Dolan Twins
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We handcuff ourselves to each for 24 hours...
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13-Noy, 2018

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KSJAAY Soat oldin
grayson dips the nugget into the sauce it drips on ethan’s shirt “noooo, you got it on my shirt!” gray- “it’s all your fault.” THIS SHOULD BE CALLED “JUST SIBLING THINGS” BECAUSE THAT ONE HIT HOME SO HARD
KSJAAY Soat oldin
it’s so weird how different they are yet they’re identical twins: grayson seems like he’s a neat freak, ethan isn’t. ethan is a heavy sleeper, grayson is more of a light sleeper ethan styles his hair, grayson doesn’t. it’s just weird to see that, idk, because i’m a lot like my younger brother in these aspects and he’s literally seven years younger than i am.
Saggitarrious Kam
Gray:I'll sit here for 10min and then you will have no choice to get up E: *moves and a little* 😂😂
Maddison Garforth
G: bring extra cloths I want to do something while we are out E: ohhh we are not doing yoga G: No we are not..... we are doing Pilates Me:😂😂😂😂
Maddison Garforth
Maddison Garforth 2 soat oldin
Ethan is no joke another version of me in the morning before school. Having to get dragged out of bed 😂😂😂
Brynn Scott
Brynn Scott 2 soat oldin
They should do the whole sister squad handcuffed for 24 hours 😱❤️❤️
MamaNgone Konate
MamaNgone Konate 4 soat oldin
everytime I watch their vids I be laughing sooo freaking hard😂😭 Btw I loved ur vids❤️❤️❤️ #TEAMGRAYSON💖💖🤩😍
lakeside loser
lakeside loser 4 soat oldin
They both described each other as “a bag of bricks” when they sleep
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez 6 soat oldin
Grayson:it freezing it burning my skin Me: ?????
Teagan McMonagle
Teagan McMonagle 6 soat oldin
5:48 FLEG
Maddy D
Maddy D 6 soat oldin
Anyone realize they switch places in the bed? Then switch back?
Hannah Harwood
Hannah Harwood 7 soat oldin
13:20 where does it go????
Brynne Vlogs
Brynne Vlogs 7 soat oldin
How are their eyebrowls so perfect
Amani Hodges
Amani Hodges 12 soat oldin
I died when they fell from that flip 18:46
Parris Horne
Parris Horne 13 soat oldin
.... .... .... Read more
Lyla Schmidt
Lyla Schmidt 15 soat oldin
13:20 well from a scientific POV it doesn’t go anywhere you just create an extremely thin layer and with the wood table it would soak in a little and next time you wipe off the table it will go away
Abigail Dreams
Abigail Dreams 15 soat oldin
cant believe you went to a *** shop
Eyva Lopez
Eyva Lopez 16 soat oldin
13:19 “where does it go?” Boi it dries off lol
MacKenzie Cassidy
MacKenzie Cassidy 16 soat oldin
Ethan being lazy is literally my mood
Emma Rudolph
Emma Rudolph 16 soat oldin
Am I the only one who laughed when Ethan "sang": "oh I'm driving with my elbow and eating with my fingers" 16:40 😂
Eyva Lopez
Eyva Lopez 16 soat oldin
7:42-7:52 is me in the first day of school with my mom
Eyva Lopez
Eyva Lopez 16 soat oldin
7:42-7:52 is me in the first day of school with my mom
MacKenzie Cassidy
MacKenzie Cassidy 16 soat oldin
6:22 aww gray touching Ethan’s shoulder is literally the cutest
Bekah Cook
Bekah Cook 17 soat oldin
You guys are twins but so different. Its fascinating
lesslie haro
lesslie haro 18 soat oldin
Carmen Maxie
Carmen Maxie 18 soat oldin
7:55 omg I’m dying 💀😂
Carmen Maxie
Carmen Maxie 18 soat oldin
7:18 hahaha that little hand movement 😂
Potato Chips
Potato Chips 22 soat oldin
*we can't* *change* *clothes* *I have to* *stand* *in* *the* *bathroom while* *he takes a* *sh't* *BuT wE dO tHaT aNyWaY* *Gray I don't want ppl* *to we're* *weird* *oK wE sTilL dO iT aNyWaY*
Allie Bradley
Allie Bradley 22 soat oldin
Ethan is like 33 mind older..
Typical Teenager101
Grayson handcuffed to James Charles for 24hours!!!
Berenice Baños
Berenice Baños Kun oldin
When Ethan fell it was so funny😂
Eliana Kroll
Eliana Kroll Kun oldin
Do a sister squad handcuffed for 24 hours or do twins handcuffed for a week!!!
Charlotte x
Charlotte x Kun oldin
22:00 his laugh 😍
Robert Leoni
Robert Leoni Kun oldin
is it just me or did they switch sides at night
Macka C
Macka C Kun oldin
The outro’s gold
F & L
F & L Kun oldin
Ethan should do this challenge but with Emma this time
han balser
han balser Kun oldin
ive been a subscriber since 4million✨i know its not amazing but i love u both 💕
Abbie Cameron
Abbie Cameron Kun oldin
“Be gentle, be gentle”
Katie Richardon
Katie Richardon Kun oldin
@7:55 I couldn’t stop laughing GRAYSON: I have to pee I drank a full bottle of water ETHAN: ehhh uhh blu blu blu *mocks Grayson* well I fell asleep
Grace Manion
Grace Manion Kun oldin
For the shirts they should have put it inside out and put it on one twin and flipped it between arms like they did for the shower so when they put it on the opposite twin it would be inside right😂
Samantha Patterson
I rub milk off
nicole rhodes
nicole rhodes Kun oldin
Ethan: does anyone else do that spill a little milk and rub it in and it's gone Ethan: were does it go Me: 😂😂it doesn't go anywhere u just spread it out so it's less visible
Bridie Keenan
Bridie Keenan Kun oldin
But the real question is,, why did they need such a big bag for handcuffs...
Asiyah Marshall
Asiyah Marshall Kun oldin
Ok after they took a shower how did they put there shirt on there? ??but they can't put there shirt on now
Asiyah Marshall
Asiyah Marshall Kun oldin
After Grayson took a sh*t my room started stanking
Abdul Haseeb
Abdul Haseeb Kun oldin
You two shared a womb for 9 months,is this challenge really that hard?
Brooke Cooper
Brooke Cooper Kun oldin
He said " shhhh" haha
Asiyah Marshall
Asiyah Marshall Kun oldin
4 minutes in when Grayson said Ethan is in a big hibernation he used the correct sentence so good job
Alexis Schletty
Alexis Schletty Kun oldin
I loved how they said pajamas