Trump Will 'Definitely' Declare A National Emergency, 'Probably'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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The President confirmed on Thursday that he will likely potentially certainly improbably possibly doubtfully absolutely declare a national emergency. For sure, maybe.
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11-Yan, 2019



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Sarah Coulis
Sarah Coulis 8 kun oldin
Do you remember the skit Will Ferrell did years ago? The one where he would yell 'I CAN'T CONTROL THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE'? Reminds me of Trump.
Martin D
Martin D 9 kun oldin
What are garlic nuts?
Masato Indou
Masato Indou 14 kun oldin
When he says “bye bye” 😂 what’re you 5?
Grayson Harris
Grayson Harris 20 kun oldin
Walls are older than wheels
toni 28 kun oldin
I don't know how this guy managed to sneak in the white house :))
J em60 Mphy
J em60 Mphy Oy oldin
No one even watches this stupid late night tv show
James James
James James Oy oldin
I'm not a big fan of Trump and did not vote for him, but he's your president. He might even win the next election if everyone keeps up all the butthurt about him being president. For him, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Good or bad, he loves the attention. He's a pompous, narcissistic character and thrives off of every single piece of praise and butthurt criticism you put out there. He purposely says outlandish shit so that at least a few of you (the majority of you by the looks of this comment section) lose your mind all over social media, the UZvid comment section, and in real life so you look like just as much of a fucking clown as he does. Just trying to prevent you from losing the next election.......... ;)
Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert say there is no National Emergency for the rich, which is true in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Palisades. 👉Compton, East Los Angeles, Bronx, Chicago East side, DEAL WITH IT !
Azure Balmung
Azure Balmung Oy oldin
Thank god we've got video of Trump, otherwise we'd have trouble convincing future generations that he was real.
Vale Oy oldin
NPC master
Martin Smith
Martin Smith Oy oldin
If anyone knows crazy; TRUMP knows crazy !!
Daniel Mucherl
well now he did declare it. SAD
B K Oy oldin
Trump and his administration is a disaster!
B K Oy oldin
Rogaine can't work that fast if he loses all of the carpet on his head.
B K Oy oldin
You shouldn't put Trump anywhere near a helicopter. His hair might fly away. Lol
Penguine Sandra
hahahaha...funny stuff. #tRumpresign
Cool Moves Vancouver
This show is no longer relevant...find some new content...anyone can be "funny" in front of a liberal audience...
Patricia Gamber
Look up definition for sociopath, and trumps picture would be there! Never trust a man who wears more eye concealer than most women! Trump is a chump of a punk!! Go Mueller!!! Impeach the sadist excuse for a leader in the history of mankind
Cole W
Cole W Oy oldin
The wall would be useless anyways. Many undocumented immigrants overstay their visa
Jeffrey Gassenheimer
No, clearly the mexicans can't fly in cause the goverment is shut down
What It Is !?!?!
Instead of funding a wall the opposition wants the caravan access to USA : FUNDS shud go for the (mostly military aged men in the caravan) for: Furnishings & Housing Water/garbage/heating/electricity Food Transportation Translation Service Court Lawyers Clothing/Laundry/Soap & Toiletries Hair Cuts Dental/Vision Care & Eyewear Medical Care & Medications Employment & Training Education & Books/Supplies Entertainment/Radios/Papers Drug & Alcohol Rehab Abuse Counseling Background Checks Disability Assessment Burial Services Birthing Centers Valid identifications verification Disease Testing As far as “asylum” claims.... Mexico is currently giving them that.
Shade Beast
Shade Beast Oy oldin
This would be over if someone told Trump Obama could hold his breath for 11 minutes.
M8mod Oy oldin
Dan Hawkins
Dan Hawkins Oy oldin
Still wonder where the $$$$ will actually go. Maybe to pay Russia? Ivanka will help with that.
Dan Hawkins
Dan Hawkins Oy oldin
Steel can be compromised easily. Look at 9/11.
bebe rivera
bebe rivera Oy oldin
Wait... so what actually happened with Caravan 1.0?! This is just annoying at this point
ilove2929 Oy oldin
The Shutdown... the world is enjoying this new reality tv show! This new season in particular has a very intriguing start
Golden W
Golden W Oy oldin
*The United States is so awesome because of the President*
Master of Disguise
What an outrage! Garlic knots are delicious!
bebe rivera
bebe rivera Oy oldin
Ok so... no one is going to entertain the idea that he's legitimately starting to become senile?! I swear I'm not trying to be funny.... this kind of behaviour, mixed with shaky voiced colloquial statements, descriptive body language, and literal words that make sense if only JUST strung together with no real SENSICAL point. ... exactly!!! There is no point besides giving this idiot the BELIEF that this world is really going to engage in legit fukkin STOOOOOOOPID behaviour just to make Him (trump believes he's holy) feel better.... FUCK YOU DONALD J. TRUMP!!!!
The Mad Mystic
It must have been a small table, for this out of shape 70+ year old man to "slam" it.
Victor Pantojas
Verde the Star Warrior
FINALLY someone acknowledged the national emergency! Just wasn’t expecting the emergency himself to do it
Florence ECA
Florence ECA Oy oldin
I am sure Trump enjoy Colbert show.
Everinne Oy oldin
*tHe EcOnOmY uSeD tO bE pEaChY dOrY* Edit: *hIs MoUtH cOnTiNuEd To Do WoRds*
Héloïse Vitel-Sturm
Everytime Trump opens his mouth, I either tune it out because my mind does that with stupid people, or I just sit in amazement at the things coming out of them.
Debra Williams
Debra Williams
Debra Williams
Juan Oy oldin
6:06 that girl on the right looks like she lost her soul lol
Dick Jokes And Bondo
What’s wrong with reinventing the wall?
I y a n a
I y a n a Oy oldin
Bye bye
So sad. Its like the passengers voted for the chimp in the hold to fly the plane instead of the captain.
Mark Pickard LIFE Jr. College
Thanks Colbert! Don't let up.
Mickey Kindley
Or spell
Tamar Rios
Tamar Rios Oy oldin
"It's another caravan. They're*FASTER*. More *FURIOUS*. Get ready for: *2Cara 2Van* 😂😂😂👌
Seetiyan Oy oldin
I know Stephen must be crying on the inside, but on the surface, he's having way too much fun reporting on this. Also, with the way he puts imaginary props away, I was hoping he'd struggle and push that imaginary table off camera too.
Michael Smallman
Trump bankrupted 6 companies through his impressive negations skills. He is running the country like a business, now nearly 900,000 people are going without pay.
BearJoyner00 Oy oldin
I don't like Trump either, but it's just rude to kinkshame.
Matthew Park
Matthew Park Oy oldin
Wow, he just did a Pod Save America “OK, Stop!”
Camp Elias
Camp Elias 2 oy oldin
Jayden Marvel
Jayden Marvel 2 oy oldin
Wheels and walls? Maybe Mortal Engines where cities are on wheels
Kyle D
Kyle D 2 oy oldin
He will go down in the US history as the most laughable president that was ever voted... I can see it now, the portraits of all those former presidents face palming in shame when they hung his portrait alongside them!!
Silent intrudeR
Silent intrudeR 2 oy oldin
A whole nation voted for this idiot?! Makes you kind feel sad... or not! Hahaha, I enjoy every bit of it!
Timothy E Hook
Timothy E Hook 2 oy oldin
So congress doles out 3 billion every year to Israel but shuts down the govt over 6 billion for US border security in a multi trillion dollar budget. Then you laugh as a "comedian" has to make crap up for his punchline....grasp on reality much?
ruby07241 2 oy oldin
Colbert 2020
Joe Tolley
Joe Tolley 2 oy oldin
Little powder on your nose Colbert clean up your act.
Daniel Swope
Daniel Swope 2 oy oldin
4:06 I've seen the actual footage, part of what trump said was cut out to make him look like he had no point.
NVR Game Play
NVR Game Play 2 oy oldin
I think Trump might use the wall's incompletion to win the next election🤔 ...😆
Rebecca Farrell
Rebecca Farrell 2 oy oldin
If it turns out all of our fears are true,Trump is found to have been knowingly and willingly working for the Russians as a Spy, could we legally prosecute those who placed the "✔" on the ballet, putting him in the oval office? It seems unforgivable. History books are watching us. These individuals disrespect the U.S.A. They disrespect the media, they Disrespect American politicians in general (95% of the "Right" side of the house) Disrespect Christianity and they disrespect the founders of this country along with all of us. Disturbing. If it all falls apart over this what needs to be done to prevent the rich and strong from influencing the minds of the poor and weak citizens in a democracy setting?? How could this have been prevented in a democracy??? Why is it taking so long for some serious, political or military intervention for them to save face? Where will all the partyless Republicans go?
meh! 2 oy oldin
@11:09 lol. I don't think that's true. I don't know, but I just would feel much safer assuming walls came before wheels. lol.
meh! 2 oy oldin
"reminds me of another great quote" hahahaha
Sgt.StickyTits 2 oy oldin
Can't wait to hear a monologue about Barr. Trump is SO MAD that Barr likes Mueller.
Belltom Papyrus
Belltom Papyrus 2 oy oldin
Zhou Gemma
Zhou Gemma 2 oy oldin
Talk show hosts should be thankful to Trump by being a walking joke which makes their work easier :P
alphatrion100 2 oy oldin
His remark about young people. He's talking about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez!
Mark Jarrett
Mark Jarrett 2 oy oldin
Hum. Let's c. The wall. Or an estimated 70. 000 a year on the cost of every blood sucking illegal. How many are truely in the country already. Why are they in the tire shop s of Fargo. Why are they in the lumber Mill s of Washington. Why are they at every business through out CA. I have now seen them on every dock through out Chicago. It is a truth. Obama saw it coming. Embraced it. Sold the black, the country out for it. Vote democratic. Here comes another 14000. Gonna just walk in. You are stupid short cited fools.
W8W8 What now?
W8W8 What now? 2 oy oldin
Way too much highlighter on his eyes.
bassavino 2 oy oldin
The road to Trump's hell is paved with adverbs.
M C 2 oy oldin
Build that wall
Ann Lake
Ann Lake Oy oldin
around drumph and his hideous family... exept for tiffany... she can stay
Patrick Edgar Regini
The Irony, is that for the last two decades, the general American sentiment was finally starting to come around a humbler self recognition and scrutiny of a more objective truth, and began talking about the immense harm our government has caused countries like Libya, Granada, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan supposedly against and contradicting our actual preference for our country, but when a President finally shows up seeking to disengage us from confrontation already in two places, North Korea and Syria, instead of helping and supporting, we ourselves start acting like hidden war mongrels pushing behind a meaningless facade of policy attacks. What was CNN expecting from ISIS? A "So long and thank you card" ?? The collective hysteria the country is submerged in and mindless unanimity of all medias and voices against our President, makes it obvious that what is happening to America regarding this, is actually a sociological crisis of collective cultural psychological nature that has been building up for decades, now capitulating in this event that should best be defined as a social copy cat cultural syndrome collapse, and not one of individual political intelligence and serious analysis regarding our President, which should have us instead debating his contrasting unorthodox unpolished style, political aims and policies, and the pro's and con's of it. Instead this has become sheer high school hysteria, already boarding its way into Congress. Thanks for the contribution CNN, and the rest ! ;-)
Mrs. Ann Marie Foster-Lopez-Delgado
He is hella funny!!! Goodness sakes!!😂
Mary Scheib
Mary Scheib 2 oy oldin
pixpusha 2 oy oldin
@10:58 Is this some sort of Jedi mind trick?
Richard White
Richard White 2 oy oldin
Too bad tRump's father forgot to put on his condom that night many years ago.
joe matters
joe matters 2 oy oldin
Stephen is very funny ... Thank you for joking with the american people and putting spin on this administration... 💪
Malaika Angela
Malaika Angela 2 oy oldin
So sad to hear ,watch and endure this kind of thing what the people are goin through. America....so mighty..Where are you now? Because of him I dont know which word to use to describe my sadness of what is goin on.Praying that things will get better.
Jacki Sears
Jacki Sears Oy oldin
RorysonTV 2 oy oldin
Trump and his party wish to congratulate you on your success and ratings, without Talking about Trump you would never have anything to talk about.
Chris Spiller
Chris Spiller 2 oy oldin
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson 2 oy oldin
Congratulations America, you elected a fraud. You deserve this one.
Asti Upiastirin
Asti Upiastirin 2 oy oldin
he needs to moisturize his eyes..
Malusa 2 oy oldin
Trump is a narcissist and gaslighting is his best tool!
CipherBytes 2 oy oldin
Trumptards are primarily senior citizens from the Baby Boomer generation. A generation that caused the most social strife in the country, raided the social security system, allowed the exodus of American jobs, and got us 22T in debt. It's no coincidence that we are polarized as a nation again. They cause the same thing in the 60's. They can't get along. This is their last effort to set the country ablaze again. All those drugs from the 60's warped their brains, which is why they are so easily manipulated by conspiracy theories. Thank God they are dying off. Their legacy is worthless. They're nothing like the Greatest WW2 generation, which was the best we ever had.
hwk 2 oy oldin
Walls are provably older. We (people) had enough sense to go into caves, where walls occurred naturally; we made use of them. As far as manufactured walls, well, he didn't say that, did he?
Stephanie Ellison
About 3:35 - That is ODD. Is Schumer and Pelosi Hindū?? Schumer is on your left, Pelosi on your right. This is how male and female deities are organized in Hindū temples. Uh-oh, unless they think they are gods... Why is Trump dressed like a red neck in this entire thing?
Cazuki 2 oy oldin
Have about the same reaction as the middle woman at 6:05 after seeing that dance again
Liv 2 oy oldin
i just lost so many brain cells
Bargoth Dragon
Bargoth Dragon 2 oy oldin
If Trump claims the wheel is older than the wall, you KNOW the opposite has to be valid.
George  Eliot
George Eliot 2 oy oldin
Keep those caravans coming. Please LOL
tauIrrydah 2 oy oldin
Isn't that the Palpatine plan?
Thomas Goad
Thomas Goad 2 oy oldin
Was Colbert ever funny?
dave west
dave west 2 oy oldin
Melissa Hall
Melissa Hall 2 oy oldin
Trump is hilarious 😂. Build that wall!
Don Townsend
Don Townsend 2 oy oldin
Have you Liberals even listened to the agents working on the Border who say the Wall Works everywhere it's already in place. even your Democrat Reps. from those areas admit it 's very effective like in the San Diego area. Saying the wall is immoral and ineffective is such a ridiculous argument it doesn't even merit a response ! Watch these videos to prove the need for the wall !. uzvid.com/video/video--XOajUXEf9A.html uzvid.com/video/video-bQoPOY0t8Hw.html uzvid.com/video/video-_8jg2U1hvf4.html
t1910j 2 oy oldin
Trump the liar in chief.
Marty ponish
Marty ponish 2 oy oldin
when colbert was born the doctor punched his mother then the nurse jumped in and punched her a couple of times
Bigg X
Bigg X 2 oy oldin
They cant fly in? WHAT? what a ignorant asshole. Hey TRUMP, they dig tunnels under the existing walls right now. They use submarines in the gulf of mexico. They also do fly in... Just wait until DRONES start carrying bulk product. They will use those too. The only reason TRUMPTARD wants that wall is to put his name on it PERIOD! TRUMP for Prison 2020, his face will match his jumpsuit.
Leslie Joy Bates
Leslie Joy Bates 2 oy oldin
Wait, he did
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