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shadow girl
shadow girl 13 soat oldin
Nona, grandma, and abuelà all mean the same thing Shane 😂
Tick tock Flip flop SugaSeagull
I honestly thought my friend would be in one of these bc I gotta be honest she has cringy ass music.alys/ TikToks
Lugucv 14 soat oldin
"your dead abuela" FUCKING ICONIC
TabithaLynn 16 soat oldin
I watched this a year ago and its even funnier now 😂😂😂
Raion Kun oldin
1.Im like 2 years late to this vid.2.Liza Koshy is the only one that's good at Music.ly/Tiktok
Harley Quinn Forever
“Girls pee out of their ass right?” -Shane 2018
Harley Quinn Forever
What if in hell satan makes you watch these
It’s Merari not Merary
Musically who I only heard of tik tok
unknown user
unknown user 2 kun oldin
Shane: "Girls pee out of their ass, right?" Me: 😂🏥⚰🥀
Susie Arteaga
Susie Arteaga 2 kun oldin
Rip loren
AnaPriscilla G
AnaPriscilla G 3 kun oldin
Your dead abuela. Lmao
Macayla Manning
Macayla Manning 3 kun oldin
Shane: it’s not sexy it’s scary (the robotic dance thing 💀) Me: almost piss myself 😂😂
chaebaby in the cut
omfg when he said she peed on herself shane u are 2 funny
Angie Waugh
Angie Waugh 4 kun oldin
Love you Shane ❤️
Syntaxis Errorticá Biatch
"I hated that so much, omayghad... I needed to see it again."
Danaya Tate
Danaya Tate 4 kun oldin
I'm twelve, and my retinas burned watching them. I hate TIK TOK.
Cherish Reeves
Cherish Reeves 4 kun oldin
It’s funny that the front of this was a muser
Love Vocaloid
Love Vocaloid 4 kun oldin
Dead ABUELA! -Shane 2018
MUFF THE PUFF ! 5 kun oldin
It's Ya Girl Hope
It's Ya Girl Hope 6 kun oldin
4:52 how can you have 3 grandmothers 😂😂
Daniella Rangel
Daniella Rangel 6 kun oldin
6:20 😂😂
ᴀɴᴅʀᴇᴀ ʟᴘs
Loren: _shook_
Chasity _Gies
Chasity _Gies 6 kun oldin
2018 anyone?
Chasity _Gies
Chasity _Gies 6 kun oldin
Hi random person scrolling in the comments.
Katie Avery
Katie Avery 6 kun oldin
Nilofer Velu
Nilofer Velu 7 kun oldin
OML they all NEED Jesus in their lives
Klaire Kkk
Klaire Kkk 7 kun oldin
“ looks at fake deer, can you kill me?” XD
EmilyyMarie 7 kun oldin
6:38 MARK THOMAS?!?!
Bree chixk
Bree chixk 7 kun oldin
The boy at 5:45 looks like a old dude without his dentures 😂😂
MOBLIFE DRIFT 7 kun oldin
Musically!!SHANE!! Hi I'm Monica ,I'm using my son's account .dnt want any confusion!so any boo,my caught is on musically ! 18k fans ,it's been 3 years or maybe 2? Anyways,no crown !! Mm bummer! I feel it's a child trafficking site in the back of my head anyways! So the kids on there ,so lonely,so hurt,issues! Yep wait till your grow baby!!could we handle fame? If crowned!? Well I'm off subject for what I wanted to say ..ill message another video! K #1 fans ever ,we gotta talk! So much to tell you chow!!
Omayya Ab
Omayya Ab 7 kun oldin
you've either a 8 year old boy or a very stoned mother.
Megan D xx
Megan D xx 7 kun oldin
Do you change tops 🥰🥰😂😂😂😂🦖🦖🦖
The Kingdom
The Kingdom 8 kun oldin
Shane and I are the same in this.
Talie Doll
Talie Doll 8 kun oldin
Just 1,006,623 more subscribers till 20 million
Jasmine Perez
Jasmine Perez 8 kun oldin
Girl at 8:02 looks like she face swapped with someone lol
ashleigh mondragon
ashleigh mondragon 8 kun oldin
Shane then: why does this app still a thing Shane now:( has a Tik tok/ musically account )
Gooey Rainbow
Gooey Rainbow 9 kun oldin
Lil Hump
Jasmine Lindgren
Jasmine Lindgren 10 kun oldin
I wonder how many suicides occur after being roasted as a tween
Emily 11 kun oldin
No seriously, if you're going to start twerking, please at least have some sort of an ass, so it doesn't just look like window shattering
Official Willy
Official Willy 11 kun oldin
Lol wtf I didn't know top shakaz music was in here.
Rey_nesha laughs
Rey_nesha laughs 11 kun oldin
Hate the 3rd one
raniavaeda antolin
raniavaeda antolin 12 kun oldin
react to Jacob Sagititties
Stillated 12 kun oldin
"Make it stop whipping" K I N K Y
Lizzie15 12 kun oldin
Why are the other pravite 😭😭
Hannah Stocks
Hannah Stocks 12 kun oldin
Imagine being in one of these videos and saying to everyone you were in Shane Dawson’s video and them asking you which one then it turns out it’s this....
Lindsay Cottrell
Lindsay Cottrell 13 kun oldin
Musically is for pedos 😂😂😂
KaschloTV 13 kun oldin
love it hahaha. i also made a try bot to cringe challenge. would appreciate if you would check it out!
Midori 13 kun oldin
Wind machine?! Shane it’s called a fan!
Goldie 13 kun oldin
Song @2:43? I mean the song of the video of the girl moving her hands.
Emmareyn 23
Emmareyn 23 13 kun oldin
That funny because that’s my costume a Snapchat filter
Marrgot Quinn
Marrgot Quinn 14 kun oldin
Forgive me Noona oml I used to love musical.ly as a 13 year old now I regret my self
gUrL PLeAsE sHiShToOr
When he spoke Spanish I was *sHoOk* 🤣
Lily Mendes
Lily Mendes 14 kun oldin
Only you can make me laugh like a dying cat
Fluffin Gamer
Fluffin Gamer 14 kun oldin
Omg I love your little deer next to your lamp!🦌
aarockw123 14 kun oldin
What’s the song at 8:37??
Dumpling Studios
Dumpling Studios 14 kun oldin
Whip. .............. CREAM hehehehe
Rose Greyz
Rose Greyz 15 kun oldin
Did he just say grandma three things?
Anita Olea
Anita Olea 15 kun oldin
Jacob sartorius the king of cringe
bucky mcbarnes
bucky mcbarnes 15 kun oldin
8:37 HIGHKEY she’s pretty
bucky mcbarnes
bucky mcbarnes 15 kun oldin
6:24 OMG
Hannah Willis
Hannah Willis 15 kun oldin
You can’t have Jesus strangling himself in your tits 😂😂😂
Amason Little
Amason Little 16 kun oldin
7:40 "family love makes me cringe bc I just don't get it"😂😂 ME TOO
Iced Dork
Iced Dork 16 kun oldin
2:19 I'm just gonna say it, the girl who did the grind, messed it up. It look like she fell.
E.V.A. 16 kun oldin
Shane should've waited two years and tried not to cringe to tik tok
Himaya Warusavithana
“I don’t like the robot dancing” 😂😂
Sandra Lavickait
Sandra Lavickait 17 kun oldin
"I don't like this robot dancing it makes me uncomfortable" - shane @ 5:32
Cree Santiago
Cree Santiago 17 kun oldin
"Fuckboy robots" LMAO
Cree Santiago
Cree Santiago 17 kun oldin
Shane I've been watching you since I was like 10 & I still love you 😂😂😂
Delaney Ebel
Delaney Ebel 17 kun oldin
R Ro Rob Robo Robot Robot D Robot Da Robot Dan Robot Danc Robot Danci Robot Dancin Robot Dancing Robot Dancin Robot Danci Robot Danc Robot Dan Robot Da Robot D Robot Robo Rob Ro R
Brenda Nandin
Brenda Nandin 17 kun oldin
love yourself and YouTube
Who else clicked cos of Loren?
Piano Cover
Piano Cover 18 kun oldin
I miss these videos 💔
Addy Styles
Addy Styles 18 kun oldin
OHK Shane got captivated by Kristen...Yass the ultimate musically Queen
IJust Sqwid
IJust Sqwid 19 kun oldin
I’m just surprised I’m not on here I am cringey Also welcome to the twenty first century Shane kids say bad words and everything is messed up =3=
Nataly Reyes
Nataly Reyes 19 kun oldin
AlexandraMaria 19 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dying
Bryana Hunt
Bryana Hunt 19 kun oldin
Shane she is not at an aquarium Because there was a drawer and that was a fish background
Veggie Lexa
Veggie Lexa 19 kun oldin
ahaha definitely lost the challenge 😅
Payton 20 kun oldin
“Got the girl scout for the low” Shane: what does that meannnn 😂
Payton 20 kun oldin
I love how the little girl at 4:30 looks over her shoulder for her parents before pulling her shirt up lmao
Cynthia_ 1991
Cynthia_ 1991 20 kun oldin
The only reason He should be dancing is because because chucky cheese has a discount ME: WHEEREEEEEEEE 😂
Mya Soto
Mya Soto 20 kun oldin
I love Shane's series he has going on now but I miss these they are everything 😂
Brinley Rinehart
Brinley Rinehart 20 kun oldin
He’s kinda pervy
Madelynn Butter
Madelynn Butter 20 kun oldin
its called hip dancing
Debra Cuff
Debra Cuff 20 kun oldin
You are funny and cute! Just LOVE your personality 🤗
soccerchick9841 21 kun oldin
XXGacha._.GirlXX XD
XXGacha._.GirlXX XD 21 kun oldin
If you go on mine Katie._.Cat_123 it has so much cringe xD
AshPlaya 22 kun oldin
You have to be 12 and over to do this
beck 401082
beck 401082 22 kun oldin
'you cant lip synch to that WOOOOORRRDDD not if your 9 or 12 or have a top bun'
Anonymous Human
Anonymous Human 22 kun oldin
They need some milk!
Freya Whitham
Freya Whitham 22 kun oldin
I got a TikTok ad
S B.
S B. 22 kun oldin
Rafael Cantero
Rafael Cantero 23 kun oldin
The last one was a real brat and ass hole and bich
Emily's Life
Emily's Life 23 kun oldin
Y is this the only thing that can amuse me right now my fan page insta shane.biggest.fan
Indie-Rose Thoburn
Indie-Rose Thoburn 23 kun oldin
6:16 that’s a dance move that i do cuz I’m a street dancer 😂
sister bitch
sister bitch 23 kun oldin
*c r i n g e o v e r l o a d*
Hana Te Iorangi Pirrie Ashworth
*Heart face* shane wtf is a heart face
Maggie Msp
Maggie Msp 23 kun oldin
Omg ur hair is so beautiful
Rachel Tokoly Jones
Rachel Tokoly Jones 24 kun oldin
Where's ur parents Living for that statement
Octavia 25 kun oldin
I cringed a unhealthy amount of times during this video
4 yil oldin
Yil oldin