Trying McDonald’s Breakfast & Lunch in INDIA

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I just happened to stop by at a McDonald's and realized that the menu is so much different from the McDonald's in America and a lot has to do with the fact that they don't serve beef or pork. So I decided to order everything and taste test it out.
This video is not sponsored and is a review.
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12-Apr, 2018



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Sumit Das Gupta
Sumit Das Gupta 58 daqiqa oldin
That creepy non- Bollywood music from a website I always used to hear in different food and travel blog channels when they visits India. That's really bad music. Also Indian KFC is better than Indian McDonald. You should try Indian KFC.
Nubia TV
Nubia TV 2 soat oldin
Hamburger 😍
Evergreen Tree
Evergreen Tree 22 soat oldin
They wrapped chicken in a nun? 😳
Norma Armstrong-Ravula
Am I the only one who liked after seeing the title.
Ashik Jonathan
Ashik Jonathan Kun oldin
XI jinping's son
Swarna Kumari
Swarna Kumari Kun oldin
That veg pizza mcpuff is really delicious but you should not eat that first. It comes with a warning that it is extremely hot still I took a big bite once and almost burnt my tongue. And it cost something like 30₹ so it's about 40 cents
jeran nonog
jeran nonog 2 kun oldin
They use bare hands to cook
Momon 2 kun oldin
I thought the gave some paper bag so you could shake the chips and the seasoning power inside it?
Mr Help
Mr Help 2 kun oldin
2:33 chapata naan aloo. Cutest thing I've heard in a while.
Christina Rodriguez
I want to know one thing . Why wasn't beef there on the menu ? Beef is far better than chicken and any outlet not serving beef should be closed down
Swarna Kumari
Swarna Kumari Kun oldin
But you don't drink that milk
Christina Rodriguez
+Swarna Kumari do you people eat goat ? They also give milk
Swarna Kumari
Swarna Kumari Kun oldin
Because India was predominantly an agricultural country till 1950s and bulls were used in the field and cows and buffalos for the milk. These animals were like a part of family for them just as present day generation treat their cats and dogs as their family. Further since the cows provide milk for all the regular people just as a mother provides milk for her baby, cows are even more respected animals. Milk and it's products are an unchangeable part of the Indian diet. Hence, it's said " don't kill a cow and you will never run out of milk, curd (yogurts), cheese and paneer ( he ate a paneer burger). Hence, just as an American would never kill and eat his dog no matter how hungry they are, we don't eat beef.
Christina Rodriguez
+Swarna Kumari why ?
Swarna Kumari
Swarna Kumari Kun oldin
Because we Indians don't eat beef.
Chocolate 3 kun oldin
Looks like they use real ingredients
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 3 kun oldin
Yeah U.S mcdonalds is slacking
Rathna. Puneeth
Rathna. Puneeth 4 kun oldin
Thats *_definitely_* bangalore!!
Rathna. Puneeth
Rathna. Puneeth 3 kun oldin
+K .H how did ya noe?
Rathna. Puneeth
Rathna. Puneeth 3 kun oldin
1. You din't need to write Mumbai in ಕನ್ನಡ.... 2. Well... how are you so sure??
K .H
K .H 4 kun oldin
Rathna. Puneeth ಮುಂಬೈ
Delaney Rose
Delaney Rose 4 kun oldin
There should be an international mcds in the states where they sell all of mcds world items
Trafficker1985 4 kun oldin
All those cows walking around and not a single beef burger in sight, *Sigh*
du1roger 4 kun oldin
6:32 that looks like a chicken melt you can get at a Costco in America, except for the sauce, onions, and sesame. Basically bread cheese, and McDonalds style chicken.
du1roger 4 kun oldin
4:54 that does not at all look like a McChicken. McChickens have a bun, different looking patty, since that one looked real, shredded lettuce, and mayo.
Joshua Qian
Joshua Qian 4 kun oldin
Very thicc
Brian O'Conner
Brian O'Conner 4 kun oldin
I really hope he didn't bring his tapeworms back to the States with him.
lynn wehbe
lynn wehbe 4 kun oldin
im hungry.
Thekillerg1 gaming
Thekillerg1 gaming 5 kun oldin
*T-Series Has Joined The Chat*
Sohil Bali
Sohil Bali 5 kun oldin
That was potato naan not chicken
ZLATAN HULKEN 5 kun oldin
I NOW why its no beef in the Burgers beacus in india the cow is like a pet for the so they dont EAT cows.
Ghost Raider 34
Ghost Raider 34 5 kun oldin
Stop T Series
XxIN4INITExX Official
T series aint nothing but a bitch lasagna Im pewdiepie's fan
JustChillAndPlay 5 kun oldin
Subscribe to Pewdiepie
Slow Cuber
Slow Cuber 5 kun oldin
Is it me or do you look like Jackie Chan?😂
Juice 3 kun oldin
You didn’t see the top comment already said that. Smh
GUDIYA SINGH 5 kun oldin
And the very next day he spent 10 hours in bathroom
Kunga Chokden
Kunga Chokden 6 kun oldin
U threw the rest?
The Panache
The Panache 6 kun oldin
Okay, but you can't disassemble food!! 😑
Katherine Kateigh
Katherine Kateigh 6 kun oldin
Wish we had vegetarian options here in Canada ):
Amby Cakes
Amby Cakes 8 kun oldin
I would love to try yummy fast food in India! Especially with so many vegetarian options ^_^
paperTownz96 8 kun oldin
If it doesn't taste like chicken, ...it probably isn't chicken.
Alexander Shelby
Alexander Shelby 8 kun oldin
2:39 I thought that was pewdiepie for a second
Al S.
Al S. 9 kun oldin
Like all their street foods look so yummy
Al S.
Al S. 9 kun oldin
Every time I see Indian food being featured in UZvid I always get so hungryyy
Arvind Khurana
Arvind Khurana 9 kun oldin
1:15 Anda Bhurji 1:51 Bhurji Pao
FB_Kyan PlayzzZ
FB_Kyan PlayzzZ 10 kun oldin
😂😂🤣🤙🏽a guy screaming in the background like🥳😱🤗1:33
BLiND_Shaan 10 kun oldin
This man ordered chapata naan allu which is essentially potato bread, and called it chicken flavoured?? I know he isn’t from India and I’m not insulting this I just find this hilarious XD
N8 10 kun oldin
2:38 Lmfaooo i thought that was pewdiepie for a second.. Oh what the irony would be.
What Time
What Time 10 kun oldin
2012v 10 kun oldin
Whats with the music...everyutber coming to india playing music indians dont even listen....is it copyright issue?
Akash Yonzon
Akash Yonzon 10 kun oldin
Don't know about if it really is bad in USA but seriously McDonald's in India sucks 😂
mcrfan 69
mcrfan 69 11 kun oldin
Where do you poop after eating?
shoaib akhtar
shoaib akhtar 6 kun oldin
+angelchu yes and maximilianMus is a fortnite player correct.
shoaib akhtar
shoaib akhtar 6 kun oldin
+Mikaela Nair these are fans of maximilianMus and he said them to do that.
angelchu 6 kun oldin
+Mikaela Nair a fortnite meme, that has died
ilove fishes
ilove fishes 6 kun oldin
what kind of a ques... ohhhhhhh
XDizzyShades 11 kun oldin
This guy does not understand anything about food 😂😂😂😂
TheGameShark 11 kun oldin
You do know that you can get a mango smoothie in the States as well. It has pineapple too though.
Lowkey_ Loki
Lowkey_ Loki 11 kun oldin
For those who don't know paneer is a cheese that's popular in India.
Jose Antonio So Segismundo
The kebab its nit chicken its a vegetarian patty
ashwin parab
ashwin parab 12 kun oldin
nice video friend, by the way were are you from
shyamolima das
shyamolima das 12 kun oldin
Does the camera get this to eat too??
InfiniteBuLLet6 12 kun oldin
Bro you should've have tried phav bhaji with chutney
Aaron Zema
Aaron Zema 12 kun oldin
Yeah why is that? One of the richest countries in the world we are stuck eating garbage.
RS YT123
RS YT123 12 kun oldin
Jeez that's a lot! when do u eat
himanshusetia631 12 kun oldin
jim ball
jim ball 12 kun oldin
The only beef I found in India was in a couple of hotel restaurants. There's lots of mutton (goat) available though. I ate a couple of mutton cheeseburgers that were pretty tasty.
Muhammad Nazif
Muhammad Nazif 12 kun oldin
Genuine question. No offence intended. Does indian people consume pork?
POOJA SINGH 13 kun oldin
The prices of MC'D burgers are cheaper in India than any other country. 😎
The DDCC 14 kun oldin
4:29 looks like a hot pocket
1:33 ye pizza puff hua kya lol
SSENPAI 14 kun oldin
MCdonald without beef lol
Prabhat Kalra
Prabhat Kalra 15 kun oldin
u are eating burger without tomato kachup?
Rupika Agrawal
Rupika Agrawal 15 kun oldin
The comment section is on FIRE
Fortnite uploads
Fortnite uploads 15 kun oldin
7:23 WTF was that lettuce room in your mouth.
Amy Lee
Amy Lee 15 kun oldin
0:16 i love putting crack on my fries too 😍
Anonym Anonym
Anonym Anonym 16 kun oldin
You Should try piri piri fries
Rohan Bhardwaj
Rohan Bhardwaj 16 kun oldin
I live in Kashmir rn
Rohan Bhardwaj
Rohan Bhardwaj 16 kun oldin
Ute Ajdb
Ute Ajdb 16 kun oldin
America allows super processed items and chemicals in our foods and legally poisons us. They don't play that in other countries.
Sophie Gallagher
Sophie Gallagher 16 kun oldin
The one that tasted like pizza we have them in Australia were I am from Australia yep and there called pizza pockets
Joe 17 kun oldin
The only clean food in India is McDonald’s
Alena Corbett
Alena Corbett 17 kun oldin
They don’t sell beef anywhere in India??
Sachin T
Sachin T 15 kun oldin
They do in some Indian states like Kerala, Goa
freaky soul
freaky soul 17 kun oldin
We have coke too
I suck pls help
I suck pls help 17 kun oldin
Johnson McBig
Johnson McBig 17 kun oldin
Bagus Wisnu
Bagus Wisnu 18 kun oldin
Curry mcdonald ?
Vicky Pug
Vicky Pug 18 kun oldin
As soon as I saw India in the title it reminded me of T-Series lol
A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House
Why isn't beef on the menu?? Is it because they think the cow is a god???
SAVAGE Monkey 16 kun oldin
We eat dogs here
Aanjanayae Agarwal
Aanjanayae Agarwal 18 kun oldin
The pizza Mcpuff has cheese, but not a lot so it doesn’t burst open while frying.
Koko A
Koko A 19 kun oldin
What is the music saying 3:36?
Alice Walker
Alice Walker 19 kun oldin
U should try Indian curry and rice... U may fall in love with this...
Tevin C
Tevin C 19 kun oldin
Wish my country had a McDonald's
Connor Heider
Connor Heider 19 kun oldin
Germany has bad McDonald's.But there chicken nuggets and fries are good.
Mama Mia
Mama Mia 19 kun oldin
Why all is chiken patties?
Friendly Toast 2
Friendly Toast 2 19 kun oldin
Subscribe to pewdiepie india
George Taylor
George Taylor 20 kun oldin
There is a couple of those I wish McD's had in the US.
Alexander Pushkin
Alexander Pushkin 20 kun oldin
Эхх, а в россии меню макдоналдса очень скучное, острых блюд почти нет.
Jesrene D
Jesrene D 20 kun oldin
It takes 7 hours for me to digest those bunch of burgers
Dipi Goyal
Dipi Goyal 21 kun oldin
Hunar Pasricha
Hunar Pasricha 21 kun oldin
The main problem is ...... people keep staring at him
Mj Adams
Mj Adams 22 kun oldin
For the cream and onion powder u have to put it into the 'shake shake fries' bag. then mix it in with the fries by shaking it.
Aki Scott
Aki Scott 22 kun oldin
Well after looking at some of those patties,,,I'll stick to the U.S. McDonald's
XxTNTBOSS750xX 22 kun oldin
2:11 those guys piss me off so badly
Alex Ward
Alex Ward 23 kun oldin
"Obviously not a fresh nun"
Anoushka Divakar
Anoushka Divakar 24 kun oldin
I love these mukbangs
Sam 24 kun oldin
Indian Mac look digusting
amera mestisa
amera mestisa 24 kun oldin
I wanna try mcdonalds indian version..Even it is imposible Coz im not living there 😔
Anshul Keote
Anshul Keote 24 kun oldin
Why am I watching this? I live in India.
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer 24 kun oldin
Come pakistan
Kayla Johnwell
Kayla Johnwell 25 kun oldin
He said it right McDonald’s is good everywhere else except for the US
RollinOnVWGTI 26 kun oldin
LOL! wut the fucks a mcpuff?
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