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VIDEO ON HOW TO DESCRIBE COLOURS TO BLIND PEOPLE: uzvid.com/video/video-a9j5hS5tErg.html
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30-May, 2018



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Molly Burke
Molly Burke 9 oy oldin
What's your favourite colour? :)
ᗴᗰᏆᏞᏆ Ꮐᗩᑕᕼᗩ
Yellow and purple
Xx_ Glitterunicorn17 _xX
Ally The Red Panda
Blue and purple
Faith Barnes
Faith Barnes 8 oy oldin
Molly Burke light purple and mint green
Arwa Javaid
Arwa Javaid 9 oy oldin
Molly Burke mine is lavender
Tasha Wycoff
Tasha Wycoff 2 kun oldin
I love you two together! Yall need to collaborate more!!!!
qualityrat 3 kun oldin
In color order on her shirt first is blue than purple than pink then red than orange and yellow then mint green that is what I saw but she said it was purple first when it is actually blue
KateSinging InTheSnow
*mentions pride day* INSTANT LIKE
Daily Buddha
Daily Buddha 4 kun oldin
List of warm to cool colors Red orange yellow green blue purple I am pretty sure that I got it right
Hamruni Nuren
Hamruni Nuren 4 kun oldin
If u can see glittery things, I guess u must buy a highlighter in different colors like pink, there is even blu so I guess u can see it instead of feeling it and maybe your fav color will change as well ❤️love u btw
Ibis 5 kun oldin
There is pink in the rainbow? Red orange yellow green blue purple pink?
Ibis 5 kun oldin
Zaniyah Kelly
Zaniyah Kelly 6 kun oldin
Anyone notice that she said the rainbow wrong 😂
Jordan Minan
Jordan Minan 5 kun oldin
I noticed
sparkle_ dream_HD
sparkle_ dream_HD 7 kun oldin
Wait who tells her what we writing in the commands i mean she blind she cant read or look youtoube videos
HufflepuffBadger 7 kun oldin
I agree with Molly. Mauve.
Stormy Ash
Stormy Ash 7 kun oldin
Laney Alice
Laney Alice 8 kun oldin
I love how molly tells James Charles she remembers like a few colors yet with Gabbie she suddenly forgets :/ interesting how a BLIND girl who was once seeing, suddenly can’t remember her “favorite color” purple.
Laney Alice
Laney Alice 8 kun oldin
THIS GIRL LITERALLY TOLD JAMES SHE DISTINCTLY REMEMBERS PURPLE BC IT WAS HER FAVORITE. Idk how y’all believe this girl. She may be blind but definitely not as much as she says she is.
Soni Rai
Soni Rai 9 kun oldin
Wait if she had her period?
Alex Gurrusquieta
Alex Gurrusquieta 9 kun oldin
My favorite color is mint
Abigail Roberts
Abigail Roberts 10 kun oldin
Gabbie mixes up green and blue in he rainbow it’s roygbiv not roybgiv
Abigail Roberts
Abigail Roberts 10 kun oldin
At 4:29
kim kathka
kim kathka 10 kun oldin
Molly!!! You should do a video where how you imagine people is sketched on paper
Alexandria French
Alexandria French 11 kun oldin
It’s not blue then green it is green then blue like this ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 but with one more purple
Angelica Anderson
Angelica Anderson 12 kun oldin
Kari Linn
Kari Linn 12 kun oldin
Molly says she describes Gabbie as yellow, and what said Gabbie do to her hair early this year? DYE HER HAIR YELLOW, AND HER INSTAGRAM FEED IS YELLOW
Adrianne Zavala
Adrianne Zavala 14 kun oldin
I was at Walmart, and someone was wearing the same sweater as you Molly.
Aaris Howton
Aaris Howton 14 kun oldin
I just realized that she does very well at looking at the camera, and whenever I close my eyes I absolutely cannot keep them in one place, the position my eyes go to automatically when I close them often hurts my eyes and as I have insomnia I often have to lay there with my eyes closed for quite some time... continuously moving my eyes back to a position where they don’t hurt. Without something to focus on, they just insist on rolling back and giving me a headache.
Its_MadisonSigel 22
Its_MadisonSigel 22 15 kun oldin
Molly can you do a “how to deal with periods being blind” video because I would really love to see that! I don’t know how to deal with them being sighted! XD
iiAllyxs 16 kun oldin
mah favourite color is.....gray?
Nora ROBLOX God 17 kun oldin
“Red orange yellow blue green Indigo violet” :0 it’s Red orange yellow *green blue* indigo violet
Master Morgan
Master Morgan 18 kun oldin
Did gabbie say the rainbow was red orange yellow blue green..... i thought it was red orange yellow green blue purple
Brother Love sister
Brother Love sister 19 kun oldin
Andrea Taylor
Andrea Taylor 19 kun oldin
Damn Gabbie’s good at this 😂
Ruby_ Gacha YT
Ruby_ Gacha YT 20 kun oldin
There is clock red
Katryna Cary
Katryna Cary 21 kun oldin
I think orange is the warmest colour because even though it’s a secondary colour it’s made up of 2 warm colours
Katryna Cary
Katryna Cary 21 kun oldin
just something to add; a word to describe red: bold a word to describe orange: warm
MsChipmonkey 21 kun oldin
Red is an electric guitar Orange is a trumpet Yellow is a trombone Green is a violin Blue is a flute Purple is a clarinet Pink is a celesta
AllHailHallie ee
AllHailHallie ee 22 kun oldin
So wait is she blind or color blind or what
TheNightFury InAllItsGlory
Blind, but she is able to see tones of light, and if it is an object in front of the light she can see the shape. She can't see in a dark or dim room, and she doesn't see any details.
Sophie Wiggins
Sophie Wiggins 24 kun oldin
Baby blue
Dan M
Dan M 24 kun oldin
Purple is my favorite color ☺️ just like you , it’s been my favorite color for years.
Sara Samaletdin
Sara Samaletdin 27 kun oldin
I understand that it’s not helpful to describe blue the same color as sky. But you can still imagine the feeling you get while walking outside on a peaceful beautiful day while imagining blue since why is so nice usually on those days. Or walking on a beach by the sea. Or when it has snowed and it’s night time so the snow is bluish instead of white. So you get those feeling when seeing blue.
Rosalin Feit
Rosalin Feit 27 kun oldin
And ps I can see in color but not in purple cuz i think in black or brown that most confusion color molly me i am rosalind feit fr nova scotia hope y have a great day love ya
emacwakeup 27 kun oldin
some colors makes my mouth salivate such as bright yellow, orange, yellow, especially if I’m fasting and it’s hot.
Beautifully Dreadful
Omg yes I just bought this rainbow at tjmaxx on clearance!!!! $6
Rosalin Feit
Rosalin Feit 29 kun oldin
I like your sweater molly sometimes I cant see color myself cuz I am blind on my left eyes but see on my right eyes too so molly have a great day I am rosalind feit fr nova scotia
Maurice Wilkins
I accidentally started this at 0.5x speed and was confused as hell
Lauryn Ameri
Lauryn Ameri Oy oldin
Molly predicted Gabbie's yellow hair
Emmygirl1 Phluffey
My fave color is lavender
Emmygirl1 Phluffey
The sun is not actually yellow
aaa Oy oldin
That was very entertaining to watch.
Lilly unicorn lover
Does anyone else know that the sun is actually white I learned it in 5th grade, but I don't remember why we see it as yellow
Vicky Lin
Vicky Lin Oy oldin
spilling facts :3 : the sun is white made of all the colors of the rainbow
Olivia St. John
I have a question for you. So when you dream, you only see the faces that you have actually have seen before because your brain can't make them up by itself, and I know you weren't always blind, but I was just curious if when you dream you see other people, considering your blind and our brains can't make them up alone.
kommi ques
kommi ques Oy oldin
Blue brown?
Happy Aly
Happy Aly Oy oldin
Hahaha when they say "mauve" in french (I'm french)😂
prevery Oy oldin
What if im the monstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Shannon Fine
Shannon Fine Oy oldin
It’s not “Red Orange Yellow Blue Indigo Green Purple” it’s “Red Orange Yellow Green Indigo Blue Purple
Tara Vlogs
Tara Vlogs Oy oldin
Good job Molly!❤️
olive-os Oy oldin
*points to blue* “Let’s start with purple.” There are 2 shades of blue on her jumper, at the bottom of both sleeves.
Millie Eilish
Millie Eilish Oy oldin
I wonder when you never saw a color why could you in the drawing video with the police guy explain how her hair looks? (I don’t know how your names are) but can you explain this to me it makes no sense.. I don’t wanna say it’s fake but it also feels not that you would be blind idk.. (I‘m sorry for the bad English)
Toby Oy oldin
4:54 how tf she knows she looks 14
mlstone2007 Oy oldin
Light to medium purple
mlstone2007 Oy oldin
Gabbie said red orange yellow blue green indigo violet when it’s red orange yellow green blue purple
mlstone2007 Oy oldin
Still she flipped blue and green
Simply Joy
Simply Joy Oy oldin
its actually ROYGBIV- red orange yellow green blue indigo violet
Jayzues Kid
Jayzues Kid Oy oldin
How can you see what your typing hoe do you know it’s purple
N G Oy oldin
purple and yellow are my faves
Sophie Ireland
I once heard someone describe grey as the smell before a storm. Does that make sense?
Cookie Crumbs 4223
I say mauve like Molly (at the beginning)
Clarissa Guerra
i think i feel the most confident in red. For my xv party we decorated with red and dark purple. they give a spanish vibe that i really dig
Riverdale Fan
Riverdale Fan Oy oldin
It's not mov it's not moove it's morvr
Livia Maggi
Livia Maggi Oy oldin
I'm in love with that sweater
[]That One Gacha Girl[]
sometimes it takes me a hot minute to realize she can’t see what gabby looks like
Karleigh Lohrfink
It has a bi flag on it
Mary Ellen Flannery
Wow she actually did very well
Lexi Clark
Lexi Clark Oy oldin
Gabbie said red orange yellow BLUE GREEN indigo violet?.... 4:30.. edit : 4:29
Aliyah me NOT Ok
She said that the rainbow is red,orange,yellow, BLUE,green. But I thought that green was after yellow
Anonymous 1
Anonymous 1 Oy oldin
“The rainbow is red orange yellow blue green indigo violet” is is Gabbie. It’s it really. Anyone else notice this lol
I t s M o o n
I t s M o o n Oy oldin
4:25 blue green..? You know I love you girl but um... *huh?!*
a_closet_otaku · 69 years ago
*what if they made a podcast???*
Matt Buikema
Matt Buikema Oy oldin
This is America color spelled with an o
Firefly Productions
Margo Thomas
Margo Thomas Oy oldin
U said the rainbow wrong
Ami Nutella
Ami Nutella Oy oldin
My name is Gaby same way you pronounce Gabbie
lllEwoklll Oy oldin
6:09 is where you lost me.
Rhiannon Howard
Yellow is neutral 🤔
Azra Sheik
Azra Sheik Oy oldin
So what if I'm the monsTAAAAAAA
Abby Abraar
Abby Abraar Oy oldin
I realized she said don’t compare the description of the color with a visual object, but that’s all Gabbie did.
Katelyn Barks
Katelyn Barks Oy oldin
I have a question how do blind people dream? do they dream in color or do they not see anything at all?
tiffany zuehlke
Wat about yellow
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Oy oldin
Mom, no, mom! No, mom no!
Nyah Ryan
Nyah Ryan Oy oldin
4:33 Did gabby just say the wrong order of the rainbow?? 🌈
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Oy oldin
And you spelled her name wrong
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Oy oldin
anne’s aesthetics
omg i should’ve done this i have synesthesia😩😂
Queen Caroline
I have a video idea: blind person associates colors with people challenge
wimpigirl pao
wimpigirl pao Oy oldin
I would love to see molly meet Daniel (Dan) and Phil. They are so tall and molly is so short! Love to see it!
Queen Wood
Queen Wood Oy oldin
Blue 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
_tophatmadness_ 2 oy oldin
Pink is actually in the rainbow, it’s in between orange and red
Beth Shea
Beth Shea 2 oy oldin
Shyloh Gomez
Shyloh Gomez 2 oy oldin
My fave color is pink not hot oink but baby roses pink
S F 2 oy oldin
They forgot blue
DAYSTAR 330 2 oy oldin
Oh btw, Gabbie, green comes before blue. It's okay tho lol
laure auvray
laure auvray 2 oy oldin
gabbie is amazing at describing colors!!!
Diane Lait
Diane Lait 2 oy oldin
Purple and orange are my two fave colours 🌈
Weirdness With us
So I love your vids and your one of my favorite youtubers 😁 and I have a question, if you are thinking in your head about colors, can u see them? Again , big fan and you are awesome😁❤️
Mackenzie & Pets
Mackenzie & Pets 2 oy oldin
Did anyone catch Gabbie said red orange yellow blue green indigo violet? Luv u both!
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