Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food

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Teens & College Kids try not to eat Disney food!
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food




7-Fev, 2019



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REACT 2 oy oldin
Which of these foods would you eat in a heartbeat? Because those pies.... 👀🔥 Also, I know we've been talking about it a ton across all of FBE's Channels, but we're so, so excited about being able to share the SuperFam with you all. If you'd like to support all of us here just a little bit more, you can join by clicking on "Join" above! And if you're not seeing the "Join" button, you can click here: uzvid.com/u-Reactjoin Thank you for supporting us all & our company! You’re all amazing! - FBE Team
analu Dominguez
every single one of these foods
Viviana V.
Viviana V. Oy oldin
Can you guys do theses next (please) -Cloudy with a chance of meatballs -grinch -fantastic mr. fox
FBI Oy oldin
REACT I Would literally eat all of them
Aadil Ghaniwala
Do a try not to eat challenge: Games food
Bryan Santos Maya
BentNeck Lady
BentNeck Lady Oy oldin
*Everyday Challenge*
Jenna R
Jenna R Oy oldin
as someone who is a cajun, i eat beignets like everyday
ITMeCE Oy oldin
That pie looked nothing like the movie...
R.H Music
R.H Music Oy oldin
Am I the only one who noticed the way she said "new-orlins" yes?... Cool, moving on.
Itz Chazzie
Itz Chazzie Oy oldin
R.H Music that’s the right way to say it
Christina C
Christina C Oy oldin
Flan in the face
Papa Morde
Papa Morde Oy oldin
12:05 close your eyes
alaya bhalla
alaya bhalla Oy oldin
Lowkey wanna marry Carson
NGC Studios -Niran Casab
I Would rather eat EVERYTHING and at the end eat worms
NGC Studios -Niran Casab
This video's make me hungry 😝
Mr Dan Master
Mr Dan Master Oy oldin
Bugs are fine.
manha 95
manha 95 Oy oldin
can y'all like sell these foods
Galaxy cat Studios
Yeah seek it to us
Ayana Calimlim
Punchy Peach Doe
Challenge. Do not eat. EAT!🤷‍♀️
Jahseh Onfroy
Jahseh Onfroy Oy oldin
What if they didn’t eat the insect just left it there, what would’ve happened?
JIKOOK love Oy oldin
Its Tea time
Its Tea time Oy oldin
Now I wanna eat that too... *Wow*
Sharingan Amaterasu
6:33 Ary: It's so warm" Carson: "Laughs" Me: "That's what she said"
Susan Foster
Susan Foster Oy oldin
Try not to touch
The ochoa fam OCHOA
I have always wanted to try Disney food🥐
Kole Dupe
Kole Dupe Oy oldin
Ary looks like an adult Mavis
GG Redzy
GG Redzy Oy oldin
3:15 deadass ate 10 of these last time in new Orleans😂
Doritp Oy oldin
Wth did they only take a little bite
AnimeDweeb Oy oldin
Gg Carson
Gachagirl Lamsheung
Maybe do a wayside try not to eat challenge
BlueJ Oy oldin
Darius is super cute! I love his voice.
1k Oy oldin
I would have eaten everything
Nadine taylor
Nadine taylor Oy oldin
Every Disney movie food I saw, I’ve always wanted to try tbh.
kaee. Oy oldin
_this was nice. i like Disney. :)_ (idk what to type to get likes, so i typed this. don’t roast me.)
0BlaiddDrwg0 Oy oldin
as soon as you tried it you HAVE to like it. and even if its just to doom the other one too. lol
Nadine taylor
Nadine taylor Oy oldin
Madison and Michelle are me
KoMoDo_BrO5 Oy oldin
The only things I would’ve eaten wouda been the those powdered sugar delights from heaven and the pie
Danielle Lunaa
Why does jade look like Olympia from bird box I’m sorry. 😂😂😭😭
Nicolas Clark
Nicolas Clark Oy oldin
I actually wish this wasn't even a challenge.
what is the name of the first clip
Sophia Haggray
XYNHA GAMING_PH emperors new groove
Ryavozz Oy oldin
Soooooo, No ratatouille?
Ryavozz Oy oldin
+Nicolas Clark That makes more sense now
Nicolas Clark
Nicolas Clark Oy oldin
They did Ratatouille in an earlier try not to eat video.
Mike Harloff
Mike Harloff Oy oldin
4:06 Tyler: Omigad the syrup Me: ItS *hOnEyYyYyY*
Nikki Romanuk
Nikki Romanuk Oy oldin
I dont even like those 4 foods
Kelsie B
Kelsie B Oy oldin
I think the foods looks worth it to eat the bugs
MultiPaco06 Oy oldin
here in Mexico we eat bugs all the time and it would have been a win-win situation
MultiPaco06 Oy oldin
Mexico city, we eat chapulines, gusanos de maguey, escamoles (ants larvae)
Pure Plot
Pure Plot Oy oldin
Dawg what part of mexico is you living at ive been here for 2 years never once have i eaten a bug o seen someone eat a bug
Mizu Mori
Mizu Mori Oy oldin
Who else ships Carson and Ary???..
Amira Widagdo
Amira Widagdo Oy oldin
React to Red Velvet's MV and Performances
Since When
Since When Oy oldin
*Low key jealous of Ary’s and Carson’s friendship*
Since When
Since When Oy oldin
Carson: quotes pirates of the Caribbean Me: *a true man* 👌🏼
TheVineGirl Roleplayer
*You can’t say no to food* 😏
Jaycas Gamer
Jaycas Gamer Oy oldin
Hello diabetes my old friend
Trinitee Newman
I mean camryn
Trinitee Newman
I thought Madison was Dov Cameramen
I think she looks more like whoever played Charlie on Gossip Girl
Doggo DaDog
Doggo DaDog Oy oldin
Honestly this wouldn’t be hard for me because the only thing I saw I liked was ‘the grey stuff’ because it has red velvet which is my fav cake flavor
nae nae
nae nae Oy oldin
Them beignets ain't the real thing bc i Iive in Louisiana and they are puffer
Jordan Myles
Jordan Myles Oy oldin
Rick and morty
thomas limbu
thomas limbu Oy oldin
Why whould they eat it when they can just eat it at the end
Carson only got to eat the grey stuff, which is pretty clearly patte in the movie and not a poop emoji shaped cupcake
IceMetalPunk Oy oldin
Who said they could eat it at the end?
Sploxy 123
Sploxy 123 Oy oldin
Carson stayed strong, I’m happy someone won...
Bear Jew
Bear Jew Oy oldin
I would just eat everything then walk out
Quack Oy oldin
Laurels Beans be gone
I would just eat it all
Nights of ren /first order
I would eat 2 why
aimee trudgian
They're not toddlers. If the challenge is not to eat it then just not eat it 😕 not exactly a challenge
aimee trudgian
+Bryton and Maggies life me? 😂 How old do you have to be to understand not to eat? I have my own house and 3 kids 🤷🏻
Bryton and Maggies life
Actually it would be pretty hard to do, obviously you're not old enough to understand
Sly OldFox
Sly OldFox Oy oldin
it's my wrong to watch this at 4 AM!
Bear Jew
Bear Jew Oy oldin
Lol it 2 in the afternoon for me
Raul Sierra
Raul Sierra Oy oldin
Why don't they make a try to eat challenge it can't be very delicious I mean like I would like to be in that challenge cuz I'm just getting hungry just by looking at it
Pungi Oy oldin
6:13 “why am I doing this to myself?, I’m just not gonna look at it” *looks back at it*
Vince Sneak
Vince Sneak Oy oldin
6:34 that’s what she said.......
Vignesh Chinnaswamy
Good thing I wasn’t in this. I would have ate everything
Khali Kush
Khali Kush Oy oldin
@react could you pleeeeaaaasssseeeee for the love of God do a try not to eat Nickelodeon foods!!!!! Especially, the KRABBY PATTY!!
smol child
smol child Oy oldin
Tyler F grew up so fast
red coke99
red coke99 Oy oldin
11:09 is funny to me sorry
d00e Oy oldin
red coke99 for tho like how she like Having a seizure and the guys just all chill
Little Sade
Little Sade Oy oldin
12:38 Shes my favorite out of all of them
Dazedcve Oy oldin
I have two weaknesses 1. Food 2. Food
Aaya Oy oldin
What was the name of the first movie ?
smol child
smol child Oy oldin
Gacha Katkay
Gacha Katkay Oy oldin
Emperor’s new groove
gabrielle jones
Aaya emperor’s new groove
David Zhang
David Zhang Oy oldin
I would’ve ate everything
carli dolphin
carli dolphin Oy oldin
don't forget Dobby day its june 11th don't forget to were your weird socks preferably mismatched
Frances Brooks
Max Blackout
Max Blackout Oy oldin
Mikaela is cute.
Chiquita Downs
The way I love food I would have failed
Detective Djwizard
When I think of flan I just remember that one courage the cowardly dog episode
Unicorn Bite
Unicorn Bite Oy oldin
Detective Djwizard OMG YEEEES
Lili Rodas
Lili Rodas Oy oldin
Detective Djwizard hahaha yes
Detective Djwizard
Try not to eat with ghibli food
ItzTootman Oy oldin
Am I the only that heard something else? 1:22
ItzTootman Oy oldin
Adrina Davis but the name is crunk
Adrina Davis
Adrina Davis Oy oldin
ItzTootman i LoVe CrOcK
Can we get 1000 a subscribers but no videos?
I don’t really like Jason sorry
YodaWars 1000
YodaWars 1000 Oy oldin
Play this video in 0.5x speed 😂
Elaine Yu
Elaine Yu Oy oldin
I would fail this challenge
Jotape Castellain
darius is just só chill
Aj Demon
Aj Demon Oy oldin
Do Nepali food challenge it is very famous food
olivia braley
olivia braley Oy oldin
bro I couldn’t I’d shove the whole plate down my throat
Bunny Cupcake
Bunny Cupcake Oy oldin
olivia braley lol
Agustin Magana
ginger YT
ginger YT Oy oldin
Passing on the food is the true punishment
Lucy Jf
Lucy Jf Oy oldin
Lucky me I'm vegetarian
Baby AJ
Baby AJ Oy oldin
Ary is a EMO girl
Anne Gummy Channel
Amber In The Jewel House I know she looks SO emu but I think she looks prettiest
Baby AJ
Baby AJ Oy oldin
Can you do sour VS sweet
MrAlexLowen Oy oldin
have these kids ever seen a pie before...?
MissesKitty Oy oldin
Get yourself full before doing this
M M Oy oldin
only person one thats crazy
ZEDster Oy oldin
This michelle chick is the girl my mom warned me not to fall inlove with but still did.
couldn't use the name I wanted to
"I love Crock"
Sam Oy oldin
I was looking for this 😂
Doge and Uni
Doge and Uni Oy oldin
Can you do gacha life or gachaverse food even though its not famous, please i just want to! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😫😫😩😩
Isabella Martinez
Flan is literally my only weakness I come from a Cuban family like both my parents were born in Cuba so imagínate tú que no me guste el flan lmaoo
Mickey Oy oldin
i would eat everything 😂😂
Mackenzie Oy oldin
Carson looks like jughead off of riverdale
Deedee Thora
Deedee Thora Oy oldin
Stop with the dam buzzer! I want to see them enjoy the foods!
Lanies Inside Stuff
2:58 omg i live where the the Cajun food is plentiful (aka Louisiana lol)
Lanies Inside Stuff
+V Larsen omg me too! I live in lafayette tho 😅😇😥
V Larsen
V Larsen Oy oldin
I’ve been to NOLA two times and I’ve loved it and want to go back!!
Lanies Inside Stuff
+B Hammons what is your favorite Cajun food? Mine is gumbo !!! I always love when people say they live in Louisiana too!!!😊😊👍👍😂😂😇😇
B Hammons
B Hammons Oy oldin
That makes 2 of us!
Jaycee Wamer
Jaycee Wamer Oy oldin
that dude TORE the pie apart FOR WHAT
Jaycee Wamer
Jaycee Wamer Oy oldin
V Larsen
V Larsen Oy oldin
Jaycee Wamer HAHA there was a fork RIGHT there!
Joker Rose Gaming
I would walk out, lol!
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