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10-Yan, 2019



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Latrice Cardwell
Latrice Cardwell 4 kun oldin
Y do they let Meghan yell at the audience like that ....really !!
useless child
useless child 8 kun oldin
take a shot everytime megan says I
Star light Kid
Wow! Meghan sounds like a little witch with that high pitched voice 😖😖😖
Yvette Martinez
Meghan McCain needs to put down the bottle and pick up a bong
Aida Roman
Aida Roman Oy oldin
BTW not only Mexicans cross the border. Why we should pay for that? And... if we talk about paying, we already are paying with blood your American drug parties.
I like Meghan! I’m tired of Joy always saying is Trump’s fault! Fire Joy!
Anne C
Anne C Oy oldin
Thats as classless Trump is. He's should just resign. He's a disrespectful bully and a phony in office.
zach gottheimer
They don’t want taxes raised wouldn’t they have to be to pay for a wall. Why not make all the people that want the wall pay the taxes for it then. Cause I don’t want it why should anybody that doesn’t pay for it. Go ahead Maga pay for it
zach gottheimer
More people would be losing with a wall. So no losing will be much worse. Security fine. No wall
Tracey Lady
Tracey Lady Oy oldin
Meghan snarles alot at Whoppi..
Janiyah Hines
Janiyah Hines Oy oldin
When Whoopi said “nooo” 🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Wanderlust Oy oldin
Oh she gets emotional ofc 🙄😒
ahri 2 oy oldin
Shut up Meg! Stop interrupting 🙄
Gamer vaults
Gamer vaults 2 oy oldin
Meghan is so silly replace her please. She looks horrible to. Lol
sonrisa Verdean
sonrisa Verdean 2 oy oldin
They always talk over each other.
cupidlace 2 oy oldin
meghan plz dear.. get a grip on your behavior...
Noked Johnson
Noked Johnson 2 oy oldin
AHHHHhhhhhh my ears Megan my ears!! 👂👂👂😭😭😭
nat 2 oy oldin
On Bullsh*t Jobs | David Graeber uzvid.com/video/video-kikzjTfos0s.html
ShayShay LaGhost
ShayShay LaGhost 2 oy oldin
Da fukc does she mean SHE can't handle it?!? Is Meghan missing any money???
Irena Martz
Irena Martz 2 oy oldin
Stop putting down people that work for the government. There are people who make very good money working for the government. Meghan (cupcake) don't forget who your father worked for!!! These women and their show need to go. Like I have said before when have these women sponsored any illegals and be responsible for them for 10 years. Ladies haven't you lied before too!
ron reid
ron reid 2 oy oldin
Useless material from Democrats
S H 2 oy oldin
the view is so ignorant and bias
John Dyer
John Dyer 2 oy oldin
So liberals think the wall is a waste of time. Ok, if walls are a waste of time I'm sure they'll have no problem removing the front door to their home.
T_K M 2 oy oldin
Every time the wall is brought up Whoopi goes on and on about how Trump said Mexico was going to pay for it. Anyone with half a brain cells should have known good darn and well that Mexico was not going to pay for it. Why keeping bringing it up, it adds nothing to the conversation.
ShWeJaPa 2 oy oldin
8:38, Here it is, with remittances, uzvid.com/video/video-9SwJkge58W4.html, that is how He said Mexico would pay.
ShWeJaPa 2 oy oldin
What is interesting is how quick former President Obama is quick to the metaphors when he realizes he is saying it would be a challenge to track where money goes.
Brown Beauty
Brown Beauty 2 oy oldin
If Megan was black she would not be tolerated, she would be labelled 'angry' black woman and be fired!!
June bugger
June bugger Oy oldin
Azula - I won’t
Azula Oy oldin
+June bugger girl lmao. Don't get hurt
June bugger
June bugger 2 oy oldin
You didn’t see the dna episode? She is Black 😂
ShWeJaPa 2 oy oldin
6:35, Well before Trump was President.
ShWeJaPa 2 oy oldin
0:41, The bias you are perpetuating is sicking Ms.Goldberg! Obviously there is audibly a helicopter in the back ground. Why is bad reporting going into and out of this culture?
l b
l b 2 oy oldin
megan is so fucking irritating. Stop screaming. PLease replace her with a decorative plant.
nicholas antoniou
I don't like this show very much, but i respect that they have a moderate conservative on here. At least the show has some conflicting ideas. Respect to Megan and the others for having semi-civil discourse.
Channon Haley
Channon Haley 2 oy oldin
Stop yelling at everyone Me-again!! For fauxs sake......you can make a point without screeching. And that's from one female to another.
Patrice Woods
Patrice Woods 2 oy oldin
Trump said it's his fault and he will take responsibility. Why is she getting so passionate when folks say it's his fault?
Patrice Woods
Patrice Woods 2 oy oldin
As pretty as megan is in this clip. Her behavior was just not ok. That yelling and ranting is not ok.
Kamala Specht
Kamala Specht 2 oy oldin
Megan needs to go. Please! I had to stop watching. She is not articulate nor emotionally stable. She may do well on Fox. I wish her well.
Manuel Emilio de la Cruz
They cant stop the shutdown because dems are obstructionist and yes woopie needs to be gone like she promised! Trump is now and still President! and. Hillary will never be!
Leola Henderson
Leola Henderson 2 oy oldin
lacroix6323 2 oy oldin
Meghan 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤯🤯🤯🤮🤮🤮🤯🤯🤯
dannyritz1 2 oy oldin
Doubt any of these women every lived pay check to pay check
Frankie x
Frankie x 2 oy oldin
Meghan is honestly a child.
Amber Hanback
Amber Hanback 2 oy oldin
Meghan for PRESIDENT!! She is the smartest person around that table! 💯 And, yes...a Xanax or klonopin wouldn’t hurt 😂
Lavi Ki
Lavi Ki 2 oy oldin
Why was Megan yelling...again??? I haven’t watch The View since last year because I just couldn’t deal with Megan’s meltdowns🙄
Stacey Fulkerson
Stacey Fulkerson 2 oy oldin
BUILD THE WALL! Thank you President Trump for promises made promises kept!
Jenny A
Jenny A 2 oy oldin
Omg what is wrong with mcain?? Can't she make her case without yelling and throwing a fit??
caesar brighton
caesar brighton 2 oy oldin
Meghan's been watching too many Housewives episodes
Olivia P
Olivia P 2 oy oldin
Diane Bugzvich
Diane Bugzvich 2 oy oldin
You hens should know this may very highly affect food prices too
Diane Bugzvich
Diane Bugzvich 2 oy oldin
hahahah he went to go buy mc donalds
Sandy Sandy
Sandy Sandy 2 oy oldin
Idk what is more annoying.... that lady screaming or Trump calling me a rapist.....
hipperthanyou 2 oy oldin
I cannot abide Sunny Hosten. She is the most haughty, self-righteous hypocrite I have ever seen. Can't they find some other educated liberals for this panel? Can't we just have civil debate. I'm so over outrage on both sides.
okey dokey
okey dokey 2 oy oldin
My point is, why must a point be made that - ' Do WHITE people not know when they are yelling'. There will always be a divide when we refer to people by their color and not as just people. Ritchiewayne@hotmail
JonJonTheDj 2 oy oldin
Get MEGHAN TRUMP off the show!!
okey dokey
okey dokey 2 oy oldin
No just a working class fella.
Louise Randell
Louise Randell 2 oy oldin
Layla Portier
Layla Portier 2 oy oldin
I like Meghan and don't like using this word to describe women, but my gosh she is shrill.
Sabrina Hicks
Sabrina Hicks 2 oy oldin
Megan your hair is so pretty you actually look younger
Nashea Everhart
Nashea Everhart 2 oy oldin
I will be SOOO GLAD when they fire Meghan McCain... OMG! Geesh.
Paris Ngor
Paris Ngor 2 oy oldin
Omg I love the view when Trumps other child Megan isn't there smh
azmildman 2 oy oldin
WTF does passing out candy have to do with anything? You are NOT going to get your border wall, shut up and live with it, Trumpskin.
robert justus
robert justus 2 oy oldin
Explain why he should talk with idiots who care more about their ego than they do the Americans.
Sue M.
Sue M. 2 oy oldin
Meghan stop yelling!!!!!!
Inês Machado
Inês Machado 2 oy oldin
#MuteMeghan, enough is enough
Inês Machado
Inês Machado 2 oy oldin
Meghan, Trump is literally walking out of meetings, how is that Nancys fault?????
Archie Cunningham
The dems have lost their minds!
Patrick Buntichai
Meghan, girl, just because you speak louder, it doesn't make you right.
ant p
ant p 2 oy oldin
Let's not forget the senator McCain was a fucked up person, until he started to have a conscious once he got sick.
ant p
ant p 2 oy oldin
Meghan know how Trump fucking lying.
ant p
ant p 2 oy oldin
Meghan need to go she's out of control, you need a much more calm democrat
Barbara Brinkmeyer
We're all connected. The wealthy haven't thought shutdown through entirely because it is a house of cards. Trump is holding the U.S. hostage. If it's not the wall, it will be something else with Trump. REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE. YOU'RE DEALING WITH A MALIGNANT PERSONALITY.
Megan McCain said Shylock in this video... That's a very anti-Semitic term.
Arlene Jeanette
Arlene Jeanette 2 oy oldin
Why the F does Meghan scream like a newborn. She whines so loud my headphones can barely take the shrill sound that makes.
Tonio 2 oy oldin
Omg megan - ENOUGH about your dad!!!! Give it a rest!
keithplya9 2 oy oldin
Why does Meghan always defend Trump?
Tiffany Mathis
Tiffany Mathis 2 oy oldin
Meghan. Honey, lemme give you a xanax.
Taylor Lynn
Taylor Lynn 2 oy oldin
We always need to hear more from Joy!
ynicolebrown 2 oy oldin
Wow, I'm not a huge fan of the show nor am I a Republican, but folks seem overly eager to bash Meghan...it's like 'ready, FIRE, aim', which is something we'd say at my old job. She is still in mourning - so emotions are more raw than normal (and if normal is already on the high end, then there you go.). No empathy left in the world these days I guess...
ULT HELTH 2 oy oldin
Mexico is paying for the wall through savings with NO MORE NAFTA BENEFITS, tariffs, and business coming back to the United States. That is just what President Trump meant and said how it would be paid. Citizens responsibility standardly paid for Our sovereign borders and security which must be protected from terrorists, drugs, illegal contraband, illegal aliens, stolen properties and more.
ULT HELTH 2 oy oldin
The shutdown does not affect the things they are arguing about. Meghan does not speak for Republicans or regular Americans just as these people don't speak for Democrats. These elites just push the ideas that they as the clueless rich that are not affected by these things push.
ULT HELTH 2 oy oldin
Meghan does not speak for Republicans or regular Americans just as these people don't speak for Democrats. These elites just push the ideas that they as the clueless rich that are not affected by these things push.
Loved By You
Loved By You 2 oy oldin
Megan I actually agree with!!!!
neo molefe
neo molefe 2 oy oldin
meghan is just having pregnancy hormonal imbalance, that's why she is creaming so much, its really annoying to the core
M. DAVIS 2 oy oldin
Megan STFU
Victoria K
Victoria K 2 oy oldin
Whoopi, great point you made! Americans should not be treated by their own President this way! Not patriotic!
Victoria K
Victoria K 2 oy oldin
OMG! Meghan needs a lesson on personal conduct in the company of professionals.
LaVerne Coleman
LaVerne Coleman 2 oy oldin
Say it again Woopie!!!!
Jennings644 2 oy oldin
Come on Whoopi he wasn't even ranting in the clip, OMG if you call that ranting, you're nuts and Joy behaves far worse in her spats with Megan, now she DOES raise her tone... How come you never say anything about her eh? YOU ARE MISLEADING YOUR AUDIENCE AND ANYONE WHO WATCHES YOU, STOP IT or don't talk about it, because YOU ARE LYING... TRUMP DIDN'T BACK AWAY FROM THE 20 BILLION, CHUCK DID, you're lying again! Joy, Nancy said there will be NOTHING for the wall, not even the dollar she said he could have a few days ago if he opens up the Government. That is why he won't open it and she'd better change her mind or he'll make her eat her words and SHE WILL LOOK THE WORST PERSON ALIVE IN THE END! Come 2020 He'll win it again and I hope he does... Whoopi - Mexico will pay for the wall in the end with the great deal Trump made with them, but that doesn't give him the funds right now to build the wall, that takes cash and you are leading YOUR viewers down the wrong path because YOU are NOT explaining it right to everyone, YOU and the other numpties are trying to make him look bad! HE DIDN'T LIE, you have twisted what he said and Mexico ARE paying for it in the deal he made with them long term...
C Spratling
C Spratling 2 oy oldin
I really like Megan but why does she yell
Ida Sandoval
Ida Sandoval 2 oy oldin
Meghan, your intent versus your execution has a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon. If you have no ability to self-reflect on if you are in alignment with your intent your ability to get people to listen to you and to hear your point of view is like ZERO.
Ronald Jackson
Ronald Jackson 2 oy oldin
Didnt Trump say "He owns this"?
Hearsheyboi *
Hearsheyboi * 2 oy oldin
Meghan is such ah air headed clueless trust-fund baby 👶 🍼
Dimitri Scavella
Dimitri Scavella 2 oy oldin
I would like to see Meghan admit that it’s because of people like her that Trump is president.
Miss Conceiteality
Wow that screaming whatever that was from Mehgan was embarrassing af. Jesus. Wth am I watching
T1TZ Jam
T1TZ Jam 2 oy oldin
blonde girl is annoying
R. Correa
R. Correa 2 oy oldin
Meghan, shut up!!! you are SHOUTING!!!!!!!!
Angie JW
Angie JW 2 oy oldin
WTF is wrong with Meghan?
Milani Inalim
Milani Inalim 2 oy oldin
Simmer down Meghan!
MrOvadose101 2 oy oldin
Meghan, Meghan, Meghan. With all that consensus among the group you still can't aim any criticism at the current administration. You will be a first ballot nominee of the political hack hall of fame at the rate you are going.
Brenda Laprince
Brenda Laprince 2 oy oldin
Meghan, calm down. Stop forcing people to listen to you. All of that yelling to be heard, only works at your house. Chill out.
not again
not again 2 oy oldin
I want to know how it became "both sides" when it was Trump that shutdown the government and it is Trump who refuses to negotiate. It is Trump that is using the American worker as a pawn in he vanity project. It is Trump lying again. I say let it continue until the people get so mad that another low life lying republican will never be elected again. So sick of it all.
Tyke Handsome
Tyke Handsome 2 oy oldin
She’s just another dull tool kept in a rickety box stored in a roofless shed.
Shandra Newell
Shandra Newell 2 oy oldin
Who sat the Latina articulate mother wife lawyer journalist activist to the right of NUTMEG..#THREATENED
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