Trump grilled over shutdown, border wall (entire Rose Garden Q&A)

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President Donald Trump answered questions about the federal government shutdown and the border wall where he stated he does not need congressional approval to build a wall on the southern US border, repeated his claim that Mexico will pay for the wall and that he would use eminent domain to secure the land to build the wall. #trump #rosegarden #CNN #News



4-Yan, 2019

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Moises Plays Games
Moises Plays Games 15 daqiqa oldin
To be honest I really think he’s a great president making not so great choices hear me out here the government is shutdown witch is stoping people from getting paid and instead of paying Americans he’s using our money to build this wall with the people working at the wall there more likely to be tempted to be bribed by drug lords thief’s just to make ends meet I mean people have to be paid it just is not fair people are losing their homes cars just because they work and don’t get paid. It’s not the fact that we are going to have the wait some time to get paid it’s the fact that we have to wait for taxes I just hope the government will be back soon because people need to get paid or people are going to start getting mad starting riots and even making threats we must stop this. Of course this is just my opinion and I’m not trying to be rude just giving my opinion no hate or anything. Thank you for reading.!
Sandirose Lorenc
Sandirose Lorenc 15 daqiqa oldin
Yes, totally agree w Trump!
Willowflower 1
Willowflower 1 17 daqiqa oldin
BULLETNATION 18 daqiqa oldin
He says he want to make America safe but America is invading country after country.
Yippee ki yay
Yippee ki yay 20 daqiqa oldin
reporter: your failing voters because you promised a concrete wall trump: steel is stronger than concrete lmao trumplife
Lamony Barksdale
Lamony Barksdale 30 daqiqa oldin
well then..everyone in the military should not support this....risk your life with know pay..families starve because the parents have to follow orders...this stubbornness will back fire...and this is the people's chief and commander...my chief is the most high...but I guess this wicked land needs a wake up call for good...most high please wipe these sick sadistic and wicked people off this earth,,,and leave your people on their land that was taking,,,evilness will be forbidding once judgement come
Ready Made
Ready Made 31 daqiqa oldin
trump turned into dr evil from austin powers on that reporter lady!🤣🤣🤣 talkin bout "billions and billions of dollars!!!!
Daniel Florian
Daniel Florian 36 daqiqa oldin
I'm not an American but i agree with President trump please build the wall.
Micheal Williamson
Micheal Williamson 39 daqiqa oldin
Dear President Donald J Trump. Take all the time you need Real Americans support everything you're doing if someone doesn't want to work fire them President Reagan did it to the traffic controllers and you could do it right here. Without border security sir we have no country if you Buckle under this you will not be president again cuz even I wouldn't vote for you. PS Real Americans can't wait for you to ban Islam from America that's hopefully your real agenda here.
Linden House Editing Services Jim
Steel. Is. Stronger. Than. Concrete. Kay? Who doesn't love this man?
Bonnie Hawley
Bonnie Hawley Soat oldin
Not sure why the guys behind you are laughing and smiling. Are they with you or against you Mr. Trump?
leelee m.
leelee m. Soat oldin
i just need these taxes on time
Ali Lisey
Ali Lisey Soat oldin
Do yall not notice he shut it down last year lol he kno wat he doing
Modern day Prophet of YAH
To those of you who work for the government, and got shutdown with no pay, you got the reality of what you voted for.
Modern day Prophet of YAH
When he ran, he was talking about China like they were a dog. Now he seems to be kissing China's butt, and tearing down our first black acknowledged president. That is anti American.
stich be gaming
stich be gaming Soat oldin
If he really cared about children he would quit his stupid wall shit and give our parents paycheck back so she can continue supporting us
Modern day Prophet of YAH
He said, the Mexicans would pay for the wall.. How dumb does this guy really believe we are? The lady asked an intelligent question. He danced around that question like Michael Jackson. Never answered the question..
Modern day Prophet of YAH
He talks about language this lady used. Really!!! What a hypocrite!!
Jake Ruiz
Jake Ruiz Soat oldin
Damn. It's so evident how the mainstream media is so spot on about brainwashing the US people... It's crazy. The fact of the matter is Dems are about power and now that they don't control everything they can't handle it and are doing anything they can to destroy this Earth. Especially like California. Where I live who runs this state ? Everything is the list expensive. Why ? Cuz they take the money and stick it up there ass. PERIOD. No other state that's ran by the red is like this. Fact is Dems destroy way of life and living. Pay check to pay check. Is how they want us to live. So they can become millions witch they already are and will.always continue to be as ling as all of you sheep continue to battle for them and protect there stupidity... But that's the way this world is now... People are leaving Cali now in droves. Tell me IAM wrong your parents family and mines why ? They worked there whole life's. And cannot afford to stay in there homes because of Democrats laws and rules. My truck reg is 780 a year. Plus taxes fees and other crap. Why ? Dems want Kinney and power. He who controls the people are the kings and are always gonna be in control of you all of you. And all of you welcome it... Because you don't know better.
Frederick Santana
I just laugh at the idiots who selected this dumb ass as their president.
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Soat oldin
I am proud to be an American, and hardcore supporter of Democrats party. Boy was I wrong and can't get over regretting my decision. I can not stand republicans, but in this government shutdown negotiation deal I can clearly see Democrats gives no fvck about our country, and protection for American people from illegal aliens. The day Nancy pvssy was elected as minority leader, I knew right there she is a cunt and will not hesitate to fvck this country for some votes. If this shutdown was for anything.....I mean anything then I would have supported Democrats even thought they were wrong. However, when it comes to protecting my country, I give no fvck to any party in while house. I mean when I knew Hillary took money from the country where LGBT supporters get thrown away from 50th floor just because they have some fvcked-up religion belief, I kept supported her. This time, I give damn no fvck about those DACA pvssy's what Democrats wants to protect. Mother fvcker protect our country first.
Victoria Grahm
Victoria Grahm 2 soat oldin
NEVER thought we would see the day when our elected Representatives (Dems) would go to Washington to Serve, Pay, Protect, and Defend people from OTHER countries and NOT the American people.. Treasonous Traitors....BUILD THAT WALL..
Toya Plustache
Toya Plustache 2 soat oldin
These blissful people he is talking about are drinking the kool aide or it's the voices in his head.
Daniel Griffin
Daniel Griffin 2 soat oldin
President trump 2020 all the way
Toya Plustache
Toya Plustache 2 soat oldin
The only thing I have learned throughout this presidency is that we really do not have any checks and balances. If your not a honorable person you can find all the loop holes to do whatever the hell you want to do. He is Jim Jones Mini Me holding the American people hostage.
D R I P C I T Y 2 soat oldin
NK and the rest of the world is just eating popcorn, laughing, and just watching us
Fitnessgod 1980
Fitnessgod 1980 2 soat oldin
Can they build a wall on the Canadian side near Buffalo so I do not have to smell all the garbage and pollution the FAT Americans throw out when they clean their houses I can smell it all the way down here in Toronto even though its 2 hours away YUCKKYY SMELLY!
David Ramsey
David Ramsey 2 soat oldin
President Trump is the best president we’ve ever had the story ass Democrat Americans don’t deserve
Edwin Vargas
Edwin Vargas 3 soat oldin
Worst president in history, not human........
Ps4_is_juggurnaut24 13
Corrupt democrats and cnn lol
Danny Bermudez
Danny Bermudez 3 soat oldin
Omg...He is a comedian & a moron
Evan Chappell
Evan Chappell 3 soat oldin
...its not just trump, yall...
TimEngle 3 soat oldin
President Trump sighed in to law, that anytime there’s a shutdown, the people will get their money after the government is reopened. It would really help if you would stay on top of current events and all of the things President Trump is doing. That way you won’t look so dumb.
Cowboysfan Dc4l
Cowboysfan Dc4l 3 soat oldin
Will Mexico pay for the "Wall"? In a round about way ..... Yes. Ok,ok,ok...... Hear me out. The money saved from illegal expenses would more then double what the "Wall " actually cost. And Where does that "expenses " shift to? The expenses are there, Mexico is dealing with shortages now for migrants. So again, where does that "expenses " shift to? That's right, Mexico. The Mexican government sees it. They will soon shout their gates again. Biggest thing I got from this was ..... Asylum seeker can do so from there embassy. That is Hugh.... How can you say your for the people and humanitarian crisis but force people to WALK here. That is wrong and really messed up.
OutTheBox Bell
OutTheBox Bell 4 soat oldin
One question... When did American STOP being great?
taryn parkinson
taryn parkinson 4 soat oldin
Go Trump don't back down
Denny duck
Denny duck 4 soat oldin
Royal bloodline Russell Duke of Bedford prince
summer butterfly
summer butterfly 5 soat oldin
I love our President! I'm willing to give if that means making this country safer and better for my grandkids...
Lamont Jackson
Lamont Jackson 6 soat oldin
The people who watch and agree with cnn are evil .. plain and simple. Your emotions and willingness to be lead without having your own thoughts, logic and reasoning have shown that you cannot be trusted. News flash! 7 thousand people just tried to rush the border and attack the patrol agents. The Democrats are the ones who don't care about the Americans affected. Trump is looking out for the country.
Andrew Nichols
Andrew Nichols 6 soat oldin
Can a wall fence out paranoia? What defensive prevents an infection from invading our inner spirit? God's walls are to separate world illusion from a living breathing existence. Amen
Diego R.
Diego R. 6 soat oldin
He is a big baby throwing a tantrum. He is putting our lives at risk, by saying that he wants to protect his stupid border smh
Adrenaline4P 6 soat oldin
Reporter: “Didn’t you say Mexico would be paying for this wall (& not the American taxpayers)” Trump: “STEEL IS STRONGER THAN CONCRETE!” Our president ladies and gentleman
Jamielah Hawkins
Jamielah Hawkins 6 soat oldin
The rich betta hide they pockets
Crazyman46290 7 soat oldin
We should load the trains utilize the facilities from FEMA and bust out the 30000 Guillotines stored Within government facilities Muslim jihadist and enemies of the state should be the first to be beheaded
Crazyman46290 7 soat oldin
Texas should part ways with the government we should succeed from the government and deal with these internal affairs ourselves we the people should decide who we keep in Texas and who we ship out
Crazyman46290 7 soat oldin
The American people first we know that excludes your you're Muslim ass
Adrenaline4P 7 soat oldin
The 1st part of this interview he is actually making some sense and sounds relatively reasonable. I never thought I would ever utter these words in my life
Logan Howell
Logan Howell 7 soat oldin
all the democrats supporting the border wall...hypocrisy at its finest. uzvid.com/video/video-gHnGFkUS_lc.html
Shalonda Boone
Shalonda Boone 7 soat oldin
Alot of bad decisions have been made hmmmm by who????🍊🍊🍊
Crystal oricall
Crystal oricall 7 soat oldin
I researched that concrete is stronger than steel...does he have an interest in the steel companies here
DREW CRAWFORD 7 soat oldin
We better pray no one takes advantage of the lack of TSA security and wants to make a big statement.
delmar418 8 soat oldin
This game show host is so full of shit I can smell it from Europe. Maybe he can help to subsidize renters rent as part of protecting the security of the nation. Besides manufacturing terrorists in the USA because they're struggling to survive, maybe he can start referring to "people" as "people" who live in the USA, instead of referring to "Republicans" as it's only inhabitants.
TeknoTerri 61
TeknoTerri 61 8 soat oldin
Sometimes sacrifice in jobs and free food to welfare recipients..is worth it... Trump is doing what other presidents didn't have the guts to do... People are to spoiled and crying in America..
MUA SELA 8 soat oldin
are partner speaking angry.
scott westbrook
scott westbrook 8 soat oldin
commie nitwit news
GamerZero 9 soat oldin
He should be grilled... with lemon juice and black pepper over hot briquettes. And since I said nothing about doing it, myself, I am untouchable by the Secret Service. Threatening him is a Federal offense. Badmouthing him is (in some cases) merely in bad taste.
Omar Alhalabi
Omar Alhalabi 9 soat oldin
Great president of the American Nation Omar Halabi From Jordan
SouthStorm Ceo
SouthStorm Ceo 9 soat oldin
He wants so much control & damage before he leaves out of office....btw who put him in office
SouthStorm Ceo
SouthStorm Ceo 9 soat oldin
I know sum ppl that would put that wall up rt now if trump stop this government shutdown
Lisa M
Lisa M 10 soat oldin
I understand his reasons for the wall, but if we can come with a fair and different way of taking care of this along with fixing all the other" stuff" as He says, that needs to be fixed.
M Williams
M Williams 10 soat oldin
Taking food out of his own people’s mouths... wow
Triston Ritchie
Triston Ritchie 10 soat oldin
I love coming to CNN on UZvid and read the CRINGEWORTHY comments. TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸 Get some education! 😂
CaspraDaGhost 10 soat oldin
....I cant deal
Dale Wilson
Dale Wilson 11 soat oldin
Pelosi needs to retire, President Trump can't change his mind. He is a bully and has his mind set to build a wall, give him the money. He is transparent in telling it like it is, people do not like him, but apparently a lot of people do; he is the POTUS. It will save money and lives to patch up some weak spots along the border. There's 1000's on the way, if the wall isn't strong they will get into "The United States of America". Those gaps do need to be patched for reals. He's telling the truth, there's a more hostile caravan on it's way. He needs some strong personalities that can stand up to him and work with him. Having this old man and old lady stand up to him is not helping things at all. Trump thinks a lot bigger than these people who've reached a plateau and stayed there. They are stagnating the Government, Trump is a business person and is bringing things together for a better United States.
Jason Pinet
Jason Pinet 11 soat oldin
I wish i can say shut the hell up to trump really or smack him
Jamiro van der Biezen
Jamiro van der Biezen 12 soat oldin
I thought the wall was a figure speech. There exists UAV technology that could find and track terrorists in the middle of nowhere. Why couldn't it be used effectively on the border ? Some parts need a good strong wall. I agree. Some parts are so remote and open they'll stick out easily on a IR camera. Also by just fixing the immigration laws, to close all of the loopholes. This is what's making these people making a run for the border in the first place.
Iromearound 12 soat oldin
Wait you didnt answer the question...shut up bitch, and gimme dat fukn microphone! ..damn. **sAvAgE**
Rodolfo Cordova
Rodolfo Cordova 13 soat oldin
There are always problems, tons of theme. Never will end. Not untill some one. Smarter knows how to deal with theme.
Rodolfo Cordova
Rodolfo Cordova 13 soat oldin
If you want to side a wall, you need to do it above and under ground. That minds twice of money.
Rodolfo Cordova
Rodolfo Cordova 13 soat oldin
This is Abraham praire, He never build nothing like that. This is all about money in your pockets.
Rodolfo Cordova
Rodolfo Cordova 13 soat oldin
Jericos wall fall down, your wall coul be, also
Dela  cruize
Dela cruize 14 soat oldin
Why is he talking about protection from the outside when he's destroying America from the inside? He's more threat to America's security then any terrorist could ever be! #onlyinamerica
pike vena
pike vena 14 soat oldin
It takes 2 to tango. Both Democrats and Trump are holding our taxes hostage. government don't care about the people.
Allen Hynes
Allen Hynes 15 soat oldin
zaba grows hair
zaba grows hair 16 soat oldin
coonett with her weave
Shaliau Gibson
Shaliau Gibson 16 soat oldin
He's making pour people suffer but in a meanwhile you have celebrities like Jay z , beyonce or ppl like Bill gates etc why you can't make them pay for this damn wall that's so important it won't hurt them trust me ! 7 Billion Dollars all these celebrities can come out of pocket one time. Sharing is caring.
Mel 17 soat oldin
He acts like a child.. wants it his way.. so bad.. waaaaaa
Mel 17 soat oldin
He's so determined about this wall.. he's so pathetic!!
Mel 17 soat oldin
Trump is talking about saving lives with a wall yet he's willing to starve children, disabled and families!!!! Fuck you Trump!!
Kelly Koutsavlis
Kelly Koutsavlis 18 soat oldin
R u ready for this America?.... High Voltage Fencing made from material that will not be disclosed due to security reasons (similar to a prison fence or an effective “Jurassic Park” fence). The 2000 mile border mechanism will prove economical and highly effective in attaining it’s form and functionality. Additionally, the materials of choice and construction process have the capability of withstanding unforeseen natural and unnatural occurrences that pose threat to the stability of the structure. We will, of course, need to incorporate our highly skilled and much appreciated military force to guard and defend the border while construction is taking place and participate in classified ongoing operations....Just some food for thought.... I have desert too lol 😇😂🇺🇸! Just sayin....
Carmen Lewis
Carmen Lewis 18 soat oldin
trumps is a piece of orange shit..he is clearly telling the federal workers , and when the trickle down effect happens, the american people..I dont give a phuck!!
Suzie Q
Suzie Q 18 soat oldin
He's a dictator...not a President...smh
B Jones
B Jones 19 soat oldin
Wtf is he saying!!!!
Steve CARLSON 19 soat oldin
Snap benefits still in February food stamps?
GTSTWINCAM16 19 soat oldin
Anyone paying attention to the market going 🔼 during this video.... BUILD THAT WALL
germaine daniels
germaine daniels 20 soat oldin
The working man should not suffer over millionaire egos!!! Proof is right in your face. Trump's wife went on a flight recently for personal getaway with our tax money. But we can't pay our government workers this is BS!
Britney t
Britney t 20 soat oldin
Mich Tsomething
Mich Tsomething 20 soat oldin
He sure didn't offer temporary shelter at the Trump towers for those who are about to be homeless bc of the shutdown
Chill Nation
Chill Nation 20 soat oldin
The cry of building this wall is a smoke screen for what's really going on unknowingly to the people. North, Central and South America is one land mass/connected, correct? Who gave *The United States Corporation* territorial/geographical Jurisdiction over *Any land in America?* America isn't The United States!!!... The United States Corporation don't OWN *America!*
Mich Tsomething
Mich Tsomething 20 soat oldin
Lol every time a woman asks him a question he gets so annoyed Journalist: Excuse me Mr. President? Trump: Oh here we go again 😦😡 Meanwhile 20:40 the guy in the back with the striped tie is trying to hold in his laugh during Trump's idiotic fentanyl explanation. Lol his own people think of him as the village idiot.
Darrell Grant
Darrell Grant 21 soat oldin
Also youre a buisness man. Release chapo and make a deal. The end
Darrell Grant
Darrell Grant 21 soat oldin
For all the people crying about trump this is for you. I believe the only reason trump is president is because something far worse is coming. I believe he is in office so that whoever takes over after him will seem so great, but will mostly likely be truly evil and actually ruin things instead of just acting stupid like trump does. Just wait. Youre all going to single mindedly vote for whoever is next so that trump doesnt win and it will be the worst.
Karen Walkeden
Karen Walkeden 22 soat oldin
Trump 2020
Philly Dispensary
Philly Dispensary 22 soat oldin
He made the black journalists shut up so the white ones could speak.. 😠
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 22 soat oldin
This is God's country, wait till u die, repent , help the needy, help the poor. Wait till u die.