left-wing media to turn a good thing into a bad thing. That's their game now, that's their strategy. Don't fall for the BS it's all smoke and mirrors
Toddler t
Toddler t 6 oy oldin
All these clowns are fuckheads
Fay Carter without the e real talk
Why my Black Ppl "fight more for ILLEGALS than Prison Reform, and Mass Incarceration" I'm a 75 yr Black gr/grandmom,,!! Can anyone HELP ME, ,plz,, MBGA GBA love
Anthony Olson
Anthony Olson 8 oy oldin
No no she was selling cocaine
Beerus Jackov
Beerus Jackov 8 oy oldin
oh really if I leave for a trip tell the Geiger family aka cotton picken black people don't bring him back so tell this family he will not be returning to America
Ophelia Payne
Ophelia Payne 8 oy oldin
God is FAITHFUL. He can use ANYONE. For Any cause.
Debbie Wolf
Debbie Wolf 8 oy oldin
Cathy Gale
Cathy Gale 8 oy oldin
God grant clemency to our awesome president!
Samantha Pattinson
Life time in prison for drugs? Wow
MAHOGANY B. 8 oy oldin
They should thank mic,
Much respect to Kim Kardashian, you did an amazing in speaking with the president and having this lady go free after all those years in just days. God moved through you on that day. Wonderful. You walked in like a boss with the authority of God moving. Job well done. Jesus Loves you.
southern lady patriot
Mr. President God bless you, that was a very good thing you did. So blessed to have Donald Trump as our president!!! MAGA
jutubaeh 8 oy oldin
shes pRöbäbblie thröw a snöw blänket partea för ze (lö$+) käp ^ ^
jutubaeh 8 oy oldin
DRückz för leif ^ ^
Miok sundii tsak lewa mono
Trump is world hero leader.
Herr Führer Trump
I wouldn’t GAF if Trump freed every Black person in prison, he is what he is. This is nothing but propaganda. ‘Oh, look black people, I’m your savior. I helped you more than Obama ever did. You should vote for me!’ BS! No white man has EVER been a savior for Black people. We’ve always saved ourselves. No president in the history of America has ever done anything for Black people. I don’t want to see anything about Lincoln. He was pro-slavery. He only allowed the slaves fight in the war because they needed the extra help. So that was nothing but a business decision, just like these pardons are. You have to be an illegal immigrant, so you can have ENTIRE cities set up for you and the government protect you. When has a mayor of a city ever said that they were willing to go to jail for Black people? Protect us from these brutalizing, killer KKKops, discrimination in school, etc. Illegals are able to come over here and piggyback off of our blood, sweat, and tears.
Matthew Fitzjerrell
The first good thing he did
Ausie Thompson
Ausie Thompson 8 oy oldin
OMG!! Give me a break this is all a trick political black people wake up.
Nick Mougros
Nick Mougros 8 oy oldin
unreal. he gave this women a 2nd chance and they still find ways to bash Trump
Danny K
Danny K 14 kun oldin
Woman is a murderer
Darlene Robinson
Darlene Robinson 8 oy oldin
Trump is still a skunk
Claudia Trumpsta
Claudia Trumpsta 8 oy oldin
Time to pardon Jullian Assange, oops im on the wrong channel.
Sofia Ruha
Sofia Ruha 8 oy oldin
Kim Kardashian wants to be recognized something other than just a pretty face I'm sure she is a good person for owning up to her cause she is a good role model. But probably what's made her plea even more attractive to illegitimate president trump the fact that president Barack Obama the greatest president this country ever had didn't make time for one more clemency so the aspect that president Obama could have should have was very very appealing to president trump who is fully convinced that he is the greatest thing ever happened to this country. ( president trump is a big joke).
Something Fishy
Something Fishy 8 oy oldin
Lol, he biggest "accomplishment" is a complete failure. Try again.
Sofia Ruha
Sofia Ruha 8 oy oldin
Something Fishy to answer your question I'm not high on anything never done drugs or consume alcohol I don't use the artificial form of stimulation. President Barack Obama's greatest achievement is the affordable care act while medicare and Medicaid is something similar the affordable care act limits the monopoly of doctors hospitals pharmaceutical and insurance companies. It encompasses a multi dimensional platform limiting the monopoly in the structure giving more choices and freedom to individuals and those who needs it most. Billionaire Donald j trump doesn't like that because if he the billionaire can grow a new kidney in a lab for 50k someone who is not a billionaire should not be able to do the same. The medical field is a trillion dollar business but humans not built from paper we built from flesh and decay degenerate and die and I don't want that a Republican or mobster like president to decide when my best friend should be taken off life support because of her or my inability to pay.
Something Fishy
Something Fishy 8 oy oldin
Sofia Ruha are you high?? Name 1 positive thing obama did for the country.
Boosted Billy
Boosted Billy 8 oy oldin
Oh no Obama just released terrorist
Baldwin Wallace
Baldwin Wallace 8 oy oldin
I must admit that ALL THIS WINNING is getting a little old. Can't we have a few failures -- like Obama had for 8 straight years -- just to cleanse the palate a little bit?
Christopher Burleigh
It was pointed out that Alice Marie Johnson had not committed a violent crime but did the addicts she helped to create commit violent crimes because of their addiction? That question should have been asked but it wasn't. I think a user should be considered for mercy before a dealer is.
Eduardo Alanis
Eduardo Alanis 8 oy oldin
Just saw the same twist to the news report on CNN. No matter what Trump does. The MSM will never be satisfied with any action taken by President Tump. You sad F*#%@!
patrick vecchio
patrick vecchio 8 oy oldin
If this was Obama instead of Trump,the hypocrites on the right would be freaking out.
Steven Grenier
Steven Grenier 8 oy oldin
Fu k CNN
Newman Newmanz
Newman Newmanz 8 oy oldin
LEFTIST MEDIA always loves to put a bit of NEGATIVITY on every good news about TRUMP, no wonder people who watch TV are BRAINWASHED&INSANE.
chris worth
chris worth 8 oy oldin
She did not get caught with a joint. She was part of a large cocaine ring. I agree that the sentence was stiff but don't make her out as a sweet old grandma.
ForPETE’S sake
ForPETE’S sake 8 oy oldin
Because KIM said ? Because her husband hangs with TRUMP- outrageous !
spydergs 8 oy oldin
She brought the issue up to Trump. Trump doesn't know about every sentence of every person in jail. She brought it up and presented a valid case. Trump looked at it, and pardoned her. Simple.
Tom Keyser
Tom Keyser 8 oy oldin
Before anyone complains about Trump's pardons, you should look at some of the notorious people Obama pardoned. And while you are at it, look at the people governor Jerry Brown pardoned recently.
Rose Gazka
Rose Gazka 8 oy oldin
Tom Keyser. Good point!! The only reason they complain is because its trump doing it.
Dirk Scholten
Dirk Scholten 8 oy oldin
he is such a rascist! lol
Samantha Patterson
Idiocy is a trait of racists.
MyEyesBled 8 oy oldin
Another disguised signal to Trump’s thugs to hold your ground....
B Lee
B Lee 8 oy oldin
how can Donald Trump be so racist as to commute this woman's lengthy prison sentence? oh.. wait...
A Truth
A Truth 8 oy oldin
Because he is not. You have been manipulated and brainwashed by the Democratic media. Hollywood and the media loved him before he ran against Clinton. Clinton had nothing to offer so the only thing they could do was to demonize her opponent but he still won because many people knew the truth and they researched and don't blindly believe the media
Beerus Jackov
Beerus Jackov 8 oy oldin
+Darlene Robinson tell him don't release Kendall Geiger back to the USA he committed timeline crimes in America
Darlene Robinson
Darlene Robinson 8 oy oldin
He's still a racist!!! lolol
Samantha Patterson
TL;DR above: I'll paraphrase some fat slob, "Dishonesty is a trait of conmen."
Samantha Patterson
How can you breathe and walk at the same time? Look, this is easy.. When a con wants to get you to buy crap merchandise in bulk, they'll show you a real piece to wet your interest, sell it at a loss because it's a great bait and switch. Kanye West has been blowing Trump for weeks. He's proved he's a loyal fool. His wife has reigned him in a bit but he pulls the gimme for her, for this one drug conviction, not the tens of thousands of other drug convictions, he takes pressure off Kanye and they can spin it as all kinds of PR and claim such that morons like you will believe he is not a racist based on one act while ignoring dozens of others that were overtly racist. It's just part of the con. Fool.
Za Za
Za Za 8 oy oldin
Trump is not a Racist 😝
linda parker
linda parker 8 oy oldin
She is highly favored- a commuted life sentence !!!
Ed Denoy
Ed Denoy 8 oy oldin
Malaika Lungu
Malaika Lungu 8 oy oldin
Wasn't she ralling about Cyntoia Brown too? Why didn't she ask him to free her too??
lilqueenhustler 14 kun oldin
She is getting released the governor in her state granted her release on probation
No person deserves to lose their freedom for using any drug. We should have the right to use our bodies however we see fit.
Sofia Ruha
Sofia Ruha 8 oy oldin
spydergs she was a package deal and the reason she went down with them because the Dea was fixated at the time preventing to become much larger drugs are always gang affiliated the violations under current law is so crushing no one is fighting them it's just easier to plead guilty do the time and be done with it ( it's business like) the federal government long long recognized how to turn bad guys into good guys to become informants short of like a civilian double agents depending on persons rapsheet they take much more risk and when they die it remains confidential because the gang affiliation never ends so it's an ongoing saga. The media and Hollywood know the other end has profited very generously by making movies television series it's a trillion dollar business because it's the Quadra marina of fiction and reality ;reality is crushing no matter who you are. The bias by the Dea and other authorities that they never vent after the elite like they do to everyday people the way the law is being used today gives the upper hand to those who can afford to fight the fight. One good example right now is Harvey weinstein. The dude must have snored enough cocaine to blanket l.a. yet his only being charged for portions of his crimes because law enforcement is playing the play book similarly to a bidding process or algorithm. The constitution was never meant to be used that way many many people respects the constitution but trump is not just see thru he enjoys being not normal or average..and that's a problem.
Sofia Ruha you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m on the side of science and reason. Not fearful hysteria like you. Your war on drugs that you love so much as harmed far more people than any accidental drug overdose or drug abuse.
Great but we need to free everyone locked up for drug, so-called, crimes.
jutubaeh 8 oy oldin
yeah whöle sauf müRRicäe -.- and bring zem to justine bieber... äh inpv+ ach werrs my diGtiönärry -.-
spydergs We will no longer have to worry about poisonous substances being laced into our drugs if we legalize it and regulate it like we do alcohol.
Shaza Maza I’m aware of the facts, I’m saying it is immoral to jail people for wanting to use/sell drugs. It’s a value judgment backed up by the evident harm this war on drugs has done to people/communities.
spydergs 8 oy oldin
No. People who are lacing drugs with fentanyl and stuff need to be locked up. For her crime she deserved a few years, maybe 5. But life was excessive.
The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions
Lol so lemme guess he did this for black people. This is fukin sad. I'm so sick of this country. It makes me wanna throw up.
Not Tired of Winning
It's pretty pathetic that seeing someone get their freedom back makes you want to throw up.
Go Bucks
Go Bucks 8 oy oldin
The Real SyXx Streetlawz then please, leave! You seem like a whiney piece of dog crap anyhow.
TEKLAZ 8 oy oldin
Wow, el chapo is next yeeeee
L. Bailey
L. Bailey 8 oy oldin
TEKLAZ: Now, that was funny. Lol.
TEKLAZ 8 oy oldin
linda parker lets see what happens lol
linda parker
linda parker 8 oy oldin
TEKLAZ LOL , never know who’s next !!!
takeover08 8 oy oldin
Either she’s connected or knows something. This didn’t happen because that witch KK felt compassion
Samantha Patterson
Not just that. She was critical of Kanye's support. He's trying to buy her and the PR. He's hoping no one will remember last year when he said there were 'good people on all sides' (One side being white racist garbage) The years of Birtherism, 'Laziness is a trait of blacks' --DJT, The Art of the Deal, the numerous lawsuits against him for racism as a slumlord, etc, etc, etc.
blueguitar772000 8 oy oldin
Kanye recently voiced his support for Trump, his wife Kim Kardashian just recently went to the White House and asked for her release..... it’s all about who you know and not what you do.
DrJones 8 oy oldin
She didn't get pardoned at all. She just had her sentence commuted. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE.
Go Bucks
Go Bucks 8 oy oldin
DrJones she's out of jail stupid, and she was guilty, why would should she be pardoned?
James Redic
James Redic 8 oy oldin
Trump alright for that move. Good to see that sister released to her family. Since he pardoning people he need to free Big Meech!
Whitney forever
Whitney forever 8 oy oldin
James Redic and then your comment section got quiet , I think I hear crickets in yur section. Love yo request. You kilt it. Ha ha : )
cha vue
cha vue 8 oy oldin
Tony Megan
Tony Megan 8 oy oldin
JESUS is KING of KING'S... Reach 1 Teach 1... Soul Winner....
Tony Megan except no one can demonstrate that to be true. Also, this is America, we don’t have Kings.
Chris Tschudy
Chris Tschudy 8 oy oldin
This piece of garbage traffic that ton of cocaine into her community... A ton of cocaine.. This isn't like she got busted with some weed or something this is some s*** that is destroying the fabric of America she should be buried under the prison not getting a commuted sentence. This woman is a piece of garbage not a f****** folk hero
Htown Lifer
Htown Lifer 8 oy oldin
Kim Kardashian can now finally feel like she contributed to Mankind in a positive way! She gonna run for a Senate Seat next....Lmao
greatriffishere 8 oy oldin
Trump 2020 !!MAGA!!
Nitro Express
Nitro Express 8 oy oldin
Htown Lifer she's a Trumpie now. ha ha
illiterate ink
illiterate ink 8 oy oldin
The system is evil. Literally
hunk5525 8 oy oldin
TEKLAZ El Chapo will stay there forever with the democrats. Fair is fair, Illegals voting vs pardon all republicans😂👍
J C 8 oy oldin
You don;t like the system.. GET THE FCK OUT... Go enjoy your life in Communist Country!
TEKLAZ 8 oy oldin
Nitro Express el chapo is next, yeeeeee
Jaylyn .øg
Jaylyn .øg 8 oy oldin
Dms is Trash
Dms is Trash 8 oy oldin
Jaylyn Lewis what about Trump? Or are you just saying his name because if you are that's dumb.
ALAN ADAMES TV 8 oy oldin
Kim Kardashian Being in the White House, A new Reality show: Washington Shore.
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