Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

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We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/
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8-Yan, 2019

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Anjan Ventrapragada
Anjan Ventrapragada 37 daqiqa oldin
The best part of the video: the outro
Ally Conner
Ally Conner 38 daqiqa oldin
*ethan puts uncrustable in toaster Me : 🤯 Am I the only one that eats them cold.....😐
Doaa A
Doaa A 39 daqiqa oldin
Ty DAHLBERG 41 daqiqa oldin
CaticornGX 254
CaticornGX 254 45 daqiqa oldin
By the time it came to the milkshake part, it turned from helping each other to not fight to literally a say yes to everything challenge.
Ashlyn LeRoy
Ashlyn LeRoy 52 daqiqa oldin
I never seen Grayson with a beard!!!!
Fionn Kearney
Fionn Kearney 55 daqiqa oldin
What happened to the wherehouse
Savior Soat oldin
I like that you at still picked up the protein shake that you threw and threw it away. goodguy
Milla Vlogs
Milla Vlogs Soat oldin
Ethan really wants to be the mean,rude,annoying,and “funny” one👍🏻haha great.(being sarcastic at the end)
Rayaans World
Rayaans World Soat oldin
I love how they are always late to the trends but still get a lot of views😂
Tausha Rendell
Tausha Rendell 2 soat oldin
Liked, subscribed aaannnddd turned on notifications
Edgie Wedgie
Edgie Wedgie 2 soat oldin
The best outro yet. Play it at the end of every video 😂😂😂
Tuna On White
Tuna On White 2 soat oldin
Ethan is such a bitch
Emily Simpson
Emily Simpson 2 soat oldin
You guys are the best youtubers ever i have been subcribed since day!🤩
Zella Ingham
Zella Ingham 2 soat oldin
Next video - sing everything for a day
Haley B
Haley B 2 soat oldin
Who else is watching this without socks
Sarah B
Sarah B 2 soat oldin
It’s not a food baby it’s a smoothie baby 😂
Lolipop Lolipop
Lolipop Lolipop 3 soat oldin
jajajajaj thebend is my favorite part 💕
Im JaeBum
Im JaeBum 3 soat oldin
Makes a video about not fighting and then fights about a milkshake
Maddy Steps
Maddy Steps 3 soat oldin
Graysons face when Ethan sang at the end is the best thing I’ve ever seen
Cassidy Brown
Cassidy Brown 3 soat oldin
Ethan for the voice?
Chloe Jose
Chloe Jose 3 soat oldin
Ethan could just say can I ware change into what I want for the whole day until this is over😂
Angelia Luu
Angelia Luu 3 soat oldin
11:15 I laughed so, so hard.
Maddy Steps
Maddy Steps 3 soat oldin
“I grabbed him by his douche bag shirt”
Farha 3 soat oldin
This video consisted of smoothies and arguments
Tyree Johnson
Tyree Johnson 3 soat oldin
Torri Williams
Torri Williams 3 soat oldin
"I just drank 175 fluid ounces of protein Ethan!" ~Grayson Dolan 2019 😂😂😂
ariana didio
ariana didio 3 soat oldin
Ugh so cute
Daniela Reyes
Daniela Reyes 4 soat oldin
"see you next tuesday. I would be lovely to see you" LMAO
Albandari Zeyara
Albandari Zeyara 4 soat oldin
The singing cracked me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😯😯😯😯😯
Adam Carr
Adam Carr 4 soat oldin
Combined IQ of a donut
xxSadie Michellexx
xxSadie Michellexx 4 soat oldin
Omg Grayson is soooo good looking
Graysonrains Dolans
Graysonrains Dolans 4 soat oldin
bored looking at there videos
Sav Day
Sav Day 4 soat oldin
501 thousand people love your toenails, Ethan. *Well done* .
bby xx_00
bby xx_00 5 soat oldin
We can see Ethan's cameltoe ;-;
George Sarkes
George Sarkes 5 soat oldin
The 500 iq play would be to ask him not to ask you anything for the whole day.
Keyanna Henry
Keyanna Henry 5 soat oldin
Lucija Kegalj
Lucija Kegalj 5 soat oldin
Anyone else binge watching UZvid videos instead of studying for finals?
Sam Knapp
Sam Knapp 6 soat oldin
Yes theory looks kinda weird in this video
Aria Windal
Aria Windal 6 soat oldin
Anyone else notice they didn’t get the milkshake from in n out they got it fr McDononalds
Felix Lee
Felix Lee 6 soat oldin
I have a twin. But we will never say yes to everything we say
Ailish Traynor
Ailish Traynor 6 soat oldin
we all know why that pillow was behind Ethan's headboard... ;)
Adriana Garcia
Adriana Garcia 6 soat oldin
Ethan should’ve just ask “can i change my outfit?” and that would be it lol
Jacqueline Osbourne
Jacqueline Osbourne 6 soat oldin
ethan kinda looks like a pedophile gym teacher with the mustache😂
Jacqueline Osbourne
Jacqueline Osbourne 6 soat oldin
i love you guys so much
Chocolate Diva
Chocolate Diva 7 soat oldin
Yeah u have dairy because u eat 🥣
Esther Osei
Esther Osei 7 soat oldin
Hi ethan and Grayson
Lola Greene
Lola Greene 7 soat oldin
This just made me laugh I got him by his douche bag shirt 😂😂 16:18
Caoimhe Kelly
Caoimhe Kelly 7 soat oldin
When your podophobic and they show feet
Alicat 2019
Alicat 2019 8 soat oldin
Who actually skipped the Outro
Kaylee Babb lol
Kaylee Babb lol 8 soat oldin
ethan should’ve asked if he could change back
mia rose
mia rose 8 soat oldin
him singing it’s actually kinda good
Peppermint Pebbles
Peppermint Pebbles 8 soat oldin
“I feel....defeated.”
Bri Hurst
Bri Hurst 8 soat oldin
"I hope you do I hope you do pop"😂
Lucia Andrews
Lucia Andrews 8 soat oldin
them arguing is the funniest thing i have ever seen
RnB Family
RnB Family 8 soat oldin
Small family starting their channel! Check us out!
Hailey Morgan
Hailey Morgan 8 soat oldin
My life has become me eating noodles watching ethan and gray ................................
bianca atmodjo
bianca atmodjo 8 soat oldin
15:19 the way he said it was so cute lmao
daniela bennett
daniela bennett 8 soat oldin
When youse bicker it’s the best thing ever hahahahah
364082 8 soat oldin
my mom birthday was on the same day this was posted!
Dalayla Rodriguez
Dalayla Rodriguez 9 soat oldin
yo i never laughed so hard
Des Tiny
Des Tiny 9 soat oldin
i thought Ethen was ganna say "I got a mustache and I look like a pedo" at 24:08
Elise Camryn
Elise Camryn 9 soat oldin
Sorry I mean 23:21 is when he started to sing
Elise Camryn
Elise Camryn 9 soat oldin
Omg when he sung I FELL TO THE GROUND!!! 😂25:06
Number1 A.R.M.Y
Number1 A.R.M.Y 10 soat oldin
I replayed Ethan singing like 20 times🤣
Eden Sirbu
Eden Sirbu 10 soat oldin
I feel bad for Grayson 😂
Taylor Gentle
Taylor Gentle 10 soat oldin
Ethan could have just said “can I change?” or “can I shave my mustache?”
Andrea Sommer
Andrea Sommer 10 soat oldin
How do they even have pink nail polish at their house?
alaina k
alaina k 11 soat oldin
is grayson really taking the crust off an uncrustable rn
Marwa 11 soat oldin
We all know why theres a pillow behind the headboard;)
Callie Mcgannon
Callie Mcgannon 11 soat oldin
I like Eathens singing a lotttttt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chryssa Gela
Chryssa Gela 11 soat oldin
"it's a smoothie baby" I died 😂
Emma Tucker
Emma Tucker 11 soat oldin
"who the fuck was sleeping up there?" 😂😂😭😭
Elise Pieren
Elise Pieren 11 soat oldin
Almond milk= Emma Almost gone almond milk= Emma’s been their a lot Ethma
Donut cat450
Donut cat450 11 soat oldin
Donut cat450
Donut cat450 11 soat oldin
Why do I feel like Ethan is like my brother LITERALLY FEELS FAMILY
Savior 11 soat oldin
"Why is it frozen" lmao
Unicorn pony’s Fam
Unicorn pony’s Fam 11 soat oldin
TheUnipug3000 12 soat oldin
14:54. Poor Eeteeweetee. :(
I'm Yang,  Let's Fight
I'm Yang, Let's Fight 12 soat oldin
Via Alexandra Valdez
Via Alexandra Valdez 12 soat oldin
3:58 your welcome
Victor Efughi
Victor Efughi 13 soat oldin
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Mr. Bublee
Mr. Bublee 13 soat oldin
Do you want to delete this channel? Its the rules
Caio alexandre vieira
Caio alexandre vieira 13 soat oldin
u guys are so cuteee
Caio alexandre vieira
Caio alexandre vieira 13 soat oldin
Ari_Grande_Gacha FAN
Ari_Grande_Gacha FAN 13 soat oldin
What does the librarian tell the children to do? READ MORE
Kaylah Matano
Kaylah Matano 13 soat oldin
Julia Aland
Julia Aland 13 soat oldin
grayson uncrusts and uncrustable 8:11
Kaylah Matano
Kaylah Matano 13 soat oldin
Softball Star_18
Softball Star_18 13 soat oldin
Ethan could just say on his turn if he could take the outfit off and Grayson has to say yes. 🤣😅
Mais Ali
Mais Ali 13 soat oldin
Ethan could've asked to change😂
emma jones
emma jones 13 soat oldin
he shouldve just asked " can i change out of these clothes and shave my mostache off? "
samantha s
samantha s 13 soat oldin
grays stomach has me dead with his smoothie baby 😂
Saimi Salminen
Saimi Salminen 13 soat oldin
Ethan: ”*Grapeson, go grab me some grapes!*” Grayson: *sigh* THIS WAS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER
Leungo Molefhe
Leungo Molefhe 14 soat oldin
Love this twins
Faliqah Ayumi
Faliqah Ayumi 14 soat oldin
What a stupid video. (Not trying to be rude) they say that they r not going to urgue
imcalledrosie 14 soat oldin
In the intro they looked like two ethans
Alyssa Graham
Alyssa Graham 14 soat oldin
I was laughing so hard 😭
Jon 15 soat oldin
ethan: can you not make the video boring also ethan: refuses to drink milkshake
Olivia Thomas
Olivia Thomas 15 soat oldin
18:01 that sound tho 😂
lucas tengil
lucas tengil 15 soat oldin
gryason's hair look so fluffy
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