Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

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Simpsons food tried by Adults.
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food




10-Yan, 2019



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REACT 2 oy oldin
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Savage. fernandaa
Savage. fernandaa 18 kun oldin
REACT I wanna be part of the team 😭😭💗
sabira alam
sabira alam 19 kun oldin
REACT recipes? 😅😭😭💖 plz upload the recipes soo hungry right now 😭
Nia perry
Nia perry 28 kun oldin
Do cooking mama!
Joantan Madrigal
Joantan Madrigal 29 kun oldin
Nice vid
Louise COLLINS 3 soat oldin
9:31 „This is kinda like cute, like it‘s totally my aesthetic.“ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
SrMz- Trickster
SrMz- Trickster 8 soat oldin
Jonathan reminds me of Kevin from the office
The Pretty of the Odd
Jim,,,, buddy,,, no one knew you were a cop about to eat a donut until After you said it,,,,
Cam 123
Cam 123 17 soat oldin
R u sure this is try NOT to eat...
Now Cool
Now Cool 23 soat oldin
I was eating spaghetti
Incognito Mode
Incognito Mode 14 soat oldin
Mom's spaghetti
ohyeahyeahpanda 23 soat oldin
It’s like ten o’ clock
Lina M
Lina M Kun oldin
You can buy the Simpson donut at 7eleven if ands bright pink and really good 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dimayia McGee
Dimayia McGee 2 kun oldin
How do you even get on this youtube videos?
Crimson YT
Crimson YT 12 daqiqa oldin
Dimayia McGee you have to audition
Breck bear
Breck bear 2 kun oldin
Plz do try not to eat Bob's burgers next
victoria smash
victoria smash 2 kun oldin
*im hungry*
victoria smash
victoria smash 2 kun oldin
ok but can i like, be on one of these episodes- *PLEASE*
You have to audition
James Smith
James Smith 2 kun oldin
What would happen if a looser just grabbed the winner food and ate it and chucked the looser food at a wall
Scuba69191 2 kun oldin
They probably would either be laughed at and take it as a joke. Or they wouldn't get their paycheck for that episode. Or FBE would cut ties with them.
JC and Marcus
JC and Marcus 2 kun oldin
I. Need. Those. MOON WAFFLES! 1 like= 1 moon waffle
Traci Jenkins
Traci Jenkins 3 kun oldin
Am i the only one that thinks Alberto looks like Diggy from live and maddie?
sisters yuh
sisters yuh 3 kun oldin
do max and ruby foodsss
Lovely Light
Lovely Light 3 kun oldin
Jim: And I like food!!!! me too Jim
Kaylin 3121
Kaylin 3121 3 kun oldin
I wanna eat Homer’s pink donut! I remember seeing it at Universal Studios Florida and it was so big.
Lisette Garcia
Lisette Garcia 3 kun oldin
Pink frosted sprinkled doughnuts are real, just rare.
Satisfied Squad
Satisfied Squad 3 kun oldin
Do u hire?
always honey
always honey 3 kun oldin
Can sign up
Random Commenter
Random Commenter 4 kun oldin
Jim looks like he could be Tom's dad.
Carlos TM
Carlos TM 4 kun oldin
No steamed hams?
Funnehcake Gurl!
Funnehcake Gurl! 4 kun oldin
I want to try the rib wich! 😟
Lol UWotM8?
Lol UWotM8? 4 kun oldin
Where's Edd secret sauce
Caleb Schmidt
Caleb Schmidt 4 kun oldin
You should try these foods: Parks and Rec - Turkey leg inside of a hamburger The office- Kevin’s Famous Chili Month old Chinese food- Brooklyn Nine Nine Meat Tornado- Parks and Rec
g hj
g hj 4 kun oldin
There should be a try to eat challenge where theres disgusting food and they have to eat it
Eve's Gacha Wonderland
I honestly would not give 5 oofs about the punishment and just eat everything
TatlTails39 4 kun oldin
ngl I was waiting for Steamed Hams
Kids Fun and Learn
Kids Fun and Learn 4 kun oldin
Adele Bowman
Adele Bowman 5 kun oldin
I love Ary in these vids. She always eats everything like "idgaf about the punishment" yes girl! 😂
Alicia Metters
Alicia Metters 5 kun oldin
Ari, you are cool Girl!💯👍🏾
Jack Wright
Jack Wright 5 kun oldin
I’d just eat it all then grab the food at the end and run XD
DukeJcode - Destiny and Overwatch
Where’s Flander’s hot coco from the Simpsons movie
XoLulbaby Xo
XoLulbaby Xo 5 kun oldin
Why the hell do they keep losing 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ like wtf cmonnnn do better and be stronger. You should make them eat the whole punishment if they lose.
Yes i am Ugly
Yes i am Ugly 5 kun oldin
60% that watched this video win because they only watch them eating
Caio Reis
Caio Reis 5 kun oldin
Officer Jim ! From “Nailed It “ !
nick diaz
nick diaz 5 kun oldin
Yes he came I was shocked
Tracy Ward
Tracy Ward 5 kun oldin
She said she would go down for a donut
XoLulbaby Xo
XoLulbaby Xo 5 kun oldin
Tracy Ward right like wtf
Lyestte Mohr
Lyestte Mohr 5 kun oldin
Welp i would've won none of that looked good
sicko mode
sicko mode 5 kun oldin
That Rib-wich looks so good
C u B e
C u B e 5 kun oldin
Jim's very strong
Auryel Perkins
Auryel Perkins 5 kun oldin
I’m eight years old
Auryel Perkins
Auryel Perkins 5 kun oldin
My dream is to be on your show
Poramo5 5 kun oldin
Auryel Perkins Keep dreaming my friend we all want to be.
Kimberly Keney
Kimberly Keney 6 kun oldin
You should try not to eat chicken nuggets and the punishment is 10 slugs and you have to eat them all
Enzo Benz
Enzo Benz 6 kun oldin
Can I join your channel
Francesca Sosa Reyes
8:15 me when I eat to much
Francesca Sosa Reyes
LOL why am I keep missing 8:16
Francesca Sosa Reyes
Lol I meant 8:26
FBI 5 kun oldin
Francesca Sosa Reyes lose spelling abilities
aeh20s 7 kun oldin
None of them said “Mmm, forbidden doughnut.” And it made me sad.
Ally Balaz
Ally Balaz 7 kun oldin
I would really like to see a try not to eat challenge based on Black Butler. They have a lot of good looking desserts and foods
MunaEarthly Sounds
MunaEarthly Sounds 8 kun oldin
Nature Sounds uzvid.com/show-UCi36brI0b5wd6lzwWTvs-sQ
FeaR 8 kun oldin
Love tori
Vince Cabais
Vince Cabais 8 kun oldin
6:17 The simpsons predicted despicable me 2
Lydia Saich
Lydia Saich 6 kun oldin
Oh the nacho hat?
wheelie k
wheelie k 6 kun oldin
+Pencilcake999 UZvid never noticed
Pencilcake999 YouTube
wheelie k in despicable me 2 there was a nacho hat.
wheelie k
wheelie k 7 kun oldin
Rolando Ibanez
Rolando Ibanez 8 kun oldin
Here's a idea give them the soup from naruto
TheRedGameboy 8 kun oldin
No liquid smoke. That doesn't count!!
TheRedGameboy 8 kun oldin
I find your lack of Gummi de Milo disturbing.
Miranda Romo
Miranda Romo 8 kun oldin
What is the moon waffles?
Ethan Radcliffe
Ethan Radcliffe 8 kun oldin
That donut is form dunkin I’ve had it before
c a r o l i n e
c a r o l i n e 8 kun oldin
the winning dish should’ve been that hot chocolate from the simpsons movie. irresistible looking to me as a kid.
Who Cares
Who Cares 7 kun oldin
I know right lol
Mr memes
Mr memes 8 kun oldin
this video makes me hungry
Jason John
Jason John 8 kun oldin
I would love that donut....🍩
Geovanni Castillo
Geovanni Castillo 8 kun oldin
If only Ian from smosh was here 3:10 pink frosted sprinkled donut.🤤
Double o9e
Double o9e 8 kun oldin
omg food battle
Creepyparty 8 kun oldin
The food looked gross lol
bones 9 kun oldin
The GIANT donuts from Universal are sooooo good 😍
Lulya Tewelde
Lulya Tewelde 9 kun oldin
react to Queen Naija
quupertti 9 kun oldin
Jonathan is 🤮
quupertti 8 kun oldin
+iiiArixyn And how tf I should've known that? But that explains why he is somewhere else.
iiiArixyn 9 kun oldin
quupertti bruh my dad got a divorce with my mum so he doesn't live with me
Josue Fraga
Josue Fraga 9 kun oldin
Nacho hat made me cry
Shadow101 10 kun oldin
You should include Flander’s hot chocolate, from the Simpson’s movie. It looked so good....
Lara Hawraz
Lara Hawraz 10 kun oldin
Ary reminds me so much of Emeraude toubia
Adriana Liz González
Do the Pokémon food!!
Creepyparty 8 kun oldin
Hell ya
FoxDemonMaster 10 kun oldin
I've been watching this show for years and I can honestly say that I would win most of these challenges with the exception of the food Wars episode that is the only one that I know would break me
Bri ii
Bri ii 10 kun oldin
what if someone was allergic to fish tho ? 💀
Brandon Edwards
Brandon Edwards 8 kun oldin
They probably know their allergies.
Orelly 10 kun oldin
Where is the hot cocoa?
Bammmyouuu 10 kun oldin
And I like food XD
Jhelyka Barbecho
Jhelyka Barbecho 10 kun oldin
They should have done the hot chocolate in the Simpsons movie if I was in this I would have lost if it was the hot chocolate😂
Gil Lexus
Gil Lexus 10 kun oldin
honestly just last the challenge. not that hard. then when you win demand to have everything brought back out.
Josue Banegas
Josue Banegas 11 kun oldin
Who else gets the last meal at school
david baek
david baek 11 kun oldin
or try naurto
david baek
david baek 11 kun oldin
try korean food
no name
no name 11 kun oldin
the guys are always strong in these challenges
The Flash The Flash
I know most of the time the girls eat anything they bring
Timothy Rivers
Timothy Rivers 11 kun oldin
It’s fashion food I get it fashion food and fast food
kpop lover all kpop idols loves me!!
Try not to eat Gordon Ramsay best dishes
chris n.
chris n. 11 kun oldin
kpop lover all kpop idols loves me!! but like the reward cannot possibly be better
Czarina Montano
Czarina Montano 12 kun oldin
Try not to eat steven universe edition
Shadow MHA
Shadow MHA 11 kun oldin
Nina Cervera González
Tara :D
Tara :D 12 kun oldin
Helena The Lil Gacha
Just go to universal studios and get a Simpson donut XD
Ismaris Dones
Ismaris Dones 12 kun oldin
You can just go to Universal Studios and buy a Simpson donut 😂😂😂😂
Unmatched 12 kun oldin
Try Not To Eat is now FBE's best UZvid franchise (in my opinion). It's really fun to watch them all struggle not to eat the food, and the reward/punishment at the end is amusing (and I can imagine victorious and delicious for the winners)
Minx Minx
Minx Minx 9 kun oldin
I agree!
dm xkore
dm xkore 12 kun oldin
I would not eat the waffle are donut no milk no eat
Nogo Productions
Nogo Productions 12 kun oldin
am i the only one who couldn't watch the simpsons
Jocelyne Carranza
Jocelyne Carranza 12 kun oldin
2:35 “Omg, me” So relatable 😂😂
first name
first name 12 kun oldin
fairly odd parents food!!!
Michelle Canete
Michelle Canete 12 kun oldin
Bobs Burgers
Dhika Nugrooz
Dhika Nugrooz 12 kun oldin
DJDURL 12 kun oldin
I knew she was going to say it was her aesthetic.
DJDURL 12 kun oldin
Never heard someone say they weren’t a fan of nachos. Wow.
SharpnessXVSlayer 13 kun oldin
I could win easily.
rebeka salgado
rebeka salgado 13 kun oldin
i think the winning dish or food had to be the milkshake that bart has in the movie, the one with cream and a wafer
Israr Ahmed
Israr Ahmed 13 kun oldin
That was hot chocolate not a milkshake
Monie Basey
Monie Basey 14 kun oldin
Jim is on Nailed it
R Pasternak
R Pasternak 14 kun oldin
Please do try not to eat old Disney channel like how you did with Nickelodeon. But please do old style disney like the Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana era.
k p
k p 14 kun oldin
No.... Please grow up and act your age
Paulina Medina-Gutierrez
its livv
its livv 14 kun oldin
Y’all should do a cooking mama try not to eat challenge
victoria marie
victoria marie 14 kun oldin
"professional chef"??? that donut was from dunkin donuts...
Plysdyret1 14 kun oldin
I don't think the spaghetti-thing looks good.
Robert Oliver
Robert Oliver 14 kun oldin
I got a better idea. How about a battle of the sexes? A try not 2 eat challenge from beyblade shows. 4 rounds of food, they have empty an stomach and the losers have 2 eat, Aio's messed up pasta.
Master Gamer
Master Gamer 15 kun oldin
I think the Professional chef is Gordom ramsay
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