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Trying 2018's Top 10 WORST Trends

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IN THIS VIDEO WE TRY 2018S TOP 10 WORST TRENDS - tik tok, in my feeling challenge, floss dance, surgery on a grape & more!!
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8-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 4 128
Nicole Light
Nicole Light 2 kun oldin
when they do baby shark almost perfectly haha 😂
Gabby Betting
Gabby Betting 2 kun oldin
I hear yanny should I just unsubscribe
emily sias
emily sias 4 kun oldin
My teacher has a tik toc account, and she showed my entire class 🤭😂
Melinda Moyer
Melinda Moyer 4 kun oldin
Daniel Saldana
Daniel Saldana 8 kun oldin
if you listen to these parts of the vid blind folded or with your eyes closes, its sounds wrong (11:58, nd 12:09)
Nayara Vazquez
Nayara Vazquez 8 kun oldin
Anderson’s dancing 🔥
Jocie Lynn
Jocie Lynn 12 kun oldin
"This is what a fortune cookie sounds like in A-M-S-AI-R." *Crunch* *JC dying laughing* Best moment in the whole video🤣🤣
nesquick andy
nesquick andy 13 kun oldin
Jc doing cpr on the grape is the funniest shit
Harley Iglesias
Harley Iglesias 14 kun oldin
11:00 you could tell in Anderson’s caption that he’s so British omg he’s my favorite
pickle rick
pickle rick 16 kun oldin
10:37 yuh Jc has me dead😂
Ronja Brumoen
Ronja Brumoen 16 kun oldin
8:45 JC x math
Riley Perry
Riley Perry 17 kun oldin
Tbh im crying rn but hearing yalls voices makes me feel better😌
Sapphire Kinard
Sapphire Kinard 17 kun oldin
Join in next week when we drink cLoRoX
Soph wolf
Soph wolf 18 kun oldin
Oh no wait hope yt does not take this down cuz they have been doing that for anything with Tide Pods in or on it
Alaina Forrest
Alaina Forrest 18 kun oldin
aiesha brown
aiesha brown 19 kun oldin
Search up orange justice I watch the first video that you see
Emanae Emanae
Emanae Emanae 20 kun oldin
Baby shark can’t stop, babies everywhere will tear some shit up
Tanya Warner
Tanya Warner 20 kun oldin
I hear both
Delila 21 kun oldin
Are they always high?
Arden Fuchs
Arden Fuchs 23 kun oldin
Y’all are the only UZvidrs that actually make me laugh, hard. Thank you for that ❤️
Lauren Callaway
Lauren Callaway 23 kun oldin
literally had to skip through the asmr part
Tp Iam
Tp Iam 26 kun oldin
Pause at 9:21 LMFAO IM DYING
Heyitsme235 26 kun oldin
Tik Tok I feel like will never be left alone it will always be POPPPPPPIEEEEEEEEEEEN
Carly Turlington
Carly Turlington 26 kun oldin
10:46 "Get in to bed" had me DYING
elizabeth moore
elizabeth moore 26 kun oldin
“Kylie lip Jenner challenge”
Shyann Martinez
Shyann Martinez 26 kun oldin
Asmr is the beginning of 2019 ACTually lol
Tyra Massa
Tyra Massa Oy oldin
You guys are so funny and you seem so nice. I wish I could be in one of your videos but I can't be on UZvid.😊😁
Kaylen Boeddeker
never hated the sound of chewing until i heard this shit
Suzy Song
Suzy Song Oy oldin
tanya ok
tanya ok Oy oldin
i heard yanny wtf
Diana Olvera
Diana Olvera Oy oldin
tell me why when jc was choking on the pickle im laying down drinking water and choking on it at the same time haha 😂😂
Francesca Harrison
12:13-omg i cant breatheeeeeeeeee
Charlotte Harper
I heard yanny !
rui fen
rui fen Oy oldin
rui fen
rui fen Oy oldin
Top trend in 2018 that should stay in 2018 : ace family
Bri Perez
Bri Perez Oy oldin
the asmr had me dying cuz i hate it so much but it was hilarious
Bri Perez
Bri Perez Oy oldin
Sarah Oy oldin
why was Kian moaning when they did the grape tho soskkajaja
Kaiya Estes
Kaiya Estes Oy oldin
Bitch I heard yanny
Megan Nicholas
Okay but Kians Asmr whisper tho 😜
Amryzen Aghase
“Okay” sksksksk
Brittney Nicole
Kian are we not going to talk about what you did at 12:10-12:13 KiKi
Anya Giddeon
Anya Giddeon Oy oldin
I hear Yanny
Bowen Kids
Bowen Kids Oy oldin
I got yanny
audreyy tharpp
we're stupid professionals 9:36 lol
Kourtnee !
Kourtnee ! Oy oldin
anderson’s editing skills are so unappreciated by kian and Jc
Wael Unknown
Wael Unknown Oy oldin
12:00 what kind of sorcery shit is this?
Dearbhla Hughes obrien
EEWWW fricken hate ASMR😵🥴
Mckenna Thomson
at 10:41 who else actually got tingles 😂
maddie Oy oldin
When the mic pulls jc's hat up hahahaha omg
Angelica G
Angelica G Oy oldin
I want a friendship like they have
who's this
who's this Oy oldin
never did or interested at those trends at all. so proud of myself.
Diana Hernandez Hernandez
Jc was super drunk 🤣
יואב דוגמה
Do merch
Kami Heflin
Kami Heflin Oy oldin
Chloe C
Chloe C Oy oldin
How ironic that they want tik tok needs to be left in 2018 but I got tik tok adds 😂😂😂
alex Oy oldin
the kylie jenner lip challenge was like 2 years ago
o o
o o Oy oldin
I just recently came back after a year....why is Kians shirt always off on one arm?!
Cory and Marienda
Andy’s editing is everything
Divya Vyawahare
Lina Reign
Lina Reign Oy oldin
yeah you choke on the pickle JC lmflllll
Ilana Llama
Ilana Llama Oy oldin
Anderson I fucking love u for this I'm dying rn 11:00
Ilana Llama
Ilana Llama Oy oldin
Shit ssid yanny
lily h
lily h Oy oldin
10:46 i never thought i needed to hear Kians laugh in asmr. but i did 😂😂
SC: kekeandrews
my name is keke and i felt personally attacked.
Patricia Arlene Halley
This was so funny
hailey lindquist
jc killed that shit
isabp 12
isabp 12 Oy oldin
9:39 kian’s laugh 😩❤️
isabp 12
isabp 12 Oy oldin
y’all hear laurel cause y’all old
danica jaydeen pillay
The drooling at 12:51 had me dead😂
Samantha Bontrager
the fucking grape im DEAD
Carena Biddle
Carena Biddle Oy oldin
Y’all doing asmr made me piss my pants I can’t 😂😭😭
case with cas
case with cas Oy oldin
12:40 jc wtf dudeeee
case with cas
case with cas Oy oldin
Andy’s editing skillz you doing amazing boi luv ya
Jullie Lopes
Jullie Lopes Oy oldin
I literally spent 5 minutes laughing at Kian hitting himself with the cup
Chicken Nugget
Peep the conteam merch
yael de santiago
Taylor Bass
Taylor Bass Oy oldin
This was officially the worst K&J video ever lol 😂
Sassy M
Sassy M Oy oldin
Nice seeing Andy in the video lol😂❤️
gee nuh
gee nuh Oy oldin
Welcome to 2019 where we don’t do asmr... Next video WE GUESS ASMR SOUNDS BLINDFOLDED!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooowww daaaaaddd!!!!!!!!
Hannah Blank
Hannah Blank Oy oldin
y'all are high lmfao
10000 subs with no videos challenge
10:10 I’m crying 😭
Maria Hincapie
LMAOO that grape shit was too funny
Danna Perez Lopez
Kians one sleeved hoodie😂
Halie Wilson
Halie Wilson Oy oldin
i laughed so hard watching this that i started coughing my lungs up
elizabeth moore
glad to see Jc not so annoyed by Kian
Soraeya Loveland
Soraeya Loveland 2 oy oldin
The pickles were my absolute favorite 😭😭😭
Andrea Rebollar
Andrea Rebollar 2 oy oldin
rip grapey
AvengedLex 2 oy oldin
kian still doesn’t know how to wear shirts lmfao
nichole x
nichole x 2 oy oldin
10:59 IM WEAK-
molly pepe
molly pepe 2 oy oldin
idc idc idc they have the best editing🤧🤫
Sydd Faith
Sydd Faith 2 oy oldin
I think they’re high in every video😂
Mallory Kuykendall
"Let's keep asmr in 2018" next video is literally all about asmr
12:08 *you gotta be precision*
Watch 9:19 on 0.5x
Emma B
Emma B 2 oy oldin
“tune in next week when we drink Clorox”
Jihaan Allies
Jihaan Allies 2 oy oldin
Ugh i love you guys😍😍
angelica marie
angelica marie 2 oy oldin
Maria S.
Maria S. 2 oy oldin
Why is Kian the cutest thing omg 😍
Maria S.
Maria S. 2 oy oldin
Andi’s editing omg
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