Trying Products That Asked To Sponsor Me (Not Sponsored)

Safiya Nygaard
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So basically since we started making UZvid videos, we've gotten a number of *interesting* requests to our business email from companies who want to sponsor us or partner with us. So I decided to find 4 intriguing entries to our business email, NOT sponsored order them, and try them out, to see if I was missing out on anything! We tried a Japanese snack box, a free wifi map app, an ultra-portable seat, and an online psychic app. What do you guys think of my not sponsored haul?
And yes, this video is NOT sponsored!
PS - I know we are missing one blur, I just fixed it on my end in the UZvid edit screen and that is in process! Please don't harass the psychic in question! Thank ye :)
Products Mentioned:
ZenPop Japanese Subscription Box
Free Wifi Map App
Sitpack Portable Seat
Kasamba Psychic App
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8-Okt, 2018

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Safiya Nygaard
HELLO FRIENDS!! what do you guys think of my not sponsored haul? the tea is mildly warm!! xoxo, saf
JamieTheBoii Kun oldin
I think it’s a lil tiny bit sponsored
Cutesy KB
Cutesy KB 2 kun oldin
Can you do another video like this 😊
Míchel De Coito
Míchel De Coito 4 kun oldin
Please do a Wish app product review video!!
Stephanie Page
Stephanie Page 6 kun oldin
You're videos are so awesome!!!
Bitches and blobs Blobby
Thank you for actually including subtitles
Grace M
Grace M 2 soat oldin
Pause at 1:00 and there is an email from cristine (simply nailogical)
Tábor Tünde
Tábor Tünde 3 soat oldin
*You literally went to Disneyland just to stand in the queues?* Lol
shane mcleod brennan
Did your boyfriend really have an affair with VictoriaXRave ???? On holidays recently in L.A 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Marissa Brown
Marissa Brown 11 soat oldin
SAF EXPLAIN.....an add for kasamba (the weird psychic thing)played before the video and one is the top right corner of the screen...conspiracy theory? shane im waiting for a 7 part series
Garrett Van
Garrett Van 12 soat oldin
I’m so proud of saf... that’s it
Jaimee Hendrie
Jaimee Hendrie 13 soat oldin
Did anyone else notice the email asking her to try out and make a video on sex toys 😂
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 14 soat oldin
I got a Kasamba ad before this video lmaoo
Libby Houdek
Libby Houdek 14 soat oldin
I literally got an ad for Kasamba right before this video... they just really want to sponsor Saf on some level
HeyitsHeidy _Yt
HeyitsHeidy _Yt 16 soat oldin
Lol who else got an ad for the psychic app? XD
Katelyn Niewoonder
Katelyn Niewoonder 17 soat oldin
A hard pipe on my buttcheeks...tru tho
Astroia Something
Astroia Something 17 soat oldin
I know I'm late but i got an ad for kasamba on dis video???
Amy Seo
Amy Seo 19 soat oldin
Kasamba was the ad before this video lmao
Le potato
Le potato 20 soat oldin
that wifi map is soooo risky
Le potato
Le potato 20 soat oldin
'hard pipe on my butt cheeks' i'm wheezing
Bella Camp
Bella Camp 20 soat oldin
Genevieve Cai
Genevieve Cai 21 soat oldin
1:46 sean? jacksepticeye?
Genevieve Cai
Genevieve Cai 21 soat oldin
i got a kasamba ad on this video lol
Hashtag Hufflepuff
Hashtag Hufflepuff 21 soat oldin
Lol the way she sniffs the candy
Brie Baez
Brie Baez 22 soat oldin
Literally got a kasamba ad before this video
Morgan Barnes
Morgan Barnes Kun oldin
Saf, I got an ad for the psychic app on this video
Aylin Chang
Aylin Chang Kun oldin
3 7 Eleven franchises 😂😂😂 lmao
Nikki Minsky
Nikki Minsky Kun oldin
did anyone else get a kasamba ad before the video?
yeet Kun oldin
Those “psychics” just screamed fake to me
Justin Bourne
Justin Bourne Kun oldin
I recently discovered this channel, I like the way she talks
Bj Wakefield
Bj Wakefield Kun oldin
Benedikte Markvardsen
I from Denmark Med venlig hilsen Benedikte/ Love Benedikte
Ahmed Shareef
Ahmed Shareef Kun oldin
this is a sponsored advertisement
Lily Chapman
Lily Chapman Kun oldin
i got a kosamba ad for this video *illuminati confirmed*
Molly Leonord
Molly Leonord Kun oldin
My friends dad is a dentist at premier dental group
Sheepillama Kun oldin
Whitney Shelton
Whitney Shelton Kun oldin
hey maybe her lucky numbers "7, 3, 11" will be her date she hits 7 mill + subs!
Whitney Shelton
Whitney Shelton Kun oldin
16:00 "Mother trucker dude! That hurt like a butt cheek on a pipe!" XD
Whitney Shelton
Whitney Shelton Kun oldin
omg i got an ad for one of the companies in the vid.
Whitney Shelton
Whitney Shelton Kun oldin
•αsᴛxʀ• Kun oldin
Before starting this video, I got an ad for the Kasamba app...
Whitney Shelton
Whitney Shelton Kun oldin
i did too
The Cheernast
The Cheernast Kun oldin
I legit got a kasamba ad right before the video!
- moosegoesquack -
I got an ad for Kasamba before this
AiL Plays
AiL Plays Kun oldin
Kasamba was a ad on the video
Alex Quaesar
Alex Quaesar Kun oldin
Have you ever had a psychic psych another psychic? It's pretty fun.
Katherine Gowans
Katherine Gowans 2 kun oldin
There’s a add for this app on this video
XxokayxX 2 kun oldin
I got an add before this video and it was kassamba LMAO 💀
Maya T
Maya T 2 kun oldin
who noticed the jewish holidays on the calendar? nope? just me? ok...
Lacey Eder
Lacey Eder 2 kun oldin
If you liked the Japan box, try Wowbox, Japan Crate, and Tokyo Treat. I tried all of those and haven’t had issues. They’ll email you if there’s any delays like recently with Hurricane Michael. They’re all good, the snacks were all awesome..the drinks were odd. The Midnight Pepsi was just Pepsi, haha. They’ve got ramen option too.
Frances Owens
Frances Owens 2 kun oldin
Um the psychics of course are “nice” they’re making money off of you, it’s like your hair stylist as long as you’re paying her she will be nice to you. Lol
Frances Owens
Frances Owens 2 kun oldin
I just found you and subscribed.
Skylar Kaye
Skylar Kaye 2 kun oldin
TheGamingKat 2 kun oldin
At the beginning of the video, I got an ad for Kassamba. I think UZvid is stalking me again.
Dead Freight West
Dead Freight West 2 kun oldin
The seat is like the old British shooting stick.
sophie 3 kun oldin
the real tea is getting a kasamba add before this video
Ravi D
Ravi D 3 kun oldin
Akka did u did some tik tok videos
Fruityhoney 3 kun oldin
idu what u mean by not sponsored ordered HAHAH LOL
Maya Martinez Coronado
when she said lets dive right in i accidentally heard lets die right in and i was like wtf saf what happened???
Adrienne Dimauro
Adrienne Dimauro 3 kun oldin
Isn't it weird that this video is of course not sponsored, but right before the video I got one of those skippable adds for Kasamba. UZvid is getting too smart, soon it will be ROBOTS TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Okay that got dark, but it's still weird.
inyoudeep1 3 kun oldin
To be fair, you have a nice shaped ass, but it has plenty of padding for that stick...
Piper Medina
Piper Medina 3 kun oldin
Why did I get a Kasamba ad before this video
Cookie Peaches
Cookie Peaches 3 kun oldin
my birthday is July 16th!
The Amazing Shopkins Girls!!!
yes ill have a chicken flavoured beer please!
smiley helen
smiley helen 3 kun oldin
Kasamba is such a shitty company. That whole ad campaign which unashamedly targeted vulnerable people? What kind of real psychic would get involved with that!?
Zessa 4 kun oldin
I want this again but makeup
Kaitlin Andrews
Kaitlin Andrews 4 kun oldin
Just found your channel today! You have a great voice and enthusiasm! Great content. Thanks.
Heroo Duurr
Heroo Duurr 4 kun oldin
Hey, 20,000$ worth of crypto is 20,000$ worth of crypto All you gotta do is try a product? Sure why not
Kasamba was my ad for this video lol how convenient lol
percy b
percy b 4 kun oldin
i got a kasamba ad before this video smh
Crankycoolpotato 4 kun oldin
..the add that played for this video was for a product that was in this video... WHAAAAATTTTTT?!?!?!!!?!
AJ Bannier
AJ Bannier 4 kun oldin
I got an ad for kasamba before this, saying something about cheating... Uh.. you trying to say something about my love life, youtube? hehe
blabla blurk
blabla blurk 4 kun oldin
gotta love it when she says alright
Alicia Marie
Alicia Marie 4 kun oldin
AnnaCookie 4 kun oldin
OMG i am Danish 🇩🇰
aria 4 kun oldin
the way she says "alright" like the way she does at 7:47 makes me really happy for like no reason
Kristine Walløe Povlsen
I come from Denmark
Victoria Kærlet
Victoria Kærlet 5 kun oldin
omg you´re half danish i´m from Denmark and it´s fun to see some danish words in Amarica videos
T Housel
T Housel 5 kun oldin
I worked in a dental office. Ya, NOT! Patients do not want their info hacked. You won't find one that share's their WiFi.
maybeth misquez
maybeth misquez 5 kun oldin
Next 9 months?? 👀
Tanisha 5 kun oldin
TRUE 14:04 so chunky 😍.
B J 5 kun oldin
I literally got a Kasamba ad during the video 😂
Tropical Deer
Tropical Deer 5 kun oldin
16:18 lmao, safiya basically said to take to the norse version of heaven. me too man
jane haviland
jane haviland 5 kun oldin
bahahahahha i got an add for kasamba on this vid
QueenKrool 5 kun oldin
I like the way you use sponsors Saf.
Paige Hendrix
Paige Hendrix 5 kun oldin
Weird... I got the kasamba ad right before this....
Christian Davis
Christian Davis 5 kun oldin
got a kasamba add before this
Mrs Portugal
Mrs Portugal 5 kun oldin
You’re like the realest person ever
_Maddie Plays_
_Maddie Plays_ 5 kun oldin
lol when i clicked on the video the psychic app had an ad before the video
INFIRES MAN 5 kun oldin
i got a kasamba ad before the video lmAo
ali jordan
ali jordan 5 kun oldin
This is so cool
ali jordan
ali jordan 5 kun oldin
The WiFi was free @ Macy’s you didn’t have to have the app
Courtney Lam
Courtney Lam 5 kun oldin
Gurl, your wifi wandering clip is straight up in the area where I used to live. I know exactly where you are, lol.
I got a ad for kasanda or how ever it’s spelt
Eeejee See
Eeejee See 5 kun oldin
{\__/} ( 0 0 ) 📺 / >🍕
carly 5 kun oldin
im confused on what the wifi really does
Melanie Castro
Melanie Castro 6 kun oldin
guesse you worked with kasamba becuase an addadd for them showed up in this video 😂🤣
CookieDestroyer 3000
Dood. I got an add for Kasamba before this video!
JJ J 6 kun oldin
Spotting the merch
Shane Stan
Shane Stan 6 kun oldin
Anyone: makes 5 min video Me: ugh that’s too long Safiya: makes 24 min video Me: it not long enough!
Rujuta Kapale
Rujuta Kapale 6 kun oldin
"The sensation varies from booty to booty. " What would I do without you saf
Cassie B
Cassie B 6 kun oldin
You were born exactly two weeks before me lol so crazy!!! I can’t believe your the same age as me you seem so much more mature and further along in life lol. (Yes that’s a compliment lol) but I loved this video and love all your content it’s always so fun and unique and interesting!!! 💕
Kofuku Ebisu
Kofuku Ebisu 6 kun oldin
I just got a Kasamba ad before the video started. Conspiracy theory.
Hanbi lee
Hanbi lee 6 kun oldin
B Frog
B Frog 6 kun oldin
I took an Ambien about 15 minutes before watching this and bought a Zenpop box. I don't remember ordering it but the email from them says I did and it shipped today! I have no idea what I bought.