Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food

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Teens & College Kids try not to eat Disney food!
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food




7-Fev, 2019

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REACT 9 kun oldin
Which of these foods would you eat in a heartbeat? Because those pies.... 👀🔥 Also, I know we've been talking about it a ton across all of FBE's Channels, but we're so, so excited about being able to share the SuperFam with you all. If you'd like to support all of us here just a little bit more, you can join by clicking on "Join" above! And if you're not seeing the "Join" button, you can click here: uzvid.com/u-Reactjoin Thank you for supporting us all & our company! You’re all amazing! - FBE Team
bigpuglover33 2 soat oldin
I wouldn't eat any of them. GRAY STUFF AT THE END!
Seth Corn
Seth Corn 5 soat oldin
REACT here I give the food list from the sponge bob clips Pizza from pizza delivery Krabby patty and kelp fries Pretty patties from pretty patties Milkshake from milkshake mistake Ice cream and meals from sponge bob square pants movie And the punishment is ketchup and onions and dirt sundae from something smells
Widad Rahman
Widad Rahman 6 soat oldin
The spinach puffs and honey flan would’ve gotten me 😂
Faith Maley
Faith Maley Kun oldin
I actually wanna try the bug from the Lion King!
Sidney Murphy
Sidney Murphy 31 daqiqa oldin
Slimy .. yet satisfying 😸🐛
Hát Để Đổi Đời
Hát Để Đổi Đời 39 daqiqa oldin
Evelyn Beaton
Evelyn Beaton 39 daqiqa oldin
Omg Darius just bring chill eating the bigs and then jade just freaking is funny 🤣
Valeria Orellana
Valeria Orellana 44 daqiqa oldin
Beignets lol I actually waited in line in New Orleans just to have that it was the best desert EVER waited in line for two hours so freaking worth it
Shana B
Shana B 59 daqiqa oldin
Lol omg such a good episode
Hey! Just posted a new video! Come to my channel!
Poshe Pss 7U7
Poshe Pss 7U7 Soat oldin
Por fín veo subtítulos en español, wow, que genial!
Jane Soat oldin
I believe the bug is a roasted mealworm or wax worm. Both options are mild in flavor and very delicious, and if that's chocolate on the plate... point is, it's good.
Umaira Ali
Umaira Ali Soat oldin
Jane it’s a bug chill
Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time Soat oldin
Where can I get beignets? In California in LA
AlyssaMarie2253 38 daqiqa oldin
The only real beignets are in NOLA. The ones they made here were not like the ones at cafe Du Monde! Nowhere makes them like NOLA
Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time Soat oldin
+Ms Squishy Stuff omg thanks so much
Ms Squishy Stuff
Ms Squishy Stuff Soat oldin
Once Upon a Time also there’s a cafe called The Jewel of New Orleans in LA
Sister Kenzie
Sister Kenzie 2 soat oldin
Am I the only one that could've won this challenge, didn't like any 😂
Brennan Kretzinger
Brennan Kretzinger 2 soat oldin
I have always wanted to try the binays
Philany Palacio
Philany Palacio 2 soat oldin
Brennan Kretzinger beignet*
bigpuglover33 2 soat oldin
benedryl cumberbatch
i knew it was gonna be the bugs from the beginning ....... yikes
Djordje Aleksić
Djordje Aleksić 2 soat oldin
12:11 this part reminds me just how close you guys have grown together
Madison Ventura
Madison Ventura 2 soat oldin
I saw Snow White and I knew it was over she's my favorite Disney princess and Snow White is my favorite movie 😭😭❤️😂
Nugget Games
Nugget Games 2 soat oldin
They should react to surreal Entertainment
MCcookieGaming 2 soat oldin
Jade passed up a food. That is surprising.
Mae and Mads World
Mae and Mads World 2 soat oldin
I am in Disneyland and watching this
thesweetienicole 2 soat oldin
i would fail this challenge over and over again
thesweetienicole 2 soat oldin
food just like disney? 😭😭😭
Definetly Not A Roblox Duck
Kids react to surreal entertainment
Brenda Diodoro
Brenda Diodoro 3 soat oldin
Do more plzzzzz
Haha noobs lol MEGA OOF
*cajun food is my people*
Always Fangirl
Always Fangirl 3 soat oldin
I really enjoy the pain that the other guy feel when their partner eat the food. ¡MADE MORE DISNEY FOOD! PS. And react to 'Woman's World' by Little Mix, please.
Viola Fontellio
Viola Fontellio 3 soat oldin
5:38 he took the red pill from Shane
Peanut Butter no Jelly
Plot twist: This was really made to torture us...
The Latiator
The Latiator 3 soat oldin
"Oh it's a big boy"
BB Gaming
BB Gaming 3 soat oldin
5:50 *chef fist bumps other chef*
Danielle Ruiz
Danielle Ruiz 3 soat oldin
Kids react to x plz
Derpy Pikachu!
Derpy Pikachu! 4 soat oldin
Gimme food.
Ismail Ahmed
Ismail Ahmed 4 soat oldin
Just saying, but whats the point of not eating anymore food your still gonna have the punishment at 1 eaten.
Melissa Randall
Melissa Randall 3 soat oldin
because they had to eat a bug for each dish they eat
Evelyn 4 soat oldin
Good decision I made was to watch this while eating a snack 😂
panic ! 57
panic ! 57 4 soat oldin
I'm surprised they didn't do the stuff from ratituie
Natalie Yuan
Natalie Yuan 4 soat oldin
“maybe this will change your life” “it could, it could, but u kno, i like to wave at those moments as they pass me by”🤣🤣😂
mae smith
mae smith 4 soat oldin
“oh! it tastes like the things at the bottom of a bird cage” “or like... a bug” LMFAO
poetry. ze
poetry. ze 4 soat oldin
literally i live in louisiana, those are NOT authentic beignets. not even close actually.
poetry. ze
poetry. ze 3 soat oldin
+AtomicWhiskers the issue that i saw was the texture. a beignet is basically a mirror of the texture of a donut (light, airy, fluffy) while that mimics a cake (flat and dense). i do get what you mean though.
Bts Yoongi
Bts Yoongi 4 soat oldin
poetry. ze cool...
AtomicWhiskers 4 soat oldin
poetry. ze they look exactly like the regular ones based on a quick google search, but maybe there are variations
Mila Ilieva
Mila Ilieva 4 soat oldin
I love try not to eat videos. I mean the food looks sooo delicious. I wish I could try these small yummy things. 🥧 Maybe next time try the food from F.R.I.E.N.D.S☂️ there are so many things.🍧 Love you all.🌹
FonderGaming 45
FonderGaming 45 4 soat oldin
Mila Ilieva omg yes such a good idea
Tara Fenimore
Tara Fenimore 5 soat oldin
M P 5 soat oldin
What Is the name of the first movie ?
Bts Yoongi
Bts Yoongi 3 soat oldin
The emperors new grove
Sage James
Sage James 5 soat oldin
The emperors new groove
Gea Salas
Gea Salas 5 soat oldin
I want the gray stuff
Dianny 5 soat oldin
🎶try the gray stuff, it's delicious 🎶
Burnt Turtles
Burnt Turtles 5 soat oldin
Princess and the Frog was one of my favorite Disney movies! I just love the animation and how everything looks! (The story plot is good too)
Widad Rahman
Widad Rahman 6 soat oldin
Michelle is a mood 😂
Shamiya and Darien TV 2
Am I the only person who thinks that Carson looks like Tom Holland?
T Marsh
T Marsh 6 soat oldin
I love eating bugs!
Bts Yoongi
Bts Yoongi 3 soat oldin
T Marsh ......................
Elizabeth Webber
Elizabeth Webber 6 soat oldin
Carson was cute
Nathan Mendes
Nathan Mendes 6 soat oldin
The grey stuff was basically red velvet cake. Wow. Not worth it
Sophia Barnard
Sophia Barnard 6 soat oldin
Those beignets look so flat... the ones I make are more puffy like the movie
Ella Genius
Ella Genius 6 soat oldin
Madison kinda looks like dove camron
VMeGaMRedZV 6 soat oldin
0:40 $40 dollar for a churro sold at Disneyland?! 😨 WTF!
BunQuake Vidz
BunQuake Vidz 5 soat oldin
They’re usually around $5 lol
thea 6 soat oldin
he was exaggerating , because they are super expensive
KrYptiC Dm0N
KrYptiC Dm0N 6 soat oldin
TBH love the video, it's just I don't get it when they eat 1 dish and they pass the next one it's over you might as well eat all the dishes LMFAO😂🤣🤣
Majin Smug
Majin Smug 6 soat oldin
Fr 😂😂
Hamna 7 soat oldin
I would eat everything no matter what the punishment 😂
Jessica Collins
Jessica Collins 7 soat oldin
Try foods from chronicles of Narnia
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom 7 soat oldin
* Says she was thinking of p & the frog 5 seconds later after watching*
harajukukid126 7 soat oldin
But wait whats the point of cooking food for them NOT to eat it lmao. But okaaaay
nazely 7 soat oldin
i'm good at not eating
S I L M O N 7 soat oldin
What is flan or whatever is it??
shaniraland 5 soat oldin
It's really good, I've tried caramel and it is so delicious! Give it a try if you ever get a chance :)
lae u
lae u 6 soat oldin
Really nasty food
S I L M O N 7 soat oldin
+Janine Blackmur ok thanks :)
Janine Blackmur
Janine Blackmur 7 soat oldin
S I L M O N its a custard that sets like jell-o and is normally vanilla with a caramel sauce
нυrrιcane 7 soat oldin
Cafe Du Monde has the real deal.
Brookie 7 soat oldin
I want these foods I don’t care if I would have had to eat a bug I want that food
Jelee Boura
Jelee Boura 7 soat oldin
I live farther down in Louisiana than New Orleans... and let me tell yall... it gets more Cajun the more you go!
KPDWMSER shadowangel
« It’s like- it’s like airy you know? » - love that 😂
Youthought 7 soat oldin
Those beignets don’t even look authentic 😂. In New Orleans they’re way bigger and fluffier
KWitch 7 soat oldin
Carson kinda looks like Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys..so hot
Unicorn Love
Unicorn Love 8 soat oldin
I would have been so good at this,like seriously!
Disneyo 100
Disneyo 100 8 soat oldin
I would eat everything! I mean... Come on! It's Disney food! 😌😂
Julia’s Diet
Julia’s Diet 8 soat oldin
I love how everyone how everyone is making excuses to try the food
B Reed
B Reed 8 soat oldin
Do try not to eat shrek food
Arelis Aaaa
Arelis Aaaa 8 soat oldin
lila hidalgo
lila hidalgo 9 soat oldin
Seriously?! Bugs are actually pretty good, their makin themselves look like over reactive drama queens! Hehe!
The Real Samera
The Real Samera 9 soat oldin
What is flan?
Janine Blackmur
Janine Blackmur 7 soat oldin
its a custard that sets like jell-o and is normally vanilla with a caramel sauce
em g
em g 8 soat oldin
The Real Samera something so amazingg it taste really good
Alexandria Merie
Alexandria Merie 9 soat oldin
@10:27 her reaction made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself😂😂😂
SK Clan
SK Clan 9 soat oldin
Iam KaylynIrie
Iam KaylynIrie 9 soat oldin
I’m fina drive on down to cafe du monde in Kenner and get me some beignets
kalyanee dursun
kalyanee dursun 9 soat oldin
i would like to eat those bugs
Dinand van Pelt
Dinand van Pelt 9 soat oldin
I dont get iT if you ate something you get the punishment Anyway so wy dont they eat everything
James Tott
James Tott 8 soat oldin
Because if they eat everything then they have to eat every bug
unnecessary opinion
unnecessary opinion 9 soat oldin
Dinand van Pelt they gotta eat as many insects as the dishes they ate, so if they ate three that means they gotta eat three bugs. At least that was the punishment.
Charlotte.dh5m 9 soat oldin
Because they get a punishment for each food that they eat, so if they are 3 of the dishes, later, they will eat 3 bugs, etc etc
Dinand van Pelt
Dinand van Pelt 9 soat oldin
You didnt read it right. I Said if they eat something they Will get a punishment so if they eat something they will get the punishment anyway so why dont they eat everything if they already failed
NightcoreAddiction 9 soat oldin
Because its irresistible.
ɾɑղժօʍ Թɑղժɑ
I wish there was a "Try to eat challange" I would join boi
Noor Nation
Noor Nation 10 soat oldin
i would eat all the food if i was in this
Abby Justine
Abby Justine 10 soat oldin
ItzWolfie 10 soat oldin
I can win that defentilly
Ava Strachan
Ava Strachan 10 soat oldin
Zane channel
ahmed 10 soat oldin
Madison and Michelle are big vets
Inflamora Notoris
Inflamora Notoris 10 soat oldin
The funny thing... I would win a "Do not eat" challenge XD
imagixea 10 soat oldin
Omg it’s been a while sice I’ve seen Tyler he’s so tall now my god
Bella _ Noodles _ 323
Bella _ Noodles _ 323 11 soat oldin
Jade looks like Olympia lol😂😂
Mariah Lynn
Mariah Lynn 12 soat oldin
Its a wafer it’s a wafer ✋🏼 don’t talk to me! 😂 favorite part
Torianah Bias
Torianah Bias 13 soat oldin
I would’ve Eaten everything too 🤣🥀
Empress황후 13 soat oldin
The guy in red ❤️😍
Molnár Andrea
Molnár Andrea 14 soat oldin
I expected the pie to come with bird footprints and the text on it
Amy Rao
Amy Rao 14 soat oldin
Gimme a like and sub! ;)
1,000 subscribers without videos_Eva
Amy Rao why
Spacekruxo 15 soat oldin
They should of done the cake from LILO and stitch the one stitch eats before lilo can
Parallaxus 15 soat oldin
Those beignets would have definitely been worth a bug, I think.
Justin Angelo Alvarez
Justin Angelo Alvarez 15 soat oldin
This has been one of your more successful and entertaining series...keep doing it... I love it...
Natty minecraft player
This makes me hungry
Glacier Prince
Glacier Prince 15 soat oldin
Only thing I wouldn't touch is the pie. Never been able to eat any kind of pie, though I do torture myself once a year so my family can have their Thanksgiving photos/videos/memories. I'd totally take the bugs tho. I regularly eat spiders to scare friends of friends for laughs :D
Grace Gonzalez
Grace Gonzalez 11 soat oldin
Glacier Prince yeah I can’t eat pie either it’s just to sweet 😬
Blaise Payne
Blaise Payne 16 soat oldin
Lol I would rather the bugs
jg 16 soat oldin
Hi michelle
Corrina Ferreira
Corrina Ferreira 16 soat oldin
Wonder if they felt a crawl under their skin * badumtss!*
Nepali Gamer Crespal
Nepali Gamer Crespal 16 soat oldin
eat all of it Don't waste food
DT 1999
DT 1999 11 soat oldin
Ikr like if ya gonna taste the food eat it ALL😂😂
Itz_Via Xox
Itz_Via Xox 16 soat oldin
Nepali Gamer Crespal lol
Itz_Via Xox
Itz_Via Xox 16 soat oldin
May I sign up please? ._. 😂
Daze_ Co
Daze_ Co 16 soat oldin
Can I sign up..? XD
Itz_Via Xox
Itz_Via Xox 16 soat oldin
Daze_ Co lol
4Eva Dre Studios
4Eva Dre Studios 17 soat oldin
11:15-11:20 😂😂😂
Taylor Michelle
Taylor Michelle 17 soat oldin
I already tried the grey stuff at Disneyland so I would eat everything. Bugs would be worth it.
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