Trying 2018's Top 10 WORST Trends

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IN THIS VIDEO WE TRY 2018S TOP 10 WORST TRENDS - tik tok, in my feeling challenge, floss dance, surgery on a grape & more!!
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8-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 3 991
Line Ikram Baroud
Line Ikram Baroud 20 daqiqa oldin
wtf is wrong with kian and his foot😂😂
lorl 4 soat oldin
im still being called fucking yanny
Sara Ipsen
Sara Ipsen 6 soat oldin
I agree with every little thing. LET IT STAY IN 2018.
Zariea Lewis
Zariea Lewis 12 soat oldin
“Why won’t this bit go in his mouth”. - Anderson 😂
Amina Abderouf
Amina Abderouf 14 soat oldin
Love the conteam hoody ❤️
97Cenedra 22 soat oldin
Hahahahaha you’re so fucking funny I can’t even handle it😂😂😂
EmilyDrawsStuff 22 soat oldin
hit or miss?
Madison Phillips
I died at the whole asmr part omg😂😂😂
Julianne Glenn
Julianne Glenn Kun oldin
Love how they didn’t bring up slime
Cassandra Martinez
You had the perfect opportunity to do the chasing cars song they always play in greys anatomy lol
itz_Shi Shi love
11:19 I cant breathe jc 😂😂
Super_Valor Kun oldin
You know what should stay in 2018? Dudes wearing half their sweaters/hoodies......why do they do dis?! Someone tell me why?
愛リス Kun oldin
Do knj watch their videos??😂😂
Makayla •
Makayla • Kun oldin
Jc trying to revive the grape had me dying 🤣🤣
Itz Nawailah
Itz Nawailah Kun oldin
Kians laugh I cantt😍😍😍😔😔😔
Eva Escorcia
Eva Escorcia Kun oldin
11:00 😂😂😂😂😂
Eva Escorcia
Eva Escorcia Kun oldin
kian and jc: the next trend that should stay in 2018 is ASMR also kian and jc: *does asmr in the next video*
Eva Escorcia
Eva Escorcia Kun oldin
I hear yaurelny 😂😂
ThatGurl Bryannaaa
i love you guys so much
franchize907 Kun oldin
JC looks like a scoutmaster.
Jada Mani
Jada Mani Kun oldin
10:59 had me CRYING
jackson bryant
jackson bryant Kun oldin
Whats the music at 6:00
Campbell Rinke
Campbell Rinke Kun oldin
the fuckin shark had me dead
Mikaela Hauser
Mikaela Hauser Kun oldin
Never disrespect ASMR
Amelia Lynn
Amelia Lynn Kun oldin
i’m literally crying! “at the this point in the video, kick back relax... AND LETS GET STARTED BITTCCHHH”
Taylor Huntsman
Taylor Huntsman Kun oldin
GETTING "DRUNK" IN THE EIGHTH GRADE!? (RECREATING OUR OLD PICTURES) uzvid.com/video/video-yw6Zazc3laI.html yooo watch our vid pls 😬
Jayden Dickens
Jayden Dickens Kun oldin
10:11 😂💯💯
Jazlynn Billman
Jazlynn Billman 2 kun oldin
Shout out to Kian and jc for being the only ones who can make me laugh out loud while I'm by myself watching their videos
Ashlie atm1996
Ashlie atm1996 2 kun oldin
I will 100% do the hot sauce shot with you as long as it’s franks! .... I mean an undisclosed brand of hot sauce.
Dian Clemmings
Dian Clemmings 2 kun oldin
Diamond Asmr!!! She started the food surgery
Alyssatheik 2 kun oldin
Simply Kaiden
Simply Kaiden 2 kun oldin
At 2:49 it looked like Kian got so mad.
Nicole Burrell
Nicole Burrell 2 kun oldin
bro i love you guys so much. but i’m sooo tired of kian and the sleeve thing 😂
Rebecca Howlett
Rebecca Howlett 2 kun oldin
Swear the Kylie Jenner challenge was like 2016😂
strangerpilot 2 kun oldin
12:10 Ur welcome
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 2 kun oldin
Let’s leave the I don’t know how to properly wear a sweater because Noah Centineo can’t trend in 2018 too lmaoooo
veee 2 kun oldin
TikTok memes should stay bc they are funny as hell
Alyssa Stork
Alyssa Stork 2 kun oldin
I laughed so hard at this video😂 I had to put my phone down and shut my phone off bc i was dying of laughter. I love you guys💛😂
jessica impert
jessica impert 2 kun oldin
Dani Wallace
Dani Wallace 2 kun oldin
At around 9:17 I replayed it like 5 times bahahha
Kyaira Sharpe
Kyaira Sharpe 2 kun oldin
That’s depressing aparintaly nobody loves me
Carlyn Walker
Carlyn Walker 2 kun oldin
Trend to leave in 2018: that stupid one arm out one arm in sweater thing that Kian does.
Alexa Lopez
Alexa Lopez 2 kun oldin
“Welcome to 2019 where we do not do ASMR” ... Next video is literally ASMR
Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie 2 kun oldin
10:37 That giggle
Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie 2 kun oldin
Andi is appreciated.
Rebecca Martin
Rebecca Martin 2 kun oldin
I think this is officially my fav video of my fav you tubers ever rn, I can't stop watching it and laughing till I frickin cry!!!;)
mutiara greeta
mutiara greeta 2 kun oldin
knj : lets leave asmr in 2018 knj : posts an asmr "challenge" a week later
Savi 2 kun oldin
K&J: Welcome to 2019 where we wE do not do asmr also K&J: Post a video of them doing asmr a week later
HmmM mMmM
HmmM mMmM 2 kun oldin
I would hear Yanny then it changed to Laurel now all I hear is Laurel
Rachel Riley
Rachel Riley 2 kun oldin
Glad I hear laurel