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In this video comedy you can find the best Vines and Instagram of Sam and Colby.
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1. Best Vine → uzvid.com/group/PLIAUkpn75HGMCRC19Z6SmMf1i03LDg2cZ
2. Prank Vines → uzvid.com/group/PLIAUkpn75HGMTQsjKsKmw-KNze30xe4v8
3. Try Not To Laugh → uzvid.com/group/PLIAUkpn75HGPUEnlSXNf-voltnsariMJc
4. Top Viners → uzvid.com/group/PLIAUkpn75HGMZdcmhJbMZVKUL8W73w64k
5. Funny Video → uzvid.com/group/PLIAUkpn75HGOB3sRpGc7axvtNoVwLuRR8
6. Beyond The Vine → uzvid.com/group/PLIAUkpn75HGN9dIM_VwQRY9zDjbM0WrgT




5-Iyl, 2017



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Marc-Paul Pennaneach
Marc-Paul Pennaneach 20 soat oldin
Kylie Evans
Kylie Evans 21 soat oldin
0:00 WAIT, Im not in that.
Clash bomber
Clash bomber Kun oldin
So weird
Tied Riley
Tied Riley Kun oldin
summer breeze
summer breeze Kun oldin
Aaahhh colby is kind of cute😅
Kristin Jordan
Kristin Jordan Kun oldin
15:17, I swear that's literally me and my best friend🤣😂
Paula Swindall
Paula Swindall Kun oldin
5:28 I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl 2 kun oldin
To all the other nine year olds say "Colby is so hot!!!" Boy if you love him then don’t make him go back to jail
Serenity Solomon
Serenity Solomon 2 kun oldin
I miss them so much 🤧😭😭
U guys r really weird and cute...but mostly weird
james gates
james gates 2 kun oldin
911 is polce
JustFaithy236 2 kun oldin
an apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough
Levin Uzamaki
Levin Uzamaki 2 kun oldin
You should of eat the apple then the doctor disapears
Bella Drowned The Creepy pasta
Wolf Heart
Wolf Heart 2 kun oldin
11:37 this is amazing 😂
Luna Weasley
Luna Weasley 3 kun oldin
Colby: Dad can I go out? Dad:go ask yo mom Colby:mom can I go out Mom:go ask ur father Colby:Really mom really!? Me:Poor him 😂😂
PainSoldiers Official
14:04 15:42 16:07 17:24 17:49 Are my favorites
Journey Mooney
Journey Mooney 3 kun oldin
Amanda Reidy
Amanda Reidy 4 kun oldin
I lovee sam and colby soo much i died thru this whole thing again sam and colby crack me up thats why there my favorite
isabel jones
isabel jones 4 kun oldin
3:00 I love that reference
kermit not live
kermit not live 4 kun oldin
I miss them
Epic Pikachu
Epic Pikachu 4 kun oldin
Is that the guy from david dobrik?!
Darklboy 1223
Darklboy 1223 4 kun oldin
8:12 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Jeremy Rivera
Jeremy Rivera 6 kun oldin
12:48ouuuch Sam
Khaye Angela Razonales
Fat man:1:16 GET SOME HELP” Me: ok *calls police* LOL
Evelyn Gaming
Evelyn Gaming 6 kun oldin
pause at 5:21 what's happening there Colby? Ey? With your hand?
Anna McKinlay
Anna McKinlay 6 kun oldin
Colby thinking when the girl burps: WTF Sam: BITCH WHAT
These were you?! I LOVED THEM!!
Nic G
Nic G 6 kun oldin
This video made me start watching Sam and Colby ❤️💕🧡💚💙💕❤️💕🧡💙💙💕❤️
Stephanie Hayes
Stephanie Hayes 7 kun oldin
Stephanie Hayes
Stephanie Hayes 7 kun oldin
Stephanie Hayes
Stephanie Hayes 7 kun oldin
Why them
Rainbow dash Marinette
Alexzandrea Palermo
why does sam look so natural in a wig im-
Heather Fulton
Heather Fulton 7 kun oldin
Jori Brinkerhoff
Jori Brinkerhoff 7 kun oldin
Clicked on this for the thumbnail Bc they’re dressed as my fave artist that hardly anyone knows about and that part wasn’t even in here now I want to know what it was
Lee Newton
Lee Newton 7 kun oldin
This video is so funny
Billie's Avocado
Billie's Avocado 8 kun oldin
Funny AF.... I miss them..
PikaHoney_xxx509 PikaGamerArt
Frank Godoy
Frank Godoy 8 kun oldin
i love colby
kitty_samsam 9 kun oldin
6:39 cant stop laughing hahahahahahahahah And relating
Mariah Rhoden
Mariah Rhoden 10 kun oldin
I could watch 8:11 for hours
Evangelical Millerite
(5:21) why are you holding her boob Colby???
Fnaf Lml and the turtle named Rose
They quite UZvid:(
Violet Carpenter
Violet Carpenter 11 kun oldin
I want to meet Sam and Colby so frigging baddddd!!!
Gabraiel Layne
Gabraiel Layne 11 kun oldin
Who plays Colby's father in the vines?!
Caryn Schwengel
Caryn Schwengel 7 kun oldin
Jason Nash. He is in David Dobrik’s videos.
Anika Ramdhayan
Anika Ramdhayan 12 kun oldin
The llerena sis Forever
8:38 I spitted out my water.
Nicholus Hurst
Nicholus Hurst 12 kun oldin
And are you in actual Christian because I am
Nicholus Hurst
Nicholus Hurst 12 kun oldin
My school uses sporks
Shiela May Degayo
Shiela May Degayo 13 kun oldin
bella J
bella J 13 kun oldin
13:05 sounds like a constipated dinosaur
Nìke _the_fluff_fox
I came here to remember their video of them leaving UZvid ..They make me smile and so should you
Lollipop Girl
Lollipop Girl 13 kun oldin
Omg the what did you do at school vine is too true 😂
RemNiere Sias
RemNiere Sias 13 kun oldin
I miss them already😢
Princess Zalaam
Princess Zalaam 13 kun oldin
0:00 I don’t get the joke
Ranay Smoot
Ranay Smoot 13 kun oldin
@ 5:21 are we just gonna ignore what Colby is doing with he hand?
Nix Divorcee
Nix Divorcee 14 kun oldin
Im the daughter of the girl in the pic
Nix Divorcee
Nix Divorcee 14 kun oldin
Hikaru 14 kun oldin
Gta in nutshell
Maryam Abdulwahab
Maryam Abdulwahab 14 kun oldin
who else is watching this in 2019
Briana Avalos
Briana Avalos 15 kun oldin
Sam screams like a girl lol 😂
abigail Riley
abigail Riley 15 kun oldin
5:25 got me dieing laughing 😁
PoTAtO SiStA :3
PoTAtO SiStA :3 15 kun oldin
My name is Jenna...........
RhiAly Lott
RhiAly Lott 16 kun oldin
Bruh he squeezed his boob wth hahahha 5:20
Little_ Zoe_Royal
Little_ Zoe_Royal 16 kun oldin
At 2:30 i remember that girl from somewhere but cant remember what she was called. Can someone tell me her name?
Annie Hansen
Annie Hansen 16 kun oldin
Honesty, I think these people are rude. You guys can have your own opinion, but I don’t like them. Especially them following “fat” people, it’s rude. They also invade people’s privacy and embarrass them. I’m sorry if you disagree.
Darlene Couch
Darlene Couch 16 kun oldin
Rachel Dooner
Rachel Dooner 17 kun oldin
This video so rude at fat people
Annie Hansen
Annie Hansen 16 kun oldin
I SOOOO agree. It’s so rude.
Played Pieces
Played Pieces 17 kun oldin
Following fat people 2 he was my math teacher lmao
Patricia isha Sebastian
That is a crazy hand gf and bf angry hold hand LOLZ😂😂😂
Brandie Wolfer
Brandie Wolfer 17 kun oldin
Brandie Wolfer
Brandie Wolfer 17 kun oldin
Sam and colby need help
Faadhil Agung Bhadrika
0:19 At my mom sleep my mom hear i watch this and she laugh
Smh _queen937
Smh _queen937 18 kun oldin
Omg that sounds like Harley Quinn 0:59
Black_And_ White_Gacha
12:48 ;-; we when I’m getting a midnight snack
Black_And_ White_Gacha
Me not we xD
Black_And_ White_Gacha
xD I love these guys!
Euphoria The goddess of the universe
00:00:00 I love the saxophone
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi 19 kun oldin
The 1st one will always get me 😂
larissa Howard12
larissa Howard12 20 kun oldin
6:24 that is my parents
Esmerlda Alains
Esmerlda Alains 20 kun oldin
Colby looks hella fine bruh❤he's such a dork😂😂😂😂
o o f b a n g t a n
o o f b a n g t a n 21 kun oldin
Omg sam is doing the kpop finger heart in the thumbnail 😍😍💜
Amiya Moutray
Amiya Moutray 21 kun oldin
🎩 👿 👕 👖 👞
elle salin
elle salin 21 kun oldin
Wolfie Loves You!
Wolfie Loves You! 22 kun oldin
Look at the thumbnail then look at Sam’s hands... Sam’s doing a finger heart hehe! 😁💜
Infires Stan Ddaeng
Infires Stan Ddaeng 21 kun oldin
Oh yeah xD
Kylie Littig
Kylie Littig 22 kun oldin
his face at 2:10, tho!!
Eva Midori
Eva Midori 23 kun oldin
9:20 the guy on the left is so much better with this hairstyle!
Angie Perez
Angie Perez 23 kun oldin
12:37 is so. True
Gianna Gigi
Gianna Gigi 24 kun oldin
/ %6
Talia Cougias
Talia Cougias 25 kun oldin
When sam screamed he sounded like a girl
life with cats
life with cats 25 kun oldin
😔this is ally 👚she doesn't want likes she wants friends comment if you want to be her friend
life with cats
life with cats 25 kun oldin
The part that had me wheezing was when Colby was like "You're going to shoot me if I shoot myself "
Jonathan Everett fams
Gãchã_Cõõkies 25 kun oldin
At 5:21 Colby squeezed SAMs boob owo
couch potato ._.
couch potato ._. 25 kun oldin
the first one was messed up but funny at the same time lol
ElineMaster Master
ElineMaster Master 25 kun oldin
Omggggg twan was there from lele pons
Tweek Tweek Tweeker
Tweek Tweek Tweeker 26 kun oldin
The good old days
Orange Lemon
Orange Lemon 26 kun oldin
Flooora Holmes
Flooora Holmes 26 kun oldin
9:08-9:14 that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen
Trixx Wolf
Trixx Wolf 26 kun oldin
13:35 passing your ex’s in the hall like
sight to the blind
sight to the blind 26 kun oldin
3 minute suicide idea is a copycat from an old video called hand me the milk
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