Trying Canadian Snacks w/ ADELAINE MORIN (Cheat Day)

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Our friend from the north, Adelaine Morin, is here to teach us a thing or two about Canadian delicacies! She lets us know what the hype about Tim Hortons & ketchup chips is all aboot.

If your country or culture has foods we should try, write them in the comments!

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8-Apr, 2017

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Fikrlar 12 972
Taris Saunders
Taris Saunders 7 soat oldin
They should actually come to Canada and try actual back bacon and come during winter when you can put maple syrup in the snow and roll it on a popsicle stick! Also have to try A&W 🤤
Jason Aspinwall
Jason Aspinwall Kun oldin
what.. what was that "bacon" ... um... peamale?? anyone... um... *sigh*
Kael Davies
Kael Davies 2 kun oldin
We also have Poutine in Australia
Jenna Jones
Jenna Jones 2 kun oldin
we have a tim horton’s in ohio and it’s amazinggggg
Nazmul Bhuiyan
Nazmul Bhuiyan 2 kun oldin
Our McDonalds in Canada is the best McDonalds in the world.
It's Ava
It's Ava 3 kun oldin
Poutine is bae
Chaya Lumbroso
Chaya Lumbroso 3 kun oldin
Have you ever notate that bonjour mins good day but apparently it mins hello I live in Montreal in Canada
Gina Edwards
Gina Edwards 3 kun oldin
We have smarties in England
Cassie Coates
Cassie Coates 3 kun oldin
Ummm we do have Tim Horton’s here in Michigan
rυввer• dυcĸιe
That's the saddest poutine I've ever seen poor baby's
Juliana Monticchio
Juliana Monticchio 5 kun oldin
I’m canadain all of the food you eat is so good 🥓🇨🇦🧣and all others
music8659 5 kun oldin
I live in Michigan and I have a Tim Horton’s l literally down the street from me but I guess we’re more Canada the we are us
Morgan Hanks
Morgan Hanks 6 kun oldin
there is soo many Tim Horton’s in Michigan
Mr.sloth Jr
Mr.sloth Jr 6 kun oldin
I’m Canadien and bonjour means hello
maryse umwali
maryse umwali 7 kun oldin
what happened to the Mac n cheese???
Monty Burns
Monty Burns 7 kun oldin
Poutine is not "fries, gravy and cheese". Poutine is fries, gravy and cheese CURDS....goddamn....and you're Canadian! You should know this.
July Rivera
July Rivera 7 kun oldin
Whats happened to erin Ñ
PrairieGirl 97
PrairieGirl 97 8 kun oldin
What...... some of these “Canadian facts” are wrong...
CrazyDounut? 9 kun oldin
Bonjour is hello
CrazyDounut? 9 kun oldin
I'm from Ontario
India Kostiuk
India Kostiuk 10 kun oldin
Ok I’m Canadian so this kind of offends me just a bit
Just a person with the name Kevin
When they say Bonjour when they cheers, it’s like saying hi 😬
Just a person with the name Kevin
The least Canadian, Canadian.
Just a person with the name Kevin
This whole video they got the wrong things 😂😂
Just your Average Artist
Canada reminds me of wales there like our maple syrup is better than everyone else and we’re like huh try our welsh cheeses and welsh cakes 🇨🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Hollie Benton
Hollie Benton 10 kun oldin
Ketchup is tomato it's made out of tomato paste
Michelle Geez
Michelle Geez 11 kun oldin
That’s called back bacon “ Canadian bacon”
rebekah mcmanaway
rebekah mcmanaway 11 kun oldin
Btw we have Tim Hortons in Ohio and I love it
Sarah L
Sarah L 11 kun oldin
Quebec and Montreal? Montreal is like the town that speaks the most English in Quebec and trust me i know that because I live in Montreal
Meg McNamara
Meg McNamara 12 kun oldin
Ketchup chips are amazing and they need to become more available in America!!! My whole family is obsessed with them But we can hardly find them except for online
Autumn Loves cake
Autumn Loves cake 12 kun oldin
lmaoo this was so funny to watch cuz i’m canadian 🤣🤣 1. u can only try ice caps if it’s the real thing 😭😭 and everything else was accurate but idk what those bars are 🤣😭😭💀
Philly Myre
Philly Myre 12 kun oldin
Please held in your Canadian passport 😓 your Americans problem now !
xXGamer_ WolfxX
xXGamer_ WolfxX 13 kun oldin
as a fellow canadian from canada and that poutin looks kinda gross :P
Zion Dooley
Zion Dooley 14 kun oldin
There is a Tim Hortons in Ohio
Christina McFall
Christina McFall 14 kun oldin
We have tim hortons in michigan
straya bish
straya bish 14 kun oldin
If nanaimo bars were filipino then it would literally translate to “your mom” bars
Nate. Fun
Nate. Fun 14 kun oldin
American smarties are rockets in Canada
Courtney Lee
Courtney Lee 14 kun oldin
I love how they said bonjour instead of of bon a petite
Blossom 16 kun oldin
I was kind of offended when they didn't like ketchup chips. That's literally what Canada's known for (not literal for all triggered Americans)
Blossom 16 kun oldin
6:49 - "Omg, I love Drake!" Something every American/white girl would say lmao. And don't get triggered people
Apinayaa Sivapalan
Apinayaa Sivapalan 16 kun oldin
rockets not smarties
Izzy Strickland
Izzy Strickland 16 kun oldin
Wait.. Americans don’t have smarties?! You learn something new every day. (Btw I love coffee crisps ❤️)
Christine Dang
Christine Dang 19 kun oldin
as a Canadian, WACk
naomi yemane
naomi yemane 19 kun oldin
America smarties r rockets for Canadians and smarties r chocolate candies in Canada as well just to let u know I'm canadian
j and j sometime a
j and j sometime a 21 kun oldin
Im from canda
FloralDanni 22 kun oldin
I can't. Canadians complain about everything even though cheat day and the majority of the content Jos and lily produce is comedy based. The majority of food that is said to be Canadian is british. Just like Australian. The rest of it is a mix of French and European
Reverse Music
Reverse Music 22 kun oldin
I'm Canadian and I've grown up thinking coffee crisp and smarties were American
Sophie Belle
Sophie Belle 22 kun oldin
I usualy like food exercises.
Joshua Petruska
Joshua Petruska 23 kun oldin
There’s Tim Horton’s and ketchup chips in Ohio
asil.w_ H
asil.w_ H 23 kun oldin
I love how the comments are *TRIGGERED* but there’s no *DISLIKES*
Asma Asma
Asma Asma 23 kun oldin
I thought ketchup chips are available everywhere
Paris Dreamer
Paris Dreamer 25 kun oldin
Anybody notice her phone was upside down when she was video calling?
dhanesh shirodkar
dhanesh shirodkar 26 kun oldin
Why does the girl to the right keep calling Canada Canadia 🧐
Steven Cluett
Steven Cluett 28 kun oldin
Its halarious they keeo saying hello in french before each food
As Told By GiGi
The funny thing is we have poutine in the tristate area in USA but we call it disco fries. Am. The only one that has heard of this or has anyone else heard of this?
M Oy oldin
I went to Canada one time, and their poutine in Mac IS SO GOOD
jailynn johnson
First off we have Tim Hortons in America and everyone is saying how they did things because they're American but thats the equivalent to being racist
MsFears Oy oldin
Tim Horton’s is not that impressive.
bel nj
bel nj Oy oldin
The 'Canadian' smarties are British!!!!
Floofeey Oy oldin
why did she say Our true north home and free lmao its strong and free...that poutine looks gross, for tim hortons they should of used double doubles or ice caps and for maple candy they should of used the little maple leaf cookies and the way they said nanaimo made me cringe and how she said that the ketchup chips tasted spicey.
Erika Martin Taylor
Literally NEVER in my life have heard ANYONE say Canadian bacon except for Americans; we just call it ham. Our bacon is the exact same as USA's bacon. The end.
Juliette Girouard
April Johnson
April Johnson Oy oldin
One has Canadian in front of it and American in front of the other ;)
Allison Hunter
In Napa, CA there is a restaurant called Norman Rose Tavern and they make something called Disco Fries. They're French fries with cheese, sausage gravy, and a fried egg on top. SO GOOD.
Liztastic Oy oldin
Love how they say hello and don’t know it before they eat. Like hello food is coming in.
Haley Pierce
Haley Pierce Oy oldin
My favorite Canadian is former astronaut commander Chris Hadfield! Sorry.
Lunden Davis
Lunden Davis Oy oldin
Theatre is acting and plays, theater is movies
Strike Gang
Strike Gang Oy oldin
First of all MY COUNTRY IS HERE BOIS and second smarties don’t taste like m&ms
Eli B.
Eli B. Oy oldin
She’s not very knowledgeable on the Canadian foods...made the experience more bleh. Like I need you to explain and give descriptions.
Elsa Roca
Elsa Roca Oy oldin
Why did she look like Tessa Brooks on the thumnail
Rosijosi So cool
Man you can get some killer pouting in Detroit at green dot stables a restaurant that serves sliders , they have such good pouting
Jody Dagel
Jody Dagel Oy oldin
I love Canada
Kimochi Kactus
Ohio has Tim Hortons!
Tanny B
Tanny B Oy oldin
We have tim hortons in detroit
Random Human
Random Human Oy oldin
Music EM
Music EM Oy oldin
I don’t say poutine like that I say it as how you say it in French
How do Americans not even know that those fries look like *TRASHHHHHH*
Viper Gaming
Viper Gaming Oy oldin
As a fellow Canadian I am only one that has OCD that they didn’t mention that Nanaimo bars are named after the city off the coast of Vancouver on the island
Thaly Roger
Thaly Roger Oy oldin
She keeps making does crazy faces!😂😬
Alana Michelin
Adelaine! Where did you get that shirt!!!
Faith Salem
Faith Salem Oy oldin
Is any other American mid eastern of the Pacific humans triggered people think tim Hortons are only in Canada idk why but its bothering me
Faith Salem
Faith Salem Oy oldin
Michigan has tim Hortons its SO GOOOOD and yes Canada is not the only one with Tim Hortons
Natasha Regnier
Canada has the Olive Garden
Kiesten Cabello
American poutine is nasty Canada just makes it better
Marc McFarlane
Michigan has Tim Hortons
coffeegirl18 Oy oldin
That is Canadian or Peameal bacon but we don't just eat it...like if you order bacon in a restaurant you get the crispy type but they do have peameal as an option a lot of the time. Love Ketchup chips and but All Dressed are my fave. I live like 1hr 30 from the border and we have a lot of Americans with summer cottages here. Nanaimo bars are Canadian? I thought everyone made them at Christmas time to have with tea and coffee. Yum Canadian pizza is so good. You guys need to google SCTV Great White North. You'll get a kick out of it. 🤣🤣🤣
Jazmine Humby
Jazmine Humby Oy oldin
THOSE ARENT REALLLL KETCHUP CHIPS.. old Dutch is reallllll ketchup chips !!!
Mariah LaNai’
But we have Tim Horton’s though.. lol I love ice capps
Zerena G
Zerena G 2 oy oldin
And ketchup chips are a-m-a-z-i-n-g
Zerena G
Zerena G 2 oy oldin
Bonjour means hi
alyonabrooks 2 oy oldin
I’m Canadian and I spell colour/ color as color!!!
Alaura’s Life
Alaura’s Life 2 oy oldin
smarties in America are called rockets in Canada
Afroman790 2 oy oldin
I hate it when poutine is being shown and or graded. And its bottom of the barrel quality poutine. That’s not poutine. It’s a slap in my Canadian face.
EKirkland3244 2 oy oldin
I can’t believe when Americans say that Rockets are smarties!!!!
Mad Rose
Mad Rose 2 oy oldin
New York has Tim Hortons lmao
Alexandra Crofton
"true north home and free" eXcUsE mE
Sarah 2 oy oldin
American maple syrup is literally just corn syrup and sugar. There’s no actual maple in it
Lindy Soto
Lindy Soto 2 oy oldin
That's crazy I'm not from Canada nor am I in Canada I am from and in NY and there are tim hortans EVERYWHERE
Jill C
Jill C 2 oy oldin
American Smarties are called "Rockets" in Canada. It looks like the smarties they got where the smarties version of cadbury mini-eggs. Canadian smarties don't taste like M&M's but the concept is similar: Chocolate in a candy shell. They're flatter though and no letters are on them. PS: Did their poutine have gravy on it? They mentioned gravy but it certainly didn't look like it had any, or enough!
Jizelle Carrillo
Jizelle Carrillo 2 oy oldin
Does nobody notice the way lily opens bottles ? I mean it's not a bad thing but it's weird
3 kun oldin