Trying Products That Asked To Sponsor Me (Not Sponsored)

Safiya Nygaard
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So basically since we started making UZvid videos, we've gotten a number of *interesting* requests to our business email from companies who want to sponsor us or partner with us. So I decided to find 4 intriguing entries to our business email, NOT sponsored order them, and try them out, to see if I was missing out on anything! We tried a Japanese snack box, a free wifi map app, an ultra-portable seat, and an online psychic app. What do you guys think of my not sponsored haul?
And yes, this video is NOT sponsored!
PS - I know we are missing one blur, I just fixed it on my end in the UZvid edit screen and that is in process! Please don't harass the psychic in question! Thank ye :)
Products Mentioned:
ZenPop Japanese Subscription Box
Free Wifi Map App
Sitpack Portable Seat
Kasamba Psychic App
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8-Okt, 2018



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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 6 oy oldin
HELLO FRIENDS!! what do you guys think of my not sponsored haul? the tea is mildly warm!! xoxo, saf
Erin Stacey
Erin Stacey 14 kun oldin
the problem with psychic's is that they take your "information" and look you up. Never do they have anything that isn't already in your life.
Lady Opal Eye
Lady Opal Eye 23 kun oldin
Your birthday is the day I was supposed to be born(different year)!
Sydney Chavez
Sydney Chavez 28 kun oldin
I just got a Kamba add.
donna izzard
donna izzard 28 kun oldin
Before this video I got a Kasamba ad!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex and Dominik
Before I watched this video it showed me a Kasamba add.
Sasha Macaulay
Sasha Macaulay 17 soat oldin
please do another one of these
Teal Kirkland Porter Todoroki
I got an ad for kasamba on this video
madeleine 20 soat oldin
i keep getting ads for kasamba before this video
Does Not Commute
Bro I got an add for one of her rejected sponsorships
Rebl Rocker
Rebl Rocker Kun oldin
why haven't you posted
Emily Schell
Emily Schell Kun oldin
The wifi app is like Pokèmon Go
Elly nuttela
Elly nuttela Kun oldin
I got a kasamba add..
Renee Toth
Renee Toth 2 kun oldin
So um I had a Kasamba ad before this video...
Renee Toth
Renee Toth 2 kun oldin
So um I had a Kasamba ad before this video...
Meg Elmont
Meg Elmont 2 kun oldin
March to June? Literally got proposed to
Hannah Phillips
Hannah Phillips 2 kun oldin
Holy shit I got an ad before this video of the physic lady wtf
Whatismylife1220 3 kun oldin
Watching this in 2019 we know what one good thing is
runnerchick324 3 kun oldin
"We're amongst the boxers, let's try & be brief" HAHAHA Wonderful.
Dasiy Potterhead
Dasiy Potterhead 3 kun oldin
I literally got an ad for ‘Kasamba’ (the psychic app) before this video!!
Sammy Corrine
Sammy Corrine 3 kun oldin
So psychic #2 had the engagement down
Grace Sh
Grace Sh 3 kun oldin
I just wanna watch the last 8 minutes of this video but my WiFi is like nah fuck you
Bevin Vitale
Bevin Vitale 3 kun oldin
“It’s so sour I’m *dead* ” 😂😂😂
Loclala Yay
Loclala Yay 4 kun oldin
Chicken and beer, the two most important thing to know in Danish. You will never go hungry!
Nails Are Life
Nails Are Life 4 kun oldin
"I would not want to *WISH* shipping issues upon you." I'm curious as to whether or not the emphasis on *Wish* was intentional. I get a feeling it was, but it was so subtle, I missed it the first time lol!!
Isabel Behrendt
Isabel Behrendt 4 kun oldin
Who’s a new subscriber between March and June? 🤔 I know I am
Coyote Impertinent
Coyote Impertinent 4 kun oldin
I want to be a psychic for Kasamba!!
Jaki Bartoschek
Jaki Bartoschek 4 kun oldin
I got the psychic app ad
Belle Powell
Belle Powell 4 kun oldin
As someone who studies astrology if she asked for your DOB but not your Place or Time of birth then her readings were absolute garbage, and generic as can be no matter what they said... You absolutely can not under any circumstances accurately read someone's chart without a place and time of birth.. it is NOT possible... 10 minutes on any astrology site and you will learn that... So I have no doubt that was a complete fraud, in spite of any coincidences... Even the daily newspaper gets it right some times!
Laura McKay
Laura McKay 4 kun oldin
There was an ad for kasomba before this video 😂😂
zoey neville
zoey neville 4 kun oldin
All the dislikes were the joke but i loved the joke
Eᗰᗰᗩ ᗪᘔᑌᗷᗩᑎ
i got a kasamba ad
Rose Tea
Rose Tea 5 kun oldin
who else would put money on the kasamba psychics being bots lol
Tarun Jain
Tarun Jain 5 kun oldin
"wish" shipping option : )
Tarun Jain
Tarun Jain 5 kun oldin
pause at 1:31 and look at the grammar
Alexis Nelson
Alexis Nelson 5 kun oldin
I got a Kasamba add before the video 😂
Kaj Suba
Kaj Suba 5 kun oldin
The way i got the same add before the video as the psychic. Kasambaaaa!!!!
Michaela LaLonde
Michaela LaLonde 5 kun oldin
I got an ad for Kasamba before this video
Ari Murphy
Ari Murphy 5 kun oldin
I get ads for Kasamba every. single. time. I watch this video...
Laurann Scarlett
Laurann Scarlett 6 kun oldin
Is nobody going to mention that she spelling the premier WiFi wrong and that’s why it didn’t work
LeafyLeifElPlayz 6 kun oldin
15:20 Lol. Imagine if you're at a bus stop and somebody causally opens that seat up and sits down next to you
shae 6 kun oldin
saf: what does my astrological sign say? psychic: *yes*
CraftyGirlME 6 kun oldin
You know, the forune teller was right: it is your transition period and it "will be" a good December. I mean, hello! You got engaged!
James Cooper
James Cooper 6 kun oldin
Did anyone else get a kasamba ad Cause I did 😂😂😂
Itz Connie
Itz Connie 7 kun oldin
The wifi map app is kind of like a troublemaker because it is illegal to use someone elses wifi without permissiom ☹️
arcadia rose
arcadia rose 7 kun oldin
i got an ad for kasamba before this video lol
Krystin Mcdonald
Krystin Mcdonald 7 kun oldin
10:33 😂
The insanely cool Jared Kleinman
Okay the kasamba ad played before this video...... I'm burning some sage!!!!
Gracie Is the best
Gracie Is the best 7 kun oldin
I got an ad for kasamba
Bella Boo
Bella Boo 8 kun oldin
I got a ksamba add b4 this 😂😂😂
Juan D'couto
Juan D'couto 8 kun oldin
The first reader was true about the good thing next year because you got engaged so have a nice wedding
Ruby’s Way
Ruby’s Way 8 kun oldin
Lmaooo how did I get a kassamba ad
XxFarah sarah kitty catxX
There was a add for the physic app
Iya- TheCookieGirl
Iya- TheCookieGirl 8 kun oldin
Omg! In the start of this video I got an add for kasamba!
Christina Miller
Christina Miller 8 kun oldin
Got an ad for kasamba before this vid lol
CuteSimmer !
CuteSimmer ! 9 kun oldin
Am i the only one that is a dane here?
Kitkitgaming83 9 kun oldin
OMG I got an add for kasandra or whatever it is before the video! Sorry for the bad grammar and spelling 😜
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 10 kun oldin
So... Has that cryptocurrency taken off yet?
Katherine Garcia
Katherine Garcia 10 kun oldin
i got a kasamba ad before this lmfao
Big Stanky
Big Stanky 10 kun oldin
Super original! Love the content, you two.
Megan Williamson
Megan Williamson 10 kun oldin
So it’s the following April.... how the career going hun
A little bit of Everything
“ a long erected laffy taffy”
A little bit of Everything
Dude, she don’t need your 100,00+ views because she got millions on her own.
Anbiya Yasmine
Anbiya Yasmine 10 kun oldin
I got Kasamba UZvid ads in the middle of this video😮
Jessica Myers
Jessica Myers 10 kun oldin
I totally want a Sitpack. I have dysautonomia and it would be very helpful.
Cesar Morillon
Cesar Morillon 10 kun oldin
Sorry I am using my Dad's phone and I love you and all of your videos
DarkRubberDucky 11 kun oldin
Weird note: Those silicone shampoo brushes (mentioned in the list of e-mails) are pretty great for me, because I get digital ulcers. Ulcers. Under or around my nails. You know what you use to shampoo? Your fingers. So, I bought one since I can't use a hand while shampooing when I have these ulcers. Its not perfect, and a little troublesome, but its useful.
stephi love
stephi love 11 kun oldin
Why do I have a kasamba ad pop up on my phone. 🤔 🤔 🤔
Zoe Schemmel
Zoe Schemmel 11 kun oldin
I got a kasamba add before the video! Lol
Colbilo 12 kun oldin
lmao i got an ad for the psychic one
Julie Wallin
Julie Wallin 12 kun oldin
im from denmark:):)
Alpaca Lord
Alpaca Lord 12 kun oldin
I’m watching this 6 months later and u r getting married eh eh eh
Pkzayygwsf 12 kun oldin
No one will probably believe me but... I ACTUALLY GOT AN ADD FOR OBE OF THE THUNGS SHE TRIES IN THE VIDEO! 🤯
Megan Pare
Megan Pare 13 kun oldin
That foldable sit pack "seat/chair" is going to disappear up someone who is very large bottom. lol
Ella, Just Ella
Ella, Just Ella 13 kun oldin
You’re danish?!!! I thought so! Your last name is very danish!! Im danish too!!🥳🇩🇰
N Walters
N Walters 13 kun oldin
Just watched this video and it was prefaced with a Kasamba ad - which I genuinely thought was a load of codswallop. 😂 I can totally see how they’ve been sneaky & advertised on your video. I won’t ever be trying it. The advert is shockingly poorly acted! 😝 👎🏽 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Miss Kiss’s World
Miss Kiss’s World 13 kun oldin
Your videos are SUCH good quality & interesting! They honestly make me wanna order stuff to try it lol
Holmette 42
Holmette 42 13 kun oldin
Are you sure you didn't have this video sponsored? Because I got an ad for one of the products.
Madilyn Bozzo
Madilyn Bozzo 14 kun oldin
omg the psychic was right because tyler proposed, and that was a good event and the phsycic said good events would come
Ryan Reeta
Ryan Reeta 14 kun oldin
Any other muslims saw the Eid Adha on the calander
BrieKeeleyXX 14 kun oldin
Lol I got a kasumba ad for this video...😂
Selena Benavente
Selena Benavente 14 kun oldin
When she was doing the physic reading and said next year would be good and events will happen that will make her happy, little did she know she would be engaged :)
Noswal Pops
Noswal Pops 14 kun oldin
The psychic was the opening ad for this video for me 😂 how convenient
Joanna Szemberska
Joanna Szemberska 15 kun oldin
WAIT . One od them predicted that there will be development in soul mate connection and now you are engaged
saraa 15 kun oldin
Holy shit i got kasamba add before this vid wtf
Elin Arback
Elin Arback 15 kun oldin
Kasamba was the ad on this vidio😂
lil-galaxy planets
lil-galaxy planets 15 kun oldin
Hello,you shouldn't connect to a lot of random WiFi because people leave their WiFi opened so they can hack your phone 😱
Mohibullah Awan
Mohibullah Awan 15 kun oldin
All I need is a sitpack to Lean On
Tae.And.Kookies 15 kun oldin
But it was a free wifi anyway
Debra Geppert
Debra Geppert 15 kun oldin
I literally was just at Disney
Tammy Cunningham
Tammy Cunningham 16 kun oldin
it would have been interesting to talk about the past instead, because it would be a good test
Jackie Yeet
Jackie Yeet 16 kun oldin
I got a ad from the psychic thing lol
Rachel on Life
Rachel on Life 16 kun oldin
Who saw a Kasamba ad on this vid
Emerson Caniglia
Emerson Caniglia 16 kun oldin
Oh my gosh that psychic thing came up as an ad before this video think they're trying to get in video with you that actually is
Kirstine Ahrenst
Kirstine Ahrenst 17 kun oldin
Whaaayyyyy Denmark!😃🇩🇰
enthie 17 kun oldin
bruhhh the psychic called it when she said a lot of events will make u happy next year
Patricia sandoval
Patricia sandoval 17 kun oldin
Physic 1 said next year will be a good career and LOVE LIFE next year means this year and they are getting married!
Mackenzie Gold
Mackenzie Gold 17 kun oldin
I got an ad for the psychic app 😬🙏
marra elise
marra elise 17 kun oldin
the add that played before this video was for kasamba 😂
Ellie Willis
Ellie Willis 17 kun oldin
tokyo treat is a similar product to the first box that I've heard really good things about
Kagen Maditz
Kagen Maditz 18 kun oldin
Eating ramen while watching this 😂
Ellie-Marie 18 kun oldin
Really creative video concept! 😍
Chloe Wolf Lover
Chloe Wolf Lover 18 kun oldin
Sayfia. Before this vid I got a kasamba advert and I was very shocked
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson 18 kun oldin
I love how saf hit herself in the face and acted like it never happened
TheNerdyCheerleader 19 kun oldin
I got s kasamba ad before this vid 😂
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