Turning our House into a Fake Hotel in 72hrs…(ft. Elle Mills)

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Our house that we've lived in for 2.5 years, which has been a part of so many Yes Theory adventures, is being torn down. So we decided to transform it one last time into the fanciest set-up its ever had...a luxury hotel.
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10-Fev, 2019



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Conor Castle
Conor Castle 2 oy oldin
Man am I looking forward to seeing what adventures Yes House 2.0 brings! 😆❤️
Jocelin Alcala
Jocelin Alcala 12 kun oldin
33 or 73🙂
Thomas Kilbane
Thomas Kilbane 28 kun oldin
32 or 73
ItzOnito Oy oldin
The Dank Jerry 31st or 72th
YourCasualPotato :3
30th! Or 71st However you want to see it, just keep one of these going
Jack Odiorne
Jack Odiorne Oy oldin
Had not watched an episode in awhile, finally came back to it and felt like I had never stopped watching. You guys are truly inspirational, will try to watch more often again because It just means so much to me to watch your guys brilliant videos
Dumbo Kiddo
Dumbo Kiddo Kun oldin
Y’all are amazing😍😭 SUBSCRIBED!!!💕
Megan and Friends
Megan and Friends 2 kun oldin
This should be on instant hotel on Netflix 😂 it’s that good!
NBW GINGA 2 kun oldin
Ja rule wants to know your location
Giselle Gomez
Giselle Gomez 5 kun oldin
14:45 Is no one gonna talk about the hole in his sock?
M4x0047 5 kun oldin
Gonne sexual
Gio Cistaro SFX
Gio Cistaro SFX 7 kun oldin
Pick me next time?
Sam B
Sam B 7 kun oldin
Just found your channel and slowly realizing we’re best friends and you guys just haven’t realized it yet so
Sam B
Sam B 7 kun oldin
If 2:46 doesn’t become a mid video meme thing imma be sad panda 🤣
Cory McCloskey
Cory McCloskey 7 kun oldin
the yes hotel *oh no*
Timotius Johanes
Timotius Johanes 7 kun oldin
I really wanna have my own adventures..
_ Mahalia Sings _
_ Mahalia Sings _ 8 kun oldin
Kassie D
Kassie D 11 kun oldin
Awww this is actually really pretty
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 11 kun oldin
Can’t u save the house by saying that there’s famous art in the backyard?
Megan Beavis
Megan Beavis 11 kun oldin
Crystal Hernandez
Crystal Hernandez 11 kun oldin
I love this channel it motivates me to work hard for my dreams
rinebin 12 kun oldin
my favorites working together oh my god
Got7 Jackson
Got7 Jackson 12 kun oldin
Cheatman97 13 kun oldin
Man I have never seen a youtube channel with such an overwhelmingly positive feedback on all of their videos!
Mark Noble
Mark Noble 15 kun oldin
this was interesting...
Dominxtor 16 kun oldin
My guy gordan ramsay gets competition
simran hans
simran hans 17 kun oldin
Just remember, the reason so many people troll online is because something about your greatness reminds them of their weakness. They want to hurt you because this idea hurts them. Insecurity translates to hatred - and online, they can do it without facing real life consequences.
Sirisaacnewton3 24 kun oldin
So you had a good video and you chose to ruin it who Elle mills you shoulda just gotten someone good
M S 24 kun oldin
And the art pieces?
Brianna Garcia
Brianna Garcia 25 kun oldin
Damn.. no ones gonna talk about how how dirty that damn house was?
jed lab
jed lab 26 kun oldin
The narrator sounds like stevie
Nathanael Gyozo
Nathanael Gyozo 26 kun oldin
What flag is that hanging above the whiteboard at 1:22?
Peacespirit 27 kun oldin
Elle mills you looking good ! I’m in love 😍 I’m so proud of you babe
Yuliana Lopez
Yuliana Lopez 27 kun oldin
Imagine the Landlord doesn’t destroy the house
Weird Girl
Weird Girl 27 kun oldin
*tanacon is quaking*
Subana Mur
Subana Mur 28 kun oldin
The rooms were so cool!
mellow 29 kun oldin
hello i am crying
Pegasoos 29 kun oldin
Oh my god, who else has been here since the 1 million mark?
gracie r
gracie r Oy oldin
landlord dies 3 days later
Josie_Brown Oy oldin
This is so cool!
Tiarnan Oy oldin
Best magic trick was how no one noticed the magicians toes poking out of his sock.
David Calis
David Calis Oy oldin
this is atually one of the only you tube chanels that gives me goosebumps
Kamile Stone
Kamile Stone Oy oldin
Hi Yes Theory Family, I been really struggling lately and wanted to say hello! If you guys are hiring at the Yes Theory HQ it would really help me. I can email you any information you need! Xo
The Saminater
The Saminater Oy oldin
*S M E L L T H E M I L K*
gj56 Oy oldin
When the magician didn’t know he has to take off his shoes, so he put his ratchet sock on. Shout out to the two toes sticking out of his left sock
Evan Mavis
Evan Mavis Oy oldin
Lol I know one of the strangers in this video. Small world
stella ruiz
stella ruiz Oy oldin
Y’all made me tear up at the end
Daniel albruzo
Is this fake hotel like hotel taxi
FastMaxStuff Oy oldin
Did they actually stay overnight?
Nacho Villaseñor
I think..... we should read the comments
Jacob Rose
Jacob Rose Oy oldin
I cri
Noora Almarri
Noora Almarri Oy oldin
Jesse Nunez
Jesse Nunez Oy oldin
The magician sock is rip and his toe is out
Annabelle Khang
The magician has a hole in his sock LOL
kathia rosado
kathia rosado Oy oldin
Denizen Oy oldin
so you go viral through reddit in 16 hours and manipulate the internet but it takes 72 hours to make your house nice.
Abe bazzi
Abe bazzi Oy oldin
Dear yes theory you guys probably won’t see this considering the thousands of emails and letters u guys probably receive but if u do I wanted to thank you guys for proving to the world that world peace still exists and that no matter race, color, gender, ethnicity, etc we are all one! Seeking discomfort is not usually what anyone would think of doing but thanks to you guys and ur message I’m looking at the world in a different view. Not long ago I was going thru major kidney problems causing me to pee blood for 6 months at one point that even recommended I begin dialysis long story short I have over come the obstacles life threw at me and continued to move forward, thanks to u guys and ur movement it pushed me to seek discomfort in my own health and view the world as such a great place! I’m all about adventure and discomfort and i really wanted to do was thank you guys for being such an inspiration even though I didn’t have it as bad as most people it was still a hardship and wouldn’t have been able to push myself if it wasn’t for such an amazing group of guys! Yes theory is an amazing channel filled with fun and excitement and my one dream is too seek discomfort with u guys! I can’t wait for ur next video, like always it’s never a disappointment! #SAYYES!
Lilas Amar
Lilas Amar Oy oldin
You guys are juste amazing I really wish I could participate one (even if I live in Paris, but i would love you to come )
Pickles 3000
Pickles 3000 Oy oldin
Here’s a warm towel
Gerhard Kühn
Gerhard Kühn Oy oldin
This Looks amazing :D Ist there any tutorial how you made that?
you wasted so much money
vincent boily-chatelain
VENEZ FAIRE UN VIDÉO EN FRANÇAIS A MONTREAL , ou n'importe où autre mais un vidéo en français serait super
Aisyah Mazlan
Aisyah Mazlan Oy oldin
You guys live a really really fun life
Rue Matty
Rue Matty Oy oldin
thy sho do!
unicorn power
unicorn power Oy oldin
I swear Ammars room is exactly like mine haha in the Egyptian blood (im Egyptian btw n French)
Šimon Očkáš
_"I think we should read the comments"_
NoOdS oof
NoOdS oof Oy oldin
Wait- She’s in Ottawa? I’m in Ottawa. o:
BrazeSoysauce Oy oldin
Strange parts partial coincidence
Abe Oy oldin
Around 14:54 the magicans left sock is in view. My dude has two of his toes out,GET SOME NEW SOCKS.
Have Fun w/ Emman
Still Hotel? Trivago!
Krishi S
Krishi S Oy oldin
Anybody else noticed that да on the canvas.
Kayla Johnson
Kayla Johnson Oy oldin
they should try and do a festival like fyre festival but succeed
Will Adams
Will Adams Oy oldin
She was in David dorbiks vid
Lily Souza
Lily Souza Oy oldin
wheein's height
0:41 I broke down when I saw Derbear
SERENA W Oy oldin
John Ming
John Ming Oy oldin
Hey look its that girl from the most disliked video on youtube
Carlos Andres Albornoz Chiriboga
this guys should have more than 10 millions subscribers so subscribe
D K S Oy oldin
Liam Gill
Liam Gill Oy oldin
Pause at 15:25. He is showing her the card!
G.Film Oy oldin
I don't understand why they left everything in the house?
William V.
William V. Oy oldin
Alex Dumitrescu
3:38 who is the girl in the background?
Erik Zatkovic
Erik Zatkovic Oy oldin
seek discomforts
twitterienne Oy oldin
i would actually pay to go to this "hotel"
Marshmallow chan
These Fyre festival jokes got me everytime
MR MEMER Oy oldin
Thought this was gonna end up like fake taxi lmao
Kyle Castrence
Fly out to Guam 🇬🇺
Kunal Kullu
Kunal Kullu Oy oldin
you all are the best guys 😎 you enjoy each and every moment of life 😋
Muhammad Haider
I’m so into the videos I literally forget to like the vids Amazing content
John Lany
John Lany Oy oldin
Next idea Turning your car into fake taxi..
Alguém Desnecessário
+Sammy Blaze Hohohoo Very Hot Fake Taxi
ShowtymDH Oy oldin
Sammy Blaze
Sammy Blaze Oy oldin
+JDR 235 aw man you're so innocent.. it was a joke, just google "fake taxi" and you'll know what i mean.
JDR 235
JDR 235 Oy oldin
+Sammy Blaze isn't UZvid used for pranks....
Sammy Blaze
Sammy Blaze Oy oldin
+JDR 235 are you playing stupid or are you really that dense that you don't know which platform would be best for fake taxi videos?
raymond guevara
yes theory please come to Kenya...😥😥 there ain't anyone around here who loves you like I do....
Raidiations Oy oldin
🇩🇿 yes theory Algeria 🇩🇿🇩🇿 join us in our facebook group
Sploogypop Oy oldin
12:21 who invited skinny logan paul
lolotaph Oy oldin
How can you call that a brutal rain dude thats nothing pppffffff
brogan vlogs
brogan vlogs Oy oldin
elle mills be like i think we should read the comments
Sofia Multhauf
мαкι ηιsнιкιησ
Y'all need to collab with Mr.Beast
Nim Animatiøns
Ohio: rain ok.....thunder mmm cup of coffee and a good book La: rain what is this wet thing coming from the sky?......thunder *AAAAAAAA* GOD IS MADE WITH US *EVERYONE TO CHURCH NOOOWWW*
Wehrmacht Oy oldin
I did not regret anything subscribing Yes Theory
Did anyone else think ace of spades? Sitting here mind blown.
Deeya Teeluck13
Hotel? Yes.
Ryder Flame
Ryder Flame Oy oldin
It’s bull how they can just kick you out
Kat Oy oldin
should of turned your house into an art exhibit
dawn florr
dawn florr Oy oldin
Levi Mains
Levi Mains Oy oldin
all this work just for it to get destroyed
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