Trump Will 'Definitely' Declare A National Emergency, 'Probably'

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The President confirmed on Thursday that he will likely potentially certainly improbably possibly doubtfully absolutely declare a national emergency. For sure, maybe.
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11-Yan, 2019

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M C 2 soat oldin
Build that wall
Patrick Edgar Regini
The Irony, is that for the last two decades, the general American sentiment was finally starting to come around a humbler self recognition and scrutiny of a more objective truth, and began talking about the immense harm our government has caused countries like Libya, Granada, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan supposedly against and contradicting our actual preference for our country, but when a President finally shows up seeking to disengage us from confrontation already in two places, North Korea and Syria, instead of helping and supporting, we ourselves start acting like hidden war mongrels pushing behind a meaningless facade of policy attacks. What was CNN expecting from ISIS? A "So long and thank you card" ?? The collective hysteria the country is submerged in and mindless unanimity of all medias and voices against our President, makes it obvious that what is happening to America regarding this, is actually a sociological crisis of collective cultural psychological nature that has been building up for decades, now capitulating in this event that should best be defined as a social copy cat cultural syndrome collapse, and not one of individual political intelligence and serious analysis regarding our President, which should have us instead debating his contrasting unorthodox unpolished style, political aims and policies, and the pro's and con's of it. Instead this has become sheer high school hysteria, already boarding its way into Congress. Thanks for the contribution CNN, and the rest ! ;-)
Mrs. Ann Marie Foster-Lopez-Delgado
He is hella funny!!! Goodness sakes!!😂
Mary Scheib
Mary Scheib 3 soat oldin
pixpusha 3 soat oldin
@10:58 Is this some sort of Jedi mind trick?
Richard White
Richard White 4 soat oldin
Too bad tRump's father forgot to put on his condom that night many years ago.
joe matters
joe matters 5 soat oldin
Stephen is very funny ... Thank you for joking with the american people and putting spin on this administration... 💪
Malaika Angela
Malaika Angela 5 soat oldin
So sad to hear ,watch and endure this kind of thing what the people are goin through. America....so mighty..Where are you now? Because of him I dont know which word to use to describe my sadness of what is goin on.Praying that things will get better.
RorysonTV 7 soat oldin
Trump and his party wish to congratulate you on your success and ratings, without Talking about Trump you would never have anything to talk about.
Chris Spiller
Chris Spiller 8 soat oldin
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson 9 soat oldin
Congratulations America, you elected a fraud. You deserve this one.
Asti Upiastirin
Asti Upiastirin 12 soat oldin
he needs to moisturize his eyes..
Martha Lucia Santos
Martha Lucia Santos 13 soat oldin
Trump is a narcissist and gaslighting is his best tool!
CipherBytes 14 soat oldin
Trumptards are primarily senior citizens from the Baby Boomer generation. A generation that caused the most social strife in the country, raided the social security system, allowed the exodus of American jobs, and got us 22T in debt. It's no coincidence that we are polarized as a nation again. They cause the same thing in the 60's. They can't get along. This is their last effort to set the country ablaze again. All those drugs from the 60's warped their brains, which is why they are so easily manipulated by conspiracy theories. Thank God they are dying off. Their legacy is worthless. They're nothing like the Greatest WW2 generation, which was the best we ever had.
hwk 16 soat oldin
Walls are provably older. We (people) had enough sense to go into caves, where walls occurred naturally; we made use of them. As far as manufactured walls, well, he didn't say that, did he?
Stephanie Ellison
Stephanie Ellison 17 soat oldin
About 3:35 - That is ODD. Is Schumer and Pelosi Hindū?? Schumer is on your left, Pelosi on your right. This is how male and female deities are organized in Hindū temples. Uh-oh, unless they think they are gods... Why is Trump dressed like a red neck in this entire thing?
Cazuki 17 soat oldin
Have about the same reaction as the middle woman at 6:05 after seeing that dance again
Liv 18 soat oldin
i just lost so many brain cells
Bargoth Dragon
Bargoth Dragon 19 soat oldin
If Trump claims the wheel is older than the wall, you KNOW the opposite has to be valid.
George  Eliot
George Eliot 19 soat oldin
Keep those caravans coming. Please LOL
tauIrrydah 20 soat oldin
Isn't that the Palpatine plan?
Thomas Goad
Thomas Goad 20 soat oldin
Was Colbert ever funny?
dave west
dave west 21 soat oldin
Melissa Hall
Melissa Hall 22 soat oldin
Trump is hilarious 😂. Build that wall!
Don Townsend
Don Townsend 23 soat oldin
Have you Liberals even listened to the agents working on the Border who say the Wall Works everywhere it's already in place. even your Democrat Reps. from those areas admit it 's very effective like in the San Diego area. Saying the wall is immoral and ineffective is such a ridiculous argument it doesn't even merit a response ! Watch these videos to prove the need for the wall !. uzvid.com/video/video--XOajUXEf9A.html uzvid.com/video/video-bQoPOY0t8Hw.html uzvid.com/video/video-_8jg2U1hvf4.html
t1910j 23 soat oldin
Trump the liar in chief.
Marty ponish
Marty ponish 23 soat oldin
when colbert was born the doctor punched his mother then the nurse jumped in and punched her a couple of times
Bigg X
Bigg X Kun oldin
They cant fly in? WHAT? what a ignorant asshole. Hey TRUMP, they dig tunnels under the existing walls right now. They use submarines in the gulf of mexico. They also do fly in... Just wait until DRONES start carrying bulk product. They will use those too. The only reason TRUMPTARD wants that wall is to put his name on it PERIOD! TRUMP for Prison 2020, his face will match his jumpsuit.
Leslie Joy Bates
Wait, he did
Luminiferous Aether
Luminiferous Aether
Luminiferous Aether
I’m thinking a long Contiguous chain of home-improvement stores
Shannon Sparks
Shannon Sparks Kun oldin
I guess it is difficult to get an airplane when only boats usually wash up in people's yards ....
Shannon Sparks
Shannon Sparks Kun oldin
Peachy + Hunky Dory - guess he didn't want to say Hunky :-D
unknown Kun oldin
@ 2.58 *NOT MY TEMPO!!!!!*
Mog Kohaku
Mog Kohaku Kun oldin
I love malaphors, like "we'll burn that bridge when we get to it"
Jesus Ernesto Tapia Ortiz
So where's the Mexican check ? 😀😀😀
Jesus Ernesto Tapia Ortiz
I just said bye bye. Jajajajaja 😂
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty Kun oldin
I do not mean mexico is the cut the cheque … Lmfao
H Winkel7
H Winkel7 Kun oldin
Wether you believe Trump is a good president or not, he is your president and you owe him respect. Don't slander the name of our country's leader. Finally we have a president who is willing to stick to what he campaigned on and we get people like Stephen. It is sickening for to watch this video as this man takes his internet power and hates on our country and turns America against itself.
Haurqermer swartz
OM x
OM x Kun oldin
I don't like DT but mocking his hair and the way he talks that's not gentle
Halucin8 Kun oldin
Colbert is nothing but a traitorous little tart - for someone this mediocre to get a show, it's required you are a Leftist.
Hanna Kemaw
Hanna Kemaw Kun oldin
Remember, “they can’t fly in, obviously, for obvious reasons”😂😂😂😂 I can’t breath
c. j. macq
c. j. macq Kun oldin
you know it used to be the old budget stayed in effect when a new budget couldn't be agreed upon. we should ask ourselves - how were INDIVIDUALS allowed to gain so much control over the American system. not even talking about democrats or republican now. but presidents have been given unbelievable power over foreign and domestic policy. given absolute war powers, trade decisions, and, with a flick of the pen, through "executive orders," can dictate domestic policy. and by simply refusing to sign a piece of paper they can hold our ENTIRE nation hostage and shut down the govt. and in congress a "majority leader" in the house and senate can kill legislation by just denying it a vote! did you ever vote for these extraordinary powers be given to just 3 people? or to allow oligarchs to buy our politicians and dictate policy through graft and bribery? THIS WHOLE SYSTEM IS ILLEGAL!
Jessi Frenzel
Jessi Frenzel Kun oldin
So funny. Thanks for making us laugh when the situation is so depressing!
Palpy Kun oldin
Trumpists see Invasion USA and think is a documentary
Charles Moscowitz
You would probably support the implementation of a Fascist state if it constituted a victory over President Trump.
Patrick Haines
Patrick Haines Kun oldin
If he builds a wall I am starting a sliding board company, weeeeee!
Humble Mum
Humble Mum Kun oldin
cant stand this puke Colbert
Tous Kun oldin
Actually, this has always been on my mind, and I'm amazed that this hasn't come up yet for Trump. He's so fixated on immigrants coming into the country illegally and yet, he's FIXATED solely on MEXICO, as if a WALL can stop them (as if 'these people' are really taking jobs that we want). I could care less, maybe because this hasn't affected me personally or anyone I know; but if he's making this argument on illegal immigration: we have CHINESE people coming into the country (legally) but they've found a way to do it through a loop-hole in our system: vis-a-vis if you're born here you're automatically a citizen. I'll be honest, I feel a little icky about it. It feels like something is being taken advantage of, but what can you do? Everyday there's like 10 babies (probably more) being born here and gaining national citizenship and I'm sure it's not just from China, but this one I know is a huge thing over there. Every family over there wants their child to seek better Education overseas and one way of doing that is slipping them into the country at birth providing them with a hidden U.S. passport that can be used later in life. So we're putting our attention on Mexico when China businesses are buying up everything in Hollywood and rich Chinese families are buying real-estate in our land? Do you see how I used "our land" hahaha, that would get his crowd rolling for months. I'm saying this to prove my argument, or why listen to me? I got nothing against China, I think these families whom are doing that are SMART and they have all the right to do this since there's really nothing stopping them (except if you're caught with having two-passports then you'll be fined and imprisoned); so I feel for them for taking that risk, but it's hardly enforced. They really want their child to have a better education so as an option in the future, U.S. is highly sought after. Good for them :) But I'm amazed at how this has NEVER come up... I mean if his supporters are backing him primarily for this wall (which is really all that he can offer) imagine how his supporters would feel about Trump for never talking about this concern with wider implications where highly-educated people whom have lived most of their life outside of this country (because really it's not their home) will be coming over in the near future and taking head-of-state/well-paying/high-tech industry jobs from citizens whom have lived here their entire lives... I mean, someone should just beat him at his own game and make him look silly by picking a better fight against immigration. I've never worded this to anyone before, I'm really only speaking from the knowledge that I know and it's not much, but the foundation is there for this to be a concern for anyone who cares. Me, personally, I think the world belongs to everyone and we should live without borders, but... ce la vie.
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
Shut up...goofy, crybaby, liberal dribble..I see why liberals are hated much more than Trump is..you clowns take pride in being weak and stupid..I will never understand that...btw America is the only country that allows people to flow in unchecked, Professor
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
LOL Colbert and Kimmel : America's biggest crybabies !!! Both of them are typical feminine liberal ''men''
Azizsani Calloway
Some days I still can't believe Donald Trump's is our president it's like one big joke
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
Get used to it. little fella..Trump will be re-elected easily, then Pence will get four years...Have you seen the anti-American freak show on the left ?..They will never get power again...The Dem. Party is the joke.
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
I can't believe we have goofy liberals that think it's cool to be weak and poor..
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
You should have seen our last President !!!..He told us we need to be weaker and poorer and that socialism works..His wife had countless speeches on how much she hated America...He made a deal with Iran, that will go down as the worst deal ever made in the history of deals...We had the slowest recovery from a recession in history..He hated our police and weaken our military...I'm good with Trump ..Thank You !!
heavygold chris
heavygold chris Kun oldin
Sad that this is the monster who represents America
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
LOL..Our last President hated America and told us we need to be weaker and poorer.. I'm good with Trump...Thank You !!
Quentin Styger
Quentin Styger Kun oldin
Trump accurately represents America and at least 40% of Americans.
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
55%..the msm lies to us
Brother Celestin
Stephen "A Idiot in a Silk Suit " Colbert is a Leftist Propagandist Democrat... claims he has the MORAL HIGH GROUND over his fellow countryman , no suprise, CNN,NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, have all the same rhetoric. Fake News Medias.
marisa benson
marisa benson Kun oldin
He had john dory with peach sauce...not he eats burgers.
marisa benson
marisa benson Kun oldin
Heres the story......and that's what it is but being trump it will have no conclusion.
Bobby Nikolopoulos
So much misinformation. I feel bad for people who just eat this shit.
Bobby Nikolopoulos
Wouldn't be laughing if your home was towards the border and they were heading towards your community. Fucken joke.
E. Uriarte
E. Uriarte Kun oldin
I almost feel sorry for this orange chimpanzee...almost
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
+E. Uriarte I'm not a liberal,..I don't need people to feel sorry for me..Liberals always blame their problems on other people and play the victim...I hate the crybaby liberals, they are hated more than Trump is.
E. Uriarte
E. Uriarte Kun oldin
+Michael B. i almost feel sorry for you too my friend..
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
Don't worry, most Americans feel very sorry for the weak,crybaby liberals...They are so bad, that they will get Trump re-elected easily...All they can do is call people racists and break windows...Liberal men are famous for being weak and feminine.
Why so serious
Why so serious Kun oldin
Seriously how could someone like Trump got in the White House? I say this as an outsider but what happened. People disliked Hillary that much?
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
+acct4u I thank God everyday, that the witch isn't in the White House...That would have been the end of the America that we love...Trump has saved America...Obama was pretty and well spoken, and he was our worst President ever...I'm good with Trump...being pretty and well spoken only goes so far....Trump will be re-elected easily, simply because the left is such an anti-American mess.
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
YES... and the crybaby liberals here can't do anything but call people racist...We hate the msm and the anti-American crybaby liberals MUCH more than Trump..Hillary was a bad nightmare...Liberalism is near death in America, but our msm won't tell you that..Trump will be re-elected easily...The Dems have no message..just hate.
acct4u Kun oldin
yep...she has too much 'baggage"....but she would have been better than dump..at LEAST she knows how to BEHAVE!!!!!!!
Mad Rex
Mad Rex Kun oldin
Our country is ruined due to all these idiots that voted Trump in office.
Mad Rex
Mad Rex 12 soat oldin
+Michael B. Lmao, why is everyone that is against Trump and sees him for what he is a crybaby liberal that wants socialism? Not to mention idiots like you try using liberalism as a bad thing. Maybe you should look up what it means. This country is founded on the principles of liberty and justice for all, maybe you forgot that. If you want dictatorship then maybe you need to move to Russia, China, or N. Korea. Why dont you try to make some valid points instead of attacking a op on their comments. How can anyone still believe his rhetoric and lies is beyond me. Let me wrap this whole thing up in a way you would understand it. Trump bad, Get Trump out of office, good.
Michael B.
Michael B. Kun oldin
LOL the crybaby liberals want socialism...that will take us down instantly...Only the weakest and dumbest don't like Trump..he will be re-elected easily..Crybaby liberals and the msm are hated more than Trump is...Don't forget that, Rex.
Mad Rex
Mad Rex Kun oldin
Maybe he is right, how else would you move a wall next to a other wall, you need a wheel to do that :P
Danish A
Danish A Kun oldin
Dumb AF
DozyProductions Kun oldin
This dude is just a 'funnier' CNN. How are all you clowns watching him?
Leslie Pavelko
Leslie Pavelko Kun oldin
‘I am the king of technology, I know everything, I am your SUPREME LEADER ‘
Keisha Peterson
Keisha Peterson Kun oldin
how can the new caravan be so dangerous when I did not even hear anything that happened with the other caravan
Divine lokuku
Divine lokuku Kun oldin
He just wants people to remember that he built the Great Wall of America
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera Kun oldin
Declare the emergency and protect our citizens from attacks against foreign invaders.
Jutta G-W
Jutta G-W Kun oldin
Do America have a national emergency now?
Darlene Boutin
Darlene Boutin Kun oldin
I don’t agree with the state of our country but he sure does keep these people on tv in business.
Pedro Fragoso
Pedro Fragoso Kun oldin
Trump is the dumbest Russian asset ever!
Swapnil N
Swapnil N Kun oldin
lol, in india, we also have nut-crack like Donald Trump
PTM45 smi
PTM45 smi Kun oldin
i'd better not let my english students listen to these mangled idioms or i'd have a hell of time explaining everything
Omg! I can see all the late night show comedians are having a feast with this ongoing crisis and "Trumpisms". The "joke-o-meter" is breaking new records with this one, lol.
john1955ize Kun oldin
fuck mofo
Gunz Kun oldin
A wheel is older than a wall. I am speechless.
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts Kun oldin
I am just waiting for him sing the wheel on bus..lol
acct4u Kun oldin
OHHHHHHHHHHH...I havnt heard that in YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao!!!!!
Jacki Sears
Jacki Sears Kun oldin
Him NOT getting his way is NOT a "National Emergency "!
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts Kun oldin
He says he don't have tremper Tantrums then why are we in this mess right now
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts Kun oldin
2020 can't come more faster.
Marcian Thompson
Not A Bear
Not A Bear Kun oldin
Colbert is the most cringe worthy late night talk show host in history
acct4u Kun oldin
+Not A Bear because you watched and blamed it on "Auto", then you saw enough of it to not stop it since you watched it even more, then you wasted our time AND yours posting your dislike for Stephen, shall I go On?????
Not A Bear
Not A Bear Kun oldin
acct4u I stopped it as soon as I could. Why so agro?
acct4u Kun oldin
+Not A Bear ..Then do you know where the STOP button is???? NO excuses, dumppturd!
Not A Bear
Not A Bear Kun oldin
acct4u I don’t watch this puppet. UZvid autoplayed him lol
acct4u Kun oldin
you are showing YOUR ignorance of watching something you dont like! can you afford a "remote"?
Gord Pailey
Gord Pailey Kun oldin
he's just a HACK takes everything out of context can't put anything funny unless it's about POLITICS
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren Kun oldin
saw makers stocks gonna up....time to buy some!
c. j. macq
c. j. macq Kun oldin
i'm starting a campaign to force congress to investigate trump's probable investment in companies contracted to build that wall! email Pelosi, schumer, Bernie sanders, cortez, elizabeth warren and your own senators and house reps. and advise others to do the same. if congress won't impeach that criminal buffoon WE WILL!
2many Likes
2many Likes Kun oldin
Trump is literally putting whats left of his energy towards a fucking wall, this guy is a clown forever. Worst President ever or at least in my lifetime. As far as a Republican being President I rather have Bush if it came down to it.
Jaquin Hamdan
Jaquin Hamdan Kun oldin
Trump is funny is he a comediante.
Mary Matute
Mary Matute Kun oldin
I think he meant to say peach and doritos!
dalejordan83 Kun oldin
Trump keeps surprising me on how stupid he can be.
Joe Cannabyte
Joe Cannabyte 2 kun oldin
Watching Trump supporters try and defend this nonsense has become a comedy routine.
Hani Haider
Hani Haider 2 kun oldin
i like it
PNW News & Info
PNW News & Info 2 kun oldin
There are numerous Tunnels under the border. Some Tunnels are run by various agencies of the US Government. The Wall is BS as far as stopping drugs or guns.
Eddie Eforo
Eddie Eforo 2 kun oldin
Le Do
Le Do 2 kun oldin
Tax cut for his millionaire friends should have been enough to build the border wall and A tomb for himself as well.
lona forest
lona forest 2 kun oldin
I have read many of the comments below and believe that Mitch McConnell is more of a threat to our democracy than Trump is....Mitch is giving "aid and comfort to the enemy (trump)"...until he releases his R cronies to speak up and pass legislation(opening the government)against this Dotard of a president
No Calvinism
No Calvinism 2 kun oldin
This is what happens when you elect a clown for a President.
Jeannie Michelle Phillips
Can someone help me understand how Trump can declare a national emergency when he is the dumb ass that done the partial government shutdown not once but 25 times.