Trying McDonald’s Breakfast & Lunch in INDIA

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I just happened to stop by at a McDonald's and realized that the menu is so much different from the McDonald's in America and a lot has to do with the fact that they don't serve beef or pork. So I decided to order everything and taste test it out.
This video is not sponsored and is a review.
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12-Apr, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 961
Sawan Patel
Sawan Patel Soat oldin
Should have hit up mc Donald's to get my protein when I was visiting India lmao
Melissa Carter
Melissa Carter 9 soat oldin
Honestly, I've been almost all over the world, I love Indian food the best.
Magical Domo
Magical Domo 11 soat oldin
with the fries, your supposed to take the bag they give you and pour the mix and the fries in and shake it up
Moran Wexl3r
Moran Wexl3r 12 soat oldin
I just realized that there’s no burgers in the 🇮🇳 McDonloads. Thats weird, still looked good enough, some items looked really bad though.
nowrin tunzum shefa
nowrin tunzum shefa 13 soat oldin
you should try Bangladeshi burger...yeah we don't have macdonald's but Still we have awesome burger That you will definitely love.
Daksh Dobhal
Daksh Dobhal 13 soat oldin
McDonald's here in Delhi is so bad compared to what you people have in the south. We have a very limited menu
LR - Cuber
LR - Cuber 15 soat oldin
Wtf is up with the captions???
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 22 soat oldin
McDonald’s is gross in every Country..
Ebony Hayes
Ebony Hayes Kun oldin
Soy soy soy soy soy soy lots n lots of soy estrogen to give males women boobs
Sam.Vlogz Kun oldin
That sauce that you thought was thousand island is called Peri Peri Chicken we have it in australia
Clayton Almeida
Clayton Almeida Kun oldin
Were you in Bandra ,Mumbai ?
prateek munjal
prateek munjal Kun oldin
These varieties aren't in delhi 😑😑
PacaAlpaca 2 kun oldin
1:40 I say the same thing about McDonald's here in Italy lmao
chun_li fury
chun_li fury 2 kun oldin
Are the menu in INR? It's super cheap
Alou Uy
Alou Uy 2 kun oldin
Mike Chen is so ripped but he eats a lot
aby simon
aby simon 2 kun oldin
McD in India is crap
Kedar Pawar
Kedar Pawar 2 kun oldin
My man is here in Bandra
Cailon Moshiri
Cailon Moshiri 3 kun oldin
Super patriotic American: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FOUGHT FOR MY COUNTRY AND YOU WILL RESPECT MY COUNTRY"
Rickson Marquez
Rickson Marquez 3 kun oldin
that'll sure fill ya up ☺️
Wan 86 2016
Wan 86 2016 3 kun oldin
The mcspicy burger is the best seller in macdonald’s singapore
tessy suresh
tessy suresh 3 kun oldin
I don't think he has a habits of sharing
Joyce Thomas
Joyce Thomas 4 kun oldin
I don't remember if I have ever been to a McDonald's in India, but I do know I tried Chinese fried rice in India, and it was by far the worst fried rice i ever had , I was very disapointed. It was somewhere in South India. Cows in India are scared so you may not usually get beef that often. And I was not fond of their Thumbs Up. And lastly to comment, Cheese is not that popular in India like it is in America.
Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh 4 kun oldin
I am Indian
SNIP4 4 kun oldin
If you want to test the worst mcdonals. -> Visit Germany
XSentinel 4 kun oldin
3:36 racist music comes in play
Rubal Budakoti
Rubal Budakoti 4 kun oldin
He likes everything 😅😅😅😅
Lindi Lyons
Lindi Lyons 4 kun oldin
I wanna try it all
Roblox and Fun
Roblox and Fun 4 kun oldin
Darcy Thurlow
Darcy Thurlow 5 kun oldin
Sorry I am an American Woman...Born and raised in the Usa…..and I LOVE MIC DONALDS AND BURGER KING...There not Spicy.....
kyle yo
kyle yo 5 kun oldin
Indian subway and Pizza Hut is sooo much better
Marc-Alain Marcotte
Why does he looks like Jackie Chan ??
Do Daang
Do Daang 5 kun oldin
In Hungary McDonald burgers are so dry you cant even swallow it without some soda.
Moko Sugar
Moko Sugar 5 kun oldin
You really remind me of harry shum jr
Vithya Sekhar
Vithya Sekhar 5 kun oldin
Ahhh! Missing India & their good food already
Browna Yesmkid
Browna Yesmkid 5 kun oldin
Ayyy he’s in Hyderabad! Where my Hyderabadis at??
Anyssa Crowell
Anyssa Crowell 5 kun oldin
Dude can eat
Chinmaya Arora
Chinmaya Arora 6 kun oldin
Have you gone to city center in hyderabad for lunch
King Mickey666
King Mickey666 6 kun oldin
Tf no beef?
Mary P
Mary P 6 kun oldin
The McToilet is the street :P
Rakshith K R
Rakshith K R 6 kun oldin
Karthikeyan Jayachandran
For the price that McDonalds feeds : 1 people Street food : 10 people And if you think street food aren't healthy, Lol pity you. There are tons of amazing food corners in the street especially in Mumbai. At MacD, you pay for its brand name. Just like someone buying iPhone and not considering its low specs.
Mr Gaitonde’s Channel
2:33 chatpataa 😆
P N V S Sai Puneet mm18b108
i got to know the secret guys ,did you ever feel how they eat that much food in one day,the answer is the food vloggers will eat motion tablets so that they excrete the eaten food out of them very fast so that they will feel hungry again
CodeBreaker_YT 7 kun oldin
In India nobody eats breakfast at McDonalds.
Lin T
Lin T 7 kun oldin
All McDonalds in other countries cater the food to the country’s taste
Mega tron
Mega tron 7 kun oldin
Looks just as gross as it does in US. US McDeath is gross tasting as well, never tried Indian.
Amar Waqar
Amar Waqar 7 kun oldin
Asia has the best food
BadAttitude_ EnZed
BadAttitude_ EnZed 7 kun oldin
Wonder how long he had diarrhea for after that.
Mei Your Ordinary girl
I’m drooling but I can’t afford another pound added haha
Keshav 712
Keshav 712 8 kun oldin
Bro the background music is lit where did he find it
princess princess
princess princess 8 kun oldin
India me juicy chicken nahi dry hi milta hai jo bohat acha hota hai
Michelle Lilo
Michelle Lilo 9 kun oldin
Mike, do a Pakistan Mcdonalds~
Northern Life
Northern Life 10 kun oldin
Totally awesome video man!! I will try it if I ever make it to India!
Kiran Khan
Kiran Khan 10 kun oldin
Love from Pakistan ❤️
KSHITIJ GARG 10 kun oldin
The camera man - ummm.. feed me ...
Saiman Rahman
Saiman Rahman 10 kun oldin
i love chicken. but a place but no beef on the menu? i dont think i can ever visit india. i need a nice beef burger at times.
Aymerik Merette
Aymerik Merette 11 kun oldin
Very special
sloopy8bitretro gammer
First arabs and persians steal kebabs from Turks now Indians what next British
Rei Kun
Rei Kun 11 kun oldin
He’s one of those rare foreigners who don’t find Indian food spicy 🌶
Julio Tzoc
Julio Tzoc 11 kun oldin
Love this guy
Jen Cheng
Jen Cheng 11 kun oldin
You need to try the McSpicy burger the next time you come to Singapore!
Kebon 11 kun oldin
Stop T-Series
Simon Gurung
Simon Gurung 11 kun oldin
who else got triggered when he spilt the sour cream mix
Ailin Zhou
Ailin Zhou 12 kun oldin
Why do the burgers in America look so depressing compared to these?
Ailin Zhou
Ailin Zhou 12 kun oldin
*Mcdonald burgers
Moo is just Moo
Moo is just Moo 12 kun oldin
Does anybody get triggered how he says naan
Nannette Kankam
Nannette Kankam 12 kun oldin
This is making me want that McDonald's
vinodh v
vinodh v 12 kun oldin
indian food is far better and the best.....
Ashwin Nair
Ashwin Nair 12 kun oldin
You should have tried the street chicken shawarma
Jin Jin Mayberry
Jin Jin Mayberry 12 kun oldin
Is that like aloo in a mc puff pastry
Prateek Mogha
Prateek Mogha 13 kun oldin
Tuesday ,egg ?
Gunbee 13 kun oldin
4:53 that burger looks so perfect
Enigma Enigma
Enigma Enigma 14 kun oldin
Didn’t think India had any McDonald’s omg I thought they were the dirtiest country and poorer than dirt
chris lor
chris lor 14 kun oldin
Wow looks so good
akiniv vish
akiniv vish 14 kun oldin
I admire ur capacity 😂💜
BackstageGerm 99
BackstageGerm 99 14 kun oldin
I have TMJD so I can't move my jaw. Watching this is really good but it makes me a salty boik 😭
Beant Singh
Beant Singh 14 kun oldin
I ate in an Mcd in India and the chicken nuggets were really crunchy!!!
Raj goyal
Raj goyal 16 kun oldin
2:10 the guys in the left are just like, "Who's this random guy acting like he's never seen food?"
Mekiah Foster
Mekiah Foster 16 kun oldin
Because America has no flavor.
TPstar 16 kun oldin
Is there any food you don't like?
Miguel Robb
Miguel Robb 16 kun oldin
Is this Jackie Chan aged backwards?
spider bite gamer Asome
That looks so good better than USA McDonald's
Jon 16 kun oldin
Q: why is McDonald's really awesome everywhere else except for the US ? A: because America's afraid to take chances. Not that anyone asked I'm American born and bread
Ansha Hussain
Ansha Hussain 16 kun oldin
Ye tere scrambled egg burger ko India me Bhurji Pav bola jaata h 😂 Indian Dhabe pe chale jaa Mcdonalds bhool jaega ! 😋😂
SirSalty 16 kun oldin
At 3:16 I was reading fast so i thought it said marijuana burger and I was like wtf
Ethan's yang
Ethan's yang 14 kun oldin
Lol same
Jonas ABBOU 16 kun oldin
They only serve fish burgers
jexemanig 17 kun oldin
Keonta Shawna
Keonta Shawna 17 kun oldin
Thank you for eating so I don't have to.
Nazy F
Nazy F 17 kun oldin
Every time he says green bean I sing green beans potatoes tomatoes lamb ham hogs dogs
Vector Khalilion
Vector Khalilion 17 kun oldin
And in pakistani McDonald's is expensive af only rich kids can afford it 😤
Reddeath005 3
Reddeath005 3 17 kun oldin
It’s not nun it’s naan
Reddeath005 3
Reddeath005 3 17 kun oldin
I’m India 🇮🇳 but I live in America
Shivendra Singh
Shivendra Singh 12 kun oldin
Reddeath005 3 you’re India?
Texting Story
Texting Story 17 kun oldin
Are you Jackie Chan's brother ?????? 🤔
mojo 17 kun oldin
How come they dont have Fish-o-fillit???
mojo 17 kun oldin
The menu looks so bare without beef. Indians are missing out. 🐄🗡
RaShida walker
RaShida walker 17 kun oldin
The u.s is filled with crappy people. Who don’t want to work for something better I do live in America and I support it but right now we are falling all the way down
M00nLiGHt Yuv1
M00nLiGHt Yuv1 18 kun oldin
The “chicken kebab” wasn’t an actual chicken kebab because you asked chatpata naan aloo, which is a potato
Reda 18 kun oldin
3:37 name of the song?
Alan Mathew
Alan Mathew 18 kun oldin
Pizza puff ho Gaya the waite
Ryan Giffel
Ryan Giffel 18 kun oldin
Eexcellent x2!
Crucifix Pubg
Crucifix Pubg 18 kun oldin
Beef is banned in India and if they caught you even Hurting a cow .. You'll be severly punished and may be fed with cow dung and cows urine which Indian people already witnessed 😂😂So stay away from. a cow if you ever come to India
G Joeye
G Joeye 6 kun oldin
+Crucifix Pubg u sub human BIMARU is making india look like a failed state, u know that right? cow lynching only happens in SUB HUMAN SH1THOLE COW BELT BIMARU states, not all over india. and all other indians despise u sub human UP and biharis every day
Crucifix Pubg
Crucifix Pubg 6 kun oldin
+G Joeye i dont think i asked for your introduction
G Joeye
G Joeye 6 kun oldin
chutiya from underdeveloped NORTH india.