Try Not To Laugh Watching Sam and Colby (W/Titles) Best Vines Compilation June 2017 - Vine Age✔

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shay buler
shay buler 32 daqiqa oldin
Mystery Lemon
Mystery Lemon 14 soat oldin
2:23 why do I like that face so much
Sister Tango
Sister Tango 17 soat oldin
*Baby you hang up first* *No you hang up first* *Okay* **Sam literally runs into the wall** **i burst out laughing** **Nobody ever looked at me the same**
Mama Swiss
Mama Swiss 18 soat oldin
Why does Colby remind of the Sprouse twins??
fyre faerie
fyre faerie 18 soat oldin
i wish these guys could b my friends,they seem just like the right weird level as me! hehe always goofy and playing around like fools no matter wat age they r they embrace their kiddish side 😂
Red_wolfs123 love
Red_wolfs123 love 18 soat oldin
Aaayyyyyyyyy I love you twan lele pons fan tooo
Patience Perez
Patience Perez 20 soat oldin
an apple a day will keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough
Kat Seitz
Kat Seitz 23 soat oldin
I hate the game Pokémon
DelRae Hedstrom
DelRae Hedstrom Kun oldin
Are you gay
Ava dangerfield
Ava dangerfield Kun oldin
I now them
Gabbie Gab
Gabbie Gab Kun oldin
Are people afraid of EQUALITY? 😂😂
Hey! My last name is Brock!!🤗🤗🤗
Kody Evans
Kody Evans Kun oldin
What scream music was playing it the stubbed toe vine???
Taylor Baumia
Taylor Baumia Kun oldin
10:19 the vine that got me into Sam and Colby
Katelynn Keiser
Katelynn Keiser Kun oldin
I like the apple a day keeps the doctor away
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer Kun oldin
They must of been kicked out of like every single mall in the world
Dezire Baltazar
Dezire Baltazar 2 kun oldin
Abbie Quinn
Abbie Quinn 2 kun oldin
Bangtan Sonyeondan 애정
The selfie with strangers girl that was like tan sounds like my friend and looks like her but she is t as old as her
Ice cream Loverxx
Ice cream Loverxx 3 kun oldin
An apple a day keeps the doctor away...... If you throw it hard enough
Gacha Vearse
Gacha Vearse 3 kun oldin
😶this is mevan 👕He is mute 👖Some of his friends 👟Call him names so 1like=I friend!
Gacha Vearse
Gacha Vearse 3 kun oldin
NOT TO BE RUDE!! but I just don't think they are that funny they are cute and they have the best ideas but it is just that I don't this they are funn
stacey mcavoy
stacey mcavoy 3 kun oldin
Omg i'm actually dying from laughing watching this, You guys are brilliant! watching in 2018
ZaneyBoss 3 kun oldin
this one litteraly started playing as soon as my mom got on the phone
Aj Singer
Aj Singer 3 kun oldin
I love how Colby said "I'm breaking up with you" while he was squeezing Sam's boob😂😂🤣
Emily Chavez
Emily Chavez 3 kun oldin
I have a crush on them sike
Unicorn _ Mia
Unicorn _ Mia 4 kun oldin
(8:38) he basically called himself a b*tch because he’s playing as the dad XD
How 2 Draw
How 2 Draw 4 kun oldin
8:57 why do I feel like that's how they would act 10:42 Colby...are you trying to tell us something? 14:31 that's me
Troubled Fox
Troubled Fox 5 kun oldin
Hahaha. The selfie with the colored kid in the dark is what my sisters boyfriend did one time. It was awesome. Scared the crap out of her. He’s a cool kid too, practically a brother to me. We had a laugh together after that one.
SuperStar_Star Roblox Games/gacha studio
Colby look just like my brother :3 OH GOOD
Nadiyah Wilson
Nadiyah Wilson 5 kun oldin
8:38 is my favorite part
Maria Estrada
Maria Estrada 5 kun oldin
11:31 eye get it 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maria Estrada
Maria Estrada 5 kun oldin
You Are Going To Find Someone Kind Want to know who read the first two words
Gianna Peña
Gianna Peña 5 kun oldin
The first vine isn’t very respectful. I’m no one to say that you need to stop but I just wanted to let u know that is not respectful
Natalie Guadalupe
Natalie Guadalupe 5 kun oldin
8:11-8:44 😂😂😂😂
Celeste Lloyd
Celeste Lloyd 5 kun oldin
Do it for the VINE!!!!
Alex _chan
Alex _chan 5 kun oldin
12:48 do I almost cried
MrPhumiwanichkij 6 kun oldin
15:16 was colby standing at the door?
Anatole Ware
Anatole Ware 6 kun oldin
5:21 he’s grabbing her boob
MrPhumiwanichkij 7 kun oldin
9:05 was that black thing on the wall a spider?
Zach Is Back!
Zach Is Back! 7 kun oldin
11:39 SILENT BITCH!!!!…
angrymiggy gt
angrymiggy gt 7 kun oldin
5:26 that face and scream to lelelelelelelelelelelelelel
Spicy Pineapple
Spicy Pineapple 7 kun oldin
GOT A BAE? *tongue click* ORNAH?!
Tonyia Kupczak
Tonyia Kupczak 8 kun oldin
Holy s hit I thought 9-1-1 was9/11😂🤣😃😐😑😶🙄😏
Crystal Vargas
Crystal Vargas 8 kun oldin
Bruh I don't get how all these youtubers know each other like wth
Veronica Vargas
Veronica Vargas 8 kun oldin
Ha ha ha, I'm laughing my butt off 😂
Megan Louise
Megan Louise 8 kun oldin
Fuck, now I'm straight 😂
Mason Hailee
Mason Hailee 8 kun oldin
Is this live
Mason Hailee
Mason Hailee 8 kun oldin
Dancer 15
Dancer 15 8 kun oldin
amberm42803 8 kun oldin
Colby 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Makayla Herrera
Makayla Herrera 8 kun oldin
I ❤Coby
Jaiden Walker
Jaiden Walker 8 kun oldin
If I knew what Sam and Colby were when I lived in Kansas I’ll be searching for them every day
AYE JIMMEH 9 kun oldin
Wait w0t? Do they live in Kansas City because that’s op mall...
Edgar Gamez
Edgar Gamez 9 kun oldin
Babe! Yes Will you kill me No Do you love me Yes Do you hate me No Will we dance at the club Yeah! Do you like any other girls No Luv me? What Ok babe Read it backwards or... Ok babe What Luv me? No Will we dance at the club No Do you like any other girls Yeah! Do you hate me Yes Will you kill me Yes Babe!
Emily gibbs
Emily gibbs 9 kun oldin
This is false its more like i lay down and my parents have to pull me away from the bed frame 🤣🤣
Maybe Idubbbz, I can be, I might not tho
Did they just have a giant concrete block in the middle of their apartment room
Unicorn Clouds
Unicorn Clouds 10 kun oldin
You Yes,you beautiful/handsome person wanna know my biggest secret? If you do keep on reading Who is the most smartest,handsome/prettiest person in the world?If you want to know then read the first word like if it made your day
Dezy Wolf
Dezy Wolf 10 kun oldin
Omg I love 12:44 clip😂🤣
•IMMA BLINK• 11 kun oldin
Kaylee Fredrick
Kaylee Fredrick 12 kun oldin
Kaylee Fredrick
Kaylee Fredrick 12 kun oldin
An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
Julie Fehr
Julie Fehr 13 kun oldin
Bridgette.Lundy.Paine. Lover
1:37 m6 dogs name is Oscar :3 also Sam golbach and Colby are my fav yourubers and Emma chamberlain👌😂
Rice i
Rice i 13 kun oldin
You’re welcome 9:08
Jim Cantwell
Jim Cantwell 13 kun oldin
Do u ever stub ur toe so hard it breaks 😂😂lol No one else¿? Oh... ok
alicia Mendoza
alicia Mendoza 13 kun oldin
These are funny
Erika Luz
Erika Luz 13 kun oldin
17:13 name please?
HaLa sAm
HaLa sAm 14 kun oldin
natalie vasquez
natalie vasquez 14 kun oldin
HAHAHAHA whispers its wasnt that funny
Jade the_mermaid
Jade the_mermaid 14 kun oldin
Am I the only one who think Colby looks incredibly cute in the pokemon trainer outfit 😘
Sir Borks a bit
Sir Borks a bit 14 kun oldin
1:06 pause quickly It was at this moment that he fucked up
Weston Gore
Weston Gore 14 kun oldin
Following fat people lol
Lucy Levicky
Lucy Levicky 15 kun oldin
9:00 I am that annoying friend
MEGA ShinyRayquaza
MEGA ShinyRayquaza 15 kun oldin
1:30 i was laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ele Conti
Ele Conti 15 kun oldin
10.28 😂😂😂😂😂 OMG😂😂😂😂😂
Sienna Jordan-fryars
Wow haha haha you look cool❤
april clayton
april clayton 15 kun oldin
5:42 poor sam
loveable Gaming
loveable Gaming 15 kun oldin
9:09 me with any guy I find cute xD(not really)
Anna Bean
Anna Bean 15 kun oldin
I love their vines but i don't like the fat people one, it's just mean.
Alisha Furlong
Alisha Furlong 15 kun oldin
Skip to 6:00 I promise just great Giggles hehehe
Marissa Pearson
Marissa Pearson 15 kun oldin
9:22 Colby looks so freaking good lol! And Corey looks so good with short hair lol!
Skylar Fairbanks
Skylar Fairbanks 15 kun oldin
That first vine was just plain rude! He asked to to please stop
Laquanta Gaston
Laquanta Gaston 15 kun oldin
Raven collier
Raven collier 16 kun oldin
Thats just rude your not funny
Trohan Oliquino
Trohan Oliquino 16 kun oldin
I like 10:20 and 10:25 bothe makes me laught alot tho xd
Trohan Oliquino
Trohan Oliquino 16 kun oldin
And the handshake
Trohan Oliquino
Trohan Oliquino 16 kun oldin
17:49 i have so many things that i like xd and ill write it all
Trohan Oliquino
Trohan Oliquino 16 kun oldin
And 17:30 xd
Trohan Oliquino
Trohan Oliquino 16 kun oldin
And 17:23 xd
Drew gian Corpuz
Drew gian Corpuz 16 kun oldin
Gucci Gacha Gang
Gucci Gacha Gang 16 kun oldin
Miya Barnes
Miya Barnes 16 kun oldin
Befor I watched this I got an ad that said "How to kiss a guy" Me: My time has come....
KaylaGamer_YT The Offical Channel
Sorry to expose you sam but in the friend who never takes a bad picture your wearing red or pink undies Sorry i hsd to say it!!!!!
lowercaseletters 237
Why are all these comments about how ‘beautiful’ I am, jeez...
asmr Sisters
asmr Sisters 17 kun oldin
I love your videos
Nuray Alyv
Nuray Alyv 18 kun oldin
No me no apple
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn 18 kun oldin
You are discovering some stuff Do you know WHOS beautiful/handsome Read the first word ;3
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn 15 kun oldin
Da flip u want.
COMBATENT 20 kun oldin
Rude, honestly.
Shauna Long
Shauna Long 20 kun oldin
Yep fat shaming is so hilarious Oh wait I am fat not cool.
Shook Sister
Shook Sister 20 kun oldin
Me in my brother in public.
Marshmallow boba
Marshmallow boba 20 kun oldin
13:35 I'm a huge introvert and this is me every day at school
cry baby
cry baby 20 kun oldin
6:26 look at the book
Fortnite X NFL
7 kun oldin