Trump Says Puerto Rico Recovery After Maria 'An Incredible Success' | The View

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12-Sen, 2018

The ViewWhoopi GoldbergJoy BeharMeghan McCainSunny HostinDonald TrumpHurricane MariaPuerto RicoHurricane Florence



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Vincent Trujillo
Vincent Trujillo 4 kun oldin
It was a good response considering FEMA was the only one to respond Puerto Rico had a horrible infrastructure before and horrible governing body there with no response team already there to blame US government for everything is dumb Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 already sucked booty hole before, these panelists don’t know jack I want to know if Whoopi Joy or Sunny donated some of there big paychecks to Puerto Rico besides normal taxes!!
Tinkerbell4ever18 29 kun oldin
WOO SUNNY! keep it up girl!!
boston mass
boston mass Oy oldin
Abby is about to wake up and I see it!
Lydia Mulligan
Get it Sunny! Get it Girl!
Olaf Kolzig
Olaf Kolzig Oy oldin
I think we ALL need $130,000 because Trump is screwing us all.
Deba Dev
Deba Dev Oy oldin
When we had a cyclone within a week power was back on. They had trucks and men moving 4 truckloads of trees and rubbish from our house alone. How can they still be without power and supplies in 11 months that’s disgusting my heart goes out to them,
Elaine Thompson
Wow Sunny just did that and so Proud!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Crooked Hitlery
Fake News, they are cutting the full clips to make him sound bad.
David Williamson
How do you all know do you work for fema ? The other thing is you say have family there , and your a millionaire, go figure!!!
hamdi hassan
hamdi hassan Oy oldin
You let them know Sunny!!! And especially checking Abbey by said I Mean it!
Wyta Reupena F.Temareti
Donald Trump needs to wake up and listen to his citizens. If he doesn't, US will be chaotic.
Anime Shadow19
Sunny not wrong though.
jethrodassam Oy oldin
Sunny is about to turn 50 and she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
PurushaDesa Oy oldin
We need more of that strong, explicit language. The era of the beautiful, moving, Sorkinesque politician's speech has been exposed as nothing more than a pacifier. We need radical redistributive policies to stop people falling into destitution and the infrastructure they rely on collapsing under corporatist anarchism.
Max Moore
Max Moore Oy oldin
If you are a Trump Supporter and believe this baloney...you're just as out of your mind as he is. My mother in law lost her mother, and 2 of her sisters. Plus being without power for 11 months is just ridiculous. Also I need the non Puerto Rican in the red dress to shut the eff up. He did not care about Puerto Ricans. Even claimed they werent Americans. When is she going away. Cant wait until Meghan comes back. She would never... I dont wanna hear you lady...I wanna keep listening to the Puerto Rican at the table who has been there since the storm.
thalia Oy oldin
Yes Sunny didn't come to play!!!! Let them know my Puerto Rican sista
Jaime Mamani
Jaime Mamani Oy oldin
Abby needs to go. I can't take it anymore 😭😭😭
Kim B Lee
Kim B Lee Oy oldin
Everybody can't afford transportation and lodging to get away from a storm. That could cost thousands of dollars especially if you have a family. There are a lot of people who work hard and often more than one job JUST to make ends meet. People who don't have a lot of money suffer the most from natural disasters. Both in the time of the storm and in it's aftermath.
Andy Abbott
Andy Abbott Oy oldin
Sunny 100%
Andy Abbott
Andy Abbott Oy oldin
wow where is our country going..
Doc Lewis
Doc Lewis Oy oldin
Joy's right. He's a sociopath without any intelligence which is a dangerous combo.
Doc Lewis
Doc Lewis Oy oldin
The deaths that happened due to dirty water and closed roads WERE preventable. We didn't move fast enough or efficient enough. We can be better at this. We must be better at this. Human lives are at stake. If you stay in the path when you are able-bodied and mobile, you're being selfish. A mandatory evacuation SHOULD BE MANDATORY. Insurance companies should deny any claims made by people who are/were in the evacuation zones. Prosecutors should charge those who stayed who could've left but chose not to leave. It's different if you're NOT capable of leaving like the elderly that are in hospitals or nursing homes or even their own homes. Your lives and the lives of first responders and military personell aren't yours to play with but that's what you're doing if you stay when you're told to leave. Your life is more important than your things. It's hard but please consider the other people you're endangering when you choose to stay behind. I know it's hard to leave but please leave and stay safe. You can replace stuff over time but if someone dies because they're trying to help you get out...you'll have to live knowing that you caused a death or several deaths of people who wouldn't have to be there if you didn't stay. Think about others. They have families too. They have lives too. You tax dollars DON'T cover lives lost during mandatory evacuation rescues because you chose to disobey the law. Which insurance companies WILL refuse your claim IF you stayed during a mandatory evacuation and there's nothing you can do about that. Please just stay safe and help others get to safety if you can. Sorry for lecturing.
Doc Lewis
Doc Lewis Oy oldin
Actually, I've worked for the federal gov't and your office budget CAN'T be used for anything but your budget. If you manage not to use all of your budget, they cut your budget the following year even though you may need it all or more that year. It made me sick because the office I was in spent $10,000 on new office furniture, a new copier, and knick knacks and pictures for decorating the office. The money was needed the next year for hiring a new employee so we had to use it or lose it. No sh*t. It's true. You really do have to use it or you don't get it the next year. We MUST change our laws and the way things work but IF the public doesn't know about the issues in small departments like the one I worked for then they won't understand. We must change the use it or lose it policies so the money can be used for other things within the agencies/departments.
Doc Lewis
Doc Lewis Oy oldin
Sunny...so true. Exactly. Even now, it's disturbing and frustrating to see how hard PR is struggling when our gov't should still be helping. Disasters like this always cause delayed deaths due to the lack of resources and other issue that arise.
Doc Lewis
Doc Lewis Oy oldin
No, Abbs, his fans believe everything that he says and tweets. They just can't explain anything. They just repeat his words and don't even THINK or try to understand how others feel. They're as empty as he is.
Tony D
Tony D Oy oldin
American Citizens and the World, You better Listen to EVERY Mocking, Insulting, HARMFUL, Degrading, Damaging Comments of Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Whoopi Goldberg, and they Need to be Legally Sued and Possibly Prosecuted for Causing More DIVISION, HARM, and Leading to More Violence to American Citizens. Other Countries would NOT Tolerate these EVIL, HATEFUL Women and other Countries Also have Free speech.
ShWeJaPa Oy oldin
1:46, I doubt the black mold is from the storm.
ShWeJaPa Oy oldin
0:34, This reminds me of "black" tribes in Africa raping today in regions like the Congo. They were raping before any North American slavery. How good was Costa Rica before the storm? It's challenging for a group to go back to good while they were not so good in the beginning.
ShWeJaPa Oy oldin
0:11, They are not doing so bad here, uzvid.com/video/video-H34dTHZv2fM.html, @ 4:39, is the view in Porto Rico.
C Connors
C Connors Oy oldin
The cast of the view kinda makes me wish 'the purge' was an actual thing
KKaoa27 Oy oldin
Sunny is begging completely transparent and I love it. Tell it what it is!!!!!
Gg 123
Gg 123 Oy oldin
Do they nothing else to talk about other than trump ?!
Tamara Aispuro
Not even dictatorships let people die... Leave the city maybe..
Dawn ALLI Oy oldin
No it is not difficult. We have the greatest most advanced Navy and military in the world. We helped rebuild Germany, Japan and Europe after WWII, don't even try to tell the American people that 3 times the ships, men, army engineers, with equipment could have saved those people. We took an army acroos the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in WWII- don't lie to us that Island should look new as should the US Virgin Islands just like Flint should have a repaired water system. We are turning our country into a third world country while these people live like Kings!
Sunny is excellent, as always. Great for the show. And honestly, this foursome works. Too bad Meghan is coming back soon!
J L N Oy oldin
This show is so much better without Meghan, it's amazing.
Jenn Etch
Jenn Etch Oy oldin
This Abby never shuts up. She has to respond to literally every little thing. Super annoying. Shes the most unlikable host yet.
Soupy P
Soupy P Oy oldin
SHUT up! STUPID women!
Sudheer Kolachina
Freedom of speech in the US is a joke. One can clearly see the discomfort when Sunny Hostin mentioned that government negligence led to many otherwise preventable deaths and compared the situation to a dictatorship. Say anything outside the accepted bandwidth and you will see the reaction instantly.
23ahndra Oy oldin
I never thought I’d say I miss Meghan, but this brunette is insufferable af 😩.
Cudaman2 Formula
I will never vote blue ever again. Good Lord. Just fucking idiotic. The leftist democrats are a cancer on America
Thomas Steven
Thomas Steven Oy oldin
Cudaman2 Formula no one cares bot
Cudaman2 Formula
Unbelievable how stupid and dramatic these women are
T J Oy oldin
I think the ladies need to take the emotion out and look at the actions. The Agent Orange Treason played ignorant deliberately and failed to act to a crisis that was affecting the country - that is called dereliction of duty. Notch this up to impeachment.
Kell Harris
Kell Harris Oy oldin
I love how she calls him "you know who" like he is voldermort.
Ruth Joyce
Ruth Joyce Oy oldin
After Abby said: "That is a strong statement".. I was waiting for Sunny to respond with.."I said what, I said"✊🏾
Darlene B
Darlene B Oy oldin
You know #45 is an idiot, right?
Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 was a disaster before Maria, Trumps relief was incredible, Criminal illegals must be separated from any children they are caught with and no Russian collusion. Let’s start telling the truth.
Paper Mario
Paper Mario Oy oldin
The lady in the red is nauseating. Typical conflating of the issue. No one was talking about other people that helped. The discussion was trump.
Zainab Akabar
Zainab Akabar Oy oldin
Panchod panchod panchod panchod panchod Panchod panchod panchod panchod panchod Fuckfuckfuckfuck Panchod panchod panchod panchod panchod Panchod panchod panchod panchod panchod Fuckfuckfuckfuck Panchod panchod panchod panchod panchod Panchod panchod panchod panchod panchod Fuckfuckfuckfuck
Blackskye211 Oy oldin
3 thousands people dead & you call that a success. Smh... he is so out of touch 🤦🏾‍♀️
Markus .Urbas
Markus .Urbas Oy oldin
i miss sara
Kupenda Love
Kupenda Love Oy oldin
I dont care for the new chic!! Let her go!!
mochabetty Oy oldin
Joy quickly cleaned up that “deadly” comment about trump, avoiding backlash.
TheElixir007 Oy oldin
Wow sunny...
Lola Marie
Lola Marie Oy oldin
Sunny you OWN your truth! It's so beautiful and powerful. Trump is living in an alternate reality and Abby is somewhere on the outskirts but your truth will not be diminished. That was a strong statement indeed and you stood in that truth. I LOVE you. We are behind you.
jazzy bandit
jazzy bandit Oy oldin
joy , baby !, be careful you don't want to end up looking like a ''Roseanne'' incident . gets twisted all out of context . just breathe ,love you joy !
Amber Marie
Amber Marie Oy oldin
I know the job of the republican on the show is to bring their perspective but is the republican perspective to deny reality??? Becauseeeee....😩
KeAi0228 Oy oldin
Sunny looks better without make up!
Christopher 1210
If He ended up on an island by himself with a coconut tree, He would consider that winning. There might not be anyone else there to brag to, but he would say it to himself over and over and over and over...."I (not WE) am winning!!"
Cynacist Oy oldin
They transferred the money from FEMA to ICE so that after hurricane Florence they can deport (or outright kill) more people. They'll just say "the bodies were never recovered" and Latinx people to countries they've never been to. Joy is right: he's a sociopath. His second term (unfortunately he will win again) will be even worse. Hitler didn't start with the gas chambers, first he decalred human beings "animals". Watch.
L W Oy oldin
Kept waiting for Whoopi to say: "You in danger, Girl".
Brandon Corby
Brandon Corby Oy oldin
Abby goes from "indefensible" to well it wasn't all Trump's fault and $10 million won't help.
NoOne Alive
NoOne Alive Oy oldin
That long silence though.
Juan Luis
Juan Luis Oy oldin
I miss #SaraHaines 😐
RCJonieB Oy oldin
I work for FEMA. All I do is take calls and assist people who applied for FEMA assistance. There's lot of misunderstanding about how and how much FEMA can help. There's some criteria that your damages/location/insurance/etc have to meet in order for FEMA to give you federal grant money. You have to be found eligible for assistance, and there's a process to determine that. If I had to guess, that lady Sunny mentioned who's whole house got destroyed, her application is stuck in a stage of that process and is waiting on the next action from FEMA or more than likely, unfortunately, from her... The $500 check is a critical needs assistance check that is paid automatically to expedite assistance as long as the application met certain criteria (eg within a declared disaster county, identity verified...basic stuff like that...). That $500 award is NOT for damages. It's so people in the area can have help with emergency/evacuation needs during and right after the disaster. And at the time it was automatically paid - before an inspector could look at damages or the applicant submit proof of damages - that was all FEMA could assist her with. My guess is that she didn't receive any other assistance because the inspector couldn't get in contact with her to come assess the damages, or the inspector came but she was not able to prove that she owned the home (only owners can get the assistance to repair the home..but there's several other types of assistance), or she didn't read in the letter that said you have to apply with SBA first before FEMA can assist with personal belongings (which is separate from assistance for home repair, and would cover a damaged mattress,). There's many things that could've happened that stalled her assistance process. And if her whole home got wiped out, it was probably a situation like one of the examples I just gave. And all of those situations have simple or simple-ish solutions. For example she could call or write to request an inspection or she can submit ownership documents. And that's the whole reason I have a job, to assist these applicants to explain what they need to do next! That lady, Blanca, should definitely call FEMA disaster assistance helpline and have the agent figure out exactly what is going on.
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo Oy oldin
I can not stand Abby.
Suzanne Davila
These witches are ridiculous
Suzanne Davila
The money wasnt taken from the disaster relief that FEMA provides.
LO L Oy oldin
Sunny's last statement was so strong and powerful. Speechless honestly.
Deena West
Deena West Oy oldin
Sunny is so pretty without makeup
Scott Diener
Scott Diener Oy oldin
he is such a horrible pig
LetsBeClear Oy oldin
Wow. When Joy self censors and backs down you know you’ve got something serious to consider. I’m concerned in a whole new way
A K Oy oldin
Why is the new girl still there, too self righteous, nowhere near as sharp as sunny or the other ladies
Gloria Clayton
Stupid Abby
Clarence Sammah
Sunny Hostin(k) was born and grew up in NYC . Claiming that you care about the people of Puerto Rico is just phony. As it is written "may no weapon formed against (President Trump, his family and administration) ever prosper. May every tongue that rises against him in judgement be refuted. And may every secret work of darkness by those who host this show be exposed.
Tiffany Contreras
If the earth was REALLY SPINNING it would spin out from under the storm. But Storm Harvey stuck around for 4 days. how does that happen? Clouds float freely remember?
Tiffany Contreras
Jesus is your fema relief
its Brittn3y
its Brittn3y Oy oldin
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore Oy oldin
It must truly suck to wake-up everyday and find nothing better to do than trash the president. Geeez. Do these ladies have a life? Trump lives rent-free in their heads every day. It just looks so pathetic and petty. Get a life already. No wonder this show is tanking in the ratings.
Tal Moore
Tal Moore Oy oldin
Trump just found out that Puerto Ricans are American citizens.
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake Oy oldin
if you want a republican who is not a knee jerk mouth box... get an independant
Louis Mariano
Louis Mariano Oy oldin
does warrant mentioning that the mayor of puerto rico was just arrested on corruption charges?
Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas Oy oldin
You're not running the country , trump is . It's pathetic watching you trying to look and sound intelligent .
Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas Oy oldin
You're family wasn't the only one that suffered in Puerto Rico , and stop blaming Trump , you unintelligent loser .
Jason b
Jason b Oy oldin
Americans Needs too realize and start comparing Treasonous Trump to Hitler....because he wants too be a dictator!..... No Forgiveness!
Closeup 008
Closeup 008 Oy oldin
Love how she is always throwing shade at Trump, but then she backtracks & says "you need to remember ,there are great people working in the government and they are doing tremendous work right NOW " :/ Daddy's girl much, ABBY!!!!!!(grow a spine girl, or you'll get the boot)
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Oy oldin
That island was and still is a third world country. I went there once never would take a freebie or is someone offered a million dollars is is and was a dump
Friezsnake Oy oldin
Lock him up!! lock him up!
Concepcion30 Oy oldin
I get what Abby’s saying about the great rescue workers who went to Puerto Rico to help and save lives, yes they were doing their job. But the fish rots from the head, so with Trump at the head of all this and making comments that PR was a success, everyone is going to stink as a result.
Coach Jon
Coach Jon Oy oldin
Listening to Huntsman defend him like I said before is revolting. She has no morality in here at all. At least she does not care like most Republicans about these American citizens. They all walk the company line and just like I heard Steve Cortes do the same thing on CNN last night. He is heartless also when it comes to these American citizens. He can claim to be hispanic all he wants. He does not identify with them at all. He is the hispanic of that Uncle Tom Paris Dennard. Who CNN I hope never lets come back. Let him go to Fox where he will fit in just fine.
Alex Santiago
Alex Santiago Oy oldin
I live in PR, this month for us is STRESSFUL, many people here have not been able to do repairs because there is shortage of building materials, I am waiting 9 months for my new windows and to hear this person pretend that all is fine here is disgusting. FEMA gave me Nothing ! and the Insurance Co. 2000 to replace my windows and fix the roof and everything else
C F Oy oldin
I really dislike this Abby chick...BAD CHOICE! Get rid of her...
I love your outfit Sunny and that lippie is so beautiful on you
Sabrina Bryant
Sunny gonna be spicey this season "and I mean it".
Lerian V
Lerian V Oy oldin
Don't you love it when the left walks back their venom against president Trump to avoid backlash. Great time to be American.
Runningbear Oy oldin
Theresa D
Theresa D Oy oldin
Sono Oy oldin
What happened in Puerto Rico was a worse tragedy than 9/11 more Americans died and the government did not do all they could.
Sheen Estevez
Sheen Estevez Oy oldin
What's just as bad is the Tax plan that the orange man and the cowards in Congress passed that hit Puerto Rico (American Citizens) with tariffs that hurt their local economy. How can the P.R. Government help their local Citizens if their economy is being hindered by tariffs no State has been slapped with.
luckyso 13
luckyso 13 Oy oldin
you fucking cunts are the most hateful assholes in the U.S I don't think any of you have the right to be here you should be deported... You spread hate among the people that watch you. You are literally to blame for a country full of housewives that are brainwashed for your clucking...………..karma will take care of all of you and I cant wait to watch it
UpTown Spot
4 kun oldin