Trump Just Wants To Be On Primetime TV

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9-Yan, 2019

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walter t hawman jr
Trump, once again more than likely unknowingly has put himself in another legal investigation if anyone bothers to read the US Patriot Act of 2001: Section 802: Definition of a Domestic Terrorist, which states: SEC. 802. DEFINITION OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM. (a) DOMESTIC TERRORISM DEFINED- Section 2331 of title 18, United States Code, -- the term `domestic terrorism' means activities that-- `(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; `(B) appear to be intended-- (`(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; ) (`(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion;) `(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and `(C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.'. So even if he is never tried for anything else, he could always be tried for Violating this law signed by his Republican predecessor on October 26th, 2001. If anyone bothered to actually read any of it, for that matter.
walter t hawman jr
walter t hawman jr 52 daqiqa oldin
to take it even further, this schmuck cares nothing for anyone but himself. he claims the majority of those furloughed by the shutdown are democrats which is total and complete horseshit the shutdown affects everyone, directly and indirectly. The ones who will suffer the most are those furloughed who cannot pay their bills and then they have something else to deal with THEIR DAMAGED CREDIT REPORTS WHICH WILL FOLLOW THEM FOR ANYWHERE FROM SEVEN TO TEN YEARS BECAUSE THIS ASSHOLE WANTED TO PROVE TO THE COUNTRY (AND THE WORLD) HOW BIG OF A SELFISH ASSHOLE HE CAN BE! let alone the fact the number of those furloughed who cannot pay their car, mortgage, or student loan payments. Then they would be at risk of losing their home, their car, and what little of a tax refund they may have. Because of not paying their student loans when the student loan companies take it from them. Again, all because a selfish piece of shit and a completely inconsiderate human being, let alone a sorry excuse of a President wanted to be a dick towards democrats; thinking his base would support him regardless What an ass!
Jace tru
Jace tru 3 soat oldin
Let all the migrants in . There is plenty of room to put up tent cities in Yellow Stone and our other national parks.
Phil Bright
Phil Bright 4 soat oldin
Surprised audience isn't bleeting. Baa. Baa. 🐑
Djalaluddin Udin
Djalaluddin Udin 5 soat oldin
rosely covali
rosely covali 7 soat oldin
I observe and observe and I think democrats are mentally sick. And also Narcissists as their main Disorder. I think 🤔 they should be fired from the Government. They don’t add but resist everything! They like power and power. Now they found a powerful one by birth and libs can’t stop their tantrums. Unbelievable.
enigma mist
enigma mist 9 soat oldin
800 is lot tho. Kudos to border patrol.
zjohn 10 soat oldin
Trump is the Master Media Manipulator and Has Free Rent 24/7 on the Late Show and Every Media Outlet. Everyone wants Prime Time and Trump is the King thanks to the Democrats. Keep up the Good Work
BoxOfGod 11 soat oldin
Why are politicians tolerated to lie openly without consequences? That has to stop. Put 2nd amendment to good use.
John Doe
John Doe Kun oldin
Tax returns for Wall!
mark nbris
mark nbris Kun oldin
FOOLED AGAIN, trumps nemesis- his mouth. 🤣🤣🤣 Colbert you're priceless. For everything else, Colbert.
Nick M
Nick M Kun oldin
Trump would never ask Shark Tank to pay for the wall. It’s middle-class and working poor tax payers who will pay for any wall he makes. Rich .. they aren’t going to pay for squat.
Zeke Castillo
Zeke Castillo Kun oldin
Trump 2020!!!
Carolyn Grinberg
I still believe Trump is the greatest deterrent to illegal immigrants. "Hey, Guillermo, you still wanna sneak over the border and have HIM as a Presidente?" "No, Felipe - this Dreamer's dream just turned into a nightmare."
Barefoot Prof
Barefoot Prof Kun oldin
I am tired of being lied to by my own government. Shame on you Sarah.
Infinite Infinite Regression and Infinitesimal Progressions
Trump just wants to be on primetime TV? No, Trump just wants to be a 'primate' on TV.
This Guy
This Guy Kun oldin
Trump 2020
humble servant
humble servant Kun oldin
Newcaravana comming now a lot of homeless and a lot of prostitution in this caravans 💘💗💝💌💖💞💕💓uf thats wirk for them they can stay in honduras
Ouroboros Studios
Who's the guy who keeps saying "yea"? It's extremely annoying.
G M Kun oldin
i cant believe Stephen passed on an opportunity to make a "Smooth Criminal" reference with Joe.
Stoney Lonsome
Stoney Lonsome 2 kun oldin
Stephen makes some good points but, it's pointless in the current partisan environment to be honest. No matter what he says or how many stats and facts he has to back it up 90% of those who think differently will never hear it because everyone stays exclusively inside their partisan bubble getting feedback inside a closed loop specifically catered to what they already want to believe. News no longer informs it just reinforces whatever the current zeitgeist is within your respective bubble. And even if they did hear it, they wouldn't believe it- truth like fact gets lost inside all the partisan noise and becomes almost impossible to discern. is this valid information you're being presented or just more partisan bullshit? You really don't know until you go find out for yourself, and then you have to sort through thousands of sources, trying to find one that's truly unbiased and credible- it's a freakin nightmare. Even for someone willing to put in the work , someone with enough intelligence to sort through all the partisan noise and different groups with different agendas, it's fucking crazy.
B C 2 kun oldin
Aska Martyr
Aska Martyr 2 kun oldin
Trump is the Best GOD Sent President in ALL of Human History,* 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 *Cuz Donald Trump, IS a ReaL Genuine Christian & I BeLieve in Jesus & Trump!* *Only Satan's PeoPle are Opposers of David Dennison!!!*
marc bell
marc bell 2 kun oldin
Resign in exchange for no prosecution.
Debra Williams
Debra Williams 2 kun oldin
Bonnie Robinson
Bonnie Robinson 2 kun oldin
Saw Trumps address. For the record "Yawn"
Chilliwack56 2 kun oldin
The timeline and increases in illegal immigration is interesting.....illegal immigration has been falling for years till it reached the lowest in over a decade shortly after Trump was elected. However since Trump started talking about his w
Tania McCartney
Tania McCartney 2 kun oldin
You just get better and better, Mr Colbert.
keigh d
keigh d 2 kun oldin
A stalemate cause by a malestate.
kelly Johnson
kelly Johnson 2 kun oldin
Dick Smothers in the Pilot Skit said: truth is what you get others to believe. Of course it was a joke but today it seems more like what some people think is the definition of ‘truth’ aka truthiness
Benhamslibrary 2 kun oldin
You're awesome Stephen
fongule100 2 kun oldin
Colbert just wants to be on primetime, that's why he lies for a glutenous living.
Jermaine Shan
Jermaine Shan 2 kun oldin
Colbert is hilarious
Robert Rijkers
Robert Rijkers 2 kun oldin
all of the above... guess there are going to be large walls to close off both coasts and more walls around the airports....
Adam Edward
Adam Edward 2 kun oldin
Sara stop huckin that sand
Geo H
Geo H 2 kun oldin
I Started A JoKe
Ian McPherson
Ian McPherson 3 kun oldin
This guy sounds best with the volume down really low. The poor souls who think he is funny or intelligent are just as delusional as he is.
Jonathan Hiatt
Jonathan Hiatt Kun oldin
Are you talking about Spanky Bonespurs McRussia?
Fred H
Fred H 3 kun oldin
Your show sucks!!!!!
Jonathan Hiatt
Jonathan Hiatt Kun oldin
Bye snowflake
Letha Hadady
Letha Hadady 3 kun oldin
Joe is cute.
mjimih 3 kun oldin
5:49 is a funny one
Hollins23 3 kun oldin
9:23 Your writing team needs to grow up. They have no maturity.
Brian Victurine
Brian Victurine 3 kun oldin
The President needs 3 walls and a iron barred gate.
Brigada entrevero
Brigada entrevero 3 kun oldin
4th Reicherss should check this out. Laughter relieves hatred
Kristen a.k.a. Craftrat
Here's the "funny" thing: Pence and Sanders are by their own accounts Christians, and yet they lie through their teeth. Antinomianists.
MOONIE GIER 3 kun oldin
MJB For Trump
MJB For Trump 3 kun oldin
EXCUSE ME! But it's the DEMS that are responsible for the shutdown! Because Chuck Schumer supports building the WALL, he just doesn't want to give Our Champion and Chief a victory!! uzvid.com/video/video-HmdiisLr5ug.html
Shreejana Khadka
Shreejana Khadka 3 kun oldin
Just saying..... planes. Can. Fly. Over. Wall.!!!
John Kincaid
John Kincaid 3 kun oldin
Trump hasn't the mental or emotional solidity in the first place, his staff reflects this. President Trump is displaying symptoms that will get worse, quickly.
R D 3 kun oldin
How about we open the northern & southern borders & let everyone in & see what happens. It will be a good time , I’m sure :)
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers 3 kun oldin
It would cost over 70+ billion dollars to build a 2000 mile wall not to mention the legal battles over tribal and private land on the border The cost of building in the areas that require new roads and infrastructure are not being talked about
michael blue
michael blue 3 kun oldin
He love prime time this remain me how the sick criminal Hugo Chavez use prime time to abuse power,is a Russian tactics that is been use in south america from the 70s
BartJ583 3 kun oldin
6:05 - everyone is laughing, but this tweet was dead serious. This is what fascists do - they scare the people into giving them emergency power.
Stephen Nam
Stephen Nam 4 kun oldin
How is Trump a billionaire businessman with his IQ stupidity??!!
AK AK 4 kun oldin
Funny but trump will shut this guy in one second so sad
Lee William
Lee William 4 kun oldin
Open the border!Vote blue!!!
robert block
robert block 4 kun oldin
Nathan Pender
Nathan Pender 4 kun oldin
Insurrectionists SOS Mr. President
Janice H
Janice H 4 kun oldin
ray Seckler
ray Seckler 4 kun oldin
Trump is doing what the last 5 boneheads known as president failed to do on purpose, all Globelist, NWO ,Illuminati ,No Border freaks, all 5will go down in Flames,all our being Charged for Treason, you Doubt now, but not for long !!
ray Seckler
ray Seckler 4 kun oldin
Ritter,You not to bright, your music tells on you, Doobie Brothers, named for a joint, EWF, you need to study up on your music legends, most were occultic, but guess you were Trained to believe!!
ray Seckler
ray Seckler 4 kun oldin
Colbert, Ha Ha Ha !! what a Loser , he 's on TV and is not viewed at.my home, Trump is viewed all the time, he is a winner, he is a Real man, not a Moron !!
marty one
marty one 4 kun oldin
hahaha 365 piece of s*** Colbert jokes about Trump while we go down in flames should have voted for Ralph Nader Ron Paul Jill Stein all Trump wants to do is fix the old piece of crap/wall that's already there
Rasheed Rashid Al Qalil Al-Adab /Adab Siz
What happened to you Colbert? Why aren't you funny anymore? Is it because all your material is about Trump?
Jonathan 55
Jonathan 55 4 kun oldin
When will these moron liberals finally get it. We do blame Trump for the government shut down but, we blame the dems for the continuation of the shut down. By the illegal immigration cost he U.S. over one hundred billion a year but apparently we cant spare six billion which by the way is 0.09% of the United States financial holdings #buildthewall.
sublunacy 4 kun oldin
Communist comedy, I will pass.
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Rodrigo Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Follow the signs.
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes 4 kun oldin
What if you take the black people out of that?
njminer 4 kun oldin
I'm conflicted. Greg Gutfeld's political satire is funnier than Colbert's but when Stephen sticks to entertainment he has more interesting guests. Do I watch a news commentary show to get entertainment or a late night entertainment show to get political commentary??? I guess I just long for the days when a late night show's monologue might have a weekly political snipe rather than a daily diatribe.
Lu Guy
Lu Guy 4 kun oldin
Trump looked drunk, talked sloth slow. Like he was on something. Sniff, sniff, sniff.
Douglas K. Young
Douglas K. Young 4 kun oldin
The Puritans that came in the 1600's were criminalized in the England they left.
SUDHIR PATEL 4 kun oldin
Rich people have such a different perspective on life than starving people with no hope. So hungry I can't laugh. So rich I don't know what you're talking about.
marty one
marty one 4 kun oldin
I hear you
A. A.
A. A. 4 kun oldin
Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, and anyone closely related to the daily show and its producers, are beneficiaries of The Democracy Alliance, the premiere dark money network of partisan, left wing billionaires. They've been having dinners with them over the years, with no problem. Check for yourself, these folks are up to their eyes in corruption- this very same Dark Money group funds just as many Superpacs, PR firms, Think Tanks, and NGOs as the equally evil Koch Brothers foundation.
matthew pepchinski
matthew pepchinski 4 kun oldin
And so do you, you POS
Arika Blackburn
Arika Blackburn 4 kun oldin
This guy isn't even funny
Vorachet Saejea
Vorachet Saejea 4 kun oldin
3:30 I died from laughing too much here
Chris Mueller
Chris Mueller 4 kun oldin
If Big D would grow a longer nose each time he is lying, he certainly wouldnt be able to enter Airforce One anymore :-)
LETSGETREAL1000 4 kun oldin
Can't argue with the facts ,you may not like him or his tweets but the man gets shit done!
Anthony G.
Anthony G. 4 kun oldin
His ratings are better than yours.
Clair Bliss
Clair Bliss 4 kun oldin
"The last time you shut it down it didn't work." Does he think this is working? Let the people work!!
Isaiah Castle
Isaiah Castle 5 kun oldin
9:05 bruh 😂😂😂😂
Earl Morton
Earl Morton 5 kun oldin
Trump and his gang of Republicans could have easily past a bill to start building his wall in 2016 without any help from Democrats, but didn't make any movement. Trump doesn't want that wall...he wants to fight.
Lou Cozz
Lou Cozz 5 kun oldin
Late Show with Steven Colbert = Television for Dummies
Tonya Davis
Tonya Davis 2 kun oldin
Fox for faux news addicts
Dan Robertson
Dan Robertson 5 kun oldin
Not even worth listening to. Would be best if left the country since all he can do is knock it.
Kirby Little
Kirby Little 5 kun oldin
The GREATEST President EVER....💕💕💕
Rb2268 5 kun oldin
What makes America different from the rest of the world is that we relinquish power to the winner WITHOUT PROTEST. Even if it's KILLING ME to do so! That MUST BE RESPECTED at all costs! It's much more important than ousting one shitty president.
Free Manz
Free Manz 5 kun oldin
"Trump Just Wants To Be On Primetime TV" He will, Its called cops.
Mirek Kicek
Mirek Kicek 5 kun oldin
Your time will come. Q is coming.
T Camaro
T Camaro 5 kun oldin
Steven - the best and funniest part of you ran down the crack of your momma's a..ss and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress! I think you been cheated!
Graham Troy
Graham Troy 5 kun oldin
When you come on Fox News to lie but the guy there stands up to you and calls you out.
Mark Mengelberg
Mark Mengelberg 5 kun oldin
Trump the best president ever
Ann Lake
Ann Lake 4 kun oldin
please take your meds, we are worrying us
Gina Kay
Gina Kay 5 kun oldin
Gina Kay
Gina Kay 5 kun oldin
Gina Kay
Gina Kay 5 kun oldin
Hypercube9 5 kun oldin
Blame implies something bad has happened Mr. Fake News! Trump deserves THE CREDIT for the shutdown! Gov't workers are getting a paid vacation. America is getting border security! The Dems COULD get DACA, the next Supreme Court pick or something else, but they're too stupid to make a deal! So Trump will declare the emergency and get his wall! And Dems WILL LOSE AGAIN!!!!! Luckily, you should all be used to it by now!
chipmunktubetop 5 kun oldin
I feel sorry for Huckabee's eyebrow lady. Bitch is is like a Picasso rendering.
phoebeh3 Watkins
phoebeh3 Watkins 5 kun oldin
i hope the FBI can find enough to get trump put hand cuphws
Mathew The Canadian
8:36 She chokes back on her bullshit the entire time
Mathew The Canadian
If the wall ends up being built then I can see either a Canadian Prime Minister or a Mexican President quoting Ronald Reagan
maybememory1 5 kun oldin
I think the States is great, but I just have to say this: I live in Canada, and a LOT of Americans with guns, drugs and criminal records try to cross our border each day. You don't see our PM declaring a state of emergency and building a wall!
Phon Xieng
Phon Xieng 5 kun oldin
he wants to be prime time? or you idiot who hate him so much give him that prime time spot?
Deathnote2539 5 kun oldin
Joe looks like he's gonna murder someone for that lll