Trying A Full Face Of Japanese Drugstore Makeup

Safiya Nygaard
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So we traveled to Japan to film a three-part series about beauty & style and our final episode is testing a full face of makeup from the Japanese drugstore! I've heard so much about J-beauty and Japanese makeup trends like Igari makeup, so I decided to buy a full face's worth of beauty products and try them out, along with some current makeup trends. What did you guys think of my Japan-inspired makeup look?
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1-Iyl, 2018

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 2 oy oldin
HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you enjoy part 3/3 of our japan series!! and thank u for understanding that i was totally out of it this past week, i'm trying to get back to more regular posting in July! love u guys
somalley416 21 kun oldin
Safiya Nygaard what’s your skincare routine your face is flawless!!
ItzGladysL YT
ItzGladysL YT 23 kun oldin
Safiya Nygaard Chinese/Korean makeup next?Just a suggestion!
Zumar Afzal
Zumar Afzal 24 kun oldin
U look like kawaii doll👌👍😗😗
danielle renee
Safiya Nygaard r
Elisabeth Loveridge
Elisabeth Loveridge 2 soat oldin
1:29 I have that cushion foundation.
Gin Brooks
Gin Brooks 14 soat oldin
This vid is causing me to really regret not buying more makeup in Taiwan. They have both Korean and Japanese makeup in their drugstores, which I did a lot of experimenting with but I didn't stock up! KATE(tokyo) is by far the best foundation I have ever used, also CanMake makes amazing powders. All which I am nearing the end with. Entertaining vids lady! Love them!
Makenna Owens
Makenna Owens Kun oldin
Maybalyn cusion foundation is not just Japanese exclusive
kemicalromanc15 Kun oldin
I def DO NOT need to contour my nose lol. To much nose - but yes you're suppose to make your nose look more slender.
Jessica Zimmer
Jessica Zimmer 2 kun oldin
"We can't come back! This is the only chance I've got!" And buying Ty the ear cleaner. I love you so much, Safiya. Thanks for being you.
gabrielle semmy
gabrielle semmy 2 kun oldin
her talking is satisfying lmao
Lizika Marrée-Mills
i love how respectful you are of trying the Japanese looks
Hott two
Hott two 3 kun oldin
Monica Gil
Monica Gil 3 kun oldin
As pink as a ham
Rahazy ARMY
Rahazy ARMY 3 kun oldin
Nose contour ruined the video 🤢
Rahazy ARMY
Rahazy ARMY 3 kun oldin
After watching Mr sunshine, I’m not a big fan of Japan anymore....
Zainab Ali
Zainab Ali 3 kun oldin
I love the eyeliner trick I think saf you should do it more often
Saloni Agarwal
Saloni Agarwal 4 kun oldin
You have the best content ever lol
Ina Orozco
Ina Orozco 4 kun oldin
Sarah Donahue
Sarah Donahue 4 kun oldin
I use eyebrow scissors. I’m in the U.S. and I bought them at a Walgreens. I got them in a Kiss brand eyebrow care kit with tweezers, mini razors, Mimi combs, and stuff like that. I mainly use the scissors and tweezers, though.
Lucia Fiero
Lucia Fiero 5 kun oldin
SO much better than the 7/11 makeup. Except... I don't need to tell you the nose contour needs work.
Narcissistic Unicorn
This was honestly so cute and pretty on you! You always look gorgeous though, so I guess I've already got that bias :')
ほし 5 kun oldin
I screamed when I saw nyannyan, Any Akb wotas here?
Mochii모치이 5 kun oldin
What app did you use to translate the photo? Or the product?
Juliana Valera
Juliana Valera 5 kun oldin
Maja Rodecka
Maja Rodecka 5 kun oldin
Not rude but why did rin rin have a mask in all the makeup clips I'm confused 😕x
hana dul set
hana dul set 5 kun oldin
u look so cute !!
Taamz Heart
Taamz Heart 6 kun oldin
looks so good on her omg
Taamz Heart
Taamz Heart 6 kun oldin
pink shadows that doesn’t look like pink eye is great
Valeria S
Valeria S 6 kun oldin
To make your nose contour look nice you just should pick up less product and build it up continually without stripes or spots because it's impossible to blend the intense stripe nicely and softly And just make it less wide then everything will look fine
teeRaw 6 kun oldin
What’s the translating app?
Sujatha VK
Sujatha VK 6 kun oldin
Madly in love with Saf and her videos 😍
U look cute
Obsessed with these videos.. also obsessed with my everyday mascara from Daiso and i love it! Only costs me $2.80 in Australia :)
Chicken wings
Chicken wings 7 kun oldin
She looks so cute the contacts the blush everything
Rosesnow Fall
Rosesnow Fall 7 kun oldin
You should try to follow a cosplay makeup tutorial
Limi V
Limi V 7 kun oldin
The whole thing ended up looking much better than I thought it would, except for the foundation which seemed to be the wrong color
Cherie Yin
Cherie Yin 7 kun oldin
Omg the flow fushi eyeliners are actual bomb!!! I stock up on those every time I go to Japan!!! You should go to Shanghai and try different Chinese street foods!!
Aida Kero
Aida Kero 7 kun oldin
Serif konjovic
Aida Kero
Aida Kero 7 kun oldin
Narodna muzika
Dezirae Valentina
Dezirae Valentina 8 kun oldin
Literally me every time I try and contour my nose 😂😭 👃
Jordyn Estrada
Jordyn Estrada 8 kun oldin
Omg saf that foundation looks him on you
kasvi sikka
kasvi sikka 8 kun oldin
Gimme a dollar every time Safiya says “in general”
Am I the only one that couldn't help but ONLY pay attention to the background music when it showed them back at the store
nicoleTheCrafty 295
Saf look sooo cute! My name is like safiya’s mine is shaffy.. lollllppp!!
Maddy More
Maddy More 9 kun oldin
“So, we didn’t miss our plane.” Tyler*off camera* nope! 😜 I love you both
Mikayla Marinelli
Mikayla Marinelli 9 kun oldin
Safiya... Safiya.... That foundation is too yellow for you...
_yay_ yay
_yay_ yay 9 kun oldin
It’s September now and she has gained another million subs
Hirona Kato
Hirona Kato 9 kun oldin
Yeah... We don't like really long eyelashes, like the ordinary "white" makeup is too strong and flashy for our faces. That's long eyelashes, for us.
Saira Hashmi - Riverside PS (1281)
Is it just me that thinks her eye look scary
CrazyAwesomeScene 10 kun oldin
You’re supposed to put the contacts in new solution and let them set for at least 8 hours. It’s dangerous to just put them in your eyes straight from the packaging. Please look up circle lens care before you try them please. If mistreated or used incorrectly you can seriously damage your eyes.
Alejandra Alvarez
Alejandra Alvarez 10 kun oldin
Shot out for Namie Amuro at 1.35 YAAAS
Elizabeth Carlton
Elizabeth Carlton 11 kun oldin
Those eyebrow trimmers were such a bad idea for me....lol
Eve Moore
Eve Moore 11 kun oldin
please dont use colored contacts from random places, you could get an eye infection!
Puppy Cheerleader
Puppy Cheerleader 11 kun oldin
I swear when Safiya said “That’ll do scissors !” It sounded like Tilly/Alice from season 7 Once Upon a Time.
SUPERNOVA 11 kun oldin
You know what, u look beautiful its good stuff I guess !!❤
Hui Yi Chung
Hui Yi Chung 12 kun oldin
Baby lip.
Cindy Lee
Cindy Lee 12 kun oldin
3:00 😂😂😂😂 479 text who has that many texts lol...
Ama Bout
Ama Bout 13 kun oldin
check out this channel called happyplacetogether, they are good and deserve more subscribers this channel is awesome too
gayivistro 13 kun oldin
I love Safy's eye make-up. Really looks like anime eyes.
SugarcubeLauren 15 kun oldin
Omg hey :D I have downturned hooded eyes, and I hate them but Japan seems to like them according to this video (at least the droopy part) so I'm happy now ;u; We always love what we don't have I guess
SugarcubeLauren 15 kun oldin
Tbh I prefer Asian makeup, always have. It's so pretty and natural. Though I could be bias since I just find asian features prettier than american one's in the first place.
SugarcubeLauren 15 kun oldin
Omg that girl is literally so CUTE. Why do I find asians so attractive and adorable
Blocktopia8 16 kun oldin
I have some cushion maybelline foundation, and yeah. It didn’t last long. The thing in America that’s similar to the one on the video is maybelline dream cushion
Eunice Lam
Eunice Lam 16 kun oldin
this make up looks sooo good on you
ASMR Urban Relaxation
真中しおり 16 kun oldin
キャンメイク cannmakeは中高生に人気
真中しおり 16 kun oldin
私も東京行きたい 英語わからないけど… 日本のコスメ使ってくれるの嬉しい😆💕
No Name
No Name 17 kun oldin
Full Face of H&M Make-up please!!😍
flowerSeop99 17 kun oldin
you look absolutely adorable!! I definitely would love to see you incorporate a bit of this style into your daily make up routine! Absolutely love it! xx
Nightcore Music
Nightcore Music 17 kun oldin
I can't tell if RinRin is a loli or not
Ruochen Wang
Ruochen Wang 17 kun oldin
you actually so pretty, and i like your videos so much
the artistry the elegance
japan (and korean) make up trends are always so cute, western makeup is so boring to me now, so samey and too heavy i wish under eye blush would become trendy here 👀
TheFullmastee 18 kun oldin
great video! that droopy eyeliner look suits you!
CoversByHailey 101
CoversByHailey 101 18 kun oldin
Safiya’s background😂
Erica Billings
Erica Billings 18 kun oldin
The T's are silent in the word "vignette". Wow.
Erica Billings
Erica Billings 18 kun oldin
I subscribed, btw. :)
Erica Billings
Erica Billings 18 kun oldin
YOU DO REALIZE, THAT THOSE WHO HAVE **NATURALLY** THICK, DARK, ALREADY WAXED/PLUCKED TO A PERFECT SHAPE**eyebrows, don't(!) fucking need MORE shit on them! So, why do you fuck with yours?
Sokol Kailea
Sokol Kailea 19 kun oldin
When she put those eyebrow trimmers to her Eyebrows I literally had a heart attack
Kitten Lover
Kitten Lover 19 kun oldin
Why did the Japanese girl (I forgot her name) wear a mask?
heyitskimu 13 soat oldin
+pvrpl313 nah, i stayed in tokyo and polution's not that severe
pvrpl313 Kun oldin
Polution is also a reality there
heyitskimu 12 kun oldin
Aleicia Zhu nah it’s just a fashion trend in asia lolol covering half your face makes you look more mysterious and such
Aleicia Zhu
Aleicia Zhu 18 kun oldin
She might be ill. People from Asian countries (or least East Asians countries) often wear masks when they're sick. I could be wrong, tho
Sophie Robins
Sophie Robins 19 kun oldin
11:36 “that came in hard and fast” that’s what she said
What I was using as a nose shadow is eyebrow powder. Because it uses translation, it may be funny
Queenie Ahmayda Abantas
Try korean makeup too😊
fla la
fla la 20 kun oldin
Love this✨
loupy ta
loupy ta 20 kun oldin
why long introduction
James Pellosma
James Pellosma 21 kun oldin
13:21 Safiya "IDK about that..."
Estelle Nuutinen
Estelle Nuutinen 21 kun oldin
That phone background tho😂😂😂
Meghan Bradley
Meghan Bradley 22 kun oldin
I'm making it my goal to watch almost all of her videos before she hits 6 million
Damaris Ownby
Damaris Ownby 22 kun oldin
i love that you used cards against humanity for the mirror stand.I also loved the video its a bit of a change :)
Kate Maloney
Kate Maloney 22 kun oldin
Cat eye, dog ear
Rebecca Kilby-Leahy
Rebecca Kilby-Leahy 23 kun oldin
I laughed at the blood sensation bit because it actually does say that. 血 (chi) means blood
Hdhyfh Cghhcj
Hdhyfh Cghhcj 24 kun oldin
Nice wallpaper lmaoo😂😂
Luka_Miku_ Rin
Luka_Miku_ Rin 24 kun oldin
When Saf said "Rin Rin" I instantly thought of 'Rin Kagamine' from vocaloid... XD
Noir Noir
Noir Noir 24 kun oldin
Hi Safiya, love your contents as always. Please try a Korean make up tutorial next. I think you would look great!
Alejandra Alvarez
Alejandra Alvarez 24 kun oldin
The cushion foundation is THE INVENTION. I have a few and you waste less product and the end result is like more refined.
Stephanie Edwards
Stephanie Edwards 25 kun oldin
10:05 ‘it looks like highlighter with out the shimmer ’ HIGHLIGHTER IS LIQUID SHIMMER!!!!
Anjela Joy Endino
Anjela Joy Endino 26 kun oldin
I know this is late, but I recently into your videos, that is why I am only commenting about this. But please try also some korean type of make-up. I know it’s a bit almost the same as the japanese look, but I hope you still try and try to compare or figure out the differences between korean and japanese look. Thank you.
Lexie Lynndale
Lexie Lynndale 26 kun oldin
Yoongles Bangtang
Yoongles Bangtang 26 kun oldin
Colour contacts usually sting for me too girl
O.L. Chung
O.L. Chung 26 kun oldin
looked really doll-like and a lot younger than your regular makeup looks (in a good way)
Dinda Larastya
Dinda Larastya 26 kun oldin
I luvvvv so much this look!!
Koushikidas Das
Koushikidas Das 26 kun oldin
Hi I really love your vedio
Er Ra
Er Ra 26 kun oldin
I died at 12:35 when I heard "In My Blood" playing in the background.😱
Mohammad Rahman
Mohammad Rahman 26 kun oldin
O Oh Oh m Oh my Oh my g Oh my go Oh my god Oh my go Oh my g Oh my Oh m Oh O
Andrea Corona
Andrea Corona 27 kun oldin
Ever since I saw this video, that's the area I concentrate my blush on because it's so cute!!!