Trying Canadian Snacks w/ ADELAINE MORIN (Cheat Day)

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Our friend from the north, Adelaine Morin, is here to teach us a thing or two about Canadian delicacies! She lets us know what the hype about Tim Hortons & ketchup chips is all aboot.

If your country or culture has foods we should try, write them in the comments!

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8-Apr, 2017



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Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe 3 soat oldin
I used to live in Georgia before I moved to Michigan and Tim Horton’s was not in Georgia so it’s probably just in the north but Tim Horton’s is okay I guess it’s just a breakfast place Though.... sorry for the paragraphs 🙃
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe 4 soat oldin
I live in Michigan and we have Tim Horton’s so it is in America
Julian W. Taylor
Julian W. Taylor 4 soat oldin
I don’t really like ketchup much either. But, those chips look amazing.
Danielle Ryan
Danielle Ryan 5 soat oldin
That is ham... Canadian bacon is peameal and it does not look like that. Maple syrup comes from trees. American syrup is literally just glucose/corn syrup. American smarties are Canadian "Rockets"... This canadian girl literally knows nothing.
Navreen's life
Navreen's life Kun oldin
how to make poutine= go to mcdonalds, and buy one poutine. then go home, open it and then eat it. PERFECT!
Melissa Hay
Melissa Hay Kun oldin
Any h💿l💿 sexuals out there
Faith Maclean
Faith Maclean 2 kun oldin
Literally eating ketchup chips while watching this lol
cloud wave
cloud wave 22 soat oldin
Same 8-D
Jess Gorska
Jess Gorska 2 kun oldin
EZ2CRAFT with Celine
4:34 "tell us more" - Lily and Joslyn [at the same exact time and look at Lily's face after they said it]
TheRandomThings 3 kun oldin
I’m eleven, and I know ketchup chips are not spicy. ;-;
AnSoph 91
AnSoph 91 3 kun oldin
That poutine looks gross😂
Yuxin Huang
Yuxin Huang 4 kun oldin
Ewww that poutine looks naaaaaassty
Jacquelyn Martini
Jacquelyn Martini 4 kun oldin
I'm sorry but this "Canadian" is a sad excuse she doesn't even know where Quebec is (Quebec is to the east of Ontario where she is from) or anything about Canadian food... that is not peameal bacon, that poutine is shit, ketchup chips are not spicy, and no True Canadian would ever have Tim Hortons out of a bottle...mic drop
Jill Livingston
Jill Livingston 4 kun oldin
Tim Horton’s is in Michigan
sabine elatouabi
sabine elatouabi 5 kun oldin
I am. CanadiAn
Advait Singh
Advait Singh 5 kun oldin
The Canadian Smarties are also in India and like a lot of Asia btw...
Mist-print is a Bitchhh
That poutine look like kfc shit 😂
Rose Gold
Rose Gold 6 kun oldin
Maple syrup in Canada is more of a bitter sweet flavor but on the other hand the US syrup is just really sweet. Also instead of bonjour they should of said bon appétit just heads up
Brianna Alonzo
Brianna Alonzo 6 kun oldin
There’s Tim Hortons in Michigan too
Alexis Ł.Å.
Alexis Ł.Å. 6 kun oldin
Fun fact about American smarties, they are banned at my school due to people snorting, and smoking them......
AJswolfpack 4life
AJswolfpack 4life 6 kun oldin
They should eat Coffee crisp With coffee
Violet Scott
Violet Scott 7 kun oldin
Boi Canadian maple syrup is real and American maple syrup is not real
Cassie Pearse
Cassie Pearse 7 kun oldin
We call smarties in the us rockets(in canada) and she keeps calling canada ca na dia😂😂😂 18:26
Vitali Kogas
Vitali Kogas 7 kun oldin
Try timbits the are sooooooooo good
S’mores Turtle
S’mores Turtle 8 kun oldin
As a Canadian the poutine doesn’t look as appetizing as abc vegetable soup
Aria Laschuk
Aria Laschuk 8 kun oldin
Eh are you Canadian
Aria Laschuk
Aria Laschuk 8 kun oldin
Those chalky candies are Rockets in Canada, because Smarties are coloured covered chocolate
Aria Laschuk
Aria Laschuk 8 kun oldin
I’m from Winnipeg and love poutine
576CM 9 kun oldin
Smarties candies in Canada are called rockets 🚀
Fowsia Salah
Fowsia Salah 9 kun oldin
Bonjor = Hello
Séverine et Janie
Séverine et Janie 9 kun oldin
In canadien French we do not say bonjour when we “cheers” we say #1 santé #2 chinchin The 2 one is more likely Québécois used
amy hudon-lefrancois
Salut je suis québécoise aussi! J’adore ton anglais 😂
Lily Breton
Lily Breton 10 kun oldin
you guys are so funny ahaha
Jade Portman
Jade Portman 10 kun oldin
Fernanda Ortega
Fernanda Ortega 10 kun oldin
Oml l cant belive they dont like ketchup chips like if u do😂😜😃
zaina salhieh
zaina salhieh 10 kun oldin
The funny thing is that Americans think Canadians are lumberjacks who live in igloos and eat poutine and maple syrup 24 seven. I’m Canadian and when I went to America There were drinks at like in an out the size of a gallon of water
zaina salhieh
zaina salhieh 10 kun oldin
You guys should have done maple cookies
Julianna Ortega
Julianna Ortega 10 kun oldin
I cringed so hard when she bit the middle of the pizza
Courtney Thompson
Courtney Thompson 2 kun oldin
Julianna Ortega I know right🤦‍♀️
Sis & Bro Vlogs And Challenges
I'm cringing so hard right now on how they say poutine!😂
Christina P
Christina P 11 kun oldin
🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Toronto is “the 6” because it is made up of 6 boroughs. East york, Etobicoke, North York, old Toronto, Scarborough and york.
Roselyne Boileau
Roselyne Boileau 11 kun oldin
Your poutine look very very baddd the reals look very more delicious
Tiana Zerighy
Tiana Zerighy 11 kun oldin
Oh. I hate Timmy's Iced Capps
Mirabelle Trinidad
Mirabelle Trinidad 11 kun oldin
Where are my Canadian’s
Lily West
Lily West 11 kun oldin
When they said Nanaimo wrong it made me triggered
Marissa Kobetitch
Marissa Kobetitch 12 kun oldin
The meat is back bacon
Erin Nicholson
Erin Nicholson 12 kun oldin
The American poutine is also known as disco fries
Andrea 12 kun oldin
"i though she was going to say it in Canadian" me: **face palm** CANADIAN IS NOT A LANGUAGE!
Abbie Ganter
Abbie Ganter 12 kun oldin
I know someone who is afraid of ketchup
Eleanor Harker
Eleanor Harker 12 kun oldin
Abbie Ganter wait samee!
Katelyn Isch
Katelyn Isch 13 kun oldin
When your from buffalo and get Tim Horton’s all the time
Kenzie huey
Kenzie huey 13 kun oldin
I’m from Ohio and there are Tim Horton’s everywhere. Am I missing something?
Katelyn Isch
Katelyn Isch 13 kun oldin
Same I’m from buffalo it’s like fight across the border from Canada and theses Tim Horton’s everywhere
Morgan Tracey
Morgan Tracey 13 kun oldin
French made poutine pronounced as (poo-tin)
Noémie Bernard
Noémie Bernard 13 kun oldin
Quebec is SO not in the middle of Canada 🤨 Wow
Smarties aren’t just Canadian they’re Irish as well
Sophia Tucker
Sophia Tucker 13 kun oldin
I don’t understand why Canadians like maple syrup that much. Like honestly. I’ve been to Canada and have had the real maple syrup and Aunt Jemima’s maple syrup is waaaaayyy better and no one cares about maple syrup that much. U really only put maple syrup on a few things. Like ur not cool. And Ketchup chips are gross.
Paige Mann
Paige Mann 13 kun oldin
Did she really just say canadia? And not Canada? Wow...
Paige Mann
Paige Mann 10 kun oldin
It does not sound better and it’s the wrong word and I kinda find it offensive to be honest and I am Canadian
Sophia Tucker
Sophia Tucker 13 kun oldin
Paige Mann Canadia sounds better than Canada so I say canadia
Makayla Rock Chanel
Makayla Rock Chanel 14 kun oldin
Jonathan Thomsen
Jonathan Thomsen 14 kun oldin
The lays ketchup chips and The Old Dutch Ketchup chips is actually and original from The United States of America 🇺🇸 🙂😎✌️
Miley Walmsley
Miley Walmsley 14 kun oldin
Canada not canaydia
Emma Stanger
Emma Stanger 14 kun oldin
We have olive garden in Canada too.
Rosie Di Nunzio
Rosie Di Nunzio 14 kun oldin
I am Canadian and I am from Montreal Quebec bonjour mon nom cest rosie
AWSOMNESS Z 15 kun oldin
i was actually eating a nanaimo bar while watching this
Adina Rachel
Adina Rachel 15 kun oldin
Omg I love timhortins
Babydxll 15 kun oldin
Canadia? 😂
Ronin McAllister
Ronin McAllister 16 kun oldin
1. It’s not “ Canadian bacon” it’s pemale bacon 2. French is our SECOND language. Which means only some people speak French and we have to learn it in school
Marilou Blouin
Marilou Blouin 11 kun oldin
Ronin McAllister wait i didin't know that english canadien learn french at school haha but this is not surprising because i am a french canadien and i learn english at school haha
kitty cat
kitty cat 17 kun oldin
We have your American smarties to But we call them Rockets they are the exact same
phantux wyvron
phantux wyvron 18 kun oldin
Do they know that bonjour means hello
davi4d1998 18 kun oldin
Totally stupid poutine can’t be eat with the hand in canada because you don’t put the sauce!
Mikayla Holbrook
Mikayla Holbrook 18 kun oldin
There’s a Tim Horton’s by my house and I live in America. It’s at an hockey rink 😂😂😂
Camille Winters
Camille Winters 20 kun oldin
She looks like Alexa from Alexa&Katie
Ally Rice
Ally Rice 20 kun oldin
They have Tim Horton’s in West Virginia
kitty cat
kitty cat 17 kun oldin
Tim’s started in Canada it got so popular in Canada it branched out in to a few places in the US
i would like sum tae and sum suga kookies pls
Jessica Watts
Jessica Watts 21 kun oldin
Oof what is that poutine 😬
33SilverRose 21 kun oldin
I'm glad I'm from South Canada (Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY) and get Tim Hortons and poutine
Lizzie Flynn
Lizzie Flynn 22 kun oldin
I live in Canada and we have cheese cake factory and Olive garden so I'm confused
Stephanie K
Stephanie K 23 kun oldin
-Nanimo bars originated in Nanimo British Columbia, Canada -The American "smarties" is called "rockets" in Canada. -poutine is pronounced "pout-sin" or "pou-tin" , not "pou-teen" Shes not a very knowledgeable Canadian lol
RandomRevival27 23 kun oldin
There's Tim Hortons here in Michigan....
Eme_Plays 25 kun oldin
It’s not a candy bar it’s a chocolate bar it’s not made out of candy 🍭
Hayley Rose
Hayley Rose 25 kun oldin
True north strong and free....hmm
Madi Smith
Madi Smith 25 kun oldin
Ummm I’m live in pa and I go to Tim Hortons so much 😂
Angelique Lopez
Angelique Lopez 26 kun oldin
Lmao the edit at 19:15
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright 26 kun oldin
Who else thought that Adelaide was Tessa Brooks?
Charliegh Moore
Charliegh Moore 27 kun oldin
I live on a maple farm and even store bought maple syrup does not taste as good
Emma Payne
Emma Payne 27 kun oldin
You should try foods from England/Europe
bayleigh badger
bayleigh badger 28 kun oldin
Canada I am
Hannah Constable
That poutine looks repulsive. 🤮 And that’s coming from me, whose FAVOURITE food is poutine.😕
Breanna Knight
Did they mean bon appetite
Leti Arts
Leti Arts Oy oldin
10:15 ...emm... do they not know what ketchup is made of?
mack cummy
mack cummy Oy oldin
Say bon apetite
Kelsey Copenhaver
The difference between syrups is one is made in Canada
Gracie Dyck
Gracie Dyck Oy oldin
Canadians are so underrated like we aren’t that different from Americans
MiaIsAnIdiot Oy oldin
That poutine is dry and looks horrible. I’ve seen better poutine in Florida
lila Tyler
lila Tyler Oy oldin
K, I think you need a more knowledgeable Canadian for your video..... 1)Smarties taste nothing like M&Ms 2)Nanaimo Bars are NOT Filipino. Gosh. There's nothing mint about Nanaimo Bars either. It's chocolate coconut crust, butter cream in the middle and chocolate ganache on top 3)Bonjour means hello..... you don't say that before you eat. You say bon apétit 4) Canadian maple syrup is actual syrup from a maple tree. Everything else like Aunt Jemima syrup is maple flavoured sugar water
lila Tyler
lila Tyler Oy oldin
That is probably the worst looking poutine ever....
Kaitlin Jabbaz
They could have given them Hawaiian pizza since that type of pizza is from Canada.
Sophia Tucker
Sophia Tucker 13 kun oldin
Kaitlin Jabbaz yah but u can get Hawaiian pizza literally anywhere in the US. It wouldn’t be that special. And u do know that Hawaii is a US state?
Emily hayes
Emily hayes Oy oldin
lily's description of smarties is SPOT ON
Aisha Ali
Aisha Ali Oy oldin
Honestly Tim's or tim horten is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good
Scooter 473
Scooter 473 Oy oldin
Bonjour means hi so every time they say it before they eat they say hi then eat it
Danica Lagassé
Poutine looks terrible lol to me it's a 4 lol
Natasha Sinanan
Lmaoo shoutout Brampton
Elizabeth Der Stepanian
Bonjour Is Hi
Megan Vézina
Megan Vézina Oy oldin
That’s totally not a real poutine hahahaha
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