Trump gets testy with reporter over shutdown

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During a bill signing for human trafficking legislation, President Trump argued with a reporter over signing a bill that would end the partial government shutdown. #CNN #News



9-Yan, 2019



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bob saget
bob saget 9 kun oldin
The Russia probe unproven, sexual predator unproven and all these other Democratic claims unproven. Democrats actually hate Mexicans and Blacks they just pretend to love them for votes. All Republican policies are good for minority families and help them income-wise.
Kaliwa9512 11 kun oldin
Did Trump ever graduate elementary school? The wall will only divide people and anger as well.
Hello There
Hello There 22 kun oldin
Trump f*cked him up And u FNN
JohnConnor333 28 kun oldin
God Bless Trump
Felix Rosario
Felix Rosario Oy oldin
Donald Trump is the biggest idiot
Chicano pride Alvarez
Everyone forgets Canada is also a gateway for crime and drugs, they are not looked at because Canada is a prominent white country, it’s not really crime and drugs it really a hate crime
Shut Up
Shut Up Oy oldin
He literally has no clue to what he talks qbout
Rockinghorse Winner
Alert: CNN is being kept afloat by a billionaire for propaganda purposes. It is not a news source.
Aiden Ketterer
Sad Democrats fucking grow up
michaeldublg Oy oldin
Luis Guzman
Luis Guzman Oy oldin
This media organization is full of lies and full of themselves. I hope this garbage crumbles
Ad Max
Ad Max Oy oldin
The man is corrupt to the core and is borderline as moronic as dubya. I say borderline because trump is actually a relatively clevere sociopath whereas dubya was a moron. But look watching the end of america is entertaining as fuck no-one can deny that.
Scott Shields
Scott Shields Oy oldin
I’m all for the wall But Islamic migrants are the real scare . They truly are the devils children . And I do not want woman and children getting raped at epic numbers simply because the left is living in a blind world that everyone loves everyone . Islam hates everyone that is not Islamic , plain and simple No country should allow Islamic migration ! No exceptions
Allan Luxford
Allan Luxford Oy oldin
Your government needs to become so much smarter. There's no talent in your government at all. It's a tower off bla bla bla. Your the violent one with your manipulation off words... There's no comment from me here for anything he's talking about. My only comment is that. Is he's lying about all. Wake up🕵️
White Cat
White Cat Oy oldin
7:57 on 0,5 speed. steeeehhhlll barrier . . concrete whallll
Nephat Maina
Nephat Maina Oy oldin
Steven Martin
Steven Martin Oy oldin
Read my lips, the American tax payers aren't paying for that damn wall. Let it goooooooo... it's OK. Make those rich pricks who got tax breaks that they didn't even need pay for your wall. Tired of ppl blaming the medias fault, because he's crazy
Iam Kuwitchi
Iam Kuwitchi Oy oldin
What an ass-Kicker kind of President!
James Bender
James Bender Oy oldin
Trump is the greatest! Ever...
salon xxtreem
salon xxtreem Oy oldin
Listening to him talk makes my head hurt and makes me sick to my stomach, such a toxic idiot
The Red Baron
The Red Baron Oy oldin
Fuck CNN.
Derrick Rogers
Dont worry my fellow Patriots when trump wins 2020 he will do away with CNN for good #MAGA
Eunice Jury
Eunice Jury Oy oldin
boy 50 people paid to sit there brown noses, so far up his bum you only see there toes wiggling. Jail him
Eunice Jury
Eunice Jury Oy oldin
what a load of crap trump what an idiot. stop black mailing USA has murders, rapists, drug lords, gangs , human trafficking without any Mexican you idiot.
Charles Warren
No wall, no government. I'm with Trump.
Donna Rachiele
I thought Mexico was suposed to pay for wall?
JEsus Garay
JEsus Garay Oy oldin
I bet all those people in that office still receiving their paychecks. Always take from the poor
JEsus Garay
JEsus Garay Oy oldin
He didn't want this war?! That was his driving point towards presidency. We need to get rid of him now!
han solo
han solo Oy oldin
John is spineless for not answering the damn question! You're human, give your opinion...
Barry Bohniville
Trump is the oldest 5 year old ever. What a whiny little bitch
Trump is an open sewer.
Stu Mas
Stu Mas Oy oldin
I think: You've got to admire and respect Trump for being able to DIVIDE the country like he does! I mean, it's very easy now to discern a hypocritical, prejudiced idiot. Only problem I find is, once you notice them, they start popping up everywhere!
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
Obama4prision Hillary4prison CNN aka Communist News Network
How many skin tones is he?
Lukas Priller
Lukas Priller Oy oldin
3:23 "Shame on me"
Tess Westbrook
OMG... If he was a private business man like before than he would just be another Snake making profits off of the working poor. Yes perfectly legal. Immoral in More ways than one but legal... However he isn't a Private citizen any longer and he must be above reproach... He moans and bitches About reporters and people bring mean Etc... Does anyone remember the fact HE CHOSE to do this. He's just pissed off that he can't have it his way and it's a REAL Job. Not a bunch of liquid lunch under the table deals.... Also if he hates the news and reporters than quit calling emergencies and having show and Tell Everytime he signs his name. The Worst President In History...
How do woman stand beside this beast
Fahad Alghamdi
I honestly feel bad for Americans having this clown as their president
Harry Strickland
I havent even paid off my first car loan yet
Harry Strickland
I cant loose my job at 23 years old over a wall... I as a human being cannot
Harry Strickland
Harry Strickland
Just shoot em less money
Harry Strickland
Just open fire on the ilegals...
Harry Strickland
Im close to loosing my job... Thanks Trump
Raul Machado
Raul Machado Oy oldin
Does he think that once s wall is met that people will just turn around ? Lol oh man he’s really confused
Amanda F
Amanda F Oy oldin
Kiht Plays
Kiht Plays Oy oldin
For the love of God can we get this real world mtv bastard out of office?! How about using diplomacy with your neighboring country to unite to make each other better? Did the great wall stop the Mongolians? Fuck no! Work with your neighbors, help rise them up and work together, don't shut them out like your ex wives you fucking git
Joseph Soto
Joseph Soto Oy oldin
Yo why trump thumb nail look like a cheeto with hair on it
Darrel Voyles
Darrel Voyles Oy oldin
Ok all races but American Indian get the hell out .this land was better off before any of you came here .
Lol stupid reporter with their obnoxious opinions. What happened to just reporting the news without bias.
Benky Oy oldin
So Pussygrabber gets mad at a reporter, well Pussygrabber imagine how angry Government employees are having to go to charities to eat and pay their bills just because you are obsessed at building this monument to yourself, elect an ego driven maniac into the white house and this is what you get, nearly the whole population of the USA regrets that decision and we will be paying for our mistake decades into the future.
Molina Martin
Molina Martin Oy oldin
This guy is a piece of shit. He is obviously lying there wouldn’t be anyone who is a government worker working without pay supporting that rat basterd piece of shit.
The Honcho Life
Wtf is wrong with his eyelids...
Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson Oy oldin
you’re rich pay for a better fucking spray tan. christ.
Jeff Mendozza
Jeff Mendozza 2 oy oldin
The prime rib roast minister would kick his ass in a fist fight.
D KD 2 oy oldin
How do federals agree if they cant pay their bills? None of them agree and if they did why didnt they vote for him? A wall is not gonna stop crime or drugs or tunnels. The difference between russia and US is we have more opportunities and with other countries knowing that how are we supposed to feel safe? He hasnt stated any negotiation toward when this will end. He has changed his statements so many times I dont even care to type them. Hes poorly organized and the ones sucking his balls in the white house coughmcconellcough are included PERIOD
Sal Carrillo
Sal Carrillo 2 oy oldin
Human trafficking is committed by the Russians. Why won't they stop the Russians from coming into this country?
Collin Powell
Collin Powell 2 oy oldin
He's a piece of shit
Brandon Robison
Brandon Robison 2 oy oldin
Is he the actual anti Christ?
Richard M Tembo
Richard M Tembo 2 oy oldin
Mr. president sort this out soon and let the government begin to function normally again.
john johnson
john johnson 2 oy oldin
Security in our country, ya the border needs something done no dout . The way this has been gone about is not it causing conflict between our own kind . With Americans robbing, stealing, going hungry, homeless ect due to economy calapse . If he does a National emergency hopefully Mother Nature behaves .
Alexis Herrera
Alexis Herrera 2 oy oldin
Dumb ass
Jonathan Personified
I don’t see a single person of color standing in that room behind trump.
miguel cruz
miguel cruz 2 oy oldin
What a dumb ass!
Edgar Delarosa
Edgar Delarosa 2 oy oldin
He bought everyone burgers now he’s handing out pens for free 🤔
Brian Gosik
Brian Gosik 2 oy oldin
No i have a hard time believing the government workers not getting paid are im agreeance with trump such as the postal workers thinking yeah i can sacrifice a months pay at least and not pay rent or anything for trump
Brian Gosik
Brian Gosik 2 oy oldin
Explain again how his wall is going to have anything to do with human trafficking they traffic people through crates
Brian Gosik
Brian Gosik 2 oy oldin
Ok what about the great wall of china
Darnicia Webb
Darnicia Webb 2 oy oldin
Reporter : mr. President what do you think about Golden State winning another championship.... President: without the wall Golden State won't win shyt.... the wall is his answer to everything LOL...
die warlock
die warlock 2 oy oldin
Let's make America great again
vee cee
vee cee 2 oy oldin
I wish someone would explain to me what he is really saying. maybe another person who is watching this can. Thanks
Templarswordxx7 2 oy oldin
Hopefully the nice hesitant reporter learned something from the president of America.
Ansel Thao
Ansel Thao 2 oy oldin
Chuck Soto
Chuck Soto 2 oy oldin
One way or another they always find a way around or through the way plus there always gonna be more rich on charging more lol
Angela Patterson
Angela Patterson 2 oy oldin
Humanitarian aid is needed yes. Border security is needed yes. Human Trafficking can be better alievated. Drug trafficking can be better handled. Illegal immigration can be better covered by funding the program that allows due process. Amended laws can enhance our own Homeland Security. Coverage by a wall and funding manpower secures that better. It's common sense. No shift of harsh words. Numbers are growing. No time to waste on assumptions. No more ignoring. Fund the wall. Fund your staff that backup Homeland Security. Take care of American soil for it is Congress what you walk on. Thanks to the President for the heart to listen and care. Thanks to all that move to secure our own people. Let's not let politics shed a weakness upon ignoring the need.
pritesh singh07
pritesh singh07 2 oy oldin
Uk wat is the world's worst problem... Donald Trumpet 😂
Peter W
Peter W 2 oy oldin
The pen thing is stupid, everyone’s like here have a pen lol
Adam Mountain
Adam Mountain 2 oy oldin
the bottom of his eyelids swollen like that are ridiculous! He should spend one day a week catching up on sleep
Ceajay White
Ceajay White 2 oy oldin
Whats right is paying these people who work for the government
Tejsh Desai
Tejsh Desai 2 oy oldin
“If you would do that, then you should never be in this position.” Just goes to show how he is using his “position” to use millions of people as his pawns. He says that people who support him are fine without getting paid. But what about the other people who don’t have to support you? It’s honestly frightening to see a POTUS use a shutdown to get what he wants at the expense of millions of his citizens.
Colossus Sounds Studio
Am I the only one that cringed at his extended pen-passing session?
UNbowed62 2 oy oldin
tonelow5 2 oy oldin
Liberals are a fuckin disgrace to America !!!! The beauty of America came from all the intelligent smart republicans who built America NOT DEMOCRATS. !!!!!!!!🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
Javi G
Javi G 2 oy oldin
Crazy the countries dirtiest dirt bags in one room
Suicid3Killer 2 oy oldin
It looks like someone punched the shiiit outta his both eyes and he has blood clog bags!🤣 and I just wanna cut them and release the blood Haha 😂
Mr Richards
Mr Richards 2 oy oldin
TRUMP cares more about each and every American more, than any past president or current politician in Washington. Why don’t you people try and give him a chance. He wants to build the wall to PROTECT, Americans. All Americans!
jettstap 2 oy oldin
The US government should be monitoring the treasonous comments on here run a finance check on the Idiots protesting securement to our border and then seize funds and assets to help pay for the wall
mary boswell
mary boswell 2 oy oldin
Attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CNN needs to be removed from the air, banned from posting lies to the American people! All democrats need to be erases from history for the crimes and wring doings to American people. If you are American . a true American that can look past the lies of democrats and cnn and see that democrats was all about building walls until trump decided to actually do it. They scream its racist but everyone needs to research. From pelosi , Chuck, Obama and every democrat wanted to build a wall. They said it on national television many times. Now that certain ethnic groups and gays scream racism to trump the democrats flipped on the other side. They do not care about Americans one bit. They roll on people's emotions and all you people are being played like musical instruments by democrats. CNN also was against imagration until trump came along. Don't you people get it, democrats control cnn and they are brain washing you people. Do the research on what I just told you all and see for your selves
Black beast
Black beast 2 oy oldin
Human trafficking and drugs are all over the world a wall in are south border is not going to stop it
John Wilson
John Wilson 2 oy oldin
This country is built on hate hes not talking about that though
Sly Ny
Sly Ny 2 oy oldin
Lick my testy’s Cnn 😁
Daina Hulme
Daina Hulme 2 oy oldin
He owns that reporter!
Larisa Pearson
Larisa Pearson 2 oy oldin
Funny thing about this is he probably has the money in the bank to build the wall himself but he doesn't want to put any of his money in he wants us to give our last dollar yet you still support him
Larisa Pearson
Larisa Pearson 2 oy oldin
How are you going to stop our paychecks and then asked us to give you more money it doesn't work that way
Larisa Pearson
Larisa Pearson 2 oy oldin
Did that dumbass just say woman power lol.... are you still proud of the president you selected Trump supporters 😂 😂
RJ Studios
RJ Studios 2 oy oldin
Angela Patterson
Angela Patterson 2 oy oldin
I do suspect the haters to get more verbal and be forced out of sanctonary cities because their lives already look like war zones in some of those areas out west. Sad these minds don't think over population is an issue and think funding protection of that is bad. Texas is stating their issues. But you don't seem to listen to anything. I don't participate in hate. I hope you get a new lease on life. Good day. I'm supporting the President.
Angela Patterson
Angela Patterson 2 oy oldin
Lots of odd names making lude comments online but yet don't show a true identity. I think that's because they are upset that their agenda is being scrutinized. Oh well don't be a puppet.*
Riri Pari
Riri Pari 2 oy oldin
Have all the people not getting paid stop working and it'll force this guy's hand. The county would descend into chaos otherwise.
Riri Pari
Riri Pari 2 oy oldin
What a joke. He basically built his whole campaign on how he was gonna have this big, beautiful wall built and how Mexico was gonna pay for it. Any rational thinking person knew that wasn't gonna happen. What country wants to pay potential billions for a wall they never agreed to making? That was his idea. As if that was even gonna be an ultimate solution when people can simply build tunnels under the wall, have fake passports made and fly in, or simply get in on a boat. Now his whole plan is failing and he's reaching for scraps trying to get this stupid wall built whether it be by Mexico or the U.S.
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