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30-May, 2018

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Molly Burke
Molly Burke 7 oy oldin
What's your favourite colour? :)
Xx_ Glitterunicorn17 _xX
Wolfie Ally
Wolfie Ally 6 oy oldin
Blue and purple
Faith Barnez
Faith Barnez 6 oy oldin
Molly Burke light purple and mint green
Arwa Javaid
Arwa Javaid 7 oy oldin
Molly Burke mine is lavender
Dani P.
Dani P. 7 oy oldin
Bright Green 💚💚
Hollicorn 101
Hollicorn 101 15 soat oldin
Hey molly I just had one question for you, what happens to your eyes when you look at the sun?
Tia Sowa
Tia Sowa 20 soat oldin
“You’re a bright blue “ My Friend always let people roll over her like she was a pancake so I told her to not be a pancake but to be a strong waffle
Raven Bowers
Raven Bowers Kun oldin
You should have an artist describe colors to you. I’ve taken many college level courses over color theory. I think Gabby did a great job, but some of the things she said wasn’t technically right. For instance, every color has a warm and cool version. Even the primaries. :)
Brooke TILLEY 2 kun oldin
does black count as my fave colour?? 😂 😂
Aoife Temple
Aoife Temple 3 kun oldin
Gabbie is so smart
Isabelle Kuyck
Isabelle Kuyck 3 kun oldin
Why is this the only video on UZvid which I can't play on my Chrome Cast?
Niki Direction
Niki Direction 3 kun oldin
*I'm an adult boss...even if I look 14*
Niki Direction
Niki Direction 3 kun oldin
*I'm an adult boss...even if I look 14*
intheshitter 3 kun oldin
You mentioned that you can see a little bit of light. I wonder if you could see all the colors from a really bright RGB lamp?
Things To Do
Things To Do 3 kun oldin
8:18. I’m dying because that’s me
Azya Cerutti
Azya Cerutti 3 kun oldin
anyone else gonna say how gabbie listed the rainbow colors in order wrong
Hannah Dodd
Hannah Dodd 4 kun oldin
Molly:describe color Me:ok purple is ummmm purple..... Molly:😒😑 Also this song made to be offensive in anyway if that’s how it seems
Gřýïfføndøř ğęęk
my favourite colours are crystal ocean blue and lavander lilac
tove Larsson
tove Larsson 4 kun oldin
I am blind
arianaisabelle 4 kun oldin
wheres that sweater from though
FLighT _
FLighT _ 5 kun oldin
I wonder if she’ll SEE this comment
Soling106 18 soat oldin
FLighT _ There is something called “Technology” that helps us blind people do a whole lotta shit like reading comments. Funny how so many people don’t seem to realize this!
Carlos K. Morales
Carlos K. Morales 5 kun oldin
the sun is white
Jasleen 5 kun oldin
I lovvvve you’re sweater & u
Kimberly Ward
Kimberly Ward 6 kun oldin
Gabbie has the biggest nose in fucking eternity
Ali Garcia
Ali Garcia 6 kun oldin
as an artist. all colors can have both cool and warm tones. it depends on how much of one spectrum you mix in. so with purple the more blue in it, the cooler it is. and the warmer it is the more red it has. If that is helpful at all im glad. if not...sorry.
Changkyuns Waifu
Changkyuns Waifu 7 kun oldin
Am I the only one thinking Molly is doing a better job of describing colours? lol.
Amberly Lucas
Amberly Lucas 7 kun oldin
Yellow... foreshadowing
Anonymous 2.0
Anonymous 2.0 8 kun oldin
A rainbow is Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Also you called indigo purple and purple was in between indigo and purple
This Bitch
This Bitch 8 kun oldin
Isn’t maroon technically navy red ??
Zarla 101
Zarla 101 8 kun oldin
Purple and yellow
Queen riiyah
Queen riiyah 8 kun oldin
Do u go to a blind people school molly
Soling106 18 soat oldin
Queen riiyah She is a grown-up woman with a career!
Larissa Deines
Larissa Deines 8 kun oldin
She said blue green in the rainbow order but it’s ROYGBIV. Green comes before blue
Tomas Lopez
Tomas Lopez 8 kun oldin
I wonder if she would notice the difference in tone of light with different colored lights? 🤔
Abigail Eastland
Abigail Eastland 9 kun oldin
Wow, so cool. Also just eat he'd the vids you did with shane dawson and it was so amazing and inspiring, I don't know how you do it, reading and drawing, and music and my dog and budgie are my life, your so amazing.
Mr.Vertvino 9 kun oldin
So your blind. THAT MAKES SENSE BECAUSE anytime you looked at the bitch next to ya. It was direct eye contact
David Serrano
David Serrano 11 kun oldin
Is she blind or color blind
Precious Pecans
Precious Pecans 12 kun oldin
I would love to talk about colors with you! You seem more intine with the moods that they can emit which is allowing your idea of colors to be pretty accurate
It's_just_ Hailey
It's_just_ Hailey 12 kun oldin
My favorite color is Mustard yellow and dark green
It's_just_ Hailey
It's_just_ Hailey 12 kun oldin
I feel like a good connection for how blind people picture people around them is when you read a book you obviously don't know what they look like so you create a mental image for the characters based off the description they provide
Ryan Somer
Ryan Somer 13 kun oldin
Gabby doesn’t even know the colors of the rainbow 🌈
Alyssa Mello
Alyssa Mello 13 kun oldin
There is light red Gab. Your sweater has light red on it.
Danika Buttron
Danika Buttron 13 kun oldin
When you said red makes you angry, my dog aggressively at our freind fixing the house. Holy moly, dog!
Amelie Marshall
Amelie Marshall 13 kun oldin
Ummmmm is she colour blind...or CANT SEE ANYTHING...ALL BLACKK...blind blind?
The sun is actually white.
Kizi Vlogs
Kizi Vlogs 14 kun oldin
Fearless Dreamer
Fearless Dreamer 14 kun oldin
it's fun to watch when you have synesthesia.
Maikaeru Jon
Maikaeru Jon 14 kun oldin
she became blind 10 years ago, she's 24 years old rn so she probably became blind at the age of 14. when I was 14 years old, i recognized all the colors up to now. how did she or somehow forget or don't know what colors look like?
Maikaeru Jon
Maikaeru Jon 14 kun oldin
+Bish Snakeu Bish Snakeu It's okay, this thing shouldn't really be a big deal. Can recall color or not, it still doesn't define her attitude. I see her as a fighter and a motivation for those pdw like her. Prince Ea can never.
Bish Snakeu
Bish Snakeu 14 kun oldin
Maikaeru Jon I don’t know the science behind it at all but that’s what she said so I just told you. I’ve got no idea about different kinds of blindness and their effects
Maikaeru Jon
Maikaeru Jon 14 kun oldin
but who am I to say such things, I'm not even blind. 😅
Maikaeru Jon
Maikaeru Jon 14 kun oldin
+Bish Snakeu So no, becoming blind alone will not make you forget what colors look like. Since the visible part of light, including the colors are created in your brain (they don't really exist outside of it) you may still remember them as part of images in your memory.
Maikaeru Jon
Maikaeru Jon 14 kun oldin
+Bish Snakeu The same is true for becoming blind, except when your blindness is caused by brain damage that makes your brain forget how to process visual information. This can happen, you would only forget how colors look though if the memory that information was stored in was also damaged.
Kenmyle Christian
Kenmyle Christian 14 kun oldin
I thought green went before blue or is it just me?
Lia’sFbiAgent 15 kun oldin
She said the rainbow wrong.
Alexis Collins
Alexis Collins 15 kun oldin
I'm a girly girl but I love purple. Mainly pastel purple though is my favorite
jada acampora
jada acampora 15 kun oldin
this video really puts things into perspective
Shera Wolf's
Shera Wolf's 15 kun oldin
How DO you explain colars to blind ppl
Josie Yoko
Josie Yoko 15 kun oldin
I’m really confused how has she never seen colours before but she went blind 10 years ago? Sorry I’m new to her channel no hate whatsoever!
Josie Yoko
Josie Yoko 14 kun oldin
Bish Snakeu thank you
Bish Snakeu
Bish Snakeu 14 kun oldin
Josie Yoko before she went blind, she said that the colour was already a bit faded. When you go blind, you lose all visual memory so you don’t remember what anything looked like after a certain amount of time.
Megan shade
Megan shade 15 kun oldin
Why is all her videos about being blind like is that what you identify yourself as. I don’t mean any hate but would you be a successful youtuber if you weren’t blind. You don’t only want to be known as the blind girl you want to be know for your artistic side or fun side. Your viewers want to be entertained and not only prorated to the blind side of you. I hope in the future you make more videos about other stuff from being blind. Anyway you have a awesome day along with any other readers. Remember to smile and be happy.
Knl B
Knl B 16 kun oldin
Where did you get this sweater? 😱💙
vevvis ham
vevvis ham 18 kun oldin
But she know how colours look like. She wasnt born totaly blind so why describe
Mqueen6 17 kun oldin
she hasn't seen them for a really long time so she lost memory of them
Devan Leanna
Devan Leanna 18 kun oldin
Yellow isn’t the warmest color, but is the lightest hue. Just letting ya know.
CharlotteGoneCrazy 18 kun oldin
Molly Burke Purple xx when you could see, what was your fav
Claire Bailey
Claire Bailey 19 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice that Gabbie said there wasn't orange on the sweater? 4:32 PS I'm a small utuber 😁
Mqueen6 17 kun oldin
there isn't, those are just red and yellow chekers overlapping, she said it
mimi 9000
mimi 9000 19 kun oldin
I would describe purple as royal
shnzy _
shnzy _ 19 kun oldin
"It looks like that" - Gabbie hannah
Michael Andre Marasigan
can someone plz explain how is she blind... i am confused. new to the channel. Just wanted clarification coz she does eye contact and looks directly at the camera... need explanation please... no hate
Bish Snakeu
Bish Snakeu 14 kun oldin
Michael Andre Marasigan she can look at the camera because they put s light on it and she can see where s light is
Mqueen6 17 kun oldin
Mqueen6 17 kun oldin
she can see light and shadow and she also hears people talk so she can make eye contact and they probbably tell her where is the camera and she memorises it
Bobby Shmurda’s Hat
By the title it sounds like Gabbie is the blind one 😂
Awesome Gamer
Awesome Gamer 20 kun oldin
Molly how old r u
Lourdes Filipovic
Lourdes Filipovic 20 kun oldin
You guys are awesome! 😀
F a i t h
F a i t h 20 kun oldin
I feel like a lot of people wanna colab with her bcuz she's blind, but I would like to colab with bet bcuz of her personality
swirlyful 20 kun oldin
except the sweater actually is in rainbow order, it's just missing blue
Sky Basham
Sky Basham 20 kun oldin
Mo-ave like moe ve
Sky Basham
Sky Basham 20 kun oldin
You can pastelise red to a am salmonish colour.
Bryson Baranek
Bryson Baranek 21 kun oldin
TENS3 Klipzy
TENS3 Klipzy 21 kun oldin
How can you edit and title your vids and write comments if your blind
Bish Snakeu
Bish Snakeu 14 kun oldin
TENS3 Klipzy her friend does it
Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson 21 kun oldin
Ur such a inspiration to blind people around the world I love that ur one of the people changing the world love u💖
Ombré thewoman
Ombré thewoman 22 kun oldin
You should do a cola with James charles
Divya Gupta
Divya Gupta 22 kun oldin
Hi Molly mine is 🎀Pink🎀 Thank you for asking!!
Tiffany Chapman
Tiffany Chapman 22 kun oldin
Awesome. It's amazing what we can do when we can't see. It's just the world in a different view.
Layla Chiddington
Layla Chiddington 23 kun oldin
My fav is yellow
Mert Dogruyol
Mert Dogruyol 23 kun oldin
Is she blind or colorblind?
Mqueen6 17 kun oldin
she is blind
Cheeto the Cat replied:
Sense you can’t see at all can you like make photos in your like head or is it like just a black screen cause as not being blind I have so many questions but I don’t know what is mean and what is not
Wercia S
Wercia S 24 kun oldin
I love your channel, i think you are so interesting person!!!
Wercia S
Wercia S 24 kun oldin
I'm fascinated
Random Gurl
Random Gurl 24 kun oldin
Gabbie said red orange yellow blue green indigo!
Kai the skeleton
Kai the skeleton 24 kun oldin
It has bi pride
Purple_ Dragon_11
Purple_ Dragon_11 24 kun oldin
If there is something blue that has a ton of blue sparkles to where you would see it, would you see the blue? Could you see how Gabby was moving during this?
Horse Gamer
Horse Gamer 24 kun oldin
The reason why you think that reds have lots of tones, is because girls can see more times of red because of the chromosome x is where you see it and girls have 2 and boys have 1
Quick Awesome09
Quick Awesome09 25 kun oldin
My favorite color is sky blue
evelyn_ _daubney
evelyn_ _daubney 25 kun oldin
Correct me if I'm wrong But isn't the rainbow; Red orange yellow green blue purple pink Rather than Red orange yellow blue green purple pink 4:35
Katie Maguire
Katie Maguire 25 kun oldin
The sun is white ??😐
IAmSophiaaMSP 25 kun oldin
3:41 wat is that in the corner
Severus Snape
Severus Snape 25 kun oldin
That is not how one spells color it is C-O-L-O-R not colour
Bish Snakeu
Bish Snakeu 14 kun oldin
Michele Jackson you spell colour in Canada and England and she is Canadian so she is probably used to colour. And it was the first way to spell colour, so it’s probably the real correct one
-Little Duck Bill-
-Little Duck Bill- 23 kun oldin
There are two different ways to spell colour
Puppy Time
Puppy Time 26 kun oldin
I love orange it’s my favourite colour
Sara Khalil
Sara Khalil 26 kun oldin
Molly Burke my favorite color is pink
Payton Carlsgaard
Payton Carlsgaard 27 kun oldin
You spelt "colour" wrong it's color
-Little Duck Bill-
-Little Duck Bill- 23 kun oldin
Payton Carlsgaard there are two different ways to spell colour
ThatGlitterGirl 12
ThatGlitterGirl 12 27 kun oldin
I pronounce mauve Moave
Esmee Aalders
Esmee Aalders 27 kun oldin
Well, I just found out that I'm collorblind. So this video was like the best I learned so much 😂😂😂
Esmee Aalders
Esmee Aalders 13 kun oldin
+Bish Snakeu Oh yeah I do see collor, it is mixed up. But I mean like I learned how collor actually is. Not how I thought they were 😂
Bish Snakeu
Bish Snakeu 14 kun oldin
Esmee Aalders Wait, so you don’t see colour? I thought colourblind was when some colours get mixed up
Konks 4life
Konks 4life 28 kun oldin
What about blue
Micah Nusbaum
Micah Nusbaum 28 kun oldin
Mine is lime green
Najine Elkholy
Najine Elkholy 28 kun oldin
I don't know why she keeps looking on her shirt as if she can see the colors. Not trying to be rude, I'm just curious, as always!! 😂😂♥️
Golden Grace
Golden Grace 28 kun oldin
Omg I love you
Ena Ahmetasevic
Ena Ahmetasevic 29 kun oldin
i cut my hair today and i got inpired by gabbie :3
Happy Gaming Turtle
Happy Gaming Turtle 29 kun oldin
She said the rainbow wrong
Samantha Marie
Samantha Marie 29 kun oldin
what happens when your favorite purple is kind of more girly, oh no. literally my favorite color is opera mauve
Netta Rudich
Netta Rudich 29 kun oldin
the second color is also purple!!!!! and it drives me insane!!!!!!! AM I THE ONLY ONE????
Lina Harb
Lina Harb 29 kun oldin
Lol what ? Molly knows how colours look like. She wasnt blind when she was younger
-Little Duck Bill-
-Little Duck Bill- 23 kun oldin
Lina Harb but she forgot. Do you remember the first color you saw? No? Exactly.